Haven s02e04 Episode Script

Sparks and Recreation

Previously on Haven Duke Crocker.
Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
- This is Evi.
- I'm Duke's wife.
I do not want you sticking around.
I stole that because I thought you were in trouble The last thing Haven needs is the Rev and his self-righteous poison running things.
He wants to be chief? He wants to control whoever is.
Nathan, your father, he chose to live among the cursed.
Seek forgiveness.
- I can help you.
- I'm good.
You know, if you wanna sprint, I can just catch up.
Come on, it's the biggest game of the season.
What is it? Bobble-head Day? A boy grows up in Haven, he plays baseball for the Sea Dogs or the Cutters.
Everybody picks a side.
Been a tradition for 50 years.
Blue or Red.
- Oh, please.
- Give it a shot, Parker.
Maybe some part of you likes baseball.
Just what we need.
What? - Nathan.
- Reverend.
- Officer Parker.
- Allan.
- Heigh-ho, Sea Dogs.
- Heigh-ho, Sea Dogs.
Not a word.
I couldn't if I tried.
I think my head just exploded.
Here we go! And now to throw the first pitch, accompanied by his lovely wife Felicia, Mayor Richard Brody! Wow.
That's a popular guy.
He's a great man.
Wow! What a pitch! Yeah.
Hey! Go! Go, go, go! You're in there! What the hell are you doing, Kunkel? That kid was out by a mile.
Tag was high, and he beat it.
I had a good look.
You had a good look? I believe that's the Mayor's kid? - He's kind of a jerk.
-'Cause if you were really watching - I was watching.
-you'd have called him out! Except he was safe.
Safe! Safe! Safe! Safe! Get back to the dugout, Chris.
Come on, Kunkel! You blew the call! The kid was out! Anybody could see that.
Just admit it and we can get back to playing baseball! The Mayor's right! He's out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! What just happened? Now the Sea Dogs want their man called out? That's weird.
Probably wasn't the best call.
Come on! Make some noise! Out! Out! Out! Out! Maybe I was wrong.
He's out! If you'd have worn your glasses, maybe you would've gotten it right the first time.
What's going on? What's going on? Get them away from the dugout! Come on, guys, let's go! Everybody out! Everybody out! Let's go! Parker! Is that a part of Haven tradition? You want the scientific explanation? You got one? Massive surge of power overloads the system, blows out your lights.
Charge goes to the closest grounded object.
That'd be your backstop.
And what creates a power surge like that? That's where you might have to get creative.
I'm not looking to get creative.
Did somebody sabotage the grid? Listen, a person can't dial up 1,000 gigawatts.
You'd need an electromagnetic pulse.
Of course, then we'd all be dead.
So, like I said, you might have to get creative.
The Rev's gonna eat this up.
"Haven's descent continues.
" It'll look normal by lunch, make it work in a couple days.
You do electrical and construction? I'm Dwight.
I clean things up.
That's what your dad and I used to call it.
All right, hit the bricks.
Let's go.
Come on.
So your dad had a cleaner named Dwight.
Nothing surprises me any more.
So, a troubled person turns the outfield lights into lightning guns.
Going after a particular target? The umpire had the crowd yelling at him.
Maybe this was his way of yelling back.
He's in the hospital.
He got winged by some flying debris.
Maybe he couldn't get out of his own way.
Let's go.
Could I do without a spit shower from the guy? You bet.
But the ump always gets the last word, and guys like Chris Brody can't stand that.
Seemed like the Mayor got the last word.
How'd you feel about him calling you out like that? You think I blew up the lights? Just questions, Kunkel.
Somebody has a visitor.
Eagle-eyed Kunkel.
- How's the wing? - You're here to see me, Mr Mayor? No.
Doing a presser.
Raising funds for the new pediatric ward.
That is a great man.
Yes, he is.
Let's take a walk.
I'd like to hear that yesterday's light show was a freak accident.
Well, we are looking into the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse.
I need you to tell that to the reporters.
- Sir - Now, just a short statement on the front end of the presser.
You think you can handle that? With all due respect, sir, we're in the middle of an investigation.
And we will do everything necessary, sir.
- Attaboy! Yeah.
Are you sucking up to him for a reason, or do you just worship him like everybody else in this town? - I don't worship him.
- You just agreed to speak in public about an electromagnetic pulse that never happened.
I guess I did.
There's something weird about this guy.
Christopher, don't tell me how to behave.
You haven't spent a second in my shoes, and until you do Hello? Hello? Damn it! What's the story, morning glory? Do you guys think that electricity can shape people's thoughts? Well, the brain is just a box of wires, and thoughts are electrical synapses.
I heard that on TV once.
Maybe that's how he gets everybody to like him.
- Who's "him"? - Mayor Brody.
The way people feel about the guy, it's totally unnatural.
There he is.
I love that tie.
Excuse us.
Maybe he'll tell us where we can buy one.
- Wait.
Thank you all for coming.
It's an honor to be here on a day when we recognise the importance of Haven's future.
Let's get some help! I thought he was our prime suspect.
Dad! Nobody should have to see their father like this, especially not a great man like Chris Brody.
Chris, we love you.
- Such a great man.
- Terrific.
I can't believe it, Chris.
The Mayor.
We love you, Chris! We love you.
Let the digging begin.
Whoa! Mr Crocker.
Evi, what are you doing here? - I thought you were mad at me.
- I was.
But the FBI slips you a file with a treasure map in it, and then you lie to me? This is not a treasure map.
It has an "X" on it, Duke.
- Come on.
I made a copy.
- Did you even read the file? Yeah.
An FBI interrogation of a killer being haunted by a scary tattoo man and burying this special secret of his The secret is how this guy stopped the tattoo people before they got to him.
And considering that one of them is supposed to kill me, well, it's a secret I would like in on.
What are you talking about? I was told how I'm going to die.
- By who? - By a woman who predicts people's deaths.
And apparently, somebody with this tattoo is gonna kill me.
I'm hoping that whatever I find buried here will give me the answers about how I stay alive.
That's great.
But unless you plan on digging somewhere else, you got yourself a partner.
We can make s'mores together.
Story I heard is that Brody traded in Chris's mom for a newer model when Chris was a kid.
So father and son have never been real chummy.
electricity and popularity.
The question Not real clear what the trouble is with that Trouble.
Well, the question is, is if Chris has both.
Mr Brody! Haven PD.
- Do you need help? - Don't touch this.
I don't need any help.
I don't need a hug.
I don't need another tray of beef stroganoff.
Just go home! I hate stroganoff.
Have you heard of The Troubles, Mr Brody? You mean the side of Haven that nobody talks about? No.
Were you aware that if your father died, you would inherit his popularity? What, you think I killed him? What? No.
You think I electrocuted my own father to get these barnacled yahoos to love me? Funny.
I never pegged you for stupid.
Although I'm the idiot studying marine biology in a town where the laws of science are meaningless.
Must've been tough with everybody loving him and thinking you're a total ass.
- Parker, stand down! - What are you I would like to apologise on behalf of the entire department.
What the hell was that? Huh! That thing shorted out my watch! I told him not to touch it.
- What is that? - Didn't even feel it.
It's a sub-aquatic inductor for the electromagnetic fields created by the turbines that This means nothing to you.
Maybe you have an electrical trouble, and your sub-aqua conductor, it helps you Inductor, okay? I spent the last five years of my life working on the thing.
It's not supposed to conduct electricity.
You were at the baseball game, Chris.
You were also at the hospital.
We know that you had an argument with your father on the phone right before he was killed.
We had a discussion, which I came to the hospital to finish.
Finish how? See, 'cause from where I sit, you have a pretty good motive.
Why don't you like me? What were you arguing about? Everyone else in this town is fawning over me.
Except you.
What makes you different? The way you feel about me is the way I feel about most people.
Then why do you coach baseball? Kids aren't people.
That's people.
Would you get out? You really think I'd kill for that? It didn't seem to bother your father.
Of course not.
He was a politician.
- He ate it up.
Nathan's asking for you.
Keep an eye on this one.
Digging a hole to nowhere! Eight phones, all purchased in the last two weeks, all registered to Mayor Brody.
He didn't want people to know who he was talking to.
Mistresses maybe? Could've had a network of them.
This could be a crime of passion.
I still think that someone would kill to have this Trouble.
And while you interrogate that someone, I'm in here hiding behind my desk lamp.
I vote for mistresses.
Plus his gizmo fried my watch.
Not him.
Stan, I thought you were watching Chris.
Well, he said he had to go to his father's wake.
- And so you just let him walk out of here? - No.
Danny took him over in the cruiser.
Chris needed a ride.
He volunteered.
Isn't Chris something else? Of course he did.
We're going to a wake.
Vince and Dave Teagues.
- These guys are journalists? - Yeah.
One of them will know where Rasmussen House is.
If you can crack them, they're the encyclopedias of Haven.
It's the cracking part that can be problematic.
How problematic? Well, between them, I'm zero for three.
They're intense about the whole "guardian of her secrets" thing.
- You're on.
- Hmm.
Mrs Brody, I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you so much for coming.
It's just so lovely that Richard has so many friends.
I find it very comforting.
And I don't know what I would do without Reverend Driscoll.
He's always around when I need him.
Excuse me.
The Troubles are growing.
And you're in over your head.
Do you realise that? Allow me, Dave.
Latvian caviar, goat cheese, and some sparkling water to clear your palate.
It's a sad day.
You should indulge.
We met once.
He was supposed to be a source for my graduate thesis.
It's perfection.
Would you like to fix me something else, or shall we just skip to the part where I say no? What's your thesis about? Maine's founding families, Digby, Tolliver, Rasmussen.
Richard Brody was a great leader.
He was a pillar of this community Scorch marks in the Mayor's study coming from the outlet in the wall.
They didn't seem fresh, though.
So it must've been his wife.
Or a visitor, like a mistress.
Or Chris.
We will begin the process of healing.
This might be my worst nightmare.
How about a drink? You're in a lot of trouble, and I don't like you.
Believe me, you have no idea how great that makes you.
How about we take a walk down by the beach? I'll show you the phytoplankton bloom.
Chris! - What the hell's going on? Evi! Everybody, stop moving.
Somebody electrocutes the Mayor, shows up at his wake, zaps his wife and son, and then slips away unseen.
Or maybe Chris Brody's personality is literally electric and he did it himself.
More likely, someone has a problem with the whole Brody family.
Okay, you should talk to Felicia, and I'll talk to Chris since, you know, you can't really - Okay.
- He affects you, Nathan.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Why are you grinning? He's under your skin.
Haven't seen that before.
That's ridiculous.
He's obnoxious, and he's a suspect.
Or just a person of interest.
She is alive.
What the hell happened? You got electrocuted by a credenza.
Doctor should be by soon to check on you.
My head is pounding.
Want me to go try to find somebody now? No, no.
What happened with Dave? Well, he did a lot of eating, but not a lot of talking.
- How'd it go with Vince? - He shut me down.
The truth is I can't sell the graduate student bit any more.
I'm too old.
Maybe for all of it.
All of what? This life.
The game.
I know I hurt you, Duke, but when we were together, it was It was glamorous.
That's why I came to Haven, to get that back.
- What? - Ow! Oh, my God, my head.
Let me get somebody.
Nurse! Nurse! I've never seen those scorch marks.
I rarely went into Richard's study.
He called it his inner sanctum.
So, whoever is responsible for all this was in my home in the last few weeks.
That's a frightening thought.
Mrs Brody, you know your husband was troubled, right? We thought of it as a gift.
I'm sorry I have to ask.
Do you believe he was faithful? Richard strayed once 27 years ago, the last time The Troubles came.
But he was with his first wife then.
- He told you this? - I was the other woman.
He chose me.
You want to arrest me, fine.
Just find the nurse who said she'd take this IV out 20 minutes ago.
I'm taking on water weight here.
Got a question for you instead.
Is that a no to finding the nurse? Would you say that your father milked his popularity? You saw him at the game.
Any opportunity to take advantage of people.
Oh, Chris.
I am so sorry to keep you waiting.
I got stuck in this crisis with this first-year resident and no watch.
I promise you, I am not normally like this.
What happened to your watch? It broke.
It's just gonna be one more second.
And there we go.
And you are free to go.
You know, actually, the doctor told us that he would have his blood pressure checked before he goes.
- He didn't say that.
- You were sleeping.
We should just, you know, be on the safe side.
Of course.
Yeah, I think it's tight enough.
I'm just gonna Get this thing off my arm! - You know what? Shut it off.
- I am trying.
- Get this thing off my arm! - I am trying! I am trying! It's not working.
I'll be back.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, that's her! She's been causing this.
We're here to help.
Whatever she's got, it's getting worse.
Way worse.
- Got these from the station.
- Already under control.
Powered up a surger and a few ventilators.
Just working on lights now.
Do you want me to get a couple guys from gas and power down here? We could use the help.
You don't want them sniffing around.
But they know about the outage? I already got them set up with a downed telephone pole by the marketplace.
- Should keep them busy.
- Listen.
Your dad didn't ask a lot of questions.
Makes it easier.
Lori Fulcher is our electric lady.
She's unmarried, she lives alone, she has no family close by.
And in her desk, I found watches, thermometers, EKGs.
They're all fried.
Broken phones, too.
Eight of them.
- Did you check the serial numbers? - Yeah.
They match Brody's list.
Lori's got her Trouble, and she was the mistress.
- Now she could be anywhere.
- Yeah.
The security cameras, they all went down with everything else.
Otherwise, we'd at least have her exiting the building.
Maybe we still do.
What time are you looking for? Remember my dad's watch that Chris fried? She fried the replacement at 12:31, so let's try 12:35.
Back it up.
- That's Lori.
- With Felicia Brody.
The wife helping the mistress who killed her husband get away from the cops.
Oh, my gosh.
You cracked Dave.
And I guess it's safe to assume that you cracked Vince, who told you where to go.
Oh, don't give me that look.
I conned you, you conned me.
That was an amazing performance at the hospital.
I mean, the crying, the tears.
Believe it or not, I meant everything I said.
Yeah, I choose not.
But you do have my plank, so let me show you around.
Foggy Grog.
Today a basement of Haven's only wine shop, but years ago it was Rasmussen House.
It's kind of a unique fixer-fixer-upper opportunity.
With some unique benefits.
All right, so Felicia and Lori find out that Brody lied to them, and then they decide to kill him.
Maybe split a nice life insurance payout.
I don't know.
Just something seems really weird about that.
Just got weirder.
The van they were driving, registered to the Rev.
An arrow? To a blank wall? Huh! Give me the flashlight.
I can't see.
Come on, come on.
What is it? Doesn't exactly look like something that's gonna save my life.
Yeah, but it's gorgeous.
And probably valuable.
It's not what I came here for.
”Omnia vincit amor.
" Latin.
"Love conquers all.
" Let's get out of here.
No Rev, no Lori, no Felicia.
Pulling an all-nighter and got nothing to show for it.
Hey, did you ever get the report back on that microphone? Well, we know who we're looking for.
We just don't know where she is.
Can you just check anyway? "Examined the dynamic microphone.
Cardioid pickup.
" Wait.
"Ground wire faulty.
Shows signs of tampering.
" The ground wire gives the current a safe place to go.
Without it, all that voltage went right through Brody.
Hello? - Static? - Yeah.
Mine just crashed.
She's here somewhere.
Oh, good.
That's probably Chris.
- Brody? - Yeah.
- What's he doing here? - I texted him.
What? Why? The guy affects my decision-making, Parker.
Then trust mine, all right? We're gonna need him.
- Hey.
I just tried calling you.
- I know.
That's his plan? You're not gonna look at me? - Yeah.
- Nope.
- Works for me.
Where's the nurse? - We don't know quite yet.
She's in the basement.
- Okay, let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
If we go in there and Lori gets upset, Chris could get seriously hurt.
It's gonna be okay.
Come on.
From now on, your life is in this room, with your thoughts and the Good Book.
- You don't wanna hurt anyone else, do you? - No.
Lori, we're here to help.
- Oh, God! It's happening again! - Felicia, what's going on here? Chris, you shouldn't be here.
It's too dangerous.
She's right.
I am a monster.
I killed your father.
You didn't kill Ow! Lori, you're not a monster.
Now, if you would just stay calm, I think I can help you.
She's getting worse.
She's storing too much energy.
Tweak her again, she'll blow this whole church.
All right, I did some repolarisation work on this thing.
Great! Look what she did.
This is why I hate people.
I've still got some cables in my truck If I can get close enough to her, I could probably ground her to the lightning rod outside.
- Do you think that'll work? - I mean, yeah, sure, if you wanna bare-bones the thing.
Chris, I need you to talk to her.
If you can calm her down, we can get close enough.
Remember? She loves you.
Lori, I just wanted to ask you, are you sure you loved my dad? Whoa! Okay.
Can you just try to talk about something happier? I knew things about my father that nobody else did.
The first thing he loved was the water.
Summers for me as a young boy, we would take a skiff out into the bay.
We'd float, swim, snorkel all day.
And then when the sun would start to go down, he would always say, "Wouldn't it be great if we never had to go back?" But you have memories of your own with him, when you were happy.
She's way too amped.
Maybe we should wind her up so she overloads.
Drain the electricity out of her.
Can you try to tell me how it all started? At Richard's house.
We were We were supposed to be talking about what to do about us, and it turned into something else.
It wasn't supposed to.
And then you walked in.
You found them in the study.
And I panicked, and then it just felt like my insides exploded, and then sparks started coming off the wall.
I'm sorry.
I told you, for everything.
You said you didn't know about his affairs or the scorch marks.
I was humiliated.
She admits she killed my husband.
Why are you coddling her? Because I don't think she did, no matter what you let her believe.
What are you talking about? You can't control your Trouble, Lori.
The game, the wake, the hospital, these were big emotional outbursts.
Do you think you could really direct electricity to a single microphone? Nothing else at that press conference was affected.
No, you're lying- We have proof that someone tampered with the ground wire on that microphone.
Wait a second.
What? The Mayor was murdered, and I think it was staged to make it look like you did it.
Question is, Mrs Brody, how much do you know about electricity? She knows enough.
Chris, I was helping her.
No, you were manipulating her so you could get her to admit to a crime that you committed.
Or shame her into killing herself.
- Is that true? - No.
Is it true? How could you be so cruel? What's happening? You have no business here.
This is Haven.
Making things disappear is my business.
Come on, let the man do his job, Reverend.
Gonna get done one way or the other.
The good people of this community need to know what happened here.
Felicia drove your van, took refuge in your church.
You wouldn't want the good people to think you had something to do with this? - Or Lori Fulcher almost dying? - Is that a threat, Nathan? If I find out you knew anything about this, I'll put you in jail.
That's the threat.
How do you take care of someone like that? She needs a new start.
You know, she needs relationships, people that keep her grounded.
Sounds about right.
- Meet you at the truck.
- All right.
Having me talk to her was your plan the whole time, wasn't it? I'm sorry.
You wouldn't have come if I'd asked you to do that.
You don't know me that well.
I know that you've had a pretty rough three days.
Your dad died, your step mom was arrested.
Are you gonna be okay? I think you owe me that drink.
The phytoplankton really is spectacular this time of year.
I look forward to it.
All right.
This is a great day.
All right, boys! Come on! Let's make something happen! Brendan! Brendan! Watch the runner! Not me! I know I'm fascinating.
But I'm not important.
The runner! The runner! The field looks good as new.
I like how you strong-armed the Reverend the other day.
Reminded me of your dad.
We need people fighting for us.
We do.
I'm sorry that you didn't get your answers about your tattoo.
That's okay.
Sometimes I think I should just let it go.
Just let things be what they're gonna be.
Wouldn't it be great if we could just let things go? That's never been a problem for me.
Really? It wouldn't mean anything.
Then do it.
Come on, Crocker.