Haven s03e13 Episode Script

Thanks for the Memories

Previously on Haven If I go into that barn when the Hunter meteor storm hits, the Troubles disappear, but then so do I.
The Guard wants Audrey in the barn tomorrow.
Audrey is going in that barn over my dead body.
Tell me about Sarah.
You know, you always come back with a different name, but underneath you're always somehow the same.
There's a skinwalker in Haven? We discovered the skinwalker was stealing parts of women's faces, building a custom model.
Someone special.
Arla Cogan? Skinwalker's building the Colorado kid's wife.
You can't stop the Troubles.
Only Audrey can.
There is another way.
Tell me about this other way, I'll let you go.
Lucy said she'd bring James and I into the barn with her.
So, Lucy left you behind.
You take me to James, and you won't ever have to worry about me again.
What makes you think that I'm gonna let you near my son? Because if you don't, everyone you love will die.
Where do you want to go, James? - I don't wanna talk about it.
- Just saying it's possible.
Danny! Damn it.
Had to be Arla that did this.
She's got Audrey now.
Okay, meteor storm started last night.
That means they gotta be looking for that damn barn.
If Audrey goes in Troubles are gone.
That's what you're thinking? You're not worried that we might have just lost Audrey forever? You're thinking that today might be the day the Troubles stop? Hey, wait! Did you feel that? No.
Which means that the Troubles are still here.
That means that Audrey hasn't gone in the barn yet.
Come on.
They're looking for the barn, right? Now, if Arla put a gun to Audrey's head, and she had to lead her somewhere, where would she take her? Where? - I Parker and I were just talking about where the other Audrey lost her memories, the field with the imprint in it.
Yeah Like a building had been there.
- Out at kick 'em Jenny neck.
- Yeah.
Can only get there by boat.
We'll take mine.
If someone hadn't stolen it.
- Arla.
- Damn it! I don't know what kind of relationship you've had with my son.
We're married.
We're in love.
Till I tell him that you're a psycho serial killer.
White-breasted nuthatch.
Likes to climb, not fly.
Odd bird.
Hello, Audrey.
Agent Howard.
Or whoever the hell you are.
Looking for the barn, right? Come on.
I'll take you there.
No, you'll take us there.
You must be Arla.
I just left James Cogan at Haven Joe's bakery.
- He's alive? Is he okay? - Confused.
Had no idea how much time had passed.
Kept wondering what happened to pay phones.
He's still there.
Go to him.
Say hi to him on his new cell phone.
- James.
- Arla, is that you? - James, baby.
It's me.
- I want to talk to him.
I'll be right there.
I can't wait to see you.
I can't wait to see you too, baby.
I don't need you anymore.
If you make one move to follow me, I will shoot you dead.
We'll chat a bit.
May I offer you some tea? Who the hell are you? Think of me as your ride.
I drop you off, and then when the time is right, I pick you up.
In a barn? Yes.
Well, it's quite a bit more than a barn.
How did that get here? It comes whenever you're looking for it.
It comes when you're ready.
Okay, so that's it? I go into the barn, and then the Troubles end for 27 years? Not that simple.
If it was, I could just pick you up and throw you in.
You couldn't.
You have to want to go in.
You have to want to go away.
That's what allows the Troubles to end for 27 years.
Well, then, see, that's where we have a problem, morpheus.
I don't want to go away.
You'll be back to Haven.
Yeah, but as somebody else, right? Audrey Parker goes away.
Audrey Dies.
But I don't want Audrey to die.
Go and try to figure out the way to stay.
What? I can just go? Yes.
But know this, Audrey.
The sky is starting to fall.
While you're out there attempting the impossible, trying to stay, it will continue to fall faster and faster, until the town and everyone you love in it have been destroyed.
Now, go.
Your friends are here.
Audrey! Over here! You're okay.
How did you get here? Duke stole a boat.
Where's Arla? - She's gone.
But Howard, he The barn is gone.
I gotta find Arla.
She has my son.
I'm I'm sure that it's me, but I thought the meteors are supposed to pass over Haven.
Wha Why is it hitting us? Because I won't go in the barn.
And they're gonna come faster and faster until I find my son and he tells us how to stop this.
Found him yet? Vince.
You got that two-ton Jack? A guy on barkhouse drive is trapped under a wall.
Said his house exploded.
The Hunter storm has begun.
Uh, you don't wanna know.
Yeah, I do.
Oh I had to do it.
He's lost his mind.
Yesterday, we had Arla the skinwalker tied up, but Dave hit me over the head and set her free.
It's too dangerous right now.
Vince, there's meteors falling.
What if there's a fire? Dave can't be dangerous enough to keep locked in a trunk.
Let him out.
Oh, maybe you're right.
Sorry, Dave.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
My skiff was abandoned at South down docks.
James and Arla left it.
Waiter didn't see a car, doesn't know where they went.
He said James was really sick, that he's getting worse and worse.
If the barn kept him alive, maybe he can't leave it.
The whole town is getting bombarded.
Put out an APB.
Contact all the hospitals, doctors we'll find him.
I'm gonna check the security cameras at the docks.
Maybe they swiped another boat.
I'm sorry, folks, this entrance is closed off.
I'll run you a cool bath, okay? That'll help get the fever down.
I don't feel right.
You're probably just not used to all the modern bugs.
It's all genetically modified foods now.
I hope so.
I can't believe I've been gone for so long.
Don't worry.
I'll help you settle in again.
Things aren't so different.
- Arla.
- Yeah? If I've been gone for 27 years Then why do you still look so young? I stayed young for you, silly.
Now hush.
We have to get you well so we can get you outta here before your mother finds us.
All this time and she's still after me.
I guess I understand why.
That doesn't make it right.
Okay, we have our lives to live too.
I won't let her hurt you again.
I love you so much.
I love you too, baby.
What? - You have a problem.
I hear your James is sick.
- How do you know that? - How do you think I know? Audrey Parker's running around looking for you.
- She's not in the barn? - No.
You see, you can tell by the car-sized rocks falling from the sky.
And she's not going in until she finds James.
So, maybe there's a way we can both get what we need.
You want James better, right? You can't do that.
But the barn can.
I don't know where the barn is.
Audrey can summon the barn.
And she'll do it to save James just like she did before.
Why should I trust you, Crocker? 'Cause I know that Audrey has to go in the barn.
I'm tired of living in a disaster movie.
Troubles have to stop.
You just meet me and bring James.
I'll take care of the rest.
Damn it, Vince.
I know what Vince told you, but he lied, Dwight.
So, you didn't free Arla? Not really the point.
Vince knows that I'll try to keep Audrey out of the barn, and that's why he tied me up.
So, Vince wants her to go in? Thought he liked Audrey.
He loves her.
But he says he has to be practical.
Big coward, if you ask me.
The little guy's got all the fight in him.
What are you talking about? Vince and I tried to keep Sarah out of the barn once before.
Let's just say it didn't work.
Vince decided there and then that the best thing for everyone is for Audrey to just keep going back in.
Think we have to break the damn cycle.
We have to face the situation head on, deal with the damn Troubles, and not just keep using that poor girl as a band-aid.
Any idea where we can find Vince? Oh, yeah.
I always know how to find my brother.
I told you Audrey could bring the barn.
We'll have to be careful.
She's close by.
What's wrong with him? I don't know.
But this barn saved him last time.
We just have to get him better, and then we'll figure it out.
Right, baby? Just like we always do, huh? You'll be okay.
You did all this for him? I did it for us.
You ever been in love, Crocker? No.
Well, if you had, then you'd understand.
Duke? Don't move.
Crocker, get their guns.
You're gonna take him inside of the barn, make him better, and then bring him back out to me.
Oh, you will.
And by the way, if you don't come back this time I'll blow Nathan's brains out.
You won't.
Remember when you were Tommy? Gave me that gun with no bullets in it? I didn't forget that.
You used me to bring James to her.
I thought you wanted the Troubles to stop.
I do.
I want Audrey to stick around too.
It seems your James is the only one who knows how to make both those things happen.
James? James.
Hey, can you hear me? It's your mother.
He's not okay.
He's fading.
Bring him into the barn.
It can save his life.
Parker, if you go in there, you might never come out.
Howard said this barn only comes when I'm ready.
Maybe it only disappears when I'm ready to leave.
And I'm not ready to leave Either of you.
Hey! Nathan, I have to go after him.
He's my only chance.
Then I'm going with you.
Me too.
You're not leaving me out here again.
You're not going in.
How are you gonna stop me once you're inside the barn? I guess someone's gonna have to stay out here and watch the skin quilt.
Nathan You make sure she comes back out.
I will.
Ready? What's the big deal? It's just a barn.
Love what Howard's done with the place.
What is this thing? Parker I can feel.
My skin, the air, everything.
Must be this place.
Whatever's going on with the Troubles with Haven, this Barn is at the center of it.
We need to take it out.
It solves all our problems.
You can't get trapped in here if we blow it up.
What just happened? Huh.
That's me.
That's Sarah.
Sarah? I don't think they can see us.
Are we in the 1950s? The barn transported us back in time? - Don't tell me what to do.
- So, don't drop it, Vincent.
You're shaking, your hands are shaking.
Just take your time.
- Don't touch it.
- Focus.
- Is that Vince and Dave? - Listen to 'em arguing.
Guess some things never change.
Will you quit breathing down my neck? You're shaking.
Stop shaking.
It's like we're watching a scene from the past.
Hurry up.
Or it's a memory.
What if it's one of Sarah's memories? Good.
Go, go! Go, go, go, go, go! It did nothing.
It's completely intact.
This old barn should be splinters.
This is more than a barn.
Well, thank you for trying.
But I guess I have to go.
But who will take care of your son? I took him somewhere safe.
Was he with his father? James's father? He's not even born yet.
Not even born? We were talking about blowing up the barn earlier.
Maybe Howard overheard us.
You're right, Audrey.
That was Sarah's memory.
That you showed to us.
You're not taking Audrey away.
Oh, it can't be stopped.
That's what I was trying to show you.
How do we know that memory's even real? How 'bout I show you a memory of Sarah's that you know is real, Nathan? I don't like that.
Okay, so, he just said that it would be one of Sarah's memories that you remember, which means it's gotta be 1955.
That's when you went back in time to find To find Duke, right? Don't you have a jacket like that? Yeah.
That's weird.
Uh, I don't think James is up that way.
Parker Audrey, wait.
Oh, my God.
I didn't know if I was ever coming back.
He's here.
James! James! Parker? Parker! Parker! What the hell is going on? Audrey.
Who are you? Nathan.
Nathan Wuornos.
I'm your father.
I've always wondered who you were.
This would be weird even if we weren't meeting in a giant, supernatural steam room.
We've been looking for you.
Audrey and I.
- What, so she can kill me? - What? Again? Kill her son to save herself.
What are you talking about? When I came to Haven to find my mother Sarah, I found Lucy instead.
She was frantic.
She'd just found out that she was about to disappear.
And I said, "there's gotta be another way.
" What did you find out? What's the other way? Me.
My death was the only thing that could keep her out of the barn.
But Audr Lucy never would've hurt you, not even to save herself.
The day I was supposed to leave Haven, somebody snuck up and bashed me in the back of the head.
Arla found out it was my mom.
Arla lied.
Lucy still went in that barn.
There has to be another explanation.
Well, maybe you don't know your Audrey as well as you think.
Nathan? Parker.
You have to talk to Talk to who? I saw James.
I need to know what's going on in there.
Settle down.
You're not the only one with somebody inside this damn thing.
You love Audrey, don't you? At least admit it to yourself.
Shut up.
I'm not taking advice from a walking purse.
Hey! Relax, Crocker.
If we wanted to kill you, this would be over already.
How'd you find the barn? We had every member of The Guard looking for it.
Now where is Parker? - She's inside.
- Did I say you could speak? She's already gone in.
Think we're gonna wait here with you.
Make sure Audrey's still in there when it leaves.
If any of you come for this gun, I'll separate at least three of you from your Troubles before anyone touches me.
This isn't about you, Duke.
When this is over, we can all just walk away.
Hell hath no fury, eh, Jordan? I'm not here because of Nathan.
When that barn disappears, my trouble goes with it.
I'll be able to touch people, be touched.
I just want to be normal again, Duke.
I'd think you'd want it too.
He'd rather have Audrey.
I told you, shut up! Both you and Nathan In love with a woman neither of you can have.
It's almost sad.
He's your son, isn't he? Our son.
Why didn't you tell me? Not exactly sure how that conversation would have gone.
I guess it was a way to be with you.
I know that That sounds crazy.
It doesn't.
Part of me's glad.
At least this way, if I do disappear, I have some proof that I existed.
You are not disappearing.
Not this time.
What did James tell you? James thinks he's the answer.
He thinks That somehow killing him ends the Troubles.
We need to find James.
Figure out what really happened to him.
Howard? I know you're hiding somewhere.
I know you can hear me.
I'm not making my choice until you show me my son.
He's right there.
Oh James.
It's so good to finally meet you.
Where's Arla? I want to see her.
James, there are things about Arla that you do not know.
I want to talk to Arla! James.
James, stop.
Ah Okay, that hurt.
You want to see Arla? All right.
I'll go bring her to you.
Oh! Really, Vince? Oh, no.
They're just tranquilizers.
I don't want to hurt him, but I can't let him stop Audrey.
He wants Audrey to go back into the barn.
Because I want the Troubles to end.
I want this to end! Nobody wants the Troubles to end more than I do.
My little girl died because of them, but this can't keep happening over and over.
Vincent, what if Audrey can find a way to change things? We tried before.
Doesn't mean we can't try again! Vince.
Look, get outta here before you get hurt.
Take the men and go.
But Guns are not gonna solve this, Kirk.
Go home.
Yes, sir.
What? Why are you listening to him? 'Cause he's the boss.
We're leaving.
You're in The Guard.
They work for me.
Always have.
That explains a few things.
Vince, please.
You're going to make sure Audrey goes away, right? It'll be her choice.
I've lost too much.
I won't let it all be for nothing.
Leave now, Jordan.
So, what does this mean for us, Vince? That tattoo I'm not gonna kill you, Duke.
I appreciate that.
In fact, I'm the reason the others never went after you.
And believe me, they wanted to.
James wants to see you.
I thought he might.
Hush, it's all right.
What? What's wrong? Troubles don't work in here.
What happened to you? After you died, okay, my trouble started.
And my skin fell off.
But I-I can live inside the skin of other people.
Tell him, Arla.
Tell him how many women you murdered to get that skin.
You murdered people? That's how you're able to look so young? Babe, I I did it for you.
Don't touch me! I waited for you.
I killed for you.
I killed for us! You killed what? Oh, my God! Aah! - Ruined everything! - No! No! Hey! This is your fault! - You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
Just get her out of the barn, it might bring her back to life.
James, it's gonna be all right.
The barn saved you last time.
It'll fix you again.
Arla lied.
You didn't kill me.
Why would Why would I want to kill you? 'Cause then the Troubles But then I guess that didn't happen, did it? Why would killing you Why would that end the Troubles? Because you loved me.
L-Lucy said that killing someone she loved was the only way to end the Troubles.
Not not just for 27 years, but forever.
Haven would be a true Haven again.
What? But you're not Lucy anymore.
We just met, so you don't love me.
Hey Who do you love, Audrey? Ready to go? Why? That meteor storm is about to pound Haven from the face I'm not talking about the meteor storm.
I'm talking about me.
My choices.
Where's James? Healing.
That's what you wanted.
No, I want him to have a life.
The life that I can't have.
That's impossible.
He belongs here now, like his mother.
Why? Why do I belong here? Think of the barn as an amplifier for you.
When you're in it, your energy keeps the Troubles at bay.
But after 27 years, that energy starts to run out.
Troubles start again.
So, you have to come out and recharge.
Recharge? Recharge with what? Love.
It energizes you so you can go back into the barn and stop the Troubles again.
Am I even human? Audrey That's your problem.
You are very, very human.
So, I'm I'm Troubled then.
Then why do I need to kill the man I love to end all this? Am I being punished? It does seem that way.
There's gotta be another way.
I'm sorry.
There are only two ways this ends.
One stops the trouble for 27 years, the other Forever.
We really should go now.
I need to say good-bye.
What did James say? He was wrong.
Killing him It won't work.
Good-bye, Dwight.
I'm sorry about the mess.
I got it.
Audrey, you don't have to go away.
There are other things we can try.
No, Dave.
Innocent people will not die to keep me out of there.
I thought this might be easier this time, but It's not.
Bye, Audrey.
Good-bye, Vince.
Duke You have always been so good to me.
It was easy.
It actually wasn't, but You know me.
I like the challenge.
I'm sorry I won't remember you when I come back.
Especially Colorado.
Parker, if we No.
This is not good-bye.
Take me with you.
- No.
Nathan? Nathan, I won't be alone, all right? I'll be with our son.
I am gonna die before I let you go.
I know.
Duke - Audrey! Make sure Nathan does not follow me in.
Promise me.
- Audrey, don't do this.
- Promise me that, Duke.
I promise, Audrey.
Audrey, don't do this.
Then we'll get to do it all over again.
We're not letting her go in there.
Yes, we are.
She's trying to help all these people.
She's trying to help this town, and it is her choice.
It's not yours.
It's not mine.
I hate it.
But it's still her choice.
You're in love with her too.
Then how can you let her go? Look at her.
Look at her! Audrey, stop! I thought it was made fairly clear.
That won't work on the barn.
That was made clear.
What about hurting you? They're not stopping.
They're supposed to stop.
Get her, Duke.
Go, save her.
Audrey! Audrey.
Audrey! Audrey!