Haven s03e07 Episode Script

Magic Hour (1)

Previously on Haven Colorado Kid murder.
It's a very old case.
I think he's alive.
And I think he's on the run.
The hunter.
It's not a person, it's a meteor storm.
It comes every 27 years, and when it does I disappear.
- You told him everything? - Yeah, we're friends.
Is that a problem? Stay away from her.
They call themselves the Guard.
I need to know what your people are doing, and what I'm involved in.
My people help the troubled, and we do it any way we can.
I am one of you now.
I heard his first name, I matched it with a facial composite.
James Cogan.
That's his name.
The bolt gun killer.
What if he's not using body parts for trophies? What if he's building a woman? This is crazy.
Well, the sun's going down, finally.
- What do we do, Rica? - Stop talking, dan.
- Just stop.
- Oh, baby don't touch her, we don't know how this works.
What do you expect me to do? Wait.
The sun's almost down, all we have to do is wait.
Okay, enough, all right? Enough! I'm calling the police, all right? Lizzy's death was an accident - No - They'll understand! There's more than one phone in this house, Rica.
We didn't kill her, all right? We need help.
- Our daughter's dead.
- Don't say that.
Where's Lizzy? Hi, Mommy.
Hi, Daddy.
Nathan, I got a plane to catch.
And I'm giving you two days off to hunt down this lead.
You can tell me the basics.
Paul and June Cogan.
They were the parents of the Colorado Kid, James Cogan.
He went missing in 1983.
What did they say when you talked to them? Paul's dead, and I keep getting an answering machine at the house.
That's why I need to fly to Colorado, because maybe June can tell me where James is.
Which would be good, because supposedly, i I loved him.
When I was Lucy, I wrote myself that note saying that I had to find him before I go away.
Maybe finding him keeps you from going away.
You know, I am all for Audrey staying on vantage, but you don't want to scare the guy.
So I'm just suggesting, start soft.
You know, small talk.
Colorado avalanche, people like hockey.
I don't, personally, but some people do.
Uh, flight leaves in two hours, we should he's driving you to the airport? Uh, nope.
Going all the way to Colorado.
You said that one of us would stay behind, and that i shouldn't go alone, so to spend two of them with duke? I give great moral support.
Just take care of her.
Check in.
She doesn't need a doctor.
She fell out of a tree, broke her neck, and then came back alive, totally fine.
I'm getting her checked out.
Why can't you just accept it? We should be grateful.
- To who? - I don't care who, or what.
It happened, dan.
Someone called us and saved our family.
- It's a miracle.
- Yeah.
Baby! Mommy? Oh, baby, it's okay.
Daddy's here.
Daddy's gonna fix it, okay? Gonna fix it.
Episode 3x07 Magic Hour (1) Car's a Range Rover.
Father said he didn't get a good look at the driver.
Left a headlight, I'll start a trace.
Hello? Could be breaking the bad news to the next of kin? What do you mean you'll have to call me back? But god! That's a weird way to break the bad news, huh? Okay.
Let's get in the car.
Could be involved in his wife's hit-and-run.
Follow him.
Solo, or with Audrey? Audrey's in Colorado for a couple days.
Everything all right? Will be.
As long as you pick up the slack.
Be glad to.
That spooky stuff had me off my game for a little while.
I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of doing some good, old-fashioned surveillance.
How long you been waiting? Long enough to talk myself out of snooping.
- What's wrong? - My friend grady disappeared.
- When? - A few weeks ago.
He was supposed to bring a troubled guy in from california, start a new life here.
I didn't know the relocation operation went cross-country.
It does.
But grady missed a couple check-ins, and we can't find the new guy.
So your friend went awol a few weeks back? That's when the bolt gun killer showed up in Haven.
Yeah, I did that math.
The evidence that the serial psycho's in the Guard, I want to see it.
Pulled these off a surveillance camera at a crime scene.
This watch.
It's a crappy gift I gave to grady years ago.
Watch, tattoo.
It sure looks like your man grady could be the bolt gun killer.
The woman in the photo, what did he do to her? You don't want to know.
How could this do grady? We think he's using the parts to build some kind of franken-woman.
Let me bring him in.
Jordan, this guy kidnapped Audrey parker.
He's already cut up three women that we know of.
This is a police matter.
The police will only drive him further underground.
I can handle it.
He's one of mine.
He's one of ours.
Give me 24 hours to make this right.
Looks like dan Hamilton's been a busy man.
He dropped his kid off with grandma, then he made a stop at the bank and took out a large cash withdrawal.
Where's the money now? He stashed it in the athletic center, I think in a locker.
He's still in there.
Look like a classic money drop if you ask me.
Maybe dan Hamilton paid someone to take his wife out.
Call me at his next stop, I'll meet you there.
Wha why are you so nervous? I've been what, at least three other people in my life, and one of them was in love with the Colorado Kid.
And he could be on the other side of that door, and all I can think about is, I should have worn my other pants.
Audrey, you are officially a girl.
Look, let's just pray that he doesn't have a unibrow.
We're looking for the owner of this boarding house, uh, a June Cogan.
Who's "we?" You're a long way from Haven, maine.
June Cogan has a son named James Cogan, where are they? Don't know.
Never heard of them.
I just pay my rent.
Good day, officer.
What the hell is that death omen - doing in Colorado? - What? Hi, I'm sorry to bother you why don't we have an honest conversation about what the hell that thing is doing on your front porch.
My name is Audrey parker.
We know that that symbol means that you work for the Guard.
I put that up for folks who are special.
So they know this is a safe house.
They can rest here.
Where are the Cogans, really? Specifically, where is James Cogan? I don't know anything about James Cogan.
Paul Cogan, he died.
Months ago.
He was old.
We moved June to a home.
I won't let you do this.
Tommy, this looks like a situation.
This guy attacked me.
Don't you dare cut her.
Easy, dan, you're the one with the scalpel.
All we did was drop off the body.
She's not a body, she's my wife! Dan, how about you let these people go.
Then we can talk.
Hey, you don't need that now.
Drop the knife.
The sun has set.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back.
What happens at sunset? Uh, chief.
Baby? Baby? Let go of me! Let baby we gotcha.
Oh, god! Oh dan dan, what happened to me? I know you love your wife.
Which is why I don't believe you paid to have a hit put out on her.
But here's the problem I have.
I watched you drop off cash.
Now and I can't even believe I'm about to say this did you pay to have her brought back to life? A troubled person blackmailed him to bring his wife back.
Who does that sort of thing? I'm gonna have to put them all on a family therapy plan.
Appreciate you coming in.
I was surprised when you called.
I thought you'd be in Colorado with Audrey.
She took duke.
That's a polarizing choice.
- How does it make - not now, claire.
Dan, listen.
I know you are scared.
Want to protect your family.
- But you made a mistake.
- What do you mean? You paid the ransom.
Now the blackmailer knows you have cash, and they will milk you over and over again.
This will not end here.
You have a daughter, right? No, they won't do that.
They already brought back Lizzy.
Your daughter died, and she came back to life too? What does something like that even cost you? Nothing.
Lizzy broke her neck while she was playing in a tree.
Then someone called me, and they said to tell the paramedics to go away, and to wait.
That they would bring Lizzy back at sunset.
Who called? Look, I don't know who it was.
Either time.
But for Rica, they they told me to just to put the money in a locker at the athletic center.
So they got you on the hook with a freebie, and every life after is gonna cost you big money.
I got a hit on the headlight from the hit-and-run.
That's the great thing about luxury cars.
Every part's registered.
What is your relationship to sophia and charlie carter? We're partners in an organic vegetable farm.
Why? Because the car that mowed Rica down is registered to the two of them.
Surprised you called.
Dwight, I called you because grady's gone.
And we couldn't find the troubled person that he was bringing in.
If grady screwed up a job, then something is very, very wrong.
There's a chance that grady has something to do with that bolt gun serial killer.
And to protect the Guard, you need to bring grady in discreetly.
And quickly.
That dude with the clipboard, he's the guy that grady was supposed to meet? Yeah.
Hey, ray.
Got a minute? Sorry, buddy.
Name's mike.
No, he had it right the first time.
'bout time I heard from you people.
Been twisting out here for weeks.
You mean you didn't get your welcome package? I got no cash, no I.
, nothing.
You said I could make a new life in Haven.
That I'd be safe here with my condition.
Got it.
We've been looking for you.
Call this number, you'll get some help.
Now, what happened to grady, your contact? I don't know.
I went to the old kitchener mill on route 17, like he told me.
But I ran when the cops showed up.
- The cops? - Almost got me.
Hi, I'm a friend of your son, James.
James is such a good boy.
He drew a picture for me in school today.
Maybe James is, uh, an art teacher at an elementary school.
Don't be silly.
James is only nine years old.
Little boys can't be teachers.
Cogan? I have a lot of important questions for you.
Ca can you look at me? You.
Sarah, why did you change your hair? You were so pretty as a redhead.
You said you'd never come back.
Excuse me, who are you? This is a private facility.
Uh, ah yeah, you know what? - I'm sorry - no unauthorized visitors.
This woman has Alzheimer's.
- You're scaring her.
- Yes I understand that.
But, um it's okay, it's okay, listen.
I-I just need to ask you a few more questions, all right? Do you know where James is? How how do you know me? I don't know you.
Why are you in my room? That's it.
I'm getting security.
Audrey, I think this lady's gone.
Oh, she she can't be.
Maybe we'll come back.
We'll find another way.
Home of charlie and sophia carter.
Not a bad spread.
Farm workers.
That's a lot of mouths to feed.
No range rover, though.
Would you park your luxury model murder weapon in the driveway? Police! Sophia carter? What happened? Why didn't it work? I paid the damn money! Someone was supposed to come and lay hands on him.
It's past sundown.
Charlie's not supposed to stay dead.
They promised.
Who promised? Whoever killed my husband.
Carter was blackmailed too.
So we have a troubled person killing people, and demanding ransom money to bring them back.
Sophia carter said she paid up.
So what went wrong? I don't know.
Blackmailers hit familiar targets, wealthy people.
So, what we're looking for is someone who knew both of the families, who they trusted.
Someone like an employee.
Put together a list, start checking alibis.
How's it going out there? Uh, I'm gonna need a few more days.
I Haven't found anything on James Cogan or Lucy yet, but I did find something interesting.
Gonna tell me what it is? The tattooed people, they're running a safe house out of Colorado.
I think it's a transfer point or something.
Anyway, maybe I helped relocate people when I was Sarah, in a past life? I-I don't know, I know it sounds crazy, but No, it doesn't sound crazy.
The Guard operates a network nationwide.
You didn't tell me that part.
I didn't tell you because I just found out myself.
Okay, is there anything else that you, uh, want to tell me? There's a troubled person murdering rich people and resurrecting them at sundown for ransom money.
Wait, you're serious? Tommy and I got it under control.
I hope you and duke find some answers.
How's officer Grumpy? Grumpy.
Any luck finding another room? Ahh, no.
This is the last room in the house.
Apparently, there there's a lumberjack tournament in town.
I'm not making that up.
That is a real it's really a thing here.
I swear.
And worse, there's no bar, so all right, well, uh, at least you have a couch to sleep on.
- Lucky me.
- Yeah.
All right, so I was Lucy in the '80S, I was Sarah in the '50S.
when I was Lucy, I was in love with the Colorado Kid.
And Sarah, maybe I helped to relocate troubled people.
But why did June think I was Sarah, and not Lucy? You know, maybe maybe Sarah and old lady Cogan knew each other from way back.
Yeah, but there's there's only one person that can help us with that, and that's June Cogan.
And her memory is about as cooperative as mine.
Her memories, maybe.
But not her mementos.
I lifted this off of June Cogan's night table.
You took a photo album from an old woman? Well, it sounds much worse when you say it like that.
You can scold me later.
No way, this is the sweetest form of thievery ever.
I'm a sweet thief.
Baby photos, school pictures.
James Cogan's life was really well documented.
Do you feel anything when you look at these? I mean, does he seem familiar? I know that i I loved him, but I just I don't I don't I don't know.
Don't really see any Lucy or Sarah in there.
Wait, what's the Colorado Kid got married.
Is there a date? His wife's name was arla.
So if the Colorado Kid married arla, then where does Lucy fit in, or Sarah for that matter? Why don't we just focus on one past life at a time.
But look, I mean, marriages have records, you know? Let's go see what we can find out about arla Cogan.
And you can prove you were there all day? All right.
Didn't know what else to do with myself.
It's not very good, I'm afraid.
The housekeeper called in sick.
The housekeeper? There was no housekeeper on your employee records.
Oh, moira insists that we pay her under the table.
I don't like it, but she rarely misses a day.
Is she full-time? We have her two days a week.
She works for other families.
She work for the Hamiltons? Yes.
Why are you so interested? Moira's my sister.
What do you want me to do, Joseph? I you know it's complicated.
All I know is she dragged you into a blackmail scheme.
She murdered charlie carter.
We should have gotten to him before sundown! Noelle? We have to leave town.
You can't just barge in here, moira.
The cops are at the carter's.
- They're gonna figure it out.
- Leave her alone.
When are you going to stop punishing her? Oh, I see what this is.
Noelle, think your boyfriend knows best? No, moira, please.
Moira, what if what if you go by yourself? We won't tell the police anything.
You can take the money.
I can't have your little boyfriend screwing this up, okay? Now get your passport, and whatever else you need, and put it in here.
We have to leave, and fast.
Okay? Okay! Whatever you say, just let me touch him.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Just take it.
Big sister's gonna fix everything.
Lucky guy.
Only thing left of that gsw is the scar.
Neighbors heard a gunshot, backs up the boyfriend's story.
He insists noelle's innocent.
Both sisters took off just before we got here.
Noelle's a paramedic.
Easy for her to lay hands on a dead body.
First responders when the little girl broke her neck, and they dropped Rica Hamilton off at the morgue.
So moira's with the brains, noelle's the one with the trouble.
We gotta stop 'em.
They let charlie carter die, he won't be the last one.
They couldn't have gotten far with that roadblock.
Laverne, what do you got? The sisters were orphans, bounced around foster homes for years.
But before their Dad died, they lived in a cabin out by trapingus cove.
- All right.
- What's the address? Aw, they don't use street addresses out there.
Cabins are mostly off the grid.
We're gonna have to search every one.
We can't get out of Haven tonight.
This plan should have worked.
These clients waste more money in a day than I can make in a month.
You were gonna kill all these people? Temporarily.
That scar is a pity.
We wasted a good death on your boyfriend.
You made your point.
We would be further ahead if you could absorb more than one death a day.
Dad said that more than one death a day is dangerous.
It could kill me, how many times I am so sick of hearing that excuse.
I told you that you becoming a paramedic was a stupid idea with your disease.
And then you had to go and touch the Hamilton kid.
With your bare hands! We know Lizzy! We saw her grow up.
And the parents were so broken, i-i-I couldn't let her die.
You're still such a child.
Couldn't let the neighbors' cat die.
Couldn't let the neighbors' kid die, but you wouldn't save Dad.
Where'd you think this was gonna end? Not with blackmail.
Or murder.
You took advantage, it's it's sick.
And yet you're still here.
Maybe you feel guilty.
Next town no screw-ups.
Moira, we have to stop.
We're not stopping, till I get what's coming to me.
So arla Cogan, she killed herself.
When the Colorado Kid went missing.
So he and Lucy, they they never really had this big love affair.
This this whole thing, this is just this is ridiculous.
Look when i first showed up to Haven, I was an fbI agent, I was looking into a case.
I knew who I was.
Life was good.
It was good.
And then I found out I had what, not one, but two two past lives, that I know of.
Nothing is what I thought it was.
The first past life I was completely wrong about, and the other one the other one's still a mystery to me.
You know, if you want something stronger that, I saw funions in the vending machine.
Funions, yes.
Funions - yeah - and and pizza, and and hand-rolled cigars, and, uh and skydiving, and those little candy that's - the dispenser thing.
- Pez? I've never experienced that before.
I get it, okay? I've been saying that for a month.
A month? You want cigars? I got Cubans on the Cape Rouge.
A month.
This is this is hilarious, right? Right, you tell me about this hunter meteor storm thing, you explain to me what it is, that i that I go away, and I waste a whole month chasing what? You didn't waste anything.
You know, you you solved the Colorado Kid mystery.
And you can beat we can beat this hunter thing.
Come on, duke.
Now I have to beat a hunter thing? No, no, i-I got what, uh, 20 days left? No, I just I want to live my life.
However you want to do it, you know? You want to help the troubled, or you just want to live your life, I'm in.
You you are an amazing friend.
I'm just saying, you have choices.
No, no, no, no, no, it's more than that.
You're here.
You you just left everything.
And you got on a plane, and you came here to Colorado with me.
Audrey, I'd do anything you need me to.
I'd hunt down your past, and fight your future.
The past is gone.
And the future, thank god, it is not here yet.
All we have is that's not long enough for me to fix our friendship if I screw this up.
So I'm gonna get some air.
I just confirmed our flights back to Haven.
It's beautiful here.
Maybe that's why Lucy and Sarah came.
'cause of the scenery.
I knew you had a sense of humor in there.
What? What are you looking at? I'm just imagining you as a redhead.
It's hot.
Duke, you're a genius.
I know.
Why? One cabin down, plenty mo' to go.
Hang on, one second.
Dwight, what's up? I'm with Jordan.
We found grady.
Out at kitchener mill on route 17.
You bringing him in? He's dead.
Car's burned out.
He's been here for a while.
He may not be your bolt gun killer.
Nathan, one of your guys was the last to see grady alive.
What do you mean? The guy from california showed up here for a meeting, but Haven P.
broke it up.
Your source is sure about that? He's certain, ran when he saw the cruiser.
There hasn't been any police activity logged out on route 17.
Then maybe someone's gone rogue in your department.
We need supplies, so we can wait out the roadblocks.
People in the summer cabins leave stuff behind.
So I'm gonna go see what I can find.
When you think about abandoning me again, just remember, I'm the only family you've got.
I don't want this.
It's for protection.
If you have to use it, you can always bring the poor sucker back.
June, it's me.
Sarah! You said you'd never come back.
Oh, give me another chance, please! Don't be scared, okay? I'm not angry.
The day you brought him was like a miracle.
We're a family now.
I helped you, didn't i? We named him James.
Do you like that name? James.
Did i did I bring you your son from from Haven? Oh, please don't take him away.
We've kept him safe.
June, was was James troubled? Is that why you kept him safe? I already love him so much.
I know it must have hurt to give him up, Sarah, but I can take care of him.
I can protect your baby.
James Cogan is he's my son? Home sweet Haven.
Potholes and all.
Hey, I'm I'm sorry we didn't get anything else out of the old lady.
She told me the important part.
I don't even think she'd be able to remember where the Colorado Kid is, anyway.
We didn't really talk about it on the plane back here, but I mean, how do you feel knowing that you have a a son? I don't even know how to begin to process that information.
Hey it'll be our secret.
Got a few of those, I guess.
Saved by the cell.
Hey, Nathan, we just got in.
I know.
I need you out at trapingus cove.
Tommy and I think the troubled girl's hiding out in a cabin here.
The one who brings people back from the dead? Yeah.
Her name's noelle, she's on the run with her sister moira.
Yeah, um, I'll I'll get there as fast as duke can drive me.
I'll get you the coordinates.
So it's, uh, north 4-4-9-1-3-7, west 6-7-0-0-3-9.
Yep, got it.
- We good? - Yeah.
Route 17.
One more cabin.
- You wanna drive? - No, it's your car.
Looks like we got us something.
Take the back.
Police! Don't come any closer, ple please.
Put the gun down.
It's noelle, right? Where's your sister? We know moira's making you do this.
Help us find her.
She's gone.
Moira's had it rough.
Our Dad died, she never got over it.
She stabbed charlie carter, an innocent man.
I was supposed to bring him back.
But she told me to wait until mrs.
Carter paid the money.
Sophia carter did pay the money.
But then my ambulance got called.
Cardiac arrest.
I couldn't get to mr.
Carter by sundown.
It doesn't sound like this is your fault.
Just put the gun down, then we'll talk.
It is.
Everything is my fault.
I shouldn't have brought Lizzy back.
I should've turned moira in when she killed Rica Hamilton, I just she's my sister.
Easy now.
Don't want anybody else to get hurt.
Give me that.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm freezing.
Stay with her.
I'll get her a blanket out of the trunk, call it in.
Hey, chief, it's all the same to you, why don't we just, uh, trade.
You better with people.
Trunk's a mess, anyway.
Moira could be long gone.
Take a look inside, see if she left anything interesting.
Left behind a whole sister.
Can't tell if that's stupid or just cold.
A bolt gun.
Nice one too.
Modified it myself.
You're the bolt gun killer.
Hey, what happened? Where's Nathan? Oh no Nathan it was the noelle, the the the troubled girl.
She was she started shooting, and he got in the middle.
By the time I got I got outside, it just