Haven s03e10 Episode Script


Previously on Haven The Hunter.
It's a meteor storm.
It comes every 27 years, and when it does, I disappear.
- No.
- Nathan, it's coming in 46 days.
Colorado Kid was in that room with Lucy.
I heard his first name.
I matched it with a facial composite, and I got this.
James Cogan.
I can protect your baby.
James Cogan is He's my son? - It's the bolt gun killer.
- What about him? What if he's not using body parts for trophies? What if he's building a woman? My people help the troubled, and we do it any way we can.
- You vouch for me? - Yeah.
Introduce me to the others.
That's a nice one too.
Modified it myself.
You're the bolt gun killer.
Where's Tommy? Tell me where the barn is.
He went that way.
We finally find him, and we're left with more questions than when we started.
Why was he taking parts from women? How did he even know about the Colorado Kid? - Who was he? - We'll figure it out.
Is everything okay? Everything is just how it's supposed to be.
Bryer was out picking mushrooms and found it.
Looks like an animal just dug it up.
This body's burned, just like Roslyn Toomey.
Another one of Tommy's victims? We'll know for sure once I X-ray the skull, see if there's a bolt gun hole in it.
How quickly can you get me forensics? I need to know who this body is, and how long it's been in that grave.
What's the hurry? Tommy's dead.
Did somebody find the body? No.
I can get preliminary lab work for you in a couple of hours.
- You okay? - Yeah.
It's just what if Tommy made it off that boat? You think he did this in the past week? I don't know.
Grady was working with the Guard.
He shot that woman at the ATM with a bolt gun, and Tommy was working with Grady.
And Grady ended up dead and burnt too.
Jordan says he was set up.
She doesn't think Tommy had anything to do with the Guard.
Do you believe her? Yeah.
I mean, it checks out, but the Guard knows a lot.
I'm getting close.
I wrote myself a note.
It said I had to find my son.
Now, I just gotta figure out why Tommy was looking for him too.
Gotta get away.
Gotta get away! Gotta get away! A passing motorist reported men chasing each other into the woods after the van flew off the road.
We found the girl crying in the van.
Says her name is Ginger Danvers.
That's about all I could get out of her.
Ginger? It's okay.
Listen, I'm here to help.
Can you tell me what happened? Where's my daddy? Why'd he leave? We're gonna find your father.
Officer Colin, he's gonna take you back to the station, okay? Just for a little bit.
Come with me, sweetheart.
We'll find your father.
Something isn't right about this.
The Guard uses a looking glass florists' van as a transport vehicle.
Brings troubled people to Haven.
Told ya I've been digging.
Okay, so let's say the driver was with the Guard.
That would make the passenger the father.
If his troubles started in the van, then that would explain why the driver was so scared that he fled the vehicle.
So now this guy's loose.
With a trouble so bad that he abandoned his own daughter.
Burned So why were you and your daddy coming to Haven? You're from Atlanta, right? Do you like the Braves? I never said I was a child psychiatrist.
Wanna get some lunch? Busy, actually.
Oh, I see.
What'd they get you for, kid? Grand theft tricycle? No.
That that can't be right.
You seem like a girl who rides a two-wheeler.
I'm telling ya, you got the wrong kid, coppers.
Ginger didn't do anything wrong.
We just wanna ask her a couple questions.
Yeah, that's what they always tell me too, but what I wanna know is where are my client's crayons? Where are my client's video games? Where is my client's call with Justin Bieber? You got rights, kid.
- I do? - Yeah.
You know what I do when they try to make me talk? I imagine them in their underwear.
Excuse me, Audrey.
Got some results for you on that body.
If you want me to do that psych profile on Tommy Bowen, I need to hear this, so Ginger, I'm gonna have you stay with Duke for a minute, all right? He's really funny.
You two have the same sense of humor.
You'll have a lot of fun.
You're a lot of fun.
You are pretty funny.
I am funny.
You look like a pirate.
Do you know what my favorite vegetable is? Arrrr-tichokes.
- You knew that one? - Mm-hm.
I got another one for you.
I love that I can do this with you.
I wish I wasn't here on business.
So are you working under this badge, or that one? There was an incident with one of your transport vans.
Looks like the Guard was transporting a troubled guy named Morton Danvers out of Atlanta.
He did something.
Made your driver flee.
Then he took off.
As far as we can tell, he's dangerous.
I'm not in the loop on this one.
He left his daughter behind.
His daughter? Nine-year-old.
She's, uh, missing her dad, and she's scared.
Let me make some calls, see what I can find out.
Hey, uh, did you find anything new from the Guard about Audrey going away? Just that she does.
Sorry, Lance.
This is supposed to be a safe house, and you're mooning over your police chief boyfriend? You think I'm enjoying this? I just lied to him.
People are pissed you're even talking to that guy.
People have bigger things to be pissed about.
Prelim lab results on our body.
It's a bolt gun wound, all right.
The body's been buried about five to eight weeks.
There's more.
The man's teeth were intact.
We got a dental match in no time.
Wait, how how so fast? 'Cause he worked here.
Matched the records we received when we hired him.
That burned body is detective Thomas Bowen.
Tommy was here a week ago.
That's impossible.
Are you from Haven? - Have you done DNA? - The DNA will confirm it, - but the teeth don't lie.
- Wait, we were working with Somebody, but whoever it was, it wasn't Detective Thomas Bowen from Boston, 'cause for the last two months, he's been worm food.
So you really live on a boat? Not a boat.
A ship.
All by yourself? Why don't you have a wife and kids? Uh, no Mrs.
Pirate for me.
I do have a little girl, though, but she lives someplace else.
I just don't think I was meant to have a family, you know? Me too.
Really? I'm hungry.
- Are you hungry? - Yeah.
But, uh, I think Audrey wants us to stay here.
Come on, let's go get some ice cream.
Get some ice cream? I do have a soft spot for ice cream, and we're pirates.
I mean, we're outlaws, right? Yeah.
- Okay, why not? - Yes.
Come on.
What's this? The young lady asked for a double scoop of rocky road.
That is a double scoop of rocky road.
No, okay? This is is a scoop-and-a-half at best, okay? And what is this? Is this is this peach frogurt mixed in with her ice cream? What are you? Like, the fun Uncle? She asked for a double scoop of rocky road ice cream, okay? This is exactly the type of behavior why people like she and I do not trust the man.
Yeah, well, she is gone.
She Ginger? I saw her talking to her dad.
- Her dad? - That was her dad, right? That's why I thought you were the fun Uncle? Ginger! Ginger! You took her out of the station? - She said she was hungry.
- There's food in the kitchen.
You mean the coffee and Slim Jims? The kid said she wanted some ice cream.
I thought she should have some ice cream.
Maybe it was her father who took her.
Her father, whose trouble is scary enough to make a member of the Guard jump out of a moving vehicle.
If they're on foot, they couldn't have gotten far.
Let's just split up.
I'll go this way.
Keep your cell phone on.
I never should've left her with Duke.
Hey, you got a lot on your mind.
Nathan, that burned body that we found this morning? It turns out that it was the real Detective Tommy Bowen.
- What? - He was killed and buried five weeks ago, when the first Tommy Bowen came to town.
So who were we working with this whole time? Some troubled person impersonating Tommy and killing people with a bolt gun who was also looking for my son? I got this.
- You go find whoever - We will.
I can't just abandon one child for another.
I've gotta help this little girl.
That's what we're here to do, right? Right.
Let me go! I hate you, mister! You're bad! I hate your guts! I hate my guts? What are you doing? Stop her! No.
I hate my guts! Lance, no! No! Ginger was here, but what happened? This guy's with the Guard.
Maybe he tried to stop her father, and the father stabbed him.
Look at the angle of that knife.
Look at how he's holding it.
Doesn't look like he was pulling it out.
It looks like he was pushing it in.
A member of the Guard flees his own vehicle, and now, a guy stabs himself.
What if the trouble is, like, some kind of hypnosis? What if it isn't the dad? - What do you mean? - The dad was in the van.
Maybe the dad was here at the stabbing, but you know where the dad wasn't? In the police station when Duke agreed to babysit Ginger, and he took her out for ice cream because she wanted him to.
What are you saying? Does that sound like something that Duke would normally do? - You think it's Ginger? - Yeah.
And now Duke is out there looking for her.
- Duke.
- Hey, Audrey.
Hey, have you found her? Don't tell her anything.
Um Duke, are you okay? Where are you? Let's just go play.
I can't tell you anything.
Duke, listen to me.
Ginger is the troubled one, all right? She's dangerous.
She can control your mind.
You know, I gotta go somewhere and play now, so bye.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'll show you a good game.
Avast, ya landlubber.
Ya stole me eye patch.
Take it back.
Take it back! Ay, ya heard the young lady.
I'll be taking me garments back if you don't mind.
Ha! Arrr! Ha! And you can say hello to Davey Jones, ya lilly-livered cur! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Never fear, me lady! I'll save ya from these scurvy dogs.
More enemy pirates, Duke.
They're coming! Ya stay belowdecks.
I'll ward off these invaders from the bridge! You need to go higher.
Be brave, Duke! You've got to save me.
They're attacking! Ha-ha! Duke's car is here.
- They're here! - Ha! Don't let them hurt me.
I'll make 'em taste me sword.
Scallywags! Duke! I'll take care of her.
- Let me go! - Ginger, stop.
You're hurting people.
You've hurt Duke.
I didn't do anything! We were just playing! Duke's fine! You're fine, Duke! - Yeah.
- Whoa.
I'm fine.
I'm totally Whoa! Hey! In the van, Ginger, what did you say to your dad? My dad kept bothering me, saying how much I would love it here in Haven.
I told him to leave me alone and get away.
And he did.
He left you alone.
People do what you say now, Ginger.
You're special.
- You don't.
- Well, I'm I'm special too.
Do you know why your dad was bringing you here to Haven? He said it would be good for me.
I think it was because he wanted to get rid of me.
And what about your mom? My mama died, and when she did, my dad started treating me differently.
He, uh he doesn't like me anymore.
I bet he loves you very much, and he misses you right now.
Then why hasn't he come back for me? I'm sure he wants to.
Sometimes, people have to go away, even when they don't want to.
Duke's resting.
He seems better.
At least he stopped thinking I was an enemy pirate.
So her influence, it wears off.
Unless it kills you first.
Well, then, she's right.
Why hasn't her dad come back? Uh, maybe he's looking for her.
Maybe he's injured or worse.
I bet that her troubles started when her mother died.
She felt abandoned, so maybe if we can find her father, bring him back, we can convince her that she's still important to him.
Let's hope she is.
She's already caused one death.
That was an accident.
We need to stop her trouble.
Ginger, we're gonna find your dad, all right? But we need your help.
Can you tell me about the people that he brought you here to Haven to see? Maybe about the one that was in the alley.
What do you mean? The man or the woman? What there was a-a woman? Black hair and funny black gloves.
I remember our last meeting here.
It was fun.
I figured we should at least have a casual conversation before I take you in for an official interrogation.
Hold on.
You said you didn't know anything about the girl and her father, and then you tried to kidnap her? - Help her.
- You lied to me.
You think I want to? - I care about you.
- Then tell me the truth! We're just looking for her father.
So are we.
You knew that.
So why? Why work against me? Your friend eviscerated himself.
I know.
It didn't exactly work out the way we planned.
So you know the girl's trouble is deadly? She just made Duke take a dive off a railing at the Gull and he's the one person in town she likes.
I'm sorry.
If maybe, if we can connect the girl and her father, maybe we can stop her trouble.
That's why we're looking for him too, Nathan.
Then help me.
Jordan, I - I need to trust you.
- And I want you to, but the Guard has a way of doing things Where were the girl and her father gonna stay in Haven? Ginger has an Uncle in town.
Uncle's name is Henry, lives at 434 Dogleg Lane.
Jordan told you this? Not sure I can trust her, partner.
I know why you got in with the Guard in the first place, Nathan.
I was trying to catch a killer.
You were trying to help me, so just be careful.
Hey, sorry to bother you.
I'm here about Morton Danvers.
You you're one of them.
- Yeah.
- I was the one who put Morton in contact with you guys after Ginger started showing symptoms.
You heard from Morton? What? No.
I already told you guys that.
- Yeah, doc.
- You told me to call you if I found anything interesting on our burned body.
If you wanna come down here, I can show you.
It's gonna have to be over the phone.
I gotta stay here.
Wood pulp-derived cellulose.
It's, um, used in making rope and certain foods.
The fibers can get lodged in the lungs.
I found a number lodged in Tommy's.
They weren't granuloma-ed in yet.
English, please? He got them in his lungs right before he died.
Okay, I'm gonna need a list of factories in the area where those fibers could've been from.
I already found a few.
I just emailed you some information about it, though, if you wanna take a look.
Okay, sure, hang on.
Just let me talk, okay? You're the woman from the alley.
I was trying to help you.
Your father sent me.
- Why? - He wants to see you.
I can take you to him.
Audrey said that she would take me to my dad.
Oh, she's lying.
She knows what you can do, and she wants to put you away somewhere all alone.
Let me take you to your dad.
Hm? Ginger? Jordan! What are you doing? What I have to.
- Let her go.
- No.
Put your gun down, and let us leave.
I don't want to hurt her.
My God.
What is wrong with you? What's wrong with me? - Soon, nothing.
- Let her go! Damn it.
Nathan, you shouldn't be here! Take your hands off her and step away.
Now! Okay.
Come on, I'm here.
Nathan, I'm sorry.
- I did this for us.
- You're not going anywhere.
You're under arrest.
You're gonna tell us why you want Ginger.
Her father brought her to Haven to help her.
She thinks her father just abandoned her? Yeah.
- How are you feeling? - I'm fine.
Little woozy.
I am doing a hell of a lot better than she is.
You sent me to her Uncle to get me out of the way, to make it easier for you to grab Ginger I didn't send you anywhere.
And you lied about not knowing where her father was.
The Guard is holding him, right? Were you planning to use the father as bait? We have enough to hold you for a long time.
You know what? Don't even answer.
I don't need to hear anymore of your lies.
I can make her tell us.
People do what I say, right? If I ask her to tell me, she'll have to say.
It's too risky.
The kid just wants to find her dad.
She's a little girl, all right? I don't want her getting mixed up in all of this.
It's dangerous.
Yeah, but you know what's more dangerous? Thinking that her father abandoned her.
Trust me.
Look, just let me talk to her.
Okay, but be careful.
We're friends, right? I mean, real friends, not just 'cause you're making me.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna let you do this, but if it's not going right, you have to stop, and you have to promise me that you will listen to me.
I promise.
Tell me where my dad is.
Ginger, I - Tell the truth now.
- Tell the truth.
He's On Waterman, the last house on Waterman Lane.
It's a Guard safe house.
Nathan, don't go.
You're gonna get hurt.
Who's guarding him? Among others, Kyle Baron.
Anyone gets close to that house, he'll shoot to kill.
Ginger, ask her why the Guard wanted you.
Why did the Guard want me? In case Audrey Parker became difficult.
We could use you to control her.
Ginger? Tell her she has to answer my questions now.
You have to answer his questions.
Okay, Ginger.
Why don't you go upstairs? You did good.
Audrey is immune to the troubles.
Ginger couldn't make her do anything.
How was Ginger gonna help you? You're not immune to Ginger, Nathan.
If we had Ginger, we'd have you.
If we had you, we'd be able to control Audrey, but I really cared about you.
I love Why do you want to control Audrey? Last time around, when she was Lucy Ripley, she refused to go into the barn.
She ran, almost got away.
In case Audrey refused to go in this time, Ginger was going to be our insurance policy.
What's so important about the barn? Answer her.
It's not really a barn.
It's way more than that.
We just know that when she goes inside, both she and it disappear for 27 years, and once they're both gone, the troubles in Haven stop.
Haven becomes a Haven again, for the troubled For you and me, Nathan.
How do you know that? The Guard has been around a long time.
Why didn't you tell me any of that before? 'Cause I knew you'd try to stop it from happening.
You were right.
It's not gonna happen.
I just need one more piece of information.
- Baron.
- Drop your gun and go to sleep.
Haven poli Morton Danvers? Where's my daughter? - Is she okay? - She's safe.
But, you know, she has a serious condition.
That's why we came here.
Haven is supposed to be a safe place for people like her.
Not now.
Not with the troubles.
Now, she needs your help.
She doesn't know how you feel.
She thinks you don't care about her.
Don't care? My God, she's everything I've got left.
Then tell her.
Duke, you can bring her in now.
Oh, thank God.
Thank God you're not hurt.
I was so worried about you.
I love you, Ginger.
Daddy, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's not your fault.
None of it is.
I thought you wanted to leave me.
I never want to leave you.
I brought you here to keep you safe.
No one will ever take me away from you again.
I promise.
- Audrey! - Hands up.
Up against the wall.
Don't say one word, Ginger.
I'll shoot your dad before you finish your sentence.
Next one kills you, Crocker.
Go away.
I don't want you here.
Look at that.
Back in daddy's arms.
Control is not working anymore.
We were afraid that might happen.
The girl isn't any good to you without her trouble.
Well, who's to say it won't come back? You two, come with me.
The rest of you, face down on the floor.
Really? Wanna risk the lives of all these people on whether you're a better shot than me? I've got Jordan in a jail cell.
So? So you let them go.
I'll let her go.
That symbol on your arm doesn't mean anything to you, does it? Not anymore.
We'll keep that in mind.
Kirk We gotta move.
Guard might still be after her.
Don't worry.
I know places the Guard will never find them.
Next place will be better.
You'll see.
And safer.
No more bad guys.
And no more pirates either.
Yeah, but you're gonna have your dad there, and you are gonna find new pirates to play with.
I promise.
In fact, I was thinking you could hold onto this for me.
Can you stay with us? I think they need me here.
Maybe I can come visit sometime.
Well, maybe you should come with your daughter and a Mrs.
Yeah, maybe.
But right now, we gotta go, okay? Okay.
Lucassi got me some information on Tommy.
It's on my desk.
I wanna get this guy, Nathan.
I'll be right there.
Are you good? Me? Yeah.
You just keep this town from imploding till I get back.
These are the only factories within 40 miles that produce that kind of cellulose.
These four, still active.
And look at this.
The fifth closed in 2008.
Somehow, two months ago, the electric meter spiked.
Two months? That was right before Tommy arrived, or right when Roslyn was killed.
I think that the killer has some kind of setup that involves a lot of electricity.
Struck a deal with the Guard.
We got Danvers.
They get you.
Do you believe I really did care about you? - Yeah.
- But it doesn't matter, does it? It's always been about that partner of yours.
You'll never get over her, will you? I did this to end the troubles.
I did this for us.
There is no us.
I figured that part out.
Listen, Jordan might not even know what she's talking about.
She sure sounded like she did, but whatever she knows, I'm betting that the bolt gun killer knows more.
You think he's alive? I found out where he's hiding.
Let's go.
Wow, doesn't look like anybody's been here for years, which is exactly how you'd want a hiding place to look.
Audrey Jordan didn't say anything I hadn't already guessed, Nathan.
If I'm supposed to fix the troubles by going into some magic barn, then No.
Just promise we'll try and find another way.
Let's start by getting this guy first.
What is this place? Nathan, it's still draining.
Somebody was just here.
It's Tommy.
Nathan, that is Tommy's skin.
Oh, my God.
I bet Roslyn's skin is here somewhere too.
That's why he burned the bodies, so we wouldn't know that they had been skinned first.
But why would anybody So he could take Tommy's place.
Work by our side.
So he could become Grady, throw us off.
Roslyn, to get close to you in that cellar.
He wears people's skin? That's why he uses a bolt gun.
Makes a small hole.
No exit wound.
Leaves the skin intact.
Native Americans around here have a legend about skinwalkers.
It's a man who can wear a skin like a suit, I bet it's based on a trouble.
So if he was wearing Tommy's skin on that boat, and Tommy's skin is here It means he survived the explosion.
That empty tank That must've held the skin that he's wearing now.
Means he could be anyone.