Haven s02e09 Episode Script


Previously on Haven You've been falsifying police reports.
I've been doing what we've always done in Haven.
We're gonna be looking for a new chief immediately.
Someone wants me out? It's the Rev, isn't it? He wants to be chief? He wants to control whoever is.
Nathan, your father chose to live among the cursed.
Seek forgiveness.
I can help you.
Everyone else in this town is fawning over me.
Except you.
He's kind of a jerk.
You are amazing.
I want you, Audrey, because you're you.
You have no business here.
This is Haven.
Making things disappear is my business.
- This is Evi.
- I'm Duke's wife.
- Why are you even here? - It's my dad.
The old bastard made me swear that I would come back here if The Troubles ever returned.
And then he died.
I don't know who killed your father.
But if you wanna stay alive, I suggest you stay out of his business.
Duke doesn't suspect anything? No.
And now that he knows his father was murdered you've got him.
- Hi, Cathy.
How's the little man today? - Hi, Nathan.
- Hey, little guy.
- He's good.
- Good to see you, Martha.
- You, too, Nathan.
Not the first time we've caught you breaking and entering, Dwight.
Caught me? Chief Wuornos can clear this up.
You haven't heard.
Wuornos isn't chief any more.
We got a new guy.
So no more special treatment for special people, you know? - Are you sweating? - It's warm out here.
I wouldn't say that.
What's this? Did a little clean-up at the Central Coast Meat Packing.
With a crossbow? I got this from now, Paul.
So, there's a new chief? Yeah.
The selectmen sent in this guy, Merrill.
He's a reformer from Brunswick, and I think he's clueless about The Troubles.
Won't be for long.
- Sprinkles? - Yeah.
Just watch where you point this thing.
What did I catch in that place? What the hell? All right, so you're okay with taking the graveyard shift tonight? - Mmm-hmm.
It's gonna be good.
I'm not in charge.
And most of Haven's up at the boat parade, so go, go on your date.
- It's not a date.
- No, sure.
Of course.
That's why I've never seen you so nervous.
Because of your non-date.
It's just, it's been It's been, what, a month since Chris left for London, and his trouble was still, you know, relatively new.
Right, and people, people see Chris and then they're immediately very fond of him.
It's nothing to worry about.
- No? - No.
Got a visitor up front, hon.
- Thanks.
- It's for Nathan.
Crocker's here.
You know that I hate that you're a cop, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
And that I think it's ridiculous that they put you in charge of this place? Uh-huh.
But for certain reasons, it makes sense.
Well, I'm not the chief any more, you remember? Yeah.
Do you wanna know why you're not the chief any more? Evi.
She tipped off the Rev about your file on the troubled people.
I saw it on her phone.
I knew it was the Rev.
- But how the hell is Evi involved? - You got me.
I mean, think how I feel.
I'm married to her.
God only knows what else she's hiding.
Look, I figure we do this here, otherwise she'd bolt.
I told her that you were helping me with my parking tickets.
It was the best I could come up with.
Let's put her in the break room.
What the hell is that? Did Duke finally pay his parking tickets? Mmm.
Oh! Yeah.
- Oh! Right.
- Yeah.
I guess I just don't care.
- Okay, hey, hey, hey.
- What? Why don't I just grab my stuff, and then we can go to the parade? Parade? With boats and lights and drinking and people? - Yeah.
- No.
I don't wanna see anyone but you.
Parker, you'd better get out here.
I gotta No, no, we got plans.
This better not be important.
I love that you don't listen to me! That's Officer Stark.
He's dead.
I just saw him.
He looked pale and sweaty, but not Not as dead? 'Cause he's pretty dead.
Look, his veins are They're black.
What the hell is this? Is that one of my officers? That's Chief Merrill.
- And who are you? - I am Nobody.
What do you think could cause something like this? Maybe a chemical weapon.
We're not a target for anything like that.
We may wanna consider other possibilities.
Are you saying this town doesn't have any local fanatics? Groups with a reason to target the Haven police department? I suggest you look into that right now.
This isn't the Pentagon.
Who's gonna stage a chemical attack in Haven? The more people know about the troubled, the more afraid they are.
Do you think the Rev is whipping them up? Duke just told me that the Rev got me fired.
Are you kidding me? I knew he'd try and get me out eventually.
It just happened sooner than I expected.
All right, so the Rev gets his chief.
Why attack the department now? Unless the perp is someone unhappy about Merrill.
You get replaced.
You do have your fans.
You think it's someone pro-troubled, with technical know-how, access to chemicals? The last person Paul arrested was Dwight.
Yeah, your dad's cleaner.
We really don't know that much about him.
- He's dead? - Maybe you had a grudge.
Nathan, listen, I didn't do anything to that guy, okay? You really need to start trusting me.
With a new chief in town, you might need me more than ever.
- We're gonna do this now? - Wait.
Evi, show him what you showed me.
It starts at the extremities.
We gotta get her to the hospital.
How long has she been like this? Excuse me.
She's standing right here.
Duke, what's happening? Were you and Parker able to locate the chemical source? No, not yet, sir.
Did you have any direct contact with Officer Stark? Shake his hand, sit at his desk, anything? No.
But this thing keeps spreading.
So it's gotta be biological and airborne.
Ma'am, I'll need you back in the break room right now.
- Wait a minute, Chief.
- Now! Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a biological agent in the building, which means we follow procedure.
We cannot allow the contamination to spread further.
So until this situation is resolved, nobody, and I mean nobody, goes in or out of this building.
The Haven police station is now under quarantine.
This is a lock down.
This thing is contained.
No one's leaving the building until it's clear.
I'll do whatever has to be done.
Copy that.
I'll await further instruction.
What do the state police have to say? That we're doing the right thing.
The contagion hasn't spread beyond the police station.
Like you asked, it's a list of everyone in the station.
It's a small group.
Hugh Underwood, he's a doctor? He said he'd look at the body, check on the sick.
Have the officers keep an eye on everybody.
Sir, the people out there are scared for their lives.
Well, that's to be expected.
That's why we have to maintain order.
I put lock codes on all the doors.
All the landlines are shut down.
I want you to confiscate everybody's cell phone.
People will wanna stay in touch with their families.
And I'll need you and the rest of the department -to surrender your weapons.
- What? They'll be placed in a locker under my own personal access code.
We can't afford someone panicking, doing something rash.
This isn't optional.
We can leave anytime.
I'll just use my irresistible charm on your new boss.
It's resistible.
What are you doing? Just a little insurance in case, you know, Merrill starts searching the offices.
I wanna make sure I can find at least one gun.
- Parker, you called? - Yeah.
Stan, you and the desk sarge, you're the only one with access to the evidence room, right? Right.
Book this in evidence and keep it that way.
You got it.
Can you tell what's happened to him? Well, it's strange, this dark blood.
I know what your chief said, but chemical weapons, they don't act like this.
- Do you think it's a virus? - No.
No, viruses don't move with this kind of speed.
It's not like any poison I've ever seen.
It's like nothing on the known medical record.
All right.
Thank you, Dr Underwood.
Hey, call me Hugh.
I don't think Haven's in the known medical record.
It's gotta be The Troubles.
So whose affliction is spreading this disease? The person is probably still in the station.
They could be infecting whoever they're coming in contact with.
Okay, so this happened, what, about 45 minutes ago, and we've already got a new case? That means that all of us could be sick within a matter of hours.
I'm gonna go ahead and check on Evi.
Dwight, it's Nathan.
Do you read? Wow.
Outside contact.
I'm gonna tell the new chief on you.
About time.
What the hell's going on up there? We got some kind of outbreak here.
My buddy from the state police called.
Said they got a tipoff.
Any call from Haven's a prank.
CDC got the same warning.
I figured there was something you were trying to keep quiet.
No, I guess somebody is.
We're cut off completely.
Think someone planned this? I don't know.
Just stay by the radio.
Right now, you're my only backup.
Roger that.
Hey, I checked on Evi.
She's getting worse.
And now this other woman's got it, too.
Somebody called off the state police and the CDC.
What? Why? I'm more interested in who wants us cut off.
Do you think that Merrill's troubled? You don't think the Rev would vet his new pick for chief? Okay, look, it's not like there's a test, all right? Maybe he's isolating us to cover his tracks.
We gotta be smart, try and reason with him first.
Any person leaving this building will be shot on sight.
Shot? By who? This is an outbreak.
It needs to be contained.
There are armed men outside this building who will shoot anyone seen leaving, and they will only stand down on my order.
Who the hell are you? I'm the guy bringing this place under control.
Okay, Sir.
Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe you're the one causing this? You think I'm troubled? The troubled are why I'm here.
People are sick and tired of a town that looks the other way while the troubled break the law.
The Rev brought you here, didn't he? I'm here to enforce the law.
Oh, my God.
To treat the troubled for what they are, criminals! We have to maintain order.
We have to contain this.
No one is leaving here until Damn it.
Your kind won't win.
For now, let's go ahead and put him in the bathroom with Paul.
Merrill's cell phone.
Password protected, of course, but he must have known he was infected this whole time.
Maybe he really did wanna contain the outbreak.
Or he was terrified by whoever was giving him orders.
You see anybody out there? Affirmative.
I'm not the only one watching the station.
You got two armed with handguns on the perimeter.
At least one on the rooftop of the post office across the street packing a sniper rifle.
Head over to the Sheriff's department, see if you can get us some backup.
Will do.
Got Merrill's access card.
We can override the electronic locks.
We can get out of here.
Of course, we can't really use it.
I mean, even if these guys outside are just for show, we can't let this thing out, it could wipe out all of Haven.
Okay, it looks like this thing kills people in a few hours, so we really don't have that much time.
I'm probably immune, I'm just gonna start interviewing people one by one.
Except Evi.
She's mine.
I need to get to a hospital.
We can't risk letting you out there.
We don't know if you're contagious.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Evi.
It's not the only reason why I'm here.
I need to know why you sold me out to the selectmen? Got me fired as chief? Why are you working with the Rev? - How'd you find out? - Duke.
He saw your text message.
That's why he's been acting so strange.
Look, this wasn't personal.
I got in too deep.
And that's when they asked me to do that thing with your files.
- Who's they? The Rev? - He's one of them.
Why is it so important to have me out of the way? Because they said it would be helping Duke.
- Explain it to me.
- I can't.
Then, explain it to me.
I'm sorry, these men, they said that I'd be helping you.
How does getting Nathan fired possibly help me? I don't know, okay? They said that you were important.
And that you needed to learn certain things, and Nathan needed to be out of the way because he'd be a problem for you.
How naive are you? - Or did they just pay you a lot of money? - Oh, my God.
It's not about the money.
I believed them, okay? I believed them because they told me something that I always knew.
You're special.
Mmm? And what makes me so special? All I know is that whatever's going on in this town, they think that you're in the middle of it.
What? Tell me! - Tell me! - I can't! I'm telling you what I know! After everything, you owe me some real answers.
So, what? Everything that's happened between us was controlled by them? - No.
- You could die.
We all could die.
There are men out there with guns, stopping us from leaving.
Even with all that, you still can't tell me the truth.
Nikki Coleman.
I came in to file a building permit for my boss.
Okay, great.
And did you talk to Chief Merrill or Officer Stark? I talked with everyone.
They kept telling me to fill out more forms.
Does this mean we can go now? Yeah, soon.
Can you just go ahead and send in the next person? Yeah.
This is ridiculous.
Do we really have to do this? Well, you know I can't make it look like you're getting special treatment.
I'll make it easy for you.
It's not me.
Now can I go? I've got a killer game of solitaire going.
It's the only card game where nobody lets me win.
Have you seen Evi? She's missing.
Duke's worried.
Well, she can't be that far.
The key card's gone.
Evi must have it.
Someone is exiting the building.
- Where are you? - Yeah, I got her on target.
- Evi.
- I know you're out here! - Come on! - Evi, stop! - Please, just come back inside.
- No.
I got out for you.
I could run, but I'm not gonna run any more.
You want answers, I'll get you your answers.
Evi! - Go back in the building.
- No! You're gonna tell him what he wants to know.
Evi! Hold your fire! Not him! It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be all right.
Oh, God.
I'm gonna go get some help.
Why did you do that? I'm so sorry.
Hang on.
Help is on the way.
No, Duke.
Not like this.
If you were ever my friend You can't just run out there! Be smarter than that.
Nathan, get the hell out of my way! - Duke! - Audrey, you Nathan! I just saved his life.
Okay, I'm gonna go figure out how to stop this.
Nikki Coleman.
You didn't mention that Officer Stark made a call to your residence earlier today, that you were also in Chief Merrill's office, and now they're both dead, three hours after they talked to you.
I wanna help you, but I can't be seen talking to you.
- Audrey.
- Chris, not now.
Then I guess I won't bother you with this.
- Hello again.
- Hi.
- You talked to Nikki, too? - Yeah, she talked to me.
Why? She's the one? Be a doll and clear this up, will you? Do that voodoo that you do.
I don't understand.
You're the one that's causing this disease, -so just fix it, will you? - Okay.
- I haven't even told her yet.
- I'm dying.
Give me five minutes with patient zero.
I'll have her healing lepers.
Look at her.
She's practically in love with me.
What has happened to you? You've completely changed.
Yeah, whatever.
I'm going to the hospital.
No, you can't leave, okay? People out there will shoot you.
- Nobody wants to shoot me.
- Really? You're a scientist.
Tell me, what works faster, your trouble or a bullet? Listen, I can save you, if you just let me get through to this very scared, and now, thanks to you, very confused woman.
All right? Just let me do my job.
Man, I wish my affliction worked on you.
Usually, a trouble like yours is triggered by a traumatic event.
Did something like that happen recently? Please, you can tell me.
No, I You don't see.
I can't say anything.
He's back.
And he'll hurt me again, kill me even.
Is that why you called Officer Stark? Is that why you came down to the station? Because you're being abused? Okay, listen, that man that you're afraid of, he can't hurt you here.
All right? You're safe.
No, I'm never safe.
You don't understand.
I It took me years.
I ran away.
I changed my name.
Today, he found me.
He said if I talk to the police, he'll kill me.
Excuse me.
I'm Hugh Underwood.
- I'm a doctor.
- Yeah, Chris Brody.
I'd shake your hand, but I'm pretty much dying.
I'm sorry, Chris.
I just saw you in there with the detective and that Nikki woman.
What's going on? My girlfriend, or whatever she is, doesn't want me to leave.
She's the detective.
She's in there chatting up a storm while I'm out here dying.
I might be able to help you.
If I can get you to the hospital in time, I might be able to save your life.
The only thing is, there's no way they're gonna let us out of here otherwise.
We're gonna need a gun or something.
It's Stan, right? - Yeah.
Thanks for remembering.
- Yeah.
Stan, Parker wanted me to get that envelope that you put into evidence.
I think that all of those years that you spent absorbing that abuse, swallowing that poison, I think today, when he showed up it finally leaked out.
It's been infecting all these people.
Listen, if you tell me who he is, we can confront him, and maybe we can end this thing.
He's He knows I'm here.
He knows I'm talking to you.
How would he know that unless he'shere? Excuse me, Officer.
Mind if I have a word with my wife? - Get over there.
- All right.
All right.
Okay, you're in charge.
Yes, I am.
I've heard about the freaks in Haven, but creating a pestilence? You don't have to do this, Hugh.
Well, now I do, don't I? Because she complained about me.
She didn't do anything wrong.
She did do one thing right.
She gave everyone else the disease, except me, and now they're all dying.
Maybe that's because you know I'm the only one who truly understands you, huh? Hey.
Let's talk about this.
Sit down.
You've already done enough.
You already gave him my gun.
Hey! Don't you talk to him like that.
Maybe you need to be taught a little respect.
What do you think? Wait a second.
How come you're not sick like the others? Nathan, come on.
You can't just lock me in here.
- I'm not gonna do anything.
- You're not thinking right.
Nathan, I got backup.
The Sheriff's 10 minutes out.
- Great.
- Not great.
Our buddies out here must have a scanner and heard the call go out.
They're gearing up.
Looks like they're coming in.
They wanna wipe us out before help gets here.
They're coming in the back.
I've got you covered.
You gotta let me go with you.
I'm not letting you get yourself killed.
Nathan! Wait! Nathan, don't do this to me! I'm sorry.
I can't let you live.
You'll keep me away from my Nicole.
Hey, come on, Doc.
I get you.
I understand why you're doing this.
Sometimes it's Isolating yourself, feeling weak, that's what caused this.
But what you have inside of you now, you need to turn it around.
- Fight back, Nikki.
- I can't.
You don't wanna see me die, do you? Listen, you're not just hurting yourself.
You're hurting everyone else here, okay? Find the strength, fight back.
All right, that's enough out of you! Stop it, Hugh! No more.
- What did you say? - You heard me.
Now, I'm gonna count to three, and you are gonna get on your knees and apologise.
You have poisoned me with your abuse for years.
I'm done.
So kill me if you want.
But I don't think you will because you're nothing but a coward.
Rot in hell.
I did that to him.
- I killed him.
- No.
Listen, you saved us.
Hey, it's over.
Not for those guys outside.
- They're coming in.
- Why? Wipe out the curse and everyone else.
Well, go stop them.
I'll try to find more guns.
Dwight, do you copy? They're coming.
Get back.
Let's get out of here! Dwight, you're shot.
One grazed my neck.
Let me guess, you didn't catch a single bullet? Nothing hit the walls.
I'm not hit.
I don't get it.
Bullets, they tend to find me.
It's a long story.
Bullets tend to find you? That's your trouble? Well, you were right.
The way things are going, I might need you around more than ever.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mr Crocker.
I truly am.
She didn't know anything about this town.
She was one of the many innocent victims of the troubled.
I lost my wife to them, too.
I don't understand any of this.
I can help you, Mr Crocker.
But you're gonna have to prove to me that you're worthy.
Thank you.
I'll pray for her.
Dwight, I need you to do something for me.
Evi Ryan, make it look like a suicide or an accident, just as long as the case is closed.
We're not talking about covering up a supernatural event.
This is a murder.
We can't investigate this with the state police looking over our shoulder.
Evi was shot in the chest.
She has black veins in her arms.
- The medical examiner's never - No problem.
Wouldn't be the toughest thing I ever had.
If it's okay with you, Chief.
If you're gonna do that Do it.
One more thing, we got Chief Merrill's cell phone logs.
Guess who he talked to half a dozen times during the lock down? The Rev? He's in the middle of all of this.
I got caught up at work.
Let me go first, okay? I screwed up.
And giving your gun to a psychopath, that may have been the least of my mistakes.
I lost your trust.
I thought I could handle my affliction.
- Chris, you - Last night, I gave into it, and nearly got people killed.
And that thing I said to you about wishing you weren't immune, that's not true.
I wanna be with you, Audrey.
I need to be with you.
You once told me, "I want you because you're you.
" Wanting me and needing me, they're two different things.
I can't be the person that keeps you you.
You gotta do that on your own.
It's just you'd eventually start resenting me for it.
I think the best thing for me to do is to just go somewhere by myself, away from other people.
No, Chris, that's not what I'm saying.
You know, someday The Troubles are gonna end, and I'm gonna go back to being the guy that everybody hates.
Maybe then I'll be a guy that you can love.