Haven s04e05 Episode Script

The New Girl

Previously on Haven The first time I felt your touch was the day you kissed me.
I hadn't felt anything for a long time.
I will find Audrey.
She will kill me.
The Troubles will end.
What is this barn that I'm supposedly entering? It's it's a space between two worlds, and it's been badly damaged.
If you don't leave soon, you will die.
If I make it to the other side, who will I be? Whoever you most want to be.
Audrey! The Troubles haven't ended.
Killing me is the only way now.
I'm not killing anyone, certainly not someone I've never met before.
And who is Audrey? My name is Lexie.
Your name is Lexie? I guess you guys were expecting somebody else? - Shoot him! - I'm not shooting anyone.
Who are you people? Jordan, if she's not Audrey anymore, then her killing Nathan isn't gonna end The Troubles.
It only works if she loves him.
Then I might as well shoot him myself! Vince, get your people under control! Jordan! Run! He's getting away! Forget Crocker! Get Wuornos! Hey! Come on, come on, come on! - Where am I? - Maine.
Don't worry after a while, you kind of get used to it.
Almost got him! Down the other side.
[Gun cocks] - Don't move.
You're just gonna kill him, right here? We had a deal, Vince.
We agreed he had to die.
But things have changed.
That door never should have been opened.
- Not now, Dave! - Don't do this, Vince.
I'm sorry, Nathan.
Okay, listen up, you lunatics.
Move a muscle, lose your head.
I know it doesn't seem like I know how to use this thing, but I do.
- What do you want, Lexie? - Ideally? A stiff drink and a reason why y'all are trying to blow away "cheekbones" here.
I'll take care of her.
Listen, I know you're angry, honey, but I'm hoping you're not stupid too.
Excuse me, Lexie! Hi.
My name is Duke.
And I would actually prefer that they didn't shoot "cheekbones" here either.
Now, I think I can clear this whole thing up if I could just talk to this gentleman right over here The, uh the big one.
There's nothing more to say, Duke.
Really, Vince? Because everybody here still wants The Troubles to end And I think I know how.
this is insane! Can't we just turn Lexie back into Audrey? Can't be changed back.
We tried once a long time ago.
So we find the barn again, shove her back in, - see what that does.
- You won't find it.
It's gone, for good this time.
- What? - Vince, Jennifer's trouble gives her some kind of connection to the barn, okay? She can hear it.
I could hear it, not anymore, not since Lexie walked out and I heard someone say the barn was dying.
On the upside, I might be normal again, so Oh, how nice for you.
But the rest of us don't get off that easy.
Which is why my plan makes sense.
We can't go on like this.
We have to end it, and Lexie killing Nathan right now is our best shot.
Or it ruins our chance of ending The Troubles forever.
You're just doing whatever you can to keep your friend alive! And you just want to kill him, sweetheart.
- Look, clearly you - Enough! Jordan's right.
The Troubles are destroying this town.
We must end them.
Get Dwight on the phone.
How's your head? I can't feel it.
Oh, tough guy.
Why don't you just let me take a look at it.
I've stitched up a couple cuts in my day.
- Oh, sorry.
- Sure.
It's okay.
That's not even worth a stitch.
Good news you're gonna live.
You got any idea what they're talking about or saying in there? No, I can't hear.
It's probably for the best.
I'd actually like, you know, a heads-up if we're gonna get tortured or killed or made to work in a newspaper.
I think I'm the prisoner here, aud Lexie.
- You're safe.
- See, here's the thing, okay? I went to work today.
I showed up, and I pretty much found out that my entire existence is like some kind of a dream or something.
Then I went through a supernatural door.
I landed here, and people just put guns in my hands, and now I'm locked up.
So I'm not really feeling that, um, safe.
Tell me who you thought you were.
Oh, I'm a bartender.
I used to complain about crappy tips, but I swear to God, I'm never gonna complain about anything again.
Did a man named agent Howard black, bald - Did he help you get here? - No.
Actually, the guy's name was William.
Did he tell you what you're doing here? All he said was that I belonged in this crazy town and that somehow I was important.
You two, come with me.
Vince told me, but wow.
You brought us to a crime scene? You, stay here, please.
Hey, listen, are we gonna get some lunch or something? 'Cause I could eat.
We think it's a trouble.
A kid named Josh was having breakfast with Katie over there, and then he went nuts, like a switch flipped.
Attacked her.
Employees locked him in the kitchen, and he's still in there.
Are you sure you don't need me? I need you for that other thing.
It's critical for this to work.
After everything that just happened, - you want me to solve a trouble? - Yes.
Someone tell me what the hell is going on? Duke has a plan.
Well, it's really pretty simple.
If Audrey loves you when she kills you, Troubles end, right? The same rule should apply if Lexie falls for you.
You want Lexie to fall in love with me? Spend some time with her.
Get to know her.
She can help you with this trouble.
She's not even a cop anymore.
She's a bartender.
Whatever personality she has, she's always helped with The Troubles.
It's who she is.
You make sure this happens.
If it doesn't, the guard won't just be here for Nathan.
Good pep talk.
- This is your plan? - No.
- This is your plan, remember? - No Just a different girl this time.
I'm in love with Audrey.
I just wanted to go to the bathroom.
What the hell kind of town is this? Josh? Hey, we just want to help.
Stop calling me Josh! Josh, you're surrounded.
Put the knife down.
This is over.
You're damn right it's over.
I trusted her.
And look where that got me! Oh, my God.
So you and Josh knew each other pretty well.
He was my boyfriend Tyler's best friend.
Mine too.
But, uh, Tyler wasn't with you then.
No, he's still in the hospital.
We were in a car accident a few days ago.
- It was, uh, pretty bad.
- So what caused the accident? Tyler lost control.
For some reason, he just drove right into a wall.
It's a miracle Josh and I walked away.
You can jump in here anytime you want, detective.
Katie, all right, thanks.
Officer rafferty! Officer rafferty will take your formal statement.
Welcome back, detective.
- Oh, actually, I'm not - You know what? It's great, isn't it? Mazel tov.
We're all very happy, thank you.
Look, you want to try to explain this to everyone? You know, we still need them to think she's a cop.
Yeah, but I'm not a cop, and I'm not Audrey, okay? This is insane.
Oh, I know this is all very confusing Lexie.
- But - You know We are gonna need your help to figure it out.
You know what? It seems like everybody needs something from me, but you know what I need? I need to eat.
So is that candy machine Is that gonna kill me? No.
Baby ruths stick, so don't push, um, p-3.
Got it.
I mean, you are just charming the pants off of her.
She fell in love with you when you were a cop.
So, come on, you know be a cop, man.
You know, figure this out.
What is happening here? They both had suicidal thoughts.
It sounds like whatever trouble hit Josh might have hit Katie's boyfriend, Tyler, too.
Hope it's contagious.
Okay, so, uh Where do you and your new partner want to go next? The hospital.
- Talk to Tyler.
- A hospital.
That's perfect.
I need to get my head scanned.
No, I'm serious.
I can't move my legs.
I probably never will.
But I guess I'm lucky to be alive, right? Tyler, Katie said you crashed when you lost control of your car.
Did anything odd happen just before the accident? You're gonna think I'm crazy, but right before we crashed, Katie looked at me funny, and something happened.
I couldn't control myself.
My body did its own thing.
That's why I crashed.
I'm sorry.
You didn't say anything about Katie to the cops at the scene? Why would I? It doesn't make any sense.
It does if your girlfriend is Troubled.
I've heard of those.
But Katie? No.
I can't believe it.
Tyler, if you think of anything else, give me a call.
Hey, kid.
I'm gonna write you a prescription.
When you get out, that'll get you a free round at the gull.
- What did the doctor say? - Right as rain.
But I don't really trust doctors.
Well, you know, you should have seen detective Wuornos questioning Tyler in there.
It was it was good.
Really? Sounds like he was affected by the same thing Josh was, and in both cases, Katie was right there, so she could have some sort of "black widow" trouble Uh, brainwashing guys to try and kill themselves.
And Troubled people in this town They can do that stuff? Why the hell does anybody still live here? Thanks for bringing me home.
After what you've been through, I-I get it.
Katie, are you okay? It worked again.
What? I had this coming.
No! Apparently Katie stepped out in front of the car like she was brainwashed too.
So it's somebody else's grim reaper trouble making the rounds, then.
What do you think the chances are that we made his hit list, huh, cheekbones? - Hey.
- Hey.
Do you have any idea how hard this is for me? Look, even though I knew it meant I was gonna die, I still wanted to find Audrey.
I did too.
Now, I am trying to fix all of this, and you should start trying too.
Come be awesome.
Poor girl.
Did she do that to herself with her trouble thing? We think she's another victim like Josh.
Where'd you get that? Oh, the cop gave it to me.
Hey, does everybody here think that I'm Audrey? Well, we told everyone that you had amnesia, that you thought you were somebody else and that, you know, working would hopefully help you remember who you were.
- Here.
- No.
Before I jumped out of the barn, William told me that I belonged in haven, that I had a purpose.
So maybe stopping those people from shooting you and helping you figure out what happened to Josh and Katie Maybe that's Maybe that's what William was talking about.
- What are you doing here? - Hey.
I brought you some of your clothes.
I mean, Audrey's clothes sorry.
Ah, 50 shades of beige? At least they should fit, right? Okay, well, I will make sure to avoid mirrors.
Let's go.
You're really doing this? No, of course not.
Back there in the woods, I was just trying to buy time, keep him alive.
I never thought that the guard would buy it, but they did, and now I just have to keep this ball in the air.
Let's go.
Look This trouble is bad.
I want you to stay away from it.
The three of us got it covered.
The three of you, of course.
I wasn't trying to tag along or anything.
It was force of habit, I guess.
And I've got to go get my stuff out of her apartment, so Good luck.
Excuse me.
Uh, we're closed.
Well We're open now.
For a broken heart, may I recommend Tequila? Rebound in a bottle.
Money problems scotch.
Or if you're just after some afternoon fun Beer.
- On the house.
- Thanks.
You want to tell your bartender your Troubles? It's an American tradition.
You got all day? Yep.
I'm surprised you came here, Jordan.
I think you found the wrong Crocker.
- You're Duke's brother? - Yeah.
Give us a minute? Come on, I got something to show you.
Someone targeted Tyler, Josh, and Katie.
Why? Revenge, jealousy, betrayal You know, Greek tragedy stuff.
I think it's all of the above.
Uh, we got this, Lexie.
No, I don't think you do, detective woo-or-nose.
- Wuornos.
- Listen, I'm just saying that when you were talking to Katie, I picked up a little bit of a guilt vibe.
I think she and Josh were hooking up.
So could Tyler be our murderer? Tyler's paralyzed.
He finds out his best friend and girlfriend are cheating on him.
- That's motive.
- Maybe Tyler lied.
What if the accident really was just an accident? But then he tries to throw the blame on Katie, and he kills her and Josh.
Let's pay him a visit.
You up for this? Tyler.
It's haven police again.
We need to talk.
Tyler is dead.
It's not him.
You said that he was a paraplegic.
- Where could he have gone? - I'll try to find his nurse.
Hospital just sent down the security footage.
Let's see what we got.
It's like Tyler is controlling him.
Where did they go? It's just like Josh and Katie.
They weren't just brainwashed.
Tyler took them over somehow, possessed them.
Like what, some kind of supernatural puppet master? But why kill his poor orderly? Maybe he was tying up a loose end? Maybe Tyler needs to kill him so he can jump back into his own body.
Seizures Looks like Tyler had one every time he possessed somebody.
He lost more of his motor function every time too.
The more he uses his trouble, the worse his own body gets.
Does the rest of the world know about this town? Just us lucky ones.
- Duke, where are you? - Upstairs.
There's some psychopath in scrubs following me.
He's acting all twitchy like that kid Josh was.
What the hell's going on here? Tyler must know we're onto him.
He's possessed someone else.
Duke, that person's an innocent victim, so don't engage.
Duke? In here! Okay, I engaged a little.
He's fine.
I got him in here.
Stay back.
Move! This was a trap.
You're Tyler.
Give me your phones now! - Give it to me.
- Oh.
I just got that.
Your trouble kicked in after the car crash, didn't it, Tyler? Then you figured out how you could use it to kill Josh.
Josh was an accident.
I was lying there in that bed, paralyzed, and then suddenly I was in Josh when he was out with my girlfriend, and I found out what they were doing.
So you killed them both on purpose? My life was ruined! And they they were supposed to be my friends.
But then I realized what I could do.
It was my chance.
They got what they had coming.
You need things, don't you objects? The real you holds on to something, and that lets you control whoever gave it to you.
When you possessed the orderly, you were holding a remote he gave it to you.
And Josh and Katie They gave you get-well cards.
Duke gave you that drink ticket.
Right after you gave me your business card, so don't try anything.
Tyler, you can't keep this up.
It was on your charts.
Your real body is falling apart the more you possess people.
You're gonna die.
Which is why I'm trading my body in for this one Permanently.
Now, get in there Or I'll shoot your girlfriend.
- Move.
- Okay.
This is what Vince, Dave, and I have been working on for the last six months Another way to end The Troubles.
- So what did you find? - Nothing.
Everything Nathan is saying is true.
Lexie needs to kill the man she loves.
So we just sit around and wait for them to fall in love? I mean, it's preposterous.
Sarah, Lucy.
Audrey, Lexie Whoever she is, she always comes with The Troubles.
Does anyone ever stop to ask if maybe the Troubles are her Trouble? No.
No, she solves Troubles.
If Duke Crocker kills someone, their trouble ends.
So what if he killed Lexie? Would all The Troubles end? Nothing we have found says that would work, not not a single thing.
Anything say it wouldn't? Duke would never kill her, not in a million years.
Back so soon, little brother? What's the, uh, trouble du jour? You gonna fill me in, huh? Figures.
Why would you let me help? Actually, maybe you can help.
See, t-there's this, um This Troubled guy who can possess people.
Really? Wow.
That can happen? - Weird, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, he he can jump into another person's body and and control them for a while, but then whoosh, he ends up back in his old body.
He's trying to figure out how to keep that from Happening, how to stay in the other person's body.
Well, maybe if he, uh I don't know kills the old body, he can stay in the new one.
That'd be a really good idea.
Thank you.
You've actually been very helpful.
Duke? It's not you, is it? No, it's not.
Now, tell me Do you have a safe here? Door, three.
War-noss, zip.
It Oh, right.
Oh, you're funny.
I've been told.
It's good to have a sense of humor to put up with all this crazy stuff.
Well, if you're not laughing, you're crying, right? You know what would be so good right now? Some hard drugs.
Some mescaline, peyote, some scotch.
- You've done peyote? - Sure.
This morning I flew through a multidimensional door, okay? I think peyote makes sense.
Don't go all cop on me.
No I'm just glad you're feeling better.
You know, when we get We get out of here, maybe we could get some food Maybe some pancakes.
Pancakes? You son of a bitch.
What happened to Duke? He's still in here.
He's just Riding in the backseat.
Thanks to you, I think we know how to fix that now.
First, the safe.
Now, do you want to tell me where it is, or do I have to beat it out of you? And now we're out of time.
Duke, I have made up my mind and and don't try to talk me out of it.
I'm going back to Boston.
Have fun.
Okay, well, you could try to talk me out of it just a little.
I'm sorry.
I must have misunderstood.
Actually, um I'm leaving town too.
What do you think about coming with me? Okay, I think, um But where are we Uh, great.
Just A little fast.
- Are you sure about this? - Absolutely.
Okay, um, I just need to get my things.
We can get new things.
Yeah, I can be spontaneous.
I just need to make a quick stop.
I need to pay an old friend a final visit.
Okay, this clearly is not working.
Wuornos, let me try.
What are you doing? I've picked a few handcuffs in my day.
- You get arrested a lot? - No.
No, I just had a boyfriend who was really into bondage.
You getting a good look? - You know I'm not her, right? - Yeah, I do.
You're a completely different person, and I don't want you.
I want you to be Audrey again.
I'm sorry.
I know that's a terrible thing to say.
That's just how I feel.
Uh, what are we doing at the hospital? Am I gonna have to flash my boobs again? Okay.
What's wrong, babe? "Babe"? I thought you were acting kind of funny.
Maybe a little drunk, but I swear you've been infected by a trouble.
I don't know who you really are, but I will shoot you, and I'll probably accidentally hit you in the face, so don't come near me.
Thank God! Duke just went inside, but it wasn't Duke.
Yeah, he's been possessed.
- I'm getting used to it.
- Wade just called me.
He said Tyler wants to stay in Duke's body permanently, and he thinks he's got to kill his actual body to do it.
And this guy's body is still in the hospital.
Yes, gone through every bit of security footage.
The orderly that moved Tyler never left the building.
And someone accessed the basement at the same time.
What? I was I was eavesdropping.
So what are you waiting for? Go save Duke.
You didn't give Duke anything, did you? Something he could take in to Tyler's body? I left my pen in his leg.
So he could take control of you too any of us.
But isn't she immune to The Troubles? I mean, they don't affect her, like Audrey.
I get it.
Is that why I'm so important to all of you people 'Cause I'm immune to these trouble things? - What else can I do? - That's a lot.
All right, then maybe I should go in there by myself.
No, you're not going in there on your own.
Tyler can't control me, all right? I go in there, I take Duke's drink ticket out of Tyler's hand, we get Duke back, and I get a free drink.
Okay, I have a question for you.
Is all of this real All this trouble insanity? - Yes, it's real.
- Then maybe I need to be here.
This is what I'm supposed to be doing.
That makes sense to me.
I'm the only shot you have at saving your friend.
Tyler can control you, and then you would turn on me.
Do you want to take that chance, or do you want to take a chance on me? Here.
Three minutes, then I'm coming in.
All right.
Got it, Dudley do-right.
You'll be dead before you ever get that thing out of my hand.
You think by killing yourself, you'll be left in control of Duke's body? Well, what if it doesn't work? What choice do I have? My body is ruined! There is no going back for me now.
Maybe for you too.
How well do you really know this guy? I mean, is he really worth dying for? I'm sorry, Duke.
What's happening to me? What is this? I can't stop it! Tyler? Relax, sweetheart.
It's me.
Oh, God.
Do you remember anything? All of it.
It was like I was a fly on my own wall the whole time.
What just happened? And what was going on with your eyes? My family curse.
When I kill a Troubled person, I kill their trouble too.
When he died, Tyler couldn't control me anymore.
He accidentally ended his own curse.
All right, well, that's good to know.
I've got a got a lot to learn here.
That was a close one.
All this is Audrey's, huh? She was really good at this trouble stuff.
Very good.
- It seems you're good too.
- No, I just got lucky.
Duke could have died, and he should've for all I did.
You went in there.
You tried.
That means a lot.
So I've heard the whispers.
You had something you and her.
We had something.
Did you and Audrey knock boots? Did you make sweet love? It's, uh Complicated.
"Complicated" is what all the married guys tell me when they want to sleep with me.
But I'm guessing with you, though, it really is complicated.
You'd be right.
Wade You know that wasn't me.
I should've known it wasn't you when you actually seemed interested in what I had to say.
I did call the cops.
I saved your ass.
So you could show me some gratitude and tell me what the big secret is about you.
And I am doing you a favor by not sharing it.
He just wants to help.
I'm protecting him.
Nothing good is gonna come from him finding out about our family curse.
I just hope that he eventually does what's best for himself and he leaves this place.
I heard what you said to Tyler.
You're going back to Boston? I am.
Well, Lexie's gonna take Audrey's old room upstairs, so I suppose you'd have to move out anyways, but if you wanted, I have an extra room in my boat.
I don't care if the barn is gone.
Besides, you can make up for what you did to my leg.
You remember everything that "puppet Duke" did? Mm-hmm.
You kissed me.
You kissed me back.
Let me guess.
You're waiting for my brother.
I'm waiting for you.
So I used to live here? What was I broke? I mean, it's nice and everything.
It's a little nautical.
Well, I'm glad you like it.
You owe me six months' rent.
I just tried to save your life.
Shouldn't I get the first month free? You know, I've been thinking about what happened down in that basement.
You just stepped aside and let Tyler try to take me.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
I just I I didn't want to get stabbed.
I was scared.
See, that's where I get stuck.
The way you jumped out of that barn, went down in that basement I guess I'm just having a hard time believing that you were scared.
I think you knew that my curse would kick in and save me.
I really I don't know the first thing about it.
But Audrey Parker would.
Isn't that right, Audrey? Damn it, Duke.
It's me.