Haven s02e03 Episode Script

Love Machine

Previously on Haven - Duke Crocker.
- This is Evi.
- I'm Duke's - Wife? - I saved your life.
- And then you almost ruined it again.
I do not want you sticking around.
Freakish things happen in this town.
Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
Nathan, when the Chief of Police dies, people tend to notice.
- Chief.
- Sorry about this Nathan.
There's just no simple answers.
My dad was holding it all together.
I understand these people.
I can talk to them.
You're troubled, like many of the people in Haven.
And I can help them.
Haven PD.
Who are you? - Audrey Parker.
- There's something wrong with me? Well, you do have my memories.
She thinks she's you.
She's not.
- I need to know more about her.
- Lucy Ripley.
- What do you think, she your mother? - Lucy always helped those in need.
You knew my mother? Guys, go get coffee or something, okay? Give me some space here.
I hate this boat.
Come on, you hunk of junk.
How am I supposed to catch anything if a load's stuck here? Come on, you stupid boat! I can't believe this.
Stupid boat.
So, here it is.
Why the sudden rent reduction? Ah! You know, I'd just rather rent to a friend.
Especially if she's a cop.
That's a good cover for the crook you got tending bar downstairs.
You're not as nice as the blond one, are you? Hey, what's he know about us? Duke? Onlyonly what we know.
That somehow my memories are really your life.
This reminds me of a lake house some church let us use when I was 10.
It had those funny wind chimes with the old forks and spoons.
When I'd have a nightmare The sound of the chimes would make me remember exactly where I was.
But where was I really? Have you ever heard of Lucy Ripley? No.
Why? Never mind.
I found something in the book that we found at Agent Howard's house.
Its latitude and longitude.
That's near here.
It's a remote spit of land about 10 miles up the coast.
No road access.
Called Kick'em Jenny Neck.
We should check that out.
I knew you'd say that.
On my Way- There's an accident down at the dock.
It's gonna - It's gonna have to wait.
- I could go.
Well, you realise that you can't stop me, right? We know each other better than sisters.
Just be careful.
Hey, when you get your wind chimes, I'd hang them here.
There? Seriously? Yeah.
Maybe we're not that much alike.
Well, at least you have somebody to help you pick an apartment.
Speaking of, when are you gonna move into your dad's office? We weren't speaking of that.
Haven PD.
- What's - Yeah.
I think we've got everything under control here.
We'll call the Coast Guard if we need any more help, Officers.
Actually, it's Chief.
You're Garland Wuornos' son.
Sorry he's gone.
You're chief now? Interim.
So, yeah.
Okay, Captain.
Why don't you tell the interim chief here your story? Excuse me.
Who are you? Jimmy Halsey.
I own the boat and these three docks.
And the Northeast Marine Corporation.
So you're the one who's doing all the big renovations around here? That's correct.
Unfortunately, I haven't upgraded my fishing crews.
They keep mishandling my equipment, I'll get rid of them all soon enough.
Oh, yeah? I'll mishandle you, you motherless scumbag.
- I'd like to see that! Hey, hey, who's driving that boat? - What the - Whoa! Nobody.
What's going on? There's something wrong with that damn boat! It tried to kill me.
So what, now it's just trying to escape? No! It's a fishing boat, designed to pull schools of fish out of the ocean.
It's powerful.
And it's dangerous.
It just killed someone right in front of us.
Fishing boats don't kill people, they catch fish.
Look, it was a tragic accident, and I'm sorry.
But I need that boat back in operation.
And I need repair records and manifests, or else that boat isn't going anywhere.
Mr Halsey.
You are aware that Haven is a special place, right? Yes.
We have a lovely downtown, a scenic port, and the Gulf Stream brings in the finest fishing on the east coast.
Very special.
Well, Mr Halsey was no help.
Did you get anything on the captain? Not much.
People liked him.
So we have no motive and our suspect is a boat.
Let's see if this is her first of fence.
Here's everything we could find out about the Maggie Kelly.
According to the ad that Halsey used to crew her up, she's a 55-foot dragger, with a Frigi-Cool system.
Named after a Lobster Princess? It's a Haven tradition.
Little Maggie Kelly won in '98.
I thought the builder of those boats stopped production in '94.
He renamed her? See if the specs in Halsey's ad match anything from the Penobscot ship registry.
What's the big deal about renaming a boat? It's just not done.
Bad luck.
Oh, dear.
She's the Sea Star.
Well, that explains the rename.
Not to me.
Ten years ago, the Sea Star got caught in a nor'easter and sank to the bottom.
Halsey must have floated her, fixed her up.
You can fix a boat that sunk to the bottom of the ocean? I know one guy in town who can.
So that's all you know about the Maggie Kelly? She's a good boat.
Good bones on her.
Good motor.
Really scoots for a big girl, you know? And you never saw anything odd? There you go, baby.
Gonna run like a dream again.
Look, he told me everything was square with the families.
I believed him.
I do a lot of work for Halsey.
- What do you mean? - The bodies.
What bodies? When Halsey floated that boat, there were bodies.
- Still on the boat? - Still at their posts.
Went down with the ship, every one of them.
Came back up with it, too.
- Everything okay? - Sure, dove.
These officers are just asking a few questions about a boat.
You really do fix everything, Louis.
You know, I brought this to him four times before he finally got it.
Now it comes to him with his lunch.
Excuse me.
I'm Marcia Stelzer.
Have you gotten to my note about the hot stove meeting? I left a letter at the police station in that box that your father has set up.
We'll check into that.
Just give us a call.
Okay, thank you.
- May we? - Yeah.
- Hot stoves? - It's just something my father's People used to leave a letter requesting a meeting.
They'd sit around a hot stove and talk about some Troubles.
More whining than anything.
I don't want to do it.
I'm not gonna I'm gonna put a stop to it.
All right, well, a hot stove isn't gonna solve this.
So bodies still at their posts - Ghosts? Maybe the old crew, they wanna be left alone, rest in peace.
Then again, maybe they wanna drive everyone from port.
- You see what happened here? - Yeah.
- Curtis is lucky to be alive.
- Did the crane operator do that? Operator hadn't even clocked in.
That thing moved all by itself.
The ghost crew's on leave now, attacking sailors inland? Curtis, can we talk to you? You ever crew on the Maggie Kelly? No.
Never set foot on her.
So what were you doing at the docks today? I'm trying to make this place safer for dock workers, get better equipment, new maintenance crews.
You're a union organizer? Local 603.
I was working on Captain Robbie.
- Does Jimmy Halsey know about you? - Oh, yeah.
He's a big fan.
I was talking to some men about new safety equipment.
He came down and started screaming.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Halsey was laying into Robbie right before he was killed, too.
Do you think he's the one controlling the machines? He's got motive for both attacks.
He was around them both, too.
Halsey thinks that The Troubles are fake.
Well, maybe he doesn't believe it 'cause he can't control it.
Well, what if we can? Maybe we could provoke him and make him turn the machines on us.
You can't close me down.
I talked to my friend at OSHA.
That thing with the crane was operator error.
We can close you down if you have an endangered plant.
- This might be one.
- I think that is.
You're gonna shut my port to investigate some Troubles? You two are killing this town! - I'm trying to bring it into the 21st century.
Bar-code shipping will replace all of these numbskulls.
Mr Halsey, we think that you're the one that's doing that.
Mr Halsey, get out of the way! Parker.
They worked together.
They're herding us.
The machines killed him.
He's not controlling them.
Who is? Maybe they're controlling themselves.
Look at you, getting all domestic.
Yeah, well, you know, I learned it living with you.
I cleaned.
Well, I cooked.
I was fun.
You were fun.
How did you know I was up here? Bartender.
Kinda grumpy Though he did tell me you're looking for a tenant.
I'm gonna take it.
Yeah, you know, I would love that, Evi.
But, I just rented it to the Audreys.
Really? Wow! You really don't trust yourself around me, do you? Which, you know, I have to say, I find encouraging.
Let me guess, bartender told you I was up here.
Flashed a badge.
I'm gonna have to talk to that guy.
Got a minute? Yes, I do.
All right, we have totally disconnected machines killing people on both sides of the human dispute.
It began on the Maggie Kelly, and 100 yards up, a crane went after Curtis.
Two hundred yards further, they worked together to get Halsey.
So, what, it's spreading inland? Yeah.
And how long till it gets into town? I've always hated that thing.
If it comes to life, I'm a goner.
It's Marcia Stelzer, who wanted the hot stove.
You know, this is my office.
I am getting rid of this thing.
There's a hockey puck shooting machine.
It's going berserk.
It's shot through windows.
It's gonna kill somebody.
There's a place I need to go, and you're gonna take me.
- Kick'em Jenny Neck.
- That's far.
And, you see, I'm sort of a, "I do you a favour, "you do me a favour by paying me" kinda guy.
Maybe you should take a look at this.
When do you want to leave? I'm just trying to lend the girl a helping hand, Evi.
That's the thing.
I'm growing, I'm evolving, I'm What? For sensible-shoes FBI lady? Come on.
What's she got on you? Okay.
You want the truth? Try me.
You remember that run we did out of Bolivar? Yeah.
So? Yeah, well, they busted the fence, and he flipped.
The FBI lady says she's got photos of me.
But if I help her out, she gives me the file, it all goes away.
Would it help if she lost that file out of her car? It's not necessary.
I play gondolier, everything will be just fine.
Really? 'Cause you know, back in the day, we would Don't worry, Evi.
It's my problem.
I got this.
You don't get seasick, do you? I'd asked some guys to come down here to help me close up the rink for the season.
It's a miracle none of them got hit with a puck.
They could have gotten killed.
Well, when it hits me, at least I won't feel it.
Wait, Nathan.
What? I'm from Maine.
I've been hit by hockey pucks a lot.
I'm tired of this stuff happening, which is why I am moving to a houseboat in Florida.
So this has happened before? That's why I asked for the hot stove meeting.
All right, why don't you show me what's happened before? See? I think this thing is possessed.
It's been going on and off like this all week, but even when I had buyers here to look at the place.
You know, it's a player piano.
Isn't it supposed to play itself? I didn't load this song.
I hate jazz.
It's doing this by itself.
All right, well, you mind if we take a look at it? Please.
Well, at least this isn't deadly.
We've seen troubled objects before.
Taxidermy, drawings.
Yeah, but they always led back to troubled people.
Didn't know you could play the piano.
I don't.
How is this happening? You had piano lessons somewhere.
Nathan, I Audrey Parker never learned how to play the piano.
Maybe Lucy Ripley did.
It's probably best if you close up and try and stay out of here until you hear from us.
That means Louis is really gonna have to get on his game so he can get back to working on my houseboat.
Louis Pufahl works on your equipment? Well, I mean, I tell him that he doesn't have to.
But he's always fixing things for me around here.
It's sweet.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Louis worked on the Maggie Kelly.
And Halsey's equipment at the port.
Probably worked on the crane.
- Do you think it's him? - It's gotta be.
And Curtis' union would cost Louis his job.
All these things he fixes, he somehow brings them to life.
You may be a criminal, but, you know, of all the people I've met in Haven, you may be the closest to normal.
I don't know if you realise, but there is another woman around here with your memories in her head.
I'm just saying.
Are you sure that you're normal? I think I'm normal.
Yeah, I worry about work, have relationship issues.
Ooh! Tell me more.
He's a good guy.
Does that mean that our Audrey has a Brad, too? No.
No, I met Brad after your Audrey got to Haven, so You know, he doesn't even know what I'm still doing here.
He thinks I'm on FBI business.
So why don't you tell Brad the doctor? What would I say? Yeah, I know.
I have the same policy with my What was the word you used? Relationships.
What's out here? Ask me when I'm back.
Nathan, I pulled up the municipal equipment list that Louis Pufahl fixed.
It's a long list, hon I think Louis did the radio retrofits.
Did that thing hear us? Can they listen? If they can listen, can they communicate? What the hell? Louis? Louis, you here? Louis? - They lured us in.
- I guess they can communicate.
Time to leave, right? I think they want us to stay.
Nathan, in all of the attacks, the machines, they can only do what they could do, right? So we could use that to beat them.
HOW? Run! Wait until it runs out of ammo.
We gotta get out of here before this place blows.
Okay, come here.
- You ready? - Yeah! Are you kidding me? Is there anything in this town this guy didn't fix? Whoa! - We gotta get you to a hospital! - What? It's fine.
Just because you can't feel anything doesn't mean you're not injured.
They'll bleed less if we leave them in.
We gotta find Louis before his machines attack anyone else.
I thought I fixed you.
Hey, shoppers.
99 That's $49.
Gets you this TV recorder, and you never have to leave home again.
Do you hear that? Never leave home again! Audrey two! I said an hour.
What, the FBI didn't buy you a watch? Audrey! It's gonna get dark soon.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy.
It's just me, Duke.
You okay? Yeah.
All right, come on, let's get back to town.
This isn't your way of trying to welch on our deal, is it? I still need that file.
You owe me.
What file? Ah! I You know what? I knew it.
I mean, I didn't know it.
But I knew What did you think? Is this some kind of FBI trick? You know, you bond with me, we talk about our feelings, then you think I'll just let you screw me, huh? No, I don't think so.
I don't think so.
Don't forget, I'm the one with the boat.
You're not okay, are you? Audrey, watch it.
You see that? - Louis.
- Hey! Louis! Hey! What's wrong? I don't know! Something weird.
- The stuff in the house.
- Okay.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - What's happening? - It came alive! I barely got out of there! - Wait.
Your things attacked you? - Yeah.
He's not controlling them.
- What are you talking about? - Halsey threatened your job.
The things you fixed killed him.
They attacked Captain Robbie and Marcia, too.
- Marcia? Is she okay? - Yeah, she's fine.
But do you know why they would want to attack them? I don't know! I love Marcia.
She's the best thing that ever happened to me.
And Robbie, he's my friend.
He had a job for me in Alaska.
- Were you gonna go? - I was thinking about it.
Until Marcia asked me to move to Florida with her.
Louis, the machines you fixed, they're hurting anyone who would give you a reason to leave Haven.
Well, then, Marcia's in danger.
The piano.
The puck machine.
Is there anything else that you would have fixed there? Oh! Help! Help! Help! It's okay.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Please, Louis! This thing could kill her right now.
- I know.
- So why's it waiting? Hang in there, Marcia.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
It's sending a message.
Parker! - Louis, ignore her and fix it.
- What? - Do you wanna save her? - Yes! Then you need to keep it happy, all right? Your machines have killed people.
Louis, what is she talking about? Please help me.
You need to choose them.
Louis, please! Okay, baby.
I'm gonna fix you all up.
There you go.
There we go.
Louis! That was crazy! - Thank you so much! - No, no, no.
You need to stay here.
You need to stay here in Haven.
Let her go to Florida.
Louis! Louis! There's a good girl.
You didn't see anything? No.
She just Came back like that.
Do you know Do you know where you are? A police station.
Yeah, I figured that one out all by myself.
I should be a detective.
Do you know who you are? Yes.
I am lam - Oh, God, I - It's okay.
I'll tell you Your name is Audrey Parker.
You like You like matinees in empty theatres and you hate runny eggs.
What else? You're an FBI agent.
You became an FBI agent because you felt that if you could help people, help people in trouble, that you could That you could connect.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember any of that.
It's okay.
It's okay, 'cause I do.
HOW? You're my friend.
We're like sisters.
And what is your name? My name? It's It's also Audrey.
It's gonna be okay.
It's like the day we found the Colorado Kid.
None of us remember anything.
How are we gonna help her? We figure out what's really going on.
You know that.
But she needs somebody to take care of her.
I know who we should call.
- Thanks for coming, Brad.
- Of course.
A boater found her about 20 miles south on a remote beach.
Our doctors say that she's in good health.
She just, she doesn't remember anything.
Go ahead.
- Hi.
- How are you feeling? I came as fast as I could.
Brad? Yeah.
Let's take you home.
Okay? Home.
You're the first person she's remembered.
She must really care about you.
I care about her, too.
Thank you Audrey.
How'd it go with your FBI lady? Did you get your file? Yep.
All good.
Really? Uh-huh.
Got it.
Destroyed it.
Problem solved.
I stole that from her car because I thought you were in trouble.
It isn't about Bolivar.
You lied.
Evi, listen There's nothing in this for me except helping you.
It's my mistake.
You did the right thing with Audrey.
I hope so.
She's got a whole life out there.
She can't stay here in Haven.
I just wish I could have helped more.
You help a lot of people.
Is that why I'm here? Well I gotta figure that out.
The only lead I have on who I am and where I am from is Haven.
I mean, that's why I ended up here, right? I just gotta keep looking.
- Parker.
- Huh? We'll figure it out.
There's nothing here.
Because it's gone.
Something was there, though.
So, we keep looking.