Haven s03e06 Episode Script

Real Estate

Previously on Haven It's been three sessions and I haven't remembered anything.
Progression is weird.
You never know what is gonna trigger a memory.
If I do this, you vouch for me.
Introduce me to the others.
It's done.
Foundsley's set to be transferred within the hour.
Go! How did it go with, uh, your contact Jordan? Did the prisoner transfer go through? No drama.
It's the bolt-gun killer.
What about him? What if he's not using body parts for trophies? What if he's building a woman? Come here.
Chad, this is trespassing.
It's Halloween.
The front door is wide open.
We're legally allowed in.
Besides, this place has been abandoned since, like, Walkmans.
It's just us in here.
You know what that means? Oh my God.
Come on.
There is something wrong with him.
Chad? Chad? Chad? Chad, you scared me.
Oh wow, this is nice, Chad.
Very romantic.
- Huh.
- Chad? One of these switches must have turned on the gas.
Hey, maybe there's electricity too.
Oh my God! - Oh my God! - Nice.
How many kamikaze shots did you have? I'm leaving now.
Reunited and it feels so good Sweet.
Reunited - Don't worry, I spiked it.
- Good.
Do you think we could ever drink enough to believe anything those two say? We can try.
They ran out of ghost mugs oh! No they didn't.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
I'll just get myself another one.
Nice outfit.
It's amazing to me how some men struggle with chivalry.
- No costume? - Me? Dress up as something else? No.
I feel like I do that every day of my life.
I could have actually been a cheerleader - I'm a vampire slayer.
- Okay, that's that's cool.
Sure, listen I'm running out of time, all right, and in order to figure out what's happening to me I need to find out what happened to him.
I finished it.
- The Colorado Kid? - Yeah.
Your dream version, anyway.
I can't believe that you finished this.
I ran his face through every missing person database.
Okay, I need to remember more.
I don't know, Audrey.
I've been re-thinking this whole regression therapy thing - But I want to remember.
- Clearly, you don't.
Your subconscious came to you in your dream as Agent Howard and told you to stop remembering.
Oh, thank God! She saw my car parked outside the Haven Herald.
Let me get this straight.
Her boyfriend slammed the door with his mind.
Some kind of telekinetic anger trouble? Or just irrational young love.
That's even more dangerous.
Want me to meet you at the house? No, I got it we're looking for a reason to get out of here.
We? I asked Duke to come along.
We're going to take the girl to help us I.
the kid, and Claire will keep an eye on her.
Check in.
I'll send Tommy for back up.
Jordan, you shouldn't be here.
I'm just a Haven citizen saying hello to law enforcement.
- Hello.
- Just hello? Wrapped in a little business.
My friends were impressed that you helped us with our little prison break.
They'll call you when they need you again.
- I'm in? - Almost.
You just have to pass one more test.
Buy me a drink? Leaving the girl outside with Claire was a good idea.
I didn't realize we were coming to the Holloway House.
Why? What's the deal? Roland Holloway was a blue blood type.
He just took off, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.
And suddenly, they disappeared too.
- Did he kill them? - Nobody knows.
There are stories.
Bad ones.
Maybe I should check in with Nathan.
No service.
Of course not.
Lucky him.
She still hasn't checked in, huh? No.
She's my partner.
That's it? Yeah.
So we can kiss again, right? Chad, this is Haven P.
- Hello? Parker.
- Make it easy on yourself.
P Weird.
I should go.
Why? Does she need your help? I don't know.
But I should check.
I hope you find what you're looking for, Nathan.
I can walk to my car.
Hey, Chad.
Where are you? Maybe I can help.
What's with all these mirrors? Rich people.
They're narcissists.
Parker! Audrey.
You okay? Yeah.
I just got a little You can let me stand now, Duke.
Audrey, you're tracking blood behind you.
Real Estate Hey, Tommy.
Oh, my God.
Maybe we just found Chad.
How did he get in here? What are you guys doing here? You called us on the old intercom thing, right? I didn't call you.
Chad! - Hey! - Tina! Damn it! Where'd she go? Did she get out? She didn't go out the front door Because the front door Is gone.
We're sure that it was there? Yeah.
Pretty sure.
It's got to be a trouble.
Hope everybody packed a lunch, because we're trapped.
Seriously? A ghost just removed the front door.
And you really think that shooting at the windows is going to help? Damn it! It's perfect.
Anything else you people want to let me in on that goes on around here? Huh? Mermen? Aliens? Dracula? I'm not sure about Dracula.
Somebody's trouble is doing this and I'm betting you that it's Tina.
She probably doesn't even know she's doing it.
Or she lied to us and she knows exactly what she's doing.
Either way, we need to find her.
We're stuck in here and she could be our only way out.
So Claire, you and I, we're going to take downstairs.
Tommy, Duke, look upstairs.
Or you and I should.
Every team needs a cop with a gun.
After what happened to Chad nobody goes it alone.
If I knew we were going to be teamed up I would have wore a costume too.
What is that? Jack sparrow? Let's go.
Hey, I got a question for you.
As my doctor, not as my Cheerleader vampire slayer.
Hold on.
Changing hats.
I think I had another memory flash.
Why would they start up again? Buried memories.
They're stored in the pre-frontal cortex and with the right stimuli, they can recur.
And some doors, once they're open, can't be closed.
There! I got your call.
I didn't call you.
I didn't have a signal.
Nathan, how did you get in here? Came in through the front door, why? Show me where it is.
It was This wasn't here before.
Maybe you got turned around? No.
This is the way I came in.
What is going on here? Dave? Audrey and the others haven't come back yet.
They must not care for the crusts on your camembert puffs.
Listen, they don't trust us anymore, Vince.
And they have good reason.
Accept it.
Pardon me, Officer Stan.
Do you know where Detective Parker went with the girl? Some house, end of Marsten Road? They went to Marsten Road! Marsten Road? I swear we've been here already.
We're hallucinating.
That's what's happening.
Yeah, I've hallucinated before.
It's much better than this.
Turn around slowly.
Aah! Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here? I'm looking at that.
I've been tasered.
That was ten times worse.
What the hell are you? This is Jordan McKee.
She's Troubled.
Her touch causes intense pain.
Hi, doc.
No suit? I was a patient.
I'm better now.
Aren't we looking for a serial killer with that exact same tattoo? Not to mention she was standing underneath a dead girl, or is that too much of a giveaway? We can't exactly arrest her now, Duke.
I agree.
We should just shoot her.
Crocker, ask Dr.
Callahan if my trouble includes throwing girls into chandeliers.
I didn't do it.
Then why are you here? - I - She's with me.
She didn't do it.
None of us did it, then who did? Telephone? Let's find it.
It's going to let us in.
After you.
- Dwight? - Guys.
- Got your message.
- Thank God.
Audrey and the others are inside, and this house is a death trap.
So let's go get them.
Oh, no! I'm guessing it's not going to be that easy.
How did you get in here? The front door.
I followed you here to apologize.
Now I wonder why.
What did your cop mean about a serial killer with the tattoo? Haven P.
's been tracking someone who murders women.
Keeps parts, maybe to build one for himself.
And we have evidence that he's got the tattoo.
So you think I'm a serial killer? But you just happened to come see me right at the start of your investigation Of me Of us.
You can trust me.
Who turned that thing on? Shhh! You're friends with Duke Crocker.
Crockers hunt our kind.
We should kill him before he kills us! Well There's my daily quota for death threats.
I am one of you now.
Do you know how much trouble I would get in if anyone found out I helped the guard with that prisoner escape? I'd go to jail.
I know the chief has that tattoo, but he told me that he wasn't really one of them.
You heard him yourself.
Working together.
Jordan it started as a case I'll find my own way out.
So what's Nathan doing with Jordan? - It's just work.
- Okay.
Is he telling you that, or are you telling yourself that? Stop.
I can't stop, because I'm your therapist, so No.
I mean stop.
- How did you - Déjà vu.
The missing Holloway women.
Mother and daughters.
They didn't leave.
They were here all along.
This one's self-inflicted.
She killed them and then herself? She left a note.
"I want you to watch.
This is your fault.
" It's that same phrase.
We're too late.
They were trapped in here.
So are we, Lucy.
Thank God.
Audrey, are you all right? No.
I know whose fault all this is.
Whose? Mine.
Lucy was in that room.
She was just too late to help them.
You accessed another repressed memory from a past life.
Okay, so if Lucy was trapped in there back then and she escaped that m that means if I can remember I can help us find a way out.
Remembering could kill you.
Look, you're bleeding! Oh! A subdural hematoma.
It's like a wall in your head just bursts.
These flashbacks are hurting you.
Finally! Have you seen Jordan? She's loose in this house? Jordan is not a threat.
You sure about that, Chief? Check your records.
She took revenge on a man when she was in my care.
She tortured him with her touch for three days.
She nearly killed him.
He's still in a coma.
It's the reason that she's not my patient anymore.
Maybe you don't know her.
- And you do? - Enough.
We need to get everybody back together so we can find a way out of here, all right? Before this place starts picking us off, one-by-one.
I'm going to find Jordan.
We heard this thing go on before.
Maybe we can use it to call outside or something.
We could order pizza.
Oh, there you guys are.
Come on, we need to regroup with Nathan.
Audrey, wait.
We heard Nathan talking to Jordan on that box thing.
He's actually in with the tattoo people or At least he's in with her.
Guys, he's he's investigating them.
He's just pretending He told her it was an investigation, okay? He's not pretending anymore.
Listen, I like the Chief.
I do, but I heard it too.
They have similar Troubles.
They could have a profound bond.
I mean, only he can touch her.
No, lis He can explain.
He went this way, right? Audrey! Oh, my God.
We're being separated.
This is a different hallway.
Why not? I am one of you now.
Do you have any idea how much trouble I would get in if people found out that I helped the guard with that prisoner escape? Enough! Show yourself Whoever you are.
Maybe I can help you.
Oh, now you can help.
Lucy? Who are you? I am this house.
You're Roland Holloway.
You never left.
You're trapped in this place.
Because of you.
Oh my God.
Don't touch her.
What happened? We just found her.
Who did this? - Where's Duke? - Nathan, stop.
Don't jump to conclusions Get out of my way.
I restored this house for my family.
Every wire, every pipe.
Poured everything I had into it.
You became obsessed.
Perhaps I was a little too invested.
Because one day I woke up and even I was poured in.
My body was gone for good, and I was this house.
That's your trouble? The things you own, own you, right? But Holloways adapt.
How? It took a while, but I got used to my new body.
I can control every wall, floor, and door in here.
My wife installed mirrors so I could see, speakers to hear.
But your wife and daughters, they're in that room now? They didn't understand.
This house is wonderful.
What more could they have needed? You kept them in there? Of course I did! I did everything for them.
I became this sleepless, lidless monster for them.
I was supposed to let them leave me here? No.
You didn't help me.
You left me like this.
What? Why? You'd have to ask yourself that.
I'm not Lucy, but maybe I can help you now.
You think that's why I brought you here? For your help? You had Tina lead us here.
You let my friends in.
I watched my wife murder my children.
I felt it.
And it's your fault.
You couldn't save them in time.
You didn't save me.
So now you're going to watch your loved ones kill each other.
I told you so.
It's too strong! Oh, I forgot you were an expert on evil architecture.
We've been through this before, Vince.
Let's hear it.
Lucy went into this house.
She almost died.
So what do we do now? We've got to go big.
Really hurt it.
It's their only chance in there.
We might kill them ourselves if we're not careful.
If we do nothing, they're dead anyway.
There's no other choice.
You got any potassium nitrate in your truck? - And a flint? - Oh, forget that.
You got C4 in there, right? You want to build a bomb? Yeah! Audrey! This house is trying to split us up.
It's moving.
I don't know how.
It's alive.
It's Roland Holloway.
He's possessed it and he's trying to turn us on each other.
What? Why? Revenge against Lucy.
This room is causing me flashbacks.
If I can get inside then I I think I can find a way out.
Lucy did.
You can't go back in there.
That subdural hematoma that that flashback caused, it could kill you if you keep pushing it.
If I don't do something, this house is going to kill us.
Claire, listen, I need you to stop them from turning on each other, okay? No one can do that better than you.
Who's going to protect you in there? I will.
How? Are you a doctor? No, I'm a cop, but you are a doctor so you're going to tell me exactly what it is I need to do.
Who pushed me? Claire? Duke? I don't know yet.
Well, I don't have any fans in this house.
That's not true.
I'm gonna get something for that cut.
What's up, doc? You don't have to be here, Tommy.
Claire told me to pull you out if you start to fall, bleed, or seize.
Thank you.
Anyway, I know what it's like to have a past you're running from, you know.
If we ever get out of here, you should tell me about that sometime.
Count on it.
He's not going to let us out of here Unless, maybe, we help him.
No, I won't help him.
He killed his wife and daughters.
God only knows what else he could take over, who else he could kill.
He's trapped in here and we're going to make this place his prison, James.
He can see us everywhere we go in here.
What the hell are we going to do? I've got an idea.
Audrey, are you okay? I think I know a way we can get out of here.
Why would I want to hurt you? You think I'm a killer.
I don't.
I think you're a decent person whose anger makes her dangerous.
Only to people who deserve it.
Like that pig who violated me, triggered my curse, and left me like this.
I'm a human taser.
You don't think I have the right to be angry? I didn't say that Jordan.
You do.
I think you need to put down that gun.
You should have just shot me, Crocker.
If you want my gun, you're going to have to shoot me.
No, Nathan.
I'm sensing some tension.
Listen, this house, and everything in it is alive.
It's what hurt you.
And it's what's turning us on each other.
The mirrors are the eyes, the intercoms are the ears.
Who's going to help me to make it deaf and blind so we can all escape? Very good.
You remembered Lucy.
I'm Audrey.
Lucy and I are a lot alike.
She didn't fail to save you.
Oh, she did.
No, she chose not to.
And I'm going to choose the same thing.
Stay in your prison forever.
Is that gas? So what, he can't see us, he's gonna poison us? I know you guys are experts at this trouble-y stuff, but I think it's time we got the hell out of here.
Any ideas how to do that? Look.
Door to this room.
Wasn't there before.
We wounded him.
He's losing control.
He can't hide all the doors.
Which means it's probably the way out.
So why don't we just go? We'll go and find the front door right now.
You should.
After I clear a path.
I'll shoot out every mirror and box I see blind him.
He's going to come after you with all he's got.
That's the idea.
I distract him, put all his attention on me, and you guys make a break for the front door.
Hopefully, he doesn't spot you.
You go with them.
I'm faster on my own.
I could use some extra firepower though.
I'll go with you.
You gotta get them out.
Give me a 20-second head start.
Meet you at the front door.
Let's go.
We gotta hurry.
They're getting killed in there! There's the front door.
Go! Go! Go! Seriously? That was your plan? You were going to blow us up? Hey, it's got a ten-second timer, okay? Where's Nathan? He's still inside.
Nathan! Nathan, run! This This is your fault! Go! Come on! The Colorado Kid was in that room with Lucy.
I heard his first name.
I matched it with a facial composite and I got this.
James Cogan.
That's his name.
Excuse me.
So that prisoner transfer that you helped Jordan with.
That was really an escape? Yeah.
You could go to jail for that, Nathan.
What were you thinking? I was investigating.
The bolt-gun killer, your abductor, has the tattoo.
I am in with them.
You're helping with jail breaks? And she knows that you're undercover too? It just seems like you're doing a little more than investigating.
That prisoner was Troubled.
People would have been hurt if he had stayed.
The guard helps Troubled people just like we do.
Not like we do.
It's not black and white, good and bad.
She's not bad.
She's She's like me.
Do you trust her? I do.
Okay, that's good enough for me.
It's good, Nathan, all right? It's good work.
I got some things that I need to look into so I'll just, you know, I'll check in later.
Check in later.
Thought maybe you'd call.
You find anything in your big investigation so far? So far You.
I haven't told the others that you're really investigating us yet.
It's not too late for you to get out.
Do I have to? What are you doing, Nathan? I'm going to catch a serial killer.
You're going to help.
You're right.
It started as a lie with us, but it's not anymore.
Not for me.
You know Everyone says that my curse is that my touch hurts people.
But that's not it.
It's that you can't be touched.