Haven s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Haven

Agent Parker? - Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Agent Parker? Where are you? - God, it's kind of early, isn't it? Hey, boss.
- Couldn't wait.
It's impressive how little you've done with so little.
- Well, it's what I do with all the vacation time that I don't get.
Hit a bunch of outlet stores and furniture shop with all the guys that I don't meet.
Never took you for, uh teenage vampires.
- Oh, well, you should see what I read on the plane.
FBI is nonfiction work.
I need you to keep it that way.
Is this about Miami? Oh, yeah.
I'm talking about Miami.
We've been through this.
You know, being open to possibilities is how we close cases, like that one.
- It sends you down blind alleys too.
Yeah, well, where I grew up, a blind alley was even better than reality.
So, uh, where are you sending me this time? - Haven.
Hometown of one Jonas Lester.
He escaped a federal lockup 19 hours ago.
Killed a guard doing it.
Find Lester.
Bring him back.
Nothing else.
That's your reality.
You're a good agent, Audrey.
And someday, maybe, you'll be a great agent.
Just focus on the job.
- Put the book on the table when you're done with it.
Stop! Stop, damn it! Stop! Stop, damn it! Don't make me shoot you! Ugh! This just in.
Six of Tommy Bolt's seven missing fingers have been returned.
This is Ryan Wisely on WDLH, the voice of Haven.
crash! # Love # # Love will keep us together # # Think of me, babe, whenever # Okay.
# Some sweet-talkin' girl comes along # # Singing a song # - Uh-uh.
There's no way I'm dying to this.
# Stop # # 'Cause I really love you # All right.
Um God! You need some help? - No.
No, I'm all right.
Thank you.
Okay, then.
Whoa! crash! - Shame about the car.
- Eh, it's a rental.
Whoa! FBI! Who are you? - Haven PD.
Who are you? - FBI.
Are you deaf? - How do I know that? Okay, well, for starters, I'm wearing the gun on my belt.
It's a government-issue And they gave me, you know, one of these.
Hey, keep your hands where I can see them.
- Okay, what am I going to do, pull out another gun? All right.
Come on, I showed you mine.
So, uh, are all your roads this bad? Sandstone.
Likes to shift.
Can I give you a ride somewhere? I guess it's friendlier than if I commandeer your vehicle.
Probably less paperwork too.
Thank you.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Are-are you all right? It's all right.
I didn't feel it.
- Huh.
Tough guy, huh? Hey, uh I don't suppose you've seen a guy named Jonas Lester recently? Just left him.
Well, keep looking all you want.
This man's pretty dead.
Tends not to change much.
- Chief Wuornos, this is- - Special Agent Audrey Parker.
Oh, it's the FBI.
Well, is this one of those situations where you're here claiming to help, but you're really just here to step on my toes? Not in these shoes.
I came here, actually, looking for him.
Yeah, we got the alert when Jonas, here, escaped.
- The Bureau thought that he might return to his hometown.
I guess he did.
Ah! Somebody missed something.
There's writing on it.
I can't read whatever this is, but it's worth checking out.
I'll get it to the lab in Bangor.
Well, why don't you enlighten us? What does the FBI Special Agent have in the way of insight? Well, his injuries don't suggest a struggle.
I don't think he was dragged here.
- You don't? - He died last night.
But your guys are going to have to give us the exact time.
At first glance, it looks like he fell from up there, but his body is way too far from the edge.
You know, unless there's a cannon up there or something.
Anyway, I'm not sold on it being an accident.
You're over-thinking this.
The best thing Jonas Lester ever did for this town was die.
So as far as I'm concerned, we're done.
He killed a federal employee, so my investigation isn't done until I know why he came back here and what happened to him.
Nathan, get yourself a real crime to investigate here, eh? Chief, how about I show Agent Parker around while we tie up the loose ends? Go ahead.
Waste his time too.
He's got nothing else to do with it.
- Howard.
- It's Parker.
Lester's dead.
- How'd it happened? - Well, they're calling it an accident, but something doesn't seem right.
Sounds right up your alley, Agent Parker.
- Chief Wuornos doesn't think so.
I trust your instincts.
I'm working with a local detective, uh Wuornos.
- You call your dad the Chief? - I call my boss the Chief.
He's a stubborn man.
What's his deal? Is he testing me? Not you.
Hey, no offence, but half the reason I want to solve this case is just to piss him off.
And it would.
I guess that's one advantage of being raised by the state: not much parental conflict.
- So you're an orphan? - I'm a free agent.
Is that Native American? - Micmac, yeah.
It means "Haven.
" It's easier to spell, I guess.
This must be Lester's footprints.
It looks like they're chasing a second set right here.
And Lester's end abruptly, here.
Could be.
Uprooted trees? Well, that-that's strange.
You guys get tornadoes up here this time of year? - Maybe one a year.
- Really? 'Cause something did a number on these trees.
- No wind last night.
I already checked.
You did? Couldn't find a cannon either.
Now we're talking.
Nice gun, though Lester wasn't shot.
I did find this.
A hat? I know a guy who wears a hat like this.
So do I, but that doesn't make it evidence.
Well, Lester stole all my guy's money.
Well, okay.
So that makes it evidence.
Let's go talk to your guy.
Welcome to Haven.
You like pancakes? We got good pancakes.
- What about lobster? And isn't Maine famous for lobster? I don't like lobster.
I really like pancakes.
I like the truck.
Had it since I was 19.
- How do you keep a car that long? I don't drive off cliffs.
So who's this hat belong to? Conrad Brower, Gulf War vet, local handyman.
Went into the service with Lester.
Conrad came out an unemployed hero.
Lester came out a loser with computer skills.
Did time for stealing VA benefits from guys he was in with.
Including Conrad.
- Hey, Conrad.
- Nathan.
Helping Marion again? That's what I do.
- Found your hat up on Tuwiuwok Bluff.
- Thanks.
Appreciate it.
Uh, were you out there yesterday evening? Maintain the perimeter.
- What? Uh, Conrad has personal space issues.
Pardon me, Mr.
Any particular time you were planning on answering my question? I was up there this morning.
I like to watch the boats head out.
Forgot the hat, I guess.
- And you never saw Jonas Lester? - Not moving.
- But you did know him.
- You mean the service.
- Right.
And then when he got out, he stole all your money.
- Not just mine.
I know where you're going.
Yesterday, late afternoon, evening, where were you? - Digging clams.
Out to Edgewater Bay.
Till sunset.
All right, you speak monosyllable.
You want to try to break through his perimeter while I go inside and talk to the shop owner? Sure.
Where are you going? Mr.
Brower, if you have something that you want to tell me, you go right on ahead.
That's weird.
Conrad? Conrad! He's gone.
Look out! Nathan! Watch out! Congratulations, Nathan.
Now you get to come back with me for an MRI.
- Lucky number nine.
- Yeah.
Cheer up.
The tenth one's free.
He's a regular.
I'll be back in a jiff.
So you seriously can't feel pain? It's called idiopathic neuropathy.
You really couldn't feel it when that car door hit your hand? - No.
- Can you feel fire? - No.
- Ice? Oddly, yes.
I can feel ice.
- You can feel ice? - No.
I can feel a headache coming on, though.
Hey, so that was strange.
I've never seen fog like that before.
- Maine gets lots of kinds of fog.
All right.
Get in the back.
Oh, I can drive myself.
I'm not arguing with you, Nathan.
The back.
I'll call the Bureau then check out Conrad's alibi.
Eleanor, you're overreacting.
- Howard.
- Agent Howard, yeah.
I'm still here.
I haven't found anything, nothing relevant anyway.
But I'll keep in touch.
- Okay, bye.
You must be Agent Parker.
I understand you're investigating Jonas Lester's death.
And you are - Dave Tiggs.
My brother, Vince.
Publishers, editors, and every damn thing else in the Haven Heraid.
- We thought Lester'd be our lead, but now it'll be the fog.
- Yeah.
That fog was strange, right? Well, welcome to Haven.
I keep feeling like I've seen you before.
Didn't sound creepy at all.
- Oh, Lord.
It does.
Doesn't it? - Only because you said it, Vince.
How about we drop by later and you can answer a few questions about the case? How about I just call you? Oh! Fierce, isn't she? Well, change your mind, drop by.
We serve Mai Tais at 3:00.
I want to ride in the front this time.
- No, no.
I always ride in the front.
- Well, it's my turn now.
- Agent Parker.
MRIs are overrated.
Let's go talk to Marion.
- Nathan.
Is everyone all right out there? They will be.
This is Audrey Parker with the FBI.
Marion Caldwell.
- Hello.
This is my friend Ted Ford.
- Hello.
- Is this Santa Barbara? - Yes.
Have you been there? Twice.
Once for a pedophile, the other for a serial killer.
Marion and I are thinking of moving there and buying a shop.
Oh! Oh.
It's beautiful.
It's beautiful, and it's a lot safer now.
Well, we're just flirting with the idea.
Marion lost her mother not long ago, and, well, I think the change will do her some good.
Ted's had antique shops all over, but I've never left Haven, so it's a big step.
- Uh, Conrad Brower, he works for you, right? Yes, he does.
He's been very helpful since my mother passed.
And how well do you know him? - Oh, we grew up together.
- What's this about? Do either of you know Jonas Lester? The guy who died? I heard about it.
- Excuse me.
Do you know where Conrad was last night? Yes, I dropped him off at the Edgewater Beach to go clamming.
He made me stay for the first bucket.
He's so thoughtful that way.
I'm sure he is.
- Whatever you might be thinking, Agent Parker, Conrad's a solid guy.
Oh, he just couldn't be involved.
Conrad is the gentlest man I've ever met.
- Excuse me.
We need to go.
Thank you.
Okay, you know, this better be good, because Marion might have more to tell me about Conrad.
Gun trace came in.
Belongs to a guy I know.
Duke Crocker.
- You like him for this? - I don't like him, period.
Okay, now.
Let's see what we're smuggling this week.
Hello? Duke! Duke! Ugh.
He's not here.
Everything about this guy is a pain in my ass.
- Why? Because he wasn't home? - Because he's unreliable, untrustworthy, a total waste of- Okay, yeah, yeah, I got it.
Where are you going? To look for Duke under the usual rocks.
The police were just here looking for you.
You shouldn't be talking to them.
Conrad, this isn't good.
Marion, you trust me, don't you? Do you remember when we were kids? You taught me how to swim.
You remember how afraid I was to go under the water? You did it eventually.
Yes, because I was safe with you.
I have always trusted you.
But this thing with Lester, I don't know.
- Then let me handle this myself.
- I'm afraid, Conrad.
- So am I.
He hasn't shown up here either.
Tell Howard that I'll just touch base with him later.
Thank you! Damn it.
You took my clothes.
Good morning.
You took my clothes.
ell, now, I laundered your clothes.
And I saved your life.
That's an odd combination, when you think about it.
I mean, if you think about it.
You must be Duke.
Milk one sugar, right? No.
No, and why would you know how I take my coffee? I wouldn't.
But it would have been cool if I did.
Do you know Jonas Lester? Hmm.
I know he's dead.
That's it.
Just dead.
- You might want to rethink your answer.
Really? Yeah, your gun was found where he died.
Doesn't sound like me.
Well, you know, everybody makes mistakes.
I didn't make that one.
My gun was stolen.
Okay, so of all the guns in the world, he stole yours.
That's convenient.
And then you didn't report it, which is also convenient and illegal.
- Well, now, actually, I did report it.
Nathan didn't mention that part, did he? I thought as much.
So are we good? - Well, if you're telling me the truth, we might be.
Nathan really doesn't like you.
- Oh, and let me guess what he said.
Uh "He's unreliable, dishonest, and a general pain in the butt.
" - Ass.
Yeah, he said "ass.
" - Wow.
And strangely, I was going to say that.
I was.
- Was he right? Is the weather ever normal here? It's, uh normal for Maine.
- 'Cause this damage, this is odd.
And I need to get a bird's-eye view picture of this.
Oh no.
My cell phone.
Oh, crap, it's- Oh, yeah.
It's toast.
But I, uh I got you another one.
- A princess phone? Seriously? You really need to work on your thank-yous.
I don't care if he reported it.
It's his gun, and he needs to explain it to me.
- Well, you know, you could have told me that before I talked to him.
The guy's not all bad.
He saved my life, and then he served me coffee.
- I've known him since he was 5.
He's all bad.
What's this? Instant hail storm.
The fog starts in town and then heads out to sea.
There's something strange going on here, right? - So what? It's weather.
It's weird.
Bangor forensics restored the paper we found on Lester's body.
Turns out, it's from the tide calendar on Duke's boat.
It's boring, but it's real evidence.
- Wait.
No, no.
What do those numbers mean? - That's what I plan on asking him.
You coming? - No, you go.
I got enough to take care of between Conrad and the weather.
Suit yourself.
So have you managed to turn your accident into a murder yet? Good to see you too, Chief.
Or are you still wasting Nathan's time? Actually, I have a few leads, and your son just linked the tide calendar that we found on Lester's body to- Tide calendar Oh, your meds just kicked in, did they? - Hey, can you go clamming at Edgewater Beach at high tide? Depends on how long you can hold your breath.
- You lied to me, Conrad.
I know you weren't clamming.
Makes me think you were up on that cliff with Lester.
You don't understand.
No, I understand you lied to me, you had Marion lie to me, you had plenty of reasons to kill the man who ruined you.
Respect the perimeter! How did you get him so far from the cliff? - Please, stay away.
- Agent Parker, leave him alone.
- Get away- - Tell me! Whoa! - Stay away from me! - Marion, listen to me! Don't you move! It was an accident! I didn't mean to do it.
- Do what, exactly? - Kill Jonas Lester! What's he doing here? Never mind.
I can guess.
What happened to you? You won't believe me when I tell you.
Just let Duke go.
Conrad's our guy.
Don't think so.
Did your guy confess? - Uh no.
No, he did not.
Conrad? Are you saying you did this? Yeah, Nathan.
That's what I'm saying.
Thank you, sir.
Can I go now? - Sit down.
Conrad, come with me.
- I know you didn't kill Lester.
- Well, that's fantastic.
I'll buy the first round.
I also know that Nathan's right and that you saw Lester.
- Okay, here's the thing.
I have a rule.
Well, it's more of a guideline, but I don't talk to cops, even cops that I like.
I could have a customs agent assigned to you and only you.
What do these numbers mean? Nice photo.
I think an apology from Nathan might help me remember.
- Fine.
I apologize.
For? - Don't push it.
- Look.
Lester wanted me to run him up to Canada.
Yeah? - Yeah, but smuggling escaped felons is not on my to-do list.
All right, the 2-5-7-8.
Is that a partial phone number? Social Security? Lester was looking for a boat.
Maybe it's a registration number.
Want to make this easy for me? No.
I mean, not particularly.
- Fine.
Harbor Master will tell us the rest.
Do you mind taking care of that yourself? Are you really buying this story of Conrad's? Nathan, what happened to Lester, it happened to me, okay? He just he blew me down the street.
Blew you down the street? - Listen, I can't even begin to explain it, all right? But it happened, and it happened to me.
I know it sounds crazy, but I can't even believe I'm saying it.
- Oh.
I can't believe it either.
So what am I supposed to do? Just pretend that it didn't happen? What kind of cop does that? You know how that will sound on a witness stand.
Listen, I know that I don't have it all together, and I'm just trying to figure it out.
So I'll go keep working Conrad's story, and you check out the docks.
Excuse me.
Uh I mean, you guys are going to let me go first, right? both: No.
What's this? That is 3,000 square feet on State Street in Santa Barbara.
Oh, my God! If we can put the deposit down, we could be sipping margaritas before you know it.
What do you say? What do you say? Yeah, I think it might be time.
We gave Nathan that, you know.
Well, they're kind of fragrant.
Not our taste either.
But when you only have four senses, you make the most of them.
We have a little present for you.
Vince, relax.
It isn't a puppy.
This could be why I thought I recognized you.
We found that in our newspaper archives from 27 years ago.
Who is she? I was hoping you could tell me.
Do you have family around here? Uh I don't have family anywhere.
Are you still puzzling over that fog? Oh, more than just the fog.
Did Conrad Brower ever make the paper? It's easy enough to check our archives, if I can use your computer there.
Oh, yeah.
Go ahead.
Wow, that's impressive.
You should see him use the Google machine.
You're hilarious.
Conrad Brower.
Any particular context? Weather.
Oh, I how this girl thinks.
Nothing much on Conrad, just the usual returning war hero piece.
A beautifully written war hero piece.
- Obviously, he wrote it.
- Huh.
Those weather patterns of yours turned up, though.
There's that interview Harold did with the Hastings family in 1956, right after they moved here from Calerin, Georgia.
- They were the only survivors of a freakish series of storms that destroyed their hometown.
Daughter was a cast-iron bitch.
- Dave! - Well, she was.
It was a blessing when she kicked off recently.
The granddaughter is lovely, though.
Well, it must have been the Caldwell part of the family.
- Caldwell? Do you mean Marion Caldwell? both: Yeah.
I traced that number.
Lester ended up with another boat.
- What did you find? - Marion Caldwell's financials.
Lester came back to Haven for her money, specifically the $2 million her mother left her.
That fits.
We were wrong.
Marion wasn't protecting Conrad.
Conrad was protecting her all along.
I think Marion was on that cliff with him.
That makes perfect sense.
And Lester had a partner.
He got all this information about Marion from- From Ted.
Hello? Marion? It's Audrey Parker.
Oh, Agent Parker, I'm sorry, but I can't talk right now.
Okay, Marion, listen to me.
I know you were up on that cliff with Lester.
How did you know? It doesn't matter.
Lester was after your inheritance.
I don't understand.
Marion, he was working with Ted.
- What? No.
I don't believe that.
- What were you doing up there that night? - I was supposed to go meet Ted to go star gazing, but he never showed up.
Yeah, Ted got you up there, and Lester was going to take care of the rest.
Have you given TED access to your money lately? The deposit.
Marion? Marion? I have to go.
Now! - No.
Marion, wait! Hello? Marion! Hello? Nathan? Marion is going after Ted, and she doesn't know what she's capable of.
She could hurt him and a lot of other innocent people.
- How are you going to find her? She could be anywhere.
I know exactly where she's going.
- Ted! - Marion! Where are you going? Just going on a small business trip.
Really? With three bags? And all my money? Marion, it's not what it looks like! It was all lies, wasn't it? You never loved me! - Marion, please! Don't! Marion, I've done nothing to-to harm you! Liar! Marion, I'm leaving now.
Marion! I'm sorry! You liar! Marion.
This doesn't concern you! Look around you, Marion! All of this is you.
Marion, listen to me.
You've hurt people, and you're going to keep hurting people.
The wind that killed Lester, the fog, the hail? All of this, you're doing this.
You need to make it stop.
Let it go.
Just let it go.
I know.
I know.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You should get this car fixed up.
Hertz is gonna put a hit out on me.
Hey, when you were up at Tuiw-um - Tuwiuwok.
It means- - Haven.
The full name means "Haven for God's Orphans.
" - Orphans? - Yeah.
People liked "Haven" better.
Yeah, I suppose they would.
You know, I know why you were up there that night.
To keep an eye on Marion.
I always have.
I didn't trust Ted as far as I could throw him.
- Or maybe you just loved her? It's time to step up, Conrad.
- How's that? I could put her in jail, but what would that solve? If Marion lets her emotions get out of control again, a lot of people could get hurt.
Only three of us know what she can do, but only one of us has a real chance of making her happy.
She needs somebody to keep her safe but most importantly, calm.
I should have listened to you.
It's okay.
I'm not sure I would listen to me either.
I won't make that mistake again.
I'm sorry.
The perimeter.
I know.
Lilies and lilac.
You're an odd man, Detective.
How's your shoulder? It's all right.
Oh? Tough guy.
So so you tie up the loose ends on Lester? He and Ted worked it from the start.
Then Lester got picked up on a routine parole violation, then broke out so Ted wouldn't walk off with his share.
How's Marion doing with all this? She's still grappling with the idea that she affects the weather.
You still believe that? And you still don't? When you've ruled everything else out, you have to accept what's left.
- Guess I'm not ready to rule everything else out yet.
I know that picture.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
Colorado Kid murder.
Chief was a beat cop on the case.
He never solved it, which I try and remind him of whenever I can.
The Chief? You mean your dad? I mean the Chief.
Can I see it? She looks like you.
Yeah, I know.
So what do you think? Is she your mother? An aunt? I really- I don't know.
You know, every other kid I knew dreamed that their parents would come and claim them, and then they'd turn out to be rock stars.
But I- I just dreamed that You know, never mind.
Too late to stop now.
I dreamed that my mother would roll up in a big bus, and she would rescue every kid in every orphanage in the world and bring them home.
Might be a good idea to let that one go.
Yeah, well, I wish I could.
- Howard.
- Hey, boss.
You know that vacation time I never take? I need a few weeks.
There's just something I need to look into.
- No problem.
You deserve it.
She's staying.
Maybe she can help you with your troubles.