Haven s02e07 Episode Script

The Tides That Bind

Previously on Haven - Duke Crocker.
- This is Evi.
I'm Duke's wife.
Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
I'm hoping that whatever l find buried here will give me the answers about how I stay alive Doesn't exactly look like something that's gonna save my life.
What is it? -”Omnia vincit amor.
" -"Love conquers all.
" The good people of this community need to know what happened here.
The last thing Haven needs is the Rev and his self-righteous poison running things.
He wants to be chief? He wants to control whoever is.
Nathan, your father chose to live among the cursed.
- Seek forgiveness.
- I can help you.
- You help a lot of people.
- Is that why I'm here? I can talk to them.
You're troubled, like many of the people in Haven.
And I can help them.
- You can't save everyone.
- But that's why I'm here.
- I need to know more about her.
- Lucy Ripley.
What do you think, she your mother? I am Lucy.
Cold and dark below the foam They wait for us, but never alone The sea is dark, the sea is deep Down below is where they sleep Cold and dark below the foam They wait for us, but never alone Let me go! Stop! I don't want to! Please! No! The sea is dark, the sea is deep Down below is where they sleep Cold and dark, below the foam They wait for us, but never Supper's ready- Lucassi said he found the body on the beach early this morning.
Lucassi? Nathan.
What you got? Came out to do some clamming.
Found this instead.
I already got a liver temp.
- He's been dead about 10 hours.
- Who is he? I don't know.
I was about to check for some ID.
Well, we've seen that before.
There's no wallet.
Just this.
He had a wife, maybe? Yeah, or a girlfriend.
Either way, someone who can ID him.
I got something else.
This handwritten note.
Not much left.
"I'm sorry to leave you like this.
I know it will hurt, but I can't go on.
" Suicide note.
Wouldn't be the first guy around here to go for a one-way swim.
Maybe this woman can tell us why.
I heard you pulled a body out of the water near Benny's Cove.
What, are you worried he left an open bar tab? No.
Actually, I'm more concerned about the tattoo he had on him.
How did you know he had a tattoo? Truce! Do you know him? No.
Who is he? If I knew, then I wouldn't have asked you.
- Nobody recognises him? - Nope.
Nathan, I need to know who this guy is, okay? What if he's the guy who's supposed to kill me? Duke, if I find out anything pertinent relating to your imminent demise, Then I will let you know.
I found out the woman in the keychain photo is Mary Collins.
I guess she runs the soup kitchen at Reverend Driscoll's church.
Reverend Driscoll's involved? - Out, now.
- Okay.
And stay out of this or you're gonna be asking your cell mate what he knows about tattoos.
You hear that? What do you think of that? Leith's been on edge the past few weeks, but I can't believe You sure it's him? Uh-huh.
We found the body this morning.
Leith had a rather unusual tattoo.
Family thing.
Not just Leith, a lot of the Glendowers have it.
Did Leith give you any idea what may have been bothering him? Why he'd commit suicide? Money.
He knew things were tight for us.
I mean, even though we weren't together any more, he tried to give me money for me and Daniel.
Our son.
He's only 10.
How do I tell him that his father's dead? The Glendowers live in a compound beyond the outskirts of town.
There's no paved roads in or out.
A lot of people are afraid to even go there.
You make it sound like Leith's family's some kind of cult.
A lot of people around here think they are.
My dad would drive out there, check on them every once in a while.
I even went with him a few times when I was a kid.
- Are they troubled? - My dad never said anything.
Not that he would.
The school said Leith didn't drop Daniel off at school.
I tried calling Daniel's cell phone, but he wasn't picking up.
You don't think that Leith took Daniel and they're both dead? Okay, when was the last time that you saw Daniel? Yesterday.
Leith dropped him off at his family's place for the night.
Daniel likes hanging out with his cousins.
He's been going back and forth until Leith and I can settle custody.
I need you to stay at home in case he turns up there.
Listen, don't worry.
We're gonna find him.
It's not what I expected.
Back when I would visit with my dad, there were always tons of kids my age running around.
Well, maybe they're in school.
No, they were all home-schooled.
I always thought that was kind of cool.
Maybe Daniel feels the same way.
- It's been a long time.
- Cole.
We were sorry to hear about your father.
This is Officer Parker.
This is Gwen and Cole Glendower.
It's nice to meet you.
Why are you here? We found Leith on a beach outside town.
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
Looks like suicide.
Suicide? Are you sure? We found this on him.
Can you tell me anything about it? No.
Mary said Daniel was here.
We've come to take him home.
Daniel's place is with us, now that his father's died.
We'll tell the poor boy what happened.
That's up to his mother.
No, Mary can't take care of Daniel.
That's why we were trying to get custody.
We? I thought that was Leith.
Leith was a Glendower.
Where's Daniel? And for that matter, where are any of the children? I thought you home-schooled, right? I'm not gonna ask again, Cole.
Where's Daniel? We're not answering any more questions.
Your father was a friend to us, but it's time for you both to leave.
Either you give us Daniel, or I'll get a warrant.
And we'll have officers crawling over every inch of this place.
Well, you make sure you have that warrant next time I see you here.
We're looking for Daniel.
Is he here? You can't have him.
Daniel is one of us now.
Let's get it together, guys.
Reverend Driscoll is helping me.
We're going to get Daniel back.
I thought I told you to wait at home.
I couldn't just sit there.
The Glendowers do have Daniel.
Look what he texted me.
He sent it with a message, saying that he wants to live with them and the other boys now.
Those people have brainwashed my son.
You shouldn't have involved Reverend Driscoll.
He's helping me get my son back.
No one is going out to the Glendowers.
You are trying to protect the scum of the earth.
What do you think you know about the Glendowers? I know they're the kind of filth that should have been cleansed from this town years ago.
- You don't wanna do this.
- I want my son.
You know how they feel about outsiders.
Storming over there with a lynch mob isn't the way.
I know you don't get along with Leith's family, but they're Daniel's family, too.
He's gonna need them with his dad gone.
They started this.
Well, I'm sure they're upset about Leith, too.
Let's do this the smart way.
Pack it up.
Mary wants you all to go home.
All right, guys- We're not gonna wait forever, Nathan! That boy's soul is at stake.
I'll call you when I have him.
We need to find Daniel.
The Rev and his men are this close to going all Mad Max on the Glendowers.
I think I know why he's interested.
I found a case in 1983.
A woman went missing.
Penny Driscoll.
The Rev's wife.
The suspect in the case, your dad's prime suspect, Cole Glendower.
Why did the chief think Cole was involved? The report doesn't say.
But then three days later, she was killed in a car accident.
The Rev thought it was murder, and your dad didn't pursue it.
If the Rev thinks Cole's responsible for his wife's death, that would explain why he's looking for a fight.
If we don't find Daniel, he's gonna turn that compound into a battleground.
Then I say you and I go out there tonight and we take an unofficial look.
Last I checked, breaking and entering was a felony.
And last I checked, The Troubles weren't covered in the police manual.
Look, I I wanna do something, but I'm the chief now.
I can't just If the Glendowers are troubled like most of the people we've met, they might not even know about it.
And if something happens to Daniel, something happens to those other children, and we could have stopped it? We'll never forgive ourselves.
If I say no, you're gonna go out there anyway, aren't you? Come on.
I bet you look good in black.
Let's go.
This one's locked.
Picking and entering.
Wow, that's better.
Hey, none of the other houses we searched were even locked.
There's gotta be a reason this one is.
Hopefully, Daniel is in here somewhere.
What'd you find? The reason Cole and Gwen freaked out when they saw me.
They knew Lucy Ripley? This man here? That's my dad.
Chief knew Lucy? Why didn't he say anything? Sounds like someone forgot to turn off the water.
It's Daniel.
Daniel? Are you okay? Get away from the boy! - What are you doing? - What needs to be done.
Move! Both of you! Back under the water.
Daniel Stop right there! Get away from him, Cole.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
You're the ones hurting him! Daniel.
Come here.
- Let me help - Let me go! - Let me help you.
- Daniel, stop! Stop! - Let me help you! - No! No, wait! Nathan, let him go.
Why? I think that he needs to go back under the water.
All right? Please, just Trust me.
It's okay, Daniel.
Lie down.
It'll be all right.
I thought you were gonna make me dinner.
Body washed up on the beach today.
Guy with a tattoo.
Really? Did it say, "I heart Haven"? So, who was he? I don't know yet.
But I do know that somehow he's tied to Reverend Driscoll.
Well, maybe he knows what that symbol means.
Oh, I'm damn sure he does.
The last time I asked him, he just got all cryptic with me.
Like, religious cryptic? Jackass cryptic.
We don't exactly get along.
But he hasn't met you yet.
Daniel can only breathe air for short periods of time now.
- He's transitioning.
- Into what? For generations, when The Troubles come, all Glendower men, young and old, lose their ability to breathe air.
How do you live? We migrate to the sea.
The children are affected first.
They need to breathe water for a few hours every day as they change.
But with Leith, if this was happening, how could he drown? He may have panicked, gone into the sea too soon.
It's why centuries ago, we realised that on the ebb tide of a new moon, we had to all go into the water together.
Our unity triggers the final transformation.
- Did my father know about all this? - Yes.
At first, we assumed you did too, both of you.
Because you recognised me.
You thought that I was Lucy.
But of course, that's impossible.
Lucy would be in her 50s now.
Daniel has to stay with us.
The change happens in two days! Why didn't Leith just tell Mary what was happening? He was too afraid.
She follows Reverend Driscoll, and he believes that we're all evil.
Particularly you.
- He thinks I killed his wife.
- Why? He discovered we were having an affair.
But I didn't kill her.
Your father knew that, but Reverend Driscoll isn't a man to let anything go.
Or anyone.
It was 1983.
The note we found on Leith's body You had seen it before.
Because you wrote it.
Look at that handwriting.
It matches the note.
"I'm sorry I have to leave you"? You were saying goodbye.
To whom? To my first husband.
I wanted to explain, but I was too afraid.
I never gave it to him.
But I knew he'd never stop looking for me, so I found another way.
Like faking your own death? You're Penny Driscoll.
The Reverend's dead wife.
The boys, they're all gone.
They've been kidnapped.
I found some tyre tracks from a truck down by the cove.
Whoever took the boys must have gone out that way.
Driscoll has them.
He probably plans to cure them.
- He hasn't had much success with that lately.
- No.
By tomorrow, the boys won't be able to breathe air.
If we don't get them back, they will all die! Edmund Driscoll was certainly never an easy man to live with.
At first, it was an intensity I was attracted to, but once we came to Haven, that passion I thought I admired became so dark.
An obsession.
- The Troubles.
- It brought out such a terrible anger in him.
I knew it was a matter of time before he turned it on me.
- He didn't abuse you, did he? - Not physically.
It was more subtle than that.
I was young, naive.
I thought that if I just tried harder, the man I first met would come back to me.
But he never did.
Cole was so different from Edmund, so kind.
When Edmund found out I was having an affair, I actually thought he'd kill me.
Hey, Reverend.
Miss Ryan.
- I told you, call me Evi.
- Evi.
Listen, if Reverend Driscoll has the children, we're going to have to reason with him.
There's no reasoning with Driscoll Never was.
Well, then we need to convince Mary to help us.
She's not gonna want to watch her son die.
She believes what Driscoll taught her.
Better dead than cursed.
We'll go to Driscoll, make him give us our children! No, the Rev has men of his own.
He'll be ready for you.
Simon Crocker? They killed my dad? - What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? - What is this? - What? Oh, this is It's my grocery list, I was gonna go to the Uh-huh, and the Rev's just storing it in his office for you.
You know what? Boys, not now.
We think the Rev might be involved in a kidnapping.
Do you have any idea where he is? I know exactly where he is.
Thank you.
Reverend Edmund Driscoll.
You're under arrest for kidnapping.
- Don't even think about it.
- All right, guys, stop.
Let's find out what this is all about.
This is about taking those Glendower boys from the compound.
Glendowers? I haven't been anywhere near the Glendowers.
I've been right here all morning.
Actually, he has.
The boat was late.
Yeah, thanks for telling me.
Thanks for checking your messages.
Oh, right.
See, my really good friends, they call me Evi Crocker.
Then Mary has them.
- Where is she? - I have no idea.
- What's happening? - Evi! Evi, get off the dock! - Where'd they go? - You gotta help Get him out of here! Quick! Get him out of here, quick! Give him to me! Sorry But I saw him first.
- He has our children.
- No.
He doesn't.
You're just saying that to keep him alive.
No, Cole, I'm trying to help you.
You said you trusted my father? Well, you need to trust me now.
The men are drowning.
They're drowning! Let them go! Let's go.
If our children die, for as long as we're underwater, the beaches and docks of this town will run red with your blood! Now you see the kind of people those You don't wanna know how close I was to letting them take you.
Mary's called him three times in the past hour.
She wanted to meet with me.
She didn't say why.
You told Mary about the Glendowers' affliction and what would happen to Daniel and the other children.
She deserved to know.
So she took the children.
Where? Well, I would be happy to punch him if you won't.
When I was talking with Mary earlier, she said there was a barn just outside town.
The farmer there lets the food bank store supplies there.
You're gonna talk to Mary.
Tell her to give us the kids, tell her you were wrong.
No, I'm not gonna do that.
Then you condemn those children to death.
The children are so weak they're barely able to stand, Reverend.
Please come here soon.
Everything will be all right.
Reverend Driscoll will be here soon.
You shouldn't have tricked us into coming here.
You lied.
I know I did, honey.
But I had to.
You'll understand someday.
I don't wanna die.
You are not gonna die.
I would never let anything happen to you.
Dad said you wouldn't understand.
That you wouldn't love us if you knew.
Dan, that's silly.
Because I love you so much.
And when Reverend Driscoll cures you, everything is gonna go back to normal.
You won't have to leave.
None of you will! But what if he can't, Mom? Then I will find somebody who can.
A doctor maybe.
There's got to be someone.
I'm not gonna lose you.
You have to let us go back, Mom.
Please, just do it for me.
Daniel, stay down.
All of you, just stay down! Stay away! I have a gun! Great.
She's not gonna use it.
She's desperate though, and that's unpredictable.
Maybe we can go around back.
We don't know where she's hiding the kids, okay? We don't wanna put them in the line of fire, just Mary? Mary, please, we just want to talk.
I will only talk to Reverend Driscoll.
- I'm here, Mary.
- Please, Reverend! Help us! The children are sick! I'll be right there, Mary.
You want me to get her to release those children? - I want something from you in return.
- Surprise.
I want to see you both at Sunday services.
I want the town to see that we stand together.
Not a chance.
Well, then I'm not going in there.
All right, Mike, bring 'em up.
Penny? Hello, Edmund.
Is this some kind of trick? No, it's really me.
All these years, I thought you were dead.
- I did what I had to do.
- You left me? And our daughter? - You think I wanted to leave her? - Just so you could be with that Man! Cole may be troubled, but he's still a man.
A human being like you and I.
And no amount of prayer or hurting innocent people is going to take The Troubles away.
You only say that because you don't believe.
Yeah, you never believed.
What I believe, what I know, is that these children didn't harm or do anything wrong.
And if you don't get Mary to release them, they'll die.
- Even you can't want revenge that bad.
- This isn't about revenge.
Yes, it is.
You've convinced your followers, you may even have convinced yourself, that you hate the cursed because they're evil.
You hate them because your bigotry that drove me away.
What you decide to do here today isn't about The Troubles.
It's about you.
It's me.
We have to go in.
They screwed us.
I know it.
Thank you.
That was really brave.
Oh, Mary would never have shot me.
No, I meant convincing her that this is about more than just prayer.
You're right about that, Officer Parker.
The time for prayer is indeed over.
But a good shepherd always finds a way to save his flock.
Are you sure? Thanks.
Bangor just sent over Leith's autopsy results.
There's no water in his lungs.
So he didn't drown? No, and some bruising came up.
Looks pre-mortem.
Leith was murdered.
Thank you again for your help.
Don't thank us yet.
Leith's death wasn't a suicide.
Cole murdered him.
How did you know? Daniel told us that he saw Leith and Cole arguing that night.
That Leith had told him he had found a way to make sure his mother had money until they came back.
What he didn't tell Daniel was it was blackmail.
Leith was gonna sell your note to the Rev, tell him where you were, offer up the note as proof.
Driscoll would have come when I wasn't here to protect her.
He would have turned the town against all our women.
How could any of them have survived? I'm so sorry.
It's all my fault.
No, it was my choice.
I had to keep you safe.
But you can't take him to jail.
Bringing him in would be a death sentence.
I know that.
You'll stay on the compound.
Stay safe.
And I'll wait for you.
No matter how long it takes.
I know you thought you had good reason for killing Leith.
What you did was murder, Cole.
And when The Troubles are over, I'll come to you and pay for my crime.
But until then, you'll watch after my family? Keep Driscoll away? Yes.
Can you tell me about Lucy? Lucy was only in Haven a few months.
Garland Wuornos would've known more, they worked together.
Helped people who no one else could help.
Did she say anything about where she was going after she left Haven? No.
Just like she appeared one day, she was gone.
It was a few days after the Colorado Kid murder.
I have a picture of her there on the beach where they found him.
It was the only time that anyone ever saw her cry.
Wait! Before you go, you need to tell me.
Your tattoo, what does it mean? When Reverend Driscoll and others like him come for us, there are those who will fight.
Do you know me? Do you know why they want me dead? All I know is you're being watched in case you decide to follow in your father's footsteps.
Is that why one of you killed him? Simon Crocker.
Do you remember? I don't know who killed your father.
But if you wanna stay alive, I suggest you stay out of his business.
Are you sure we're doing the right thing? After everything you've seen, you can even ask me that? - I know - You're sure Duke doesn't suspect anything? No.
He fell for me getting you away from the church, didn't he? And now that he knows his father was murdered you've got him.
Your uncles and cousins are gonna take care of you.
- I'm not scared.
- Good.
'Cause I'm gonna be here.
And I'm gonna love you, and I'm gonna think about you every minute until you come home.
I'll miss you too, Mom.
Come on, Daniel.
It gets easier.
Let us help you, Mary.
It's beautiful, in a way.
But it's so sad.
They don't even know how long they'll be gone.
A whole family just split in two.
United by secrets.
I wanted to learn more about the chief.
There's so much he didn't tell me, so I didn't even know the right questions to ask.
Gwen also told me that your father and Lucy helped a lot of troubled people.
Looks like we've been following in their footsteps without even knowing it.