Haven s03e12 Episode Script


Previously on Haven I thought Tommy was the bolt gun killer.
The real Tommy was murdered and skinned several weeks ago.
The killer assumed his identity.
He's been with us the entire time, and I bet he still is.
One of us could be the skinwalker.
The Colorado Kid is James Cogan.
I can protect your baby.
James Cogan is He's my son? What? The Colorado Kid got married.
Wife's name was Arla.
But stop talking about this barn situation like it's a done deal.
It's not! If I go into that barn when the Hunter meteor storm hits Haven, the Troubles disappear.
I'm not letting Audrey go anywhere, Duke.
You only have a few days left before you go and we should talk about that.
If I can catch the skinwalker, then maybe he can tell me about the barn, and the Colorado Kid, and And me.
And then maybe I don't have to go away.
Audrey, hush.
It said, "hush.
" Hush, sweetie.
How bad can it be? What I mean is What gave me away? You killed her.
You killed Claire.
She was a fighter.
I can see why you two got along.
- When? - A few days ago.
We were still working together then.
How did She taped all of your sessions.
She kept excellent notes.
I wish everyone made it that easy.
You're a monster.
No I'm the victim.
Who are you? It took me a long time to believe that you don't remember who you are, what you did when you were Lucy.
I don't remember any of it.
So tell me.
Tell me, what do you want with the barn, the Colorado Kid? What do you want with my son? Your son knows how to stop the Troubles.
What? Parker? Parker! Hey, what happened? The skinwalker.
It's wearing Claire And has been for days.
Audrey, how come it didn't kill you when it had the chance? Nathan It's me.
You feel me, right? I think that it wants to keep me alive.
Something about the barn.
I don't I don't know.
She said that my son knew the answers.
That he could stop the Troubles.
- How? I don't know.
- Then we'll find him.
- I'm out of time.
No, you're not.
The skinwalker's gonna have to lose Claire's skin now in order to stay hidden.
We just have to figure out who it's gonna be wearing next.
Poor kid must've got caught when the bleachers retracted.
Snagged his dad's wallet to buy beer or something.
Paul Sullivan.
He was in my graduating class.
- You mean his dad was.
- No, I mean that is Paul.
He should be my age, but that's exactly what Paul looked like at 17.
- Is he Troubled? - I don't know.
But my gut says yes.
Wait, is this your class reunion? - Yeah.
- Whoa, whoa, folks, folks.
Can't come this way.
- Oh, no.
Are these some of your classmates? Mean girl, class dork, prom queen, although it looks like she's gained a few pounds.
Haven high's own little breakfast club.
Nathan! It's been ages! - Wow.
This is, uh, Denise, and Robbie I go by Robert now.
- Robert.
- Mm-hmm.
- Jeanine.
- Hi.
Detective Audrey Parker.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Can you believe this is the same Robbie? And he's a millionaire! I'm a motivational speaker.
Perhaps you've seen my infomercials.
- You would not believe what a dork this guy was in high school.
- Denise! Like he doesn't know! The past always informs us, but it never controls us.
That's one of mine.
- Um, do you know, is Paul Sullivan back in town? - Yeah, we all had dinner last night.
And I almost punched him in the head for how he treated you.
What happened? Jeanine was acting like they were gonna hook up or something.
I mean, really? Like that would happen.
Well, I wasn't really What is going on? We have to set up for the dance tonight.
There's been an accident.
We'll be right there.
We have to go back to the station.
Um, really nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
Are you just trying to get out of your reunion? Nope.
It's about the skinwalker.
We got you together because you're the only people we know we can trust.
When we discovered the skinwalker was stealing parts of women's faces, we started a computer program to piece together what it would look like if the parts were assembled.
Now that we just got the final I.
Of the woman buried near the cannery - We can finally get a picture of who the skinwalker's been building.
Excuse me.
Um why isn't Claire here for this? Claire Claire's dead.
The skinwalker took her.
We've gotta get that son of a bitch.
We will.
And it's gonna pay.
Program's almost finished.
That's impossible.
Arla Cogan? - Who? No, it can't be.
When Duke and I were in Colorado, we found out that James Cogan was married.
The skinwalker's building your son's wife.
Why would the skinwalker want to look like James Cogan's wife? Maybe it always was her.
After James died, nobody in Colorado ever saw Arla again.
- Maybe she came to Haven with James, and never left.
- We'll go through the archives.
- Yeah.
See if there were any women skinned 27 years ago.
See if some of your business connections might know something.
Yeah, they just might.
Let me spread the word.
The skinwalker has the answers, so we need to find her before Before I disappear for 27 years.
Well, this will be a mighty cold case by then, so we'd better wrap it up.
And, please We've seen what she's capable of doing, so just Be careful.
Here's the last case.
I'll be back later.
Got some stuff I gotta take care of.
Duke! There you are.
It's Jeanine.
I'm sorry, I, uh Come on, it hasn't been that long, has it? - Jeanine! - Yes! - Right, the the the reunion.
- Yeah! I'm sorry.
How how are you? It's been a long time.
- I'm doing good.
I like your place.
Do you run it with your wife? No, no.
No wife for me.
Really? The way all those girls used to chase you.
If I remember correctly, I think I caught you once or twice.
Yeah, those were crazy times back then.
That's the good thing about reunions.
It's a chance to make some new memories.
But the old ones were so nice.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Yeah? Hello, Duke.
You know who I am? - Arla.
Can we talk privately? Duke, aren't you gonna introduce us? No.
Jeanine, drinks are on me.
It was nice to see you.
There's an awful lot of people in here.
And you know what I'm capable of.
So I suggest you hear me out.
Can I get you something stronger than that? No.
Duke's a jerk, and I have no intention of further supporting his crummy establishment.
So, Arla What do you want? Oh, you know, what everyone else wants.
Love, life, pursuit of happiness.
And Audrey? I want her to find the barn.
- Why? The same reason you should want her to.
So we can all go back to being normal.
Yeah, but It's gonna be a much longer journey back for some of us.
I didn't ask for this, Crocker, any more than you asked for your family legacy.
But together, we can make it stop.
By trapping my friend in some kind of supernatural building for the next 27 years? Yes, I know how you feel about Audrey.
I was Claire, remember? You know what? She loves Nathan.
You really want to spend the rest of your life killing Troubled people, hmm? Wondering which guard has that tattoo you see just before you die? And all for a woman you can never have.
You're not wearing Claire.
So you're not allowed to shrink me.
Audrey going back in the barn is just a part of the cycle.
Hey, like Lucy and Sarah and who knows how many others.
But they all go back in the barn.
So then why are you so worried that Audrey won't? You and Nathan.
You're thinking about stopping her, right? It's the way that it has to be.
And deep down, you know that that's true.
What exactly do you want from me? Aha! The day after the Colorado Kid died, a young woman went missing.
A few months later, body was found not far from our old fishing shack.
- Where we found Tommy.
- The coroner's report stated that the woman's body was badly scalded, or maybe burned by chemicals.
That's why Tommy said he liked the place.
Sorry he had to burn it down.
But that was Arla talking to us then, not Tommy.
She was in Haven before, and our shack was where she skinned her first victim.
You talk to The Guard? I just left Kirk.
I didn't think you two spoke anymore.
We don't.
He told me they were keeping a close eye on Audrey.
They're also following around Nathan and Duke in case they decide to interfere.
With Audrey going into the barn? What's The Guard gonna do? Huh, and people say we're tight-lipped.
If The Guard's worried about Nathan and Duke, maybe Arla is.
Maybe she's keeping tabs on them too.
So? Maybe that's how we find her.
Parker, meet me at the high school.
There's been another murder.
First Paul, now Denise.
Both transformed back into teenagers.
Both dead.
So what? Somebody's trouble is turning their classmates back into high schoolers? Some twisted way of returning to a happier time? Or an unhappier time.
It's not the transformation that's killing them.
They're being murdered.
Okay, so it's some kind of revenge.
You remember high school.
I'll have you know Audrey Parker was pretty popular.
At least that's how I remember it.
Why don't you let me take this? You got a lot of things to worry about.
Listen, we have everybody we know out there looking for the skinwalker, all right? If somebody's going after your classmates, that means that you and Duke could be in danger.
We need to figure out who's doing this.
Besides, if I only have a day left I'd rather spend it with you.
Denise and Paul? It's terrible! Jeanine, um, Robert Have you ever heard of the Troubles? Troub Well, that's nonsense.
My parents told me those were just stories to scare kids.
Did either of you stay in touch with Paul and Denise after school? No.
You know anyone from our class who had a problem with them back then? Well, they weren't exactly saints.
Yeah, a lot of kids spent their lunch hour stuffed in lockers, courtesy of Paul.
And Denise, well She was obviously playing out some very deeply held insecurities, so But it was all so long ago.
Well, you can't have a better tomorrow thinking only about yesterday.
We have to cancel the dance.
Paul and Denise would've wanted the reunion to go on.
Like you said, we can't just think about yesterday, huh? Okay.
We're taking a big chance here.
If the killer's going after old classmates, where better than the dance? All those potential victims in one place.
What the hell? The whole class is here, but I still don't see anything suspicious.
You president of the a.
Club? I was a a geek.
The best ones are.
Look at me! Will you look at me? Okay, just calm down, kid.
It's okay.
What what happened? - Duke? - Yeah.
Duke? It's me.
I mean, on the inside, it's me.
Wha What happened? I went to check something down at the dock and then someone slammed me in the back of the head.
Next thing I know, I woke up in the water looking like this.
Did you see who hit you? No.
But they left a calling card.
A snake in a locker.
Didn't you steal a snake from biology class and stick it in someone's locker? Man, that was never proved.
That's not the point.
This could help us with a suspect.
Whose locker was it? Look, I never knew! It was just the only one without a lock on it.
Look, what kind of trouble is this? Whoever did this transformed Paul and Denise too.
Denise, huh? Yeah, she was really hot back then.
Transformed them back into teenagers and then murdered them.
So far, you're our only survivor.
It's gotta be somebody reliving those days.
Trying to make sure that other people relive them too.
Okay, then, I'm laying my odds on Jeanine.
I saw her, and that chick definitely peaked in high school.
Hey, Dwight.
Thanks for meeting me.
I talked to The Guard.
Apparently Arla came to them 27 years ago, the day the barn disappeared.
She wanted their help and was furious when they sent her away.
- What did she want them to do? - To bring the barn back.
- Did she say why? - No.
But once it goes - It's gone for 27 years.
Nathan told me that you don't exactly have the best relationship with The Guard.
Not anymore.
What happened? When my trouble manifested, The Guard brought me here.
They helped me.
I thought I owed them, and they took advantage of that.
Did you relocate Troubled people? Until I found out The Guard relocates some people whether they like it or not.
I tried to get out and I lost my daughter.
The Guard killed your daughter? They might as well have.
Audrey When the barn comes, are you gonna go inside? I don't want to.
I've seen the Troubles destroy so many people's lives that if me going in stops it for 27 years That's a horrible choice to have to make.
Jeanine, I was there when Denise made fun of you.
Paul rejected you at dinner.
Duke said you came to the gull, all three of them were transformed back into teenagers while you were angry with them.
- It wasn't me.
I swear.
I never could have done that.
Jeanine, the Troubles aren't just stories.
I know they're not.
I just said that so you wouldn't know.
You're Troubled.
But I can't do what you're talking about.
I almost wish I could.
Maybe it would be better.
What's your trouble? - Cake.
- Excuse me? It started right after college, and all my friends started getting married, and I wanted to be happy for them, but I was just jealous.
Then at my best friend's wedding, she was standing there and so happy and cutting big slices out of her big, beautiful, fairytale wedding cake, and I just wanted so badly for that to be my cake.
What happened? My trouble kicked in.
And ever since that day, any food I touch turns into cake.
It doesn't matter what it is Steak, cheese, celery By the time it reaches my mouth, it is delicious cake.
Why do you think I look like this now? Three years, nothing but cake.
You believe me, right? I do.
It's okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Dude! - What? - What'd she say? - I it's not Jeanine, okay? A person can only have one trouble and hers is it's crazy enough, it has to be true.
Parker is still interviewing people.
Maybe she'll have better luck.
- No, no, no.
I'm gonna be like this forever.
Audrey's gonna disappear any second now and you're never gonna solve this without her.
Who gets a do-over? You've got your whole life laid out in front of you again.
Kind of wish it had happened to me.
You're nuts.
Although in 27 years, you'd still be young-ish.
I'd get another chance with her.
Payback's a bitch, huh? I'm not telling you anything.
Yeah, that's what we said when you had us tied up and helpless.
Why'd you even bring me here? I would have thought you'd be so excited to present me to your precious Audrey.
"Look what we did.
Can we be friends?" Plenty of time for that.
You gonna slap me around a little bit? Believe me, I've been through worse.
We just want to know why you're looking for the barn.
What do you want with Audrey? You told Tommy that Audrey was the only one who could find the barn.
Well, when she does, I'll be standing right beside her.
It won't do you any good.
You can't stop the Troubles.
Only Audrey can.
You and I both know there's another way.
Another way? You tell me about this other way, I'll let you go.
These people look so very old.
Shut up.
Duke? Uh, junior.
Oh, should've known.
God help us if he turns out like his father.
Come on, let's go talk to this dj about this lame music he's playing.
You know, I'm not really into older women.
I don't know, it seems pretty quiet.
I hope we didn't misplay this.
The killer's here somewhere.
I remember this song.
Dance with me.
I'm not much of a dancer.
It's tough when you can't feel your feet.
Why do I always go for the shy ones? So what were you like in high school? I was, uh Kind of an outsider.
Yeah? And I thought all your classmates liked you.
Robert and Jeanine You guys weren't all friends? Jeanine wouldn't even have given me the time of day.
Robbie standing next to the guy was an invitation to be bullied.
Well, he acts like none of it even affected him.
It did back then.
If Jeanine was the one who would most want to come back to high school, if the trouble was about revenge The killer was bullied.
And his trouble turns his bullies back into the teenagers that hurt him.
- And he hurts them back.
- Yeah.
Grab Duke.
We gotta find Robbie.
We gotta go.
Oh! Okay.
Who wants to fire one up? - Ooh.
I got a prescription.
Looks like we're going to the boiler room.
Okay, that always gives me the munchies, but, uh, what's a couple extra hours in the gym? The gym! Now I remember you.
You're that guy that Paul razzed that time.
Paul told you Denise wanted to meet you under the gym bleachers at lunch.
Custodian found you still there the next morning.
Yeah, I missed three classes, and my parents thought I'd been kidnapped.
- Oh! And I got detention for a month.
Can't believe you waited there all night! I mean, thinking Denise would show? - I got locked in.
- I can't believe you thought she actually liked you.
I said I got locked in.
What a loser he was.
You're not that kid anymore.
You're not Robbie.
I forgot how gross it is in here.
Mm, that's because we were too busy making out for you to notice.
- Mm-hmm.
Somebody locked us in here.
Oh, we are so busted! Our parents are gonna be pissed.
Is something wrong with the boiler? Chaz? Hey! Stop! Police! It's Robbie.
That kid is toast.
Hey! Sounds like the boiler's gonna blow.
Get back.
Police! Everybody out, now! Robbie? Is that you? - Robbie.
I know that they hurt you but that doesn't mean they deserve to die.
You have no idea what it was like! I bet you were pretty, like them.
I guess we'll never know.
Robert, listen, I want to help you.
I'm not Robert! I'm Robbie.
Hang on, Robbie.
The paramedics are on their way.
We searched the building.
No sign of Arla.
Uh, what happened? Oh, my God.
What happened? I was I was in the hallway with Becka and Chaz.
You don't remember being Robbie? Coming back, seeing everyone, must have stirred up a lot of bad memories.
And your trouble Transformed you back into your teenage self so you could hurt the people who hurt you.
Paul, Denise, Duke.
I didn't even know it was Robbie's locker I put the snake in.
I thought it was yours.
But how could I do all this without knowing? I think that your trouble just made you into a completely different person.
I didn't know I had Troubles.
Now Now people are dead and it's all my fault.
We were all so mean back then.
I didn't realize until I was on the other side.
You were never mean to me.
But I figured you didn't know I existed.
You wore a backpack with a green day patch.
Always had a crystal Pepsi with your lunch.
I thought you were cool.
I really wish I'd told you.
You're telling me now.
Yeah Like it matters anymore.
I always thought that you were the prettiest girl in our class.
I still do.
Thank God.
Everything okay? Yeah, all clear upstairs.
Down here too.
Dwight's taking Jeanine and Robert someplace safe.
Being together and finally being able to accept each other for who they really are? I think that should help Robbie from appearing again.
Well, here's to that.
And to being able to legally drink again.
You were cute as a teenager.
Yes, I was.
Meteor storm starts soon.
For a second there, I didn't know if I was gonna live to see it.
Arla saved you from Robbie.
She didn't kill you when you discovered she was Claire.
Well, the barn will be here in a few hours.
Then maybe we can figure out what Arla really wants.
I'm gonna go up.
What are you doing? What I want to do is stay here with you.
I'm gonna fix this.
I'm not gonna let this be our last night.
I'm not giving up.
When that barn appears, we need to be there.
So we'll go back to the station.
We'll put together search parties.
Contact the coast guard, maybe they'll let us use their satellite surveillance.
It just so happens I know a guy.
Figured you might.
It's good to know that my guys have my back.
You need rest, but We're gonna find that barn before it finds you.
Good night.
I'm gonna have Manny stay here and watch the apartment.
You trust him? Yeah, he's okay.
I'm gonna assume because they didn't card you at the door that everything went okay with Robert and Jeanine.
Not here about that.
I'm here about Audrey.
- Audrey, why? - When I met with Kirk earlier, he told me The Guard wants Audrey in the barn tomorrow.
To make sure that happens.
I know what The Guard wants.
Audrey is going in that barn over my dead body.
I told them as much.
Be careful, Nathan.
What did he want? I'm not sure.
Call for help and people start dying.
Should I just get another set of keys made? Don't worry.
This is probably my last visit.
It's really you.
James's wife.
In the flesh.
As close as I could get.
Was it really worth killing all those women to make that face? When James comes out of that barn, I want to look like the woman he loved.
That he still loves.
Why do you think James is in the barn? Because that's where Lucy brought him.
After James was murdered, Lucy said she'd bring both of us into the barn with her.
She said once we were in there the restorative properties that kept her alive, that kept you alive, would bring James back.
You were in the barn Before the barn arrived, my trouble kicked in.
I was in my hotel, and my skin It just started to slide off, strip by strip, until there was nothing left.
I was just a raw, oozing thing.
And so you killed an innocent young woman so you could steal her skin to wear.
It was just instinct.
Besides, I didn't have a choice.
I couldn't let James see me like that.
But Lucy? Lucy didn't understand.
So she tricked me.
She brought James to the barn alone.
And by the time I got there I couldn't get in.
I banged on the door.
I pounded, I begged! The barn just disappeared.
So Lucy left you behind? None of that matters.
Because the storm is almost here.
It's time for you to return James to me.
I'm not gonna help you find that barn.
Then help yourself.
You don't wanna go away again, right? You want to stay here in Haven with Nathan.
You can't make that happen.
But James can.
Before he died he said that he and Lucy found a way to save her from the barn and still end the Troubles.
And not just for the next 27 years.
End them for good.
No, you're lying.
Think about it, Audrey.
Nathan will be able to feel again.
And Duke could be set free from his legacy.
You take me to James and you won't ever have to worry about going away again.
What makes you think, after everything you've done, that I'm gonna let you near my son? Because if you don't, you and everyone you love Will die.
Where do you want to go, James?