Haven s03e09 Episode Script


Previously on Haven When I first showed up to Haven, I was an FBI agent.
I was looking into a case, and I found out I had not one but two-- two past lives.
Tell me about Sarah.
You know, you always come back with a different name.
But underneath, you're always somehow the same.
I'm Dr.
I'm a psychiatrist.
You pushed him away on purpose.
Nathan would never have stopped trying to save me.
What's going on? Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
When someone from our family kills a cursed person, we kill the curse too.
My family's legacy does not control me.
Maybe it's a Crocker family history.
My father wrote this.
"It's up to you to finish my work.
You must kill her.
" Happy Birthday, Dad.
Grandpa Crocker.
My granddad was killed by Sarah.
"Stuart Mosley.
" Hi.
Just can't bring myself to pull these yet.
Well, they still got fruit on them.
Mosley, I found your name in, uh, my grandfather's journal.
It was written on the day that he died.
What are you doing here? Oh, I hate this town.
I swear, if that old geezer teleported me here, I'm gonna-- Of course no service! Hey, buddy, you getting any service? It's not that kind of party, pal.
What party? What--what do you mean "party?" Hey, uh T-this is some kind of vintage-car club, right? Vintage? This is a brand-new Ford Fairlane.
- What year is this? - It's 1955.
It's the year you should think about sobering up.
Hey, actually, I think it's the year that I started drinking Heavily.
- Sarah - Ain't that a shame my tears fell like rain Ain't that a shame you're the one to blame You broke my heart when you said we'll part Ain't that a shame - What can I get for you? - Whatever's strong and cheap.
Looks like you could use it, Tonto.
- Huh? - The hair.
Could be worse.
They call me junior.
Good to know.
No girl is going to go with a ground-pounding infantry grunt when she could go Navy.
You swabbies can share housecleaning tips.
Hey, hey! No fighting here! Stop! Stop fighting! Stop! Stop! That wasn't necessary.
Not your problem.
Hey, stop it! Stop it! Whoa! Nice save.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I think I'm fine.
All right, break it up.
Break it up.
Show's over.
Hey, hey, break it up.
- I didn't do anything.
- Sure, pal.
I mean, this is not my fault, okay? You ever feel like no matter where you go, somehow you always end up in the same place? Wow.
Got any answers for me yet, kemosabe? Uh You got no I.
, some counterfeit money And, uh, what--what is this? At the moment, a paperweight.
Well, today's your lucky day.
- It is? - Junior vouched for you Said that you, uh, saved his life.
If I were you, I'd get out of town.
Trust me.
I'm going to start working on that right now.
Par-- Uh, Claire told me I'd find you out here exhibiting avoidance behavior.
I'm sure she did.
Look I need to talk to you about the Colorado Kid.
New theory? What happened to the Haven Herald? Haven Herald? W-what are you talking about? The local paper-- it's run by Vince and Dave.
They're brothers.
Vince has been dead a long time.
- Dave killed him.
- When did this happen? About 15 years ago.
Why? Okay.
You know when there's a Haven thing, and because I'm immune to the Troubles, I'm the only one that knows it's a Haven thing? Yeah.
This is a Haven thing.
Look, I'm lost, and I just want to get home.
But to do that, I need to find a man named Stuart Mosley.
And you could help me if you did a search with your Filing cabinet.
Thank you.
Mosley, Mosley No Mosley.
You wouldn't happen to know a-a Sarah Vernon, by chance? Worldwide post delivery.
Well, they still exist.
This is bizarre.
I mean, everything in Haven is pretty much the same, except for Vince and Dave Unless You You and me were-- you're with Jordan.
Okay, that's--that's good.
That's--that's good for, um, both of you.
Worldwide Post.
This is--the mailing instructions have it held for several years until today.
- What is it? - It's addressed to me.
It's dated Someone 60 years ago knew that you'd be here today? It's from Duke.
That's what's different.
Duke is trapped in 1955.
And it's changing Haven today.
We got to bring him back before it gets worse.
Duke's letter says that Stuart Mosley was the last person he saw.
Now let's find Stuart so he can bring Duke back before he breaks more butterfly wings.
Yeah, that guy in the past, the sooner the better.
I'll circle around back.
Stuart Mosley? The season's almost over, you know? I'm going to have to pull these soon.
I'm wondering if a friend of mine came to see you.
He's tall.
He has long hair.
The man from the past.
The past? Why, you're almost her.
You're not, of course.
She was different, but Please go.
I don't want to have another episode.
Parker, I'm-- I'm thinking that-- Oh, my God.
I knew that man, like the other one.
You have to leave.
Bad things happen when I get upset like this.
Hey, I just want to thank you for bailing me out.
I thought I was going to be in there till the Beatles.
- The who? - Them too.
You know, the thing is, uh, I'm actually looking for an old friend of mine.
And, uh, truth be told, I'm a little low on funds.
This is a real gold doubloon.
My dad gave it to me.
I will trade you for whatever you've got in your wallet right now.
I got a kid who loves pirates.
He'll get a kick out of this.
All right.
Thank you.
Got your letter.
Said you'd be here.
Mosley's got to be somewhere in 1955.
But before we get him to send us back, we got to fix whatever you did to change the future.
No, look, I kept a low profile, okay? - I know the rules.
- The rules? The time-travel rules.
So you've done nothing of consequence - since you've been here? - Absolutely-- Okay, I-I Mm.
I may have saved one person's life.
- The bartender? - It was instinct.
If he was supposed to die, you've screwed up the natural order.
Now, even if we get home, it is a completely different Haven.
Like the gull could be a frozen yogurt shop, and I could be a total douche? Or it's a completely different Haven.
That was good.
I mean, look, junior here is a good kid and all, but if he's supposed to die, then he has to die.
Those are the rules.
- Here you go, guys.
- Thanks, bud.
A little old for a junior, aren't you? Real name's Roy Roy Crocker.
Any relation? That's my grandfather.
You saved your grandfather's life? Nathan, I didn't know who he was.
And according to the journal, Sarah was supposed to kill him today.
She wasn't even in that bar fight.
Hell, she's not even in Haven.
You knocked Roy off his path.
I mean, maybe Sarah was supposed to get to him at the hospital or--or run his ambulance off the road.
We'll never know how it was supposed to happen.
He just seems so What, harmless? Yeah.
Roy's like your father.
He murders the Troubled.
If he lives, Dave kills Vince.
So what do you want me to do? You want me to kill my own grandfather? Oh, my God.
And maybe my trouble ends too.
Lucky me.
Kill your own to kill your trouble.
I can't think of it like killing him, okay? It's just setting things right.
I mean, he was supposed to die anyways.
In fact, I actually gave him a little extra time.
You sure you can do this? If I do The future Haven goes back to normal.
Everybody wins.
I'm going to find Stuart Mosley.
You said you saw one of the guard at the police station.
Mosley's Troubled.
Maybe the guard will know where he is.
Got the ink.
May as well use it.
- What are you doing out here? - I told you I need your help.
You know about PTSD--there's a vet in there who's Troubled.
Did anybody see you? Were you followed? This is weird, even for you.
What's wrong? You're a fugitive wanted for attempted murder.
- You shot the reverend Driscoll? - This is just getting worse.
Look We're in an alternate reality.
We've got a Troubled guy in there.
He sent Duke and Nathan back in time.
Whatever they're doing is screwing up Haven as we know it.
Audrey, it's completely normal to create alternate scenarios when you are grieving.
The loss of Nathan-- it was devastating for you.
- What? - Nathan? He diedprotecting you from the Rev's men? No.
No, he's still alive.
I just--I need to talk to Stuart Mosley.
Look, I don't know about Stuart Mosley, but the Boydens have lived here for ten years.
Look, I am sure there is a better Haven, but right now in this one, you are not safe.
So we need to get you out of here now.
Here you go.
Think I can be a cop one day like you? Sure.
Officer? Officer Wuornos Garland Wuornos.
You'll be a real good cop too.
Thank you, mister.
We've got to remember to get the locks changed on those cell doors.
Didn't know the guard had one of you guys.
I need you to do me a favor.
Just keep walking.
Thanks for getting me out of there.
I'm looking for Stuart Mosley.
Know where I can find him? He's arriving on the 1:15 ferry today.
Poor guy.
- Is he as dangerous as they say? - I'd keep my distance.
Meet me at the wharf at 1:00.
I got somebody for you to take care of.
We've been waiting for this guy.
The Troubled guy's arriving on the 1:15.
What's his name? Why do you always got to know the name? Humor me.
The guy's name is Stuart Mosley.
Oh, there's no way you're killing my ride home.
He's an injured war vet.
He's in a wheelchair.
But he's dangerous.
An injured vet? No, I'm done.
You don't say no, Crocker.
You've killed before.
This is what your daddy did, what your daddy's daddy did.
You think you're better than them? Yeah, I do.
- What are you doing here? - I'll explain later.
Just get out of here.
Did you do it? Kill him? No.
Roy is supposed to murder Stuart.
What? But he refused.
My grandfather doesn't want to kill Troubled people either.
Roy Crocker is a good guy.
Who was supposed to die, remember? Time-travel rules.
The timeline is already screwed.
Look, maybe-- maybe we can make the future better.
We are not messing with the time-space continuum so you can work out your daddy issues.
Okay, Nathan, I can convince Roy to leave Haven.
That way, he never has to meet Sarah, and she doesn't have to kill him.
There he is.
Welcome home, son.
And he's with Sarah.
Even if Stuart can send us back, we may not have a Haven to go to if you don't fix things with Roy.
If Sarah's here, Roy may die whether we want him to or not.
I'll follow her, find out what she knows, maybe get close to Stuart.
Watch yourself.
She may look like Audrey, but she's not And apparently a killer.
I think we should talk.
Mosley? Stuart? You don't know me, but I was hoping you could help me.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Who are you? - I'm a friend.
- Wrong answer.
Let me help you find your way out.
Ow! Ah! Ugh! But I My patient has made more progress in the last two weeks than he has in a year.
He's very fragile, and if you've done anything to damage him, I swear I will throttle you.
Why are you looking at me that way? I'm sorry.
You're just-- - I'm what? - Just kind of incredible.
I'll leave.
You can't call a girl "incredible" and just walk away.
Explain yourself.
I guess I do have some explaining to do.
I'm just saying-- just think about leaving Haven.
Think about never having to take orders from guys like Hank again.
My family's been here for generations.
Look, you've got your own family now to worry about.
You got a wife and kid, right? I send them every penny I earn so they can live in a house near Derry.
And you think they're going to be any safer when this guy Hank comes back at you? Look, you need to get them as far away from here as possible, all right? Take them to California.
I mean, take your kid to Disneyland.
Simon would love that.
Need a lot of dough to get that far.
What if I could give you foolproof investment advice? Says the guy who only carries pirate money? Says the guy who saved your life twice.
My wife may take some convincing, though.
Hey, convince away.
All right! Uh, where's your bathroom? Over there.
Good man, good man.
Honey How would you and Simon like to go to California? This isn't possible.
It's exactly like my journal.
So there's going to be this thing called a microchip.
Invest in it.
Secondly, don't bet on the Sox this entire century.
Well, the first time you're in a war zone, they say you either panic, or you just focus and know what to do.
I knew what to do.
I was better than the doctors sometimes.
Well, that's what you do, right? Handle situations Help people.
In a way.
I work with the vets in D.
You don't live in Haven? No.
I just got here.
I just came to make Stuart comfortable.
He's a unique case.
My supervisor says I'm good with the strange ones.
Well, Haven is a strange place.
You don't need to be afraid of what you can't explain.
Well, that is good advice in any corner of the world.
So you don't-- you don't know anyone here? You don't know any Crocker? You're my first friend.
I am? There's something different about you.
You know what I learned on the front? That things could end at any minute.
You have to take advantage of the time that you have.
Do you believe that? Yeah.
So here I am on this beautiful beach with a handsome guy, and all I can think of is We have time.
I'm sorry.
I should go.
Why do I always go for the shy ones? You know what I found most, um, distressing Besides the entries for years that don't even exist yet? My obituary.
"Roy Crocker survived by his wife and son.
" This woman Sarah is supposed to kill me.
You see the date? That's today.
Now, listen, I know about the Troubles.
So why don't you tell me who you are and what's going on? I'm from the future.
My name is Duke Crocker.
And I'm your grandson.
Simon is my father.
When the blood of a Troubled person touches our skin, our eyes turn silver Because killing curses by killing the Troubled is what we are supposed to do.
Roy I'm your grandson.
I don't want this power any more than you do.
Roy, you don't have to die today.
We can change our fate.
You're right.
I can change my fate.
Simon can't grow up without a dad.
It's the only way.
I have to kill Sarah before she kills me.
Roy, don't do this.
Think about the future! Oh, I am thinking about the future.
- Roy found my journal.
- What did you tell him? I told him the truth-- that we were from the future and that I was his grandson.
So he thinks you're nuts.
He believed me.
Nathan, he saw that Sarah kills him, so he went to kill her first.
- If that happens-- - He kills Lucy and Audrey too.
Jordan said to ditch the car to make sure we aren't followed.
- Hey, Jordan's helping us? - Among others, yes.
The guard used to smuggle people into Haven.
Now they smuggle people out.
The guard is everywhere.
It isn't supposed to be this way.
That's what you say.
Listen, I'm supposed to say that you're delusional, but you're Audrey Parker.
You see things the rest of us don't.
Thank you.
Come on, this man can help us.
Lady slipper orchids Beautiful and very rare.
People thought they were extinct, but it turns out they were just dormant, waiting to bloom.
I know your platoon disappeared when you were under heavy fire.
You must have thought that they died or abandoned you.
But one year later, they walked out of the jungle thinking that only seconds had passed, not knowing the war was even over.
Maybe they were just dormant too Waiting until it was safe.
Stuart, someone told me you don't need to be afraid of what you can't explain.
Chief Wuornos? Well, I'm not the chief, not any more.
He found out you were in trouble, and he insisted he help.
I don't want you to worry.
We're going to get you to a nice, safe place, okay? You're willing to risk your lives even in this Haven? "In this Haven"? Okay, Claire was saying that you thought we were in the wrong one? - I know it sounds crazy, but-- - Not coming from you.
Well, what's this other Haven? What's it like? Nathan's alive.
He's just--he's gone.
He's, um He's gone? He's fixing a mistake in the past.
Well, let's just hope that your Haven's the real Haven and that Nathan's alive, because a son should outlive his father.
How did you know you were-- It's all over your face.
Never mind, let's go.
Freeze! You are benefiting from the fresh air.
I don't think you realize what you're doing-- Sarah.
What are you doing here? I'm here because you're not safe.
I don't understand.
There's a man coming to kill you.
Why would anybody want to kill me? There are people here that think you're a threat.
It's hard to explain.
But I'm from Haven.
I know this place.
And in a way, I know you too.
Just look at me.
You have the strongest intuition of anybody I've ever met.
And you may not know why, but you trust me.
I do.
I trust you.
Sarah, you need to run.
No, I can't-- I can't leave Stuart.
I'll guard him with my life.
Take this.
Go through the basement.
There's a man named Duke waiting for you.
He has long hair, but you can trust him.
Just take whatever car you can and drive.
And don't stop driving until you hear a man named Roy Crocker is dead, do you understand? Yes.
That's in case I never see you again.
You will.
Sarah, come here.
It's okay.
Duke, stop! - Sarah Vernon? - Oh, you must be Roy.
Roy, don't do this.
It's nothing personal, sweetheart-- just simple self-preservation.
Women's Army Corp.
I know about self-preservation too.
I've seen what killing does to a man.
It makes you hollow.
Stop! Just listen to me.
It doesn't have to be like this.
Just put the guns down.
I will if she will.
We'll do it together.
Sarah, no! I know you were trying to help But we can't escape our fate.
It's in our blood.
What if this is how it always happened? I mean, either way It all went down exactly how it was supposed to, right? Except we're still stuck here.
I'm going to go outside for a minute.
I killed that man.
I save people.
I don't hurt them.
- But I killed that man.
- You didn't have a choice.
- He was going to kill you.
- Why? What did I ever do to him? I just got here.
But you knew it was going to happen.
I want answers, and I want them now.
There are these people in Haven.
Some call them cursed.
We call them I call them Troubled.
I'm one of them So is Stuart.
And you--you can help.
You are important Special.
And who are you? I really am From Haven.
I just didn't say when.
The longer I stay here, my Haven is getting worse.
I really need your help.
His sedation's wearing off.
How do I help someone Troubled exactly? You try to reach them, figure out how their trouble works.
And what happened when he sent you here? He looked scared, like he remembered me from Now.
Which is why you landed in 1955.
You mentioned his lost platoon.
Maybe he sent them to a future where the war was over To what he thought was a better place or time.
Maybe he could do the same for us.
But how can I convince him there even is a future? This is a man who lives each moment terrified that he's going to die.
Maybe if he knows that he lives to be an old man, he can visualize that.
If this works, it's good-bye, isn't it? I belong somewhere else.
I don't want to do this alone.
You don't have to do it alone.
Go to the Haven Herald in town.
Look for Vince and Dave Teagues.
They'll be friends.
Just, um, don't take any crap from them.
That's not her style.
Yeah, I can see that.
Audrey, please tell me this is one of your delusions.
I wish I could.
Don't take them.
Take me.
Someone's got to clean up this town.
Stuart You don't have to be afraid.
This is you.
You grow to be an old man surrounded by family and loved ones.
Look, see? This is your garden.
That's me.
How? Just imagine it.
These two men-- they're there with you.
And they need your help to get home.
Think of your future.
Think of how happy you'll be.
I'm safe.
I'm home.
Um, hi.
Excuse me.
Why, you are like her.
But you're not, of course.
She was different.
I actually was just trying to-- I was trying to get back to the highway.
Head west.
You're almost there.
Thank you.
We tried to make things better, but It didn't matter.
What happened was already decided.
It was Fate.
Hey, whatever you did, it was the right thing.
I told Sarah to kill my own grandfather.
Sarah? Did you meet her? We were kind of her first case.
She and Stuart-- they helped get us home.
What was she like? Was she married? Did she have, um, a family? She just got to Haven.
She was a nurse.
She, um She was alone.
Did she mention anything about having a son? What's going on? I didn't know how I was going to tell you this, so I'm just gonna-- I'm gonna say it.
When I was Sarah, I had a baby.
The Colorado Kid is my son.
Hello, Captain.
I-I made it to Maine.
No, I like it here.
It's--it's hard to explain, but I I think that I could do a lot of good in Haven.
If you're asking me if you can stay, I think it's a great idea, Sarah.
Thank you, sir.