Haven s02e05 Episode Script


Previously on Haven Mr Brody, are you aware that if your father died, you would inherit his popularity and everyone would automatically like you? Everyone else in this town is fawning over me.
Except you.
He's kind of a jerk.
Duke Crocker.
- This is Evi.
- I'm Duke's - Wife? - I saved your life.
And then you almost ruined it again.
I do not want you sticking around.
What is it? Doesn't exactly look like something that's gonna save my life.
Yeah, but it's gorgeous.
"Love conquers all.
" That's no good.
Can't be any junk lying around here.
It's just a rehearsal lunch, Peter.
Go easy on the staff.
I'm sure everything will be perfect for the wedding tomorrow.
Maybe we need more staff? Biggest day of your daughter's life, Ben.
We want Moira happy, right? I want my daughter happy.
Me, too.
And I want to be a good provider.
It's important to me.
Well, then maybe you should try providing for her on your' OWN.
Of course.
But having a little state to start with would sure help.
If I can't take care of her in the manner she's accustomed, I'd feel terrible.
Can we have this yard spick-and-span for tomorrow? Thanks.
"Spick-and-span by tomorrow.
" What a jerk.
This has to be a test, right? To see how I'll react while you run errands on our first date? It's really only going to take a minute.
Don't stop.
Let's just get this over with, okay? But why? Your thing makes everybody like you.
But it doesn't make me like them back.
It'll be fine.
Mr and Mrs Crocker.
Actually, we're supplying the wine for the wedding.
What are you doing here? Apparently, if your family donates enough money, Haven PD will deliver your marriage license.
I like him, Parker.
Actually, I was just gonna drop something off and we're gonna go out for a drink.
You know, we're not going to be here for that long.
We should all go out.
We'll see.
You see why I don't want to be here? Yeah, it must be hard to have beautiful women just falling all over you -like that.
That's hard.
- Yeah.
Unfortunately, it's not the one I want.
I'm gonna go take a walk, okay? Peter, this is an enormous mistake.
Uncle Dom, you're talking nonsense.
I just can't buy your scary stories.
I love you, but I am getting married tomorrow.
That's final.
I just pray blood won't spill.
Peter Novelli? Haven Police Department.
- Is this the marriage license? - Yeah.
All righty.
Good to go.
- No.
- No? I've tried to be nice.
I don't care if she's upset.
I love my daughter too much to let her marry you.
This thing is off.
You and your family, get the hell out of my house.
Excuse me.
Come on, Audrey, let's go.
Hello? - You okay in there? What the hell? Come on, I need backup here.
Ugh, the land-line’s dead.
And what would do something like that? - Is that her? - Yep.
Looks like old money.
Maybe she'll buy the box.
Evi, we're not selling it.
Beverly Keegan is queen of the historical society.
I want to know everything she can tell me about this box.
Ms Keegan.
Would you care to sample the wine for tomorrow's celebration? You're not on our catering staff.
Uh, no.
I'm Evi Crocker.
- No, not this.
- Making you Mr Crocker? You're persistent and you're not welcome here.
But I think you may change your mind when you see what I've brought to show you.
How can I help you, Mr Crocker? Don't sneak up on someone with a gun like that.
I saw you walk into the woods with your gun drawn.
I thought you might want some help.
You're a marine biologist, not a cop.
Right now, I'm just a guy who's waiting to go on a date with a cute girl who apparently is more interested in work.
I'm sorry, Chris, but there's been a huge fight inside.
The bathroom looks like it's been ripped apart.
There's been heavy damage to the outside of the house, then this drag trail led me here.
Those are Ben Keegan's.
As your friendly neighbourhood scientist, don't touch the goo.
What do you think that is? It's organic.
Could be anything from spinal fluid to digestive juice.
You know, I got a buddy who works at Glacier National.
He says seeing a grizzly's tracks is worse than seeing the bear.
- And why's that? -'Cause that means the bear can see you.
Told you he'd still be here, Vince.
We're taking pictures of the Keegan rehearsal lunch for the paper.
Ben Keegan said that you were gonna bring the marriage license over.
You can ride with us.
Dave, this desk could get me there faster than that van of yours.
Anyway, Parker and Brody just left, they're dropping it off.
Chris Brody? Really? They're on a date? Date? No, I don't think Parker's up for dating.
She's a lovely young woman.
So poised and quite a figure.
Audrey's got way too much going on to start dating.
Uh-huh, are you sure about that? Uh, give Ben my regards.
Even back then, an object like this must have had value.
Correct? I'm not negotiating, Mr Crocker.
Neither am I, Ms Keegan.
I'm not here for money.
Simply your wisdom.
Now is there anything that you can tell me about this box? Stories? Legends? Powers? It's a box, Mr Crocker.
Exactly what powers could it have? Ms Keegan, your family has been here forever.
You know exactly what I mean.
Well, I've seen work like this before.
Late Colonial.
Regis Glendower or someone from his shop.
Okay, then why was it hidden inside a wall? Because it's a lovely piece.
I'm sorry.
As far as I know, it's just a box.
It must be worth something.
It is valuable.
I'm sure, dear.
You just have to find an interested buyer.
Which is a possibility.
Okay, so I saw Ben and Peter fighting earlier.
I want to go talk to Peter.
Don't mind me.
I'm just waiting for my date to get done with work.
Just don't make eye contact.
Well, what are you still doing here? Actually, I'm looking for Ben Keegan.
I saw you two fighting earlier.
Um, what were you two fighting about? We were not fighting.
Just discussing.
Stupid stuff.
What time the DJ could put on something bumping.
Seemed like more of an argument than that.
Were you and Dad fighting about the land again? It wasn't a fight.
And it's our future, honey.
We don't have a lot of time.
Can we just cut to the chase, guys? Oh, sure.
Can we get you anything? No, no, I just want to know what you guys were fighting about.
You're our guest.
- Actually, I'm not.
- Well, you are now.
Hey, someone brought in a kick ass Bordeaux just for me.
Let's have some.
That's not what I had in mind.
You know what? Me neither.
All right.
Excuse me for a sec, thank you.
All right, listen, this whole Chris Show thing.
This isn't really working out.
So just trust me on this, all right? Sure.
Thank you.
All right.
What were you saying about land? My Aunt Beverly inherited this timber land when she was a little girl.
And Peter wants my dad to ask her to give us some of it.
Which really isn't her business.
Look, we're getting married tomorrow.
This is a private event, and I really don't want to spend it answering questions.
I understand.
Can you do me a favour? Can you keep them here? I need to go talk to somebody.
And watch him.
Can't you pass this on to someone else? The phones are down.
This is a fluid situation, Chris.
Be fluid.
Worst date ever.
Peter has Moira's heart.
As long as he's got that, Ben'll bargain with him.
There are ways that Peter could have hurt Ben without him necessarily knowing about it.
Peter has his troubles.
But not that kind.
Really? Because I heard you tell him today you pray that blood won't spill.
I was talking about marrying a cheat.
If someone has disappeared, why don't you go talk to them? Why? They tried to kill me a long time ago.
The Keegans are trouble.
Not my family.
Not the Novellis.
How did they do that? Oh, my God.
Daddy! - Peter! - What happened here? The force needed to rip a body apart like this is huge.
No human could have done this.
- How did you find him? - Just heard a noise and I came over here.
And you let Moira see him like this? She must have followed me.
Dom Novelli had scars like this.
He said the Keegans did it because they were troubled, but This is Ben Keegan.
Are you suggesting he did this to himself? All right.
So he was tied up and dragged here by someone or something.
What is in these woods? Breaker 1-9.
Breaker 1-9.
This is Dave the Destroyer.
Anybody got their ears on? Come on.
Dave? Baby Bear, Baby Bear.
We're lame, come on.
Where are you guys? A three iron from the Keegan farms is our 20, over.
- What happened? - Guess.
Be quiet.
Baby Bear, we got some bubbling civilians in the soup.
Can we get an ETA? Over.
Guys, I'll come help you one more time.
But only if you stop talking like that and get off the air, right now.
Copy that, Baby Bear.
These birds are gonna roost.
Over and out.
All the guests just left.
- I told you this would happen.
Okay, it's not safe here, all right? We need to stick together, and we're going to caravan out.
Chris has gone to check the barn.
I'm gonna go check the house.
Where is Ben's body? That's not important right now.
Well, it's important to me.
- To us.
- Why? Why is it important to you, Peter? - What? - Do you have something to hide, maybe? - No.
Of course not.
- What is it? Did Daddy say no? Yes, but that's not why I asked.
Okay, right.
So you killed him.
You killed him so you could beg from my Aunt Beverly yourself.
What? How can you even think that? I knew you were greedy, Peter, but this is crazy! Moira, look at me.
I didn't kill him.
He's dead and I didn't get anything.
So how's that good for me? - Oh, God, I hate you.
- That's not what I meant.
- I hate you! - No, listen to me.
- Quiet! Just quiet! I'm out of here.
No, hey, wait.
It's not safe! Okay, everybody go to the barn.
Go! To the barn.
What the hell is going on out there? Listen.
We all just need to stick together, okay? That will never happen.
I don't understand you people.
Why do you do this? - Us? You're the - Hey, stop them.
This is happening because you're here.
You know better than that.
This isn't the time for this, guys.
But we're not doing this.
- Lady, listen - She's crazy.
I told Peter he'd be a fool to trust any of them.
What is out there? Okay, listen.
Everybody just relax, all right? We're gonna be safe in here.
No, we're not.
If the kind of force that attacked Ben focused on this building, it's gonna destroy it.
Not later.
Back of the bus, gramps.
Let me give it a try.
You know, it might be time for a new vehicle, or a towing service.
What the Shut the door.
Fast! Somebody help! Tell me you have a plan.
Why would I need a plan? I've got you.
That's true.
Yeah, I wish.
You know what you could do, actually? Could you get up high and see if you can look outside? Yeah, I can do that.
Thank you.
Oh, wait.
That's Beverly Keegan, right? - Yeah.
- Can you tell me about her? Rich.
Not terribly happy about this wedding.
- Why is that? - Maybe she's not a romantic.
Maybe somebody broke her heart.
I think she's pissed because she's rich and she's not allowed to write her own cheques.
What are you talking about? We tried to sell her an antique we found.
- Uh-huh.
- Even though she owns all the Keegan land, we had to wait for her nephew, Ben, to write the cheque.
Apparently, he holds all the purse strings.
Well, at least he did.
Well, maybe she wants the purse back.
Chris, do you think you could distract her? In case you didn't notice, I tried to help a couple of times today.
It only made things worse.
Yeah, but we just need to keep everybody calm.
No, what we need are chainsaws, heavy equipment, maybe some industrial weed killer.
You think the problem is plants? No.
The problems in Haven, they come from people.
I know this town has a lot of human aberrations.
I am one.
But if you want to understand them, you don't hold their hands.
You observe what they do.
That's science.
That's how you learn.
So you think they're a science project? Like me, because I'm immune to you? Oh, come on.
Don't make this about you.
No, I'm not making it about me, okay? I just wanted you to help that poor girl.
And I am.
By trying to find something we can use to get out of here.
It's not something.
It's someone, all right? In Haven, it's always someone.
That's how we're going to get out of here.
This is like the part in the movie where you say, "Don't go in there, you idiot.
" Yeah.
Tell me about it.
This wood is warped.
Help me find something I can pry this open with.
You know you've changed, right? Just looking out for other people, and taking one for the team.
It's It's nice.
Thank you.
I think.
You know, I can change, too.
We don't have to keep doing this.
I mean, you tell me you want to go and we're gone.
No more Haven, no hustle.
No regrets.
It's not that simple.
There's this little town in Mexico called Barra de Navidad.
We could live on the beach.
The money from the box would keep us for a few years.
Let me think about it.
That's why we yell at the movie screen.
The vines tore the antenna off.
I can't get anything.
Your emergency supplies are a disaster.
You got a hockey stick, three old flares, can of clam chowder.
- You guys ever see anything like this before? - No.
Though there was a story, about a couple hundred years ago.
This part of Haven being Given up to the wild.
Maybe this is what that meant.
You really don't mind that Audrey went to this thing with Chris? Not really any of my business.
Just seems like, maybe, there's something between you two.
That's not really any of your business.
Well, Haven's full of secrets, son, but that's not one of them.
She's just going out for a drink.
If she's stuck out there with him, it's more than that now.
Crises pull people closer.
But you already know that.
If she's even there.
We had to be close behind her.
We're stuck here on the only road in and out.
She's still there.
I hope she's okay.
She'll be fine.
Because we're gonna go get her.
HOW? Well, maybe your emergency supplies aren't such a disaster after all.
Your nephew controlled all of your money and now he's dead.
That makes you a prime suspect.
You can either talk to me now or you can talk to me when you're in jail.
Jail! What makes you think we're not gonna die right here? This has happened before, all right? I want you to tell me about it.
Why would you think such a thing? I spoke with Dom Novelli.
Dom Novelli is a liar.
Okay, listen, if you keep this up, we all are going to die here.
It happened when I was in high school.
- There was a fight.
- A fight? Out on Route 4.
Between Dom and my brothers.
My brothers caught him in a lie.
And then he did things, things like this.
He attacked them.
He killed my baby brother! Damn it! That's a lie! Oh, really? Then how did my brother die? I don't know, Beverly.
I do.
You did it! Audrey! Don't move.
- I guess I am better than a plan - Yeah.
I think I have one now though.
I think I've got it.
It's the hate.
- That's what's causing all this.
- What? Ben was fighting with Peter.
Peter was fighting with Moira when we got chased in here.
And now Beverly and Dom are fighting.
It's the hatred.
The plants use it.
They're attracted to it.
But it has to be between the Novellis and the Keegans.
Yeah, they feed on that.
And then they feed on us.
We need to get the families to stop hating each other.
That's a good idea, but they've been at each other's throats for generations.
How are we gonna do that? Equal and opposite reactions.
It's Newton.
I know, I just don't think physics is the answer here.
It's not.
Love is the answer.
Trust me.
Didn't we start this day with a bride and groom? - No.
- Moira, he didn't kill your father.
But what he said afterwards.
He was only after the land.
But if you could find it in your heart I can't.
I can't! This building can't take much more of this.
I'm sorry.
I should have listened to my father.
- And he warned me.
- He warned you about what? About the Novellis.
He told me how Aunt Beverly's brother died.
Okay, I need you to tell me exactly what happened.
Dad took me to a piece of land we own.
Packham's Point.
Right where it happened years ago.
He just showed me a tree and he said that this tree killed Beverly's brother.
I thought that it was all nonsense.
Thank you, Moira.
I just need you to hang tight, okay? I think I know what happened.
You were in love, in love with Dom.
That's a lie! Come on, Beverly.
Sometimes people fight because there are other things that they don't know how to express.
Dom didn't attack your brothers, Beverly.
Do you think that he would have done this to himself? Your brother lied to you.
Why? Why would he lie to me? The same reason that Peter wants to marry Moira, for your money.
- What? - He was afraid that if you got married, that he would lose control of the property, and he would lose control of you.
Why were you meeting her that day? We were eloping.
You mean you were really there? You weren't running away? I went out to meet you.
But somehow, your brothers found out about it and tried to run me off.
They attacked me.
Or I should say that we were all attacked.
Because we were fighting.
I tried to save your baby brother, Bevi.
But that damn tree just hit him so hard.
Dom, I'm so sorry.
I've done it all wrong.
But now you have the chance to do it right.
We think that your love might be able to push the plants back.
That is if If you have any left for one another.
Never went away.
I've missed you so much.
Okay, I need everybody to stay close to Dom and Beverly.
And if my theory is correct, - they'll part the plants and we can go through.
Let me in.
Parker, let me in.
Are you okay? How did you get here? This.
Pushed them back enough to get by.
I got Vince and Dave out, and I came back for you.
But it took two flares to get here, I've only got one left, so Nathan, you know what? I think we got it.
So, wait.
This trouble goes back to twins? The Novellis had twins generations back, and each twin got half the family curse.
And then one of the twins married into the Keegans.
So now you need someone from each side to make the trouble happen? Like epoxy.
Or peanut butter cups.
Thanks, guys.
I have some work to do.
Good night.
You okay, Nate? Just busy.
About Audrey, don't wait too long.
Good night.
I can't leave.
You don't understand.
It's not about you.
No, I understand just fine.
It's the blonde cop.
It's not about Audrey.
No, please don't con me.
- It's not her.
- I've seen the way you look at her.
It's not her.
Then what is it? Why are you even here? It's my dad, okay? I'm back because he made me promise that I would come back here if The Troubles ever returned.
- Why? - That's a fantastic question.
The old bastard made me swear.
And then, he died.
Telling me why? Well, that never happened.
I am in this up to my eyes.
My dad never seemed to care about anything else I did.
But this I don't know why.
But I have to find out.
So I can't go with you.
I'm sorry.
- Hello.
- Yeah, it's me.
His dad never told him.
Then we have to keep pushing him.
Do you like them? They seem to like you.
That's funny.
Let me just go ahead and put these in some water, okay? Yeah.
- Nice.
- Thanks.
Wine? Sure.
This place is a lot nicer than where we were gonna go.
What? This.
It's nice.
I like it.
- All of it.
- Thanks.
Your immunity to me, that's not why I asked you out.
It's really not.
Okay, so why did you, really? I observe.
That's what I do.
It's what I've always done.
It annoys people, but that's what I do.
And here's what I've observed about you, Audrey Parker, you are amazing.
The way you pitched those flowers, the way you threw together this dinner after we had the worst date ever.
That's really not that amazing.
You got two people who've hated each other for over 50 years to fall in love again today.
I'd say that's pretty amazing.
But what's more amazing is that you can make a cynical jackass like me believe that there are people in this world worth knowing.
Well, one, anyway.
I want you, Audrey, because Because you're you.