Haunted Towns (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Cape May, NJ

PORTER: I know I seen somebody over here.
- Whoa! - What?! CHRIS: Tonight, we're in cape may, New Jersey.
Beneath the white sands of this popular beach town lies a dark secret.
Cape May-ers are obsessed with talking to the dead.
Long ago, cape may's fashionable obsession with spiritualism opened the doors to the afterlife, letting in ghosts that now roam freely.
DOOGIE: Dude, that whole place is active.
CHRIS: We're gonna investigate a local restaurant where a full-bodied apparition was caught on camera.
- Fingerprints.
- What? CHRIS: And we'll pay a visit to cape may's oldest haunted house Dude, look at that.
And contact the family that refuses to leave No way.
Even in death.
- Whoa! - Oh [BLEEP] Whoa! CHRIS: We're the Tennessee wraith chasers.
We travel America, exploring the country's most haunted towns.
- Oh, Alice! - Alice! BRANNON: Dude, it's moving right behind you.
- Ohhhh! - Oh [BLEEP] CHRIS: Investigating paranormal stories that have spooked locals for generations.
- Yank.
- What do you mean, "yank"? Oh! [BLEEP] CHRIS: We combine historical research with modern science and some good old-fashioned Southern know-how to find the truth at the heart of the legends.
[ GUNSHOT ] Homicide.
BOTH: Homicide?! - Satan.
- [GIRL GIGGLES] Satan? CHRIS: Just a bunch of good old boys having a little fun, chasing ghosts around America.
Raaaaaaah! [ LAUGHTER ] This is "Haunted Towns.
" synced by dom.
smrc Cape May, New Jersey.
Founded in 1685, this seaside town has long been the go-to vacation destination for east coasters.
But cape may has a hidden history that most tourists probably don't know about.
It was obsessed with spiritualism.
Spiritualism is the belief that the spirits are able and willing to communicate with the living.
This belief Rose in popularity after the civil war, when the grieving families of the fallen soldiers wanted to believe that death wasn't the end, that their loved ones were still with them, but just on a different plane.
Also, cape may's Sandy beaches contain a high level of quartz, a crystal that is believed to possess mystical powers, making it a natural hot spot for spirits to gather.
Some of the customs they performed involved mediums communicating with spirits through knocking on the table, answering questions guests had for their departed loved ones.
Throughout the years, these ceremonies invited thousands of spirits into the living world, and paranormal experts believe that this eventually opened portals to the spiritual realm that still remain open to this day.
As a result, cape may has become ground zero for hauntings.
Residents and tourists throughout town reported seeing the spirit of a man who committed suicide, the apparitions of a lonely mother and child, as well as being inexplicably scratched.
So where better to start our investigation in this Jersey shore town than at the beach? Man, I was looking forward to the beach, CHRIS: But I don't know about this weather, guys.
It's a little chilly.
But I mean, we drove 900 miles to cape may for one thing.
This is probably one of the most haunted towns in America.
I mean, there have been spiritual sightings and paranormal interactions in a lot of these Victorian buildings that are along the Jersey shore.
We believe that a portal can cause entities to exit their world and enter into ours.
And keep in mind, negative spirits often come through portals, too.
And I think these entities just go in and out as they please here, and it seems like they really like this place, you know.
Who wouldn't? I mean, it's a beach town.
- Sure.
- It's real nice.
I got an idea where one of these portals might be, and I would really like to check out the Emlen Physick estate.
CHRIS: So the Physick estate is a true Victorian house, lived in by gentleman farmer Dr.
Emlen Physick, his widowed mother, and her two sisters.
The estate dates back to 1879 and is known as cape may's oldest haunted house, still housing the spirits of Dr.
Physick and his family, all who lived, died, and even had their bodies laid out in the dining room.
Since the last members of Physick's family died in 1935, this house has become uninhabitable because of its hauntings.
-That's cool.
I'll tell you, I like it, Chris.
I think I think we can go and do a baseline investigation at the Physick house to kind of get a feel for cape may.
Well, guys, I'm thinking about flipping the page in the paranormal playbook that I'm normally on.
Since cape may spiritualists came from the Victorian era, they wouldn't have had all these newfangled devices we use today.
So I'm thinking of going old school.
We kind of get lost in the technology, so I think we need to just see what we can see with our own eyes and hear with our ears to get these things to make contact with us in a different form than these meters.
I've also been talking to a guy named Craig McManus.
He's a local historian around here.
I mean, he literally wrote the book on cape may Actually nine books.
He's also a bona fide medium, so maybe we can pick his brain a little bit about the hauntings in cape may and that connection to spiritualism.
I'll tell you what, why don't brannon and I go and meet up with Craig? We get the down-low from him while you guys go and try to round up some of these old-school supplies? We can get back together and get this thing rolling.
All right, boys, we got a plan.
Let's hit this cold beach a-running.
- All right.
- Let's do it.
I'm gonna grab oysters on the way, I'm gonna tell you that.
Here it is the infamous Physick estate.
Let's see, I bet that's Craig walking up right there.
Welcome to cape may.
Hey, thank you, man.
How you doing? - Good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I hear that you are the man to talk to when we want to get information about cape may.
Well, I've had a lot of years' experience searching for ghosts, and it's kind of become a lifelong passion.
What about this place, the Physick house? The Emlen Physick house is one of cape may's landmarks, but it also happens to be for a haunting because it really never was able to be lived in by other people since the last of the family died in 1935.
People have tried, and within a couple of weeks, he started hearing footsteps upstairs, voices upstairs.
Ghosts are transient, but I think they do stay in a radius of where they died.
I don't think they go far.
I know this family comes in and out.
PORTER: The ghosts going in and out so easily suggests an open portal in the house.
What was it like around here back in the day? You know, the original cape may as a resort was actually for the native American Indians.
Oh, wow.
The Kechemeche tribe, tribe of the Lenni Lenape, they'd actually fish and swim here in the summer.
Then it started to get the early settlers coming in from Philadelphia, Baltimore.
And somebody got the great idea in the 1700s "Hey, Cape May would make a great resort, get people out of the hot cities in the summer.
" But now, what happened when the transition into cape may becoming a town of spiritualism? Well, spiritualism sort of swept the Victorian period, starting back in 1848.
Spiritualism is the belief in something more than just what we see around us.
It doesn't have an organized, religious base.
It's more a belief that there is life beyond death.
Cape may certainly demonstrates that people can survive into the afterlife.
BRANNON: Well, guys, here's the rest of our team.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, guys.
PORTER: Here they are.
This is Chris and doogie.
- Nice to meet you.
- How's it going, bro? - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, man.
CHRIS: While Porter and brannon prep the equipment for tonight, doogie and I will get the lay of the land of the Physick house.
Craig, lead the way, brother.
DOOGIE: Dude, look at this.
This is nice.
This is like your classic haunted-house look, too, man.
CRAIG: This is the dining room.
Big house, but wasn't a big family.
Was only four of them originally.
Right now I'm getting, like, a little light-headed.
As soon as we walked into the room, it was like bam! I got this feeling, and it's been a long time since I've had that feeling so early in a baseline sweep.
CRAIG: This room belonged to Dr.
Physick's maiden aunt, Emilie, and Emilie was the party girl.
She loved people.
She would entertain.
She was a really happy, outgoing person, but also very strong.
A spirit doesn't necessarily have to be angry to be strong.
When she's present, people have felt like, "Wow, it's kind of uneasy in here, but not bad.
" She would be into this.
You know, she would've wanted somebody to come in, a medium, and conjure up the old dead relatives from Philadelphia.
She would've loved that.
That downstairs was like a heavy, heavy Yeah, different energy, right? - Yeah, it was totally different.
- Yep.
This is the room where Dr.
Physick actually died.
He had a stroke.
He was one of the founders of the society for prevention of cruelty to animals.
Loved dogs.
So now I'm gonna take you into the cold heart of the physick mansion.
Right through this door.
This was Dr.
Physick's mom's room, Frances Ralston.
She got remarried after Dr.
Physick's father died.
I feel like whatever that coldness was is now here.
It's on your chest? Yeah.
This room has the strongest, heaviest energy in the house.
- Was she mean? - She was a tough lady.
She was the iron fist.
Ralston was Cut the crap.
Something just hit me right here in the head.
CHRIS: We're in cape may, New Jersey, a seaside getaway for the east-coast elite with a deep history of spiritualism, the belief of communicating with the dead.
Doogie and I are doing a baseline sweep of the physick estate, cape may's oldest haunted house, along with Craig, a local historian and medium.
Ralston was Cut the crap.
Something just hit me right here in the head.
- Yeah.
- And it's cold, it's cold.
When you were talking about how she was, like, iron fist, like, I started getting that You know that feeling that I get in my center of my head? I don't know.
It's just weird.
Like, it's cold, cold.
My arms are still freezing cold.
The headache.
And then now it's like my ears are ringing just something, something ridiculous right now.
I want to get out of here because I'm sweating.
I'm cold, and I'm sweating.
Let's go up here.
CRAIG: Aunt Isabelle had epilepsy.
This is where she was brought.
So, Isabelle was in a wheelchair.
She was kept hidden from any friends or family.
So they brought her up here to the third floor and basically tucked her away until the company left, and then they let her come back down.
She was basically locked in a room because it was an embarrassment in the 1800s if you had a sick family member.
CHRIS: Man, this room's already spooky.
PORTER: Well, how did it go in there, man? DOOGIE: Man, I've never been in a place that had so much stuff change from room to room.
Really? Did you feel a certain hot spot that just felt more active than any other place? Dude, that whole place is active.
The four people we're gonna be hitting on tonight is Dr.
He passed away inside the house in his bed.
And earlier, his mother passed away.
The mother's room was where doogie had all that psychedelic stuff happening to him earlier.
And then Isabelle was his aunt.
She had epilepsy.
They kept her upstairs.
And also, his other aunt, she was more of a free spirit.
Her name was Emilie.
She would've been the type to say, "Yeah, come in here.
Let's try to contact some spirits.
" She was kind of eccentric.
And that's the thing about those people, that they would try this stuff, and some of them weren't as well-schooled in it, and they would open doorways and let things in that they just couldn't push back through.
What I would like to do is go off of Doogie's senses.
I'll team up with him.
We're just gonna go old school.
Yeah, we'll stay high tech and see what happens.
And then see when we meet up, how can we incorporate this all together to have a great investigation? Right, yeah.
All right, well, let's get ahold of Mike.
We'll get the surveillance set up and then roll.
Yeah, let's get on in here and get it done.
All right, I think this is gonna work as long as we can see this chair and these doorways over here.
I'm good with that.
PORTER: Yeah, I think that's covered.
Hold on, shh.
I just heard a male voice.
It said, "Thank you.
" - Really? - Yeah, it was weird.
Hold on, shh.
So I just had something kind of interesting.
When I turned the light out in the mother's room Yeah? I heard a male voice say, "Thank you.
" Real low, it was like, "Thank you.
" And I nobody was up there.
- You were in this room? - Yep.
CHRIS: This house is definitely showing signs that this so-called spirit portal could be open.
It's been active ever since we've been in here.
It's physically affecting doogie, and I just heard a male voice say "thank you" upstairs.
Maybe it's Dr.
physick already making his presence known.
So up here, cam one, we've got the billiard room covered.
- A.
Emilie's room.
- A.
Emilie's room.
We put the balls on the table to see if we get any movement with those.
This is Dr.
physick's room.
So we got it covered.
You can see the other two doorways, the bed.
We have his mother's room.
We have the chair covered, the bed, the mantel with the items on it that are easily manipulated by moving those around.
And then we have Isabelle's room covered upstairs.
CHRIS: All right, boys.
We do got one more thing we gotta do.
All right.
Porter, you want to roll with it? PORTER: Sure.
Dear heavenly father, it's once again we bow down before you.
We thank you, lord, for all the many blessings you bestowed upon us, and keeping us safe as we travel to our different locations.
We ask you to walk with us tonight, keep us safe from anything in this building that wants to do harm to us.
And watch over us, lead us, and guide us, but most of all, save the lost.
In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
- All right, guys, good luck.
- All right, brother.
DOOGIE: Now, is this the same place you got the voice saying "thank you"? Yeah.
It's kind of weird not having any equipment.
Yeah, I know.
Feels strange.
CHRIS: All right, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna put one set of bells right here.
Since doogie and I are going old school tonight, I've set up some bells around the room where Frances, the mother, lived and died.
Jing-a-ling, jing-a-ling.
Yeah, that's gonna kind of act as our Mel meter tonight.
The spirits can also reach out and touch that, so hopefully these things will come up and talk to us and ring the bells.
Frances, my name is Chris.
My buddy over here sitting in this chair, his name is doogie.
You died right here in this room.
Was that you that was trying to communicate with doogie earlier today when we had Craig here with us? If so, can you try again? All right, something just happened.
My elbows are getting freezing cold again.
It's like it come in from over here.
Something cool.
And my ears are ringing like crazy.
Is that you, miss Frances? Dude, is there any temperature fluctuation around me, like here, like low? Under you is just, you know, room temperature.
'Cause the back of my arms are freezing cold.
Your elbow is 84.
Now can you put Pinpoint the bottom of my arm? Yeah, like your hand, sitting at 95 degrees.
There's that big of a temperature change between that and my elbow.
- Yep.
- That's weird.
Frances, can you reach right over here? Hear that? [ BELLS JINGLE ] We have these bells.
Ring them.
Can you knock on something in the room? Whoa.
Did you hear that? Mm-hmm.
What was that? Whoa.
Did you hear that? Chris to Porter, did you guys just move some furniture upstairs? PORTER: No, we're not moving anything around up here.
As soon as I say, "Can you knock something?" Was that you that's knocking around after doogie asked you to? If you don't like our bells, you can communicate through knocks.
Can you give me three solid knocks, one, two, three? That's one.
-That's two.
Right after you said it, something thumped, and then that was the second.
Can you give us one more? No! CHRIS: We're in cape may, New Jersey, one of the oldest beach resorts in the country and one of the most paranormally active towns in America.
It's our first night on the Jersey shore and the boys and I are investigating cape may's oldest haunted house, the physick estate, which could be an open portal to the afterlife.
You can communicate through knocks.
Knocks, one, two, three? That's one.
-That's two.
Right after you said it, something thumped, and that was the second.
Can you give us one more? No way.
-That's crazy.
Frances, if that's you Knock one more time for me.
Maybe it's not Frances.
physick? BRANNON: Did you just see something? That was odd.
- You hear something? - No.
I saw something in that mirror right there.
I thought I saw somebody standing there Huh.
But had on glasses, but it's a mirror, so it would have been right here.
Were you just Standing behind me and I saw your reflection in the mirror? If so -Ooh.
Light's on.
So that was you? We don't have a camera shooting over there.
So we didn't catch your image, but Dr.
physick, if it's you, can you give me your name on this device right here? Can you do that for me? DOOGIE: We just want to make a physical interaction with you, without modern technology.
Let me know somehow that you're here.
Come over here and touch me or you guys can do things to make me feel like you're around me.
CHRIS: You feeling anything? No.
Well, you want to switch rooms? Yeah.
CHRIS: We had some good activity in Frances' room, but it kind of went cold.
So doogie and I are gonna head upstairs to Isabelle's room.
Who was disabled, that he would kind of hide off from visitors.
I got you on the thermal.
If there's anybody up here with us, can you let yourself be known? Isabelle? Can you talk with us, darling? Look to your right.
You feeling anything? No.
Almost looks like you got fingerprints on your neck.
- Here? - Yeah.
- Really? - Yeah.
Let's see.
One, two, three, four fingerprints.
On my neck?! Yeah.
On your neck.
I mean, the only thing I know would be from down there, earlier, maybe.
Let me know somehow that you're here.
Come over here and touch me.
Let me look at the other side.
You got nothing over here.
DOOGIE: Oh, what would it look like? Let me just, like, touch the side of my neck here.
See anything like that? -No.
It's actually darker when you do that.
This is, like, the absence.
It's like cold fingers.
CHRIS: One, two, three, four fingerprints.
Isabelle, did you touch my neck? I freaked out about these fingerprints on my neck.
I've been touched by spirits before, but I've always felt it.
This time, I didn't.
It could be Frances reacting to us being here and making her presence known in a very powerful way.
If there's anybody up here with us, can you let yourself be known? Isabelle? Frances? Did you just grab my neck? Definitely strange.
Do you want to go downstairs and do the group thing? Yeah.
Let's try that and then we'll kind of finish the night out.
Hey, Porter.
Do you want to group together in aunt Emilie's room and see if we can get more stuff? Yeah.
Let's do that 'cause, you know, if it's going on with just us, when we pull all of our power together, we should really be able to stir something up.
Together, with our forces combined, we become the paranormal dream team.
Oh, geez.
Come on.
So, what I was thinking, guys, is we've had the old versus the new all night, so why don't we combine the new stuff and the old stuff and see what we get? PORTER: Sounds good.
We've got some pool balls on the table up there.
You can push those around.
We've also brought along with us some instruments that work off energy and you can use your energy to manipulate those.
So if you would interact with us in some way, just to confirm that you are with us.
- Whoa.
- Did you hear that? - Yeah.
- That sound female? Yes, it did.
Was that you trying to talk to us? If that was you speaking, can you tell us your name on that talking box? [ METER BEEPS ] Oh.
- That's weird.
Can you let go of that antenna? Thank you.
Emilie, is that you trying to figure out how to use this stuff? Can you touch it again? [ METER BEEPS ] - Whoa! - Whoa! Thank you.
Thank you, Emilie.
All right, I just had something cold move right over here, over top of me on this chair.
It come from, like, right over there beside Chris.
It felt like it just kind of breezed this way.
It's funny 'cause I wasn't trying to channel anything earlier today.
Well, it seems like I get more interaction when I'm not trying to, you know what I'm saying? Like, when I whoa! Shh! CHRIS: We're in cape may, New Jersey, a beach town on the eastern seaboard with a long history of spiritualism, séances, and spirit boards.
It's our first night of investigation, and we're at the physick estate, where Dr.
Emelyn physick lived with his family, including his aunt Emilie.
The physick estate is known to be the most haunted site in all of cape may, as well as the location of a possible open portal into the spirit world.
DOOGIE: It's funny 'cause I wasn't trying to channel anything earlier today.
Well, it seems like I get more interaction when I'm not trying to, you know what I'm saying? Like, when I whoa! Shh! Dude! Look at that! To whoever's in here in this house with us, here in Emilie's room with us, or in the whole estate, can you tell us what your name is? Flashlight.
Are you the one that touched my neck, made my ears ring? Are you the one doing all this? Emilie, are you still with us? Dr.
physick? Frances? Isabelle? I guess they went back through the portal.
It might be time to call it a night.
PORTER: So let's pack this stuff up, get some rest, and be ready to hit it tomorrow.
Let's get to it.
The next morning, we got a message from Craig that he had another haunted hot spot for us to investigate.
The cape may fish market.
This is where the American house hotel once stood before it burned down in 1869.
Luckily, no one died in the fire.
However, there have been sightings of spirits and other paranormal activity through the years, leading us to believe there's a potential open portal.
- Gentlemen.
- Hey! - Hey, what's up? - How ya doing, buddy? - How's it going? - How'd you guys do last night? Ah, we've got some stuff to tell you, man.
It was a pretty good night.
Seems like the whole house is a portal.
During set-up, I actually heard a voice say, "thank you" when I turned the light switch off.
A lot of experiences downstairs are standing there, they look in the mirror, they're seeing themselves.
Suddenly, there's somebody next to them, they look, nobody's there, but it's in the reflection.
What do they typically see in those mirrors? - A woman.
- I saw a man.
I thought I saw somebody standing there, but had on glasses.
Well, it could have been Dr.
physick, then.
White hair here.
Bald on top.
Wire-framed glasses.
Round face.
That sounds like him when he died.
- Hi.
How are you guys? - How's it going? - This is Paula.
- Hey! She contacted me and said, "I got something on the security cameras," and she sends me a still from this.
Looks like, maybe, a six-foot-tall guy looking over the table.
The hands, I was like, "Does this guy have lobster claws or something?" I was like, I could not believe that, and I said to him, I'm like, "Please tell me.
Am I seeing this? This is the coolest thing ever.
" I blew it up.
I looked at I'm saying, "Is it light refraction? Is the sun hitting the lens?" But everything's so formed on this body.
It's one of the best ghost pictures I've seen.
CHRIS: The thing that gets me is when you zoom in on the face, you've got the features.
You can see the nose, almost as if you can see a line between the eyes that could possibly be glasses.
With an entire building to investigate, it's time to divide and conquer.
While Craig, doogie, and I check out the upstairs, which has remained empty for decades, Paula shows Porter and brannon where the cameras recorded the ghost in the main dining room.
So this is where you caught that? Right.
So, if you're looking here, this is the actual camera, so it's shooting right here in this area.
So if you're looking at it.
PORTER: So we're looking at the walkway here - Mm-hmm.
- And this is the light.
Right, and this is the booth.
So he's kind of like right here.
It was just kind of like there and it was kind of like hovering.
When people have been sitting here, some of the staff will feel like somebody's playing with their hair.
And it's funny because it's always in this booth where it seems to happen.
It's almost like they want your attention, they want you to interact with them.
There's obviously something there that resembles a humanoid figure in shape.
BRANNON: Definitely, the part that stands out, of course, to me most is that hand.
So the energy up here, to me, is lighter.
This feels a little more like a child's presence.
Now, I don't know why a child would be alone, sort of free-floating.
CHRIS: You think it could maybe be a child from the original building that burned down? Well, I think it could be a child somehow connected to the original hotel, but, in the 1800s, I think there was, like, a 60% or 70% mortality rate for kids under 10.
If the kid passed, and the parents moved away, the kid's presence could still be here.
There's a lot of orphan ghosts in cape may.
DOOGIE: Who's back there? CHRIS: The boys and I are in cape may, New Jersey.
We're at the cape may fish market, where the restaurant security cameras caught a full-bodied apparition in the dining room and where a possible open portal to the afterlife may exist.
DOOGIE: Right there where that door opening is, it looked like someone just did this.
Oh, we would've heard that.
Hello? I tell ya, that was That was right here.
CHRIS: Can you come up here and touch this if that was you that just peeked around the corner? We're up to a 0.
8 here, too, right? Yeah.
It's higher over here.
Dropping -did I just see you? 1 whoa.
9 whoa.
What? Back down to zero.
I know I seen somebody over here.
I don't know what or who it was.
Could you tell if it was a man or a woman? Couldn't tell.
It didn't have a color, like it was just It just moved.
Even though nobody died in the hotel fire in 1869, there is a lot of paranormal activity here.
So, I mean, I'm thinking, there could possibly be a portal here in the building.
Paula was coming up after they bought the place, and she opens one of the old closets and in it is this old, old doll.
It was a really scary-looking doll, so she took it home, and she said right after she took that doll away, all kinds of stuff started happening.
So that's what makes me think there's some kind of a child involved with this, too.
This doll, she returned back because she wanted to sort of appease the spirit that wanted it.
CHRIS: That's a creepy doll, for sure.
This is the room that actually has had a lot of activity.
There's certainly a spirit that is very attached to it.
DOOGIE: Right.
Doog, what are you thinking as far as a plan for the night? Well, I figured since they talked to her about that main floor -Mm-hmm.
If you and brannon want to hit it.
What's roaming around up there? - Yep.
- And Chris and I will go back up and hit that floor where I seen the apparition.
If the doll gets up and moves, I'm done.
[ LAUGHTER ] Put the periscope right here on this table was seen.
My name is Porter.
My friend brannon here with us.
We're gonna try to make contact with you and see if you'll answer some questions for us.
We don't mean you any harm.
We're just trying to find out a little more about you, maybe tell your story.
So, if you're in here with us and hanging around, can you let us know by activating one of these devices? You can move something in here that's familiar to you, if you'd like, just to let us know you're here.
- He said, "hair.
" - Really? Paula said that you liked to touch people's hair.
I don't have any hair, but if you'd like to, you can touch my head.
That's fine with me, to let me know you're here.
You're being really quiet.
We can't tell your story if you don't interact with us.
You think I'd be worth Try a session down in the basement? Yeah.
Did you hear that? No, I didn't.
Oh, it's like something walking.
Like, "woomp.
" Dude, that is twice.
Twice today.
Something right here.
Are you afraid of us? Is this why you're moving around, away from us? Can you tell us why you're still hanging around this old building? Well, do you want to do the group thing? Yeah, when in doubt, always bring in the mighty four.
Chris to Porter.
Go ahead.
Hey, man.
Are you guys getting anything? - Nope.
- Copy that.
Well, what we're thinking is, maybe doing a group session on the top floor.
That sounds excellent.
We're gonna set and work our way up there.
CHRIS: It seems like the spirits may have gone back through the portal, so we're gonna mix things up a little bit and see if we can stir up some activity.
We're gonna use some old-school and new-school techniques, along with the doll, to see if we can lure these spirits to come back out of the portal.
PORTER: How many flashlights do we have? - I got one.
- I got one.
PORTER: Line 'em up down through here, maybe? DOOGIE: All right, if you're here, we just want to know where you're at.
Flashlight's coming on on the doll.
- You serious? - Yeah.
Just went back off.
BRANNON: What is the child's name that's up here? What's your name? - Flashlight here now.
It looks like it moved.
Dude, that's crazy.
- Boom.
- Big flashlight on.
It went from the doll to the other flashlight, like it's moving down the hallway.
- Oh.
- Doll again? CHRIS: Can you turn this one off and walk down there and turn the other ones on? PORTER: Flashlight's off.
Where you going? Can you come down here? It seems like the two that's nearest the doll are coming on.
If you think about this, it's been trying to stay away from us, okay? A little kid's not just gonna approach big old guys like us.
We've heard shuffling, like it's maybe hiding - Mm-hmm.
- Over in the corner, but as soon as we start putting this stuff out, then it's coming over here to it.
And you notice this candle keeps blowing in the direction.
Maybe it just likes being around the doll, maybe.
- Oh, yep.
- You see? PORTER: You just said the doll and light come on.
BRANNON: You like that doll? Well, this is the floor that Craig said the little kid likes to hang out.
I mean, you take what he says and then we just validated it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Come check this out! Come check this out! Quick! - What?! - What? MIKE: Come check this out.
CHRIS: We're in cape may, New Jersey.
It's our second night on the Jersey shore, and the boys and I are investigating the cape may fish market, the site of regular poltergeist activity and where a full-bodied apparition was caught on camera.
MIKE: Gotta come check this out! Come check this out! Quick! - What?! - What? MIKE: Porter, rewind this camera.
PORTER: All right.
Let me get in there.
See now.
Right in there.
- Whoa! - Whoa! - What?! - No way! - Whoa! - Whoa! - What?! - That's cool.
- Whoa! - Whoa! - Holy [BLEEP] - whoa! - Did you see that? - Oh, my - Holy [BLEEP] - rewind it! Rewind it! - He saw it! - Yeah.
CHRIS: We just had some full-on poltergeist activity, just like Paula told us about earlier.
First, the orb, which is, typically associated with spirit activity, then, that pole falls.
Nobody was anywhere near that painters pole when it fell, and all while we're talking to that child's moving spirit just 10 feet above.
See, this goes along with what we were just talking about, wherever we are, that's where it's not.
It gets away from us, yes.
And it goes somewhere else.
Like they're using a portal.
Maybe it's on the second floor.
So we've heard stuff moving all night.
We get this right at the very end when we're wrapping up, almost, like, maybe this thing's trying to get away from us.
DOOGIE: The sun's coming up, so we're gonna pack up, but we're gonna leave our cameras running to see if we can catch anything in the last little bit of night.
Well, boys, that right there - That was worth it all.
- Yeah.
- Good catch, buddy.
- Yeah, man.
Right on.
- What's up, boys? - What's up? - What's going on, guys? - Oh! DOOGIE: Another day out here on winter's beach.
What do you think, cape may? Has it delivered, or not? MIKE: I think it delivered, big time.
CHRIS: We went into this case a little differently.
We wanted to try old school versus new school, you know? Use some of this new technology that we've been using, and then a few old methods of the tried and true.
'Cause cape may has used old school to communicate with spirits for hundreds of years.
You know, I think we got some interesting results.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
The candles seemed to come through for us, DOOGIE: This candle keeps blowing in the direction.
So whatever it is, is just lingering right here.
PORTER: You know, the old-school stuff works great, but it takes a lot of energy to do that.
- Yeah.
Mechan - Yeah.
The mechanical energy, but with the technology, you're looking at those minute changes and differences in the environment and evaluate 'em to see if they're outside the norm.
DOOGIE: You take, just, at the physick house, you catching the fingerprints on my neck.
Old school, you would've never known that.
CHRIS: Almost looks like you got fingerprints on your neck.
- Really? - Yeah.
That was very strange to me, man.
Something reached up there and touched the neck.
I don't know.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I think the physick house delivered pretty well.
I saw that apparition in the physick house.
That was pretty cool.
I thought I saw somebody standing there, but it's a mirror, so it would've been right here.
Were you just standing behind me? - Oh.
- Light's on.
Then, we all got together there in Emilie's room, had some pretty cool stuff happen.
- That's weird.
Can you touch it again? - Whoa! - Whoa! You know what I'm saying? Like, when I whoa! Shh! Dude, look at that.
- Whoa.
- That sound female? Yes, it did.
BRANNON: I think that whatever is at the fish market is actually intelligent.
CHRIS: Can you turn this one off and walk down there and turn the other ones off? PORTER: Flashlight's off.
And then, when it wants to leave, it's gone.
DOOGIE: That's exactly what Craig said, these things are transient and they're in and out and you never know which one you're gonna encounter at what time.
Really seems to confirm that the spiritual portal is open at the physick house and the cape may fish market.
I think the crown Jewel, though, was over at the fish market, and Paula had told us on the walk-through about these spirits over there interacting physically, and then at the end of the night, when you seeing that thing fall over.
MIKE: And right before that, that orb.
While you guys were talking to that child spirit moving around upstairs.
Well, then, I think whatever it is, it's definitely a poltergeist.
Since poltergeist activity's often caused by the disruption of the spirit portal, it makes sense it would occur here.
I mean, this it's been a long time since we've caught any poltergeist activity - Mm-hmm.
- On the camera.
Well, boys, what do you think? Whew, well, I think we got to experience some cool things.
So, I mean, I'm happy with it.
What about y'all? Yeah.
I'm tickled to death.
I say, "Fire up the GPS, let's head down the road.
" - Let's do it, boys.
- Boom.
CHRIS: Cape may certainly didn't disappoint.
The popular practice of spiritualism in this Jersey beach town has definitely increased the paranormal activity by opening portals to the spirit world.
In both the physick estate and the fish market, there are still spirits roaming everywhere in cape may.
And while they seem skittish, they're definitely strong.
Cape may is truly one of the most haunted towns in America.