Haven s03e05 Episode Script

Double Jeopardy

Previously on Haven He just killed a guy.
Only because I asked him to.
It doesn't mean he's not gonna learn to like it.
I actually thought I might kill her.
That my family's legacy does not control me.
The serial killer has a tattoo.
One of their members works at the Gun & Rose Diner.
And you think they're just going to talk to you because you have the tattoo now? You don't get the tat unless you're Troubled.
Can you control it? One touch, and you're doubled over on the floor.
You don't feel it.
- Agent Howard? - You have to stop.
- Stop what? - Remembering.
Who's there? Mr.
Crocker, do you or do you not own the vehicle in question? Does anybody really own anything, sir? I mean, I like to think that my truck and I sort of found each other.
For instance, do you own that gavel? Does Lynette own that argyle sweater, or does it own her? And how will you be paying for your parking citations? That's the thing, your Honor.
See, I was ticketed for parking off-road at Doble's Beach, but above mean-high tide, that's private property.
Now, was I trespassing? Perhaps.
But I was cited for Lynette? Um "Parking in a no-parking zone.
" Parking.
And can't get a parking ticket on private property.
Well, then I'll dismiss the tickets.
Thank you, your Honor.
That way, you can drive to the state liquor board and, uh, pay off the $5,000 liquor license for the Grey Gull.
Otherwise, you'll be shut down at 10:00 tonight.
It's amazing what turns up when you put a name in the system.
Today is looking up.
What the hell's this? Lady I don't suppose you saw who did this and then And then confiscated his knife? Hey! What the hell did I ever do to you? You are gonna regret this.
Tommy, hey, hey, look, I need you to be a cop right now, 'cause she No, no, no, no, look, this chick was right here, okay? She like, tall, mental, kind of hot.
You really need to develop a radar for the crazies, my man.
No, no, look, I'm telling you, she was here, okay? Good luck with that.
Oh, come on, you're not even gonna take a statement? - Nothing? - Oh, boy.
So you saw the Colorado Kid, a creepy barn, and your old boss, who told you to stop remembering? Yeah, and so far, it's worked.
I haven't had a new memory since.
I'm afraid that the ones I do have, that they're gonna start to fade.
Do I have to do the whole "you're freaked out, "and it's blocking you, and if you just let go, it'll eventually come back" speech? - Yeah, let's not do that.
- Good.
We need to get those memories out of your head and into the real world The way a cop would.
You think I should make a facial composite of the Colorado Kid? Well, I was gonna say that thing they do on cop shows where they make a face with a computer, but, yeah.
I'm sorry.
Can we Can we try to set up another, um Session.
Or, you know, appointment.
One patient I had called them dates, but I had to drop him.
Yeah, that was a good call.
Vic's name is Jason Dooley.
Neighbor heard screams, called it in.
Took Haven Fire Department five minutes to break the door down.
Dooley was crashing by the time they loaded him on the ambulance, and won't know till we get the labs back, but I'm assuming the blood is not the attacker's.
They took his eyes out with a spoon.
His eyes.
- You're not gonna say it? - We don't know enough yet.
Come on, Nathan, we have three vics Two with missing body parts.
This could be the bolt-gun killer.
There's no shortage of people who would want to hurt this guy.
Dooley's well known to Haven PD.
He's a creep.
Shoots up-skirt videos, makes a living posting 'em online.
Why isn't this guy in jail? Knew how to work the system, slip through on technicalities.
If the person who took you did this, we'll get him.
I know how important that is to you.
It's Laverne for you, Chief.
Nathan, hon, you copy? Yeah, Laverne, go ahead.
Just heard from the hospital.
Dooley's stable.
He's alive? Which means we might have a witness who saw the bolt-gun killer.
Double Jeopardy Before the attack, you didn't catch a glimpse of anyone? And you're sure he didn't have any kind of gun? It was fast.
I barely had time to scream.
But you're sure it was a person? What else would it be? Haven Fire Department had to break down your door to get through your dead bolts.
You have any idea how your attacker made it in? No.
I told you.
It's impossible.
I even have motion-sensor alarms for when I'm gone.
Yeah, we know.
We need to prep him for surgery now.
Bolt-gun killer's been surgically removing body parts.
Dooley's wounds aren't precise at all.
He's not gonna come after you again.
You know what? I wish that he would.
He knows more about me than I do.
He knows about the Colorado Kid.
I've been trying everything, but I am running out of time.
- Parker - No, I even contacted the feds, and I asked them to send me any murder that fits the profile.
- If we miss a victim, then - Parker The bolt-gun killer has the tattoo.
He's one of the guard, and I'm getting in with them.
Nathan, it's not gonna be easy to convince them to accept the Chief of Police.
Well, I already have a contact.
Name's Jordan McKee, and she's starting to trust me.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes.
You know that, right? I know.
Tech pulled a partial image off Dooley's hard drive.
He had a security app.
It's only a single frame, but Here's our suspect.
Is that a woman? It's definitely not the bolt-gun killer.
Sorry, folks.
We're closed.
Let's go.
Go make memories someplace else.
Not my fault.
Send your letters of protest to Judge Boone and the Liquor Board.
Whoa, whoa.
Hang on.
Yeah, you're drunk.
Give me your keys.
Thank you very much.
You suck, Crocker.
Hey, lady, look, if you're here to mess with my truck again, she's in the shop.
What the hell? Ma'am, have you ever heard of the Troubles? I'm gonna go with yes.
Send every cop that you have to the Grey Gull right now.
You still owe me a drink.
Dude, I'm bleeding.
That's assault.
The cops are on their way, so you can tell them when they get here.
Now shut up.
Oh, I'm really ready for this day to be over.
How is it that I call you guys, and I end up spending the night in jail? It's procedure.
Jack Daniels accused you of assault, and we got plenty of paperwork to file.
Anyway, you have a court date with Judge Boone tomorrow.
Boone? Again? The guy hates me.
He's been here all night.
There a fight at the Gull? No, I was attacked at the Gull.
Okay, this chick is stalking me Slashed my tires, keyed my truck.
Now, not my first rodeo.
She expressed her anger.
Usually that's all they want.
But this woman teleported herself inside the Grey Gull, threw me across the room, then trashed the place, so, yeah, go ahead make fun.
I have a Troubled stalker.
Was she wearing a white dress? What's going on here? Am I Am I being targeted for something? We have reason to believe that this woman attacked another man, took his eyeballs out with a spoon.
We got another possible victim.
Let's go.
Duke, she's already come after you twice, okay? You're coming with us.
Megan Berlin sustained If she was conscious right now, she'd be in terrible pain.
It's like she fell from a great height.
But she was alone on the ground floor, locked in a room at child protective services.
Why was she there? Evaluation for a custody proceeding.
She was accused of shaking her six-month-old.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
So we've got a peeping tom without eyeballs and a child abuser with broken bones, both found in locked rooms.
Parking tickets.
She attacked my car first, and then she went after the Grey Gull, which apparently is operating under a questionable liquor license.
It's like she's punishing people for their wrongdoings and, in some twisted way, making the punishment fit the crime.
How much do we think that she knows? No, Duke, Duke.
She could be going down some list of all the things that I've done wrong lately, like Oh, I don't know, killing somebody.
Okay, then we will do whatever we can to protect you, day and night.
Well, no place safer than a jail cell.
Hey, jail cell's fine with me.
I'm serious.
I'm immune to the Troubles, so maybe I can stop her, all right? Duke, you'll stay with me tonight.
I sleep in the raw.
You know she's using you as bait, right? So we're gonna sleep in three-hour shifts.
I got Haven PD driving by every hour, so don't panic if you hear a car come by.
I've got a gun, and you've got I'm thinking one drop of her blood, I can probably take her.
That is, if you can get close enough.
Thank you.
You do you really go to sleep this early? Good night, Duke.
Come on, sugar, I don't bite.
But I do.
It's time you moved on.
You're not here for the coffee, are you? Did you get my messages? That guy, why didn't you just let him grab you? He would have gotten a nice surprise.
Believe it or not, I don't actually like inflicting pain.
People say that touching me is the worst thing they've ever felt.
You can't touch people.
I can't feel 'em.
We're kind of the same, you and me.
What, screwed up? Look, you're not here to listen to my sad stories.
I talked to my people.
You can't just ink loyalty on your arm and expect us to trust you.
See ya.
You want in? Prove it.
I know this guy.
It's, uh Duncan Fromsley Convicted of arson a year ago.
And murder.
He didn't know his son was home when he set fire to his house for the insurance.
Fromsley's in maximum security at Shawshank Stage two cancer, refusing treatment.
His wife thinks she can convince him to get chemo if he's closer to home.
You want me to swing a transfer? This woman is close to us.
She already lost a son.
If I do this, you vouch for me, introduce me to the others? Yeah.
- Audrey.
- What? Are you sleeping? You're not Lucy Ripley.
You're Audrey Parker Mostly.
Look, even if you loved the Colorado Kid, how do you know you're gonna feel the same way if you saw him today? I don't know.
But the bolt-gun killer seems to think so.
You trust the ramblings of some psycho who abducted you, puts holes in people's heads, and and cuts off people's body parts? It's just I I don't know if love is something that can be erased.
Disappear every 27 years, you know, you lose the people you love.
They lose you.
And then I come back again.
And the whole thing It just starts over and over and over again.
It seems like you and me have been fighting our fates full-time lately And losing, I might add.
I know you only did what you did because I asked you to.
Look, whatever happened between Sarah or Lucy or whoever and my family, it's between them.
Can't let them drag us down with them.
We're better than that.
Well, at least you are.
One good thing about the Troubles At least I got to meet Audrey Parker.
Good night, Audrey Parker.
She doesn't bleed.
Freeze! Don't make me shoot.
No, shoot.
Audrey, you broke her.
Hey! Where'd she go? Where is she? I think this Troubled woman is a vigilante, and I think that she's using the Haven Herald's crime blotter as a hit list.
Our peeping tom and our child abuser were both written up, and Duke's assault charge made the late edition.
So she's punishing the guilty.
Duke says that he didn't actually assault anyone.
Really? I think she's punishing who she assumes is guilty, which means that there could be dozens of potential victims.
So I had Vince help Duke come up with a composite sketch.
I'm gonna meet Duke at the courthouse after his hearing.
We're gonna show the sketch around and see if anybody recognizes her.
You're meeting Duke at the courthouse? He hasn't guilted you enough about what happened? He is my friend, and there's a woman out there who's trying to kill him.
No, you're right.
Stay with Duke.
What is this really about? Nothing.
We're okay, Parker.
The endorsement from the Haven PD help? Well, I mean, the good news is, I'm not in jail.
Assault charge got thrown out.
But the bad news is that this woman is an eye-for-an-eye kind of chick, and I'm just concerned I'm not gonna survive her punishment for murder one.
Don't worry about it.
We're not gonna let your secret get out.
Now, make yourself useful.
Pass these out.
It's her.
So, if our Troubled person is a painting, how do we stop it? Well, my first thought is that Troubles run in families, right? So, if we can find our model, we can find our girl.
But according to the dedication, there was no real-life model.
The artist based lady justice on the classical feminine ideal.
"Feminine ideal"? Look at my face More like a Terminator made of plaster.
Plaster? Audrey shot her, she shattered.
She came back, and she was made of clay or something.
Oh, dear.
Guys, I hate it when you do that.
Your lady justice might be a golem.
- What? - The Lord Of The Ring guy? No.
It's different from that.
People often confuse the Troubles with myths and legends.
Golems appear in folklore, but they become real when unleashed by a Troubled person.
Golems are usually made of dirt or clay, designed to do its master's bidding.
They're dangerous, indestructible.
There must be some way to kill it.
- I'm afraid - There isn't.
You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna go get some fresh air.
All right.
So, maybe if we can find who brought this thing to life, its master, we can get them to call her off.
Hang on.
Can you handle this without me? My contact Jordan wants me to swing a prisoner transfer.
Could be my ticket into the guard.
Are you sure that that's a good idea? I wouldn't want you to compromise yourself.
Whatever it takes, right? You really you do not need to do this for me.
It's not gonna change anything.
It's not about you.
I'm just trying to catch a killer.
So, Tommy, explain it to me.
You trade a life of big crime, bad guys, and fast women for this.
I like the quiet.
I'm just saying Makes you wonder.
Guys, I have something.
Jason Dooley He was arrested in August.
He got out of an invasion-of-privacy charge a month later.
Then we have Megan Berlin.
She was brought into child protective services, and she had a custody hearing.
Both of them with your old friend.
The honorable Judge Boone? A Troubled judge? Maybe Boone is creating the golem to punish the ones that he had to let off easy.
Yeah, I knew he had it out for me.
We need to be careful, all right? If he's controlling this monster, the last thing we want to do is piss him off.
You may find this proceeding amusing, but cutting the head off the rifleman statue is not a joking matter.
It's vandalism.
However, since the administrators of East Haven High are not pressing charges, you're all free to go.
Court is adjourned until tomorrow.
Let's go.
Your Honor, a word? A favor, actually.
A favor? I'd like to transfer Duncan Fromsley to a minimum security ward.
He's sick and And a transfer needs to go through proper channels.
Your Honor, if there is anything I can do Are you offering an officer of the court a bribe, Chief? I was not trying to.
Because I like single malts.
I know the drill.
Sometimes to uphold the law, you can't be afraid to bend it Or crumple it up into a ball and throw it in the damn corner.
Yeah, Warden Buxton.
It's Booney.
Listen, transfer some con for me on the down-low today, and you won't have to pay me the money you owe me for that eagle of mine on 17 last week.
Parker, what's up? Finally, I got you.
It's Judge Boone.
I think he's the guy.
I think he's creating the golem.
I was just with him.
Parker, I don't think Boone is our guy.
And the painting's empty.
It turns out the coroner says that the cause of death was a broken neck.
He says that these are just symbolic.
I think we all get the meaning.
Someone didn't like the way the judge was doing his job.
Should you be doing that? What? You're he's You're tainting evidence.
Oh, pardon me, CSI.
Like your clay lady's gonna leave fingerprints.
Why don't you do me a favor, man? Mind your business while the cops do the cop talk.
She's still out there.
I just saw half a dozen high-school kids get away with decapitating a statue.
You're right.
You're right.
I'll get a 20 on the kids, make sure they don't lose their heads.
I think I know why Boone was killed like that.
Good 'Cause I doubt he had his own name on the docket.
He was corrupt.
How do you know? He was helping me with Jordan.
Well, that explains why Lady Justice would punish him so harshly.
It's like she took it personally.
You're thinking our Troubled person knew him, worked here in the courthouse? Yeah.
We should start looking.
I'm gonna go help Tommy round up those kids.
Our high schoolers are hanging out at the ice cream shop.
But our lady friend is not in attendance.
Maybe she's shy, Tommy.
Not in that dress, she ain't.
Keep eyes on the kids.
Jordan It's done.
Fromsley's set to be transferred within the hour.
Within the hour? Really? Yeah, I was on my way over to tell you.
Well, I figured the sooner the better.
I can stop by the diner and show you the paperwork.
I didn't come in to work today.
Look, I got to go.
That's weird.
These are all time-stamped, and that means that the paperwork for your assault charge had barely hit Boone's desk by the time we were attacked.
Plenty of people saw me get arrested.
Maybe our guy is in Haven PD Like Tommy boy.
No way.
One person was there for Megan Berlin's deposition, Jason Dooley's trial, and was there at the same time you were in court.
No way.
Do either of you guys know how to get to I-95? I got turned around.
The map said it was east, but Aah! We're good! Let's go! What the hell are you doing here? Saving your life.
Just go.
- You're doing this, Lynette.
- That's just not possible.
Look at the mural.
You see it every day.
Lady Justice is gone.
You've released her.
She's a weapon, and she is out there hurting people.
She could be out there cutting some high-school kid's head off right now.
You enjoying this? You know, harassment's a crime.
Yet another offense to add to your lengthy rap sheet.
I'm sorry About all of that.
I'm sorry that I made fun of your sweater.
No, you're not.
You're not sorry for anything.
I'm not sorry for anything? Duke.
Lady, you don't know the slightest thing about me.
Duke, would you just let me handle this? You don't know what I've done, what I've had to live with.
I'm gonna show Lynette what she's doing.
See, I can prove it to her.
Duke, stop.
- Yeah, you released that thing.
- Don't.
But she's in the wrong place.
Because nobody deserves to be punished more than me.
Duke, this isn't the way.
You think I'm a bad guy? Well, you're right.
I am a bad guy.
I murdered a man A helpless, defenseless man.
I murdered him, and I got away with it.
What do you think of that, Lynette? You're a murderer.
Lynette, it's not as simple as that.
What he did saved hundreds of lives.
Despite his actions, despite his fate, he is a good man.
He is a good man.
Don't let him die.
Nobody knows what it's like.
Every day I sit in this courtroom And I see monsters, and they get to walk away.
And I'd look at her, and I'd think, "that is justice.
" Do you want to be responsible for another death Killing someone who did it to save lives? That's not justice.
But if you did what you did to save lives, then I was wrong to judge you.
And the man with the eyes and the woman with the broken bones Stop, Lynette.
I did that.
That's criminal.
I should be punished.
Aah! Audrey, look at that.
She's part of the mural now.
And with that, Duke Crocker, you are free and clear No charges, no parking tickets, no warrants.
Thank you for the clean slate.
You know, they're overrated.
I get one every 27 years, except for I just lose all my friends and memories, so Hey.
Hey, look, you don't know that.
And for the record, this It's kind of hard to forget.
I wanted to ask Did you mean all that stuff you said earlier about me being a good man? You have your moments.
Okay, well, now that I am a good man, I'm gonna go do about three years of back taxes.
- Hey.
- You missed all the excitement.
What's all this about? We're at a dead end with this whole bolt-gun killer, so The Feds, you know, they keep promising me that they're gonna send new files of all the vics with missing parts, but that hasn't happened yet.
So, in the meantime, I'm gonna get Claire to come by.
For therapy? No, actually, to do a facial composite of the Colorado Kid.
If the bolt-gun killer is after him, then we have to know his identity.
Why don't you just get Vince to do a sketch? Vince and Dave They're a little too interested.
Things are different now, you know? Yeah, I do.
So how did it go with your contact, Jordan? Did the prisoner transfer go through? Yeah No drama? No drama.
We're closed.
You lied to me.
I need to know what your people are doing, what I'm involved in.
It's not what you think.
I found out Duncan Fromsley doesn't have cancer.
I called and checked.
But he did set a fire that killed his son.
He's Troubled.
All Fromsley did was have a nightmare, and when he woke up, his bed was on fire.
Last week the doctors at Shawshank cut out his sleep meds.
Imagine if he set fire to a prison.
Why didn't you tell me? What would that get him exactly Asbestos walls and a life in solitary? He's safe now.
My people help the Troubled, and we do it any way we can.
If you'd just told me the truth, you wouldn't have had to hurt those guys.
I was there.
I saw you.
You hated it.
It's okay.
Why are you doing this? I want to.
Good night.
This is pointless.
I'm never gonna get it.
Well, you're not gonna get it because you don't want to get it.
I want to get it.
The Colorado Kid is the answer to everything.
And those answers might shatter your world.
You're blocking.
Okay, let's, uh, try an exercise.
Close your eyes.
Now, imagine your head is like a balloon Light as air.
Seriously? Finally.
The file from the Feds.
I knew it.
Six weeks ago there was a woman who was murdered in Somerset County.
She was buried in a shallow grave, had a Circular wound at the base of the skull, and her Chin was sliced off.
Oh, no.
What is it? Is it the Colorado Kid? No.
No, it's the bolt-gun killer.
What about him? What if he's not What if he's not using body parts for trophies? What if he's building a woman?