Haven s04e01 Episode Script


Previously on Haven If I go into that barn when the hunter meteor storm hits, the troubles disappear.
For 27 years, they're gone.
The guard wants Audrey in the barn tomorrow.
I'm not letting Audrey go anywhere.
You know, you always come back with a different name, but underneath, you're always somehow the same.
The first time I felt your touch was the day you kissed me.
This is not good-bye.
She's trying to help this town, and it is her choice.
Audrey, stop.
That won't work on the barn.
What about hurting you? Nathan! Meteors, they're not stopping.
They're supposed to stop.
Duke, go.
Save her.
Audrey! Audrey.
Audrey! Audrey, where are you? Audrey! Audrey, we got to get the hell out of here! This place is falling apart! You should go now.
I need to say good-bye.
Am I even human? He belongs here now, like his mother.
- Arla lied.
- Yeah.
You didn't kill me.
Why would killing you why would that end the troubles? Because you loved me.
Earlier today, schoolchildren at the Boston aquarium were stunned when an unidentified man suddenly appeared in the seal tank.
A spokesman was unable to explain how the man was able to get into the tank in the first place.
Look, listen to me.
Audrey Parker you understand me? Her name is Audrey Parker.
You have to find her.
Listen to me! Audrey Parker! Marina security wants to know how you got past them.
I'd like to know how I even got to Boston.
Oh, you're saying you got amnesia or something? No.
Which answer's gonna get you to uncuff me? None of the above.
I told you to call Haven P.
What did they say? They said Duke Crocker's been dead for six months.
Dead? Six months? No, I was only in the barn for a few minutes.
What barn? Look, Detective, this is obviously a misunderstanding, 'cause I am clearly not dead.
Or maybe you're not Duke Crocker.
I found these in your wallet.
Kirk Davis, Benton Shore, Calvin Banks.
You want to tell me what you're doing with these? Just call Haven P.
again, and make sure you talk to Nathan Wuornos.
As a matter of fact, actually, why don't you just let me do it? Because I can clear this whole thing right up.
The next call you make is gonna be to your lawyer, 'cause the second your psychiatric hold is up, I'm arresting you.
Identity theft, trespassing Buddy, it was just a fish tank.
Welcome to Boston, Mr.
You had a good deal going in Haven? You should've stayed there.
There's no place like home.
- That's weird.
- What is that noise? Do you guys hear that? It's getting louder.
If I could just borrow your phone for two minutes I promise, you're not gonna get in trouble.
Yeah, appreciate you looking out for me.
Oh, trust me, dear, I am.
That last bedpan change could've been a very different experience.
And they say chivalry is dead.
Come on, just one call.
Look, I'm already bending the rules letting your sister in.
- Sister? - Audrey.
I told her visiting hours were up, but she gave me a sob story.
It must run in the family.
Audrey's here? Oh, thank God.
She's not gone when I get back, I'm tranqing you.
Fair enough.
You're a wonderful woman.
And, dear, those scrubs look fantastic on you.
Who the hell are you? I had to see you see you with my own eyes.
Where's Audrey? Is she okay? All these months, I never dreamed that you could actually be real, and then last night, I was watching the news, and there you were, calling for Audrey Parker, just like you did in my head.
Um why don't we just, uh, start with your name? Jennifer.
Jennifer Mason.
Okay, six months ago, I was working at The Boston Globe, actually having a pretty good day, and then someone started shouting.
So I got up from my cubicle to see what was wrong, but there was no one there, but I could still hear the voices and all these names Audrey, Howard, Nathan, Duke and it wouldn't stop, the talking, the shouting, the crying.
I could hear the same conversations over and over, like a cd stuck on repeat, so I thought I was going crazy.
Well, it turns out I was.
The doctors told me I was schizophrenic.
They told me that the voices weren't real, that none of you were real.
Your doctors were wrong.
How is that possible? I have no idea.
But look, you said it started six months ago, right? - Yeah.
- I don't know how, but somehow I think you were hearing my friends while we were stuck in this, um, place.
The barn? That's what you called it.
Yeah, the barn, but it's not really a barn.
I mean, it looks like a barn.
Really, it's this, like, big, crazy supernatural thing.
No, no, no, no, Jennifer, Jennifer, wait.
I live in a town in Maine called Haven.
It's a place for people who have special, um abilities.
We call them "troubled.
" Now, I think that's what you are and how you were able to hear what you did.
Okay, right now you're making me feel more crazy, not less crazy.
Yeah, I know how it sounds, but I'm telling you the truth.
And if you somehow are connected to the barn, then maybe you can hear something that can help me find my friend Audrey, 'cause she must've fallen out of the barn at the same time as me, but I don't know where.
After I was diagnosed, I started taking medicine, and and it made the voices stop, and I haven't heard them since.
That's okay.
Look, we just need to get you back to Haven.
What? I'm not going anywhere with you.
I just met you, and you're some kind of criminal.
Yes, I am a criminal, but one with a heart of gold.
Look, if you help me get out of here, we will figure out what happened to you, and I will bet you that Audrey can fix it.
That's just what she does.
Why should I believe any of this? Do you want to spend the rest of your life thinking that you're crazy? No.
I don't.
But it was hard enough for me to get in here.
How are we gonna break you out? First, I need a paper clip.
Second I need my pants.
Do you do stuff like this a lot? Uh, sorry to say I do.
Where's your car? Okay, they're probably not looking for me yet, but would you Do you want me to get it and bring it back? - Fantastic.
- Okay.
You're not gonna ditch me, are you? If I was gonna ditch you, I would've done it before I had to flash that orderly my boobs.
All I said was we needed a distraction.
Well, it worked, didn't it? Okay, guys, whenever things go sideways, one of you usually has a good idea why.
Don't fail me now.
Haven Harold.
Dave speaking.
Thank God, finally somebody answered their damn phone.
Who is this? Dave, it's me, Duke.
Is this some kind of joke? Don't make me say it, Dave.
Two words Oprah Winfrey.
Duke! We all thought you were dead.
Where have you been? I've been in the barn.
It spit me out yesterday in Boston.
Yesterday? The barn's been destroyed for six months, Duke.
I know, but time must move differently when you're inside the barn.
Maybe maybe that's why when it spits Audrey out with new memories, she she doesn't age.
Audrey's with you? No, Dave, no.
Listen to me.
She's not with me.
I need to find her and Nathan.
Now, I've been calling his cell phone, but it's disconnected, and when I called the Haven P.
, they said he's not working there anymore.
What the hell is going on, Dave? A lot's happened since you've been gone, Duke.
Troubles didn't go away.
Dave, where is Nathan? I think I know where he is, Duke, but he's changed.
Yeah, whoo! Come on.
Man, you are one crazy dude, but, yeah, that felt great.
Cheaper than a shrink.
All right, who's next? That's your friend? Well, don't you think you should stop him? The thing is that I mean, Nathan and I have A complicated relationship.
Uh, look, you got 20 bucks? Stay here.
All right, hang on.
I need a break.
- Hey.
- You up next? I need a break.
I would've suggested Jamaica.
You smell bad.
I thought you were dead.
- Yeah, well, I had other plans.
- Audrey? Nathan.
Where is she? Where's Audrey? Okay, love, what can I get you? - I want a screaming orgasm.
- Don't we all? It's a drink.
We don't make them here.
No stupid frat-boy drinks house rules.
The other bartender made me one.
That a fact? Lexie Did you give this boy a screaming orgasm? Well, he asked so nice, how could I say no? After you went into the barn, it vanished like it was never there.
I made it back into town just as the last of the meteors were coming down.
It was chaos.
Dave thinks you shooting Howard disrupted the 27-year cycle.
That's why the troubles didn't go away like they were supposed to.
Guard found out what I did.
They tried to kill me.
Part of me wanted to let them.
I was trying to save Audrey.
Instead, I thought I killed her.
I thought I killed you, killed James.
So what? That's your excuse for having a six-month-long pity party letting people beat the crap out of you? I needed money.
I couldn't get a real job.
I have to stay off the radar.
The guard if they found me, I'm dead.
You got out of the barn today.
It might've spit her out as well.
Well, yeah, I'd like to believe that too, but how come no one's heard from her, Nathan? Barn sent you to Boston.
Might've sent Audrey to Burma, for all we know.
You said Jennifer could hear what happened in the barn.
Maybe she can help us narrow it down.
Can we trust her? I don't know.
I just met her.
But she trusted me when she didn't have to, and I get the feeling that she needs us just as much as we need her.
Do we take her back to Haven? Whoa.
"We"? Look, Nathan, I'm used to people wanting me dead.
What are you gonna do about the guard? Figure something out.
I need my resources.
Got to send A.
Bs out, send hospitals descriptions.
She could be hurt, disoriented.
Okay, we got a full tank of gas and some snacks for the drive.
I don't know what you like, but everyone likes slim Jims.
I like slim Jims.
Duke, you drive.
I need to talk to Jennifer.
And you need to tell me everything you know about the barn.
This town's been through so much.
How much more can people take? Well, the chief is doing the best he can.
Speak of the devil.
- Dwight.
- Have they found anything Bomb materials, trace of an accelerant? And hope still Springs eternal.
Nothing yet.
Here we go again.
What do we blame this one on? It's a gas leak.
A gas leak? Another one? Yeah, another one.
You're not helping.
I'm not the kind of help you need.
That kind of help was driven out of town.
Or killed when the barn exploded.
Duke called me this morning.
Duke's alive? Why didn't you tell me? I just did.
Are you two done? Sorry, chief.
What's up? I'll be right there.
Somebody down at the beach is frozen in glass.
If this bomb was a trouble, it's not the only one we got today.
Okay, I got to get today's till to the bank before it closes.
You gonna be okay by yourself? Yeah, I think I got the hang of it.
Did since the moment you came in you're a natural.
Well, I like it here.
It's much better than my last gig boring.
Yeah, this place will keep you hopping.
At least most of the regulars behave themselves.
Tell that to the pinch bruises on my ass.
Oh, I don't know.
You're pretty good at keeping the bad boys in their place.
Just looking for one guy, you know, one decent guy.
Is that too much to ask? You are wasting your time looking around here.
Hey, can I help you? Please.
Uh, can I get a local beer? What, like, a micro-brew? Yeah, there's a good one, actually.
I think it's from Maine.
I can do better than that.
What a pretty little town.
It has its moments.
Usually moments like this.
Hello, Nathan.
Get out of the car.
She's alive.
Who is that woman? Jordan McKee.
Her and Nathan used to have a thing, but then he dumped her, and I shot her, and the whole thing got weird.
Way to keep a secret, Dave.
Believe me.
You're glad we're here.
Oh, yeah, it's going splendidly so far.
Jordan, put the gun down.
Jordan, don't forget it was Nathan who found you unconscious in that field.
He explained your condition to the doctor, so he could operate on you.
He could've let you die, but he didn't.
Maybe he should've.
That gun goes off, the only person that dies here today is me.
What does he mean? Well, you see, Dwight here's a bullet magnet.
That's that's his trouble.
Jordan fires that gun anywhere, the only person it's gonna hit is Dwight.
Is that what you want? No.
But he has to pay.
He will.
You told us Duke was in the barn with Audrey when it was destroyed.
He was which means Audrey is still alive.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Quiet! Where is she? That's why I came back to find her.
Audrey and I are gonna end the troubles.
Audrey going into that barn that's what should've ended the troubles.
There's another way.
This is Jennifer.
She's troubled, connected to the barn somehow.
She heard Audrey and Howard talking.
Howard told Audrey that there was another way she could end the troubles, but not just for 27 years, but forever.
How? By killing the person she loves the most.
By killing me.
- Is this some sick joke? - Nathan's telling the truth.
That's exactly what Arla told me when Vince and I had her prisoner.
So you could kill me, Jordan, get your revenge, get to live the rest of your life troubled.
Last touch you ever feel will have been mine.
Or you can let me live.
I will find Audrey.
I'll convince her to kill me.
The troubles will end forever.
And you expect us to believe that? Hey, crazy town, you know him.
You all do.
All he's ever wanted to do was protect Haven, and he's willing to give his life to do that.
That's the craziest thing I ever heard.
Crazier than anything else that's been going on around here? And Nathan is saying he can end all that, and he's willing to give his life to do it.
What do you all have to lose by letting him try? What the hell is that? Take cover.
Everybody take cover.
What is that? Oh, my God.
I don't like it here! If this thing touches down, we're dead.
What was that? Welcome home.
There was a tornado right here where did it go? No way that was a normal tornado.
This been happening a lot? No, no.
This is something new.
Okay, you guys, take Nathan and Crocker to the safe house and sit on them.
No, no, hold up, hold up.
Listen, you saw what happened at the bookstore this morning, and I found another body down at the beach.
And whatever that was, I need their help.
I agree.
No, I'm not here to fight the troubles.
You want me to convince the guard you'll do anything to save Haven, even die? Well, maybe start smaller.
Maybe start now.
I'll do what I can, but I am here to find Audrey.
All right, we need to spread out.
Check the surrounding blocks.
We may have casualties.
Move! You should come back to the police station.
I'll show you what I've got so far.
Oh, me.
I want to go to the police station.
Police stations are safe, right? Usually.
Okay, show's over.
Your plan isn't really to let Audrey kill you.
I mean, you were just putting one over on the guard, right? No, that's the plan.
I'm not really up on on what's going on, but that is a bad plan.
It's the only way to stop the troubles.
Everything that's happening in this town is my fault.
Audrey's never gonna go for this.
Audrey was willing to walk into that barn and have her personality stripped away, to forget everyone she ever cared about.
Audrey was willing to die to stop the troubles.
Let's just say you're right.
That means for the troubles to end, you have to be Audrey's true love.
Are you sure about that? I've never been more sure about anything in my entire life.
So I haven't seen you around here before.
I haven't come in before.
Never had a reason till now.
Name's, uh, William.
Lexie pretty name.
You worked here long? Mm, about a month.
Never worked in a bar before.
You know, I just thought it would be fun.
Thought I'd meet some interesting people.
Are you interesting, William? I've been told.
Some things I like to find out for myself.
Well, I'm not sure this is the place.
My shift ends in a few hours.
I think I know someplace we can go.
Do you know that guy? No.
He has a gun.
Yeah, could tell by the way he moved.
Are you are you a cop or something? Not even a little.
Damn, I hope he doesn't try something.
The last time I tried to call the cops, it took them, like, 45 minutes to get here.
Looks like you'll have to handle it on your own.
Are you kidding? Oh, my God, he wants me to go over there.
- Can I get some quarters? - Really? For the jukebox.
Uh, what can I get you? Have a seat.
You know, I I'd love to, but we're really busy right now, so Sit down.
Listen, the cash box it already went to the bank, okay? We don't have anything here, just a couple bucks for change.
I don't want your money.
Well, then what do you want? Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
I think so.
You gonna be all right? I'm good.
I'm good.
From cleaner to police chief, huh? Yeah, Teagues talked me into it.
We couldn't risk an outsider coming in, poking around.
Besides, town needed a familiar face.
When you disappeared, people that don't know about the troubles didn't know why.
A lot of them took it hard.
And the people who knew why? The ones who knew what you did took it even harder.
You're taking a big gamble coming back, Nate.
Hold on.
Is that Nathan Wuornos, the old chief? I knew he wouldn't stay away.
One of our latest incidents.
Anywhere else but Haven, I'd say it was a bombing.
It wasn't a bomb.
There was no particulates found at the scene.
Witnesses said it was like being in the middle of a windstorm, only there was no wind outside.
The wind just appeared like the tornado? What could do that? We found that this afternoon.
Lucassi said the sand got so hot that it turned to glass, and the victim was trapped inside.
This was here in Haven? You know what it is? Yeah, it's called a fulgurite.
I was on a beach in the Congo once.
These things were everywhere.
The natives they called them "petrified lightning.
" Lightning? The bolts would super-heat the sand.
These things were all over the place, except the ones I saw didn't have dead bodies inside of them.
Autopsy said the victim died within the last 48 hours.
We haven't had a lightning storm here for weeks.
So from out of nowhere, we got wind, lightning, tornados all forms of extreme weather.
So we got a bunch of people running around who can control the weather.
Or maybe just one person Marion Caldwell.
I didn't read anything about her in the files.
That's because there was never an official report.
It was Audrey's first day in Haven.
Audrey discovered Marion had a weather trouble, killed someone, but we thought her trouble was under control.
- I'll get an address.
- Yeah.
Remember the marina we passed on the way here? I want you to go there.
That's where my boat is.
Harbor master will show you which one is mine.
You'll be safe there.
Is there anything to eat there? I have to take my meds, and I have to take them with food.
Um, The Gull it'll be closed, but the food in the freezer is still good.
I'm gonna get, uh Stan.
- Him.
See him? - I see him.
He'll take you there.
You can trust him.
Got an address.
Vince and Dave will meet us there.
Let's go.
It'll be okay.
I know you're not happy about my deal with Nathan.
And not just me.
I'm hearing a lot of rumbling.
The guard know you never really wanted Nathan dead, even after what he did.
It makes you look weak.
I think you know better.
And you know I'll do whatever it takes to keep this town together, to end the troubles.
So will I.
This isn't about Nathan.
This is about Audrey, and you know it.
All you're thinking is that she's alive and she's coming back.
I met her decades ago.
Her name was Sarah.
She helped the town then too.
And you're still carrying a torch.
You, Nathan, Duke.
Really don't get the appeal.
Go home, Jordan.
I'm not a meteorologist, but, uh, this doesn't look good.
Marion's in there.
Marion! Hello? It's got to be 20 below zero in here.
How did, um, Audrey talk Marion down the first time? She showed Marion that her friend, Conrad, secretly loved her, that they could be happy together.
Damn it.
You guys should get out of here before you freeze to death.
Audrey's the immune one.
This cold is affecting you just as much as it us.
Yeah, but I can't feel it.
I'll last longer.
Five minutes.
Then we're coming back.
Damn it.
Nathan Wuornos, you came back.
Marion What happened? My trouble, it came back too, because of you.
Troubles were supposed to go away when Audrey left.
That's what everyone said.
I know.
And you can take it out on me, but you have to stop hurting innocent people.
What people? Don't you know what you're doing? You've been creating windstorms, cyclones, lightning strikes all over town.
Marion, did you see her? No, as a matter of fact, we haven't.
But have a look around.
I'm pretty sure she's in there.
This storm's getting worse.
And it's blowing straight towards the center of town.
I didn't know.
What happened? Why did your trouble come back? Conrad.
Two days ago, he was working on the porch, fixing the damage from the meteor storm.
He came inside and said that his arm had gone numb.
Then he collapsed.
Heart attack? He had one a couple of months ago, but this one was worse.
He stopped breathing.
He died, and your trouble came back.
But what if I could've taken him to the hospital, or I could've No, he was gone.
There was nothing you could do.
There's something you have to do now, Marion.
You have to stop this.
You have to let Conrad go.
No! No! No, no! No.
I'm sorry, Marion.
I know how hard it is.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do.
The troubles are still here because of me.
Because I couldn't accept that Audrey had to go away.
'Cause I couldn't bear to lose her.
Because 'cause I couldn't let go, so many people were hurt.
People like you.
Then why did you come back? Because I got a second chance to make it right.
I won't let more people be hurt because of me.
And Conrad, he wouldn't want you hurting people because of him.
I don't think that I can live without him.
I loved him so much.
What you're doing, this this isn't love.
You okay? It's all over now.
Whatever you did must've worked.
I learned from the best.
Marion didn't want to hurt anyone.
Yeah, well, they never do.
Eh, some of them do.
Thank you.
The town will never accept you back as chief, not the way you left things, but I convinced the guard that I need you on the force and that it's the best way for me to keep my eye on you.
Don't want it.
Nathan, look what happened today.
I've been trying to hold this place together for six months, and I can't do it anymore.
When the troubles didn't go away, people lost hope.
We need you.
I have to find Audrey.
You did say that access to police resources was the only reason you came back.
If you were just a detective, you'd be under less scrutiny.
Maybe bending the rules here and there might be easier.
I'll do what I can, but it's all just a band-aid until we find Audrey.
Hey! There you are.
Did you find the tornado lady? Yeah, as a matter of fact, we did.
Okay, this place should be closed.
Oh, I'm glad it wasn't.
I was starving.
And this is the world's best Margarita.
Totally worth the cheat.
You don't drink? Well, I'm not supposed to on my meds, but your brother and I decided that this is worth the exception.
My who? Your brother.
Duke? Wade? You're alive.
So cool that your brother owns a bar.
Yeah, super cool.
Thank you.
I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't been here.
You'd have been fine.
Are you kidding me? That guy had a gun.
I don't think I've actually been that close to one in person before.
Yeah, you have.
Lexie, I have a confession.
That guy was here because of me.
What? Why? He was afraid I was gonna tell you something, a secret.
A secret? - About you.
- About me? How how could you tell me any secrets? We've just met.
And yet I know an awful lot about you.
Like what? Like you think your name's Lexie, but it's not.
In fact, you're someone else entirely.
You just won the prize for the creepiest pick-up line ever.
It's not a line, it's the truth.
And unless you let me help you find out who you are Then what? No, what's gonna happen? A lot of people are gonna die.