Haven s03e03 Episode Script

The Farmer

Previously, on Haven I was abducted, I was tied up by a man who knows me better than I know myself.
There's someone there.
I think he's coming.
No! Roslyn, is the Colorado Kid still alive? What? There's something else.
"Find him before the hunter.
" Who the hell wrote it? I did.
That's my handwriting.
Can I help you? I'm Dr.
I'm a psychiatrist.
There's another relationship that I would encourage you to address.
Duke's looking for info on the hunter.
Why are you letting Crocker and Dwight figure things out? Because we may need them.
- I need to talk to you.
- What? The hunter, it's a meteor storm.
It hits every 27 years.
When you were Lucy, the night of the hunter meteor storm is the night that you disappear.
When's the next one? Greg! How long does it take to pee? We've got the caterer at 9:00.
Greg? When this wedding's over, I'm so done running.
Greg? Greg? If this is a joke Oh, my God.
Audrey, it is your neighbor Duke, so please don't shoot me.
I brought you coffee.
One shot or two? I got to go to work, Duke.
- A triple, then.
- No.
No, thanks.
Coffee, sunrise, best view in Haven It's exactly what you need.
I don't wanna be here, Duke, okay? Car keys.
Audrey, look, I'm just saying, if I knew that I were going to vanish in 46 days, I probably wouldn't be heading off to the grind.
Okay, I will take you to my secret oyster field.
Have you ever had Blue Point oysters drizzled in Absinthe? Not today, thanks.
Audrey, come on, I mean, don't you just look around this madhouse sometimes and think, I am gonna grab the first flight out of here? I'll go to some secret island where nobody does anything, wears anything.
And nobody turns into anything unnatural.
You know, you'd think even Chief Wuornos would want you to take a little vacation time.
Yeah, I gotta go.
Nathan's waiting for me.
You haven't told him.
What are you waiting for? The right time.
Audrey, I I really couldn't handle living in this town with Nathan if you disappeared and he didn't know why.
I'm sorry it's going to be so hard on you, Duke.
Excuse me.
What do we have? Good morning.
Good morning.
What do we have? Victim's name is Greg Winfield.
Went for his daily jog, stopped for a pit stop.
Five minutes later his fiancée finds him dead in the woods.
Cause of death? I'll let the coroner take that.
Lucassi's full-time now? Yeah, it's a perfect job for him.
He hates it when his patients talk back.
Show her what you found, doc.
Human lungs.
Severed centimeters above the bronchial joint into the trachea and removed from the body.
But look There's no incision, dorsal or ventral.
How did the lungs come out? I'm thinking through his mouth.
He expelled his lungs through his mouth? Or somebody reached down his throat and ripped 'em out.
Come on, I want a bigger perimeter.
Let's see what else we can find in these woods.
Here's everyone in the northeast waiting for a lung transplant.
You really think that this is an organ theft? No.
It's a trouble.
And if it's Greg Winfield's, and he just coughed up his own lung, then we're done.
"The Shire Theater"? I didn't know you were a theater guy.
Just give me that.
- Murder mystery.
- Who are you taking? Thought if anybody has a shot at figuring it out, it'd be us, right? It's not for a couple of months though.
We don't have to go if you don't want to.
I wan I want to.
I-I can't.
No problem.
Got the tickets on my card.
I can get a refund.
No, Nathan I can't.
What's wrong? The hunter.
It's a meteor storm.
- Okay.
- It comes every 27 years, and when it does, I go.
Go where? I don't know.
Apparently I just vanish.
It happened when I was Lucy and Sarah, too.
It's okay.
- Um, we can all - No, Nathan.
It's coming in 46 days.
In 46 days, I'm gone.
How do you know all this? Duke figured it out.
Have you guys gotten a statement from the fiancée yet? No, actually, Nathan was just about to do that.
Well, I got the labs back on those lungs.
Diseased, sclerotic, barely functional.
But the victim was jogging minutes before he died.
Yeah, that's because the lungs that we found on the ground next to him weren't his.
What? Let let me see that.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This shouldn't take long.
Do you and Greg always run on that trail? Please, do we have to go through it all again? I already told the other guy everything.
What other guy? - The Farmer - Parker? What's wrong? Someone already questioned Sherri.
Black male, 35, leather jacket, called himself Tommy.
He could still be around here.
That ballsy.
You think it was the killer? Well, if he was, now we know what he looks like.
Hey, I need you to go to the witness in the interview room, get a detailed description of a man named "Tommy," put an APB out.
- I'm going to check the building.
- Yes, sir.
But chief, we just got a disturbance call that you should hear.
- Haven PD! Hands up! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy, easy with the triggers people.
I'm a cop, okay? I'm a cop.
Yeah? Then you know how to get on the wall.
He's dead.
Oh, I could've told you that.
Badge is in my pocket.
You wanna grab it for me? "Thomas Bowen.
" Boston Police Department? That's detective.
That's what the gold shield means.
What are you doing in Haven? Same as you, tracking a killer.
The one who snatched this guy's kidney and left him with trade-ins.
Why didn't you check in with us? Oh, you know, I didn't, uh, I didn't want to get in the way.
Listen, I'm checking in now, though.
Look, two days ago on the north side, some psycho reaches down a guy's throat, grabs his liver, and leaves him with a bad one.
We are after the same lunatic.
Can I please stop kissing this corner? Hey, hey, hey, what the hell are you doing, man? - Shh.
- Oh, this is great.
The perp is upstairs, and I'm down here handcuffed? - Yeah.
So, shh.
- No "shh.
" Police.
What's your name? Zoe.
Did you call the police? What happened downstairs? Looks like she's in shock.
Is my brother okay? Her brother saved her from her attacker, and then the guy removed her brother's kidneys.
Through his throat.
Definitely sounds like a trouble.
I'll talk to her.
But what do I have to do to talk to you? I saw you with Nathan when I came in earlier.
You know, there's some tension you can cut with a knife.
- Claire - And others you can't even get a knife through, 'cause it's too thick.
Things have changed.
Does anybody like it when their shrink says "interesting"? No.
It's half the fun in saying it.
Look, I just I just I want to apologize.
What you tell Nathan It's honestly none of my business.
No, you were right.
I told him.
How did he take it? He's confused.
Guess that makes two of us.
- Don't do this.
- What? Don't just blindly accept what's supposed to happen to you.
Nobody knows better than me what it's like to have some crazy destiny dropped on you.
I mean, hell, I I'm supposed to be out running around all silver-eyed, killing people, ending their families' Troubles.
- But you're not.
- No.
Because I choose not to give in to my fate.
I choose the life I live.
And you can too.
Lucy didn't have a choice.
And Sarah either, all right? So what makes you think that I do? I'm sorry, Audrey.
I mean, I-I want to help you.
But I honestly just don't have any idea how to do that.
Look You call me if you need anything.
See, Mark, being a cop? It's not just lights and guns.
Still interested in your Uncle's job? Not so much.
Officer, I'm Dr.
Can you get her a blanket while I find an ambulance? She's not well.
- No problem.
- Thank you.
Let's go get that blanket.
Did Detective Bowen check out with the Boston PD? Yeah.
His boss wasn't exactly shocked he was up here.
Sounds like Bowen goes his own way.
Have you ever had outside cops poking around Haven's Troubles before? Occasionally.
Sometimes we keep them.
And the other times? We get rid of them any way we can.
You left me in here with my laces and my belt.
Didn't seem like the kind of guy who's gonna kill himself.
Depends how long I'm in this town.
- You talk to my boss yet? - Yeah.
He seemed happy to have you out of Boston.
We're in a difficult place in our relationship.
You spoke to the girl? She said I didn't attack her, right? So that takes me off your suspect list.
But not the "working outside your jurisdiction" list.
You're funny.
I like you.
Not so sure about you yet.
I'll live.
Tell us what you know about the killings.
I'll be expecting a little consideration when I'm done.
Like what you know.
We'll see.
The victim in Boston, one who had his liver ripped out He was my trainee, Paul.
He was a good kid, came up the hard way, we really understood each other.
What led you to Haven? Witnesses, they saw a man, medium build, leaving the scene.
Only saw him from behind, but they did see the jacket he was wearing.
East Haven Sea Dogs.
Doesn't explain how you beat us to the victims here.
I've been monitoring your dispatch ever since I got into town.
Look, you guys should really consider upgrading to a higher frequency.
So, your turn.
Tell me, what do you know about this sick puppy? Look, I can appreciate you have a personal stake in this case.
He is now a multi-state serial killer, which means he belongs to the FBI, not you.
Fortunately, I'm not a big fan of the "feeb," so I'm not going to call 'em either.
That's, of course, if we can be partners.
So what do you say? It's your call.
Partners? - Help! Get her off me! - Zoe! Stop! Stop! I'll get help! Okay, you didn't have to Oh, really? Really? Looked like she was getting best of you, Chief.
I don't feel bad though.
She's probably on PCP.
Makes them unstoppable.
Well, I think we know who killed her brother.
Her brother, maybe.
But like I said, my trainee was killed by a man.
We have two killers.
And one of them is still out there.
Any idea when Zoe might wake up? Doctors aren't sure that she will.
One by one, her organs keep on failing.
Lucassi confirmed the diseased lungs and kidneys we found came from the same person.
So maybe they're one of our killer's organs.
Maybe his trouble makes his organs fail, and then he has to have healthy ones.
Well, if you need an organ, the best match comes from family.
The closer the better, and the Troubles run in families.
So, what? He's hunting family members to harvest their organs? If the attack succeeds, he gets the organ and the victim dies.
But if the victim gets away, like Zoe did, then their trouble is triggered And they need new organs.
So does this mean that Mark and Zoe are related? Let's find out.
Stan, you got a second? How's Mark? They got him hooked up to a lot of machines.
His kidneys are failing.
Is there any family connection between Mark and Zoe? Not on our side.
I mean, on his dad's side, maybe, but we'll never know.
My sister used a sperm donor.
Code blue, room 206.
That's Mark's room.
Sorry, Chief.
- Go.
- I'll go with him.
Hey, you know, Paul used to go on all the time about how he was gonna find his real father someday.
His mom used a sperm donor too.
- That's the link.
- Mm-hmm.
Wait, you guys have a fertility clinic - in this little town? - Yeah.
We even got a few traffic lights, too.
All of your victims were conceived with our help, but they were all fathered by different donors.
Well, there must be some connection.
Well, nothing I can see here.
Maybe it's a coincidence.
Paul's mother confirmed that she used this clinic when she lived in Portland.
No way that's a coincidence.
Maybe your records are wrong.
There's this case in Cambridge.
Fertility doctor.
He substituted his own sperm for his donors.
Fathered an insane amount of kids that way, all off the books.
Well, clearly, I haven't done that.
No, but maybe someone who worked here? If he doctored the records, no one would ever know the kids were his.
We're gonna need to see your employee files - over the last 25 years.
- Children, too.
I can give you the employee records, but not the patients.
Doctor-patient privilege, I know.
I will get you a court order.
Start packing up the files, please.
Go with her and make sure she's not holding back.
Yes, sir.
What does he think about all of this? That we're just chasing some normal sicko.
Wouldn't that be nice for a change? Okay.
So if our guy fathered all of the victims, he must've known that his organs would fail when the Troubles returned.
And he wanted to have a supply of matching donors.
How many kids could he have fathered? We got to protect them.
Any one of them could be next.
These kids could have kids of their own.
If their Troubles trigger They'll start harvesting the organs of their relatives.
We've got to break this cycle.
So we were right.
All the victims came from the same clinic.
Our guy had to have access to the lab to swap the sperm samples.
It's 25 years' worth of custodial staff, handymen, temp workers.
I got a list of 29 kids here, all conceived at the clinic, still living in Haven.
And dozens of others scattered around the country.
All of whom could have been fathered by our guy.
But how does his trouble work? How does he get the organs out of the victims' bodies without damaging them? Maybe that thing we saw in Zoe's throat when she attacked Mark was like Some kind of tube he uses to suck out the organs? And then he spits out the diseased ones.
That's new.
The hell are you two talking about? Do you seriously think that this guy is some kind of Chupacabra organ-sucker? It's a wonder you solve any crimes.
Is this a bad time? 'Cause I'm feeling some awkward cop tension.
Not now.
Hi, Nathan.
It's nice to see you, too, but, uh, I'm actually here 'cause Audrey called.
Why? I need his help, Nathan.
What are you doing? We got 29 people we got to track down before this guy gets to them.
And I have every cop in the department on his way in.
We don't need him.
We need all the help we can get.
Listen, I don't know what's going on with you and Duke, or what he said to you, but whatever it is we'll fix it.
We will, without him.
Just give me the list of kids.
Please, Nathan, we are running out of time.
Listen Park Just okay.
Well, be careful.
I'm all ears.
And if I get the slightest sense that you're snowing me, I'm bringing in the FBI, the Staties, and TMZ.
There are some things you need to know about this town.
Excuse me? Yeah? I'm sorry to bother you, um, my phone died, and I need to call a tow truck.
I'm sorry, I can't.
No, of course not.
Some weirdo asking to use your phone.
I get it.
My wife's gonna kill me for missing my son's game.
Really? Oh.
You know, when I said that I would help you, I was thinking, in my mind, something fun.
Maybe involving, like, fruity mixed blender drinks.
If you don't want to do this Hey, I'm here.
You know, the freaky thing about you, Audrey, is finding some guy who's hunting his kids is your idea of fun.
That's the freaky thing about me? How many names on that list? This is the third one, but we've got a ways to go.
We're looking for a Miriam Lacroix.
She's 17, brown hair Is that her? Sea dogs.
Let's go.
I should go.
Police! Can you hear me? Are you okay? She's not gonna be.
"Troubled"? I've seen a hell of a lot, I really have, but this This is a first.
We are not crazy.
No, I don't think you're crazy.
Been doing this long enough where I can spot the crazies.
I've seen all kinds of evil and depraved things that people do.
Got some other cops that I know, they reach for the bottle or for drugs or even God.
You and your partner need to believe there's something supernatural going on.
Hey, whatever.
But it better not get in my way.
Parker, slow down.
"XNZ 231.
" Got it.
She got a plate.
Harry Nix.
It's, uh, 2232 Magnolia Drive.
Got him.
Harry Nix, 48.
Worked at the clinic up until six years ago.
He's our guy.
Try and seal him in.
I'll put out an APB.
We'll get what we can here and meet you there.
There's no sign of Nix in here.
It's all All clear in the back.
He's packed up and gone.
He's probably planning ahead, in case we tipped to one of his victims.
Find a souvenir? Need a current photo for the APB.
This guy has a family? And he's taking his kids with him.
His organs are failing.
He might need 'em.
For parts.
Your friend's not there? No.
Damn it.
Are you all right, sweetheart? You look terrible.
We can postpone this trip.
No, we need to leave now.
I'll be okay.
I love you, Marjean.
I love you too, honey.
Long trip, Connor.
Maybe we should, uh, make a pit stop.
Nix's whole family disappeared when he was 21.
Last time the Troubles were here.
- You too, huh? - It's contagious.
And he probably killed them.
One of his organs is failing.
He's not going to get far without getting another one.
If I'm him, I go for my nearest donor.
So he can suck out their organs with his demon tongue? That's it.
I'm calling the Feds.
Tell 'em to put a net around this guy.
Hey! Feds wouldn't know how to handle this.
We do.
And every second we stand here arguing about it, Nix gets further away.
You want that on your head? You're lucky I hate the feds.
If this guy gets away, it will be the least of your worries.
Closest offspring are here and here.
I mean, the guy packed a damn lunch.
I don't think he's gonna go after his own kids first, not unless he has to.
They're his last resort.
Otherwise he would have killed them already.
All right, so, we play our odds.
Duke, you and I, we're gonna take Draper Street.
We got Curry.
Let's go.
You know, my father loved to go for walks in the woods.
He tried to hurt me once.
- He did? - I didn't let him.
But it changed me.
I did some things.
The will to survive is a powerful thing.
I'm sorry I missed your last game, Connor.
It's okay.
We lost anyway.
Are you okay? Do you want me to go get some help? Mm mm.
Your father's gonna be just fine.
Nathan, we're here at the Draper house.
His minivan's here.
We'll be right there.
We can't wait for them.
Haven Police Department.
Is everything all right? We're actually looking for your husband.
Do you know where he is, Mrs.
Nix? Your son.
Where is your son? They just went for a pit stop in the woods.
That's not illegal, is it? He's in the woods! Daddy Daddy, what are you doing?! Hey! You okay, kid? This kid's going into shock, just like the others.
I-I don't want to die.
Get Tommy and the boy out of here, please.
Why? I only need Duke.
Why? You should have told me.
You would've tried to stop me.
You don't know where this ends.
I know that it saves lives today, Nathan.
And countless others down the line.
Please, just take them and go.
Give me a hand.
What what about that? We'll handle this.
"We'll handle this"? What do you mean, "we'll handle this"? I'm sorry, Duke.
I really am.
You didn't need me to help find him.
You needed me to kill him.
There are scores of other kids out there that aren't just going to die, but they are going to kill their families, too, and you are the only one that can stop that.
You have no right to put this on me.
His organs are failing.
He's going to die.
There's nothing that we can do about that.
But you can kill his curse before he goes.
What is that? No! The entire time that I was helping you, you were planning this.
No, not at first.
But then I saw those photos of all of those kids at the fertility clinic, all of those kids that would die, or worse, and I knew I knew that you were the only answer.
So I thought if you could see the kind of monster that we were dealing with That I would want to become one, too? This wasn't your decision to make.
You're right.
Walk away.
Whatever happens, I'll deal with it.
Yeah, you're damn right you will.
Are all of these all Nix's victims? Yeah, he's been busy.
Teams we sent to search for his offspring found them.
At least now we know what to look for.
What are you going to tell your captain? Am I going to tell him what I saw up here? Be better for us if you didn't.
Better for me, too.
I make enough waves at home.
No upside in trying to explain all this.
Hey, good working with you.
You too.
It's a cool little town you got here, you know, once you get used to it.
If you ever get tired of Boston, give me a call.
We could always use a good cop.
Yeah, I'll do that.
There's more.
- Did Harry do that? - No.
She's not missing any of her internal organs, and her nose has been surgically removed.
That doesn't fit Harry's M.
The way she was killed doesn't match either.
What caused that? A bolt gun.
Normally used to put down livestock.
An identical wound.
What who's that? Roslyn.
Roslyn? The woman who was killed by my abductor? But I thought she was burned.
To try and hide how she died, I think.
Whoever abducted you is doing this.
He's still here.
But why? Me, Roslyn, the Colorado Kid, and now Facial mutilation? What is he after? We'll find out, I promise.
Parker, are you okay? No, just Parker, hold up.
I've been I've been wanting for a chance to talk to you alone.
I really don't want to talk right now.
And I get that, but we need to.
Nathan, you need to understand that I But I don't understand.
I don't have any idea where your head's at.
You're going away in 46 days, but you don't want to fight it? And instead, you ask Duke to start killing people, and you don't even talk to me about it.
That's what I don't understand.
Why Why won't you talk to me? Talk to you? Like you told me about the tattoo that you got just so that you could kill Duke.
I was trying to protect you.
Well, don't.
I'll see you around the office, Parker.
And then he just walked away.
Confused Very.
Do you feel like you could have handled it any better? No.
It went perfectly.
You pushed him away on purpose.
Nathan would never have stopped trying to save me.
And you're trying to protect him.
Lucy loved the Colorado Kid, and it cost him everything.
You're afraid that that's what's going to happen to every man that you love.
Not if I don't let it.
What's wrong? I got to go.
Can I get one of those? Got some good news.
Stan's nephew recovered, and so did Connor, and Zoe, and Miriam.
But I bet you already knew that.
Duke, what happened back there? Connor, what happened? Are you hurt? Where's your father? It's okay.
Laverne, I need an ambulance.
No, it's it's not a rush.
I'm done.
I'm done.
Yeah, Donovan sent a guy up here to kill me, so I'm out.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Yeah, listen, I talked to the local chief.
I'm gonna accept his job offer.
Hey, I'd rather be in the sticks than a body bag.