Haven s04e02 Episode Script


Previously on Haven If I go into that barn when hunter meteor storm hits, troubles disappear.
For The Guard wants Audrey in the barn tomorrow.
I'm not letting Audrey go anywhere.
You know, you always come back with a different name, but underneath you're always somehow the same.
No, this is not good-bye.
She's trying to help this town.
Audrey, stop! That won't work on the barn.
What about hurting you? Nathan! Meteors.
They're not stopping.
They're supposed to stop.
Save her.
Audrey! Duke, we all thought you were dead.
I was trying to save Audrey.
Instead I thought I killed her.
I thought I killed you.
Everything that's happening in this town is my fault.
This is Jennifer.
She's troubled, connected to the barn somehow.
She heard Audrey talking.
By killing the person she loves the most, she could end the troubles forever.
My name's William.
That guy was here because of me.
He was afraid I was gonna tell you something.
- Like what? - You're someone else entirely.
Unless you let me help you find out who you are, a lot of people are gonna die.
Okay, my turn.
Go long! - You broke it! - Shut up, Stevie! Don't touch it! That's not a statue.
What is it? No, Stevie, don't.
Nathan Wuornos, Haven P.
I'm just following up on that missing person, Audrey Parker.
- I called you 45 minutes ago.
- Well, keep me posted.
I thought the FBI might have had a lead on Audrey.
Listen, I want to find her too, but we got bigger problems.
I did my best to keep her intact.
Looks like charcoal.
She's completely incinerated, save the least combustible pieces teeth, metal.
It would take a liquid accelerant to burn someone like that, but that would've sparked a larger fire.
It's like the victim was the source of the fire.
Like some kind of spontaneous combustion? Got an I.
yet? Yeah, most of the teeth survived.
I'll run a dental check.
Doc Parsons keeps 'em for me for just such an occasion.
A body found in public on Founders' Day.
I was hoping people might actually be able to celebrate, that Haven could get back to normal.
This isn't normal? It's another hospital.
Still no Audrey.
Nathan, listen, part of your deal with The Guard is that you help me with the troubles.
- I vouched for you.
- I know.
But this is going to keep happening until until I find her.
You again.
Miss me? Mm, so let me get this straight.
Unless I do what you say, a lot of people are gonna die.
That sort of sounds like a threat.
No, I'm not trying to threaten you.
I'm trying to help you remember who you are.
My name is Lexie DeWitt.
This is who I really am.
No, it's not.
But coming to terms with that? It's going to be a process.
Oh, my God.
So, of course, my little brother dies without a will or a body.
Makes it complicated if you're the next of kin.
If I were my brother Wade, I would've planned my unexpected death.
You need a will too, especially in Haven.
I'll look into it.
Wade, you gonna stick around for a few days? The Bluefish are starting to run.
No, I got to head out tonight.
I've been commuting back and forth between Haven and New York for months now and the wife is, um, starting to lose patience.
Which reminds me, I got to call Marcie before she goes to work.
Excuse me.
What did you tell him about where you've been the past six months? I just told him that I was away on business.
He knows better than to ask a lot of questions.
Up late.
Nathan wanted to know every detail about the voices I heard from the barn.
Yeah, it's like a cop gene.
He can be thorough, especially when he thinks it might help find Audrey.
And he's right.
The antipsychotic meds I'm on can make my memory a little fuzzy.
Maybe I did hear more than I realize.
Jennifer, I don't know why you're still taking those pills.
You're not crazy.
Besides, the barn got destroyed.
You're not gonna hear the voices anymore.
You don't understand what it was like hearing the same voices over and over again.
I get it.
Okay? Time moved differently in the barn.
You know, what seemed like seconds for me was like six months of the same song on barn radio for you.
That makes sense.
But I'm still not going off my meds.
What, no Marcie? Probably giving the contractor marching orders.
We're in the middle of a big remodel.
Speaking of, if you fix this place up, you could get way more than those two guys were offering.
Somebody tried to buy The Gull? Yeah, which got me thinking, this town has got tons of cheap seaside real estate, but then I started looking into local insurance costs, and it was like whew! That makes sense.
Okay, w hang on, hang on.
Who exactly tried to buy The Gull? These two old guys, Vern and Dan.
Vince and Dave? That's it.
You know them? How would you like to see a small-town paper? Victim was Sally Marigold, age 26.
Frank the fire captain's daughter? And the late Bill Marigold's sister.
Bill's dead? Killed fighting a fire during the meteor storm.
A gas line blew the building while Bill was inside.
I gotta talk to the captain about his daughter.
I've already done the notification.
He said that Sally just came to town last night.
And just to make things weirder this is what Bill Marigold looked like when we found him.
His body looks like Sally's.
We know troubles run in families.
So maybe it is a spontaneous combustion trouble? But nothing around Sally burned.
When Bill died, why would he take a whole building with him? I don't know, but if the Marigolds are doing this We got to talk to the captain before they all go up in flames.
First, you don't tell me that my brother's in town, and then you try to buy The Gull? Well, I wanted Wade to settle your estate quickly so he would leave.
Why is that? The Guard doesn't want another Crocker in town taking over the family business.
He doesn't know anything about that stuff.
Oh, how can you be so sure? He might have found your father's things, his weapons, his journal.
Look, it's all hidden.
I want your word that The Guard is gonna leave my brother alone.
Are you going to get Wade out of Haven? He'll be gone by tonight.
Then I guess the only Crocker with a target on his back will be you.
It's like you you actually enjoy upsetting me.
Everybody needs a hobby.
Thanks for helping.
Duke told me you had a picture of Audrey Parker.
Mm-hmm, in here somewhere.
So these troubles, how come the whole world doesn't know about them? Well, that's what we do here at The Herald.
We cover it up.
We said this one was caused by 17-year cicadas.
Haven also has a lot of gas leaks.
Are they like evolution or magic? Oh, no, it's it's more like having a supernatural ability that you don't want and can't control.
They tend to cause a lot of death and destruction.
Sometimes maiming.
Ah, this is her.
Oh, she's so pretty.
She's always the same age every time she returns to Haven.
When the barn takes her away, where does she go? We don't know.
But you found Duke when he fell out of the barn and I'm betting you'll find Audrey too.
That's what everyone keeps saying.
Captain Marigold.
Not now, man.
I just need to talk to the captain.
You're not even chief anymore.
After the meteor storm, he got scared and took off.
Guys, why don't you take 20? Come on, man.
Sir, I'm concerned for your family.
Now you're concerned for my family? My daughter died today.
My son died in that meteor storm.
You're a little late.
I think Bill and Sally's death might be connected.
I think they may have been troubled.
Don't be ridiculous.
- My family's not troubled.
- All I'm trying to do is Is blame my children for their own deaths? I hear we still have the troubles because of you.
You want someone to blame for the destruction, all the deaths? You look in the mirror.
Oh, really? I can't wait to see you guys.
My cab's here.
I should be home by tomorrow.
Hang on.
Kay, I'll talk to you soon.
I gotta go.
I thought these cabs were supposed to be non-smoking.
Are you okay? Just like Sally Marigold.
Only thing burned was him.
Permit says our victim's name is Jacob Harcher.
No relation to the Marigolds.
So this isn't their curse.
Which means someone else is out there incinerating people.
On what's gonna be the busiest day of the year.
What if there's a connection between this vic and the Marigolds? Do we know who his last fare was? Nothing in his log book.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, where you going? I'd think twice before you put your hands on me.
This is a crime scene, ma'am.
Sorry, you can't just go walking wherever you want to.
Stan, let her through.
I heard somebody is setting people on fire.
I can't talk to you about an ongoing investigation.
And you've got Nathan out here looking for them.
He should be riding a desk, not on the front lines.
We need him.
I need him.
We made a deal.
Audrey Parker gets back, kills Nathan, and the troubles end.
Why would you put his life in danger like this? He's worked plenty of troubled cases.
Let The Guard find whoever's doing this.
I'll work with you.
Nathan would be touched that you're so worried about him.
What I'm worried about is him getting turned into that.
Because if that happens, the troubles never end, and I wear these forever.
And you spend the rest of your life in that bulletproof vest.
What do you remember about getting here? I was driving across country in a crappy pickup with my crappy boyfriend when we got in a fight.
I stopped for gas, and I stole his wallet.
Hitched a ride here, and I still don't know - how he paid for that gas.
- That didn't happen.
You can be my lawyer.
Your boyfriend, the road trip, the fight, you remember it, but you don't feel it.
You ever rode on a bench seat for four hours straight? Believe me, I felt it.
That's not what I mean, and you know it.
You remember the events, but the emotions, what were they? - What did you feel? - Pissed off.
No, y your boyfriend Did you love him? No.
But you've been in love before, right? Real love, big love.
And yet you feel it every day.
It's that ache in your heart, the weight.
It's for someone that you haven't met in this lifetime.
Listen, I really do appreciate what you did with the guy and the gun, but I think it's time that you leave.
That other life, I know the city.
It was in Haven, Maine.
You need to remember what happened there.
No, I don't.
You need to finish your beer and get out.
I mean, this town, it's like a postcard.
I saw an old woman actually sweeping the sidewalk, but there's a family of mermen here? Like real mermen? That's the least of it, which is why I want my brother Wade to get out of town.
So Haven is too dangerous for your brother, but you want me to stay? My brother Wade doesn't belong here.
When we were kids in grade school, he he came to visit one Christmas.
We took him sledding.
We were with this troubled kid who couldn't feel anything.
And he couldn't feel it when when he broke his arm, and it was so bad that the bone was sticking out of his parka.
And my brother Wade, well, he puked.
He just he freaked out.
He couldn't handle it.
What did you do? I just carried the kid to the hospital.
And then I went back to sledding.
I mean, it was a good day.
It was icy.
I don't know what I would've done.
You helped me back in Boston.
You're here now, helping us find Audrey.
I'm pretty sure you would've helped that kid.
And then gone back to sledding.
You know what, I I should get back to The Gull.
I just want to make sure that he gets out of here.
- Do you want to come with or - No, no.
Go say good-bye to your brother.
I want to go find some salt water taffy.
Salt water taffy all right.
Well, after that, there's a coffee shop, Black House Coffee.
It's the only place in town that makes a decent espresso.
Sounds good.
You drink too much of that, you're not gonna be able to drive home.
You're not gonna be able to drive home.
Nanny cams.
Not just for nannies anymore.
Who's the guy? Contractor.
He's supposed to be installing a skylight, but I guess he's waiting until he's done screwing my wife.
Did you know Marcie was cheating? Suspected.
That's why I installed the remote access camera.
Wade, I am I'm so sorry.
It's what I get for spending so much time up here.
But you came here to help me.
I'm not gonna forget that.
Good, 'cause I can't go back until I lock up my assets and serve her with the papers.
What about your job? I trade high-tech stocks.
I can I can do that anywhere.
Look, we'll we'll figure something out.
One mocha cappuccino to go.
My taffy.
Your friend from Boston's a very lucky woman.
She missed it by seconds.
It's like those pictures from Pompeii.
That was super-heated volcanic gas that swept through an entire town.
I'd almost prefer that.
It's the same as before.
The victims are incinerated.
Teeth and metal are intact.
It'll help with the I.
Four victims this time.
Why? They wanted coffee.
She's pretty shaken up.
Go easy.
I just wanted a mocha.
I mean, how do people stay in business in this town? Where's Duke? I called him.
He's on the way.
All those people they're dead? Yeah.
But you can help us find out who did it.
So please just tell me what you saw.
There was a kid at the counter with a nose ring, a woman doing some charity drive, and there was a girl at a computer.
There had to be more than that.
Hey, my meds make my memory fuzzy, and, oh, yeah, I'm kind of freaked out right now.
I understand.
Just anyone else? There was a guy holding a blue coat with brass buttons and a guy that ordered an Americano.
That's it.
That's five people.
Jennifer described five people.
We got four victims, so if we find out who's missing - We find our troubled person.
- Yeah.
We got our barista with the nose ring fundraiser and 75ยข.
The exact change you'd get if you bought an americano with a $5 bill here.
I like coffee.
I saw the victim with the laptop, so that leaves a guy in a blue coat with brass buttons.
Our troubled person's in the fire department.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
- Hey.
- What? Can you I.
the guy in the blue suit? I think so.
- Okay, come with me.
- Wait.
Hang on a second.
Will you excuse us a moment? Come here.
You spent all night interrogating her.
Now you want to take her trouble-hunting? She can I.
the guy.
I don't care, Nathan.
Look, I don't want her involved in this, especially when that is what happens when you mess up a troubled guy's latte.
Now I would prefer that the nice girl who broke me out of a mental institution not get killed because you screwed up.
I'm done screwing up.
I'm not gonna get her killed.
Believe me.
I don't see him.
Well, keep looking.
Everybody on the trucks.
What do you want now? I have reason to believe that the person responsible for your daughter's death is a fireman.
Oh, first it's my family, and now it's my men? They're being honored today for the work they did.
I'm going downtown to pin medals on their chests.
It's a bad idea.
I need a roster I don't give a damn if you're still a cop! You've got no authority in this town.
If it makes you feel any better, I I never thought you had any authority.
Uh, guys, guys.
I think that's him.
Nice work.
Hey, come here.
This fireman.
- What's his name? - Don Keaton.
He was a volunteer here, but he moved away after what happened to Bill.
He worked with Bill Marigold? They went into that building together, but only Don came out.
How did he survive? Bill took the upper floor, got killed when the gas line blew.
Don was downstairs.
A retaining wall shielded him.
Didn't get a scratch on him.
Is Don back in Haven? Yeah, he's getting a medal today.
Think about the victims.
The the cabbie, his cab was decked out in honor of Haven firemen.
The coffee shop you said that the woman was having a fund-raiser for families of firefighters, right? I think when people congratulate don, thank him for his service, it it makes him think about his partner's death, and his trouble recreates it.
Why today? Don just got back to town.
He hasn't had to confront it.
He feels guilty.
But the fire, his partner it wasn't his fault, right? Guilt doesn't have to be rational.
Don lived.
His partner didn't.
So does he know what he's doing? Got to believe he doesn't have any clue that he's leaving burned people in his wake.
There must be some kind of a delayed reaction.
Just out of curiosity, what happens when a firefighter whose trouble is activated by guilt receives an award in front of a crowd of adoring Haven citizens? We gotta find him before he burns the whole town.
Why are you still here? Fortunately for you, I'm persistent.
I can't leave.
You're in danger.
Yeah, says the guy who keeps on insisting that I'm not who I really am.
Because you're not.
And has a gun in his pocket.
You're right.
We good? I would have preferred it was still a whole gun.
I'm sorry that I'm upsetting you.
I didn't and don't mean to do that, but I need you to remember who you were.
Oh, you mean that that other person who was in love, who had an ache in her heart? Yes.
Okay, see, that's gonna be a problem because the only pain that I feel is you.
My name is Lexie DeWitt.
I'm 31 years old.
I was born in Tucson, Arizona, and I'm never gonna be drunk enough or stupid enough to believe you, all right? So just take your gun parts and leave.
Oh, my God.
He's back.
And he's got a friend with him.
I'm trying to get through to you.
They want to stop me, and this time I think they might.
Do you know what Dwight is doing? What I told him to.
We need Nathan alive so Audrey can kill him, but he's out there playing hero.
It's too risky.
You need to mobilize The Guard.
Nathan is doing his job.
What do you want, Jordan? Do you want to lead The Guard? No.
I want you to.
Okay, everyone listen up.
Don Keaton's dangerous.
You spot him, don't approach.
Radio me.
No vest? I'm not worried about bullets today.
You know, if we actually do find this guy and explain to him what he's doing, he could very well have a meltdown.
- I know.
- I mean, I you know, I I heard it before I said it, but, like, literally.
But if he feels guilty and we're nice to him, that's bad too, right? That's why I'm gonna arrest him - when I find him.
- Uh, for what? I don't know.
Hopefully he won't feel guilty if he's pissed off.
So your plan is to act like a jerk.
Call me if you see him.
Are you like an auxiliary police officer up here? You must still be in shock.
Yeah, probably.
All right, come on.
Dwight, how are we gonna spot this guy? Well, if we see smoke, then I guess we're too late.
There he is.
Let me talk to him.
- No.
No way.
- Guilt is what sets him off, so we need him feeling a different emotion like anger.
And since that's what everyone feels when they see me, might as well use it to my advantage.
Just trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
I'll try and stop anybody from going back there, but there's a lot of people floating around, okay? Just be careful.
Head down there and clear everybody out that way, okay? Head back up and clear everyone now.
Okay, get in the back.
Don Keaton, I'm Detective Wuornos.
I'm placing you under arrest.
What what for? We'll talk about it at the station.
I need you to come with me now.
- This way.
- Okay.
Ladies and gentlemen, in ten minutes we will celebrate Haven's heroes with a medal ceremony for our brave Haven firefighters.
A medal? I shouldn't get a medal.
This way, let's go.
- What did I do wrong? - Nothing.
- You didn't do anything.
- Really? You think so? You think I'm a hero too? Well, you're wrong, okay? Just like the rest of them.
Oh, no.
Nathan found him.
- Yeah.
- That's good, right? Usually.
There he is.
Hey! You're not getting by me.
Move, Crocker.
One touch from me, and don Keaton's unconscious.
Or you're not fast enough.
He freaks out and torches everyone.
Get out of my way.
It's not gonna happen.
Good idea.
Stay in my way.
You'd shoot a defenseless woman? - Twice? - Third time's the charm.
Hey, don't push him.
I'm sure he's got good reason.
Right? Right.
Now you leave Nathan alone.
- What's happening? - Don, you're troubled.
I know you don't realize you're doing it, but look.
I'm doing that to you? I don't believe it.
I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.
When was the last time you saw Sally Marigold? In the sculpture garden.
She asked me to accept Bill's medal.
And that cab driver? He gave me a free ride.
He told me heroes don't pay in his cab.
And in the coffee shop, they congratulated you, right? The whole place did.
And now they're dead? It's all my fault, because of what I did to Bill.
No, Bill was not your fault.
- You keep saying that! - Because it's true.
Bill was my partner, and he died.
How is that not my fault? Don, sometimes bad things just happen to good people, especially in this town.
But guilt, it's not important.
Doing what's right now is.
I lost my partner too.
It was horrible, and it hurts every day.
But our partners wouldn't want us to make things worse.
They'd want us to make things better.
That's what Bill would want.
That's all we can do.
I want things to get better.
Just hang tight.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
It's okay, don.
You all right? Yeah.
Thanks for backing me up.
That was stupid.
You could've died.
Why would you do that? Because he wants to help people.
He pretends to help people.
But everything he's done was for her.
You pretended to be in love with me.
You destroyed the barn our one chance at ending the troubles.
You damned us all.
So play the good guy, but we all know you're only doing it for one reason Audrey Parker.
I can't wait to see her end you.
She's wrong.
You've been helping people around here long before blondie came to town.
We're gonna find her.
If she's still out there, why hasn't she come back yet? I tried jails, hospitals, even morgues.
Maybe Audrey doesn't know who she is.
We may have to face the fact that the barn gave her a new personality before it spit her out.
Let's go.
Make a scene, and we hurt her.
The cops are already on their way.
I don't want to put a bullet in your head too.
Okay, I'll I'll go.
She still thinks she's a bartender, so Sorry I couldn't help.
Anybody? They're gonna kill this guy.
You Let him go.
Put it down.
Get out of my bar.
Out! How did I do that? Still think you're a bartender? That was pretty crazy what you did back there.
I hope I'm not hurting you.
No, I don't feel it.
I don't feel anything.
That's my trouble.
You're troubled? Yeah.
You're the boy that Duke told me about who broke his arm sledding.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
If I was normal, then I wouldn't have been able to help out Don back there.
Well, then I guess I'm glad I'm not normal either.
Guess we're celebrating Founders' Day.
Founders', yeah.
Found her nailing my contractor! Well, that's good.
You've started the healing process.
Listen, I am really glad that I'm here.
Is that right? No, I mean, I used to come visit you when we were kids, you know, but we never really got to know each other, all right? Dad always made it a competition.
But you won.
Okay? I was always my mom's kid.
But dad loved you.
You you were his.
You all caught up? Wade, trust me, you won.
No, no, no, we're gonna show people what's what, okay? You and me.
The Crocker brothers ride again.
You are very drunk.
No, I am serious, okay? The lawyer called.
Filing for the divorce is gonna take a while, so I'm gonna take you up on your offer and I'm gonna stay in Haven.
No, Wade, that wasn't really an offer.
To my little brother, Duke Crocker! He's taken me in, given me a home right here! Next round's on me! Looks like your brother's still enjoying his time here in Haven.
The day I first started hearing voices your voice it was the most frightened I'd ever been in my life.
I felt like a fish who'd just been yanked out of the water.
Crazy, nuts, and powerless.
I don't want to feel that way again.
But today I really understood how important Audrey is and why Haven needs her so badly.
If I can remember anything that will help bring her back You know, you didn't have to actually throw those away.
You could've just given them to me for recreational purposes.
You're the one who keeps saying I'm not crazy.
I'm troubled.
You are.
And troubled we can fix.
See? You're not just a bartender, and that wasn't a cosmo you just whipped up.
That was a sig pro semiautomatic, and you assembled it in under ten seconds.
Which is why it's time for you to tell me who you think I really am.
Who I know you are.
But if I tell you, there's no going back.