Haven s03e08 Episode Script

Magic Hour (2)

Previously on Haven There's a Troubled person murdering rich people and resurrecting them at sundown for ransom money.
You're serious? Tommy and I got it under control.
I hope you and Duke find some answers.
I can't have your little boyfriend screwing this up, okay? Whatever you say.
Just let me touch him.
We would be further ahead if you could absorb more than one death a day.
Dad said that more than one death a day is dangerous.
So Moira was the one with the brains.
Noelle's the one with the trouble.
Moira, we have to stop.
We're not stopping until I get what's coming to me.
Her name is Noelle.
She's on the run with her sister Moira.
The one who brings people back from the dead? We found Grady out at Kitcher Mill on route 17.
He's dead.
Nathan, one of your guys was the last to see Grady alive.
There hasn't been any police activity logged down on Route 17.
Then maybe someone's gone rogue in your department.
Bolt gun.
Modified it myself.
You're the bolt gun killer.
And by the time I got outside, he just Where's the girl that brings people back from the dead? Where's Noelle? - She's the one who shot him.
- Where is she, Tommy? She You you were shooting at her.
Why would you do that? Get an A.
out on her.
There already is one.
Over here! You did hit her.
Tommy, she's the only one that can bring Nathan back.
All right, she's still moving.
Maybe she's still alive.
Let's go.
She'll head for the main road.
Where would she go? Who would she turn to? She's hurt.
She's a paramedic in town.
They have partners.
Who's her partner? Oh.
Come on, Tommy.
You investigated her.
I know, I know, okay.
Look, it's a guy; It's a guy, and his name's Joseph Brentner.
He's her boyfriend too.
They live together.
Okay, this is what we're gonna do.
We're going to get Nathan to Noelle, and she's going to do her thing.
I want to get a cruiser to their apartment.
Hey, Audrey, maybe we should handle this ourselves.
All right, 'cause if word gets out that Nathan died, it could be hard to explain if we bring him back.
When we bring him back.
Audrey The sun sets at 7:47.
We got 2 1/2 hours to find Noelle.
Audrey just came back from Colorado.
If she went to Colorado, she found out the truth about James Cogan.
Well, good.
She has every right.
He was her son.
Vince, you're not thinking this through.
If I found out Audrey went to Colorado, anybody can.
If the bolt gun killer thinks she has some new information about the Colorado Kid He'll go after her again.
We've got to get to him before he gets to her.
How? Well, he broke in here looking for something.
If we could figure out what that is, why he wanted it We've been all through that cabinet.
Nothing's missing.
He could've broken into that with a pen knife.
Instead he uses his unique murder weapon? What if he wanted us to know it was him, so we'd focus only on the cabinet? Instead of what he was really after.
He's got a full medical kit.
He must be going to see Noelle.
We need to follow him.
Can you call the roadblocks? Make sure that they let Brentner through.
Hey, Laverne, update the roadblocks, all right? It's a tan sedan.
The driver's name is Joseph Brentner.
He's armed, very dangerous.
He's already killed a cop so shoot to Armed and dangerous? Shoot to kill? Take him out? Well, uh, uh, Laverne, you're breaking up.
Listen, just update the damn roadblocks, all right? Hell yeah, take him out.
Blow his head off.
He killed a cop.
Magic Hour ( Part 2) Noelle? Noelle? Police.
Keep calling to her.
Noelle, are you there? She should be here.
- I'll check downstairs.
- Okay, I'll check up.
- Wait here with him.
- Oh, yeah.
You better pray that your girlfriend can bring my friend back to life.
I knew I clipped you good.
Hush, it's okay.
I'm the police.
It's okay.
Hush, hush.
Audrey, I know why we brought Nathan, but why are we keeping her? We might need her.
What's the plan? I don't know, but we can't just sit here.
There's got to be something.
Noelle's gone, so there's no way to bring back the chief, right? Of course, her sister.
We've got to find her.
- Now.
- Why? Troubles run in families, so if Noelle can bring people back from the dead, so can her sister.
What's her name? Moira, but, uh, she She doesn't have a trouble.
That's why she was using Noelle.
Okay, well, then we'll bring out Moira's trouble.
- You can do that? - We can try.
Okay, this is Moira's.
There's a bunch of these names and addresses.
What does this mean? She had a cleaning service.
It's like a hit list.
She scratched off all the names of the people she was extorting.
These three here, they're marked "on vacation.
" This is the house that we're in now.
That's why she came here.
She knew it'd be empty.
It's a perfect place to hide.
All right, well, my money is that Moira's at one of these other houses.
We need to split up.
You and Duke take his truck.
Go to the Wentworth house.
I'm gonna take your car, check out the other house.
On the other side, Grady.
- Audrey? - Hey, listen.
I don't have time to explain.
I just need you to babysit a guy for me.
Is everything okay? - No.
- Okay.
I could use a change of scenery anyway.
Where are you? - Audrey? - I'll text you the address.
Hello? Audrey? Jordan.
What are you doing on this phone? I just I found it.
It was left in my car.
- Is it Nathan's? - What's going on? I keep calling Nathan, and he doesn't answer.
- Is he okay? - I don't know.
I haven't spoken to him.
I just got in.
Hey, listen, I really got to go.
I'm sorry for your loss, but I need you to tell me about Noelle's trouble.
Moira was the one killing people.
Noelle was just bringing them back.
Tell me how Noelle's trouble started.
Noelle and I were on a call a few months ago.
I got clipped by a drunk driver, and I died.
Noelle said seeing someone she loved dead, that's what brought on her trouble.
So she touched you when you were dead? Yeah, at sunset.
She took on my injury, and then we both healed together.
- That? - Is a gunshot wound.
She saved my life twice.
That's why you and Noelle have the same scars.
This is all Moira's fault.
Then why did she keep helping her? - Why didn't she just turn her in? - They have a crazy bond.
They grew up as orphans.
What happened to their parents? Her mom died of cancer when she was really young, and their dad did a pretty good job of raising them until a car accident killed him.
Something happened to those sisters that day.
What? Noelle never told me about it.
I finally took a look at the police report, and it said that it looked like they were all ejected from the vehicle.
They found Moira and Noelle standing in the road, just in shock.
Their dad was dead.
I checked that.
I'm checking them again.
There's no keys missing.
Get that light over here.
You find something? The edge of that key's all shiny.
It's new.
It's a copy, and we didn't make it.
So which key is it? Our fishing shack.
Duke, I'm at the Fenmore house now.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Moira? Stop! Police! Don't kill me.
Moira, I'm not gonna kill you.
Just move to the wall.
Look, all I wanted was the money.
That guy wasn't supposed to die.
He was supposed to come back to life like the others.
The guy at the cabin, he was supposed to come back to life? The cop got shot? I didn't have anything to do with that.
I know you didn't.
That was Noelle.
What? My sister didn't shoot him.
She ran away.
We have an eyewitness.
Listen, listen.
Put me and Noelle on a bus out of town, and I'll tell you who did it.
Who shot Nathan? The black cop in the hat.
I saw it all.
What? They were outside talking at the car, and all of a sudden, he shot your cop friend right in the chest.
You're lying.
The weird thing, it was like the white cop didn't even feel any pain.
He just kept talking after he was shot.
What did he say? "You're the bolt gun killer.
" Then the other cop shot him again.
It's Audrey.
What's up? Duke, don't react to what I'm about to say.
You understand me? I have Moira here.
She told me that Tommy killed Nathan.
She told me that Tommy's the bolt gun killer.
Are you sure? Her story makes sense, and Tommy's been acting weird all day.
- Okay.
- You keep him away.
I'll trigger Moira's curse.
I'll get her to bring Nathan back, - and when he's okay - Yeah.
Then we take Tommy down.
Got it.
She struck out.
That ups the odds that Moira's probably here.
We should keep looking for her.
Took her that long to say that? Girls.
She was still talking when I hung up.
Yeah, yeah, I bet.
All right, let's find Moira.
Wait, you know, what if Moira has a gun, you know? You got like a back-up piece you can lend me? Nah, nah, nah, nah.
No can do.
Regulations, you know? You're not a cop.
Why don't you go look inside, and I'll keep poking around out here.
Sounds good to me.
Where's Nathan? How did you find me? The phone I gave Nathan has a locator app on it.
- Where is he? - Go home.
I can tell something's wrong.
Just tell me where he is, please.
He's been shot.
Oh, my God.
Who did this? He'll pay.
But first, I need to bring Nathan back.
You can do that? There's a resurrection trouble.
If the person touches him before sunset, then he'll come back when the sun goes down.
So what are you waiting for? The woman who has it is right there, dead.
Her sister's inside, but her trouble isn't active yet.
We have to trigger it.
It usually takes some kind of emotional trauma to do that.
What are you gonna do? Traumatize her.
What are you doing? I told you.
You know, this chick could be dangerous, and since you won't give me a gun So you're gonna chop her head off with a hatchet? Better than flipping her off.
What happened to regulations? Screw regulations.
Thank you.
I'm sorry it's got to be like this.
Like what? She didn't make it.
She couldn't even save herself.
Did you feel anything just now, physically, when you saw your sister? No.
Was I supposed to? Can't tell if she even cares that her sister's dead.
- Think it worked? - I don't know.
What did it feel like for you when your trouble started? I had no idea until I touched someone, and they screamed.
So Moira won't know when it kicks in and neither will we.
Not until sunset, and then it'll be too late to try something else.
I have 47 minutes.
There is a way to know for sure about Moira's curse.
Duke will react if he touches her blood.
So call him.
Get him over here.
It's dangerous.
He's with Tommy.
So? Moira's not in here.
Yeah, we need to be sure.
A lot riding on finding her.
How was Colorado? Hilly.
You guys were investigating the Colorado Kid case, right? Yeah, we didn't find anything.
pretty cold.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Worked a couple of cold cases in my day.
Very frustrating.
But you guys didn't find anything? You're right.
She's not here.
Let's go look someplace else.
You're a bad liar.
You're the bolt gun killer.
Nathan figured it out.
That's why you killed him.
"Bolt gun killer.
" I don't like that.
It's too on the nose.
Why are you killing women? It is my turn.
You and Audrey, did you find the Cogans? Dad was dead.
Mom's got Alzheimer's, doesn't know anything about the Colorado Kid.
Why are you so interested in a drifter that died almost 30 years ago? Shut your mouth! Put the damn gun down.
It's not loaded.
I know.
You're Troubled.
That frickin' hurt! I left my keys in my car.
We'll go after him in mine.
We can't go after him.
Audrey needs your help right now to save Nathan.
What are you doing? You're going to bring him back to life.
Oh, for Pete's sake.
You're trying to trigger my family's trouble? It should have worked.
Most people love their sister.
Well, you don't know what my sister did.
The night of the accident? What do you know about that? - I know something bad happened.
- No.
Actually something didn't happen.
Noelle didn't save dad.
She had it when the Troubles were here last time.
- She was - Eight.
Got it when my mom died.
Became our new little family secret between her, me, and dad.
She brought her hamster back to life, even a bird found on the street.
When it came to my father lying dead in a ditch she needed to bring him back.
She wouldn't.
Said she was afraid.
Sat in the dirt, cried, and let him die.
- She was just a kid, Moira.
- So was I.
The shack seems quiet.
When was the last time we were out here? Over a year ago, I think.
The door's open.
Jordan might not get Duke back before sunset.
I'm guessing that's a problem.
Noelle's trouble came back when she saw someone she loved die, right? Should be the same way with you.
You gonna kill someone I love? Who? The only person you care about now you.
Doesn't even make sense.
If I shoot you in the right place, you won't die right away.
It'll take a few minutes.
That's plenty of time to save Nathan when your trouble's activated.
You're bluffing.
I only need you alive till sundown.
You're not a killer.
You have no idea what I am and I want Nathan back.
Where's Tommy? Tommy got away for now.
What's going on? Trying to activate her trouble.
- Did it work? - You tell me, Duke.
Can you test her blood? Tell me if she's Troubled now? What? No, get away from me.
Get away from me! Ow! She's not Troubled.
Whose boat is that? And where's the captain? Captain's right behind you.
Put the guns down.
Turn around slowly.
Hey, hey, hey.
What are you fellas doing here? Going fishing.
With guns? Ah, you're right, bad idea.
Let's head on home.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
You came out here looking for some sort of trouble.
Come on, I'm a cop.
What's up? Well, uh We thought the bolt gun killer was out here.
Seriously? Some good work, fellas.
Damn good work.
You thought I was bluffing? Yeah.
That's why it might not have worked, because you didn't believe me, so this time, I am going to shoot you.
Audrey, what are you doing? Duke, we are running out of time, all right? I need to do something.
Does it make you feel crazy? 'Cause that's how I felt that night, waking up in my dad's truck with my sister crying next to me and my dad gone forever.
- You woke up in a truck? - Yeah.
But the police report said that it looked like you were ejected from the vehicle.
I was knocked unconscious in the truck.
One of my dad's toolboxes hit me in the back of the head.
Audrey, what are you doing? Show me where.
Moira, you weren't unconscious.
- You were dead.
- What? Your sister, she has the same scar.
She brought you back.
Because that would mean That would mean that she saved me and not our dad.
Why didn't she bring your dad back too? Because she couldn't.
Dad always told her that if she saved two lives in one day that it might not work, could be fatal, so she could only save one of us.
But she chose you, her sister.
Oh, my God.
All these years, I've made her life hell.
All all because she saved my life.
Do you love your sister now, Moira? Yes.
The wrong one of us is dead.
Oh, my God, I hope I'm not too late.
I'm so sorry.
Nathan I was the one that was supposed to I was supposed to go.
I have always loved you.
I always will love you.
Audrey Hey, Parker.
Where's the funeral? Hi.
I was so scared.
I'm okay.
Oh, my God, Moira.
- She saved you.
- And him too? She brought two people back at once? It'll kill her.
You saved my life and not dad's.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't want you to feel guilty.
Oh, Noelle.
Should I have told you? Things would have been so much better with my sister.
Parker, where's Tommy? I made the Grady connection with Tommy's GPS history.
There's a lot of addresses in here.
It's gonna take all night to cover them all.
Then we better get going.
Always liked this place.
So many memories.
Now I got to burn it down.
- What memories? - Oh, I'm sorry.
You're confused.
You see, it is I who have you tied up.
I ask all the questions.
We haven't answered your questions all night, and we're not gonna start now.
I'm really gonna enjoy killing you.
I don't think so, Vince.
I think it's my turn.
- Oh, is it? - Yeah.
Where's the Colorado Kid? - This is getting boring.
- Oh, boring, huh? Tell me where the barn is.
What do you know about the barn? I know enough to know that I want to go there.
Good luck.
Only one person ever goes to the barn, and it comes for her.
So why don't you tell me how it Are you okay? It's Tommy.
Quick! He went that way.
Don't hit him.
Take out the engine.
What did we hit? Fuel tanks maybe.
I needed to talk to him.
I needed to know what he knew.
So you got everything you need? Yeah, everything.
When she wakes up, she's gonna be somewhere totally new.
We both are.
It's gonna be a good thing.
You can come back when the Troubles are over.
Thank you.
Nathan's welcome back from the dead party's in full swing.
What's the public reason for the party? Taco Tuesday.
Not thinking about skipping out, are you? I wouldn't dream of it.
I need a little more fun in my life.
Ah, I think I'm starting to rub off on you.
About Colorado Yeah, it all worked out for the best.
We made it home in time to save Nathan's life.
It's all good.
Ooh, awkwardness, tension.
I'd ask some intrusive questions, but I'm off duty.
Okay, okay, I'll ask some intrusive questions.
You know I think I'm gonna let Audrey catch you up.
Tacos aren't gonna make themselves now.
I was just fooling around, Audrey.
You don't have to talk to me right now if you don't want to.
The Colorado Kid is my son.
Or Sarah's.
He's not my He's my son.
- I'll clear my schedule for you.
- Don't.
I'm gonna try to find him, so I'm gonna be kind of busy.
Audrey, you only have A few weeks.
So like I said, I'm gonna be busy.
I'm sure you will.
You guys coming in? Apparently they're making tacos in my honor.
We'll talk later.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I never got to ask.
How did it go in Colorado? It's a long story.
Did they recover Tommy's body yet? No.
With the tides, we may never.
We finally find him, and we're left with more questions than when we started.
Did Tommy have the tattoo? The guy on the surveillance clearly wasn't Tommy.
What was his trouble? Why was he taking parts from women? How did he even know about the Colorado Kid? Who was he? We'll figure it out.
Nathan, I want to tell you everything that happened in Colorado.
Maybe we can skip the party, go somewhere, talk.
Now's not a good time.
The party's winding down.
Are you okay? All things taken together, no.
Ever since you returned to Haven, I've helped to deceive you.
I had good intentions to protect you, to help you survive this chaos But that doesn't make it right.
I'm truly sorry, Audrey.
I wanted to say that to you before you before you go.
Tell me about Sarah.
She was tough, independent You know, you always come back with a different name, but underneath, you're always somehow the same.
I know that Sarah was the Colorado Kid's mother.
Who was the father? Sarah never told anyone who the father was.
Is everything okay? Everything is just how it's supposed to be.
Let's join the party, shall we?