Haven s01e02 Episode Script


Previously on Haven - FBI! Who are you? - Haven PD.
Who are you? FBI.
Are you deaf? Chief Wuornos, this is- Special Agent Audrey Parker.
Gun trace came in.
It belongs to a guy I know: Duke Crocker.
- You took my clothes.
- I saved your life.
You must be Duke.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Are you all right? - It's all right.
I didn't feel it.
- You seriously can't feel pain? - No.
Dave Tiggs.
My brother, Vince.
Publishers of the Haven Heraid.
This could be why I thought I recognize you.
She looks like you.
Yeah, I know.
You know that vacation time I never take? I need a few weeks.
There's just something I need to look into.
She's staying.
Maybe she can help you with your troubles.
Good night.
Running late again, Otis.
I'll be back tomorrow to finish the week's receipts.
- Sounds good.
- Hannah! Dad.
I thought you said you weren't working here anymore.
Well, I'm not working very much.
This is time you should be spending with Bobby or volunteering, not wasting your time in this pit of a bar.
Hey! Watch your mouth.
Listen, if you want to spend your time selling poison to losers, that's your business.
If my daughter wants to waste her time bookkeeping for you, that's mine! - Come on inside.
I'll buy you a drink.
You liked it straight up, from what I remember, right? You take care, Otis.
Hannah, let's go! Come on, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
What the hell? - Sandwich meatball? What? I wonder when they put that on the menu.
Well, good morning to you too, Agent Parker.
I need to know more about her.
I'm fine, thank you very much.
Nice of you to ask.
I didn't know you were still in town.
That's it? That's all I get, the folksy, local cop brush-off? - I was shooting for civil.
- Okay, you know what? You- My bad.
Let me take this again.
You were the local beat cop in that photo, right? You would've taken a witness statement from that woman.
- Maybe.
It was a long time ago.
Wouldn't there be an evidence file? It was a long, time, ago.
This is a funny town you've got here.
Well I'd say "unique.
" Now, is there a point coming my way? I've been a lot of help to you recently-discreet help.
And I was just hoping for a little quid pro quo.
Ooh, that sounds illicit.
I was shooting for civil.
All right.
Okay, you know what? It's gonna take a couple of days.
How long are you gonna be in town? Well, that depends on you.
Okay, well, my advice to you is, just relax.
Enjoy yourself.
You know what you ought to do is go and visit the Haven moose farm.
Not to be missed.
Enjoy the vacation.
I don't do vacations.
Then look at it like a learning opportunity.
You're still in Haven.
Oh, apparently, I'm vacationing.
Actually, I'm looking into the woman in the picture unsuccessfully.
What can we do for you, Nathan? - There's something strange down at the Rust Bucket.
I'm heading out.
Hey, can I tag along? I'm not really big on the moose museum.
It's actually a farm.
Farm, gallery, museum Can I come? - Well- - I think it's a good idea.
Nathan here can use all the help he can get.
After you.
Finally, some peace.
All right, so first question is, why is there a giant metal ball? Oh, everyone knows that ball.
Second question: there's a ball everyone knows about? Yeah, it's part of a sculpture that's usually up on Green Street.
Been there forever.
Every year, high school seniors try and steal it, fail, pick something else.
And they fail because It's a big bronze ball.
Someone's gonna pay for this! Excuse me, sir.
Agent-uh, Officer Parker, Haven PD sort of.
Did you see anything? Yeah, a big metal ball crushed my place.
Was there anybody pushing it or a truck that unloaded it? Just a ball rolling down the hill.
How about is there a person in particular that you may have upset recently? Ed Driscoll was in my face last night.
Driscoll was here? Yeah.
He's not a big fan of this place since he gave up drinking.
- You know him? - Yeah, I know him.
I also know his place is up on Green Street.
Where the ball was up until last night.
You don't mind, do you? Mind what? That I invited myself along.
- It's a huge metal ball.
Who could resist that? Exactly.
Well, there's nothing complicated about that ball.
Outer shell of bronze, filled with about three tons of sand.
And how long would you say it's been anchored here? Church bought it in '68, installed in '69.
Too heavy to move after.
No rust on these chains.
Oh, I only put them on last year.
The new insurance company made us do it.
I told them the ball wasn't going anywhere.
- Bet you wish you hadn't said that.
All right, let's go find Driscoll.
Well, he doesn't look like the kind of guy who'd get in fights with bartenders and then destroy the place.
Just wait until he opens his mouth.
Why, do you know him well? More than I'd like.
This child belongs to God now.
- He will walk in the path of the Lord with us.
It is up to each and every one of us to keep him on that path.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The best chance he has of staying on God's path is to live amongst the godly and to steer clear of the troubled and the ungodly.
Can I hear an "amen"? Amen.
Haven is a fine place to raise a family.
But you and I know it is chock-full of the ungodly! Can I hear an "amen"? Amen.
What the hell was that? I have some history with the rev.
Yeah, well, you think you could have told me that before? - Probably should've.
- Yeah.
Probably should've.
Okay, so what do you know about him? He's a pompous, self-righteous ass.
Never been violent, as far as I know, just angry.
Been that way since his wife died.
All right, so do you think you can keep that to yourself while we go talk to the rev? Hello? You left in a hurry.
And you must be Special Agent Parker.
- You keeping tabs on me, Reverend? You're here about the sculpture.
Tell us about the Rust Bucket.
It's a cesspool.
Someone in the town did us a favor and destroyed it.
That someone being you? Agent Parker, has anyone taken the opportunity to welcome you properly to our town? Answer Nathan's question.
I don't condone violence of any kind.
If wanted to destroy that bar, would I use a sculpture from this very church? - Then why were you yelling at the bartender last night? Hmm.
Perfect timing.
Hannah! Special Agent Parker, this is my daughter Hannah and her foster son, Bobby.
- Bobby, I told you, don't bring that bike in the church.
I'm sorry.
I forgot.
Hannah, would you mind telling Agent Parker why I was expressing my frustration in the bar last night? Well, I'd, um-I'd rather not.
My daughter hid from me the fact that she was working there.
And I went there to bring her back to do God's work, where her talents can be a better service.
Dad, everyone's waiting for you at the reception.
Duty calls.
- Hannah, do you have anything that you may want to tell us about what happened at the Rust Bucket? No, sorry.
I only started working there, and we left hours before it happened.
- Bobby, you heard anything? - No, sir.
You mind keeping an ear out for us? Sure, Nathan.
Agent Parker? My daughter Hannah makes a dynamite seafood stew, every Sunday night, so if you're free, we'd love to be able to welcome you properly to our town.
- Thanks, but I have this whole gigantic metal ball thing that I have to look into.
And I don't think you're telling us everything about why you were at the Rust Bucket.
Audrey, you're not from here, so I've given you the benefit of the doubt.
But let me make something clear: those are the last questions I'll answer about that place.
- Wow, what a sweetheart.
So what was that between you and his daughter? - I asked Hannah to the prom without her father's permission.
He found out and said she couldn't go.
So the prom is why the rev would barely look at you? Well, that, and 'cause we ignored him, went up to the ledge, and watched a meteor shower.
And And meteor showers are better naked.
- Nathan Wuornos! - Uh-huh.
Just another teenage boy trying to take a girl's clothes off.
No, the meteor shower was my idea.
The rest was hers.
- Ah.
Polyester is so beneath you.
Hello? - Nathan! - Parker? - Nathan! - Parker! Audrey! What did I do on my vacation? I was cocooned by a blanket.
You came and cut me out.
No big deal.
Still think you should get checked out.
- You know what? I'll-I'll live, okay? And I know you'll think this is ridiculous, but when you think about it, it's got to be the rev that's doing it.
He collects butterflies, and I saw a butterfly right before I was cocooned.
God, I can't believe I'm saying that.
Me either.
Look, you can deny that strange things are going on around here, but we need to press the rev, and we need to press him hard.
What are you gonna say? "You wrapped me up in a cocoon.
" Yeah, you might have a point.
We need to talk to Hannah without the rev around.
I already called the church office.
She's at the food bank.
Her favorite days are when her father's somewhere else.
They said that? Well, I might have added that part.
Here you go, Howard.
Thank you.
Bobby, I'm gonna take a break, okay? You know what? A break sounds great.
Hannah, can I talk alone with you for a minute? - Well- - Bobby, let's take a walk.
It's really great that Bobby does volunteer work with you like that.
Well, to tell you the truth, he won't leave my side.
Getting him to school in the morning is not for the faint of heart, believe me.
- So you're his foster mom, right? Well, my dad took him in a year ago.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
His family was in a car accident.
Bobby was the only survivor.
- So your dad took him in, but you're his foster mom? Dad's good at the big gestures.
It's the day-to-day stuff that bores him.
You know, taking in a child, that's, uh-that's an amazing, beautiful thing.
- Actually, you know what? I didn't think I could do it.
What the rev wants, the rev gets.
And now I can't imagine life without him.
The rev's not easy.
He's okay.
He's the one that brought me home from the hospital when my parents died.
And I don't think I came out of my room for a week, and he didn't try to make me.
And after a while, I started coming down for breakfast, and he didn't say a word to me, just brought me to school.
He's cool that way.
Is he always cool that way? Between me and you, I promise.
He has moods.
And when he gets weird, I just go to my room, but Hannah just takes it.
She's just more used to it, I guess.
Your dad has quite a temper, doesn't he? He doesn't like surprises, that's all.
He's just- he's protective.
- Is that why he doesn't want you to work? You know, I know that it's pathetic that I don't stand up to him.
I always promise myself I will, and then I never do.
If you'll excuse me, I have to finish this.
Agent Parker! How dare you? - Hold on, Rev.
- Harass my daughter when she's doing God's work! You hit your daughter, Rev? I have nothing to explain to you.
- Nathan.
- I see it.
What are you doing? Hey! - The last time I saw a butterfly like that, I ended up in a cocoon.
Have you both lost your minds? What's happening? My God! What's happening? Hey! What are you doing? - Go! Go! Go! Go! So you think I'm crazy now? I never said you were crazy.
This isn't the first weird thing I've seen in Haven, Nathan, and I've only been here a week, so just-can you tell me what's going on? Every town's got a few skeletons in the closet.
Well, this is a big freaking closet.
All right, can we at least agree that whatever's going on here, this is not normal? Yeah.
And can we also agree that whoever's behind this, it can't be the rev? Unfortunately.
Which means it's someone else.
Did I say, "unfortunately"? You know what's not working for me? The Bucket.
- Yup.
Why isn't it working for you? Since the rev's no longer a suspect, the bar's got nothing to do with the hotel or the church.
They do have one thing in common.
- What's that? - Hannah Driscoll.
Hannah's got nothing to do with this.
She worked at the Bucket, she was there when I grilled her father, and she has issues with the rev.
- But she didn't have issues with the Rust Bucket.
why destroy it? Okay, let's get the bartender in here and see what we can find out.
What was Hannah Driscoll doing for you? Just bookkeeping, deposits, payroll, like that.
Does she have any reason not to like you? Why? What did she say to you? Just answer the question.
I was gonna fire her.
Why? She was dipping in the till.
Hannah Driscoll? I told her I was thinking of letting her go right before this freak ball thing.
Can you give us a second? If he was firing her, it would give her motive to destroy the place.
I don't see Hannah stealing.
- Nathan, your prom was last century.
She had a strong motive to attack me.
I could subpoena her bank records.
I'm sorry, but yeah- yeah, I think you need to do that.
Just heard back from the bank.
Hannah Driscoll doesn't have a bank account in Haven.
- Damn, I had a good feeling about that one.
But Hannah has $57,000 in an account in Bangor- far enough away to keep it secret from the rev.
Well, you could've led with that.
Mm, could've.
I got nothing to say to you except get the hell off my porch.
Now, that's just unfriendly, considering we just saved your life.
You looking for the Lord in the bottom of a scotch bottle? I take Him where I find Him.
We're here to see Hannah.
She's not here.
Where is she? Out.
- Where? - Rev.
Don't you call me that! - Reverend Driscoll, I think that Hannah was the one that attacked you.
Then you're a fool, Officer Parker, because I wasn't attacked.
- Well, then what would you call it? Did you know that Hannah had almost $60,000 in a bank account? She was fired for stealing from the Rust Bucket.
That's why she destroyed it.
That's not possible.
Hey, Hannah? Are you here? She's not here.
She's at the junior high school science club.
Oh, I pity you, Nathan.
You walk alone, but you think your shadow is the Lord's.
But the lord cast you out, and now you're truly alone.
Maybe I am alone.
Maybe I always will be.
But I'm not trying to lose myself in the bottom of a bottle.
Nathan, let's go.
I remember when I was in the science club.
Feels like 100 years ago.
That's 'cause it was - Thank you.
Thanks for helping me out with this.
Hey, that's what- that's what friends do.
Now, Bobby, you look exhausted.
You're not getting enough sleep.
How late did you stay up working on this? - Most of the night.
Need to beat your score.
- Well, you finish setting up, and I am gonna see if I can bribe a judge or two.
All right, well, I like the way you think.
Mary Lou.
- Hi! - Hannah, is there someplace we can talk? - Is my father all right? He said that he was gonna take it easy after that event.
- We need to know why you have $57,000 in the bank.
Hannah, were you stealing from the Rust Bucket? Is that why you destroyed it? Is that what Otis told you? Is it true? Otis stopped repaying his bank loan.
The bank hired me to audit his books.
Call them.
They'll confirm.
Otis is the one who's skimming.
Otis is stealing? I earned that money.
How? - Took me seven years, and the bank wasn't my only client.
And I didn't put the money in Haven because my father knows everybody, and he- he would find out.
He would find out what? I would leave him, just like my mother did.
Your mother died.
She died three days after she ran away with the deacon in the church.
Not the story my dad tells, is it? If you'll excuse me, I have a few things I have to do before I get back to help Bobby.
He has a booth on butterflies.
Butterflies? Hey, Bobby.
You here for practice? - No, I just forgot something in my locker.
- If you change your mind, just come on out anytime.
The team misses you.
Will do, Coach.
- Bobby? Bobby! - Hey! Crap.
This is gonna suck.
- All right.
- Uh, bench! - Yeah, yeah.
The fire alarm.
Hopefully that'll get us out of here quickly.
Hang on.
What the hell just happened here? He's a great kid.
- There's nothing strange? You haven't had any problems? After what Bobby went through with his parents, it's amazing there aren't.
Especially since I know Bobby's always felt responsible.
He does? Why? Survivor's guilt.
He's the only one who made it out of the car.
What happened? Driving home from the family cabin, car lost control.
I don't think the kid's had a decent night's sleep since.
- Did you see him leave? - Miss Driscoll took him home after the fire alarm.
Probably had to wake him up, though.
Wake him up? I think he was catching a nap right here in the locker room.
Not the first time either, since the accident.
- Bobby? Hannah? Anybody home? - What the hell happened here? - Mm, Rev found the bottom of the bottle.
Let's go see if Bobby's in his room.
Bobby! I don't think they came back here.
Hey, do you see that? Does it remind you of anything? - A certain metal ball.
And these.
The rev's necklace was pulled like a magnet.
- Ah, my personal favorite, the hotel cocoon experience.
- And the water and the wire in the school hallway these are the things Bobby sees before he falls asleep.
They must be working their way into his dreams.
All right, when you dream, it mixes everything up and it combines it with your fears.
The attacks came out of that, and he thought we were coming after him.
Maybe break up his new family.
- He's trying to stay awake.
He doesn't want to dream.
He knows he's hurting people.
- We need to find him before he falls asleep again.
Where would Bobby and Hannah go, Rev? - Why should I tell you? Sooner you tell me, the sooner I'm out of your house.
Miller's Crust.
His parents had a cabin up there.
Just past where they were killed at Twin Pines Overlook.
Now get the hell out of here! - Works for me.
- That boy isn't one of God's people.
He's one of yours, Nathan.
That's why I never let you near my daughter, because you would have killed her, just like your people killed my Penny.
- Hmm.
Way I heard it, she was free of you for three days before she died.
Probably the best three days of her life.
All right, you know what? Not now, Nathan.
The troubles are back, like it or not! You find that boy, don't bring him back here! - Kiddo, why don't you lie down, and I'll make you something to eat? Something incredibly unhealthy.
How about just a coffee? No.
When did you start drinking coffee? - A while ago.
- You should be sleeping.
- Hannah, can we talk about something? Anything.
What was that stuff about the troubles? I don't want to talk about it.
- All right.
Are you okay? I'm okay.
I know, but it must have been tough- I'm okay! But thanks.
- Bobby, you can't really believe that.
I don't want to, but when I wake up, the things that I dreamed happened.
- Sometimes I don't sleep much either, and when I don't, it really messes with how I'm thinking.
- That's not what's happening to me.
- No.
No, I know it isn't.
I'm just saying that problems are so much easier to work on when you're rested.
And you're so exhausted.
- Can we just agree to disagree on that one? - Sure.
Hi, this is Hannah.
Please leave a message.
- Hannah, this is Officer Parker.
I need you to make sure that Bobby doesn't fall asleep.
I'll explain when we get there.
- Twin Pines Overlook's coming up soon.
About ten minutes.
Uh - Don't need to say it.
- I'm pretty sure that's not gonna help.
Bobby must be dreaming.
We have to wake him up.
Seriously? - What? Ugh.
- Whoa, whoa! Why are you speeding up? - I'm not! Bobby is.
- Relax, Bobby.
You're having a nightmare.
- Slow down! - I'm not controlling the car! - Maybe if we're in his dream, he can see us.
- Okay, maybe.
Why? What are you thinking? - Hey, kiddo! - Are you talking to me? - No, I'm talking to Bobby, honey.
Bobby, it's Mommy.
Bet you're pumped to get home to your projects, huh? I'm sure it's great.
Oh, wait.
I have to tell your dad something.
Okay, here, it's coming up.
Twin Pines Overlook.
- No! - Bobby! Bobby, please! - No, stop! Go back! - Just wake up! - Bobby.
It can be different this time.
You can change things.
You can save us this time, Bobby.
I know you can.
I know you can, Bobby.
I trust you.
- Dad, don't play with the radio.
Dad, don't play with the radio! - Nathan.
- No, Dad, don't touch the radio! Watch the road, please! - Okay, Bobby.
I'm watching the road.
- Whoa! Whoa.
- You did it, Bobby.
You saved us.
Thank you.
- There you go.
It's okay, Bobby.
I'm here.
Bobby, stop dawdling, or we won't make the cabin by nightfall.
- He's a different kind of kid, Hannah.
- Just like you were.
- Like I was.
- Appreciate the help! Thanks! - Have you told Bobby why the rev won't let him stay at his house? - Honestly, I don't know how to tell him.
He always tries to please my father.
That's why he chose butterflies for his science project.
- You'll tell him when the time is right.
- Nathan, I'm sorry I let my father come between us.
- No, it was a long time ago.
- Yeah, it was.
But sometimes I can't help imagine what my life might've been like if I ignored him and let you take me away from here.
- We're doing fine here without you! Anyway yeah, I never knew my parents.
- Do you ever think about them? - You know, there were graduations, proms, things like that that they didn't, you know, show up for.
But in a way, you're luckier than me.
- Because I knew my parents.
- Yeah.
And because your new family showed up.
So Dr.
Carr gave me these for you.
- What are these? - Imipramine.
It stops night terrors.
It should help for now.
- For now.
- The doc says that it tends not to work on adults.
- Oh.
Well, thank you, Audrey.
- Yeah, so did you talk to the reverend? - It's like we're living like strangers in the same house.
He won't even look at me.
- I'm sorry.
- I saw him at the supermarket, and he looked the other way, just kept moving.
But, you know, his shopping cart was full of frozen dinners for one, and I figure that's bound to get old, right? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Well, we had a flood here about ten years ago, so things kind of got shifted around.
As you can see, evidence tape's still on there.
It's the original.
- What is this? A joke? - Definitely not.
- What about the photographer who took the picture? Where's the Colorado Kid buried? There are still leads that we could track down.
- It's a very old case, Agent Parker.
- She might be my mother.
- Well, then stay here and find her.
- What? - Why don't you come work for me? You know, you have a very rare talent.
Most people just want to see things the way they want to see 'em, whereas you see things the way they are.
That is a skill that I value.
Hell, it's kind of a skill we desperately need around here.
- Well, that keeps getting clearer.
- So, you know, you could actually make kind of a difference here, and, more importantly for you, I could maybe help you find some of the answers that you're looking for if you were to stay.
- I'll think about it.
- Okay.
- Your father just offered me a job.
- What'd you say? - I said that I would think it over.
- Might be a good idea.
- Really? What makes you say that? - February 1983.
I was seven.
I went sledding on that hill right over there.
I crashed into a tree, but I felt fine, so I ran back up the hill, ready to go again, and Lisa Bottke took one look at me and threw up.
I had blood all over my coat and a bone sticking out of my arm, and I never felt a thing.
Wasn't the only thing that happened that year.
Don't remember a lot of it, just people whispering, kids pulled out of school.
- The troubles.
- Couple years later, I got better, and I stopped hearing about them.
- And you're afraid they're coming back? - No.
They are back.
And I'm afraid they won't go away this time.
- I might need to stick around for a while and see.
- You sure you want to do that? - That crime picture with that woman that I think might be my mother, that was taken around the time that you say the troubles started.
- I think it's all connected.
- I guess we're gonna find out.
You want to grab something to eat? - How about pancakes? - Yeah, I could eat some pancakes.