Haven s02e08 Episode Script

Friend or Faux

Previously on Haven Duke Crocker.
Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
- This is Evi.
- I'm Duke's wife.
"Love conquers all.
" Why are you even here? It's my dad, okay? The old bastard made me swear that I would come back here if The Troubles ever returned.
And then, he died.
Telling me why? Well, that never happened.
- Duke doesn't suspect anything? - No.
And now that he knows his father was murdered you've got him.
All yours, Brother.
Breakfast? I made pancakes.
I didn't make enough.
I think I've found what we've been looking for.
After I deal with it, we'll have steak.
It really hurts my feelings when you do that.
Now get the hell out of the car.
There's someone I need to kill.
You want these up here? That'll work.
Don't worry about it.
Ain't a party till something gets broken.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
No problem.
Let me just pay for these, 'cause, you know, you've been so cool with the whole job and the extra cash and I don't want your money.
You doing okay? I think I might be in some serious trouble.
You just have to promise that you won't tell the cops.
I won't call the cops.
I promise.
I saw something.
What do you mean, you saw something? I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see.
Out at the Everwood.
The Everwood? That place is abandoned.
What were you doing out there? How can I help you? A single malt.
An old one.
I can do that.
Thank you.
Now I want a pina colada.
Unfortunately, - my blender is broken.
Mr - Do you have a name? - Yes, I do.
Do you have a kid working for you? No.
Not lately.
A kid named Henry? - Henry - Henry.
I knew a Helen once.
A Henrietta.
But no Henry.
If you don't mind me asking, why are you looking for this kid? If you don't know him, why would you care? Fair enough.
You know what? I think I may have an extra blender around here.
Let me just check.
I'm sure that I saw it down here.
Get ready to run.
I apologise.
I can't seem to find it.
How about another scotch? No.
I don't like liars.
Liars are cowards.
You know what, friend? I think it's time for you to leave.
But I'm not gonna pay you.
If that's the price of you leaving, I can live with that.
Henry, I'll be waiting for you outside.
What the hell do you want with Henry? None of your business.
Take your hand off me, or one of us will get hurt.
That's another thing I can live with.
Henry, run! Are you okay? Yeah, it's just a few bumps.
Yeah, he's doing his too-cool-for-pain thing.
Course he is.
All right, so who'd you piss off this time? Maybe he pissed me off.
- Is that a possibility? - Yeah, it's the least likely.
- You got a name for me? - No, I don't have a name, but all you have to do is go look for a guy in a suit with a bullet hole in his right arm.
Anything else? He liked to spin a coin on my bar like a dreidel? I gave you the license plate number, now it's your job to go and find him.
Duke, you're not telling me everything.
I am secretly afraid of bananas, I've never been windsurfing naked, and deep-down in my heart, I know that Bigfoot is real.
Hey, Nathan.
All you missed is Duke not telling me everything.
- I take of fence to that.
- I'm sorry I missed it.
So the plates are registered to Cornell Stamoran.
He's the vice president of the Maine Associated Bank.
- Did you rob him lately? - Can I get a break? I'm injured.
I told you guys everything I know.
All right, let's go find Cornell.
And you are not done.
I expect to see you down at the station for a statement.
I can't wait.
I'm sorry I was late.
This paperwork, it's crazy.
I wish we could keep just one set of files, you know.
Sometimes editing the troubled out of our official reports, it feels like half my job.
Well, that's why the selectmen pay you the big bucks, Chief.
Hey, hey, hey.
I see what you're thinking.
Just take it easy, let them do their job.
And I'm gonna do mine.
Just because your boyfriend sent it to you from London isn't a reason for you to eat Vegemite.
Well, millions of Australians would disagree with you, and that's not why I'm trying it.
I'm trying it to make sure that I don't like it.
Listen, if my memories are not my own, just because I remember not liking Vegemite doesn't mean that I don't.
You lead a very complicated life.
Tell me about it.
- Cornell Stamoran? - Yes.
Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs, please.
Why? What? There must be some mistake.
We have a report that you were involved in a shooting earlier today.
I've been home all day.
No weapons.
No injuries.
I told you, I was home.
In fact, I can prove it.
I was on the house phone with my assistant most of the morning.
Call her.
Did you let anyone use your car today? - What's going on? - Okay, can you show us your car, please? - Is that your car? - Yes, it is.
Plates match.
He's headed for the Everwood.
Duke, what are you doing here? Can we discuss this later? - It's the guy from The Gull! - That looks like Cornell.
He couldn't have beat us here.
I don't think that's him, look at his arm.
He's dead.
Are you okay? I'm really good, thanks for asking.
- Who is this guy? - Cornell Stamoran.
Yeah, but the Cornell we were just talking to wasn't wounded, I checked.
Do you think he has a twin? - What are you doing? - I'm checking him for the tattoo.
Why? The tattoo is some kind of symbol for a secret society of troubled people.
- And one of them wants to kill me.
- I get that.
But why? Why are you here? I'm guessing it has to do with why you were lying to us earlier at The Gull.
-- Look What was that? Where the hell did he come from? - Wait, what are you doing? - Henry's in there.
Oh, great.
There's a Henry he hasn't told us about.
It's Duke.
What do you expect? - What is this place? - Everwood Resort.
It was gonna be a big deal about 10 years ago, then the developers ran out of money and just left it.
It's a maze.
We should leave breadcrumbs.
You guys saw that, right? I mean, it wasn't just me.
Wasn't just you.
This guy dies, then another one shows up in his place? Could be Cornell.
So was it Henry you were lying about at The Gull? You know, "lying" is such an ugly word.
But, yeah, I lied.
Henry's the kid who's been working for me.
He said that he witnessed something here one night, and no, I don't know what he saw.
What makes you think Cornell's looking for Henry? That's why he was at The Gull.
He was looking for Henry, not me.
I promised the kid I wouldn't go to the cops.
Somebody's trying to kill a kid, and you promised him you wouldn't go to the cops? Seriously? All right, I see your point.
Maybe you shouldn't be giving me a hard time, and instead calling for backup.
This doesn't seem to be a guy who dies easily.
No backup, too many witnesses.
Like no one in Haven knows what happens in Haven.
Well, maybe they do, but I don't want to give the Rev any more ammunition.
Those look like Henry's clothes.
This must be where he's crashing.
- It's not bad.
- Really? What? I've stayed in worse.
A man can make his castle anywhere.
Yeah, a man can.
But you said Henry's a kid, right? He's older than I was when I was on my own.
He's smart, he'll figure it out.
Yeah, if we can find him before Cornell does.
Yeah, I think we can do that.
In all my castles, I always had a real good hiding place.
You can come out, it's all right.
It's okay.
They're my friends.
You can trust them.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I'm okay.
That guy just came by here, though.
I heard him.
Henry, we need to know what we're up against.
Is there any reason you can think of for why he's chasing you? Henry, tell him.
- He killed someone.
- Who did? The guy that came into the bar.
I've been sleeping here for awhile, and they came in, arguing.
He shot him.
So I screamed, and they saw me.
Go! - Who was this guy? - Or guys.
I know this place.
We have to go right.
- Move! - Your friends, they left! They can take care of themselves! Nathan, Duke and Henry are gone.
- Go.
- Yeah.
Did you see where they went? No.
We must have gotten separated.
Drop your gun, now! I don't have a gun.
On the ground, now! Oh, thank God.
Thank God you're here.
You have to help me, please.
- They won't stop coming.
- Who's "they"? I'm the original Cornell.
What do you mean, you're the original Cornell? I knew this day would come.
If you let me stand up, I'm gonna show you something.
Something you're not gonna believe.
In the next room.
Okay, here.
I didn't know what else to do with them, so I put them here.
No one ever comes to this place.
This is them.
My Copies.
Who are they? - What are they? - I don't know.
I just keep thinking about them as my copies.
They seem to have all my memories.
They look exactly like me, but I can't control them.
They just showed up one day, and they won't stop coming.
- Why did you kill them? - What else could I do? I tied one up, and he escaped.
They only have one thing in their mind, to kill some guy named Henry.
How am I supposed to deal with this? I was just trying to stop them.
- You don't know who Henry is? - No.
The only thing that I know is that my copies want him dead.
I don't know why.
Did you kill one of your copies here at the resort? Yes.
The first one.
- You think that's what Henry saw? - Maybe.
You believe me, don't you? Why would we believe you? You lied to us earlier at the house.
What was I supposed to tell you? Oh, it's not me.
It's a guy that looks like me, "that keeps coming back to life, wearing my clothes.
" Okay.
Fair point, but why did you bring them here? I didn't know what else to do with them.
My bank keeps the account for this place.
I knew no one ever comes up here.
You can't imagine what it's like to kill yourself.
It sounds insane, even to say it.
Okay, if he's the original Cornell, that means that the copy's still out there somewhere.
So we need to find Duke and Henry, now.
Don't have a signal.
I need to get upstairs.
There's only one way in here.
You should be able to keep safe.
Be careful.
My copies are the worst part of me.
You picked a hell of a place to squat.
Yeah, I mean, it's out of the way.
Figured no one would find me.
Yeah, kind of wish that had worked out better for you, don't you? Yeah.
Is anybody else looking for you? Nobody with a shotgun.
Hey, how come you never asked me why I left home? What? It was none of my business.
When my mom left, my father and I, we got along for a while.
Now he barely even notices me.
He didn't even try and stop me when I left.
Well, fathers are tough.
Look, my father, he had a whole other life he didn't tell me about.
Leaving my family behind, that was the best decision I ever made.
Come on.
- Come on, man.
Let's go.
- No, I can't.
You go.
Henry! Henry! Damn kid.
- Please don't hurt me.
- Hands where I can see them! You have to help me, please.
Where's Audrey? - Is that your partner? - You were just with her.
No, I just got here! I live 10 miles away.
You were there.
Oh, my God.
All right, we're gonna wait one more minute for Nathan, and then we're going after him.
Sounds perfect.
Yeah, I'm sure he's right around the corner.
I'm gonna go check on Nathan now.
You sure that's safe? Leave the coin.
The coin gave me away, didn't it? I really need to get rid of it.
Which way? - I don't know.
- Really? That was pretty good, huh? "What else could I do?" He's so easy to imitate, you know? I just do me, and take out the cool parts.
So how does all of this work? You know what's in his head? I have all his memories, but the balls are mine.
So you're a copy.
Not a copy.
A better version.
You and I actually have something in common.
I have somebody else's memories inside my head, too.
- Come on.
- No, it's true.
Never thought I'd have something in common with the worst part of someone.
Do you ever wonder if you're real? Why would I want to do that? Does that bruise on your leg feel real? Unfortunately, yes.
If we have somebody else's memories, then what makes us, us? You think too hard.
What's funny? My best friend, Brenda, used to say I think too hard in the sixth grade.
Except for that she wasn't really my friend, 'cause I never met her.
She was somebody else's friend, not mine.
Do you have a best friend? Okay, I'll play.
Matt Werner, my best friend, until he accused me of taking the silver dollar his grandfather gave him.
Huge fight, still pissed.
Well, see, now you can let that go, because he didn't fight with you.
- He fought with Cornell.
- Hmm? But he was right.
I did steal it.
I used to keep it hidden in my drawer.
Not any more.
It's hard being a copy, isn't it? I mean, every night I have to make myself forget everything that I'm not, and every day I gotta figure out what I am.
- What makes you real.
- Yeah.
Who wants to be just a copy? You know what the best part is, though? The best part is that the woman whose memories I have, she went to Quantico, which means she learned how to do this So the whole talk was really just to distract me? At the beginning, yeah, but then, no.
When I kill you, eventually, I'm not gonna be happy about it.
But it's not going to stop me.
Nathan? Where the hell are you? - Can I help you, Selectman? - Looking for Chief Wuornos.
Is he around? Out on a call.
Something I can help you with? That's all right, I'll leave him a note.
Sure thing.
Henry! Henry! This better be important.
I mean, like ending-apartheid, cure-for-cancer important.
Sorry, I couldn't take the chance that I'd lose it.
- You didn't have to come back for me.
- Yeah, well, it was on my way.
- That is what you risked our life for? - It was my father's.
He got it in Iraq.
He told me that, you know, it would watch over me on the road.
You said that he didn't stop you.
Well, not so much didn't stop me as couldn't.
No! I was hoping you had gotten out of here.
Yeah, so did I.
- Are you okay? - We're fine.
Where's Nathan? I don't know.
We're lost.
- I would feel better with a gun - Well, that makes one of us.
Just keep close.
Where are you? The Cornell you're with is the copy.
Yeah, I know.
I cuffed him to a pipe, so he shouldn't be going anywhere.
- Your copy's cuffed to a pipe.
- Oh, thank God.
Let's get out of here, please.
- You meet me in the atrium? - Copy that.
Don't say "COPY" The atrium.
Come on.
This is gonna sting.
This way.
This way.
- Do you smell that? - No.
Is that blood? This doesn't look right.
That is odd.
Shouldn't we be meeting your partner? Huh? Do you know who this is? You really need to grow a pair.
Please tell me I didn't kill myself, literally, to watch you be a coward.
What can I do? I can't kill him.
He's a cop.
Didn't stop you from hitting him with a brick.
I had no choice.
He found out about Neal.
You should've thought about that before killing Neal.
- He was gonna turn me in.
- Because you were embezzling.
- I would have put it back.
- But you didn't.
Instead, you killed a man.
And when you couldn't manage the balls to kill the only witness, you created me to take care of it for you.
I didn't create you on purpose.
You have to accept who you are.
A thief, a murderer, a coward.
Good thing is, you can change the last one.
Kill him.
- Can you do it for me? - No.
But But what? We would make a hell of a team.
Starting now? Starting now.
- Don't answer it! - What? Could be fun.
Doesn't it seem odd that it rang just when I was going to kill him? Almost like someone wanted us to pick it up several steps away from the cop.
Move! I'm impressed.
Ringing that phone.
- That was pretty smart - I'm not going to jail.
You meant what you said about being a team? - The fun we'll have.
- It will be fun.
Let's do it.
Out of bullets? Maybe.
We're not.
As you've noticed, I've been laying in an armoury for some time.
We run out of ammo just when they start working together.
Haven PD is on their way! Give us Nathan, and we'll be gone.
Giving you time to get away.
Just so you know, nobody, myself included, buys it when cops say that.
Your friend will be the first one to die.
Then the rest of you.
I say we rush them.
Yeah, that's brave, but we're out of ammunition.
Okay, look, we convince him Okay, well, except it's not him.
Now it's two of him.
So it'll be twice as hard.
Never mind.
No, maybe not.
Promise me you'll get Henry out of here this time.
Come on.
I put my gun down! Audrey! Please, I'm asking you, don't hurt my partner.
A little late for that.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to your copy.
What are you doing? Sit down! Why? What is she gonna do, kill me? - Shoot her, and let's get on with it.
I would like to talk to her for awhile.
Why? What do you care about her? We have something very important in common.
Henry didn't witness your crime.
He witnessed his.
My crimes are his crimes.
Why? Because he remembers doing them? We're not just the sum total of our memories, are we? What does it matter? It matters to me.
And it matters to him.
If you kill us now, all you're going to remember is having to clean up after him.
Or you can have your own memory.
A memory of saving a boy's life.
About time.
Kill her.
And let's go.
You know what you're asking of me? I'm giving you a chance to have what I had.
A chance to make my own life, a chance to save lives, not end them.
This may be the only one you get.
You're testing me, aren't you? Fine, I'm in.
Watch this.
Don't tell Matt Werner I gave it to you.
Come on in, Nathan.
Listen, all the selectmen want to know, how are you recovering? Getting there.
Everything that happened up at Everwood, you put that all in the case files, am I right? Yeah, of course.
Why are you asking? These tell a different story.
How did you get those? You've been falsifying police reports.
I've been doing what we've always done in Haven.
Since when do we want The Troubles in reports? Since someone wants me out? We have no choice, Nathan, I'm sorry.
We're gonna be looking for a new chief immediately.
It's the Rev, isn't it? Does he control all the selectmen, or just you? Nathan, your father was a good friend to me, so let me give you a little advice.
- You might want to leave Haven.
- Excuse me? Things are gonna get a little rough for your kind.
Then I'm not going anywhere.
So where are you planning on staying now, Henry? Find something.
You like living on your own? I mean, always on the move? I think it's the best place to find yourself.
I can't believe you called my dad.
Yeah, it kind of blows my mind, too.
But sometimes it's tricky knowing who the good guy is.
Hey, kiddo.
How you been? It's too bad.
I think he was actually starting to like that job.
Flying raisin.
Yeah, I think he was.
How about a dance? I've always wanted to dance with the Chief of Police.
No, ma'am, actually, if you could Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why not, hmm? Thank you.
Well, I guess that answers that.
Nathan definitely has a copy.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And this one still can't dance.
Back at the resort, did you mean everything that you said to Cornell's copy? Or were you just Playing him? Both, I guess.
He needed to move past his memories, so that he would learn what he was capable of.
Okay, I gotta get a picture of this.
- Please.
- We need a record of the day that Nathan Wuornos got funky.
- Do you have a camera on your phone? - No, it's upstairs.
Hey, Evi has one on hers.
Oh, that's a keeper.
Send that to me.