Haven s02e10 Episode Script

Who, What, Where, Wendigo?

Previously on Haven Get back.
Bullets, they tend to find me.
Evi tipped off the Rev about your file on the troubled people.
Why are you working with the Rev? They said that you were important.
- Who's they? The Rev? - He's one of them.
Son of a bitch, it's them.
You're gonna tell him what he wants to know, or I will! Evi! I'm sorry for your loss, Mr Crocker.
I don't understand any of this.
I can provide the answers.
But you're gonna have to prove to me that you're worthy.
The Rev? He's in the middle of all this.
WDLH news time is 7:59.
The mild weather has finally made it to the central coast.
We'll tell you how long it's gonna stick around.
Plus, everything you need to know about the return of lobstrosity, but first, these WDLH headlines.
A family on a camping trip discovered what state police have confirmed as the remains of 20-year-old Mafia McClintock, the dental hygienist from Garvey reported missing last week.
The family of four, who asked not to be identified, found Miss McClintock's dismembered body buried under a bed of leaves near the Scotts Lake camping area.
Yeah, baby.
Miss McClintock disappeared two weeks ago after leaving a friend's backyard fish fry.
A statewide search and investigation had produced few clues until yesterday's grisly discovery.
Deep drag.
State police believe the murder of Miss McClintock to be related to a half-dozen other killings up and down the central coast that have No, no, no, break time's not over.
While the police have not yet named a suspect in the case, they are interested in questioning a sandy-haired white male Sorry, sorry.
I gotta go.
5'10" and approximately Witnesses have placed a man fitting that description near the scenes of four of the six murders.
- Damn, that's him.
- More as it comes in.
Now, back to playing coastal Maine's rockin' hits.
Hey! Who's there? - Third cup of coffee.
- Yeah, I know.
You sleeping at all? Mmm A couple of hours a night.
I'm good, though.
I'm getting a lot of stuff done.
You? I didn't just go through a breakup.
You did just get demoted, there was anarchy at the police station, and the new police chief died right in front of you.
But I didn't go through a breakup.
This is definitely the guy that I saw coming out of that store.
He did not seem like he had that kind of strength.
Did you see anything else? This guy's a serial killer.
And tell me how that's possible.
There's no sign of him back here.
I go back to the shed, the whole world turns upside down.
Did you recognise the boy? No.
Look, I've seen a lot of things.
This was not normal, believe me.
I've seen black bears do worse.
You're a lucky man.
Don't think this was a bear.
Pretty much guarantee it was.
It's feeding season, and they're cranky.
Trust me.
Dwight's cleaning the guy.
I guess when you look like a Viking, people just believe what you tell them.
The boy's name is Rory Campbell.
Waitress's kid goes to school with him.
There's blood over by the shed and there's blood here.
- It's probably his.
- We need to call his parents.
She already did.
Dad's on the way down.
Well, looks like there's a trail.
Guy chases Rory into the storage shed, gets interrupted by our truck driver.
Spikes him like a football.
Then drags Rory into the woods to finish what he started? "Forever.
" We're gonna have to search these woods.
Probably want to get a couple more people down here.
Why? After last week, who can we really trust? A case like this, it's procedure.
Yeah, well, being locked in our own police station and getting shot at, that was procedure.
We gotta do things our way.
From now on, Nathan, it's just you and me.
This is Rory's.
Is there any significance to the stamp on the inside? "Forever"? Not to me.
Look, a serial killer has got my son.
Now where are the staties with the hounds? Have they stopped for coffee? It's actually better for everyone involved if we keep this investigation local.
The man that was last seen with Rory, there's a chance that he could be Troubled? You know about The Troubles, Mr Campbell? I've lived in Haven my whole life.
I've got my thirty-aught-six in the trunk.
Mr Campbell, this is a police matter.
I was in the Marines.
You can't run a shadow operation with two people.
My son is alive in those woods.
I feel it in my gut.
Now there's no way I'm sitting on my hands while some twisted freak chases him down.
I'm coming, too.
- No, you're not.
- I can manage the situation.
You are a bullet magnet, Dwight.
Your vest barely saved you last week.
I'm not gonna risk it.
A kid is missing.
Barely is enough.
Just you and me just became you, me, and them.
Actually, it might help having a couple more people, assuming they don't die.
I'm gonna make a call.
And I was thinking you could meet us over here.
We could definitely use you.
You know, I wish that I could help, but I actually have plans.
I know you're trying to deal with what happened to Evi, but I just thought, you know, chasing a serial killer might take your mind off things.
While I appreciate the generous offer, I don't think that's gonna work.
Good luck.
We don't need Duke.
Vince and Dave know these woods better than anybody.
Come on, let's go.
Hey' guys.
Everything all right? - Well, actually - We're fine.
Ready to go.
Dave? Aw, come on.
I'll do this myself.
Hey, no one's going anywhere alone.
We'll split into pairs.
You two.
Dave, you're with me.
This guy is on the run, extremely dangerous.
We watch each other's backs.
Be careful.
Heard you had a close call at the police station last week.
Matter of opinion.
You been to visit Lizzie recently? No, Vince, I haven't.
Maybe you're just planning on joining her.
Is that why you're out here? - Helping a man find his kid.
- No, you're not.
You're tempting fate.
Why? Yesterday, Lizzie would have been nine.
Creepy and invisible.
Not my favourite combination.
Have you ever tracked someone in the woods? Excuse me? Hey, I'm putting my son's life in your hands.
I'd like to know what you bring to the table.
You need to step back.
You need to answer my question.
You're standing on the evidence.
Come on, there's more.
Poor gull- He probably thought he was gonna have a good day.
Let's get going- Maybe now you can find us something we're actually looking for.
I think I just did.
So, that's our serial killer.
You think Rory killed him? I'm saying it's possible.
He was the last person seen with him.
This guy was supposed to be a monster.
Rory's not capable of that.
He was damn near valedictorian of his class.
- Aren't there bears in these woods? - Worse than that.
- How about a Wendigo? - Let it be.
- A what? - Wendigo.
According to the Mi'kmaq tribe, it's a human spirit that's stronger, faster, tracks prey like a lion, survives on human flesh.
- It eats people.
- Yeah.
Long before these woods were a state park, they were the Wendigo's hunting grounds.
Good lord, this is amateur hour.
Teeth marks on the body, they're human.
Are you sure? Nothing else looks quite like people being eaten by people.
You still want me to let it be, Vince? Okay, Mr Campbell, are you sure there's not a history of The Troubles in your family? What? Now, my son is some sort of cannibal? No, there's no history.
Not in my family, not in my wife's.
Look, someone else did this.
They're still out there chasing down my son, and you are wasting time.
Found some sneaker prints by the body, but the spacing was weird.
Long strides? Had to be about eight feet between each print.
Wendigos run twice as fast as ordinary people.
You ever seen one of these things? No.
But you believe in them? I believe in The Troubles, Nathan.
Lower your weapon, Nathan.
Easy, son.
I don't know what the hell you're doing here, Reverend, but you and your men better stand down.
You first.
Actually, we're gonna do this all at the same time.
Play nice, boys.
I could take out two of you before anybody gets off a shot.
You all just committed a felony.
Protecting one of our own, Nathan.
You should understand that.
What are you doing here? And what the hell are you doing with the Rev? Just some concerned citizens trying to protect our town.
We're trying to find that boy and the killer who took him.
Killer's dead.
You have no idea what we're dealing with.
And you've got no authority to be here.
We know how to hunt down evil and we know what to do when we find it.
Unlike you.
You ask the boy's father if he wants us to leave.
We need the numbers.
What, are you insane? Insane is doing the same thing over and over again when it gets you nowhere.
So you make a date with the Rev? Is this just about Evi? Evi's dead.
And for the first time, I am seeing things clearly.
Now stay out of my way.
I think he's finally lost it.
It's one way to deal with loss.
Pretend it doesn't matter.
How do you explain him pointing a gun at your face? Bluffing, maybe.
Well, I don't think that his friends were.
I think we're gonna need to watch our backs, Nathan.
The Rev's been talking a long time.
I think he's finally making his move.
Somehow Duke's a part of it.
That's a nice crossbow.
You going to a Renaissance fair? I can never figure out where that damn thing is coming from.
I hear a squirrel.
We are in the woods, Nathan.
Two squirrels chattering means they're having a conversation.
This is just one.
It means he's scared of something large.
Boy Scouts? Moose Hunter Magazine.
I was a kid.
That thing sounds terrified.
Some girl's.
Probably a teenager.
How many people does this thing need to eat? Things.
I think we're surrounded.
No, no, no, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Let me go.
Don't resist.
Stop it.
Stop it.
What the hell are you doing? Answer me! I killed him, all right? The sick bastard chased me out of the diner.
He tried to kill me.
I killed him.
I had to.
How exactly did you kill him, Rory? - God.
- Bart? Something bit my leg.
It came from behind me.
I didn't see it.
I didn't hear it until it was too late.
It moves real fast, but the damn thing is human.
Rory! Rory, come back here! Rory doesn't seem too worried about whatever's out there.
I don't think it's after him.
I think it's after us.
It's getting dark.
Those things are coming for us, so we need to stick together.
I guess we're out of matches.
Who the hell do you think you are? You lie to me, you threaten Nathan, and then you come over here and you ask for fire tips? No.
Get out of my face, Duke.
Damn it, Audrey, I came over here to tell you that you can trust me.
- What? - I know exactly what I'm doing.
Getting in bed with the Rev? You do realise one of those guys killed Evi.
Don't act like you don't care about that.
The Rev killed Evi.
One way or the other, it goes back to him.
And, yeah, I'd have my revenge right now if he didn't know about every other mystery in my life.
Evi, the tattoo, my father.
It's me.
Okay? I feel like I am on to something big.
But I don't have any idea what it is.
Welcome to the club.
You know I want answers, too.
Dried grass packed with animal dung.
Burns forever.
Did the FBI teach you that? I don't know where I learned it.
I don't know who I was when I learned it.
Can you believe that? You know, with you, Audrey, there's nothing I don't believe.
Okay, listen.
You know that I'm the last person to tell anyone how to lead their life, but just know that some doors you kick open, you can never close again.
Do you hear that? Hear what? That.
- Can you see it? - No, what? It's there.
Cover the perimeter.
- What are you doing? - I'm taking the fight to the enemy.
- We're with you.
- Amen, Reverend.
Duke's gonna get himself killed.
Oh! Oh, God.
You're Nathan Wuornos, aren't you? - Who are you? - Please, you have to help us.
- Sophie, no.
- No what? She's hungry.
Come on, Nathan.
You couldn't have just disappeared.
Officer Parker.
What happened? I don't know.
Must have scared it away.
Everybody went back to camp.
Okay, we don't know what we're up against out here, all right? So when your men splinter off to play action hero, it puts the whole group at risk.
Oh, we know what we're up against.
We're chasing down the troubled.
Only this time, we're gonna do it my way.
Your way is gonna get people killed.
But it'll be the right people.
You know, the way you've been coddling the troubled has cost a lot of people their lives.
So now we're gonna do what we should have done a long time ago.
Wipe them out.
Where's Nathan? Parker, it's me.
Come on.
Meet Frankie and Sophie Benton.
And Wendigos.
Whose blood is that? Don't worry.
It's from a deer.
You have some on your face.
I thought you ate people.
We can survive on most live flesh.
People is the only thing we hunger for.
That doesn't mean that we would actually I would never let us.
They're troubled.
Their parents were killed in the plane that went down over Newfoundland about three months ago.
It seems to have been the trigger.
I'm sorry.
We dragged our stuff in here about a week later.
It's the only way we can live sort of normally.
In town with all the smells, it's unbearable.
So if you don't eat people, then what happened to the killer? Explain the body we found.
It's not fair.
She gets to do whatever she wants.
Life isn't fair.
Wait, who's "she"? Amelia, our middle sister.
She ran off about a week ago.
She went into town.
Frankie, do you recognise this? I helped pick it out.
Okay, well, we think Amelia's got a boyfriend, Rory Campbell? Is it possible Rory could have lured the serial killer into the woods for Amelia to eat? That relationship has always been way too intense.
That would explain why he ran away when we found him.
Here, chew the gum.
- It's what happens when we don't eat.
- Sorry.
This way! I think I hear something! I'm doing the best that I can, but I need help.
Can you get Sophie somewhere safe? There's a place near the northeast corner of the park.
But what about Amelia? Well, do you know where Amelia and Rory would hide? They used to meet up by the old ranger station.
They weren't there when I checked, but you never know.
- Okay, we'll look.
- Go.
The Rev is making his move.
If we don't find Amelia first, he'll kill her.
We can't find anything in the dark.
First thing in the morning, we'll go to that ranger station.
Has it gotten better? It's gotten worse.
Frankie was right.
We never should have done this.
I'm so hungry now.
I can't take it.
This is just the withdrawal part.
It's gonna be bad, and then you're gonna turn a corner.
- I promise.
- How do you know that? You don't know.
I believe, okay? - I wish you did.
- I'm a freak.
I'm not giving up on you.
So don't give up on yourself.
You can't be this close.
We've got to get you some food.
The cabin is just a little further.
The Rev's group should get there shortly after we do.
You made a fine choice joining us.
It took a long time.
I think you're right on both counts.
As men, we're defined by our moral boundaries.
And if we allow them to be compromised in even the smallest way, you live a false life.
Some men never learn that.
Well, I guess I've just got an old soul.
You've been through a great deal.
You and I gotta sit down and have a long conversation after all this is over.
You have the opportunity to succeed in Haven.
Where your father so tragically failed.
Failed at what exactly? Saving our town.
I believe it's your destiny, son.
That's a conversation I look forward to.
So do I.
Probably here at some point, but impossible to know when.
And where they are now.
Rev's gone.
He was behind me, and then all of a sudden, he He wasn't.
- And you didn't hear anything? - No.
It's that thing.
Bart went to the hospital, so it snatched the Reverend instead.
Some footprints over here.
They head into the woods.
Let's go.
Wait, no.
Those guys are wandering blind right now.
How far is it to the northeast corner of the park? Quarter of a mile, give or take.
We're gonna need Frankie's help.
We're gonna have to run for it.
Someone needs to stay here in case they double back.
Vince, Dave? - Yeah, you got it.
- Okay.
Thank God.
There's something wrong with Sophie.
She's burning up.
I think it's the hunger.
It's stronger than she is.
She needs a doctor.
Can't take her to a hospital.
Too many people and too much blood.
I have a medical kit in the truck.
Her body needs food.
I'm not talking about another deer.
Let me worry about that.
You help Nathan and Audrey.
We're looking for Amelia.
We need your help, Frankie.
You need to eat, Amelia.
It's the only way we're getting out of here alive.
He was going to kill you.
They're coming.
Sophie, what's your favourite ballet? The Nutcracker.
You gonna be Marie someday? I'm gonna be the prince.
I like the prince, too.
And the Sugar Plum Fairy.
How do you know so much? My daughter loved ballet.
What's her name? Lizzie.
Help! Over here.
Help! Help! Hey, I'm over here! It's Rory.
Hey, over here! I hear you, Son.
- Where are you? - Help! - Where is it coming from? - Over here! Help! I'm over here! This way.
Over here! Hey, help! Over here! Help! Help! - Over here! - It's coming from over here.
Help! Wait! Wait! Rory is that way, but the blood's in the opposite direction.
- Are you sure? - I can't believe you can't smell it.
Hey! Over here! Help! Sophie.
Sophie, come here.
I can't get this off my leg.
I can't get you out of here.
Yes, you can.
It's a bear trap.
I can't get out of it.
There's only one way you're gonna get better.
Sophie, you're not gonna die out here.
You have to do this.
I can't eat you.
You're gonna save me.
I'm not gonna be able to hold out much longer.
You did the right thing.
Please, don't.
I'm sorry for everything.
This isn't about vengeance.
My life doesn't matter.
This is about the lives you'd take if I let you go.
I can control it, I promise.
No, you can't.
Evil always rises to the surface.
That's why you gotta cut it off where it lives.
Amelia! Don't touch her! Rev, stop, don't do it.
Frankie! You were aiming for his shoulder, right? Amelia.
No, no.
Stay right where you are, Son.
Don't move.
Who did this? I did.
He was gonna kill her.
So what? She's a monster.
He's a man of God.
Officer Parker followed procedure and prevented a murder.
It was a proper kill, end of story.
I gave her a couple of drops of morphine to stabilise her.
It's only temporary.
What about you? You should get that leg looked at.
I'll drop them off first.
I didn't think I was strong enough to make it through this.
Now I know that I am.
I'll be here when you come back, Amelia.
I promise.
- Let's go.
- I love you.
Where is he taking them? You probably don't wanna know.
Yeah, I do.
Slaughter house.
Out by Route 14.
Kind of a live-work setup, till The Troubles are over.
What the hell happened out there? There's going to be an inquiry into the shooting.
I'm going to have to explain why I didn't aim for his leg.
That's a good question.
Why didn't you? Are you serious? Look, you're not gonna see me crying at the Rev's funeral, but your timing, Audrey An hour before you killed him, he was dangling the keys to Haven in front of my nose and I was this close.
Because of you, I got nothing.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I screwed up your plans.
If you were with the Rev, and he was about to kill that little girl, would you have stopped him? Honestly, I don't know.
Well, you need to figure that out, Duke.
Because while you're looking for answers, the rest of us, we're fighting a war.
I did what I had to do.