Haven s03e11 Episode Script

Last Goodbyes

Previously on Haven It's the bolt-gun killer.
What if he's not using body parts for trophies? What if he's building a woman? You're the bolt-gun killer.
Nathan figured it out.
Tell me where the barn is.
What's so important about the barn? When Audrey goes inside, both she and it disappear.
And once they're both gone, the Troubles in Haven stop.
We all go back to normal.
- He went that way.
- Don't hit him.
Take out the engine.
That burned body is detective Thomas Bowen.
- Wait.
We were working with - Somebody.
But whoever it was, it wasn't detective Thomas Bowen from Boston.
The bolt-gun killer is still alive.
I found out where he's hiding.
That's Tommy.
He wears people's skin? That means he could be anyone.
I'm sorry that you have to see this.
Me too.
So where are the other cops and the guys who put the stuff in the baggies? This is a need-to-know crime scene.
And what exactly do we all need to know? The, uh, creepy coroner guy outside said that we were on the list.
Our paper gets the exclusive, right? This isn't about a story or volunteer cops.
It's about the bolt-gun killer.
Tommy Bowen.
Oh, my God, that's his I thought Tommy was the bolt-gun killer.
So did we.
The real Tommy was murdered and skinned several weeks ago.
The killer assumed his identity.
There's a a skinwalker in Haven? So where is he? Who is he? We don't know.
He escaped.
But we have an idea on a way to find him.
The thing is, Tommy made a series of rookie mistakes.
I hardly noticed them at first, but when you add 'em all up, there's no way he could be a trained cop.
I-I would I would just like you to note that I told you so.
I told you so! The skinwalker sounds and looks like his victims, but he doesn't know what they know.
It's a performance.
He can steal their voice, their appearance, but he can't steal their minds.
So, we can you catch him using secrets, memories.
It would be like a test.
Well, hot damn, kids.
It sounds like one hell of a plan.
When do we start? I already have.
The killer picked Tommy.
He was someone who was already in our circle.
We know he's looking for information on Audrey and the Colorado Kid.
He's been with us the whole time, and I bet he still is.
What are you saying? When we're done here, I need you all to go down to the station.
One of us could be the skinwalker.
- Including you.
- We're all suspects.
Stay here.
What do you got? I'm not usually here for this part of the process.
We needed someone we could trust.
The ground's cold.
The bodies are well-preserved.
Another vic over here.
This is his dumping ground For the victims he kills for parts.
Between the body pit and those interviews, I was just hoping for more answers today.
Me too.
- Long day.
- Yeah.
But I'll take as many of those as I can get.
There's nothing more you can do today, Parker.
Try and get some rest.
Nathan Hey, if it turns out that I-I go away, there are some things that I want you to know.
Sounds important.
Yeah, it's important and Overdue.
Then let's not do it over the phone.
I'll see you soon.
You've reached Nathan Wuornos.
Leave me a message.
Hey, um, I was just calling Actually, I I don't know why I was calling.
I just thought maybe Maybe you'd be up.
Anyway, I'll I'll see you at the office.
Sir? Oh, no.
Sir? Oh, no.
Sir, are you What the oh.
Oh, no.
All right.
Nathan? Nathan! Wake up.
Wake Okay, still breathing.
Everyone else is breathing.
Then what the hell is happening here? Every one of these women has some specific part of her body removed.
Just like the other victims we found.
He's looking for the right pieces, building a custom model someone special.
I can't even imagine what that would look like.
But I guess anything's possible in Haven, even wearing patchwork skin.
That's his mistake.
We're gonna ID all of these victims.
Then we're gonna finish the composite of the woman that he's making.
When we know who she is, maybe we can figure out who he is.
And the connection to me, the Colorado Kid, the Hunter Meteor Storm, all of it.
He just took what he wanted Her life, her lips.
All he left her with is Is this A puffin earring.
No dignity.
He must have a plan.
The question is, now that we're closing in, what's his next move? Whatever it is, I don't want him to hurt more innocent people.
He can deal with me directly.
I'm ready for it.
We're ready.
Stop right there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who are you? Just gear down there, champ.
I'm the guy without a gun.
That doesn't mean that you're still not dangerous.
Right, because only the most hard-core criminals roll in one shoe.
What happened to you? How'd you get here? Right back at you.
What's with the gun? And why are you the only person who's awake? Hey, you're awake too.
My name's Audrey Parker from Haven Police Department.
Now your turn where's your ID? My my wallet's gone.
Come to think of it, I I don't know who I am.
I don't remember anything.
Yeah, amnesia? You're gonna give me amnesia? No, no, look, I'm being serious.
All I remember is waking up by the side of the road.
I saw you in your car, and I followed you.
Was everyone unconscious around you too? Yes, Officer Skeptic.
Look, I-I'm lost, all right? My foot's killing me, and I have no idea why I'm wearing this ridiculous t-shirt.
If you think I'm lying, just shoot me.
You're right.
That t-shirt That is pretty lame.
Listen, I'm not saying that I believe you, but Why don't you take me to the place where you woke up? I'd be happy to.
Just, uh, put the gun away and keep your hands where I can see them.
I came to right here.
And you don't remember what you were doing right before then? No.
Probably just out for a walk.
That's odd.
Isn't all of this odd? I mean At least you know your name.
Stay here.
All right.
The driver's okay.
- Ha! - You're welcome.
So it's likely you were being transported to the hospital.
That must mean that you were ejected from the ambulance.
All right, well, why would I be going to the hospital? I mean, I don't have any injuries I feel fine.
Maybe you healed yourself.
Maybe I did what? Have you, uh have you heard of the Troubles? Is that a band or something? Okay, listen to me.
Haven is a special place.
People can do things.
Sometimes those things they come at a cost.
Got it.
Special place.
Things cost I think that you were traumatized.
Whatever sent you to the hospital, that brought out your trouble, and that has caused everybody else to fall asleep.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You're serious? 'Cause that's the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Let me let me fill you in.
Naptime is not a superpower.
They're not superpowers, they're curses.
Oh, curses.
Why didn't you open with curses? Curses make sense.
Come on, if I'm so cursed, why are you still awake? I'm immune to the Troubles.
How convenient.
Look, you know what I think? I think maybe I got the supernatural flu shot, and you're the one causing this.
What do you think of that? I think we need to go to Haven PD.
You can argue with me on the way there.
Why are you arguing with me? You know that I have to test you first.
Why? So that you can help me test everyone else? Tell me about our first session.
Well, our first meeting was kind of a nonstarter, because you were resistant, to put it nicely.
And after that? You bonded with a dog instead of me, which I found highly insulting.
But the dog was adorable.
Everybody saw me with that dog.
A dog that you later gave up as a metaphor for pushing Nathan away because you didn't want him to suffer like another man you once loved your son.
And because I'm such a good friend, I lent you my good push-up bra, which you can keep, by the way.
And then later that night, we went to the Gull, remember? After your crazy golem case.
We didn't go to the Gull.
We came here, and we worked on that facial composite.
And that's when I discovered that the bolt-gun killer Was building a woman.
Well done.
I had to test you too, right? And if we're getting all specific, I did not loan you that push-up bra until until after the haunted house.
You, Audrey Parker, are not the skinwalker.
And neither are you.
Okay, all right, let's go ahead and bring the next person in.
Hey, slow down a minute.
I can't slow down.
I only have a few more days left before I disappear.
Well, a few days is a lot of time in some ways.
You know, Audrey, I know what it's like to lose someone so suddenly that you You're lucky, Audrey.
You have the chance to say good-bye to Nathan and everyone else, if you want to.
Just think about it.
Someone must have called if they were gonna get you an ambulance.
Oh, so the report would have my name and address.
Okay, you are smart.
All right, I'm gonna go ahead and print out the 911 activity log for What was that? It was a power surge.
- The server's down.
- Wha Oh, come on, don't tell me you think my magic trouble has put your system to sleep.
Or you did it on purpose, because now I can't look up fingerprints or anything else that would tell me who you are.
I'm not hiding my identity.
I just don't know it.
It's retrograde amnesia The inability of the patient to access any memories prior to regaining consciousness.
Where did that come from? That's some serious medical science.
You have cop face.
I sense a theory coming.
Follow me.
Who's this guy? My partner.
I know you might be a doctor, and if I can't wake him up, how long before he starves or something? He's not sleeping.
No one is.
This is a coma.
People wake up from comas.
Why are you so serious? This kind of coma's different.
It's a degenerating coma.
Look, there's distension at the base of the skull Swelling.
It'll put pressure on the brain stem.
And then what happens? Involuntary muscle signals shut down.
They all stop breathing.
How long do we have? Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not gonna be responsible for putting a deadline on thousands of people's lives.
I could just be a guy who's obsessed with web M.
I'm willing to take that chance.
How long? Maybe less Till everyone in Haven suffocates and dies.
We have less than 12 hours before your trouble kills everyone in Haven.
We got to do something.
Wow, okay, I'm actually starting to believe you.
Uh, what do we do? I want to help.
We got to figure out who you are and what your trouble is.
Then we got to find out a way to reverse it.
Yeah, but I don't remember anything, except that I like fries and gravy, and I have a hankering for a super-hoppy beer.
That's good.
You're having a memory flash.
Can you think of anything else that you like? Do you have any favorite restaurants or hobbies, sports? Sports.
Yeah, um Basketball.
I-I think.
We're getting somewhere.
Were you a player? Did you have a favorite team? Okay, this may sound weird, but I'm seeing a ram You know, with the hooves and, you know, the big round horns.
You know what? I-I got an idea.
Let's go.
This is awkward.
Not for long.
You have the easiest test ever, Duke.
We're just gonna use a drop of Troubled blood.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Well, assuming you are Duke, you'll just go all silver-eyed and get superstrength.
But don't break anything, and don't throw me across the room.
Audrey, is this what you want? We need to be sure.
It has to be something unique to you.
That night in Nederland, after we found out about Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife - You want me to keep going? - Yes.
Yes, she does.
You remember how confused you were? You could have guessed that.
And you remember how you were questioning everything? And I told you that I would help you do whatever you wanted to do.
And then what happened? And then you kissed me.
No way.
Did you two Okay, Duke, you're good.
You're not the skinwalker.
You can you can go now.
All right.
I'm kind of happy that you two spent a minute in make-out town before this whole barn situation happened.
Hey! I find most of what you say mildly amusing, but stop talking about this barn situation like it's a done deal.
It's not! No one's giving up on Audrey yet, Duke.
But we have to face the reality.
And the reality is that if I go into that barn when the Hunter Meteor Storm hits Haven, the Troubles disappear.
For 27 years, they're gone.
Oh, wow.
This is one sad-looking happy hour.
Over here.
An even sadder-looking wall of fame.
Well, these are actually all the local Haven rec teams.
Well, that makes it better.
Here, what do you see? It's a ram mascot A sad and beautiful ram mascot.
Nice work.
You probably spend way too much time drinking here.
I actually, uh, live upstairs.
Well, that's a tempting offer, but we have work to do.
North Haven Rams.
It's a men's basketball team.
These guys look like a bunch of out-of-shape high-school teachers.
Yeah, especially the guy on the left in that lame t-shirt.
That's me.
That that's me.
T-this is amazing.
- And now you have a name.
- Will Brady.
My name is Will Brady.
Nice to meet you, Will.
Brady, that's that's Irish, right? Could I be Irish doctor Will Brady? Well, let's Let's go to your place and find out.
You look worried.
We're running out of suspects in our circle.
You two are clear, and you think there's a good chance I could be the skinwalker? The first time I felt your touch was the day you kissed me Here.
It was such a small thing for you.
But for me, I I hadn't felt anything for a long time.
I can feel you now.
Wow, again.
But I have some bad news.
What? The skinwalker steals skins, not Troubles, so he would totally be able to feel Audrey as well, just like anyone else.
I remember that day, Claire.
It's Nathan.
It's him.
Well, I can't wait to hear who else you've kissed.
Should we get Stan in here? I'm sure if I could remember how much I paid for that, I'd be pretty upset with you right now.
Will Brady.
PhD in archaeology? So I am a doctor Indiana Jones style very cool.
But you're not an M.
, so how do you know so much about comas? I, too, must be a genius.
Where's a feather duster? This place is filthy.
It seems like you haven't been here in a while.
But this is your house.
This is your stuff.
Nothing coming back to you? Nope.
I recognize this earring.
A puffin.
I don't wear earrings.
Let me see it.
Don't come any closer.
Hey, come on, we're back to this now? You know who I am.
I'm the guy with the trouble thing.
You're a monster.
You don't put people to sleep.
You kill them.
And then you take their skin, and you get rid of the rest of them, like garbage.
You're the skinwalker.
I-I'm the what? You're the skinwalker, and you almost had me, you son of a bitch.
You can't shoot me if I don't even know what that is.
This isn't a joke.
You have five seconds to start talking to me.
Okay, look, look, even if I If I was the the skin thing, I don't I don't remember it.
This earring Where did you get this? Maybe gaudy animal jewelry is my thing I don't know.
That's convenient.
You killed the owner of that earring.
Of this? I remember now.
I remember.
This belonged to my friend Erin.
Her name is Erin.
Come on, you can remember her name, but you couldn't remember your own? It must have knocked a memory loose somehow.
I don't know.
No, you remember her because you killed that woman.
I'm gonna lock you up, and I'm gonna solve this coma trouble on my own.
Hey, ten minutes ago, you thought I was the one causing everybody's coma.
So, whether or not I'm the skin man, you know, finding a way to get my memory back is the only way we can stop all of this.
Right? Right.
Well, the we got six hours left by my count.
So we either work together, or we risk letting everyone die.
So what do you say? This does not mean that we're on the same team, because we are not.
Yeah, I'm I'm getting that.
So what the hell is a skin guy, and and what does it have to do with this earring? I'll show you.
We would know if one of us wasn't ourselves anymore.
And we're just supposed to take that at face value? I know my brother.
He knows me.
We're not pod people.
Let's talk about the skinwalker.
He kidnapped and tortured you both.
And he took you as prisoners? No offense, but But he shot Nathan when he got in the way.
Why didn't he kill you two? Oh, we know an awful lot about this town Emphasis on "awful.
" What else did he ask you? He wanted to know where the Colorado Kid was.
We had no idea.
We still don't.
And that's it.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
He didn't ask you anything else? Sorry.
He only asked about the Colorado Kid, nothing else.
So can we go already? Audrey, you can't keep us here.
- We got a newspaper to run.
- Wrong.
One of you could still be the skinwalker.
You haven't proven yourselves yet.
No, they can go for now, anyway.
You want to know how I know you're both you? 'Cause you're not telling me everything Again.
Jane Doe number two.
She had her lips cut off, probably by you.
Take a look.
Really? Do I have to? Yes.
Ah! It's Erin.
I remember how she died Not all of it, but but enough.
- Tell me.
- We were walking together back from from a movie.
Zorro The Mark Of Zorro.
We got jumped.
I got hit in the back of the head, and I went down, and I couldn't speak.
I couldn't move.
Couldn't really see his face.
They were struggling.
The bastard pulled her in, and he whispered something to her.
He said said something He said, "Hush.
" And then he put this weird gun thing to the back of her head, and he killed her.
He just killed her and dragged her away.
And he left you for dead? Next thing I remember is waking up this morning.
It doesn't make sense.
I know.
I mean, my head feels fine now.
I'm sorry.
That that doesn't prove anything.
You got the description of that bolt gun just right.
The victim would know that, but so would the killer.
I couldn't have hurt her! I loved her! And she loved these stupid earrings.
I never told her how I felt.
That night I was going to.
I was gonna tell her everything.
I was just always waiting for the for the right time, you know? Yeah.
Yeah, I do know.
That movie that you saw That was a classic, wasn't it? How did you How did you see that? The Haven Arts Festival, I think.
But that That was two months ago.
If you really are Will Brady and you weren't skinned or killed, then where were you for the last two months? How the hell should I know? If you were injured, then you would have been in the hospital.
Maybe that ambulance wasn't taking you to the hospital.
Maybe it was taking you from it.
The face and the neck There's more discoloration.
It's the same with the nurse.
They're getting worse.
They only have a couple hours left, tops.
All of them.
Audrey, I I know these two.
That's Greg and Whitney.
This is my brother and sister.
What are they doing here? Let's find out.
Let's find your room in the records.
This is your chart, Will Brady.
Look at this.
You were found two months ago with a severe head trauma.
You were in a coma.
Come on, you're saying I was here the whole time? That that's wrong.
It has to be.
The machines kept you stable, but if you were ever unplugged, the swelling would put pressure on your brain stem, and in 12 hours, you would stop breathing.
So everyone in town is in the same coma I was in.
But how would you know what was on your chart? You know how they say that some people in a coma, they actually can hear, so I must have been listening.
I heard the doctors say this to my family.
But why were you being taken away from the hospital? Well because they actually did it.
They pulled the plug.
You were taken off your machines at 7:00 A.
Your family dressed you, they sent your stuff home, and then they sent you home to To die.
I never made it.
That's why Greg and Whitney are here in the hospital.
They were here finalizing my death.
You know, I I think maybe, when you heard you were gonna be unplugged, the fear of death is what brought out your trouble.
So in order for me to wake up, I sent everyone else into a coma instead.
And now they're all dying, just like I would have.
They don't call 'em Troubles for nothing.
Well, you know something, partner? I am awake and alive now, so So let's uncurse me.
Let's let's find a way to wake everyone else up.
Oh, come on, what? What now? What if it's like flipping a switch? And I have to go back into my coma.
Or else everyone in Haven dies.
There's got to be another way to resolve your curse.
I mean, sometimes we talk it out, but you can't just save people by going into a coma.
I mean, maybe you don't have to go away.
You know what's funny? I remember my sister saying something this morning.
She always hated this tee shirt.
But my brother put me in it anyway.
Okay, we've got to stay on track your curse It was a secret that he and I had.
This was my lucky pick-up shirt.
I I was supposed to man up and use it on Erin.
And I remember my sister saying that it made her crazy I was still single, and maybe I could use it in the great beyond.
Will, they're dying.
They need our help, okay.
We're running out of time.
Just enough time to put me back into my coma.
What else am I supposed to do? We need to go now.
So I figure if I come back here, where I supernaturally chose to pull myself out of the coma, I can supernaturally choose to put myself back in.
All supernaturally like, that makes sense, right? Okay.
I'll tell you right now, don't let them cut this shirt off It's a winner.
I guess this is good-bye.
It's been real, Audrey Parker.
Will Brady I'll see you around.
Really? That's the best you got? Yeah, I I gotta get better at good-byes.
It's just, I know why you're doing this.
You have to.
It's for the good of everyone else.
Still sucks.
But you're saving lives.
That's just it, though.
You know, I I might never see them again.
But I have to do it.
I'm out of time, right? If only I had a few more hours.
- A few days.
- A few days? Partner, if I had a few days, I'd fight this tooth and nail.
Maybe it isn't over.
Maybe you can keep fighting, Will.
Will? What happened? Did did we crash? You're okay, you just you passed out.
Was there a gas leak or something? Yeah, it was a gas leak townwide again.
But never mind that.
I need you to turn your lights and your siren on, and turn this thing around.
Your patient needs to get back to the hospital.
Right now! Hey, stop that.
Why is he even here? We were supposed to meet him at home.
- Who ordered this? - I did.
Detective Parker.
How dare you.
We sent my brother home to die in peace.
We made an impossible decision, and you think that you know better.
Will's still alive in there.
I can prove it to you.
Listen, don't ask me how, but this morning, when everybody was knocked out, I I met him.
I got to know him.
I'm calling security.
This shirt your sister hates it.
But it's his lucky pick-up shirt.
It's the one you got for him.
He could have told you that before.
This morning, you said it made you crazy that Will was still single.
Maybe he could use that tee shirt in the great beyond.
How could you know I said that? He told me.
He can hear you.
Everything you say.
You can't give up on him.
Maybe he can come back.
We can hope that he will.
Oh, my God, I can't believe we almost See you around.
So is the town believing the gas leak story? - Yeah.
- Good.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
It's just been a it's been a long day.
And I'm looking forward to a few more.
I, um I had a break in the skinwalker case.
I ID'd one of the Jane Does.
How? She was a She was a missed opportunity.
A friend of mine never got a chance to tell her how he felt.
Nathan, I'm really sorry that I pushed you away.
I I never Parker I'm still here.
We'll have time for this once we find a way to keep you here.
We'll figure this thing out.
Audrey, you're not talking.
I wasn't aware that this was a session.
I asked you over so that you could help me with the skinwalker case.
I know what you're not saying, even when you're not not saying it.
What am I not not saying? You only have a few days left before you go, and we should talk about that.
What if I want to talk about not going? If I can catch the skinwalker, then maybe he can tell me about the barn and the Colorado Kid and and me.
And then, maybe I don't have to go away.
Session over.
Mission accomplished.
Fair enough.
Where were we? Vince and Dave.
The skinwalker tortured 'em for info.
He grilled 'em about the Colorado Kid and the barn.
I don't remember them mentioning the barn.
Sure they did.
Right, no.
You're probably right.
I just, you know, the b The barn being the place that I go into, and the place that I probably die I have no idea.
Audrey, hush.
He said, "Hush.
" What I mean is we can't sorry about things that we can't control.
So let's just get back to finding this monster.
Um, Audrey? What gave me away?