Haven s02e06 Episode Script

Audrey Parker's Day Off

Previously on Haven Haven is a special place.
Run! We gotta get you to a hospital! - It's fine.
- Just because you can't feel anything doesn't mean you're not injured.
You help a lot of people.
Is that why I'm here? I can talk to them.
You're troubled, like many of the people in Haven.
And I can help them.
Mr Brody? Were you aware that if your father died, you would inherit his popularity? Chris, we love you.
Everyone else in this town is fawning over me except you.
He's kind of a jerk.
Your immunity to me, that's not why I asked you out.
I want you, Audrey.
I'm sorry.
Did I wake you? I thought we were going to sleep in.
It's my day off.
I know, but I made plans.
Surprise plans.
- You did? - Of course, but if you'd rather stay in bed all day Not all day.
I just have one little piece of official police business, but after that, I'm all yours.
Don't let him see you, all right? 'Cause I don't want the third degree, and you don't want a new best friend.
(30, go, go, go.
Go, go.
Hey, Parker! It's the fourth of the month! Rent's due! Great.
New tenant's a deadbeat.
That's what you get for trusting law enforcement.
Career day? That's your official police business? What, did you lose a bet to Nathan? Rock, paper, scissors.
- Only take about five minutes.
- All right.
Hey! Whoa! - Watch it! - Sorry.
He doesn't even have a helmet on.
We could barely identify them, even with the dental records, but the key to the operation were the synchronised explosions, as well as the 14 hidden snipers, which is why the Ramirez cartel didn't even see us coming.
And And why You should never You should never, ever, ever do drugs, okay? How about we move to questions? Anybody have any questions? Uh, yeah.
Is that a real gun? Yeah, it is a real gun.
- Can I shoot it? - No, you cannot shoot it.
Anybody else? Sure.
- Have you ever broken the law? - No.
Hey, how would you guys like to meet Haven's only marine biologist? Wow.
Come on.
I especially loved the part where you went on for a half an hour about the endangered tidewater mucket.
If they're going to blindly love me, at least they're going to learn something.
Oh, there's a tree down on Route 27.
- I wish that - Hey, hey.
The world's not going to end because Audrey Parker took a day off.
And had a picnic with me.
Cops do still like doughnuts, right? What is this about? It's about the fact that I'm supposed to be in London at a symposium, securing funding for my new algae study.
- What? - I figured I'd use my new talent to really rake in the grant money.
But you have given me a reason to stay.
Okay, I'm really sorry, Chris.
The picnic idea, that's so sweet, but I got to go.
- You'll be able to find a ride, though, right? - Not a problem for me lately.
Hey, Nathan.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- No.
You don't want to see this.
A kid? Oh, my God, what happened? Poor kid.
Paramedics couldn't do anything.
I'm sorry.
Did I wake you? I know you told me to let you sleep in because it's your My day off.
I don't really know what's happening.
Well, when a man and a woman care about each other very much I'm sorry.
I'm just having deja vu, or it's a really vivid dream.
Okay, let's go.
Taco man.
Hey, I thought taco day was yesterday.
No, 'cause taco Mondays don't rhyme as well as taco Tuesdays.
Actually, they don't rhyme at all.
You're not trying to get out of paying your rent cheque, are you? Rent.
Right, rent.
Chris Brody? What are you doing here? Here you go.
I get it.
You're helping her break in the new apartment.
Don't you break his heart, okay? - Do you like waffles? - Actually, we were just leaving.
- Audrey's got a thing at 10:00.
- I'm gonna make you waffles.
- No, it's at 10:30.
- All right, fine.
You can stay, too.
- Yeah.
No, no, no, no, stay.
No, really.
I got a guy who gets me the best maple syrup.
Career day? That's your official police business? What, did you lose a bet to Wuornos? Okay, this is weirder than weird.
Whoa! Watch out! Hey, hey, no, no.
Stop, stop right there.
Are you late to school every day? It's my first tardy.
You need to wear a helmet next time.
All right.
I like that.
Um, I am a police officer.
I used to be an FBI agent.
How about we just skip to questions? - Yes.
- Is that a real gun? Yeah, it is a real gun.
And, no, you can't shoot it.
And, yes, I have broken laws.
But it's only been in very complicated situations when I have carefully considered the consequences.
How did you know I was going to ask that? How about we meet Haven's own marine biologist, Chris Brody? Oh, wow.
- So you lived this day before? - Yeah.
You're stuck in my second favourite Bill Murray movie.
I know it sounds crazy, but I can prove it to you.
Today a tree is going to fall on Route 27.
Is this some kind of ploy to work on your day off? I'm serious.
At noon, someone is going to die.
I'm listening.
There was a small green tennis shoe.
It had blood on it.
And And you said a kid was killed.
Did I say what happened? An accident, medical emergency, a crime? The paramedics came, and when I went to go get more information, bam, it was today, again.
- Today doesn't feel different to me.
- No, of course not.
As far as I can tell, no one else is experiencing this.
It's just me.
- It's strange, but - Not totally.
We know you're immune to The Troubles.
Maybe that's why you're the only one who can see what's happening.
Do you think someone's trouble is doing this? - Maybe someone connected to the little girl.
- Could be.
Okay, we need to find the owner of those tennis shoes.
There's a tree down on Route 27.
Come on.
If we go now, we can get ahead of this thing.
The incident happened around here, as far as I can remember, but so far, there's nothing out of the ordinary.
Hey, Parker! Parker! Hey, I'm going to have to hit you back.
- What are you doing here? - Well, I normally do payroll tomorrow, but I figured I'd come and cash a cheque which you conveniently forgot to sign.
You know what? You really shouldn't be here right now.
I know.
I hate payroll.
I hate banks.
But I do love money.
You seem stressed.
I figure after last night Oh, wait.
Did Chris Brody not Thank you.
Excuse me.
I'm a police officer.
I was wondering, can I check your shoes? - Why aren't you in school? - Half day.
All right, thank you.
- Hey.
- Parker.
I got nothing.
I don't know, maybe just by being here, maybe we stopped it.
- Parker, you can't - We need help! - Duke? Audrey.
Did anybody see what happened? You weren't here before.
You weren't here The rent cheque.
Did I do this? Ambulance is on the way.
No, you can't die.
Don't die.
Yeah, yeah.
I--- Shut up.
No! What about the green shoes, huh? It wasn't supposed to happen this way! - What's the big rush? It's your day off.
- I got to go.
I got to find Duke.
After last night, all you can think about is Duke? Oh, hey, Parker, it's the fourth of the month.
Good morning.
I'm sorry.
It's just really It's really good to see you.
Why are you looking at me like that? - Just - Chris Brody? What are you - You and Parker? - Yeah.
I got to tell you, I mean, I'm just honoured that you would choose my place of business to Express yourselves, physically.
I mean, love happens.
- You're staying for waffles.
- No.
No can do, man.
I made plans for Actually, Chris, that is a great idea, all right? You hang out here with Duke.
Have waffles, share doughnuts, and just promise me, okay, that you won't go downtown.
And, you, I will pay you your rent tomorrow.
No problem.
Have a good day.
How do you like your maple syrup? Dark amber? Or light? This better not be a ploy to work on your day off.
You're just in time.
Here, watch.
That couple, they're going to start fighting.
I was a little bit late.
Good eye.
I'll talk to them.
- Don't want a domestic - No, they'll be fine.
Look, a jogger.
- She makes it.
- Makes what? And a kid on a bike, no helmet.
- You're stuck in my second - Second favourite Bill Murray movie.
See? We had this conversation.
- And Duke died? - Yeah.
Would have been something to see.
You know what? You were there, and you were pretty upset about it.
So this time, I didn't give Duke the rent money.
And Chris is there.
He's keeping him busy, so Duke will be safe.
So whose trouble is this? Well, at first, I thought it was the victim's, but the victims changed, and then Duke died.
Maybe it's the driver, doomed to relive the moment they kill somebody.
Yeah, but it was a hit-and-run driver, okay? We don't even know the driver, and the accident didn't happen in the same exact spot.
Well, we know the general area.
We know the time.
We set up a checkpoint.
- We catch the driver.
- No.
We'll find a way to stop this.
But what if this happens again? - And then you forget everything I've told you.
- Then you'll tell me again.
Why did you bring me to school? Because I can't check every kid for green shoes by myself.
I've never seen so many kids' feet in my life.
Well, even if the victim changed, we still had to cover our bases, you know.
It was worth a shot.
And you're in the area where you found Duke? Yeah.
It's all clear.
Remember to keep your eyes peeled because the accident happened right after the church bells at noon.
Not making many friends, but it's pretty quiet around here.
Maybe it's not going to happen today.
I'm okay.
Nathan? I'm Nathan.
All right.
Can somebody call 911? We have an officer down! Beige sedan, male, older, medium build.
I didn't get a plate.
This is kind of strange.
I'm not going to let you die, okay? Do you understand me? Stop it.
Do you understand? I'm going to fix this.
It doesn't hurt.
The only thing I feel is you.
No! No! Oh, thank God.
Wow, I guess I did something right last night.
Hey, you're hurt.
What happened? Everybody else resets, but I'm still hurt.
That means I keep my injuries, so if I die No, you're in shock.
We got to get that looked at.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
I think I think I might be the only one that can stop this.
If something happens to me, then this might never end.
We could be stuck in this day forever.
- Okay.
Here's your shirt.
- Thank you.
What's going on? 'Cause that stuff you were saying I'm sorry.
I don't have time to explain, all right? I know that you made plans, and I wish I could do that picnic thing but I can't.
I need you to do something for me.
- I'm going to hate this, right? - Definitely.
Okay, okay.
- Chris Brody.
- First, I'll get you your rent tomorrow.
Second, yes, Chris and I are sleeping together.
- Yeah.
- Third, don't do payroll today.
- I hate payroll.
But you know what I do like? - Money, yeah.
- I was going to say, Chris Brody.
- Okay.
Okay, Chris has something that he wants to tell you.
Thank you.
- What's up, Chris? - I hear you make a mean waffle.
- The secret is in the maple syrup.
- Right.
Come on, I'll show you.
Blowing off career day.
Since you're here, can you I'd just give it a minute.
What? - And then, I died? - Yeah, but something else happened.
I got hurt.
And it's still here today.
I was helping you because you had been Yeah, and But obviously, you know, you're in one piece.
But I'm still hurt.
Which means that if I die, then Then I die.
And if that happens and What is it? Is this an endless time loop? That's not going to happen.
Let's find our hit-and-run driver.
All right, I've got the schools looking for kids with green shoes, just in case.
What else? Started setting up checkpoints, which didn't work.
Department's looking for beige sedans.
We're booting or impounding every one we find.
We're going to get that driver.
There's one last thing.
Every time I try to stop the accident, I change things and people die.
It's like the butterfly effect, and I'm the butterfly.
That means you don't go downtown.
No way.
But we're already changing things by talking about them.
I've already seen you die once.
If that happens, and we don't get a repeat Please.
Haven PD.
We're asking people to stay off the streets.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
So far, the patrol cars haven't spotted any beige sedans on the perimeter, and I'm asking people to clear the streets.
You wouldn't believe how many cars we booted today.
I'm not making fans as the interim chief.
I know that you hate this, but thank you for trusting me.
Just promise you'll clear out in time.
- I don't - I know, all right? I'll be safe, okay? Promise.
Down by 10 at the bottom of the eighth, Boston comes back from the brink.
- Final score, Boston 11 New York 10.
Outstanding play by - Grey Gull.
- Hey, it's me.
If you're looking for your boyfriend, he just missed the most amazing Red Sox comeback of all time, and I don't even like team sports.
He left? Hey, I tried to stop him, okay? I begged.
I think I even said the words, "I need you.
" - I actually feel kind of awkward about it now.
- I got to go.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Be there.
Be there.
And here I am.
- You can't be here.
- I know.
You're at work, but you'd be proud of me.
I went into a store with people, and I got you a new bandage, some hydrogen peroxide and get-well stickers.
- Please, you need to leave.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, here's the deal.
You're weird.
You wear a gun, you wake up with mysterious wounds, and I'm okay with all that.
But you got to tell me what's going on with you.
I will, okay? I just can't tell you here.
I'm so sorry, but I need you to leave, all right? Okay.
Today wasn't supposed to be like this.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Sir? Haven PD.
We need you to clear the area.
I'm sorry I Okay, just Can you wait? Wait right here, please.
Thank you.
Okay, I think we're okay now.
Four, five One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
Do you need help? Here, let me help you, okay? Let's go.
Very good.
Hey, Nathan.
I think I think we may have stopped it.
- Yeah.
Chris! Chris! No! I'm so sorry.
How did this happen? This is my fault.
I made you cross the street.
You were at the school.
Arguing in the car.
You've always been there.
- Are you crying? - Chris, I need you to listen to me, all right? I need you to keep Duke here.
Neither of you can go downtown.
There are things that I want to tell you, and I just can't.
I'm sorry, but this is the only way I know how to do this.
Do what? To end this day.
Once and for all.
Excuse me.
Sir? I need to talk to you.
Did my ex-wife call you? She's been threatening to take away custody of our daughter.
I was supposed to pick up my daughter this morning, drive her to school to surprise her.
It's her birthday, and I screwed it up.
I can't believe she got the police involved.
No, it's okay.
Just slow down.
Look, yes, I know that I was late, but it was an emergency.
I forgot to do the light switch three times, so I had to go back.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Tell me your name.
Anson Shumway.
Are you okay, Mr Shumway? Aside from being questioned by the police? I'm sorry.
I've been diagnosed with OCD.
- Obsessive compulsive disorder.
- Yeah.
I have to get things exactly right or terrible things could happen, and it'll be my fault.
- Mr Shumway, I need to tell you something.
- There you are.
Forgetting your daughter on her birthday.
- I didn't forget.
- Okay, just Here.
Mrs Shumway, can I have a moment, please? Can you tell me about what's going on with He's sick, and it's making him neglectful.
I have a responsibility to look after my daughter.
She's turning eight today.
She's starting to see that her dad isn't like other dads.
This may sound strange, but does Jeanie own a pair of green tennis shoes? No.
Why? Okay, that's good.
Helmet! Every time a helmet! Damn it.
We have an hour.
Every deputy is looking for Anson Shumway.
We got an APB on his vehicle, flagged his credit cards.
We could just close downtown.
Checkpoints, they don't work.
Okay, what about the car? We boot and impound No, I already tried that.
He got a different car.
It was a blue one.
The accident happened later, but it still happened.
Well, at least At least this way, I know what car we're looking for.
No, I am doing things different this time.
Anson Shumway, he's the key to stopping all this.
His trouble's causing the day to repeat.
Anson may not be responsible for the accidents, but I think his OCD makes him feel like he is.
So his guilt I think his guilt is what triggers his reset.
So he goes back to the beginning of the day to make it right, but when he goes back, he takes it all with him.
And you're the only one who knows it's happening.
So you're the only one that can stop it.
Lucky you.
I have been up for five days, or whatever these are.
I have seen my friends die, and I was almost killed the last time.
What if I fail, huh? What if this thing, it just keeps on going? That's not going to happen.
That's what you said the last time.
Well, I bet I meant it then, too.
Chief, Shumway's credit card got a hit.
Portside Sporting Goods.
- What'd he buy? - They're sending through a picture now.
I know what he bought.
Green tennis shoes.
I think I know what happened.
Anson wanted to see his daughter on her birthday, and he wanted to surprise her with the shoes.
His OCD is what kept him from crossing the street.
Jeanie must have seen her father.
She crossed the street alone.
She was his first victim.
Unless we stop this, she's going to die all over again.
Was anybody able to warn Berta or Jeanie? No, school's already out for the day, and we've been trying Berta's phone.
She's not picking up.
We'll find them.
Thank you for trusting me.
This may be my last chance.
Parker? Parker, are you still there? I found Anson Shumway.
Be careful, Parker.
L got to go- Mr Shumway, I need you to get in the car with me now, please.
You can't harass me, all right? - I have every right - This is about your daughter, Jeanie, okay? She's in a lot of danger, and we don't have much time.
I can't.
I Come on.
This isn't going to be easy to understand.
I'm causing the day to repeat? Anson, you're troubled, all right? I think that you see the accidents, you think that they're your fault, and then you try to keep everybody safe.
But your affliction, it keeps us in an endless time loop.
Yeah, look, I'm aware that my condition seems irrational, but I'm not crazy.
I know the difference between what's real and what isn't.
It's just You ever have something bad happen, and you think about the what-ifs? - Yeah, everybody does.
- Imagine that times 1,000.
I feel I feel responsible for everything all the time.
It's just torture.
I think that your OCD makes you feel responsible, but you're not.
You're saying I let Jeanie die because of my condition? No, I'm saying that if you can control your OCD, then you can keep her and a lot of people safe.
Maybe you're the crazy one.
Are you willing to bet Jeanie's life on it? Okay, Mr Shumway, we have got to go.
If I can get to your daughter, then I can protect her.
But you need to stay here, and you need to tell me where she is.
She's at the ice cream shop with her mom.
How do I know you're telling the truth? Right about now, the Red Sox are going to come back from a 10-run deficit to beat the Yankees.
Then the church bells are going to ring, a car will come, it'll be out of control.
And whoever gets in its path will be killed.
Boston in their incredible rally, overcoming a 10-run deficit to beat New York in what will go down as another I'm not asking you to believe me tomorrow.
I'm asking you to believe me today.
Thank you.
We'll call you.
Officer Parker.
- What's this? - A birthday present for Jeanie from her dad.
- From Dad? - Yeah.
He wanted to be here, but he's helping me with official police business.
You can talk to him, though.
Control it.
Control it.
- Hello? - Dad? Thanks for my present.
These are just the ones I wanted.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
I wish I could be there with you.
You probably figured out that, um, your dad hasn't been feeling that well, and I want you to know I'm sorry.
I know why you do these things, Dad.
I just wish you didn't have to.
Me, too.
I want you to know that I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep you safe, sweetheart.
Jeanie, you can be free.
You can do whatever you want to in this world.
Never forget that, okay? I love you, Dad.
I love you, too, Jean-bean.
And tell Officer Parker that I believe her now.
And I know what I have to do to save everyone.
Anson, you need to stay in the car.
Whatever happens, don't leave this store.
Oh, no! No, Anson! No! Please.
Please reset.
Please reset.
Come on! Come on! It was an elderly man driving the car.
The doc said he was just confused.
Couldn't tell the brakes from the accelerator.
The more scared he got, the more confused he got.
Did you find out why he was driving that blue car that one time? His wife's.
He must have taken it when we booted his sedan.
That's probably why that accident happened a little later.
I should have been able to save Anson, if I'd just had one more chance.
No, he made his choice.
You can't save everyone.
But that's why I'm here.
What Anson did saved his daughter's life and this town.
He did what he had to do.
He got the world moving forward again.
I failed.
You could never fail me.
Love that Chris.
What a guy - What? - Chris is troubled.
You don't look at him, you don't get all man crush.
No way.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
- Now you tell me? - Hey, no judgements.
He's a handsome guy.
Yeah, shut up.
- Sorry about the guy downtown.
- Yeah.
Nathan said you tried to save him.
Something like that.
Okay, we don't have to talk about it.
You know, I had this whole romantic day planned for us.
But we can do it some other time.
What, you're never going to get another day off? I don't get days off.
So, what are you saying? What about London? What about that grant money? I didn't think I mentioned that.
You should go.
It's your work, and it's important.
You can't give that up for me.
See you when I get back? Definitely.
Are you okay? I'm sorry.
It's just been a really long day.
Come inside when you're ready, okay? Yeah.
- Really, guys? Really? - Mm-hmm.
The only way it's gonna work.
- That's how it has to be? - Yup.