Haven s04e03 Episode Script

Bad Blood

Previously on Haven If I go into that barn and the hunter meteor storm hits, troubles disappear.
For 27 years, they're gone.
I am gonna die before I let you go.
I know.
She's trying to help this town.
Audrey, stop! Go! Save her! Duke, we all thought you were dead.
This is Jennifer.
She's troubled connected to the barn somehow.
She heard Audrey talking.
By killing the person she loves the most, she could end the troubles forever.
To my little brother, Duke Crocker.
He's taken me in, given me a home.
The Guard doesn't want another Crocker in town taking over the family business.
He doesn't know anything about that stuff.
Well, how can you be so sure? He might have found your father's journal.
It's all hidden.
Are you going to get Wade out of Haven? You're not just a bartender.
I need you to remember who you were.
It's time for you to tell me who you think I really am.
Well, I know who you are.
But if I tell you, there's no turning back.
Oh, jeez! Damn ancient wiring.
Can't wait to go digital.
Come in.
Close the door behind you.
We came as fast as we could.
He ran a traffic light to get us here.
Slowing down on a yellow is just a matter of taste.
Not in my MontClair it isn't.
Dwight, what is it? I need you two to go to New Hampshire.
One of Nathan's contacts found a body matching Audrey's description.
You intercepted Nathan's fax.
It came in last last night.
The body was found in a forest six months ago.
She's been on ice ever since.
has to be in person.
We need to be sure.
Before you tell Nathan.
And before you tell The Guard.
If that poor girl's gone, so is our only chance to get rid of the troubles.
If Audrey Parker is dead, a lot of people will be out for Nathan's head.
And I don't know if I can stand in their way.
- Now, see here, Vince - Not now.
I'm trusting you two with this.
Just make the I.
, either way.
And, guys if it is Audrey bring her home.
Tell me, if I'm not a bartender, then who the hell am I? What, am I some kind of, like, secret agent? Is that my job in Haven? Huh? Is that what I'm supposed to remember? It's not just remembering who you were.
You need to know where you are.
Why don't you just tell me? You're not ready.
Up! Move! Out! You're right.
I'm not just a bartender.
I'm a bartender with a gun who's tired of your riddles.
So you have one last chance to give me a straight answer.
No, I don't.
Did I miss anything good? What's with the pocket rocket? I'll put it in the lock box.
I'll tell you about it later.
Tell me about it after I service the cutie at the end of the bar.
What's wrong, honey? You look like you seen a ghost.
Maybe I have.
Start having Jennifer walk you through everything she heard going on in the barn before it imploded.
I keep thinking Howard must have said something that'll tell us where the barn was sending Audrey next.
You think she's gonna remember more now that she's 100% organic and psych meds free? Thank you.
Right now she's all we got.
We got a call.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
- Excuse me.
- What? You get one.
Nathan, that call we got it's about a city worker.
He never checked in.
Supervisor found him in the sewer.
- Sleeping on the job? - Dead.
Likely a trouble.
Do we know how the victim died? M.
said the body's completely drained of blood.
Drained of blood? Was he cut? Any puncture wounds? Not that anyone found.
- How is that possible? - I don't think it is Unless you believe in vampires.
Yeah? Seriously? We've got a second drained body.
I don't remember that man Howard saying anything about where Audrey was going next.
I do remember you, though, desperately calling her name, like you never wanted to lose her.
She was, uh special to me.
"Was"? Do you think she's dead? I don't want her to be.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Remind me of a sunset in port of Spain.
Just a little thank-you for letting me stay upstairs in Audrey's apartment.
Well, she wouldn't mind.
She'd like you.
So how are you feeling? Any side effects? From going off my meds? No.
I actually feel pretty great.
Except that you're not sleeping.
How come? I don't want to narc.
It's my bar.
Your brother Wade is really enjoying his new "it's complicated" martial status.
He's turned this place into an after-hours party shack, and it gets loud late.
Yeah, well, that's my brother.
Wall Street Wade work hard, party hard, be annoying.
He really needs to get out of here for his own good.
Well, can't you just tell him that? He's like an African honey badger.
I mean, the more you try to get rid of him, the more he just digs in.
Been watching Animal Planet again, huh? Ow.
What? So you can watch a lion mangle an impala, but you're scared of a little cut? No, I I I, uh I just have a thing for, um ladies who are hurt.
It breaks my heart.
I'm gonna get you a band-aid, okay? Looks like Jordan's still on dead man's watch.
I can talk to Vince about that.
No, I get it.
It doesn't make sense for me to die on the job before we find Audrey.
Make it count for something.
I'm starting to like your vampire theory.
How do you know Audrey will do it kill you to end the troubles? I mean, she didn't do it last time.
I didn't know about it last time.
I'm gonna tell her to.
Body was found right here beside that manhole cover.
Maybe the killer was trying to stuff his body down the sewer? Or the killer came out of the sewer to get him.
You think the killer lives down there? Well, it makes sense.
Two bloodless bodies found in and around sewers.
I'll have to check the maps.
I think this is the same line that runs under 4th Street.
Where we found the other victim.
- Hair of the dog.
- Ugh, how did you know? I hear you've been partying it up.
You know, I've been thinking, you can make a lot of extra bank by keeping this place open after hours.
All right, let's get one thing straight.
This is my bar, my schedule.
Well, now that I'm staying here, I was kind of thinking that, you know, this was our bar.
I did care of it for six months.
Well, it isn't.
Look, don't you have a job back in New York? I thought you said I was welcome here.
Dad taught me to share.
I guess you missed the lesson.
You know what, Wade? You don't want any part of what dad taught me.
Yeah, well, at least he came home to you at night, - raised you.
- If you want to call it that.
Don't bad-mouth a man who's not here - to defend himself.
- Okay, you know what? Wade, you are not gonna work out your daddy issues by piggybacking on my life.
You understand? Now, you need to go back to New York, find a therapist with a nice, comfy couch.
Why are you in such a hurry to have me leave Haven? Are you working on a scheme? Maybe I can help you.
Divorces aren't cheap.
You wouldn't be interested in anything I'm a part of.
I just think I'm used to doing my own thing.
You know, maybe maybe Crockers aren't supposed to live together like rhinos.
Rhinos? I'll tell everyone to stay away from the sewer drains, that there was a toxic spill at the aluminum plant outside town.
That's a good cover story.
Once a cleaner, always a cleaner.
A map of all the sewer lines in Haven.
So we bolt down all the manhole covers, sweep the lines one end to the other.
We'll need every cop and city worker on it.
Yeah, but whatever it is, we'll find it.
Lucassi was able to get the body out of here fast because she was exsanguinated like the others.
But it doesn't look like they spilled a single drop.
They always spill a little.
We just have to find it.
From your truck, chief, as requested.
You still carry that around? Once a cleaner.
Can you grab the blinds? Wherever the blood splatter is, this will find it.
This is really weird.
Grab the blinds.
That's a first.
You're right.
There's no blood anywhere.
The killer got in here somehow.
I'll go outside and check for forced entry.
I'll check upstairs.
Nobody's allowed in, okay? Yes, sir.
You shouldn't be here, Jordan.
It's a crime scene.
Yeah, a troubled crime scene, or you'd have uniforms all over the place.
I'm trying to run an investigation here.
What the hell is that? How long is this gonna take? Time enough to undo the damage you did this morning.
I told you, she has a delicate disposition.
Oh, maybe the reason your car is overheating is because we've been driving forever.
You're turning a two-hour drive into a pilgrimage.
What got into you back at Haven P.
? I'm tired of dancing around it.
What Nathan did was selfish.
His father was our friend.
It's our duty to look out for him.
Nathan wasn't looking out for Haven when he shot Howard.
He was thinking about how much he needed Audrey.
Well, Audrey doesn't exist just for him.
I care about her too, but I let her go.
"I"? You mean "we," don't you? No word games.
If Nathan had let the cycle continue, the troubles would've gone away for 27 years.
Then he would've seen Audrey again.
He's young and rash.
But now he's doing the right thing.
And Haven has to keep going.
Where we're going is to a morgue in New Hampshire.
If Audrey is dead, I'll never forgive Nathan Wuornos.
How did you get back in here? - How do you think? - I don't know.
All you keep telling me is that I'm not who I really think I am.
Not only are you not who you think you are, but this place, this whole bar it's not real.
How about this, huh? Does this feel real? Wade Crocker now whooping it up 24 hours a day.
Unethical as it may be, they can't tell the difference between the good stuff and the cheap stuff when they're drunk.
Any chance that everybody just left, like, really fast? Jen, what's wrong? I just heard a bunch of stuff, and I don't know where it came from.
What if it was never the barn that I was hearing? What if I'm just crazy after all? You sure what you saw was made of blood? And huge, easily 30 pints worth enough blood for three people.
I think we found our victims' missing blood.
- It was really gross.
- The blood moved on its own.
So we got disembodied blood, moving by itself and attacking people.
With what? I don't know, but it's deadly.
And it grows with every person it drains.
- The victims can't be random.
- No.
The sewer worker died here.
- The mailman died here.
- Here we are.
If we can figure out where the blood first came from, maybe we can find our troubled person.
Looks like it came from somewhere back here.
Maybe our troubled person lives in that area.
There's nothing but abandoned cottages and forest out there.
Things have changed since you left town, Nathan.
Mike Gallagher and his wife restored a house out there after their home was destroyed by the meteor storm.
You met him this morning.
The guy with the bad attitude and the bandage on his hand.
What does he mean that this place isn't real? Huh? Glass.
Tequila Yep.
- And, God, that is good.
- Tequila is good.
How about you? You good? I don't know.
I kind of feel like I'm losing my mind.
I lost a chunk of mine at burning man last year.
Actually helps when I'm working graveyard.
Listen, I I really I got to get out of here.
I need to get some some sleep.
I'm gonna take this with me.
If none of this is real, the boss won't mind.
It's not like it's from my personal stash, Lex.
- Thanks.
- For what? You know, for just for being normal.
Bye, Lex.
Morning, Lex.
Hope you slept well.
Disability checks came in.
We got some serious drinkers today.
Morning? It's not morning, Rhonda.
I just left.
Mike joined The Guard a few years back.
I haven't seen him lately, but he's always been a good guy.
- His trouble involves blood? - I don't know.
He didn't talk about it openly.
Most people don't.
What do you want? Mike, we need to talk to you about your trouble.
I'm not talking to The Guard anymore.
You said the troubles would end.
You lied.
Those lilies who are they for? Is your wife here? You don't get to ask me about my wife.
Mike, did Charlotte's cancer come back? Yeah, she's gone.
It's been a week now.
Stress of rebuilding and the troubles not going away.
I'm so sorry, Mike.
Thank you.
Is your trouble blood-related? If it is, you may be hurting people.
Me, hurting people? My wife is dead because of you.
Look out, Jordan.
Aah! No.
I'm so sorry.
Mike, I'm so sorry.
He just grabbed my arm.
He's gonna be out for a while.
But he'll be okay.
We got bigger problems.
I got a call from a uniform.
Said he saved a city worker who was sealing a manhole cover.
- The blood attacked him? - Said it was a "red monster.
" I told him it was sewer gas and that he was hallucinating.
The attack happened right here.
So it looks like it's still moving in a straight line.
I don't have to tell you what's right here.
It's headed for Haven P.
We have to alert the station.
If he's our troubled guy, we got to take him with us.
Hello? Where's Nathan? Where's everybody? I don't know.
I left him another message.
I'm sure he's gonna get here as soon as he can.
I can't believe I'm hearing things again.
And nothing's the same.
It's all new.
What are you hearing? Some sort of crowd.
But I I can't make out what anyone is saying.
All right.
- Look, it's gonna be okay.
- No, it's not okay, Duke.
I threw away my meds, and now I'm hearing things again.
And if the barn was destroyed then where is it coming from? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I Maybe I was never connected to your friend Audrey at all.
Maybe I am just crazy.
Go lock down the front.
Walt, I got word from the chief.
We need more guys down here to secure the perimeter.
Well, take them off 10th Street.
Yeah, okay.
I just need to check the offices.
The rest of the place is clear.
Pardon me? I got to get back to you.
Get back.
We need to block the door.
- What is that thing? - It's blood.
It's Wuornos.
Leave a message.
It's me again, Nathan.
A puddle of blood just killed one of your cops, so you know, you may want to get down here.
It really was blood? How is that blood? How is blood alive without being inside a person? I don't know.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, not now.
Not now! What? Move! Duke? Your hand.
What is it doing? What is happening to you? Jennifer Get away from me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
There's a giant blood thing.
It sucked all the blood out of that poor cop, and then it went to Duke, and it made his eyes all weird, and I think it wants to suck out all of Duke's blood too.
Duke you're okay? Apparently better than that guy.
Is this his fault? We think so.
What happened to you? A couple drops of blood hit me.
- I thought I was a goner, but - But your trouble killed it.
- No, I'm not like you.
- Duke's trouble? - I can explain.
- He's a sponge.
Shut up! For troubled blood an evil sponge.
I said shut up, Jordan! Look, we just have to find the rest of it.
I think it just found us.
- That's a lot of blood.
- What's it doing? Okay, everyone, back away very slowly.
If we spread out, it'll get weaker.
I don't think it wants any of us, Sasquatch.
I think it wants Nathan.
You think the blood is mad at Nathan? I'm not saying that he's not a nice guy or anything, but based on what I've seen since I've been in town, everything is mad at Nathan.
Well, it's gonna keep on coming unless we do something.
Okay, I thought I'd give that a shot.
You hurt it.
Mike Look, this is what your trouble is doing.
Oh, my God.
That blood is mine? It's already killed four people.
All to get to Nathan? It wants you? Why? Because you're angry with me? And you have every right to want revenge, but No.
No, look, when my wife died, my trouble activated.
Yesterday I cut myself.
I thought I was being careful, but some of the blood must have went down the drain.
I don't want you dead, Nathan.
- Then stop it! - I can't.
I don't know how to stop it.
I'm telling you the truth.
It's on a mission to kill me.
Maybe it can't stop until it does.
Unless we can stop this thing, we're about to find out.
Jordan! Crocker's trouble protected him.
I figured the blood might not like my trouble either.
It sure doesn't, but not enough to stop it.
Here we go again.
You two from Haven P.
? We're ready for you.
Give us a moment.
This was never supposed to happen.
I wasn't supposed to be here in this chair, in this suit, in this place.
- We don't know that it's her.
- We don't know that it isn't.
Which is why we have to go in there and do what Dwight asked.
You don't have to go.
I'll go.
This is what it must've been like for Nathan watching Audrey walk into that barn.
It was an impossible decision.
Oh, what I would give to make it so that there's no chance that Audrey Parker is on the other side of that door.
Rhonda It can't be morning, okay? I just - I just left.
- It always feels like that.
- Coffee's on in the back.
- No.
I literally just walked out that door and came in the other one.
None of this makes any sense.
Lex, if you're angling for a sick day, take it up with the boss.
But you and I both know you took off early yesterday.
Rhonda, I'm dry.
What is this place? Am I am I dead? I can shock it again, but I can't hold it back forever.
I don't want it to hurt anyone else.
- Please, someone do something.
- It's your blood.
- You do something.
- I don't control it.
It's like it's alive.
We need to find a way to contain it.
- How? - Where? - In Mike.
- I don't want to do that.
No, it might kill him like the others, make it even stronger.
It didn't kill me.
It tried to, but I just absorbed it.
Duke, that was a few drops.
You don't know what absorbing that much troubled blood - will do to you.
- Maybe not but I do know exactly what that much troubled blood wants to do to you.
Duke? Don't touch me.
Duke, this isn't you.
Duke, stop.
What if he's dying? Get back.
It might not be safe yet.
Let's make sure Duke got it all.
Now I know why you bolted when I cut my finger.
You didn't trust me enough to tell me? My thing with troubled blood it's ugly.
You looked like you were in so much pain.
That's just it.
It doesn't hurt.
It feels amazing like heroin amazing or at least that's what people tell me.
I saw what this thing did to my father and my grandfather.
Whatever family I had, it's ripping it apart.
So Wade has it too? No not yet.
That's why I have to get him out of Haven before this thing gets him killed.
Thank you.
Do you finally get it, Nathan? Do you think that I revealed myself in front of a stranger and fought that thing off for you? I didn't know whether it was gonna kill me, and when it didn't, I was almost sorry.
I can't touch anything.
I don't want to live like this anymore.
You have to do what you promised.
You have to end the troubles.
Ready? Uh, wait.
Uh, let me see her left foot.
Vince, the sooner we Audrey had a scar on her foot, remember? I just just show me.
There's no scar, Dave.
There's no scar.
Well, you still have to look at her face.
It's procedure.
You're not dead.
You're very much alive.
You're very much alive.
But this place, these people They're they're not real? They're not real? They're not real? No.
Fine, I I believe you.
But, Rhonda, she's real.
Then why is she still here? I didn't mean to be so hard on you earlier, Lex.
It's been a long shift.
Let's go home and rent that movie where all the hard bodies take their clothes off.
It's easier to accept the rest aren't real.
But it seems you're not ready to let Rhonda go.
You're a good friend.
You always say that when you want me to make homemade mac and cheese.
Good-bye, Rhonda.
I'll make popcorn.
Final offer.
Now what? You're next.
Heard you lost one of your own today.
Thank you for letting me speak with him.
Mike is one of mine.
I feel responsible.
Did he know what his blood could do? Just family stories that if his blood spilled, it would go after the one he hates the most.
That was me.
That really surprised him.
He had no idea he hated you that much.
Maybe he just needed somewhere to focus his pain.
Mike lost someone he loves.
But enough people have suffered.
We have to work together to build a new Haven.
It's time to let go of old grudges.
He's made mistakes, but he's our only chance.
Let's go home.
I'll drive.
Oh, no, you won't.
Did I say sorry for crushing your windpipe earlier? No.
Well, I am.
Well, at least I didn't get wet this time.
You know, I'm not a big fan of this whole Crocker thing.
But sometimes, it comes in handy.
Why don't we drink to a day without the troubles? Just one.
I don't think that's too much to ask for.
You don't like being a hero? If my brother is a hero, I would like to buy him a drink.
What did Duke do? What? This looks like fun.
I'll catch you later, Crockers.
What's he talking about? Leave it alone, Wade.
What, I can't celebrate my brother's accomplishments? - Come on.
- Duke.
You need to call Nathan.
Nathan, I heard Audrey's voice again in my head.
But it was different this time.
Totally different.
What did you hear? She was talking about being trapped inside a place that wasn't real.
Nathan, we've been assuming that the barn spit Audrey out at the same time it did me.
What if we were wrong? What if she's still inside? The barn imploded.
I saw it.
Time moves differently inside there.
What was six months out here only felt like a few seconds to me.
So you think Audrey is still in the barn, and it's still imploding? This place has many names.
You know it most recently as the barn.
I prefer bar.
Well, call it what you will.
It's dying.
And unless we move fast, it's gonna take you with it.