Haven s01e12 Episode Script


- Previously on Haven - There are two different Havens.
There's the one that's right beneath the surface and then there's one right underneath that.
- Lucy Ripley.
You're the spitting image.
- Is she your mother? - Why does everything in this town have to be such a huge secret? Nathan really doesn't like you.
- Everything about this guy is a pain in my ass.
- The guy's not all bad.
- I've known him since he was five.
He's all bad.
- You get a badge.
You get to harass me.
- Because you're a lowlife criminal.
- You're a smuggler.
- I'm an importer.
- Importing illegal goods.
- Well, everything is illegal somewhere.
- This is not about my job anymore.
This is about me.
This is about who I am and where I've come from.
I'm sorry, sir.
I quit.
- Oh! Jeez! - Do we really have a skeleton inside a wrecked boat? Is there gonna be an eye patch or a dead parrot? - That's life on a seaside police force.
What? Do you miss the FBI already? - No.
Just hope we get a treasure chest.
- I'm glad you're staying.
You know, we used to have pirates up here.
Big enough storm, who knows what you'll get.
Sea gives up all kinds of secrets.
- You think we're gonna be able to I.
the remains? - Hope so.
There were at least five men on board when she went down.
- At least five? - Well, James Garrick and Andy Weaver, the boat's owners, they vanished after she was lost.
Presumed dead, but nobody knows for sure if they were on board or not.
- Sounds suspicious.
- Yeah James was a drinker.
I mean, sober for years, as far as I knew, but a lot of people blamed him afterwards, especially Andy's wife, Vera.
- Vera.
Let's go find out if they were right.
- Hank? - Vera.
Vera, you don't want to see none of this.
- Why not? Is that my Andy? It is, isn't it? Damn that James Garrick.
- This belongs with you, not in no evidence locker.
- Andy won't rest easy without it.
- You go home.
Let the police do what they got to do.
- Brooke? Hey.
I picked up a shift.
I need you to watch Michael, all right? - What? No, I'm seeing Jake tonight.
- I know, honey.
- No, that's not fair.
- Okay.
You've had to take on so much with the house and your brother.
Baby, I know it's not fair, none of it, but I need you.
I need your help.
Yeah, I know.
- Okay.
There's dinner in the microwave to heat up for Michael.
Make sure he does his homework.
Uh, where are my keys? - Don't look at me.
- Michael? - Yeah? - Did you see my keys? - I didn't touch them.
- Crap.
Can you help me look, honey, please? Oh, got 'em.
Got 'em.
Brooke, babe, don't hurt yourself.
Just a minute! All right! All right! - This was Andy's.
- Hank worked for James and Andy building boats, including this one.
- Great.
So you found the wreck? - Yeah.
- Is there anything here that looks like it may have caused it? - Isn’t always a reason.
Sea takes what she wants.
- Well, that may be, Hank, but we need to know how it happened.
Should this be all corroded like this? - A year in these waters, anything metal's gonna look like that.
That don't tell you nothing.
- So you're saying we're not gonna find any answers? - I think you won't like the ones you find.
- Andy came back, did he? He explain himself, Vera? - He never ran off like you always thought, Tracy.
But that storm washed up the Honor up shore.
- The boat washed in? - Yeah, what's left of her.
And what's left of my husband, Andy, was belowdecks.
This was in his bones.
- Andy wasn't supposed to be on the boat that day.
- Well, maybe that husband of yours needed some help.
Maybe he was too damn drunk to pilot her in himself.
- That's a lie, Vera.
You know James was done with the drinking.
- So you say.
- Why'd you come here, Vera? You want to hear me say, "I'm sorry," because I thought Andy was to blame and ran off in shame? James is dead too, you know? - Yeah, well, that's a justice.
- Well, they found Andy on the boat, not James.
Get out! Get out of my house! - Is this James? Why does Vera blame James for Andy's death? - Because Dad got him killed.
- Brooke.
- Dad didn't get anyone killed.
- He killed his whole crew.
- Take it back.
- No.
- Take it back.
- Hey, hey, hey, you two! You two, to your rooms now.
Now! Brooke blames her dad, and Michael blames anybody but James.
And I blamed Andy.
I thought he'd run off, guilty, you know? I even said so in public.
But Andy didn't get away either.
Vera's got a right to be mad at me.
- Has anything like this ever happened here before? - Well, not that I know of, but I don't care.
I'm done.
We're leaving.
- Tracy, you finally have a chance to find the cause of the wreck.
- Is that gonna change anything? The way people treat me? The way they treat my kids? - Your children have been through an awful lot.
This home is the last stable thing that they have.
So why don't you let us look into this before you give up on that? - Tracy, some of the parts we found look unusually corroded to me.
Do you have any idea where James sourced his materials? - Oh, it's a global business these days.
Ask your Little League buddy.
He arranged a lot of it.
- Duke? - You and Duke were in Little League? - Yeah, James was our coach one year when he was 16.
He was good to me.
Even though I had a lousy throwing arm.
- "Had"? Yeah, I've seen you throw.
- Funny.
You know, I don't even know how he made time.
He was holding down three jobs in high school.
Got sent home once for a month for exhaustion.
- Did you know Tracy, too, growing up? - No, she moved here later.
If you're gonna ask if her family's had troubles, I don't know.
- Something freaky clearly was going on in there, 'cause those kids looked scared.
- Hmm.
- What? - Andy's body just washed up.
Oh, so now you're going ghost on me? - You were the one talking about dead pirates.
- Well, I mean, around here, you never know.
We got to do some digging.
- Just set up the meeting, Karl.
- I don't know, man.
I don't want to get mixed up in this.
- All right, look, you- Hey! You're late! When I tell you to be somewhere, you be there! - Who's this? - Hey, Kar-Karl, don't worry about who he is.
He's with me.
He's fine.
Look I want a meeting with Stoney.
- The people that you stole from, Duke- - Hey.
- The people that you stole from, you know they're gonna kill you, all right? A meeting's not gonna help.
Will you or will you not set it up? - Duke, I- - I'll pay you double the cash I gave you.
- Fine.
But It's your funeral.
- Charity work.
- You have to polish each one of those? Remind me to tip better.
- Everything that gets washed gets polished.
Duke hates spots.
- What happened at your house today, I don't know what caused it exactly.
But I think it might have something to do with the troubles.
- Troubles.
You don't believe it was Andy's ghost? - I don't know what I believe yet, but if we're dealing with a haunting- I've been searching for hints if there was anything that happened at your house or with your family.
- Hey, leave my family out of it.
- You know these things run in families.
- Not in mine.
- And they keep these things secret, even from each other.
- Secret? People talk dirt about my family night and day in this town.
I walk in that dining room and people stop talking or-or they look at me sideways and smile.
You want to know my family's secrets? Ask them! - Hey, buddy.
- He's not even supposed to be here.
We're gonna get in trouble.
- Only if you tell Mom.
And if you do, you're dead.
I'm so sick of this, Jake.
I mean, now that they've found the boat again, it's all gonna start.
I mean, you're the only one that even talks to me anymore.
- That's 'cause I love you, babe.
Jake, stop.
Michael can see.
- So? Let him learn.
- Jake, stop.
- Come on.
- Jake, don't.
Jake, stop.
Jake, stop.
- Hey! - Jake, get off! - Michael shouldn't have called you.
- Brooke's boyfriend got hurt and she took off.
I think it's a good thing that he did.
- Oh, I'm just so tired of everything.
I just want to take my kids and go.
- All right, well, first things first.
- Thing is I don't know what I can tell you.
- What do you know about poltergeists? - Like that movie? - Sort of.
They're associated with emotional turbulence.
Often a child.
Objects will move around.
- Do you think Brooke? - She was there both times.
- Yeah.
Uh, she was upset when I was going to work and then Vera came and Do you know how we can stop it? - Well, we need to find her first, so can you think of any place special that she might go? - James Garrick's boat washed up on the beach this morning.
I think shoddy materials took her down.
I'm sorry to hear that.
- Sorry because you sold him the parts? - Because it's a tragedy, Nathan.
I sold him non-essential parts.
James was a friend.
- Were you friends? Where'd he get the bad parts? - Oh, I see.
You know, Nathan, I can help you answer that question.
In fact, I'd enjoy helping you answer that question.
But I can't do that if I'm dead.
So quiet as it's kept, I need your help first.
- Ahh.
So you get caught stealing and you want me to bail you out? - I didn't steal anything.
- No? They just want to kill you for no reason? - They think they have a reason, but they're wrong.
- Five minutes with you and the Pope would find a reason.
- I told you, okay? I didn't steal anything.
I was hired to deliver a box as specified, unopened.
The recipients claim it was empty and that I stole its contents.
- Are they lying? - I think Stoney- the bottom-feeder who hired me- set me up, took the item, gave me an empty box to deliver, and then paid me with this.
- It's counterfeit.
- Yeah.
- It's good.
It's really good, but what's your plan? - Well, the plan is evolving with the situation.
- Did Michael tell you I was here? - He said you used to come here with your father.
- Yeah, that turned out to be a waste of time.
- You still have a family.
- My family? They're even more messed up than I am.
- Hey, I get that you're angry.
I saw what happened at the house.
- What? You think I did that? - No, I- I think that you were- - Acting out? Please.
I'm not a kid.
- I didn't say that you were a kid.
- No, but you're thinking that I shouldn't be angry, aren't you? - No.
- Well, why shouldn't I? He wrecked my entire life.
- Okay, listen.
I'm just trying to understand, Brooke.
I want-I want to help you, all right? Have you heard of the troubles? - You think I'm one of those freaks? - No, I think that they're people just like you, and I think that maybe you don't even know what you're capable of.
- You think you know me? You don't know me! You have no idea what I would do if I could do that stuff! No idea! But I can't! I'm not one of those freaks.
I'm nobody.
- All right.
It's okay.
I know.
It's okay.
- It's perfect, right? - Thanks.
- We work together, I get to screw Stoney, and you get to bust a counterfeiter.
- So your plan is to use me? - Oh, come on, Nathan.
We both come out ahead here.
And as an added cherry on top, I live long enough to help you with James's boat.
- If you're telling me the truth.
- It's the truth.
Trust me.
- Do you remember third grade? - I remember that you really liked the Pet Shop Boys.
- Spring.
You waited inside for me with a bunch of your friends after gym class.
You're all smiling, congratulating me.
- Do we have to do this right now? - Yep.
- Okay.
I- I-I told you that Carla Rose had a crush on you.
- I felt like I won the lottery.
- Nathan, that was 25 years ago.
- You all slapped me on the back.
Remember that? "Go talk to her.
Talk to her.
" I walked down the hall and I got up to her and I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest.
I finally open my mouth enough to actually tell her that I liked her too.
- She screamed.
- Screamed because there was blood dripping down my back.
From? - The tacks that we stuck in it.
- When you were "congratulating" me.
You had a pool going on how many you guys could stick in my back before I noticed.
- 16.
- 16? Hmm.
- Nathan, if it wasn't for me, you never would have even talked to her.
- I didn't talk to another girl for two years after that.
- I was eight years old.
- Uh, so was I.
- And so what? - So what? - You think I should die for that? - Well crash! - Mom, what's going on? - Hey! Hey! Hey, cowards! Michael? Michael? Michael? Michael, no! No.
Oh, it's okay.
- So you get a lot of natural light here with the windows.
Main living space here.
Let me show you the bedrooms down this way.
- Hey, stay out.
It's private.
- Oh, not if you want to sell it, son.
- Maybe they don't want to after all.
- Uh, I'm sorry.
This is my late husband's office.
We've kept it exactly as it is.
Michael's a little bit sensitive about that.
- Fine.
Uh, let's go.
- Oh, well, you're welcome to look anywhere else.
- No, thanks.
We've seen enough.
- Wow, Nathan.
You look like crap.
- Huh.
- Did you sleep in your truck? - Give me the bag.
- You got this? - I got this.
- Give me the gun.
And the badge.
- Good.
You still look like a cop.
Can you look more disheveled, you know? Like, maybe mess up your hair or something? - What? - Yeah, mess-you know? Just.
- Hey.
- Okay.
You know what? Just, uh, stick to the plan and I'm sure it'll all be fine.
- Yeah, makes me feel a lot better.
- Good.
- Michael had some kind of seizure last night after you called.
- His father was troubled, wasn't he? - James had them too when he was a boy.
Almost killed him.
- What was this? Was this around 1983? - His parents were desperate.
There was a woman who helped them.
- A woman? - Mm-hmm.
- Was- was her name Lucy? Was it Lucy Ripley? - He said "Lucy.
" Yeah.
Do you know her? I- I think she might be my mother.
So she helped him? - He said that she helped him hold himself together till his problem passed.
Then I saw Michael last night.
I had no idea he meant that literally.
Can you help him? Will you? - I can try.
Seems to be in the family business.
- So you must be Sheldon.
- I am Sheldon.
You're Stoney? - Not what you pictured? - No.
- I'll take that as a compliment.
So you're here to buy Duke another life? - You make that sound like a bad idea.
- Well, I have a better one.
- Like what? - Like we split what's in the bag, Duke dies, and we're all better off.
- You have no idea how tempting that sounds.
- Good.
Let's do that and then you can buy me a drink.
- I accept.
We'll split the cash.
Duke dies.
- Still buying me a drink? - Absolutely.
Something wrong? - Those bills are fake, Sheldon.
You don't think I'd recognize my own work? - Well, it was, you know- it was worth a try.
Okay, come on.
- Nobody move! You're all under arrest.
Special agent, Haven PD.
Get down.
How you doing, Stoney? - He's not a real cop.
- But I am.
Let's go.
Oh, give me the badge.
- Oh.
- You know, Haven PD doesn't have special agents.
- Oh, come on now.
You can't tell me that wasn't special.
- My dad told me it might happen.
It's like a sickness or something people in our family get.
- What did he tell you? - Just that it's like being out of control of everything.
Like, your body's moving in a thousand directions at once.
- Is that what it felt like? - Like, my mom holding on to me was the only thing that kept me here.
- All right.
And have you ever felt like that before with Vera or with Jake or- - No.
- Don't worry, Michael.
You know, you can tell me.
- I didn't.
I didn't push Mrs.
I didn't do that.
- Listen, Michael.
I know that you're just protecting your family, okay? You're ju- Hey, Michael, do me a favor.
Can you go find your mom? I need a few minutes.
- Just don't mess with anything, okay? - Yeah.
You're here, aren't you? You're just trying to protect your family.
You haven't changed, Lucy.
- No.
Lucy- Lucy was my mother.
Can you tell me about her? - Please, I don't know how long I can hold on.
Just tell my wife that I'm here.
I've been trying to let her know for months, but it's so hard to touch anything.
When I do- - You're not dead.
- Not sure there's any difference.
- You're just moving so fast.
You're vibrating.
You're sped up.
That's why we can't see you.
So everything that you touch- - They accelerate.
Fly off if I don't go right through them.
It's- - Whoa.
- It's get- it's getting- it's getting hard.
It's taking more out of me.
- And what about Vera and Jake? - I never meant to hurt them.
I- - Okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
You were just protecting your family.
- No.
No, nothing is okay.
- Come on.
Come on, James.
Hold on.
Come on! Come on.
Don't let go.
- Now tell me about the boat.
- Okay.
Have you talked to any of James's men? - Yeah, Hank Olson was poking around the wreck.
- Covering his ass.
You're looking for Sal and Nancy Fortuna.
East Haven Metalworks.
- Do you know 'em? - Hank was pushing James and Andy to throw work at them.
The Fortunas cut a lot of corners.
You understand? This won't be the only wreck you can tie to them.
- Why would James and Andy trust them? - They trusted Hank.
I'm sure he was getting a cut for steering business their way.
- Well, if he knew what they were doing, he'll get a cut of the prison time too.
- Nathan? I'm sorry about the tacks.
- Okay, so how did you survive the wreck? - I never-I was never on the boat.
- What? - Michael's project.
He got into places that we'd finished and moved on from.
Took photos of parts that I never should have had to worry about for years that were already showing signs of stress, warping, deforming.
I'd been cheated.
- Bad parts? - I was furious.
The boat was due to go out the day I discovered it.
- You had a seizure.
- I knew I had to warn- I shouted.
Nobody heard.
And I knew he was gonna- he was gonna take her out if I hadn't shown.
I couldn't stop him.
- So you've- you've been here surrounded by your family, not able to talk to them or touch them.
- I've tried.
The first night, Tracy was in the bed, looking at our photos from our honeymoon trip to Nova Scotia and she was crying.
I couldn't- I couldn't touch her.
- What are you doing? - Uh Tracy, can I- can I talk to you for a minute? - Guys, stay here.
What is going on in this house? - All right, this is gonna sound strange.
- It's about Michael.
- No, it's about James.
- James? - He's alive and he's here in the house.
- What? - He's been trying to communicate with you.
- Is this fun for you? James is dead.
- The night he vanished, you were looking at pictures of your honeymoon that you took to Nova Scotia and you were crying on the bed and he wanted to reach out to you.
- That's not possible.
- He had a seizure and it changed him, but he is still here.
- You saw him? - I touched him.
- Can I? - I think so.
- I'm sorry.
This is my partner.
I have to take this.
Nathan? - Hank Olson was a part of this.
- Wait.
Part of what? - Well, Hank hooked James up with an outfit called East Haven Metalworks.
Sal and Nancy Fortuna.
Duke thinks they're responsible for any number of wrecks.
- Well, if Hank's in on this, he'll have warned them.
- And they'll be desperate to destroy anything that links 'em.
I'm sending units after Hank.
I'll meet you at the boatyard in 30 minutes.
- Hey, I'll do you one better.
James had a home office and I'll just start there.
James, I know you kept everything, but did you have to keep everything? This is impossible.
You must be the Fortunas.
- Look, nobody wants anything bad to happen to anybody.
- Should have thought of that before you cut corners on the metalwork.
- I'll remember that for next time.
- You you said you took pictures.
Where are they? Show me.
- What's going on? Is he epileptic? - That's not epilepsy.
- Hey, Michael.
Ah! - Come on.
Give me the gun.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Michael? - What the hell was that? - Please.
I have to get him to a doctor.
- Just let them go, all right? You can- you can keep me.
What are you gonna do? Shoot four people? What's that really solve, huh? - There's no way but forward.
- What do you mean? - Place could burn down.
- Think a gas leak? - Sure.
It would take care of all those papers and the witnesses.
- Hank must have really scared you to get you to come down here so fast.
What is he gonna do, have you cover up his mess? - Just stay where you are.
- Did you cover up your other wrecks like this? 'Cause you're not doing a very good job of staying on top of this one.
- Don't worry.
Honey, fire always does the trick.
- Ah! - James! - We got Hank in custody.
- Yeah, all right, Nathan.
Yeah, they're bringing them in now.
Okay, uh-huh.
I'll meet you there, yeah.
Okay, so both of their shoulders are shattered and they're gonna be a spending a lot of time in the prison hospital.
- I don't really care about them.
Can you get him? - I can try.
- James.
- I'm so sorry, baby.
- All that matters now is that you're back.
- I'm not back.
You'll never know what it took to come this time, but it took everything I have.
- So tomorrow you'll recover.
- No.
When I'm gone this time there's no coming back.
I'm all used up, baby.
I love you so much, Tracy.
I always will.
All of you.
- I'm sorry, Daddy.
- You can't go.
You can't go.
- Michael, no, I'm not going anywhere.
You see-you see that bell over there? Hmm? Now, that was from my first ship.
And when that starts ringing, that'll be me.
I'll always be here with you, even though you won't be able to see me.
Thank you.
That's the second time you've brought me back.
All those years ago- - No, that was- that was my mother, but I'm sure she was glad to help.
- I did my best to make her regret it.
- Hmm? - When I had my seizure, I shattered a glass, and it cut her deep on the sole of her foot, but she kept holding.
Holding on anyhow till I was safe.
I always hoped that I'd get to say thanks.
It's happening.
- One, two.
One, two, three.
- Okay, come on.
Are you really gonna burn all that perfectly good fake money that you just won? - Yeah.
- You did good back there, Nathan.
I mean it.
Kept your cool.
You know There is a world of opportunity out there if you just got over this whole law and order fetish.
- You couldn't take the competition.
- Ante up.
- Admit it.
I saved your ass.
- Mm, technically, you arrested my ass.
- Yeah.
Technically, I did.
Funny old world.
- # What is it keeps me returning # # to questions I ask? # # My paper heart has been burning # - Hey.
- Hey.
- So I talked to Vince and Dave down at The Herald and they're gonna make sure that the town knows the truth about what happened.
I think it's gonna make it a lot easier for your family to stay.
I'm glad you're able to keep your home.
- Hmm.
Last couple of days couldn't make me leave.
Forget about it.
- Yeah.
- Audrey, I need to ask you something.
- Sure.
- I've been there in my house with James for a year.
But I never touched him, never felt him.
How come you can? - I don't know.
- You know, if this is your family business, you're doing pretty good.
I think Lucy would be proud.
- I should go.
See you around.
- You think I'm bluffing the call? - All righty.
Here we go.
- # I never was someone who knew what to say # # I sank to the bottom while you rode the waves # # Why couldn't you teach me? # # If only you knew how I longed for those words, # # how I longed for those words # # I don't wanna take something # # that never was mine # # or fill in blank spaces with more dotted lines # # One thing I can promise when all the smoke clears # # Just look in this window # # You'll find me here #