Haven s01e03 Episode Script


- Previously on Haven FBI! Who are you? - Haven PD! Who are you? - FBI.
Are you deaf? Oh! I'm sorry.
Are you all right? - It's all right.
I didn't feel it.
- So you seriously can't feel pain? - No.
- You must be Duke.
- I don't talk to cops, even cops that I like.
- I know that picture.
- You do? - Colorado Kid murder.
She looks like you.
- Yeah, I know.
This isn't the first weird thing I've seen in Haven, Nathan, and I've only been here a week.
So just-can you tell me what's going on? - Every town's got a few skeletons in the closet.
- Well, this is a big freakin' closet.
Your father just offered me a job.
- What'd you say? - I said that I would think it over.
- Might be a good idea.
- The troubles, you're afraid they're coming back? - No.
They are back.
And I'm afraid they won't go away this time.
- Hey, babe, um, I just fixed that hatch.
The Caprice is almost ready to get back out on that high seas.
Maybe one day, you and me can- can motor out to Seal Island, huh? - It's okay.
It's okay.
- How you doing, Ray? - Tired.
I'm good.
I'm fine.
- You hang in there, all right? - Okay, Lilly, I'm gonna go home, but I'll see you next week.
- Ready? And one, two - How's William this morning? - Three.
Oh, he's a regular LeBron James today, aren't you, William? - The doc's gonna administer.
Help me with the lunches? - Yeah, okay.
- Mmm! Chicken salad today.
- Yeah, they eat well.
Better than me.
- Yeah, they have to.
Need a full stomach to tolerate that medicine.
Damn it! - That's not good.
Let me help you with that.
- No! You're contaminating everything! - Oh, my God! - Nice work on the cat lady call this morning.
- Who knew I had such talent with drunken women in housecoats? - Not me.
- Oh, and I did a pretty good job with that angry fisherman dude.
- Once you got his pants on.
Yeah, that helped.
- Life of a local cop.
- Hey, remember, I'm on loan.
- You'll stay.
- Oh, you think so? - Best way to find out if your mother came through here is to be a local cop, unless you're ready to give that investigation up.
- You know I'm not.
I just thought that when I was in Haven, the cases would be more - Troubling.
I get it.
Well, we'll see more of that soon.
But, you know, don't underestimate your skills with the small stuff.
- Skills? - A local cop probably wouldn't have put all the cats in the same box.
- I only had one box.
And anyways, they all fit.
- Next time, maybe just look around.
- Why, did I miss something? - Mrs.
Nelson's fourth grade class watching you from the school.
- Oh, God, do you think I scarred them? - I think they laughed their fourth grade asses off.
- Nathan, are you there, hon? - Go ahead, Laverne.
- Got a call about a disturbance at the Freddy.
- We're on our way.
- What's a Freddy? You're kidding me.
Haven has a mental hospital? That's a grain of sand at the beach.
Who's Murray Q.
Frederikson? - A respected local car dealer, till one day, he announced he could breathe like a fish and disappeared under the sea.
- Let me guess.
Was that during the troubles? - Nope.
He was just crazy.
His wife founded the Freddy with his estate.
- Thank God you're here! - Whoa! - What's going on? - I have no idea.
I was in the kitchen.
I heard screaming.
I went into the common room.
Lucassi's medicine was all over.
Morgan's in there trying to calm everyb- Whoa! - Oh! - Laverne, we need backup and a medic at the Freddy now.
- What's going on, hon? - The patients have taken over the asylum.
- Morgan? - Where are the doctors? Who's in charge? - Him.
That's Dr.
- Okay, come on, just keep coming this way.
- He's no bored housewife.
We can't shoot the doctor.
- No.
- And we can't go in that room.
- So why are we sneaking up on him? - Because Haven doesn't have a SWAT team.
It has a dispatch lady that calls you hon.
So we're following FBI protocol.
What's that? - Engage the suspect verbally, attenuate, and mitigate.
- Talk to him? - Yeah.
- Hmm, great.
- Dr.
Lucassi, this is FBI Agent- - Go away! I have work to do! - Plan B.
- So much work to do! - You think we could, uh- think we could Taser him? - Don't think a Taser will reach.
- And given that, I'm winging it.
- Ether? - Impressive.
- Got the doctor contained in the Freddy pending medical's arrival.
We need A.
to come take a sample and see if Millikin can salvage anything off the security cameras before they were trashed.
- All right, she did a patient head count.
- We lose any? - Three.
And we need to get to them immediately.
- Dr.
Lucassi's a good man.
He's a little intense, but he wouldn't hurt a fly.
- The three that escaped, they were in the room with him when the jungle juice spilled.
- If it did to them what it did to him - Yeah, but do you really think that a drug spill could do this? - Well, seen worse.
I went to college.
Okay, what are you thinking? - That guy looked different.
- Different how? - Different like a like a special blend of Haven crazy.
- Mm-hmm.
You like it.
- Like what? - The weirdness.
You hope it's something weird.
That's why you're still here.
- No, I'm still here because a woman who was here could have been my mom, and I'd like to find out.
- Uh-huh.
And you run around in the Mystery Machine - Wait, Nathan.
- Are you there, hon? Prowlers reported to be pilfering items off the laundry line, including two pairs of shorts, four socks, and two gray sweatshirts - What might escaped mental patients need? - A T-shirt and, oh, one floppy hat.
- Oh.
- Thank God! They're still here! They have my son in the back! - Oh, hello, there! William's always been a bit of a child at heart.
I could do that, too, if I was young and fit and him.
- Vegetables, fruit - Lilly.
- Ah! Eggs - What the hell? Those twits.
How did you get out? - Hey, Ray.
What's with this fridge? and zero veggies? That's not gonna help with your cholesterol, love.
Ray? You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Um are you? - Yeah, I think so.
It's weird.
I was just walking down Harkness.
Was I in the hospital? - You were.
How are you feeling now? - A bit spacey but fine.
- Okay.
I'll make us some Nothing.
Got nothing.
- That's okay.
Maybe start with a hello kiss.
- Hi.
- So you're a florist.
- Uh-huh.
And this part of the northeast is great for flowering vines.
This beautiful flower is a wisteria sinensis.
Spectacular plant.
- Cool.
What? - I remember Gerbera daisies, snapdragons, orchids.
- Okay.
Nathan? Nathan, can I have some help here? - Whoa.
- Oh.
- Hey, what do you think happened to these guys? - The excess saliva's completely normal.
It's a side effect of his meds.
Although he might be dehydrated.
- Uh are you okay? Because you weren't a few minutes ago.
- I feel fine.
Though I shudder to think what behavior got me here.
William needs my help.
Can you unstrap me? - Uh All right, go ahead.
Just Yeah.
Thank you.
- Why are these men here? - Well, we're just bringing them back.
You know, they had a trampoline playdate.
- These two men are stage three catatonics.
Sperry hasn't spoken or moved in 16 years.
- Well, he was fine up until a moment ago.
You, not so much.
- Doctor, there was a spill.
- Maybe it made them better and you worse.
- And oddly stronger.
- What was I doing? - You were ranting about your work.
- And contamination.
- I am somewhat obsessive about cleanliness.
Perhaps whatever happened amplified my predilections and removed inhibitions.
Although I can't imagine my drugs doing that.
- At least everyone's back the way they were.
- Um, Lilly is still out there.
- Is she a catatonic? - No.
But she can be violent, extremely so.
Lilly was a musician.
And now she has a grand mal obsessive disorder- akin to a PTSD, only worse.
- Is that why she was committed? - When she feels the music is escaping her, she gets extremely frustrated and destructive.
- Ray McBreen? - Ah, Dr.
I was wondering when you were gonna show.
Whatever you did for Lilly, thank you.
- She's okay? - She's great.
Come on in.
Lil! Love? Damn it.
- She must have changed back.
- How? She was fine! - I don't know yet.
- Any idea where she could have gone? - If she's back the way she was- anyplace with a piano.
- Why? - She wants to compose music.
- Okay, let's find her.
- Wait, Nathan.
Maybe we should test his medicine, make sure it's causing it.
- And if it isn't, then what? - It's a simple test.
- Okay, you two do that.
- Yeah.
- We'll find her.
Why pianos? - She liked to compose on them.
Said they felt right.
- Ray? - I don't want to talk about it.
- Ray, talk to me.
- Lilly- Lilly loves writing music.
One day, a music exec heard one of her songs.
Said if she could write another, we had a big contract.
She wanted it- she wanted it perfect.
I did too.
I talked her into driving up to her favorite composing place.
We were so excited, I got distracted and drove off the road into the Penobscot River.
I barely made it out alive.
Took me another eight minutes to get her out.
Well, they said that if the water wasn't so cold, she would have been brain-dead.
Instead she's - Like she is.
- Because of me.
- Officer, have you ever had a family member fade away because of Alzheimer's? I have.
Cruel doesn't begin to describe it.
I'd like to stop that.
Identical volume and concentration.
Pray we get a measurable delta in wattage.
- Measurable delta in wattage? - Flesh and electricity, that's what we are.
Of course, I'm sure there are some unmeasurable energies, like our soul.
- Oh, you believe in that? - A few centuries ago, the world's best scientists were convinced that the Earth was flat.
Everything they saw about it was flat.
But was it? No.
They were just afraid to open their eyes and sail.
Could you get me those safety goggles out there, please? - Wait! What are you doing? - Scientific method.
- Get out of there! - Calculated risk is critical to great discoveries.
- Doctor, you need to get out of there! - Why isn't this working? What's different? - # Farewell and adieu to you # - Where'd you get that? - Came with the Happy Meal.
- Yeah, right.
- All right, you caught me.
Ah, Nate, the Scupper was giving it away.
I was gonna use it to decorate the boat.
Now, do I need a permit for that, Officer, or is it gonna be okay? You know what's amazing, Nate? Is that you get a badge, you get to harass me.
- Because you're a lowlife criminal.
- I'm gonna check inside.
- New partner? I don't know.
I kind of liked the old one better.
Let me ask you something.
Does she I mean, does she know you're not a a real boy? I mean, does she know about the things you've done? - Hey.
She's here.
- Have a nice day, Nate.
- This is what we got off the security camera.
- Okay, this should be the spill.
- Hmm.
- It's like I just dropped it, like I felt something.
- Okay, let's rewind it to right before the spill.
Is that William? He's-he's already holding the ball.
Nathan, whatever caused it happened before the spill.
It was something invisible.
- Okay.
Listen- - I don't know if it was a gas or a virus or if it was something weird, but when we checked the tape, we figured that it was- - Audrey, we found Lilly.
- How is she? - She's trying to play the piano.
Can't get it out of neutral, though.
- Let's get you back to the Freddy, baby.
- It's contagious? - How is this spreading? - Nathan? Are you in there? Nathan.
Nathan, what happened? Where- Hey, where's Ray and Lilly? What's going on here? Nathan! Did you call for backup? Nathan.
Nathan, d- Oh, crap.
- Nothing.
- Oh, Nathan.
What are you talking about? Whoa! - We've rounded up the party boys.
I'm still trying to get a line on Nathan.
- All right, we got to find out what's causing this.
- I can only think of one common denominator.
- What? - Not what, who.
- Lilly.
- Audrey, are you there, honey? I got a 20 on Nathan's car.
He's down at the marina.
- Great.
Look, Nathan.
You may want to consider switching to decaf, buddy.
- What's it feel like- the sun? - Feels good.
Hey! What are you doing? - What's it like to feel this? You talk about the things I've done? It's nothing compared to the things you've done! - Who? - The things you still do! To me! - Sorry I had to do that, Nathan.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- I was talking to Nathan.
- Nothing.
Felt nothing.
- What's going on? - I need you to keep him here.
- No.
- He's sick, Duke.
- I knew that.
- This is different, all right? Something- something just happened to him.
- Is he contagious? I'm just asking.
- No, I don't know, all right? But I know someone who is, and if I don't get to her soon, she's gonna make more like him.
Okay, so I got to go.
- I'm not - This is the part where you come through for me, right? Remember who kept you from going to jail? - I was having such a nice day.
- Officer Parker, it's Dr.
Any luck finding Lilly? - Not yet.
Hey, can I ask you something? When it all happened, was Lilly playing the piano? - Yes, I seem to recall her actually starting to play something.
Why do you ask? - Well, according to Nathan, she was playing at the Shiny Scupper too or, at least, you know, trying to.
- And? - At least it's a common denominator.
You know, I, uh-I want to take a look at her room.
Let me go.
- I don't think so.
You're on a time-out.
- What the hell happened to you? Right.
You keep doing that, you're gonna hurt yourself.
I forgot.
You're special.
Can't hurt you.
- At least I'm not a parasite.
- That's a good one.
- Just using people Like you always do.
Are you planning on using Audrey too? Hmm? Of course you are.
Course you are.
It's what you do.
You can't hurt me, remember? - I think they might be hiding out on Ray's boat.
It's called the Caprice.
All right, thank you.
It's not berthed in any of the local marinas.
I'm kind of surprised that he can own this nice of a boat.
- Well, from what he's told me during his visits, his grandfather abandoned it when the McBreen family washed up in Haven years ago.
- Sorry.
Excuse me.
- No problem; I'll see if I can locate the boat.
- Okay.
Hello? - Yeah, Sleeping Beauty just woke up, and I'm all done playing Prince Charming.
- Caught it, didn't I? - How are you feeling? - I'm not sure which is worse: going crazy or being sane afterwards.
- What do you remember? - Shiny Scupper.
That's it.
- Lilly was playing the piano there.
- Yeah.
Why? - I think her music is causing this.
- No, I don't think so.
- No, come on, Nathan.
This is not just me being excited over the weirdness.
- I didn't say it was.
I just don't think it's Lilly who's causing this.
- Why? - Ray sat down next to her at the piano, and he started to play.
- Wait.
Ray did? - I got some music for the trip: Aretha at the Fillmore with Ray Charles, Spirit in the Dark.
- Ray? What happened to those people at the bar? That was awful.
Did I do that? - You? No.
- Did you? Oh, my God, Ray! - It's okay.
- It's not okay.
You can't keep doing that.
- Of course.
Ray was at the Freddy.
I saw him on the tape.
He must be the one who changed all these people, but he left so fast that he didn't even realize it.
- Pretty sure he knows what he's doing now.
- Lil, I won't lose you again.
- I don't want to hurt people.
- I don't want to hurt people either.
All right? - No word on Lilly or Ray.
I guess we got to go find the Caprice.
- I know where the boat is.
- Great.
Where? - I'll take you to her.
- No.
It's just us.
- Oh.
Okay, forget it.
- Hey, Duke, if you know and you don't tell us, we could throw you in jail.
- No, you can't.
And, frankly, I'm getting a little sick of the threat.
Considering that a police officer just attacked me - Mr.
Crocker? I encourage you to file a complaint and press charges.
Not my style, Nathan.
- Why exactly do you want to come? - 'Cause I'm a good citizen.
And I want to know what the hell's going on around here.
- Okay, that should get that head working, at least until we get out of here.
- Damn.
Hang in there, babe.
Hang in there.
I'll get you out in a jiff.
There you are.
- Hey, Ray.
- It's you.
- No! - No, no, no, no.
I'm coming.
- No, the deal was, you have to do exactly what we say.
And I'm saying stay here.
- Wait.
- And the people from the Scupper got better at exactly the same time you did.
- So people who hear Ray together are affected for the same duration.
- Yeah, but you were gone for two hours, and the people from the Freddy were gone for four.
- So what makes it shorter? - No, the better question is, what makes it longer? - Okay, now I wish Haven had a SWAT team.
Down! Down.
So what happened? - Lucassi overpowered Ray, threw him in the car, and said something about getting him back.
Okay, you keep her here until we call you.
- Okay, you're taking this good citizen thing way too literally! We're staying here, okay? - Lilly's sure Lucassi came here? - Where else would he go? Since he knows what Ray can do.
Nathan, Lucassi wants to help his patients more than anything.
He's a good doctor.
- And, presently, crazier than an outhouse rat.
- Yeah, well, then there's that.
You know, it might work.
- What? - The doctor using Ray to help his patients- I mean, if he can manage him, keep him safe.
- That's a big if.
Take it from a guy who caught the funk.
- You're right.
We might have a problem.
- Stop.
This is sterile.
- Okay.
Just- Doctor? Don't do this.
- Do you realize what this man can do? - Yes, yes.
- I need his brain.
This-this-this- this is a whole new world.
- You're right.
We do need to understand him.
- If we can.
If we can.
Been exploring the brain for 20 years.
been exploring the brain.
We can spare-we can spare the families the pain of watching their loved ones fade away to a- - You're getting good at that.
- Electricity: it did-did wonders on you.
- Uh-huh.
- Ray, I'm changing back.
- I need a musical instrument.
- No! No music.
- Lil.
- No.
- Why? - Why? You were tied up, with a guy about to open your head.
I can't have you risking your life, other people's lives.
It's too much.
- We can get a cabin.
- It's all too risky.
- No, no, no.
I don't care.
I don't want to lose you.
- Promise.
Promise me.
# Now I'm decided # # What I'm gonna do # # After denying # # What you put me through # # I've waited a lifetime # # For maybe, maybe # # Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe # # Maybe, maybe # Maybe, maybe, maybe a chance.
- When did it all start? - I don't know.
I stopped playing everything when Lilly got sick.
Didn't have it in me.
Freddy was the first time I played in forever.
Didn't used to be that way.
- So is that your grandfather's boat? - Yeah.
He came here on it.
You know, he always told me to stay away from music.
I think- I think he knew.
I just thought he hated rock and roll.
- Doctor, if the goal is safety through solitude, wouldn't a small boat on the ocean be an acceptable risk? - Yes.
- Okay, Doctor, Ray is special- - I'm aware of Mr.
McBreen's condition.
And you're right.
He is special.
- Yeah, but he's also just a man who wants to be with his wife.
So if we just let them go on the boat, maybe that's the right thing to do.
Maybe that's where he should be, and maybe there, he would discover that- - That the Earth isn't flat? - What is it? "Red in the morning, sailors' delight"? Good thing you're staying here.
- Yeah.
Hey, are you gonna be okay? - With this crack crew? We'll be fine.
Brought a lot of instruments.
- Yeah, as long as you play them way out at sea.
- Yup.
And when it's safe, we'll take short trips back to the shore, maybe help some other people, see the world.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right! - I wanted to apologize to you.
- Yeah? For? - For gaping at you like a schoolboy.
It's just, you are the spitting image of someone I sold flowers to years ago.
- Who? - Daisies, snapdragons, and orchids.
I remember flowers, not names.
- All right, me mateys! Cast off! - Hey, was that around 1983? - I believe it was.
- Wait.
What was her name? - I don't know.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Please, please, please.
Just-can you think? - Lucy.
I believe it was Lucy.
- You're not gonna tell anyone, right? - Hmm? - About me being a good citizen.
- Oh, no.
No, your secret's safe with me.
Thanks for helping.
- Oh, I'm gonna send you and Nathan a bill.
I charge double for night work.
- I'm glad that I could help.
Troubles are back, aren't they? - Yeah, I think so.
The lady in the picture, it's Lucy.
Sperry told me.
- Lucy.
Well, that's a start.
- Yeah.
Okay, you know what? I admit it.
This weird stuff, it kind of does turn me on.
- You want to fix them.
- No, they're just cases.
They're really, really interesting cases.
- Well, maybe you'll fix me someday.
- I don't think so.
Nobody can fix you.
- Nathan, where are you, love? Dr.
Lucassi called.
More shenanigans up at the Freddy.
Three patients have gone missing.
- I think you better go check that out.
- Yeah, yeah.
That place, it's crazy.
They really got to get their act together.
- # A chance to dream # # I've waited # # A lifetime for maybe # # A chance to dream #