Haven s02e11 Episode Script

Business As Usual

Previously on Haven - I need to know more about her.
- Lucy Ripley.
What do you think? Is she your mother? - You like it.
- Like what? The weirdness.
That's why you're still here.
No, I'm still here because a woman who was here could have been my mom, and I'd like to find out.
- You seriously can't feel pain? - No.
- What's wrong? - I can feel you.
- How long have you known? - A while.
Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
I'm hoping that whatever! find buried here will give me the answers about how I stay alive.
Doesn't exactly look like something that's gonna save my life.
ls there anything that you can tell me about this box? Stories? Legends? Powers? Why are you working with the Rev? They said that you were important.
- Who's they? The Rev? - He's one of them.
You're gonna tell him what he wants to know, or I will! -- Evi! The Rev? He's in the middle of all this.
We're chasing down the troubled.
Your way is gonna get people killed.
It'll be the right people.
The Rev's been talking a long time.
I think he's finally making his move.
Hi, Reggie.
Yeah, I know.
It's hot, right? Doing great, though.
It's all about hydration.
But you gotta slow down, right, because you'll cramp up.
Is this your first race, sir? You know, I I think someone should see you for heatstroke.
Can I get a race medic, please? Oh' Oh! Oh.
Help! - Hot enough for you? - I wouldn't know.
Your shirt does.
You're hot.
Not as hot as this poor guy, though.
Looks like every drop of water was just sucked right on out of him.
As for an ID, prints, they're going to be tough.
But fortunately, we've got, yep, number 15.
"Reggie Buswell.
" You ever run a 10k? - No.
- Wonder if I ever have.
I know Audrey Parker didn't, but maybe Lucy Ripley did.
You can't keep pretending what happened didn't happen.
You killed the Rev.
Nathan, there was a full investigation into my shooting of the Rev, okay? It cleared.
It's gonna It's gonna fade away.
Well, right now, it's all anyone's talking about.
Hey, Dwight.
Oh, man.
Reggie? - We used to go fishing together.
- I'm sorry.
He was troubled? - Yeah.
- You know how? Maybe it was this? Hey.
He never said, I never asked.
A lot of people don't like to talk about it.
We were both going to Finnegan's tomorrow night for the meeting.
What meeting? Some troubled people were a little worried about the repercussions after what happened to the Rev, so we're getting together.
- It's people winding each other up.
- Listen.
We're just talking about how we can start to look out for each other.
Maybe you should go.
Maybe I should shut it down.
Hey, come here! You're not running off! I wanna talk to you.
Get Reggie packed up for the coroner.
Hey! Come here.
I saw you and Reggie going at it on the course.
Now that volunteer says he's all dried out? What'd you do to him, huh? I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you one of those freaks? Your name is Stu, right? What's your name? Patrick Grolsch.
Taxpayer, okay? This guy Calm down, Mr Grolsch.
Why? So Haven PD can cover it up like nothing happened? You expect us to just roll over and let these people do whatever they want.
And yet, another freak walks free.
You know, everyone in this town is tired of what's going on.
And when you screw up again, you're going down.
Both of you.
It's gotta be more than a name match.
This is really important to me.
How sure are you? Gotta go.
Call me when you got something.
Coroner report.
"Dehydration inconsistent with exercise.
" You don't think that the trouble was triggered by the stress of the race, do you? I don't think so.
I've never seen a trouble triggered by just physical stress.
Wait a second.
There's a new coroner? What happened to Horace? Nothing.
I asked Dwight to use a guy in Cleaves Mills.
Might be best to keep this case quiet.
Yeah, 'cause normally we shout The Troubles from the rooftops.
Even quieter than usual? We need to let things die down a little.
Nathan, I did what I had to do.
I'm not questioning that.
But you saw those people this morning They're not happy.
On our way.
We've got another dried-out body.
Barry warned me before we got married that someday something could happen.
I didn't think it'd be like this.
I'm sorry, Annie.
What What do you mean by "like this"? Barry was, you know Troubled.
He was trying to protect me, he said.
But he was ashamed.
Anyone else know about his affliction? How it worked? Just family.
And his friend Stu.
- Stu? - Stu Pierce.
He was always talking to Barry about their problems.
He even convinced him to go to that stupid meeting he was organising.
Stu was organising that meeting for troubled people tomorrow night.
He ran away before I could talk to him.
And both of our victims were attending.
Annie said Stu was compiling a list of troubled people.
What, so Stu's some kind of troubled sociopath that collects the names of troubled people, and then picks them off one by one? Barry was ashamed of who he was.
Maybe Stu hates himself so much he wants to kill people like him.
Okay, the fact that you came up with that profile so quickly, that worries me.
Maybe someone figured out Stu was killing his own.
Maybe they came for revenge.
Ma'am, are you okay? Please, my husband! Your husband? Your husband did this? No, my husband, Stu.
They attacked us and they took him away.
House is clear.
They're gone.
I don't think Stu's the killer.
They've got him.
And they've probably got his list, too.
Then whoever took him knows the name of every person going to that meeting.
Our kidnapper has a hit list.
No, Mrs Ryan.
I I get it.
Your daughter liked her secrets.
That's part of her charm.
I'll inventory her stuff before I send it.
Your grief is touching.
What? She bought it back? Evi.
"Duke, In case things go bad, you should have this.
I'm sorry.
" You've gotta be kidding me.
Colleen, um, I need you to tell me anything that you can remember about those men that took Stu.
Well, they were all wearing masks with gloves and hoods, but, um When they were tying me up on the ground, I remember there was something on their leg like a tattoo? In the shape of a circle? No, it was more like a big number, like a Maybe a three and a And an eight? It's not a tattoo, but permanent marker's pretty hard to wash off.
Stu's kidnapper was running in that 10k.
I bet if we checked those race numbers for a three and an eight, we're gonna find out he's Patrick Grolsch.
We have your race number, and we saw you arguing with Stu, all right? Why did you kidnap him? Did you decide killing Reggie and Barry wasn't enough? You're nuts.
I heard what happened to those two.
How could I have done that? Maybe you used your affliction.
You're suggesting I'm troubled? Or you're working with someone that is.
All you have is half a number on a leg.
Okay, listen.
I don't know what your lawyer told you Lady, I am a lawyer.
And I have witnesses that saw you harassing me at the race.
And now you drag me in here with no probable cause? I'm filing a suit, a very public suit.
Good luck finding your friend.
I can't believe you just did that.
I am trying to protect you.
Because suddenly, I need protecting now? Why, because I was the only one that had the nerve to shoot a guy that was gonna kill a little girl? A troubled little girl who happened to be a cannibal, and the man you shot was the Rev, one of this town's leaders.
Is that what you're worried about? What the town thinks? What about what you think, Nathan? You know what? Actually, since this whole thing started, you haven't said what you think.
So tell me.
Do you think I did the right thing? Yes.
I know you did what you had to do to save that girl's life.
But right now, my opinion doesn't matter, and I can't do my job if I'm under indictment.
People are just looking for an excuse, so at least one of us has to follow procedure.
Teague and Teague Incorporated.
- Yeah.
- I've been looking for you boys.
Had to help with the deliveries.
The paper's already on its third edition.
Everybody wants to read about the Rev.
Yeah, I think I'll wait for the movie.
I was hoping I could show you boys something.
What do you think it is? A silver box.
Well, look at that.
Very interesting.
Well, still looks like a silver box to me.
Can I see that? Well.
I've seen this design before.
It's one of our early silversmiths.
You think you could find out anything more about this box? What the hell it has to do with the Crockers? If my father ever owned it? Well, I'm sorry, Duke.
We're just too busy right now to take on another project.
I'd be happy to do a little research.
Shouldn't take long at all.
Oh, Vince didn't get a lot of sleep last night, uh Shellfish before bed.
Yeah, I'm sorry for my irritability.
Yeah, well, why don't you just leave the box with You know, I I think the box should stay with me.
- Dave? - Mmm? Let me know if you find anything? I'd be happy to.
You have a nice day, gentlemen.
I will stop you.
It's time this town faces realities.
All of them.
Come and see me.
I've got a job for you.
Sasquatch? You know, we don't talk enough, me and you.
This doesn't have to get ugly.
I'll walk out of here.
It's over.
If you don't mind, you can just leave the box in the umbrella stand on your way out.
Give me the key.
Do I actually have to say no to that, or can I just assume it was a rhetorical statement? Funny.
Vince sent you, didn't he? If you say so.
Dave is helping me.
So it begs the question, what's so important about that thing that it's got the two of them turning on each other? I didn't ask.
I think you did.
And I think that Vince clammed up on you.
Come on.
Aren't you even a little bit curious? All right, so why don't you tell me? I'd love to.
But, uh, I don't have a freaking clue.
Vince and Dave know what it is.
But they don't want us to know.
They're playing us against each other.
So, do we go back to kicking each other's asses, or do we find out the truth? How'd you find Patrick? I put an APB out on his car.
He's a lawyer, Parker.
You're just making his case stronger.
Why am I the bad guy for trying to help you keep your job? You're not a bad guy.
It's just my ability to help troubled people, I don't I don't think that comes from Audrey Parker or Lucy Ripley.
I think that that's just me.
Think it may be the only thing that is, so I need to keep on doing that, even it means bending the law.
Well, there's bending and there's breaking.
And the way you're going, it's just a matter of time before you're suspended, fired - I don't care.
- How about arrested? You're going to help people from a jail cell? That's Patrick.
Wait, what What are you going to do? Nathan, that man is jaywalking.
Oh, damn it! Hey, it was commissioned by a Fitzwilliam Crocker in 1786.
He's, uh, one of your distant ancestors.
Any idea of what it was supposed to be used for? Snuff? Cuff links? Colonial condoms? No record of that.
But, uh, it was originally designed as a set.
The silver box you have is actually the smaller of the two.
I'm going to have to look into that.
Uhgreat work, Dave.
Yeah, it's kinda what I do.
Yeah, which makes me wonder if I'm making a mistake working with you.
You're not.
Besides, if I am, I can always change my mind.
Glad to see we're on the same page.
I betcha this key opens this other box that Dave is talking about.
Your dad never told you about it? No.
But our conversations usually were limited to, "Run down to the liquor store and get me some Camel nons and a six-pack.
" Sounds a lot like my old man.
Did you two get along? No.
So if your dad had the box, where'd he put it? If Simon Crocker was anything, he was careful.
If it was valuable, he hid it.
Any ideas where? We need to find his old boat.
Come on.
Get these handcuffs off me.
You have no cause to keep me here! This This is textbook harassment.
State law.
You need to cross at the corners.
You know what? I was wrong.
It's not that you don't care about getting fired, you wanna get fired.
- I'll be fine.
- I won't! Nathan, you're a good cop, okay? You're gonna be okay.
I won't be fine.
This isn't just about work, Parker.
You're not just my partner.
Not any more.
Look, Audrey You trying to burn the evidence? And you're trying to kill him? Where is Stu Pierce? Is he upstairs? Why don't you check? If he is, he's probably gonna need a hand.
We don't even know what his trouble is.
There is a reason that he wants you -to go up there.
- Nathan, listen.
You take care of him.
I'm going to go find Stu.
I'm going to be okay, all right? Stu, where are you? I'm gonna get you out of here.
You can't touch me.
My sweat, it kills people.
Don't worry, you're not going to hurt me.
You're Audrey Parker.
Yeah, yeah, I am.
Thank you.
Lay it on me.
We're gonna get you out of here.
I can see why your dad thought this was a good hiding place.
Who the hell fishes around down here unless they have to? Yeah, Pops was a real genius.
So why the hell isn't it here? - Sure this was his boat? - Yeah.
Last of the floating trash heaps he collected over the years.
He sold it to Sal before he died.
If the box was so important, how come he never mentioned it to you? You know, I don't think he liked me much.
And I'm damn sure he didn't trust me.
Or maybe he was just bad at telling you things, like, "Son, you're troubled.
" If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is your trouble? I'm a bullet magnet.
If a gun goes off within 100 yards, the bullet veers off towards me.
And how does one come to find that out? In Afghanistan.
Yeah, that's, uh, one hell of a revelation.
Yeah, screwy thing.
My dad knew I was gonna enlist, yet he never said a word.
He was willing to let me walk into a battle zone rather than admit what he was.
What we were.
You know, I, uh I think your dad and my dad would have been bosom buddies.
What? You two lose a bar bet? Okay, slow down, Sal.
I'm sorry.
I was gonna let you know we were here, but we were just down here looking for something that I thought my dad might have left behind.
On my boat? Relax.
You're gonna blow a gasket.
Before it was your boat, this was the last boat that my father owned before he died The second-last boat that Simon owned.
Not according to his papers.
I don't know about papers.
That's the reason Simon gave me such a sweet deal on the lady here.
He was buying a 120 and the owner wanted cash.
A 120? But you Are you sure? Yeah.
Okay, Sal.
Do you remember the name? Cape something.
Cape Rouge? Yeah, that's it.
No, no, no, no.
That's impossible.
I won the Cape Rouge in a poker game on my 21st birthday, okay? From who? - Ray Fiegler, up in Castle Rock.
- Fiegler, yup.
He's the guy Simon gave her to.
That means my father gave me my boat.
Reggie and I were running.
He wanted to back out of the meeting.
I grabbed his arm around mile two, and then And then he started getting sick.
And that's what triggered your affliction.
I was scared.
I ran home.
Found Barry borrowing my mower.
And he put his arm around me before I could warn him.
We need to take you somewhere you'll be safe.
I understand.
No, you can't take him away.
It's this town.
It's the stress of the meeting that did this.
I have to go.
Patrick wasn't just planning on killing me.
If they hadn't spooked him, he was going to parade my affliction around for the whole world to see.
We have Patrick's prints all over that building.
He's going to prison.
But what if you hadn't stopped him? This town isn't safe for people like me any more.
I'm going with you.
What, just pack up your whole life? For what? Till The Troubles are over, I won't even be able to touch you.
I don't care.
For better or for worse, right? Thank God you found that invite list Patrick stole from me.
Can you imagine what people like him would do with something like that? I suppose you should have it.
Why don't you keep it? Can't help those people where I'm going.
Maybe you can.
Crazy thing is, I still feel bad I'm gonna miss that meeting.
It's just gonna divide people.
People are already divided.
There's no going back.
All that's left now is for you to choose a side.
It's going to be tough for them.
Touching isn't everything.
Trust me.
Oh, I hope they make it.
They will.
Still thinking about what he said? About Haven not being safe for the troubled any more? Maybe you're right.
Maybe by shooting the Rev, I just made things worse.
You did what you thought was right.
I don't know what I think any more.
- Audrey.
- I'm serious.
How am I supposed to know right from wrong if I don't even know who the hell I am any more? I know who you are.
I do.
Because of you, I I can Never mind.
Found this for you.
Whose address is this? If I'm right, it's Lucy Ripley's.
How did you get this? I've been putting together everything we've learned about her.
This past year, I From photos and the Glendowers, people who remembered her.
I, I hired a P.
in Portland.
This is less than an hour away.
If you leave now, you can be there before dark.
Thank you.
I hope she has some answers.
And I hope you come back and tell me what they are.
Of course.
You know, no matter what she says or what happens, I'm coming back.
I promise.
You're not just my partner, either.
I'll be here.
Excuse me.
Are you Lucy Ripley? My God.
You're really here.
Did someone tell you that I was coming here? You did.
You don't remember anything about that day? No.
I'm sorry, honey.
Guess that means they found you.
Who found me? Don't know.
Not sure you did either.
But 27 years ago, when you arrived on my doorstep, you were on the run.
Asking all kinds of crazy questions.
You said you had my memories.
I did? I said that? Yes.
I couldn't believe it, but Okay, So.
If I'm not you, and I'm not Audrey Parker I don't know who you are.
And I I told you I was from Haven, Maine? Yes, you said that you'd been staying there for a while, and you were helping people with strange troubles.
Yeah, that seems to be a pattern.
Someone died.
You discovered a terrible secret, how all these troubles started, and how you could finally stop them.
So that's why these people wanted to find me.
No, they were trying to erase you.
Well, they succeeded, because I don't remember anything that you're talking about.
You said that I could never tell anyone about you, that we'd even met.
Otherwise, they would come and erase me, too.
And you said the only person that I could tell the story to was you, if you came back.
You said you'd need to know.
Thank you.
All these years, I've been waiting.
I hope I did the right thing.
Hey, what do you mean? A few months after you left, a man came here.
Said there were people after you and that he could help.
But there was something about him I I didn't tell him anything.
And he was from Haven? Do you remember his name? Simon something.
Simon Crocker.
So basically, your dad buys the Cape Rouge and arranges for the guy to lose it to you in a poker game on your 21st birthday.
Gotta be the smartest plan he ever came up with.
Maybe he was finally trying to do something nice for you.
No, more likely, there's a catch.
A big one.
I got something.
That's good.
Give me some slack.
A little more.
That's it.
Good, good, good.
All the time, the bastard had it stashed right under my nose.
What the hell is all this? Duke.
We need to talk.
You're not going to believe what my father had hidden below decks.
Your father's exactly why I'm here.
Lucy Ripley.
I found her.
What What did she say? That she knew your father.
That he visited her 27 years ago.
Why? How did he know her? I don't think that he did.
I think he was looking for me.
My feelings are actually hurt.
What happened to honor amongst thieves? Said I might change my mind.
Yeah, you did.
He did.
Duke! - Dude! Audrey.
- Are you okay? Duke.
What's going on? Get him.
Where is he? Don't worry.
He's a freaking Army Ranger.
He's fine.
Did you see what I just did? You need to show me what's in that box.
We shouldn't be having this meeting here.
We are not troubled.
They needed someplace to have it.
After what happened to Stu But Patrick's in jail for arson.
Nathan will make that stick.
Still, the people were scared.
And I told them they could have it here.
If people knew what you were really doing I'm helping them.
You're starting a war.
But I will have no part of that.
What happened? Why didn't you tell me what I was going after? Did you get it? No.
Before I realised, it was too late.
If I'd have told you what it really was, you would have been scared or you'd just kill Duke, right? He has it? He cut me.
What should we do? Well, that's a much longer conversation.
What are you doing here? He's probably here to shut us down.
I'm not gonna shut you down, Dwight.
The town finds out that you're at this kind of meeting That's risky, Nathan.
Oh, I can't worry about what the town thinks any more.
I gotta do what I think is right.
Sometimes, risks pay off.
Whatever the hell it was, it didn't last for very long.
It happened right after you cut Dwight.
Is there anything in that box that might actually tell us why? Well, maybe this ledger? There's some names, there's some dates, hundreds of years old.
Maybe it's a Crocker family history.
What? Did you find something? It's just these last few pages, I I feel like I recognise the writing.
It's probably just because it's as bad as mine, but My father wrote this.
"Duke, if you're reading this, then I haven't survived.
" Wait, I thought I thought that your dad died in an accident.
Yeah, I'm starting to think not.
"You are my son.
You are my heir.
"It's up to you to finish my work.
"You must kill her.
" This must be why your father was looking for Lucy Ripley.
He was trying to find me.
How did he even know you? More importantly, why did he want you to kill me?