Haunted Towns (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Bisbee, AZ

Somebody hanging out with us? Hello? CHRIS: Tonight, we travel thousands of feet underground as we follow the footsteps of miners in the historic mining town of Bisbee, Arizona.
With its dark and bloody history, Bisbee is one of the most haunted towns in America's wild west.
Holy is there somebody right there? We'll make contact with an angry spirit stuck in a local hotel Is there anybody here in this room with us? -God.
CHRIS: A menacing poltergeist that gets a little too close for comfort Oh, my god.
CHRIS: And a headless miner still roaming the endless tunnels of Bisbee's most legendary mine.
Do you hear that? We're the Tennessee wraith chasers.
Country's most haunted towns.
Oh, Alice! Alice! Dude, it's moving right behind you.
Ohhhh! Oh, [BLEEP] investigating paranormal stories that have spooked locals for generations.
What do you mean, "yank"? Oh! [BLEEP] We combine historical research with modern science and some good old-fashioned Southern knowhow to find the truth at the heart of the legends.
BOTH: Homicide?! Satan.
[GIGGLE] Satan? Just a bunch of good old boys having a little fun, chasing ghosts around America.
Raaaaaaah! [ LAUGHTER ] This is "Haunted Towns.
" the boys and I are headed out west to explore the haunted mining camp of Bisbee, Arizona.
Back in the late 1800s, this little desert town exploded to become one of the most prolific copper mines in America, the queen mine.
Those 2,000 miles of dangerous underground tunnels combined with harsh working conditions claimed hundreds of lives.
Some miners were crushed by rockfalls, some fell down deep shafts, and others died in explosions.
The old queen mine could get you a whole bunch of ways.
Life in Bisbee wasn't much better for the miners aboveground.
What began as a western boom town declined into a rough-and-tumble red light district known as brewery gulch, filled with sad tales of desperate men struggling to make a living.
Bisbee's colorful history is steeped in debauchery, violence, and death, making it one of the most haunted towns in America.
Locals have seen the wandering spirits of lost miners, one even missing his head.
They've also heard disembodied voices and reported a female apparition roaming the halls of one of bisbee's original hotels.
Our investigation will retrace the difficult lives of miners from where they lived to where they worked.
Our first stop the silver king hotel.
Oh, we just rolled into town here.
I mean, it's hard to believe that this tiny little mining town was the most metropolitan, like, little town between St.
Louis and San Francisco.
It was.
This building was where young fellows came to work in the mines, would get room and board for $4 a week.
- Oh, wow.
- Oh, wow.
So this would have been the place to come.
If you wanted your room and board, meals and everything, this was the place to be right here.
That's correct.
So this was their life away from work.
They had three shifts.
You know, they worked one, slept one, and drank one.
[ LAUGHTER ] - Good.
- Nice and cozy.
And you guys had silver and gold, but Copper is king here.
One of our theories is that ghosts can, like, conduct through copper like electricity.
So why couldn't it conduct ghosts from one location? Well, this place has a lot of them.
You know, what kind of activity do you have going on here, paranormal-wise? One was in a room across the hall, and she was a Chinese lady.
There were a lot of Chinese here, but there's a lot of tunnels underneath that are mining tunnels because they weren't allowed to be outside after 6:00.
DOOGIE: So the Chinese immigrants that came here to work, they were treated pretty badly, huh? Yes.
So where have people seen her? She would come out every once in a while, and she would go into one room room one And shake her fist at whoever was in there, and then she would evaporate.
What did she do here? We think she did laundry.
CHRIS: So she was a laundress maybe? - Yeah.
- Okay.
We think she did laundry.
Do you have any other ghost stories you can tell us? A friend of mine needed a job.
So I said, "Okay.
" So he came, and he worked for a couple of hours.
And then, all of a sudden, he said, "There's something in here that I don't like.
I don't want to be here anymore," and then he left.
He ran out.
He feels there was an evil spirit.
So he had to leave, but he wants his tools.
So I go back in, and I say, "Where's the tools?" And we look all over the place.
We can't find any tools that he left, and the guy said, "Well, I didn't want them anyway.
You can just keep them.
" Couple months later, I go upstairs, and in the middle room upstairs, on the third floor, is the hot water heater.
There's the tools, right there in the middle of the floor.
That door is locked.
You know, I don't like people going in there.
Sounds like to me you got yourself starts with a "P," ends with a "geist.
" Yeah.
Can you say it? Poltergeist.
Well, we still have the tools.
Oh, you do? Hey, we could use that later.
Do you mind us using those for, like, a trigger object maybe? That'd be fine.
Oh, great.
Let's do it.
Brannon, let's run down here and Thank you so much.
DANIELLE: Thank you.
Thank you.
We'll see you later.
CHRIS: The silver king hotel is a perfect place to begin our investigation of this old mining town.
While doogie and I set up for a baseline sweep, Porter and brannon head over to the local museum to get a better understanding of the miners' lives.
What were the conditions like around here? Well, Bisbee is kind of unique for what people think of as the western frontier.
When you cut to the chase, it's a town that copper built.
So how were the miners like, in general? I can't imagine conditions being decent at all underground, but what really impressed me during oral histories was the camaraderie.
You were with your partner, and your life depended on him.
But the camaraderie, the nicknaming, the humor, it's an amazing kind of feeling, and all of it focuses down on that camaraderie, your partner.
When they come out of the mine, you know, and they had this camaraderie, where did they hang out? What did they do? We had the old red light district, but there are other times where you have strikes and disagreement.
You had a company at that time that didn't like certain groups of men from certain ethnic backgrounds.
How did they handle the strikes? I'd heard something somewhere about they had strikes, and then there was deportations and all this stuff.
Well, the deportation is our most famous strike, and that is an event that really tore the fabric of this community apart for several generations now, and it was 100 years ago.
What happened was, basically, half of the town was deputized.
The other half was rounded up.
They were required to sign an oath, and if they didn't, they were put in boxcars, and then they sent them out to Columbus, new Mexico.
But the severity and the consequences of what the company did, I think, were extreme.
Well, thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
Have fun.
That's what it's all about, right? PORTER: The big deportation strike of 1917 left behind a lot of negative residual feelings throughout the entire town.
Those poor miners were forced to sign oaths under the unions to work for minimal wages, and if they didn't, the townspeople kicked them out of the state, and they were never allowed to work in the mines again.
It's clear that these miners had a chip on their shoulder.
So this should make for a very active investigation.
And the stairway is where they feeling dread.
Got run out of here.
But, I mean, this thing is reading higher than normal.
looks like a 0.
Usually, things are about a 0.
2, 0.
All right.
We got the thermal going here.
So if we got any heat anomalies, we'll be able to catch them on this bad boy.
Anything gets close to this, we'll be able to know, make contact with them.
So oh, dude, it's 8.
3 right there.
So we know it's kind of high here.
Your melon is putting off some heat.
Are you angry? It's because there's a lot up there.
That's not why.
[ MEL METER BEEPS ] A little hit right there for some reason.
Hello? Somebody hanging out with us? [ BEEPING CONTINUES ] Are you the Asian lady that hangs around this place? [ BEEPING CONTINUES ] Hello? CHRIS: The fellows and I are in the historic mining town of Bisbee, Arizona.
With a history of violent labor strikes, mistreatment of immigrants, and hundreds of grisly mining deaths, the spirits of bisbee's dark past continue to haunt the locals to this day, making it one of America's most haunted towns.
We're hoping to contact the spirits of the miners by following in their footsteps from where they lived to where they worked.
Doogie and I are doing a baseline sweep of the silver king hotel, a popular boarding house for miners back in the day and one of bisbee's paranormal hotspots.
Are you the Asian lady that hangs around this place? [ MEL METER BEEPS ] Hello? Back off.
[ BEEPING STOPS ] You getting anything on there much? CHRIS: No.
[ BEEPING RESUMES ] Oh Dude, it hit, and it shot up to a 8.
5 Really? And then gone.
But the proximity hit at the same time.
DOOGIE: The laundress is definitely letting us know she's here.
The Mel meter went off, and she backed off when I asked her to.
So that's telling me this is an intelligent haunting, not a residual.
What in the world? Somebody is locked in.
It's a push.
You can get out Is it push or pull? Ladies? Did you guys get locked in? YEAH.
CHRIS: Well, it's childproof but also doogie-proof, apparently.
[ LAUGHTER ] PORTER: Well, how did the investigation go, you know, the baseline sweep? DOOGIE: You bet that it was unique.
That was about it.
But as far as the BLS went, man, I mean, not a lot of anomalies.
We had some pretty high hits on the Mel A little hit right there for some reason.
Hello? CHRIS: Kind of up and down.
So if we get something later, then I think it's something to take note of.
DOOGIE: We even got a big Mel hit when I asked about the spirit of the laundress.
How'd your talk go? That Carrie had a ton of good information for us.
I mean, this town was Really, the only reason it's here is because of the mines.
I mean, but there was a dark side, too.
There was, you know, the brothels and the big deportation when half the people in town were deputized and then forced the striking miners out of town, so violently taken out on these trains and treated so badly.
There was some residual feelings left over, you know, from that.
Like, today, they still get a little offended.
All right, boys.
What do you say we break out of here? Let's do it.
Get the equipment ready.
CHRIS: It's time to set up our night investigation.
We'll be on the lookout for the miners that once called this place home as well as the angry fist-waving laundress or the thieving poltergeist.
Our surveillance expert, Mike, will also be on the monitors, keeping an eye out for any activity we don't catch on the ground.
Doogie and brannon are setting up their meters on the second floor while Porter and I check out the third floor where the poltergeist moved the tools into a boiler room with a locked door.
This might be a cool little shelf to set a few things up on.
All right.
So here we got set up a horizontal periscope.
What this is gonna do is pick up any static electricity, if it comes in contact with that.
It's gonna light up really pretty, all different colors.
And then what Porter is troubleshooting right now is a phonetic generator.
It's just a little box.
It's got a word bank in it.
A lot of times, the entity will communicate with us by using said word.
Sometimes, it says very relevant words.
Other times, it just spits out a bunch of random things.
But if we get something like "miner," then we know we're cooking with peanut oil.
Hello? My friend, Porter, is setting up some Whoa.
Interrupt what? Interrupt.
I'm sorry.
Did I interrupt you? Dude, I just got a chill up my spine.
Is something wrong? No.
It's coming down this hallway.
David? David, I don't recall Look at this.
Look at my hair.
Holy cow.
Look at that.
I see it.
It came over to me.
Look at my arm.
Look at me.
We are chilled.
Same thing.
Dude, I think whatever it is like, I'm freaking out.
I got it too, I mean, both.
Look at the static.
Look at these bumps.
Look like chicken skin.
Is someone here with us named David? Were you a miner? This place is heavy.
All right.
You said, on the device here, the name David.
Is that you trying to tell us that's your name, or are you trying to communicate with us and learn to use the device? Can you say "copper," if you understand me? Holy is there somebody right there? Dude, there's something down that hall.
There's a shadow right there.
CHRIS: We're in Bisbee, Arizona, a legendary copper mining town in the desert southwest.
Bisbee's turbulent history makes it one of America's most haunted towns.
It's the first night of our investigation, and we're at the old silver king hotel, one of bisbee's most paranormally active locations.
Holy is there somebody right there? CHRIS: Dude, there's something down that hall.
There's a shadow right there.
That hall is bad news.
It's just a door.
There's nothing in here.
It was like a shadow right there that looked like it just went in this room.
This door was closed.
CHRIS: It might be the wind.
We got an open window.
You know we can do, we can pull that Oh, my god.
Oh, that's a latch.
[ BOTH LAUGH ] When I looked at that latch, the way it reflected, it looked like something was moving.
[ LAUGHS ] Oh, that scared me to death.
Why don't you do a ghost box session? All right.
BRANNON: A ghost box is a device that uses white noise to give the spirits the energy they need to make sound and communicate with the living.
Doogie made contact with the laundress during his baseline sweep.
So we're hoping we're able to get her to interact with us again.
Can you tell me the name of the lady that they see here? She's a laundress.
[ STATIC NOISES ] Are you the laundress? They say you're angry, and you wave your fist at people.
Did something bad happen to you? How do you appear to the guests here? Almost sounded like illusion.
[ LAUGHS ] yeah.
Her energy is still here, but it just manifests at certain points in time.
"Illusion" again.
Look at the flashlight.
Oh, my god.
Can you turn the flashlight all the way off for me, so we can continue talking? I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Getting "illusion" on the ghost box definitely tells me we're talking to the laundry lady.
An illusion can be seen in 1 second and gone the next.
It comes and goes.
That's exactly what Danielle, the hotel owner, has told us about the laundress.
CHRIS: Lookie, lookie, what we got.
Can you tell me what that is? CHRIS: The room got quiet, so we're going to try shaking things up a little bit.
We're actually gonna use the tools that the handyman left behind after the poltergeist scared him off.
We're gonna use those as trigger objects, see if we can get this room active again.
Can you tell us what one of those tools are? Right here, can you do that? What about this one? What's this guy? What is this? You want us to put them in the boiler room for you? All you got to do is say the word.
Do these tools mean something to you? Did you maybe work in a mine with tools like these? Well, you want to go downstairs, regroup? Yeah.
DOOGIE: Hey, guys, you want to hear this last EVP session real quick? Yeah.
Think we got some cool stuff going on.
DOOGIE: You know anything about the laundress? Who's in this place? - Whoa.
- Whoa.
What was that? Who's in this place? It said "illusion," like, two or three different Really? I think something was up there with us, and it left us.
Maybe it came down here with you.
Is there somebody right there? CHRIS: Dude, there's something down that hall.
There's a shadow right there.
Dude, we've been Like, both of us Look here.
Just the hair on our arms doing that.
Look at that.
Well, what do y'all want to do? Let's set the room up for an overnight session.
So you guys grab bags, go ahead and head upstairs.
I'm gonna go get Mike G.
, let him go do his solo session.
I'll monitor the surveillance and go from there.
Here, you want to give him this? That'll work.
Yo, yo, Michael.
What's up? What's up? All right, brother.
This thing here, you know that button right there turns on this.
So I'll leave that off until you get in there.
All right.
So those guys are going upstairs.
What we'll do is you'll go in here and sit on the toilet just like you're, you know, in there using the toilet and see what happens.
All right.
So what we've done, we're breaking Mike in, right.
He's in there doing a solo session in the bathroom right now.
But what Mike doesn't know is that we've got doogie in the shower right now.
So as Mike does his session, he's going to get activity from doogie.
[ SIGHS ] [ CLEARS THROAT ] [ SNICKERS ] When you become a new member of the Tennessee wraith chasers, you get initiated well.
Oh, [BLEEP].
[ CLATTERING ] [ BLEEP ] Raaaaaaar! You son of a [BLEEP].
[ LAUGHTER ] Oh! [ LAUGHTER ] God, man.
You okay? My heart is pounding, man.
Oh, my gosh.
[ LAUGHTER CONTINUES ] CHRIS: We're gonna use ourselves as bait by spending the night together in the same hotel room.
Hopefully, this will lure these ghostly guests to come out of the shadows and make contact.
While we sleep, Mike G.
, our eye in the sky, will continue to keep a sharp lookout for any spookies who decide to visit us during the night.
PORTER: Doogie, you want to have another dream about a ghost falling in a molten pit of lava? BRANNON: What's does the Ovilus say? Shut up, brannon.
[ LAUGHTER ] Let's do one last EVP session before we hit the hay.
CHRIS: Is there anybody here in this room with us? Y'all ought to listen to this.
Is there anybody here in this room with us? - Dude.
- God.
- Whoa.
- Hey.
CHRIS: The boys and I are in Bisbee, Arizona, a historic copper mining town that has seen more than its fair share of dark days.
We're spending the night at the silver king hotel where many miners lived back in the late 1800s.
Let's do one last EVP session before we hit the hay.
CHRIS: Is there anybody here in this room with us? Is there anybody here in this room with us? - Dude.
- God.
- Whoa.
- Hey.
- That's freaking nuts, man.
Whatever that was, dude, came right there to say it.
Is there anybody here in this room with us? - Dude.
- God.
- Whoa.
- Hey.
Try playing it back on the other recorder, see if we got the same thing.
Is there anybody here in this room with us? Dude, there is nothing on that recorder there.
PORTER: That's crazy.
When we were going through our EVP session, we got a definite "no" on this recorder here, Panasonic.
This one, the Sony, on high frequency, did not pick up the "no," and we picked it up as clear as day, like it bent down to the suitcase and said "no" right into the recorder.
That's crazy.
CHRIS: Getting the voice on that one recorder lets us know that the entity wants to communicate with us directly.
It's not just some disembodied voice, you know, aimlessly haunting the hotel.
You know, it had a purpose.
So this is a huge plus in our investigation.
Let's ask a couple more questions, see if we can get anything else.
Did you sleep in this room? Tell us on that little box over there.
Are you the angry laundress? Doogie, play that back one more time.
Are you the angry laundress? DOOGIE: Well, whatever was here doesn't feel like talking.
What do you say I let this recorder run? Because if we're not talking, it's going to pick up if anything talks.
So we'll let it run.
It's time to get some shut-eye.
Chris to Mike.
MIKE: Yeah.
Go ahead, Chris.
You can keep a protective eye over us all night long.
Copy that.
CHRIS: After spending the night in bisbee's oldest and most haunted hotel, our overnight investigation didn't capture any more activity.
Since copper is king in this town, it's time to prepare for our second night of investigation where we go deep into the queen mine itself.
Why don't we take a nap on this thing? - Oh, man.
- I'll tell you what.
- Hey, there he is.
- Mikey.
CHRIS: I know you said something about getting some more cord here.
You found some.
Look here.
Nicely done, man.
I hear we're gonna run some serious cable tonight.
So we got 400 more feet of cable.
We got some power boosters.
We're gonna be ready to roll.
We're going deep in the hills tonight.
I think it's important today, you know, we investigated where the miners lived.
Now let's go see how they worked.
You know? Let's tear it up.
- Let's get it rolling.
Cool deal.
CHRIS: The queen mine is only a few blocks away from the silver king hotel.
Made up of over 2,000 miles of tunnels, bisbee's prolific mines are also quite deadly.
The queen mine ceased production in the 1980s.
We're meeting with the two brothers who now maintain the 140-year-old mine as a museum.
So you guys, you know a lot about this place.
You've been around here for a while, right? Here first in 1883.
Oh, wow.
You know, I know that there were approximately 370 deaths in the mine.
But do you think the mine is haunted? You see some things that are interesting.
There'll be some things that will scare the daylights out of you.
You mind taking Chris and I down? Let's go.
I got my flashlight.
Let's grab our gear.
Love to talk to you a little bit more about the history of it.
- All right.
- Good luck, fellows.
We got big heads, too.
So We were talking about some of the fatalities that occurred here.
What was the most common cause of fatalities? Oddly enough, and it was quite surprising, is cage accidents or shaft accidents.
They have the mine elevators, called cages, and they're open to the shaft.
And the trouble is, is if you get hooked on the shaft timber, you're going to get drug out of that cage, and that's probably through a slot about that big.
There was an accident where guys were walking just down a tunnel, and all of a sudden, the floor gave way, and they fell to their deaths, a lot of open holes, you know, anywhere from, you know, 100 to 3,000 feet deep.
Can you imagine falling in a hole 3,000 feet? Well The trouble is, it's different than falling on the surface because you're bouncing against the walls of the shaft.
Well, we ain't going to get trapped in here and die and be skeletons for the rest of our lives, are we? Maybe.
[ DOOR SQUEAKS LOUDLY ] Well, that was loud and ominous.
What kind of stuff have people experienced here? What kind of stuff have you experienced in this mine? Thing that'll scare the living daylights out of you because you can get hell and gone from the surface down here.
Okay? And you'll be down a tunnel that you know nobody is back there, and you'll be walking along it, and you'll see a light shine right back at you.
And you'll walk all the way back.
Nobody is back there.
There's nowhere to hide.
There's nothing.
It's like walking into an empty room.
We've heard around Bisbee about the headless miner or headless John.
What's the story behind this? Some guys found a body of a guy that had been decapitated, and they say his head is in the rock over here.
CHRIS: Ah, I see it.
That's pretty wild.
That's creepy.
We'll have to try to communicate with old John later.
Now is there anything that we could do, do you think, that would maybe increase the activity? All the miners say that after midnight it starts working.
If it's okay with you, can I walk around a little bit and just kind of get some baseline readings? That way, we know when we come back tonight, if anything fluctuates more than what we've been getting, it may be in the paranormal realm.
Man, we got a lot of ground to cover tonight.
Look at this old emergency bell.
We got some more trigger sounds right there.
I mean, that would be perfect.
What if at the stroke of midnight Ding the bell.
Ding the bell? I like it.
Look, right now, going from 23 to 94 What? 34, 1.
Do you hear that? CHRIS: It's our second day in Bisbee, Arizona, home to one of America's biggest copper mines.
Hundreds of workers tragically lost their lives down in the queen mine.
Doogie and I are thousands of feet underground, finishing up our baseline sweep before tonight's investigation.
Do you hear that? CHRIS: Well, whatever that sound was, it's a good sign for tonight's investigation.
All right, man.
I think we got our work cut out for us.
I think we need to meet up back with the guys, start running some cable, getting some cameras set up, and getting a game plan going.
CHRIS: After meeting up with Porter and brannon to exchange information, Doug, one of the caretakers, is helping us carry our equipment down into the mine the old-fashioned way, using the old mine carts.
Got a nice sound, Porter.
It does.
Kind of sounds creepy, doesn't it? Now that we're 2,000 feet underground, it's time to set up the surveillance cameras.
Mike G.
Will be on the lookout for anything we can't see coming our way.
We got a heck of an investigation tonight in store.
Oh, do you? Yeah.
We're a long way back in here, son.
That's cool.
You know, I like cages.
Well, we got some cool stuff at the end of this thing too, man.
There's actually a bell, and it's got all these different codes and, you know, strikes that you can hit on that bell that mean something.
Oh, wow.
Also, all the stuff usually happens right around midnight.
So I say, at the stroke of midnight, we go down there and start ringing on that bell.
All right.
What do you say, boys? We got one more thing to do before we get set up.
Dangerous environment You got that right.
So better pray it up.
Let's do it, boys.
CHRIS: Bring it in.
PORTER: Brannon, you want to lead us off, brother? BRANNON: Dear lord, we pray that you would bless us tonight.
And, please, lord, just keep us safe from all the dangers in here.
In Jesus' name, we pray these things.
Let's do it.
CHRIS: Since the mine is so vast, we have to make good use of our time.
Porter and brannon head down another thousand feet towards the elevator shaft where many miners had limbs torn off in freak accidents or even fell to their deaths.
Doogie and I will make camp at the stope where the face of the decapitated miner, headless John, is still seen in the rock.
You come right over here.
You touch that antennae, make some cool lights.
It also lets us know that you're hanging out with us.
I don't know if you know what a dictionary is or not, but it's what we call a spooky dictionary.
This way, you can talk to us.
It's got all kinds of cool words in there, maybe even your name.
CHRIS: John, are you here with us? Did you die here in this mine? Were you one of the miners who went on strike? Was it hard work, working down here in the mines? Doog, you want to go ahead and play that back? Was it hard work, working down here in the mines? Yes.
I heard that.
Down here in the mines? Yes.
John, they got your face up here, they say.
They say that's your face.
Or is that just another tall tale? John, there's a meter down there right behind my friend, doogie, here.
It's on the floor.
That thing hasn't went off one time.
Can you do something with that? All you got to do is touch it.
All right, John.
We're gonna roll out.
Dude, seriously, you know all that emf we had fluctuating and all that? Yeah.
It's not doing any of that.
Well, maybe they just don't want to play tonight.
John, we're about to groovy on out of here.
All right.
Well, we're heading out.
Whoever is with us, feel free to follow us to the next spot.
PORTER: I'm going to leave this sitting up here and try the emergency bell.
According to this, we've got several different bell tones that we can do to be able to signal.
Midnight is the witching hour and also when paranormal activity increases in the mine.
So when that clock strikes 12, we're gonna use that emergency bell as an audio trigger to see if we can get the miners who died down here to talk to us.
All right.
You ready? Here we go.
What? Flashlight just came on.
That's a neat trick.
There's something moving back here behind me.
CHRIS: We're thousands of feet underground in the queen mine of Bisbee, Arizona.
Locals claim that the spirits of the hundreds of miners who lost their lives down here still roam its endless maze of tunnels.
Porter and brannon are at the elevator shaft where they're using an old emergency bell as an audio trigger to help lure the miners' spirits from out of the darkness.
[ BELL RINGS ] BRANNON: Oh, flashlight.
PORTER: What? Flashlight just came on.
That's a neat trick.
Flashlight went off.
There's something moving back here behind me.
PORTER: Dude, I just felt something on my arm Really? Like, right around my wrist.
Did you just touch my wrist? If that was you that grabbed my wrist, can you turn that light on? That was weird.
What did it feel like? Just it was like that.
Like that.
You turn the light off for me? Just turn it off, if I'm barking up the right tree.
Thank you.
They're coming down here to join us.
You turn that flashlight back on, if you want them to come down here and join us.
There we go.
Guess we found them.
Let's go ahead and turn it off.
Thank you.
Looks like the party is down here.
Y'all had anything up there? Nothing.
- Really? - Okay.
We've had some flashlight activity, and at one point, I was holding the recorder, and I felt something grab me around the arm.
It really felt like something grabbed me right around the wrist, and this happened right after ringing the bell at midnight.
So it seems the audio trigger worked.
CHRIS: Hey, Porter, why don't we try the flashlight one more time, since we're all down here? Seems like you're trying to communicate with us through the flashlight.
Is that because light is so important to you down here? Can you make a noise in here somewhere? Can you try to make a noise? DOOGIE: Well, think that's maybe all we're going to get tonight.
This is definitely a hit or miss because, I mean, you could stay down in these tunnels for days and never have anything happen, but I think they're all hanging out over in town where a lot of the energy is still radiating with people Yeah Actual living people.
And there's 2,000 miles of tunnel here.
There's plenty of places to hide.
I think I've walked enough today.
I don't want to find no more hiding places.
I second that.
We got a lot of cable to get back up.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
All right, boys.
Let's roll.
A thousand feet of cable, let's wind it up.
Well, guys, what do you think of Bisbee? Well, you know what? One thing we had, we had some good personal experiences.
I mean, you know, Chris and I were at the hotel.
We both had the heebie-jeebie tingles up there, I mean, hair standing up, goose bumps.
Look at my hair.
Holy cow.
Look at that.
I see it.
It came over to me.
Look at my arm.
Look at me.
You know, that whole hallway down there, you know, I saw a shadow there.
Holy is there somebody right there? CHRIS: Dude, there's something down that hall.
There's a shadow right there.
You know, they got the copper and the limestone, and, you know, it's all kind of enclosed here.
They have the perfect setup around here to use that electromagnetic energy to communicate with THEM.
It seems like the silver king seemed a whole lot more active than what the mine did.
Are the Asian lady that hangs around this place? [ MEL METER BEEPS ] Hello? Almost sounded like it said PORTER: Illusion.
- Hey.
- That's freaking nuts, man.
And, man, the craziest part about this whole thing, we had two recorders running in that room not even 5 foot from each other.
One of them got it clear as day, and the other one didn't even pick up a blip.
I can't think of another time that we've ever had that happen that clearly.
I mean, when you were talking about a class a EVP, that's it right there.
Oh, it is.
I think the mine was a cool place to hit.
This was the first time we ever investigated a mine.
And to be honest, the confinement made me feel a little uneasy.
You know, and then I was holding the recorder, and literally, it felt like something grabbed me right around the wrist.
Dude, I just felt something on my arm Really? Like right around my wrist.
Did you just touch my wrist? I tell you what, guys, it's getting late, man.
We've got some good evidence.
Think we're rolling away with some good stuff here.
What do you say? Let's do it.
Let's do it.
All right.
Cool, guys.
Adios, Bisbee.
[ LAUGHS ] CHRIS: For the first time in our paranormal careers, we followed the lives of 19th-century miners in Bisbee, Arizona, and traveled underground through a haunted mine.
We learned that bisbee's deportation strike of 1917, along with the mistreatment of immigrants who helped build the town, left behind a lot of residual energy.
For more than 100 years, bisbee's copper-rich environment has made it easy for these troubled spirits to freely roam their old stomping grounds, making Bisbee one of America's most haunted towns.