Haven s01e11 Episode Script

The Trial of Audrey Parker

- Previously on Haven - Aah! - He's afflicted, just like the people you've seen in Haven.
- This is a whole new world.
- Aah! - I'm not like you.
I don't want to be like you.
- He's pretty tough.
- The troubles are back.
He's gonna have to be tough as nails.
- You're a smuggler.
- I'm an importer.
- Importing illegal goods.
- Everything is illegal somewhere.
- Julia Carr.
I'm Eleanor's daughter.
Why do the most horrible things keep happening in this godforsaken town? I should never have let you convince me to come back.
- I find a picture of the Colorado Kid's death, and I spend all this time trying to I.
the woman in the photo who could be my mom, and then after all of that, you tell me you were in the picture.
- Lucy always helped those in need.
- You knew my mother? Boss, I need a few weeks.
There's something I need to look into.
- No problem.
She's staying.
Maybe she can help you with your troubles.
I'm out.
I want to be in, but my cards won't let me.
- I call.
Bet's to you, Parker.
Call, raise, or cower from me and fold.
- Smack talk- the last recourse of the weak.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
His specialty.
All right, do I make my own day, or do I ruin all of yours? - Oh, big talk.
But I don't see a whole lot of action.
- Miss Parker, do you have, um, a favorite nut? - Excuse me? - I think he means other than Nathan.
- Cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamias.
- Why do you want to know? - A nut says a lot about a person.
- That it does.
So, uh, it'd be pistachios.
- Technically not a nut.
That's actually a-a seed.
Some chefs might call it a culinary nut.
But botanically speaking, it's not a nut.
Miss Parker will call.
She has to call.
No choice.
- And how can you be so sure? - Uh you're not much for cards.
Uh, never have been.
Tried to be.
Couldn't make it work.
- All right, as much as I love you telling me what I am and what I'm going to do, you just so happen to be right, okay? So I call.
Three Jacks.
- Two pair! Three Jacks? Damn! - All that big talk.
I thought you'd have five of a kind.
- F-five of a kind would require cheating, and cheaters never prosper.
- Hold on.
He was in the hand.
We get to see those cards.
Let's see how bad it was.
Full house.
Queens over fives.
You hustling me? - No, no.
He, uh He just gets a bit confused.
- Not that confused.
He took all my money last week, no matter how good of a hand I had.
- Yeah.
Same here.
Is that what this is, boys? A con? I invite you here, and you try to cheat us? - No, no, I don't-I- I felt bad, okay, for for taking all your money last time, so I I thought I should lose for a while.
Okay, well, in that case, you can definitely keep playing, right? - Yeah, that's good enough for me.
- I'm, uh, headin' out.
- Nathan, are you hungry? It's shrimp night down there at the Gull.
I was thinking of heading over.
You want to come? - Sorry.
I got plans.
- Plans? What kind of plans? - Stuff around the house.
- No, you don't.
You don't want to hang out with your old man, that's absolutely fine.
But you don't have to lie to me about it.
- You know what? Shrimp sounds good.
- Yeah? Maybe we'll split a pitcher of that amber ale he's pourin' down there too? - Sure.
- Excuse me, uh, Chief Wuornos? - Yeah, that's me.
Why? - I'm looking for Agent Parker.
- Really? And who are you? - Her boss.
Agent Howard.
- Garland Wuornos.
This is my son, Detective Wuornos.
- Can you tell me where I might find her? She's, uh not answering her cell.
- Well, no, I can't really help you out there.
It's her night off.
- How about you? - No.
Like the chief said, it's her night off.
- I think you do know, son.
Where is she? - Now, just hang on a second.
You're not gonna come waltzing in here and start leaning on my men.
If you want some information, you just come right through me.
- Please ask your officer where I may find my agent.
- Gee, that was simple, wasn't it? Do you know where she is? - She's at the harbor.
Duke Crocker's boat.
It's The Cape Rouge.
- Thank you.
Nice to meet you, Chief.
- You too.
Shrimp night.
Did I say it was shrimp night? - Would have been nice to give me a chance to give her a heads up.
- Why does she need a heads up? She's a big girl.
She can take care of herself.
- You know, you go get dinner.
I just remembered I have some work I should do.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- What the hell did I do? - Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.
To a life worth living.
- Yeah.
- I'll drink to that.
- All right.
So is there a signal in this rust bucket? - Whoa! Rust bucket? - Deal me out.
- You gotta call the wifey? That I do.
- Uh, same-sex marriage is illegal in the state of Maine.
Is she from Vermont? 'Cause it's legal in Vermont.
I was joking.
- Hey, what's up? - Agent Howard was here looking for you.
- Here in Haven? - Yes.
Here in Haven.
It's time to come home.
- You haven't returned my calls.
Makes me think you're avoiding me.
- Been busy on a case.
- Not good enough.
I let you take a leave if you promised to do what? - Call in regularly.
- And - Write up reports.
- Of which you did neither.
- I filed reports.
With Chief Wuornos.
- You're on loan here, Parker.
You still work for the FBI.
Now, if you've forgotten that, it's time for you to go back to Boston.
- No, no, I still have work that I need to do here in Haven.
- Drinking and playing cards is work.
- I've been working my ass off.
- Really? Doing what? - I'll put it in my next report.
My extremely detailed, very long report.
- Tell you what.
Let's make it a verbal report.
- Now? - Now.
- Really, I don't- I don't know where to start.
There have been things going on here.
- Things that didn't make it into a report? - Yeah.
Things like that.
- Keep talking.
- People do things in Haven.
- What things? - There was a woman whose moods affected the weather.
There was a kid whose nightmares came true.
- Interesting.
- Isn’t this the part where you call me crazy or a liar? - You don't ask questions here, Parker.
You answer them.
Let me show you something.
- Wow.
That's a lot of gadgets for a conversation.
- Depends on the conversation.
Your official police reports.
None of what you just told me is in any of them.
Care to explain that? - Hello? Hello? Hey! Hello? Hello? - You're in luck.
- I already ate.
- No, you didn't.
You know, Nathan, I was kind of hoping that well I- I had something to say to you.
I was hoping to say it to you over dinner.
Of course, we couldn't even get that together.
- What's that? - Well, maybe it's more something that you want to say to me.
I feel that you have something you want to say to me, and it's been building up for a while and well, I'd like to hear it.
- What makes you think I have something to say to you? - Because you're my son.
I pay attention.
- Okay.
You knew.
- I knew what? - The troubles.
You knew they were back.
You knew I had this- this-whatever this is- and you never said anything.
- 'Cause you weren't ready to hear it.
And when you got whatever it is, this thing that you got What did you do? You went to see the doctor.
- I couldn't feel anything.
I thought I was sick.
And he agreed with me.
He even had a name for it.
- You were hoping you were sick, but you knew better.
Maybe you didn't know when you were eight years old, but you sure as hell knew this time around.
And what did you do? You chose to ignore something that was right in front of you, and when a cop does that, what happens? He gets himself killed.
- Okay.
Maybe I was in denial.
So how about calling me on it instead of ignoring me? How about a little fatherly advice? - You haven't listened to anything I've had to say since you were a little kid.
- Oh, yeah.
Right, so yeah, it's my fault.
- Forget it.
Just never mind.
All right? Let's just forget it.
- Thought you'd say that.
- You call.
You call.
That would be ten winning hands in a row.
What are you up to? - Easy, Duke.
It's cool.
- I don't cheat.
But I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win this one too.
- I am going to # You should fold # You're gonna lose anyway.
You don't want to waste any more money.
Money is valuable.
- Or it's a bluff.
A really weird bluff.
- I call.
Gah! - I told you.
I did.
- Yes, you did.
I gotta tell you.
I- I have never seen a player quite like you before.
And no offense- I hope I never see one again! I'm out.
Good night.
- Wait, Duke.
One more hand.
- No, thank you.
I'm out.
- Hey, I'll put double what I won into the pot.
Double this times two.
And I'll even give you an extra draw, which is also times two.
Why would you do that? - You have something that I want-uh, need.
It's, uh it's important to me.
Yeah, big-time important.
Really big.
See? I got my reasons.
Right? - So you in? - Hmm.
What do you want? - You already tried it.
No reception inside a metal boat.
And they're sealed shut.
You tried them too.
- Well, if at first you don't succeed - Parker, I want some answers out of you, and I want them now.
- I think we should try to get out of here first.
- And I'd like you to stop avoiding my questions.
So about your police reports.
- Oh, yes.
Let's talk about that some more.
- When you wrote in your report that two men died of old age, you meant- - They aged several decades in a few days.
- And the guy that lived on the boat- - Duke.
- You wrote that he was admitted to the hospital with- - With an acute vitamin deficiency.
- Vitamin deficiency.
- That's what the doctor called it.
- Watch your tone, Parker.
I'm here to debrief you and possibly reassign you, but I can easily have you brought before committee if that's how you want to play it.
- All right.
What else do you want to know? - Unbelievable.
- I had a feeling he was gonna go for the flush.
Lots of feelings about it, actually-tons.
- How nice for you.
- So, uh we can collect on that and be gone far, far away.
- Finally.
A silver lining.
Julia, would you care to join me while I fetch this for these boys? - Uh, it's kind of nice out.
I think I'll stay up Company it is.
- So what did you lose exactly? I never saw what he wrote down.
- What? Oh, uh It was a baseball card.
A rare one.
- Since when do you collect baseball cards? - I don't.
But I don't think that's what they came for.
- Then why are we down here? What are we doing? - I don't have time to explain right now.
I was afraid that might happen.
click! Son of a bitch! - I hate to bring this up, but if you thought that was gonna happen, then why did you- - Let it? Believe me, it wasn't my first choice.
But it did seem better than leaving you alone with them.
- You think they want your boat? - I don't know what they want.
But I know what I got.
- Is this your friend's idea of a joke? - Duke wouldn't pull this with you on board.
He's not interested in pissing off the FBI.
- Well, someone locked us in the stateroom and is taking us to sea.
- Yes, they are.
- What are you looking for? Aha.
Found it.
Sir, I need you to step back.
Thank you.
- What are you doing? - Making a phone call.
Damn it! We're too far from shore.
- Not a bad idea.
Would have been better if you'd thought of it when we were in the harbor.
- I'm gonna send a text.
- With no signal.
- I'm not gonna send it from here.
- What's this I hear on the radio? They got the harbor master out there looking for Audrey? - I asked her to go check Duke's slip, yeah.
She said it would take her a little while to get down there.
- Why? What's up? - Audrey's not answering her phone.
- Aren't you taking this a little personal with the phone? - Can't get ahold of Duke or Julia either.
They were all together at the poker game.
- They're probably all passed out, drunk.
- Yeah, maybe.
Maybe I'm just seeing what's in front of me.
Quiet cell phone.
Radio silence.
Parker hasn't checked in in hours.
Doesn't feel right.
- She's your partner.
She's not your girlfriend.
Just let her have her little girl's night out.
- Parker doesn't have a girl's night.
All she ever does is work.
- So you think she's working out there on the boat? - Don't know why she wouldn't tell me if she was.
- Maybe she just hasn't got enough to get you involved.
- It's password-protected.
Come on, Parker.
Where's the trust? - He's trying to hack into her personal files, and he's worried about trust issues.
Try the mother's name.
- Just try it.
- What do you know? - See, now, I may not be the best father in the world, but there's a reason I'm the chief.
- I'll give you points for improvising, but you know the odds that this will work are slim to none.
- Well, you know it's a government phone, right? So what the hell? Okay.
- I knew this would come in handy.
- You have an escape hatch in your storage room? - It's a ship's hold.
And, yes, I do.
I put it there myself.
- Why would you even think of that? - Look - Hello in there.
I gotta say, dude, this is really smart.
click! So smart.
Just awesome.
- He took my bullets.
He took All my bullets! How did they even know about this? I built it myself! These guys have been one step ahead of me ever since I met them, which is both annoying clack! And insulting.
- And just how did you meet these fine gentlemen? - A friend introduced us.
Said they liked to play poker.
- Did he also say they liked to kidnap their opponents and drag them out into the open sea? - I'm picking up on your sarcasm.
I didn't think this was gonna happen.
I thought we'd play cards, I'd make a little money, and a good time would be had by all.
- So why did this friend not tell you the truth about these guys? - I understand the confusion.
When I say friend I don't actually mean friend.
I mean more like business associate.
- A trusted business associate? - Trust is flexible in my line of work.
- Which is what, exactly, Duke your line of work? - Okay.
Well I buy things.
I sell things.
Sometimes I just deliver things.
- Like boxes.
- Like boxes.
- What's in them? - I don't know.
As far as I'm concerned, they're just boxes.
- Yet you deliver them.
- Well, now, does FedEx know what's inside of every package they deliver? - No, they don't, but they don't keep arsenals or build escape hatches in their stores.
And they ask what's in the packages they deliver.
- Which is why they can't do what I do.
You're overreacting.
- Maybe we should open- - Don't do that.
- Doesn't it bother you that there may be ugly things in your boxes? - It's none of my business.
And it's definitely none of yours.
- Shall we continue? - Let's.
- These people you're talking about- - I can't arrest them.
- Parker, do yourself a favor.
Stop interrupting your boss.
- Sorry.
- These people what do you call them? - The afflicted, the cursed, the troubled.
The people that don't end up in these reports- I can't arrest them.
- If they commit a crime, you can and should.
You swore an oath.
- To uphold the law.
But we don't have laws for these people.
- They're U.
citizens? - Yes.
- Then we have laws for them.
- All right.
A man plays music, and it drives people insane.
What do I arrest him for? Another man's shadow- his shadow kills people.
What do I charge him with? - I don't care.
All I care about is that you take them out of circulation.
Leave the moral issues to the lawyers.
- Harbormaster just called.
Duke's boat's not in the harbor.
- Just got a text from Audrey.
She's trapped on board.
- Call the Coast Guard.
There's gotta be a secret panel or a chamber here somewhere.
- A secret panel? - Yeah.
Duke always has a plan B.
- Sounds like you two are pretty friendly.
- Yeah, I guess you could say that.
- You know, your friend has a sheet going back a long way.
- Doesn't surprise me.
He's actually been pretty useful on these cases.
- That right there is reason enough for me to pull you off this assignment.
If these cases are as delicate as you say they are, they should be handled by a special detail, not you and a felon.
- That felon just gave me a way to save our asses sir.
- Think I know why Audrey's on that boat.
She was looking into a couple of guys who were barred from casinos up and down the East Coast.
But why would she be investigating poker cheats? - And why are poker cheats playing low-stakes poker on Duke's boat? - And why is she now trapped on the boat? - Sounds like you still got more questions than what you got answers.
- Do you got answers? 'Cause I'm all ears if you do.
I'm headin' out.
- No, you're not.
You're not going nowhere.
You're staying right here.
No, what are you gonna do? You gonna get yourself a boat and then go out there and search the entire Atlantic Ocean? Just let the Coast Guard do it.
They're equipped to handle this.
You wanted my advice.
There it is.
Pretend you're her father.
You're gonna sit by the radio and be ready to act.
And suffer.
clack! - You really just gonna sit there? - I'd join you, but I don't know that little dance you're doing.
- If they're gonna kill us, just tell me now.
Don't try to protect me.
- They're not going to kill us.
We're no good to them dead.
- We're good to them alive? - They didn't come here to play poker.
They must have cased the boat and come back for a box.
One that isn't here.
- Where is it? - Where is it, indeed? - And if they insist? - Well, it wouldn't be the first time.
- What happened to you? - I'm not sure I get your meaning.
- You were a big dreamer guy.
You had all these plans.
How'd you end up here? - I happen to like it here.
- So this is who you are now.
I used to think you were the coolest guy.
Turns out you're just a petty crook.
- No.
I'm an exceptional crook.
- You're a delivery boy.
- Sweetheart, calling me names isn't gonna get us anywhere right now.
Do you feel that? - What? - We're starting to list.
We must have sprung a leak.
My boat is leaking.
If somebody doesn't fix it, we sink.
- Did you find the box? - No.
I keep thinking like Duke.
I know he'd hide the box.
I know he'd put it in a special spot, but every time I think of a spot- - You can't find it.
- I can't find it! - I thought you could ask a man a couple questions and know exactly what they're gonna do.
- I can.
I usually can, I- I haven't always been able to do this, okay? I'm still figuring it out.
- Well, now is a perfect time, brainiac! This was supposed to be a simple robbery.
Now we got two federal agents locked up.
- Well, I wouldn't worry about them.
- What? Why? Why not? - Uh I'd worry about the boat.
It's-it's sinking.
We gotta- we gotta turn this thing around.
- Or we speed this thing up.
Let's go have a talk with Duke.
- Let's say I believe you, which I don't.
But let's imagine everything you've said about this place is true.
Why should I waste the bureau's time and your not inconsiderable talents on this nothing little town? - Because I understand these people.
For some reason, I can I can talk to them, and I can help them.
Not all of them.
- We're dealing with killers and terrorists in the real world while you're here holding hands with the children of the corn.
- At least I'm not like that one guy you trained that was chasing aliens- what was his name? - Hey, he was a genius.
What happened to him the last few years was a tragedy, but that's beside the point.
- Okay, you know what the point is? The point is is that I'm good working on these cases, all right? I wasn't great in the real world.
- And your methods were unorthodox, to put it mildly.
- Well, I appreciate the kindness.
- You were a good agent.
You still are.
So unless you can give me one good reason why I should let you stay here, you're reporting back to Boston ASAP- - Hold that thought.
I've got some unorthodox escaping to do.
Hey, you mind if I borrow some of your toys? - Duke, tell them.
It's just a box.
- It's not their box.
- My arm's getting a little tired.
But I can keep going.
Where's the box? - Now what box? - You-you're angry.
You shouldn't be.
Bad for your blood pressure and other things.
- As a matter of fact, you stealing my boat and taking my friends hostage is what's bad for my blood pressure.
But thanks for asking.
- I don't care! In fact, I'm a little bored.
- Yeah, me too.
- Take him back on deck.
Leave her.
- You touch her and I'm gonna start to take this personally.
- Come here! Have a seat.
- I'll give you guys whatever you want.
You just let her go.
- Okay.
Where's the box? - Let Julia go first.
- I can't.
See I don't trust you, and you don't trust me.
But you're gonna tell me where that box is anyway.
- Why would I do that? - Because you can't keep this up forever.
- Keep what up? - Uh uh elephants, donkeys, and zebras, huh? Penguins, crocodiles, and snakes.
Yeah, that's it.
Keep it up, man.
Keep trying to think of the zoo.
Don-don't think of the box.
Don't think of the box.
Ah Naked girls on trapezes in leotards? Whoa.
You-you got a dirty mind.
Now, fill in the blanks.
Fill in the blanks.
Fill in the blanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ha ha! Ha ha ha! - Hey.
We've got the item.
We're heading back to Haven now.
- I've got your money.
How long before you get here? - We're 20 miles southwest of Little Tall Island, bearing 2-3-0.
- 40 minutes? Why so long? - Crocker's boat's sinking.
Might not make it to shore.
Might just be the two of us in a dinghy.
- Copy that.
Nathan, can you hear me? Nathan.
- Audrey? Where are you? - I'm about 20 minutes southwest of Little Tall Island, bearing 2-3-0.
- 2-3-0? Okay, let me call it in.
- Duke's boat has been taken over by an Ezra Colbert and a Tobias Blaine, spelled E-Z- - I-I know who they are.
I read your file on 'em.
- I knew that password was too easy.
- Why didn't you tell me you were looking into them? - I'm sorry.
I should have.
I thought that maybe one of them was troubled and that maybe they were card sharks, but I didn't think they were kidnappers.
I wanted to dig a little deeper before I went to you.
- Well, I did some digging too.
The news isn't good.
- Talk quick.
- Looks like Ezra spent a year in a psychiatric facility for the emotionally disturbed.
- What was the doctor's diagnosis? - Unknown mania and depression, compounded by bouts of acuity and prescience.
- That's doctor speak for troubled.
- Yeah, what kind of diagnosis is "unusual prescience"? - I think I know.
I've seen it.
It's like he can anticipate what you're gonna think before you think it.
Hey, I gotta go.
Thank you.
That was a huge help.
- Audrey, Audrey.
- Coast Guard's on their way.
Nice work here, son.
- She's still on that boat.
You better hang on to that gold star.
- I'm trying here, Nathan.
I really am.
- It's a little too late.
- Nathan.
Listen to me.
Look, I-I'm not gonna live forever.
I know you hate me now, but there's gonna come a day when you're gonna wish you'd just taken the chance to make nice with your old man.
- So just like that, you want me to look at the last 30 years and just let bygones be bygones? - We're never gonna get along, are we? It's kind of sad, 'cause we used to, back in the day.
- Oh, don't bring her into this.
- Why shouldn't I bring her into this? She's your mother.
We both miss her.
- I said don't! - So you think that's it? That if she were alive today, that she'd be able to fix us? - Yeah, that's it.
It's her fault.
The selfish bitch died left you alone with your idiot son.
So you- you did your best, which meant ignoring him until he stopped looking your way for much of anything.
Well, that's what you wanted.
You know what, Chief? That's what you got.
- I'm sorry, Nathan.
I really am.
I don't know what to tell you.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Me too.
- 40 minutes.
- Shut up! Just everybody shut up! Why can't you be quiet for a little while? My head is full and it hurts, and everybody keeps putting stuff in it! - All right.
All right.
I'm gonna leave you to commune with the fish for a while.
Hmm? - Yeah, okay.
Yeah, fish- fish are quiet.
- Yeah.
- Well, well, it's the cavalry.
You know, I always saw 'em coming to get me, not save me.
- Shh! - How'd you get out? - Your escape hatch.
Man, great poker game, huh? Those guys rock.
- Okay, yeah, they didn't come here for poker.
They came here for something that I had hidden very, very well but somehow Ezra figured it out.
- Yeah, but see, I think that that's his thing.
I think that's why he's so all over the place is that he can figure out what people are gonna do.
- I knew-I knew it.
I'm just sayin'.
So what, he's like some kind of mind reader or something? - No, he's not- he's not quite a mind reader.
I think it's that he can tell where you're gonna go and what you're going to do.
But it just-it scrambles his brain a lot.
- So how do you beat somebody who always knows what your next move is? - I'm not sure, but I'm I think I got something.
- Oh, um by the way.
My boat is sinking.
So you may just want to you know, factor that in.
- Yeah.
I really hope this works.
You hear me, Buddha? Let this work.
- Hey.
How'd he get loose, Ez? - I don't know.
- Abracadabra.
- Well, you forgot to actually escape there, Houdini.
- Hey! Don't come any closer.
- Why not? - Because Whaa whaah! Whaah Uhh Huh! I got moves that Ralph Macchio, the Karate Kid himself, never dreamed of.
And James Brown, for that matter.
- What's happening, Ez? - I don't know! I don't know! It's like it's his head is totally blank and there's nothin' there! - Hey.
That's just not nice.
- Tie him up.
Tie him up! - You tie him up, man.
For all I know, he- he's got a gun underneath the crazy - Why don't I just shoot him? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Now, bad form.
I don't even have a gun.
I'm unarmed! - Now, Duke, I need you to do exactly what I say.
And don't think.
- All right, all right.
Look, look, look.
See? See? - Ez - Nothing, okay? You happy? Nothing! No gun! But my friend Officer Parker, on the other hand, is armed, and she loves shootin' bad guys.
- Ez - Yeah! - Underwear too.
We need to get Ezra off balance.
- I'm not doing that! - What's happening, Ez? - I don't understand what he's saying.
I don't understand.
- Here's what you should say.
It's moments like this, where your life flashes before your eyes - It's funny how your your life just passes before your eyes in a moment like this.
- Uh I don't understand.
I don't understand what he's doing.
- I never saddled a horse.
- I never learned to saddle a horse.
- I never ate cottage cheese.
- I never have eaten cottage cheese.
- I never learned how to do the electric slide.
- I never learned how to do the electric slide.
- What's happening, Tobias? What's happening here? - I don't know.
- I need a hug.
- I need a hug! - Hey, get away, you lunatic! - Look! Eggs! Don't even think about it.
- Hey, hey! - Aah! - Okay, put the gun down! - Okay.
- Ah she was telling him what to do, man.
Th-that's why I couldn't read him.
- Good, Ez.
Timely insight.
- Okay, you can put your clothes back on.
- I'm good, thanks.
- So what happened there? - He fell.
A lot.
- Rough seas? - Sounds good to me.
- You get the pump working? - Oh, yeah.
I'll return it in the morning soon as I get Gertie patched up.
- Interesting tactics out there.
Glad to see you didn't get shot or beat up or drowned.
- All in a day's work.
- Nathan.
We got work to do.
- Anyone care to tell me what all this is about? - Small towns.
Just a local dispute that had to be handled.
Isn’t that right? - Right.
All over a baseball card, if you can believe that.
- I look forward to reading your full report.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
He didn't touch me.
He just told me what he'd do to you if I didn't scream as loud as I could.
- I'm sorry about all this.
- Yeah.
You should be.
- You haven't answered my question.
- And what question is that? - Why I should let you stay in Haven.
- All due respect, sir, I don't need your permission.
- I've had just about enough of your insubordin- - You know what? This is not about my job anymore.
This is about me.
It's about who I am and where I come from.
And those answers are here in Haven.
They're not in Boston.
They're not in the FBI.
I'm sorry, sir.
I quit.
- Konnichiwa, Katsuno-san.
This is Duke.
Your package is ready to be picked up.
No trouble at all.
I can deliver another one for you.
But unfortunately, my rates are going up.
You understand.
Domo arigato.
- She's all yours.
Just needed a push, like you said.
- Parker's not the type that likes to be told what to do.
It's gotta be her idea- not yours and not mine.
- You sure she deserves all this? - I don't know.
Does anybody? Tell you what.
We need her here.
- So the crack in the boat? - Yeah.
I saw it.
- You need to get this place under control.