Haven s04e06 Episode Script


Previously on Haven Why are you in such a hurry to have me leave Haven? Tell me what the big secret is.
Come on, Duke.
I know you have one.
Don't touch me! And I am doing you a favor by not sharing it.
I can't touch anything.
I don't want to live like this anymore.
That's how many people have died because of the Troubles since I shot Howard, and I think about them with every breath I take.
The Troubles haven't ended.
Killing me is the only way now.
Please, Audrey.
I'm not killing anyone.
My name is Lexie.
You know I'm not her, right? You're a completely different person, and I don't want you.
I want you to be Audrey again.
You and her, you had something.
It's complicated.
You seem pretty ballsy to me.
You jumped out of that barn and went down in that basement.
I guess I'm just having a hard time believing that you were scared.
Isn't that right, Audrey? Damn it, Duke.
It's me.
Coffee? Please.
Are you testing me? I don't like milk.
It's not milk.
I know you're Audrey.
I know you're Duke.
Okay, let me ask you a question.
You land in that field, you realize that if anyone figures out that you're Audrey, that they'll They'll kill Nathan.
So you decide to pretend to be the person you were in the barn.
- Lexie? - I like it.
- It rhymes with "sexy.
" - Yes, it does.
So here's my question though.
I mean, how do you do Lexie when you're really Audrey? We're gonna need a hell of a lot more than baileys to answer that.
You see, like that.
That's a really Lexie thing to say.
I'm Audrey, all right? I really am.
The same Audrey that helps people with Troubles, and the same Audrey who went to Colorado with you.
But unlike Sarah or Lucy, I remember Lexie, okay? Like a dream, or remembering some kind of fantasy of yourself.
You can't tell him that I'm Audrey.
He wants to end the Troubles, and he has that plan, and he's Just promise me that you won't tell him.
- I promise.
- Thank you.
But he's gonna figure it out.
Why does he have to do that? Because, when you care about somebody, you can't they can't Look, I'm just telling you, he's gonna figure it out.
You need to stay away from him.
That's kind of impossible.
The guard wants us to work together, and that was your idea.
Look, for today, you just keep him from figuring out that you're Audrey, and I'll keep the guard from killing him.
In here.
Hey, Lexie.
I brought coffee.
I don't know what you like, - so, um - Spiked.
I like it spiked.
- At 10:00 A.
- yeah.
You know, next time, I'll We got a call, so It's a possible Trouble.
We should go.
- You know what? I can't.
I can't.
Why not? Well, apparently, when your Audrey disappeared, the department, they cleared all of her paper work, so now, I got to go back down there and just, like, fill it all out again.
- I don't know.
Um - I do.
I gots to get paid, all right? Especially if I'm gonna be a cop.
She gots to get paid so she can pay the rent.
That too.
Not runnin' a charity here.
I'll just, you know, help you from the command post.
I'll say things like, "10-4," and, "copy that," and, like, eat donuts and stuff.
Nathan, just let her go to the cop shop, you know? Yeah.
You and I will take the call.
What are you doing? Look, the guard's not gonna be happy you're working without her.
Dwight's in cleave's mills cleaning up some mess.
You're you're gonna need somebody to watch your back here.
Look at this place.
Duke can decorate? Who knew? Duke would be pissed if he knew I brought you here.
Don't tell him.
Okay, I won't.
Wade, you know what happens if you touch me, right? Yes.
But I'm willing to give it a try.
Not my kind of pain.
Then what are we doing here? I needed to know that I could trust you.
I'm gonna tell you a secret.
It's the reason your brother wants you out of Haven.
You're special, Wade.
Your father gave you and Duke a powerful gift.
You could end the Troubles.
Me? I thought it was Audrey Or Lexie, or whatever the hell she is.
No, she's actually more the problem, really.
You could be the solution.
Would you like that? Very much.
Then I need you to help me with a few things.
And if you do, I'll show you your real power.
Deal? Deal.
I have my intern helping your uniform, and no more cops, or you're gonna turn this Trouble into a roadside attraction.
And that never helps.
Where's lucassi? He split in the middle of the night.
Took the neighbor's cats with him.
He finally snapped.
Hey, you know what? After being me in this town, I took a job at club med ixtapa.
They regretted the "all you can drink" option, I'll tell you.
It's Gloria.
She worked with my dad.
They took me out of mothballs.
I like mothballs compared to this.
All right, Seth Hughes, walks out of the bakery with a dozen muffins, and gets rigor mortis.
Yes, normally that happens after death, but in Haven.
Look at that.
It's like the actin and myosin in his cells went bonkers.
Bonkers? Yeah, it's a medical term.
You're a cop? Consultant.
I bought weed from you.
Yeah, I was undercover.
Well, as soon as intern can do this job alone, I'm putting my house on the market.
I know her.
That's vickie.
Intern's Troubled.
She's the one who does the voodoo drawings.
Yeah, I keep her away from the paper work.
Anyway, we'll take Mr.
Just go with, "stroke, then he hit his head.
" I like her.
The witnesses are all saying the same thing.
Victim just kept staring at his phone.
Staring at his phone? Why? Like he was getting text messages he didn't like.
We got a Troubled person who can send text messages that do this? Haven in the digital age.
Let's find that phone.
Hello, Vince.
What are you doing in this part of town? Shoe shopping.
- Jordan.
- Really, Vince? There's a part of Haven so bad, I can't go? Jordan, stop! I know you want the Troubles to end, but there are forces at play here you don't understand.
- And you do? - Not completely, no.
But in my considerable experience, I think waiting for Lexie to fall in love with Nathan, and then Her killing him? Yes.
Her killing him is our best plan.
Not the one you're hatching.
- Excuse me? - Please.
You're duping Wade Crocker into activating his family Trouble.
You think all the Troubles are Lexie's trouble, and if Wade kills Lexie, all the Troubles will end.
Well, you're wrong.
Vince, do you realize what I've been through? Those people lied to me, used me, and I fell in love with Nathan.
All I want is for this madness to end.
I know.
And I'm doing everything in my power to end them.
- Do you believe that? - Yes.
But I can't wait anymore.
Thanks for your time.
Detective, the victim was carrying these.
Still waters school.
- What's that? - It's a new private school.
Some parents approached me and said if my son Dylan was clean, he could go there.
- Clean? - No Troubles.
Told them we're not interested.
Dylan just made the tennis team at Haven junior high.
He's got a doubles match in 1/2 hour.
He's doin' fine there.
See what else you can find out about this school.
Schools excluding Troubled kids.
That's a new one.
Well, the Troubles used to last a couple years, then people would get a couple decades off.
Now there's no end in sight.
Excuse me, detective.
We found the phone.
It was under the body.
The one that sends killer texts? Do you want? All you, buddy.
Tater, we've got some detectives need some technical assistance at a crime scene.
Come in, please.
Hey, I've been robbed.
At least finish taking my statement, please.
I'm sorry, sir.
Department needs me at a crime scene.
You can finish your statement at the station.
It's probably one of "those" crime scenes.
This town is ridiculous! You can't just take off in the middle of my statement! It's because it's because of the Troubled people, isn't it? Okay.
Thanks for your help.
According to Maine cellular, this phone wasn't connected to anyone at the time of death.
That's weird.
All right, get it back to the station, tater.
See what you can pull off the SIM card.
Keep it off.
Later, tater.
I talked to some moms, Seth was getting supplies.
Still waters school's having a meeting to get parents to commit to sending their kids there.
And commit to dividing up the town.
So someone killed Seth to try to stop this meeting? A bit excessive.
Remember the rev? He wanted all the Troubled dead.
Tater, get goin'.
Tater! What's he doin'? Tater, what are you The phone.
I thought it was off.
How did he get a text message? You see where he's staring? That thing gets texts too.
So you're saying that whoever's doing this sent him a text on purpose? This was a hit on a cop? Maybe.
Call this in, use your radio, get everyone to stop using their phones.
Get a name and number for everyone with a visual on this location, okay? Then meet us at still waters school.
My phone.
Don't answer it.
What are you It's not a text.
Fishing buddy.
Really? Import-export fishing.
Look, whatever.
I'll meet you at the car.
This Trouble, it just got tater.
Tater was killed? Yeah, it's a weird one.
Okay, where are you? - I'm coming down there.
- No.
No, look, Audrey, just help us from the station, okay? Find out about this still waters school, or I'm telling you, Nathan's gonna figure out it's you.
I can't avoid him forever, all right, Duke? Besides, what about the deal that you made with the guard? Since when doesn't the guard want me dead? Look, I still think this is our very best bad plan.
Give me the names.
Okay, the first dead guy was Seth Hughes, 25.
We think he worked for still waters school.
I've been told I need a permit to put on a fireworks show.
Here, here, all this side, here, here, here, and right there.
- Need a pen? - Nope, got one.
So I can just fill this out here? Just find a desk.
Thank you.
I don't think you should be in here, cowboy.
Just looking for a place to write.
Waiting area.
Right, okay.
You're Lexie, is that right? I'm Wade Crocker, Duke's brother.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Well, anyway, okay, waiting.
Waiting area.
Waiting area, yeah.
Think we should call Lexie? - Tell her to meet us here? - No.
She's probably already at the station halfway through her paper work.
Let's just let her get her bearings, you know? Besides, this I don't know.
This Trouble's pretty dangerous for a newbie, don't you think? I heard Jennifer went to pick up her stuff.
Well, I guess.
What's up with you and her? What's up with you asking? I just I remember what you said that day outside the barn about Audrey.
I was kind of hoping you'd forget about that.
You said you loved her, Duke.
You said you loved Audrey.
It's okay.
Just want to make sure you keep an eye on Lexie when I'm gone.
Nathan, listen Hey, Audrey's gone.
We both lost her.
Whoever she is now, I just want to know you'll take care of her.
I'm gonna end the Troubles, Duke.
I know you will.
Come on.
Let's go talk to this principal.
So Seth didn't have a stroke? It was a Trouble.
Someone else's.
Exactly why we're doing what we're doing.
And what are you doing? Protecting my children, my family.
Yes, I want my kids to go to a Trouble-free school.
I don't apologize for that.
How many people know about this? I had to get the word out.
In fact, they should be arriving soon, so That's really weird.
What? What is? Is it a text? No.
See that? My phone Computer, my watch.
What about 'em? They're all counting down together in unison.
I don't see it.
It's as clear as day.
Eight seconds.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Don't touch him.
I wasn't planning on it.
Okay, honey.
Just keep me updated.
My God.
Another one? Yeah.
I'm gonna need you posted at this door.
Send any parents who come to the meeting home.
Might need to stay a while.
Dylan just said his doubles match can't start.
The scoreboard just broke.
- What's wrong with it? - I don't know.
He thinks it's fine, but the coach says it just keeps counting down.
Clock's ticking.
Let's go.
- Coach.
- Budget cuts.
This is what you get.
You know, I had to fix our video camera with my own money.
Coach, what's wrong with the scoreboard? Well, it won't stop counting down.
Look at it.
See? Just counts down.
Look at my phone.
Is my phone counting down too like the scoreboard? - Yeah.
- What do you know about still waters school? Are they in our division? No.
How much time is left? The video camera now.
How about here? I see it everywhere.
What's going on? You're making a terrible mistake.
If I end the Troubles, people might disagree.
In 1981, the Troubles came back in June.
I remember, because my friend and I were umpiring a little league game, and the pitcher threw his arm out, literally.
It was a God-awful summer.
Lucy hadn't showed up yet, and the Troubles were happening unabated.
My wife's family had a horrific Trouble.
Painful, brutal.
And I was terrified that my wife was gonna get it too, so I tried to protect her the only way I could, with my friend, Simon Crocker.
I activated Simon with my own blood.
You? Yes.
Nobody knows that.
I asked him to kill my father-in-law, and he did what I asked.
Years later, with Lucy's help, I had to kill Simon Crocker.
I didn't want my wife to be Troubled, to become a monster, but what I did? It was worse than the Troubles.
I became the monster.
Sure Duke isn't coming back? I lojacked his car.
There's some amazing technology out there.
And as requested, two camera pens, audio-equipped, one on Nathan's desk, the other in the bullpen.
- Impressive.
- It is.
But watching? This is dull.
I do know how we could kill some time.
You're persistent.
You think it'll work? Let's try.
How you doing? Good.
Feel any pain? Good.
Well, hello, Lexie.
- No.
- Wade, listen to me.
I want to do this, and if we end the Troubles, we won't need rubber gloves.
Unless we want them.
But right now, we have to focus.
You better be worth it.
And you have to tell me how I can end the Troubles.
All right.
You've earned this.
You are special, Wade.
If you get the blood of a Troubled person on you, it changes you.
You get stronger.
Much stronger.
How do I get Troubled blood on me? It's up to you, really.
Duke did this? - Yes.
- Excuse me.
I was robbed.
I need to report a crime.
I'm sorry.
I'll be right with you.
What? This is ridiculous.
Why do I pay my taxes? Do I have to be Troubled to get some help? Calm down, please.
- Just wait in the waiting room.
- Three victims? Why'd it take you so long to call? It happened really fast.
Okay, so I-I put away all the clocks, just like you asked.
No, not just clocks.
Anything with a digital screen.
They all count down.
Okay, so you're thinking that if he can't see the countdown then Maybe it won't happen.
All the other victims, they they they saw it happen.
Look, he only has, like, a minute left.
The thermometer.
Wait, you can see it? - Yeah.
- Great.
Then you and the lucky guy counting down are the only ones.
Have a seat.
You don't see anything counting down now, right? No, no, but on the way here I saw everything.
The gas pump, the bank sign.
Actually, I kind of liked the gas pump.
Much better than $4.
But nothing now, right? No, nothing n Um, we got a problem.
You mean, other than the petrified man? Yeah, we got a much bigger problem.
Can anyone see this? - See what? - This.
- No.
- It's counting down.
Can you see it? Me.
I can see it.
Means you're next.
How much time? Okay, so your countdown started the exact second that his stopped.
So they go in some sort of order.
- They're all about 15 minutes.
- It's like a queue.
It's like when one ends, the next one begins.
So I joined the queue right after coach.
- Why? - Okay.
Where where have we been since since we met the coach? The school, tennis office, streets, parking lot, here.
Really wish you were Audrey right now.
She's good at this stuff.
That's a bad deal.
This town needs me to end the Troubles.
Can you rewind this? I think I saw something.
Who is that? I heard them talking.
He was robbed.
Hit play.
I was robbed.
I need to get my stuff back.
- Lock-up.
Do you mind? - No, wait! Look, there.
See the clock? He's the Troubled guy.
It's him.
Look, if this was an attack on still waters school, then why go after the coach from Haven junior high school? Why you? Maybe it's not an attack on the school directly.
In the car on the way over here, where else did the coach say he's been? Parent meetings, locker room, pick up the video camera.
Did you say video camera? Yeah, he he said he had to get it repaired to To film the kids practicing their their their serves, or - Lexie, it's not a camera or a phone.
We've been down that road.
No, Paul krebs electronics.
He was robbed this morning.
That's what tater was investigating, right? Krebs was in here earlier.
He was filing a report when you guys got back.
- What, that guy? - Yes.
Paul krebs! You call tatum "tater"? Krebs said that he had to count to 1,000 when the robber escaped, so that would be, like, what? was supposed to sit there just motionless, all right? That that's the kind of thing that starts a Trouble, right? He's setting a 15-minute time clock on people that leaves them motionless when it ends.
That's the kind of thing that causes a Trouble? Yeah.
Audrey? Yes.
Parker? Yeah.
- Parker.
- Yeah.
It's always been me, Nathan.
Why didn't you tell me? Because, people wanted me to shoot you if I was Audrey.
Yeah, but when we were alone.
You wanted me to shoot you.
He's gone.
You knew? Okay, we've got eight minutes to find Paul krebs.
I figured it out.
When? First day.
Wha Nathan, we don't have time for this.
And you didn't say anything to me? After everything? I was trying to keep you alive.
I don't want you to keep me alive.
I want to end the Troubles.
You should want that too.
You're right.
I should.
Pisses me off that I don't.
Paul's electronics is on camp street.
We got to go.
- We need to go.
- Yeah.
- Paul? - Paul? - Paul? - He's not back there.
You won't find him.
I made sure of that.
Jordan, we're running out of time.
I know, Audrey.
I heard everything.
We bugged the office.
And I had a whole new plan to end the Troubles, but now that I know that you're Audrey, we can go back to the original plan, the sure thing.
Kill him.
No, and I'm not Audrey.
Stop lying to me! Jordan, you need to tell us where he is.
Shoot me, and you'll never find him.
Don't you get it? What's Nathan have left? Four minutes? Least make it count for something, and kill him.
End the Troubles.
Four minutes.
We can end the Troubles forever, right now.
I know what agent Howard said, all right? But we've spent our lives doing impossible things.
Now we just have to do another.
I'm not ending the Troubles by killing you.
Paul krebs.
Where's the Troubled guy? Wade, get out of here.
You're helping her? Actually, she's helping me.
Showing me the Crocker family secret.
- Wade, you don't want that.
- Yes, I do.
Wade, things have changed.
Things have changed? Troubled people giving me power? That's changed? I have a better way to end the Troubles now.
Okay, listen, he's got to be here.
Stop, or I'll shoot.
No, you won't, Jordan.
You're not gonna shoot me or Nathan, because then, you don't get what you want.
So put the damn gun down! He's here.
Paul? Paul.
- Where are you going? To get some of his blood.
To get what you've had all along.
No, you're not.
Damn you, Duke.
Yeah, I think that happened a long time ago.
I am trying to protect you, Wade.
- You have a problem.
- You think? I get ripped off, the cops ignore me, and then this crazy bitch takes me hostage, and she really hurts.
Listen, you're Troubled.
What? You keep putting a countdown clock on people.
When it counts down to zero, they harden, and they they die, okay? He has he has two minutes.
And if you keep that clock running, she'll have to kill him, and we're all cured.
Shut up, Jordan! No more Troubles.
- Do you want to get shot? - Duke.
Nathan, she's trying to kill you.
Jordan just wants the Troubles to end.
So do I.
This isn't Jordan's fault, so don't don't shoot her.
Listen, after you were robbed, those guys from the school, they wanted their electronics back, right? Coach wanted his camera.
I ignored you when you tried to report it.
You've been putting a countdown clock on anyone who's slowing you down.
But why? Slowing you down for what? You said you were robbed, but I don't see anything missing.
All right? What did what did they take? A bracelet.
I was gonna give it as a birthday present today.
Was it for her? Yes.
Is that your girlfriend? No.
She's just a friend.
But you want her to be more.
- Don't you? - That's it.
- You need to call her.
- No, no.
- Yes.
- I can't call her on her birthday, and have nothing but me.
- No.
- Be honest.
Tell her how you feel.
- We're out of time.
- You Call her now.
- 15 seconds.
- Okay, shh.
Audrey, this is our last chance! Ask her to coffee, okay? - Ask her to coffee.
- I can't.
Yes, you can.
Just talk to her.
- Hello? - Happy Birthday.
Hi, Paul.
I was wondering if you wanted to go for coffee? Um Well Well, that would be really nice, Paul.
- When? - It stopped.
How about ten minutes? Black House Cafe? Yeah, I'll I'll be there.
I'm going for coffee.
Thank you so much, you guys.
I'm gonna lock up, okay? Wade! I'll call him an ambulance.
It's okay.
Drop the knife.
Damn it, Wade.
You shouldn't have done that.
You're not the only special Crocker anymore.
- That was stupid.
- Why? Because now I can end the Troubles too? Wade.
- Wait.
- Out of the way! Nathan, wait.
Let me go after him.
He just stabbed that guy.
This is my fault.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
I'm asking you.
Let me deal with Wade.
Wade! Wade is activated? I tried to stop it, but You were right, Vince.
I've been letting this town Make me into a monster.
What happened to your wife? Found out what I did, hated me for it, left me.
Some couples are never meant to be.
And some couples are.
What? Nothing.
I'm just I'm leaving Haven.
I need a new start.
Doctor said that Paul's gonna make it.
Hopefully, Ellie visits him in the hospital.
Yeah, just the fact that he made that phone call to her, you know? I think that'll keep his Trouble at bay.
That was great.
It's like a phone company commercial in Haven.
Reach out and unfreeze someone.
See, that's the kind of terrible joke that I missed, Parker.
Yeah, well, I know my audience.
I'm glad you're back.
Why? Why are you glad to have me back? What do you mean? Never mind.
Are you mad at me? - No.
- You're mad at me.
You told Paul to be honest and you're lying to me? You've been lying to me.
Because I made a decision to go into the barn and end the Troubles, Nathan.
And then you shot agent Howard.
You screwed it all up.
Audrey, I couldn't let you go.
And now I have to be the one to kill you.
I have to let you go.
And I won't do it.
I'm sorry, I I made a deal with the guard.
They're not gonna find out who I am.
This will never be their decision.
Okay, but I thought maybe it was mine.
Well, you're wrong, Nathan.
Because I love you.
So that makes this my decision.
Since I'm leaving Haven tomorrow, I-I just wanted to say good-bye.
I thought maybe you wanted to celebrate my new talent.
Maybe? I don't think that would be a good idea now.
No? Okay.
So how do I end all the Troubles? I was wrong.
I don't think you can.
Really? You don't want to tell me.
My plan wouldn't have worked.
It was a mistake, and I'm sorry, Wade.
No, it's okay.
You shouldn't need to apologize.
Actually, I'm the one that should be thanking you.
When that Troubled blood landed on me, it felt like molten lava coursing through my veins.
For the first time, I realized why I'm here.
It was incredible.
No! You bastard! What was the plan? No! No! Tell me.
What was the plan? No! I'm done being a monster.
Yeah, that is what you are.