Haven s03e02 Episode Script


Previously on Haven Parker? - What did you do with her? - Audrey is missing? I swear I didn't do anything to her.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where is the Colorado kid? You two are the same person? Who are you? Somebody who deserves to be told the truth! You think you're the only one who loved him? You have a responsibility, Duke.
What's going on? No! Why do you have that thing? If you're supposed to die at the hands of someone with this tattoo, I need to be on the approved list.
I'm not my father.
Is the Colorado kid still alive? No.
I helped bury him myself.
Lot 301.
The Colorado kid could still be alive.
- "Find him before the hunter.
" - Who's the hunter? And who the hell wrote it? I did.
Yeah, the sign says "Pull," genius.
I have video surveillance And a big bat.
You know, son, back in my day, we could have fun without that crystal mescaline.
What in the hell happened to you? you're Lucy, and you write this inside the Colorado kid's grave.
"Find him before the hunter.
" Couldn't have written yourself a more specific note? Well, it looks like I only had ten seconds to write it.
I gotta tell you, if I were gonna have to live Warmer climate Bali, Costa Rica, Hong Kong.
How's that thing healing? It's fine.
But I keep thinking about the man who abducted me.
He said I loved the Colorado kid.
His grave is empty.
I think he's alive, and I think he's on the run.
You expecting somebody? Oh.
Morning, chief.
What are you doing here? In case you forgot, Audrey got abducted.
I'm changing the locks.
You're changing the locks? Yeah, I'm changing the locks, but you know, then we We got to chatting, favorite coffees, scented candles girl talk.
You told him everything? About the hunter? Yeah, we're friends.
Is that a problem? Come on.
Your dad? You ever think maybe you're the hunter, Duke? No.
Well, I guess we won't know until you kill somebody.
We've got a 10-11 call, we gotta go.
Lock the doors when you're done, - please, Duke? - Yeah.
Stay away from her.
But I'll tell you what I will do, Nate.
I'm gonna find out who this hunter really is.
I'm gonna actually do something to help Audrey.
I told the freak he was on surveillance.
He didn't give a rat's ass.
This guy is messed up.
He's naked in my store.
And he's paying for that.
Thank you, sir.
Please stand back.
Somebody had him chained up? You think he's Troubled? I think he's cold.
Could be cold.
Give me your coat.
He could also be dangerous.
Could be contagious.
Give me your coat.
I don't think that's a good idea, Parker.
Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt? You cold? Here, have a coat.
It's okay.
You're just gonna give him a coat? Sir, outside now! And how about you arrest his ass and get him out of my store? - Hey! - No! Let him go! Aah! Call an ambulance! - Stay - So, uh How long have you been covering up what happens in this town? - Small talk? - Okay.
What do you know about the hunter? - Why? - Book report.
Come on.
I know you're "the cleaner," right? You keep a lid on things.
I'm just wondering if you kept the lid on him.
Look, hey.
I am asking for help for Audrey.
Okay? You don't know anything? I know that if you and I ever went again, but I didn't super charge you with my blood, things might go different.
Nice talking to you.
I lost him near Wrightson Hollow, so just start south of there.
No missing violent psych patients.
I'm guessing our naked biter is Troubled.
Did you put out the APB? Male Caucasian, 40s, wearing only a rope.
Hey, um, is that tranq gun ready? - Detective Parker? - Yeah.
I'm Dr.
Can I help you? Well, I was hoping that I could help you.
I'm a psychiatrist.
Oh, you know what? We actually don't even have a suspect in custody yet, so No, no, detective.
I'm here for you.
Me? Why? Officially, it's required.
You were abducted, and any civil employee that carries a weapon needs a psych evaluation after that kind of trauma.
Says who? Says years of psychiatric research and the town's insurance carrier.
You know, there's no reason to be alarmed here.
How old are you? I'm 28.
And I am detecting something in your tone, detective.
Okay, let me make this perfectly clear.
I'm not gonna talk to you.
Look, normally we could do this whole therapy courtship thing where you sat on my couch and we talked about the cushions for six months till you learn to trust me, and then we'd get right into it, but we don't have that kind of time.
What do you mean? I know what you do for this town, and if you think that you don't need therapy, well You realty need therapy.
We found him.
Nathan, this is Dr.
She's a shrink.
We needed to talk.
We did, and I feel much better.
Well, imagine how good you're gonna feel after one of our required sessions.
That might not be such a bad idea.
You did give my coat to a zombie, and you almost let Duke stab me this morning.
We're gonna talk about this in the car.
So I see him.
I yell at him, "Hey, get the hell out of my barn!" He turns around, he gives me the stink eye.
- Unbelievable.
- Dad! Liam, go back inside the house.
I can't find Jessie.
Just turn on the damn Disney, please! Wait, who's who's Jessie? A dog.
It's just me and the kid up here since his mom left.
Are you ready? I think we found Jessie the dog.
We use the tranq gun on one, the rest will hear it and come after us.
It's not like we can start shooting them.
I mean, they may be Troubled, but they are people.
I wish we could just call a bunch of backup.
And say what? We've got eight to ten cavemen in a barn? We've discovered the missing link? Why do you think they're here? Shelter? I don't know.
Let's give it to 'em.
At least keep them contained till we can figure out what's going on.
Yeah? Can you lock that barn? - Lock him in? - Them.
We need to lock them in.
"Them"? Look, this isn't even a working farm.
The doors don't lock.
I might have some old crossbars somewhere.
Get those.
I'm gonna pull the truck up, see if I can block those doors.
Okay, and I'll check the other exits.
Be careful.
I'm pretty busy now, Duke.
I just thought you might like to know that there is a very large naked man eating raw fish by the south docks.
Kind of looks like he should be in a Bowflex commercial.
By that I mean he's, like, jacked, juiced, and now he's staring at me.
So much for containment.
I don't speak cop, so what are you talking about? We're dealing with a bunch of those guys here.
We think that they're Troubled.
They're definitely dangerous.
Listen, can you restrain him? Sure.
Hi, Dwight.
I got Audrey on the phone.
She, uh She wants you to restrain that guy.
Hey! Hey! Follow me.
Liam snuck into the barn.
Don't move! Aah! Liam, why don't you ever listen to what I say? We'll get him to the hospital, run some tests, get some prints.
No! No! Don't shoot.
This one's different.
He didn't attack me.
Who are you people? Where were you? I paid a visit to the morgue.
I wanted to learn a little bit more about who Audrey's abductor murdered last week.
Roslyn Toomey's full autopsy just came in.
- Lucassi gave you that? - It's Wednesday.
He's surfing in Ogunquit.
Well, I'll give it back.
He'll never know.
You're out of control.
Read the cause of death.
"Deceased suffered a half-inch diameter trauma "to the base of the skull and brain stem consistent with a bolt gun"? It shoots a bolt.
It's made for killing livestock.
And someone who kidnapped Audrey and knows more about the Colorado kid than us is using it on people! Here you go.
You like cookies, right? You have no idea what's happened to you, do you? It's scary, huh? How's your new friend? Easy to talk to.
You should try me.
I can write prescriptions.
I prefer the mute, thanks.
That's a good sign.
Means I'm getting to you.
Just please go social-work someone else.
I did my undergrad at Yale and my M.
at UConn.
I am a psychiatrist, not a social worker.
How's it going? I haven't had a chance to examine him yet, and I've been trading calls with the hospital about the other one's blood work.
Wait, you Oh, you're You didn't come to talk to me? I sent her in here to talk to that guy.
And then detective Parker and I got to talking, and it's It's been illuminating.
There's a volatility in there that I need to see in the field.
I need to shadow you at work today.
Come on, Dwight's got a problem.
How'd he end up in your truck? Tried to load him in the bed, but he broke free.
If I had a little help Picking up your sarcasm.
Only thing I could do was trap him in the cab.
Wicked strong.
He can't get out? Doors are locked.
No buttons inside.
I don't know if he knows how to get out.
Audrey! You okay? Yeah.
Ah! Uh, guys? - Damn it! - Blood.
Is he going to go all solar eye? This is why I didn't want to get near the guy! Nothing happened.
Yes! Thank you! See? You can beat the Troubles.
Maybe he's not Troubled.
Wait, what? - He might not be.
- No, what Well, excuse me.
I'm sor Who who are you again? Wait, don't don't tell me.
Another Audrey Parker.
I'm Claire Callahan.
I'm a psychiatrist.
And this guy just might be drugged out of his mind.
What do you mean? The one at the hospital They found Acepromazine in his blood.
It's an animal tranquilizer.
We never tranq-ed him.
Even if you did, it wouldn't have been with this.
They give this to dogs they're are about to put down.
It's liquid lobotomy.
I couldn't even prescribe it.
Who could? Haven PD.
Hello? So you think the dogcatcher is injecting drugs into these people, that this isn't a trouble? It could be.
I mean, I've seen drugs make people do crazy things.
But honestly, nothing quite like this.
Excuse me.
It looks like his neck is broken.
He's dead.
This is the other half of what that first savage was wearing at the gas station.
So the dogcatcher is treating them like dogs? No.
This is a trouble.
The behavior, the biting, the animal drug in their systems.
How could you get a man in there? - You couldn't.
- Exactly.
He was in that cage when he turned into a man.
These men I think they're the dogs from this place.
Audrey, Nathan! It looks like you found our dogcatcher.
Well, most of the dogs here were probably feral, aggressive.
They used a hammer.
They killed him as men.
If they're human, they have brand-new human brains.
So take the feral and aggressive and add getting smarter.
Anybody knows who the hunter is, it's Vince and Dave.
Yeah, but in my experience, the problem is getting them to talk.
- I can help you there.
- Okay.
I don't want to ruin this nice little moment that's happening between us, but why are you helping me now? I saw the way you reacted when that blood got on you.
You hate your problem.
It's not my problem.
Duke's looking for info on the hunter.
We told Audrey we can't help.
How about you just let us look at some old Haven Heralds around the time of the Colorado kid murder, 'cause otherwise, we might start thinking that you're actually trying to keep something secret.
Makes sense to me.
I’ll look in the back room for some old copies, but I doubt that there's any there.
- Tell them nothing.
- Of course.
The Troubled person has to be connected to these dogs.
So where did they go after they were set free? See if we can connect them to a person that way.
First was Lambert's store.
Yeah, I've seen feral dogs hang out there looking for food.
Same at south docks, where Duke found that first one.
So they're wild dogs going to where they know they could find food.
Well, then why would they go to Tor's barn? The only food there was what? Tor's pet dog? No.
It must have been a different dead animal we found there.
Tor Magnusson dropped off his dog here.
His dog is one of the men? It must be Tor's trouble doing this.
Or his son's.
Kid was looking for his dog, Jessie, this morning.
And he didn't tell him that he dropped him off here.
Let's go see our dad of the year.
Yeah, I left my dog at the pound last night to be put down.
- Anything seem weird? - Yeah.
They didn't give me my medal.
Look, are we done here? I'm kind of busy.
No, we're not done.
Tell us exactly what happened when you dropped the dog off.
You know, actually, it was kind of strange.
When I went in there, all the dogs are barking their heads off, you know? And then I went inside, left my dog with the other dogs, went back outside, and the barking It just stopped.
I-I figured maybe they only bark at visitors.
I don't know.
It was weird.
Maybe that's when they changed.
Yeah, but why? Sir, may I speak with your son? Yeah.
He's inside.
What's going on? What happened to the dogs? Mr.
Magnusson, have you heard of the Troubles? Take a look at this.
"Local woman vanishes.
" It's Audrey.
That's Lucy.
That's who she was back then.
Looks like we have our lead story for tomorrow.
Perhaps you gentlemen would care to join me? Help? Look Yeah, you guys got this.
"The hunter.
" What happened to this farm? You kept animals? My grandparents swore 'em off.
They made my parents and me swear 'em off too.
Maybe that's why.
Maybe when people in your family try to slaughter animals, they become human.
This is insane.
It's a damn dog.
- Why did you get one? - It's my son's.
I didn't want one, believe me.
And I had to destroy it.
It had rabies.
That means one of these men has rabies now? Hey! I can't find Liam.
And I think you all need to see this.
That's Liam's puzzle.
Wait, so you think a dog man thing took my son? Probably your dog man thing.
The rabid one.
Tor's dog was probably the big one we saw that was trying to smash the door down when you had Liam.
He probably heard Liam crying.
He was trying to protect him.
Well, that's good, right? No.
That is not good.
The rabies virus It attacks the brain.
It makes you demented, paranoid.
If he cares about Liam, if he loves him Dogs bury things they're trying to protect.
Do you know where your dog may have gone if he was trying to "hide" Liam? Oh, um Marcoon hills.
They start right up here behind my property.
And go for 20 miles.
I've got all available units starting from the south side.
They can't have gone too far.
Oh, I've seen him run.
They could've gone real far.
I'll try and get that helicopter again.
Are sure you're dressed for this? I'm not, no.
Why the suit? I'm a professional, Audrey.
Professionals wear suits to work.
Even in Haven? Especially in Haven.
Look, my clients aren't normal.
Anything that I can do to help them feel normal helps.
I've got movement.
Me too.
They're not gonna let us go any farther.
And I think that man is your dog Jessie.
That's my gun.
Is it loaded? Yup.
How does he know how to use my gun? He saw me use mine.
It's gonna get real cold out here the minute the sun goes down.
Liam's gonna freeze.
We gotta do something.
Don't shoot him.
Why? I know he's just a dog, but he belongs to my son.
Don't shoot him.
I think I know what's causing Tor's trouble.
Did you have to put him down, Tor, or could you have gotten him the shots? They're expensive.
He should get closer, talk to him.
What? He feels guilty.
He should get closer.
Talk and try to connect.
To the rabid, angry, man-dog with a gun? He treated the dog like a beast.
He turned into a human.
Maybe that's how it's supposed to work.
If you treated him with some humanity now He would Turn back into a dog.
Get closer.
Talk to him.
Look Dog.
Jessie, I should've tried to help you.
I should've.
But the truth is, I was I was jealous Jealous of what you and Liam had.
His mom left, and He just moved straight to you.
I-I was just wrapped up in so much of my own misery, I just I didn't I couldn't see my way out.
I I was just on the outside, you know? Trying to figure out what to do.
Then I was stupid, and I'm sorry.
Keep going.
Look Please, just take us to Liam.
Help us find him.
- Touch him.
- What? And I know I know you love Liam.
I know.
He's dead.
Humans can fight off rabies a lot longer than dogs can.
Yeah, but how do we find my son now? Only Jessie knew where he is.
Liam! Liam! Liam! Liam! Cookie? You got something? This way.
Oh, Liam! Are you okay? Are you hurt? No.
I don't think he wanted to hurt me.
How did you know that was gonna work? I just hoped that he still had his human smarts, and then with, you know, a dog nose, he's a pretty good searcher.
Hey, uh, thanks for You're amazing.
I am so glad I got to see what you do.
You absolutely need therapy.
Can you hear yourself when you talk? I'm working on that.
Listen, it's It's just I-I think I'm past therapy.
Nobody's past it.
I've been trapped in a snow globe.
I've fought shadows, and I've been almost killed by machines.
Hadley is getting over the snow globes, and Thornton I hate going to that guy's house at night.
And Louis's my Thursday.
I got him into gardening instead of machines.
Killer tomatoes.
Well, not, "killer," obviously.
They're delicious.
I think they'd be all right with me telling you all this.
You help the Troubled? You're on the front lines.
I get 'em when you're done.
But people like you and me, we need therapy.
We take on everybody else's crazy, and pretty soon, we have no room left for our own.
You really ought to come see me.
Can I bring my new dog? Wait, you're gonna keep him? He's a good listener.
I'll warm up on him before I come to you.
But, um, there's another relationship that I would encourage you to address.
Uh, that's That's so that's complicated.
I have no doubt that it is, but I also know the only reason that he allowed me to follow you around is because he really cares about you.
It doesn't hurt to have someone to lean on.
I see you got the paper out.
Why are you letting Crocker and Dwight figure things out? Because we may need them.
We may need everybody.
Audrey's abductor knows about us already.
What are you talking about? Follow me.
It's been ransacked.
This must've happened a few days ago.
Who did this? You know what makes a hole like that? A bolt gun.
- A dog? - Yeah.
My dog, Cookie.
I think I'm gonna keep him.
It's not against the lease, is it? 'Cause I don't think technically that we have a lease.
Audrey, it's not the lease.
I need to talk to you.
If it were me, I'd want to know.
What? The hunter.
It's not a person.
It's a meteor storm.
It comes out of the Orion constellation.
It hits every 27 years.
When you were Lucy, and before that, when you were Sarah, the night of the hunter meteor storm is the night that you disappeared both times.
Where did I go? I don't know.
You just vanished.
When's the next one? Two months.
Two months? Hey.
So we're still taking this guy for a walk? [Kathleen Edwards's A Soft Place to Land] Calling it quits you think this is easy I swear I heard you calling the jury call it a catch Are you sure you can treat this dog well? Without any strings attached Humanely? He gave me back my son.
A soft place to land the forest floor the palms of your hands Thank you.
I'm looking for a soft place to land Hey, Cookie.
Good dog.
I call it an ace you've gotta believe me Surprised you gave him up.
But you're calling me names not to my face I kind of thought you wanted a dog.
But you're calling my spade a bluff I did.
And callin' it love It just I'm looking for it wouldn't work out.
A soft place to land the forest floor the palms of your hands Let's go.
I'm looking for a soft place to land