Haunted Towns (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Vicksburg, MS

CHRIS: Tonight, we're in Vicksburg, Mississippi, site of one of the bloodiest battles in the civil war, that claimed nearly 20,000 casualties.
Fueled by racial turmoil and disease, Vicksburg's notorious history makes it the most-haunted town in the deep south.
DOOGIE: Did you take your life? [BANG] Dude, that sounded like a gunshot.
CHRIS: We'll contact the victims of a devastating yellow fever epidemic I swear to you, I've got a face on this flir.
A wealthy Southern landowner who was brutally murdered immediately following the civil war Wow.
A flashlight.
I think she's here, guys.
And the union general who sent him to his death.
- 150.
- What?! We're the Tennessee wraith chasers.
We travel America, exploring the country's most haunted towns.
- Oh, Alice! - Alice! PORTER: Dude, it's moving right behind you.
[ ALL SCREAM ] oh [BLEEP] investigating paranormal stories that have spooked locals for generations.
- Yank.
- What do you mean, "yank"? Oh! [BLEEP] CHRIS: We combine historical research with modern science and some good, old-fashioned Southern know-how to find the truth at the heart of the legends.
MAN: Fire.
[ GUNSHOT ] MAN: Homicide.
- Homicide! - Homicide! - Satan.
- [GIGGLE] Satan? CHRIS: Just a bunch of good ol' boys havin' a little fun, chasin' ghosts around America.
[ MAN GROWLS ] [ LAUGHTER ] This is "Haunted Towns.
" Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Founded in 1811, this Southern town is famous for the 47-day siege of Vicksburg during the civil war, which claimed close to 20,000 casualties.
And that was just the beginning.
After the war, reconstruction was a time of heightened racial tension and violent civil unrest as previous Southern slave owners clashed with the new military rule of African-American union soldiers under the command of general Henry Warner Slocum.
Vicksburg also has a long history of paranormal activity.
Locals and tourists alike report phantom gunshots, period music out of nowhere, disembodied footsteps, and even full-bodied apparitions.
[ TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS ] The boys and I can't wait for what we might find for ourselves.
Our first stop is McRaven house, the most haunted home in all of Mississippi.
Now a museum, doogie and I head inside with a local historian.
Meanwhile, Porter and Brannon talk to McRaven's owner on the front porch.
So it gets hotter here, huh? [ LAUGHTER ] - It's only April, boys.
- This is only April.
We're here, we're trying to just get a feel for the community and the town.
What was Vicksburg like, you know, back during the war? Before the war started, the commerce going.
They had a lot of business going on along the river, and so they were kind of playing both sides a little bit, until the siege actually happens.
Now, what was the life like under military command? Vicksburg, after the siege, was a military occupation, and the locals didn't have any say in what happened in the town.
So it was like the power completely shifted 180, where you had a lot of white businessmen who were slave owners, and they were the ones in charge.
And now the union troops are running the show, and they're not necessarily educated or equipped to know how to do that yet.
So, how many deaths have occurred here? We're not completely sure how many people have died at McRaven.
Oh, really? The first person who built the house was a highwayman, and he would Rob people up the Natchez trace.
And legend is that Andrew glass was mortally wounded, and so his wife slit his throat to finish him off.
Oh, wow.
Pretty brutal on that one.
We have a woman who died in childbirth, Mary Elizabeth.
She's one of our frequent Ghost sightings.
You sometimes get a full apparition of her.
Oh, wow.
Wealthy landowners Lina and John Bobb, they bought the house in 1849, and then ended up building what was one of the finest Greek revival sections of an entire city.
It was for showing off Oh, absolutely Is what it was for.
So, yeah, John Bobb was a little too old to fight during the war, so the grounds were used as a confederate field hospital and confederate field camp during the siege.
It was exactly one year after the siege John Bobb came around the corner, saw five or six union soldiers just ripping up the flower beds.
Well, they exchanged words, and John Bobb picked up a brick and threw it at one of the soldiers and hit him in the head.
Well, the soldiers cursed at him and said, you know, "We're gonna come back, we're gonna burn your house down, we're gonna kill you.
" Well, John Bobb figured he'd better go talk to general Slocum.
So he walked over to the Cobb house to talk to general Slocum, and general Slocum said, "Don't worry about it.
Just go on home.
It's not a problem.
Just go on home.
I'll take care of it.
" John Bobb came around the corner and saw 25 union soldiers waiting for him.
They take him out to stouts bayou, they shoot him in the abdomen and in the face.
Oh, my gosh.
Selina Bobb must have heard what happened, because when the authorities came to check on it, she was holding him in his blood.
And, sadly, he was the first civilian shot after the siege of Vicksburg.
What kind of activity you got going on in this place? All kinds, every day.
This is Mr.
John H.
He's probably our most active spirit.
He only used this section of the house Just this room and the master bedroom above us.
So, you can definitely feel him as part of the house.
After he was murdered, it was in the 1870s, the house did switch to Mr.
William Murray, who was actually a union soldier that came down and married a Vicksburg native.
Really? Do you have any kind of experiences, you think, with this guy? Actually, upstairs, we have Mr.
Murray's cane.
He was injured in the battle of Shiloh, so he did walk with that the remainder of his life.
Often, we'll actually hear footsteps.
You'll hear two feet and then the click of the cane, so you know exactly who that is walking through the house.
Let's go upstairs and check it out.
PORTER: Now, John bobb was murdered, and they took him to stouts bayou.
Now, how far away is that? Oh, it's just at the edge of the drive, just not even a block away.
Were only a few blocks away, at the Cobb house.
Oh, wow.
So it's all right here, just within a real small walking distance of the house? Mm-hmm.
DOOGIE: Which room what is this little nook here? This is the gentlemen's changing quarters.
Men and women weren't allowed to change in the same rooms, even husbands and wives.
So Mr.
bobb would've actually used this to get ready for bed.
CHRIS: Weird.
And the fact that I'm in here right now would have blown his mind, because ladies weren't allowed in here at all.
This is actually one room that makes me extremely uncomfortable.
- Oh, yeah? - Oh, yeah.
I always feel a little unwanted when I'm in here, and I actually saw Mr.
Bobb in here once.
Really? Full apparition, clear as day.
I came up, and I was standing in front of this dresser there, and I heard footsteps on the porch, which he was known to smoke his cigars on.
bobb was standing just on the other side, looking back at me.
We made eye contact.
I could've counted the wrinkles under his eyes, it was so clear.
- Wow.
- That's wow.
This thing just jumped to a 16, went back down.
And this is his cane I was mentioning downstairs.
So that's William's cane? This is William's cane.
We were like baseline .
1 downs Look 8.
9, 4.
We were baseline at a .
1 downstairs.
And now it's jumping all over the place right here.
Might be a good spot for a camera later.
We'll check out the bedroom.
Yeah, let's do it.
Well, it sounds like it was a very difficult and trying time for everybody KENDRA: Mm-hmm.
On both sides of the fence.
It was pretty intense.
Selina bobb, even though her husband was murdered in 1864, wasn't allowed to leave McRaven until 1869.
- Really? - Why was that? Union occupation.
They made the rules.
They made the rules.
So there's probably a lot of residual animosity still lingering around.
I expect so.
[ CHUCKLES ] I expect so.
[ LAUGHS ] DOOGIE: What kind of activity you got happening up in this room? We get a lot of stuff from Mr.
There's been a lot of people that have said they've seen him on the porch, through that window there.
But we actually have a lot of activity with a lady here.
I'm not totally sure who she is or what her story is, but there's been multiple pictures taken through that window, looking onto the porch.
And you can see a lady standing out there in a hoop skirt.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
We do get a lot of smells in here, too.
We'll get a perfume smell that kind of comes through, and then we also get a cigar smell that's really thick, so that's when we know that Mr.
Bobb's hanging around, 'cause he loves cigars.
So if you smell the cigar, you know Bobby boy's in the house.
Oh, yeah.
He's here with you.
[ CHUCKLES ] You know, that might not be a bad idea To get a cigar, maybe go outside, smoke it or something.
That's where he would have had to have smoked it, was outside, because they wouldn't have done it inside, just for fear of fires.
- Awesome.
- All right.
Well, thank you so much for showing us around.
CHRIS: The McRaven house is definitely full of spirits.
With numerous sightings of both men and women, we certainly have our work cut out for us tonight.
DOOGIE: Aw, yes.
Is that getting everything? You can come down some.
Okay, I got you now.
Well, fellas, it looks like we have this DVR system spread out through the spots that she told us about today.
We've got it up here in the man cave, we've got it downstairs, we've got the bedroom where they see the apparition, they smell the cigar smoke.
That's the room I really want to hit.
PORTER: I'll go with you.
So, Brannon, do you want to come down there with me, in the John Bobb room? - Yeah.
- Rock on, brother.
CHRIS: I want to put this vertical parascope right there so we can get some static electricity.
Bobb, we know this is your house.
This was one of your favorite rooms.
You liked to hang out here.
But they shot you Shot you in the face.
That's not good, huh? Can you show yourself? A lot of people have seen you.
There's a girl that works here.
Her name's jai.
She said that she's seen you.
Give us a sign.
Do something.
By manipulating one of those devices.
To it and touch it.
Are you up there with our friends right now? My name's doogie.
We've come here to try to figure out who's still roaming around in this home.
To cause you any harm.
We just want to talk to you.
This box right here is a dictionary for you.
Our way to communicate with you on the other side, so you can actually communicate words to us.
Definitely a cool spot back here.
PORTER: We got a cool okay.
Since you felt that cold spot, I'm gonna break out the thermal cam.
So, this new little toy I've got here is a flir camera for the phone.
John bobb, I got a cigar.
Does this ring a bell to you? Dude, I just had a temperature anomaly.
Holy smokes.
CHRIS: It's our first night in Vicksburg, Mississippi, one of America's most haunted towns.
The boys and I are in McRaven house, Vicksburg's most haunted home.
While Brannon and I try to connect with some of the house's previous owners downstairs in the parlor, doogie and Porter are up in the bedroom where phantom smells of cigar smoke and perfume have been reported.
Definitely a cool spot back here.
PORTER: We got a cool okay.
Since you felt that cold spot, I'm gonna break out the thermal cam and see how it works.
Dude, I just had a temperature anomaly moving right behind you.
Holy smokes.
It was darker.
It's like a colder area.
John bobb, got a cigar.
I'm gonna lay it right here on the bed.
If you would come over here and talk with me and let me know you're here, we can enjoy that cigar.
It'd be my present to you For talking with us.
Dude, I swear to you, I've got a face on this frickin' flir.
Behind you.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Is this what you're looking for? Wait a minute.
Doogie, back up just a little bit.
I want to see if you can block it.
No, dude, it's between us.
It's between us.
It's right here.
Is that you right here in front of me? Is that you? Are you standing here between doogie and I? Can you wave at me? Can you raise a hand? What in the world is that, dude? Come here and look at this.
Is it right here? Where'd it go? Where'd it go? You walked right through it.
It was standing right here.
And it was between you and I.
It just disappeared? Dude, we went to a 4.
8 over here.
Out of nowhere.
Look, boom.
Dude, it ain't been shootin' up like that at all.
All right, I'm gonna review this, so you come right here and you listen with me.
[CLACK] DOOGIE: If you want to come over here and talk with me and let me know you're here, we can enjoy that cigar.
It'd be my present to you For talking with us.
[CLACK] [ RECORDING ENDS ] There ain't nothin' on there.
Looks like whatever was here is gone.
[ THROUGH WALKIE-TALKIE ] Chris to Porter.
Yeah, go ahead.
You guys getting anything up there? Uh, yeah, man.
We've had a couple anomalies up here.
You guys want to think about regrouping here? - Yes, sir.
- Meet you upstairs at the DVR? Roger that.
We'll meet you there.
How's it going, buddy? It's going good, man.
What happened down there? Anything? No, it was quiet.
Man, you guys looked like you were having a little party going on up there.
You were standing here, Porter was here when you were holding up the cigar.
That's when he started getting that apparition beside of me When I held the cigar up.
PORTER: Right behind you.
- So - holy smokes.
So, watch right in here.
This is where the thing DOOGIE: John bobb.
But then, all of a sudden, I see something in here that kind of looks like a face.
Does this ring a bell to you? - It's like a humanoid figure.
- I've got a cigar.
I'm gonna lay it right here on the bed.
You can kind of see a curved shoulders.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Yep.
Oh, wow, yeah.
There's something.
I don't know what it is, and it kind of moves with the camera.
It's like it's right in front of me.
What is that? - [ SCOFFS ] - I don't know.
You see it? Right there.
You see it? I mean, like, it jumps out at you.
Oh, look, that's totally a figure right there.
That is a figure.
That's weird.
And then it's gone.
I mean, you can It was standing right here.
Something supernatural.
I mean, it's I mean, I saw it that little bit of motion.
Yeah, and then you see the thing Like, it comes in there and it looks like a almost like a face.
Like, you can see eyes and a nose.
It didn't feel like anything was going on downstairs.
Maybe most of the activity is centered up here in this bedroom.
DOOGIE: Well, do we want to go down to the porch, light that cigar up, and hopefully it may kick something up into either one of those rooms, and we'll have And we got the other rooms covered with the DVR.
BRANNON: Well, let's go check it out.
Let's go hit it.
Keep your eyes peeled, brother.
- I got you.
- So far, so good.
Using that cigar as a trigger object produced amazing results.
I'm gonna smoke that cigar on the same porch where John bobb smoked his cigars to see if that's really him reaching out to us.
It's also where people have seen a female apparition in a hoop skirt.
- Whoa.
- Flashlight on.
All right, John bobb.
Is that you, brother? Would you like to partake in this cigar? Turn that flashlight off for me.
John, is this where you like to hang out, buddy? I lit this just for you.
PORTER: And you know You came back here, the soldiers were waiting on you.
They carried you over there in the bayou, stouts bayou, murdered you, shot you in the stomach, shot you in the head.
Come on out.
It's kind of like a friendship.
Are you necessarily trapped in this building? Can you go at other pla If you travel other places, can you make that flashlight cut off? Are you capable of moving out of this building, into another one not far from here? Whoa.
So, you can move out of this building? We don't know for sure who we're talking to, but perhaps if we can communicate with the spirit in the other locations Kendra told us about, we can confirm it's John bobb.
Well Selina? Is it you? You were forced to stay in this house after your husband's murder.
Are you still hanging around here? - Whoa.
- Wow, flashlight.
I think she's here, guys.
CHRIS: The boys and I are in Vicksburg, the most haunted town in Mississippi.
Vicksburg was the site of the 47-day siege during the civil war that took almost 20,000 casualties and turned the tide for the union.
Power changed hands from slave owners to African-American union soldiers, leaving this river town in a state of racial turmoil.
Tonight, we're investigating McRaven house, epicenter of paranormal activity in Vicksburg.
PORTER: Selina, is bobb here with you? Is it you? You were forced to stay in this house after your husband's murder.
You couldn't return to new Orleans or Louisiana.
- Whoa.
- Wow, flashlight.
CHRIS: I think she's here, guys.
Oh, now it's back on again.
They say that they've seen your husband here.
John some people have seen him through the window.
That they did see an apparition of a woman here, but they can't figure out who she is.
There's been multiple pictures taken through that window, looking onto the porch, and you can see a lady standing out there in a hoop skirt.
Are you the woman they see here? Or is this selina? Seems like it just doesn't want to say exactly who it is, but it's letting us know it is here.
Tomorrow, we got a big day, you know? We got some more people to talk to, some more places to investigate.
We'll pack up tonight and then hit it fresh in the morning, try to put the story line together.
- Yep.
- I agree.
All right, let's wrap.
- Cool.
- Let's do it, boys.
All right.
Since we think we may have been talking to John bobb last night in McRaven, today, we're going to another location Kendra mentioned The Cobb house.
This is where John bobb sought help from general Slocum, but had it denied, leading to Bobb's murder.
Cobb house is also well-known for having a lot of paranormal activity, so by coming here, hopefully, we can confirm whether or not it was really John bobb who contacted us last night.
Well, here we are, boys The infamous Cobb house.
Judging by last night, I'm kind of curious to see what we get up in here.
I mean, brannon and I really didn't get a lot downstairs, but it seemed like the party was up there with y'all.
DOOGIE: We had quite a bit go on there, just in a short amount of time.
But the thing that really got me the most was when that thermal That image showed up on that thermal, that humanoid shape Now, that was cool.
John bobb, I've got a cigar.
Does this ring a bell to you? You know, doog, if you want to go with me, we've got Morgan gates.
He's a local historian.
He's gonna give us a little info on the Cobb house.
We can all group back up, do an investigation.
- Let's do it.
- All right.
MORGAN: Well, this house circa 1830.
And it's actually the oldest building in this complex.
The war begins in 1861.
Vicksburg's a hot bed of activity.
From the very beginning of the war, Lincoln puts his finger on a map, tells them, "Vicksburg is the key.
We must have this key in our pocket.
" The siege ends, and the union occupies the city.
And you know John H.
Bobb walked up from McRaven to general Slocum right here.
And that was because John bobb had thrown a brick at a soldier that was messing around in his garden earlier, right? Yes.
And general Slocum basically said, "I'll look into it," and dismisses him.
And, as you know, John bobb goes back and finds the soldiers waiting for him.
He is murdered by occupation soldiers.
So, what's the history of Cobb house? Originally, this is what they called a town home.
It was actually built by a man who was a cotton planter.
Now, John Cobb was a man who, at one time, was blessed, but then things started turning south for him.
According to local legend, he was a little too fond of gambling.
So, his fortunes go south, and he decides to take the easy way out.
Oh, wow.
So, likely, he took his life right in this house.
Right before the civil war, Vicksburg was a very prosperous town, a lot of immigrants coming in.
We got a lot of catholic immigrants coming in.
The sisters come down in 1860, and they open a school here.
In 1878, Vicksburg has another enemy to fight Yellow fever.
DOOGIE: So, how many people you think died here? We know at least five nuns did.
Since John Bobb visited this place on the day of his death, do you think sometimes maybe he's still hanging around here? I would not be surprised at all.
We've gotten strange images and in our photographs along the way, we've seen shadows moving around.
We've gotten children peeping out of the windows.
This is most haunted small town in America right here.
Now it's time to set up the cameras.
We'll be the first team ever allowed to conduct a paranormal investigation of the Cobb house.
CHRIS: What do you say we get this thing started? PORTER: Let's do it.
So we have cams 1 and 2 are the front main rooms, which, one of those rooms would've been general Slocum's office.
So that would've been where he would've met with all his officers.
It's also where he would've met with John bobb.
The main foyer That's where everyone would have entered the house.
That's where all the officers would have entered.
That's where general Slocum would have came in.
It's also where John bobb would've come in to ask for protection.
That's where his death sentence was handed down.
Uh, this room upstairs This could have been John Cobb's bedroom, where he committed suicide, or possibly where some of the nuns died.
And we're set.
We're rolling.
We're good to go.
Let's do it.
DOOGIE: One more thing to do.
CHRIS: All right.
Holy father, thank you for this, another day you've given us to be alive and well.
Please take us through this house, keep us safe, watch over us, and save the lost.
In Jesus' name, amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
All right.
Do a little, quick session.
Ready? Yeah.
Let's go with it here.
John bobb? Are you here with us? General Slocum, are you still here? What about Mr.
John Cobb? Can you tell me, did you die in this room? Did you take your life inside this room here? John Cobb? Let's see what we got.
Let's see what happens.
[ RECORDS BEEPS ] DOOGIE: What about Mr.
Cobb John Cobb? Can you tell me, did you die in this room? Did you take your life [BANG] inside this room here? Dude, that sounded like a gunshot.
CHRIS: It's our second night in Vicksburg, and we're at Cobb house, which served as a field hospital during the civil war, as well as a school and a yellow-fever ward.
Visitors experience everything from nuns singing to children peering out windows.
No one has ever investigated the Cobb house for paranormal activity, and we're lucky to be the first ones allowed in.
DOOGIE: John Cobb? Can you tell me, did you die in this room? Did you take your life [BANG] inside this room here? Dude, that sounded like a gunshot.
That did sound like a pop, yeah.
Did you take your life [BANG] inside this room here? "Did you take your life here?" He shot himself.
Now, John Cobb decides to take the easy way out.
All right, you ready? Let's go.
John Cobb? It sounded like we heard a gunshot.
Take your life in this room? Go ahead and play it back.
It sounded like we heard a gunshot.
Can you let us know, did you take your life? Nothin'.
Let's roll it again.
I'm gonna try to talk to John bobb.
John bobb, you came here, seeking help from general Slocum.
Or your protection was denied.
Are you still here? Let's see if we got anything.
PORTER: John bobb, you came here, seeking help from general Slocum.
From McRaven [TAPPING] here to the Cobb house.
What was that A double tap? From McRaven [TAPPING] As soon as I said McRaven, two knocks.
He was shot twice.
To stouts bayou.
And in the face.
Based on the one gunshot and then the two gunshots, we may have both John Cobb and John bobb here with us.
CHRIS: Is there anybody here in this room with us? If so, can you make us a noise, move something? Can you sing us a song? We hear that there are some nuns that like to sing.
You got unfinished business with the house? All right, I'm gonna play this back.
CHRIS: You got unfinished business with the house? Uh-oh.
"Liberty" and "porch.
" That's interesting.
BRANNON: Well, both sides were fighting for a certain kind of Liberty.
General Slocum, are you pissed 'cause they took your house away? Those nuns, they took away your headquarters, buddy.
It almost sounded like we got an answer there, but then we got a few words here.
"Demand" and - Soldier? - Soldier? Okay.
Maybe we're getting somewhere.
We got demanding protection from a soldier that he threw a brick at, who he was later killed by.
That's pretty phenomenal stuff right there.
It seems like we're hittin' something more, starting talking about John bobb.
Well, John Bobb what is that? That was almost like music.
What is that? Yeah, there were nuns here, because she said this was used as a school.
What is that? CHRIS: It's our second night in Vicksburg.
The boys and I are the first paranormal investigators allowed inside the Cobb house.
One of the most haunted locations in town, the Cobb house boasts a sordid past, including the suicide of first owner John Cobb, the death sentence of John bobb when general Slocum denied him protection, and the passing of numerous nuns during the yellow-fever epidemic.
While brannon and I analyze evidence in John Cobb's second-floor bedroom, Porter and doogie investigate the parlor downstairs.
Well, John Bobb what is that? That was almost like music.
What is that? What is that? That's creepy.
It's in here.
[ FAINT RINGING ] Hold on! Dude, is it the piano? Light came on when I said that.
What? It's the frickin' piano.
What? Are you hearing that? Sounds like humming or something.
Like [VOCALIZES] Is it coming from in there? No.
It's it's quieter in here.
It's louder in here.
Come here, come here.
Listen to this.
[ SOFT RINGING ] [ RINGING GROWS LOUDER ] You hear it? Yeah, I hear it.
DOOGIE: Are you playing the piano? [ RINGING STOPS ] It stopped.
I don't hear it anymore.
Let's do it.
Let's pack up here.
CHRIS: It seems like things have started to quiet down up here, so it's time to meet up with the rest of the boys and compare notes.
We've got gunshots on these recordings.
[TAPPING] He was shot twice.
I think we're dealing with bobb here, man, because we didn't get any activity until we started hitting on that whole subject of how he got shot.
All the dirty business.
I mean, it seems like we got John bobb over at McRaven house last night.
So, I think he may be stuck visiting the places he went on the last day he had on earth, sort of like a loop.
Maybe we need to go to stouts bayou next, since that was where he actually died.
I think that's what it is, because when brannon and I What?! Dude, did this whole house just shake? DOOGIE: It did.
The whole house just shook.
I mean, I thought I felt it in my feet.
Like, I could feel something vibrating.
This frickin' house has got us all going nuts.
Look, whatever's here, can you follow us to the bayou? 'Cause we're gonna head to stouts bayou where John bobb was shot.
We just all felt the house vibrating, almost like a small earthquake.
But it stopped, and after a few minutes of waiting, it doesn't happen again.
We were talking about John bobb and moving on to stouts bayou where he was killed.
Maybe that was John bobb letting us know that he's here and he wants us to go to the bayou next.
CHRIS: What do we think Maybe Mike stay here, hold down the fort? Watch the surveillance a little longer and then - Yeah.
- Run out here and get Yep, let's roll and do it, boys.
We're heading back towards McRaven house through stouts bayou, where John bobb was shot to death by union occupation soldiers.
Well, it looks like a trail here.
Let's see if this is it.
I'm getting a 5.
9 out here in the middle of the railroad track.
- Are you? - Watch your step, guys.
There's trenches up here.
DOOGIE: Look at this.
That's a trench.
Where? Soldiers would've been watching the tracks during the civil war.
- Really? - Yep.
They bring cannons down the tracks, because they would roll easier.
And so the soldiers would sit off in this trench and watch for them and would shoot them when they come down the tracks.
Dude, we're getting some random spikes out here, man Like 10.
8, 25.
- That's weird.
- Yeah.
Shouldn't be anything out here.
Shouldn't be anything here.
PORTER: We're in the middle of the woods.
There's no energy out here that's man-made, so this is something that's really out of the ordinary.
Is this John bobb trying to lead us by pulling us along his route? We're gonna continue on down the path and see if it happens again.
[ METER BEEPING ] Whoa, 67.
Look at that.
[ BEEPING CONTINUES ] John bobb? We'll keep following you.
- Whoa, whoa, what'd it say? - What'd it say? It says "communicate.
" Communicate? Communicate? I wonder if this might have been where they shot him.
It's funny, we're getting that Getting that interaction on the meter.
John, you trying to communicate? Huh.
Some ax marks or something there.
Did you make it to the tree before they shot you, John? 150.
What?! CHRIS: It's our last night in Vicksburg, and the boys and I are in a bayou, investigating a place where wealthy Southern landowner John bobb was shot to death by union occupation soldiers.
[ GUNSHOTS ] Before they shot you, John? 150.
- What?! - Yeah.
- Whoa.
- Really? Bingo.
[ METER BEEPS ] Look, prox hit.
Maybe this is the place, boys.
Is this the tree? Is this where they took your life, John bobb? It's definitely an old tree.
Maybe he just made it to the tree before he took his last breath.
It's pretty wild.
That's some hard hits.
[ METER BEEPS ] right there again.
This could be the spot.
I mean, you know, this tree would've been here.
2, 78.
Pointing towards the house.
-Towards the house? Well, let's work our way up to the house.
We'll follow you.
Maybe he's retracing his steps right here.
Are these the final steps that we're tracing right here, John bobb? 45 look.
- Yeah.
- 128.
Let's see.
Take the path over there.
Dude, we're getting crazy readings, walking this path.
John, are you still angry at general Slocum? Getting another hit [ METER BEEPS ] the closer we get to the porch.
And remember, earlier, up in the bedroom.
CHRIS: You got unfinished business with the house? Uh-oh.
So, my question is, did we just complete his circle? He would've come here, they would've drug him, took him out there.
He would've thought they were gonna take him to jail, and they shot him right out there.
It's just funny we got all those readings at that tree.
- Right there at that tree.
- Yeah.
And it leads us right back to the porch.
Well, stouts bayou's where he was shot.
Well, I just wonder if he's stuck in that same loop from that last day of his life, you know? People report him over at the Cobb house, they report him here at his home, and then activity out here in the bayou.
DOOGIE: Maybe he's doing his same routine he did that whole day.
Get up, smoked his cigar, went on about his business, went over there to ask for help.
- Yeah.
- Didn't happen.
And that maybe that's his own personal hell right now.
He just keeps doing the same thing.
Evidence led us all the way around the path.
We've got evidence that was in real time.
We still got to comb through some stuff.
I think we've done our thing.
What do you say we go get some shuteye? All right, let's do that, and then hit the road, Jack.
- All right, guys.
- All right, boys.
- Let's rock 'n' roll.
- Let's do it.
I think with all the paranormal layers that we had in this place, I think we come in and kicked some paranormal [BLEEP] Is what we did.
PORTER: Well, all right, then.
Well, Mike, did we have anything that really stood out to us? MIKE: At McRaven, when you and doog were up in a bedroom, something was in that room with you.
You caught this on a thermal.
- Yep.
- I can see that from here.
I've got a face on this frickin' flir.
[ IMITATING PORTER ] "Dude, I swear.
" [ LAUGHTER ] it sounds like dougal.
You can hear my voice shaking.
- That's crazy, man.
- But then it kind of went away.
Maybe it was John bobb and he was there, and then went on to the next stop.
We first got to the Cobb house, and we had that meter go off.
What we got on the Ovilus We got "soldier," we got "demand.
" "Demand" and - Soldier? - Soldier? That's all relevant to John Bobb's story, you know.
He went to ask for protection from general Slocum, it got denied, and then he told John bobb, "Oh, just go home, it'll be fine.
" So, I mean, I really think he was there with us.
Well, what was crazy, too, is when doog and me were down there.
I mean, we were getting, you know, these sounds when we mentioned those names.
We mentioned John Cobb, and we got a single pop.
DOOGIE: Did you take your life [BANG] Inside this room here? Check this out.
Can you tell me, did you die in this room? Did you take your life [BANG] inside this room here? - Like a pop.
- One shot.
That's proof.
He offed himself in the house.
That would've been one shot.
The thing about it is, we never heard that.
- Really? - Nope.
Not until we played it back, and it was right there.
MIKE: This is the other one, too.
Check this out.
And the cool thing about it is you guys don't react to it, so you did not hear it while it was in there.
Check this out.
PORTER: When you were walking your last day from McRaven [TAPPING] to the Cobb house Two shots.
DOOGIE: But that was actually, uh That was actually talking about John bobb.
And he was shot twice Once in the stomach, once in the face.
And it sounds like it's got an echo to it.
- Yeah.
- Pop! But we never heard it in the room.
Classic electronic voice phenomena.
But then, that piano.
I don't know where that sound was coming from.
I don't think it was the piano, man.
It was coming from everywhere but nowhere, if that makes sense.
You know, you just couldn't place it.
Louder near the piano, but it wasn't actually the piano.
Right after this, too, we all got in that room, and the house shook.
Brannon and I - Whoa.
- What?! Dude, did this whole house just shake? DOOGIE: It did.
The whole house just shook.
That creeped me out, dude.
Like, that whole house just shook.
I don't know.
CHRIS: And we know it wasn't a train this time.
I mean, I wondered if it was, like, an earthquake at first.
'Cause, I mean, you know, I could feel it.
But it wasn't like that kind of vibration like you would think.
It was more just like a A resonation of sound through the whole place.
DOOGIE: Well, you got to think, man, when we leave Cobb house and we start doing that same trail that he went Up stouts bayou - Yep.
- 10.
8, 25.
DOOGIE: And where does it lead us? It leads us right to the tree.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just crazy stuff.
look at that.
- What?! - Whoa.
To the porch.
I think he was taking us on that loop, fellas.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know, we started at the McRaven house, we worked our way to the Cobb house, back through the bayou -Mm-hmm.
Up that little bluff there, and then right back to McRaven.
And I think I don't know, who knows, maybe we helped him close that loop.
It's like maybe that loop has some residuality in it.
You know? Residuality.
Yeah, that's a new one.
I like it.
Well, boys, I think we broke this one wide open.
This has been a great case.
I think Mike's got the next pin drop on the GPS.
You want to lead the pack? Let's do it.
Despite the numerous deaths and layers of spirits, we repeatedly came in contact with one John bobb.
We've concluded that Vicksburg truly lives up to its reputation as one of the most haunted towns in America.