Haven s04e07 Episode Script

Lay Me Down

Previously on Haven You can't tell him that I'm Audrey.
He's gonna figure it out.
- Audrey? - Yes.
Don't you have a job back in New York? I thought you said I was welcome here.
Dad taught me to share.
No, Wade, you don't want any part of what dad taught me.
And I am doing you a favor by not sharing it.
Can I tell you a secret? You're special, Wade.
Your father gave you and Duke a powerful gift.
You're duping Wade Crocker into activating his family trouble.
Ugh! You were right, Vince.
I've been letting this town make me into a monster.
I'm leaving Haven.
When that Troubled blood landed on me, it felt like molten lava coursing through my veins.
Wade, it's me again.
Call me back.
You okay? Yeah, it's just Wade.
You look fantastic.
Thank you.
So no glasses or Glasses? Hmm.
What looks says that I no longer hear voices in my head and I am ready for steady employment? Now, it is the Haven herald.
Those old coots would be crazy not to give you a job.
Duke, I'm serious.
This is really important for me.
I know.
And I'm really glad that you're doing this.
Earning rent money? Staying in Haven.
- Wade, what the hell? - Hey, I'm gonna go.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
You got any rags? Why have you been dodging me? I have been busy.
Making plans to leave, I hope.
What are you doing? Soda spilled in my car, so Wade You almost killed a Troubled guy.
The only reason that you are standing here and not in jail is because I told Audrey and Nathan I would handle this.
It won't happen again.
I was acting crazy.
I just wanted what you had What dad gave you.
Is that what you still want? Of course not.
Wade, you and I both know how this Troubled blood makes us feel.
It's not easy to control.
I know.
I messed up.
Just give me a couple days to figure out where to go.
Okay? Yeah.
Hey - You want some help with that? - I got it.
Besides, you got a customer you might want to take care of.
Freddie! - Hmm? - Wake up! What part of "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here" don't you understand? Duke's doing you a favor keeping you off the road.
Stan will drive you home when you sober up.
Your hair is different.
Freddie, I told you, you got to stay away from those jager shots.
They'll get you every time.
I'll get you some water.
That'll help.
- What? - Jager shots? This whole Lexie thing You're laying it on a bit thick, huh? Wow.
So you really hate Lexie, huh? She's not you.
Yeah, well, you kn I told you how I feel, all right? That's why we have to do this.
So just try and, you know, get used to it.
How did we end up here? You shot agent Howard.
Well, fine.
Fine, Lexie.
I have police business to attend to.
Nathan, we've been through a lot, okay? Can't we just accept that Oh, my God.
Told you it was bad.
I thought you'd be running for the sink by now.
- I drank my breakfast.
- Hey, me too.
So this looks like it could be an animal attack.
I'm thinking, like, a bear maybe or I think that we would've noticed a bear roaming through the station.
Is he always this interrupt-y? Yes.
Well, then zip it so I can point out that animal bites are usually a bitch to clean.
They leave behind a lot of bacteria, saliva.
Intern? Can you bring in the trace evidence? But There was no trace evidence.
You can go.
I don't understand.
These marks look like they were made by claws and teeth.
But there's no DNA.
There's no hair.
These wounds are pristine.
And his clothes weren't torn.
How is that even possible? It's not even possible, but it happened.
Can we make a mold of the bite marks so that we can figure out what kind of critter this is? Well, you're really picking up on this police stuff, huh? I watch a lot of CSI: Miami.
It's pretty much my favorite show.
Yeah, I'll bet.
- Good? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You have got to leave that stuff to me.
I didn't hear you offering up any ideas.
I didn't want to interrupt.
Look, Gloria's onto you.
Wade knows you're Audrey.
Jordan knows.
Okay, Duke is handling Wade.
And when I checked up on Jordan, apparently she's left town.
You can't keep this up forever.
Why would Jordan leave her car at the marina? She was leaving town.
Well, thanks for suggesting that, Stan, but, yes, I left her messages.
Let's get it out of here.
I got to go.
Got a minute? Hey, look, this stuff is all bought and paid for.
I got a permit, a receipt Green card? Frederick Gonsalves is dead.
Your barfly.
You asked Nathan to let him crash at H.
- Freddie.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What what happened? - Killed in his sleep.
It looked like a bear attack, only he was locked in his jail cell, and nobody heard or saw a thing, so A trouble got him in his sleep.
Hang on.
Freddie was always bugging me about getting a flat-screen for the gull, said he wanted to watch grizzly week on one of those nature channels.
So he had bears on the brain.
Yeah, that's a coincidence.
- To Freddie.
- Yeah.
Hey, uh Have you talked to Jordan? Her car was found not far from here and nobody's seen or heard a thing from her.
- Well, we weren't exactly bffs.
- What about your brother? He was seen with her somewhere around here.
Wade? No.
You know how she felt about my family.
Let me know if you hear anything.
Will do.
Hey, do you work at the herald? Oh.
Could I ask you a question, girl-to-girl? Yeah.
Job interview at the herald Glasses on or Glasses off? Oh.
On when you're looking at Dave, off when you're looking at Vince.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
We Haven't had a girl Friday in a long time.
Hiring her now It's too obvious.
She's qualified, she's ambitious, and she's here.
And we need to know how she's connected to the barn.
Just follow my lead.
Well You certainly have experience.
We need to feel like you're a fit.
Tell us, who is Jennifer Mason? Spare no detail.
I grew up around Boston.
I was adopted.
I lost my dad in a car accident when I was a teenager and my mother about five years ago.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
They were wonderful parents, which is why I've never been arrested or had a credit score under 650.
You know what? I've got a great idea A test assignment.
I want you to do a comprehensive background check on a very intriguing person Jennifer Mason.
You want me to do a background check on myself? Who knows? You might even find something exciting.
You got a date tonight? You and me.
Last supper.
- Sorry, I, uh, got plans.
- Come on, you're leaving soon.
Look, I want I want to I want to show you something.
It's dad's journal.
I should've shown you earlier, but Look, he He talks about the rush that Troubled blood gave him.
Wade? No! Don't! Wade! What the hell? Hi, it's me.
Leave a message.
Hey I think I know what happened to Freddie in that jail cell.
I promise you The whole field lights up with fireflies.
You are going to love it.
Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm leaving a bar with a guy I just met! I never do this.
I just had to be alone with you.
Did you just bite me? - What is this? - This is your salvation.
You have a curse.
- I'm here to free you.
- Let me go.
Trust me.
It's best for everybody.
we got to go.
Nathan, what are you doing? You should really put some clothes on.
I'm late for class.
I forgot I even signed up for it.
I didn't study.
Now we have a test.
I'm not even in this class.
I'm sick and tired of your excuses, Mr.
Give me an answer.
I I don't even know the question.
- Time's up! - No, uh, I Just let me think.
Ow! You're too late.
Boys like you need to get punished, or you'll never learn.
Stand up.
This will be a lesson you'll never forget.
Nathan? Hey, if you're there, wake up, all right? You can't fall asleep.
I'm gonna need a minute.
Okay, well, hurry up.
We need to get to the morgue.
Okay, so Duke dreams about being injured.
When he wakes up, his injury has still stayed with him.
- Mm-hmm.
- So I'm thinking That Freddie, who apparently drinks and enjoys watching bear attack TV, he dreams about being mauled and then is killed.
Uh, mm-hmm.
I'd say that's a pretty solid theory.
- Did that happen last night? - Mm-hmm.
- Were you dreaming? - Mm-hmm.
- What about? - School.
All right, are you two ready? Yes.
Behind door number one, male victim in his 40s, swollen from what would appear to be multiple bee stings.
Wife said he was allergic to bees, had a bit of a phobia about it.
And like our drunkly departed Freddie, this victim was venom-free and stinger-free, yet he swelled up like he was in anaphylactic shock.
It gets worse.
Over here.
Next vic Young male in his 20s, died of blood loss, found on his couch with all his teeth on the floor.
Remember to floss, people.
Losing your teeth I've had that dream.
Oh, yeah.
The one where they all plop out, roots and all? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, it's gross.
All right, last but not least, victim number one.
Didn't we already have number one? Bingo.
You're listening.
She gets a new number because this one is not like the others Young, female, multiple stab wounds.
It's Sonia Winston.
I know her.
She's in the guard.
How's she different? Well, I found this in her breastbone.
My best guess It's a knife tip.
That's physical evidence.
So that means that She didn't die in a dream.
She was murdered.
- Where was she found? - In an alley near the marina.
Yet the scene indicates that she wasn't killed there.
She was left out in the open.
Looks like the killer got spooked and dumped the body.
So someone panicked, dumped the body.
All right.
Well, let me know when the next one rolls in.
And I would like to at least be on the back nine.
Let me follow up on this.
You and Lexie work the dream trouble.
All right.
You're back.
Did you get my message about not going to sleep? Yeah, thanks.
This town, right? What are you doing? I, uh I've been gutting a fish.
- You went fishing? - Yeah.
You said not to sleep.
So I thought, you know, maybe I'd go out one last time.
I thought we might have it for dinner.
Hmm? Right.
Sounds good.
Did you hear that the cops are looking for Jordan? She left town.
No, she's missing.
People are worried.
She's a complicated woman.
She's probably halfway to Costa Rica by now.
I think this whole "no sleeping" thing has made you a little Edgy.
You chipped a knife gutting a fish? Clumsy.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Then I'm gonna start packing up.
None of these fish are gutted.
- That's your background check? - Mm-hmm.
Very impressive.
I do have to warn you, it's boring Report cards, commendations for selling the most girl scout cookies three years running.
But there was one thing that I couldn't find My birth parents.
The records were sealed.
Finding them was impossible.
And it's not the first time I've tried.
So If you don't want to hire me, I get it.
Oh, you've got the job.
- Really? - Yeah.
Oh, my God, that's amazing.
When do I start? Um - Tomorrow.
- Perfect.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Double red-eyes Straight, no chasers.
I wrote down everything like you asked me to.
Thank you.
I made sure yours was lukewarm.
We can't find any connection between these victims.
So, since both you and Nathan are the only two people that are still alive that have been affected by this dream trouble So, if we can compare what you guys did in the last 48 hours and see if you have anything in common, then we can find our Troubled person.
Okay, so you woke up.
You had one of Wade's breakfast vegan sausages.
You checked your horoscope in the Haven herald.
- I'm a gemini.
Aquarius rising.
- That's fascinating.
It's actually a really interesting transit.
- Hmm.
- Wait a second.
When we picked up Freddie, wasn't he passed out on a stack of Haven heralds? Yeah.
And the bee sting guy, I think he had a herald on his end table.
Yep, there was a Herald at every incident.
I read The Herald at the station yesterday.
It's Vince and Dave.
I mean, I knew it.
I mean, I didn't know it, but I knew it.
We don't know it's them for sure, okay? We just know the paper's connected.
What? I got the paper off Dwight's desk.
So, if I was affected It means Dwight could be too.
Okay, we got to make sure he doesn't fall asleep.
Hey, Wade.
Hold on.
I need to talk to you about Jordan McKee.
Dwight, it's Nathan.
I tried to stay awake, but But I'm hit.
The Marina.
The wound just missed his subclavian artery.
He lost some blood, but I expect him to regain consciousness soon.
Doc, uh, was there a request for the? The sedatives will insure he won't dream.
We got to find Vince and Dave.
Hey, I'm gonna stick around Get him a sandwich Hospital food, you know.
Uh, let me know what you find out about the newspapers.
Uh I think my brother Might be renting a boat out here.
Name's Wade Crocker.
He's been around a lot lately, always brings tons of gear.
Yeah, he's been pulling in a bunch of big striped bass.
It's there any, uh Chance that the boat he's been renting has a GPS? Sure would love to find his fishing spot.
He usually takes out that one over there.
Check out the history on the chart plotter.
You'll be set.
All right, thanks.
You think we could, uh Keep this off the books? Sure.
No problem.
I can assure you we are not the source of this trouble.
And the people we use to print The Herald have never put out a Troubled paper.
Is there anything different about this issue New ink, paper pulp? No, we've done it the same way for years.
Could there be a photo in there that's Troubled? Oh, good.
You're catching on quick Lexie.
Oh, well, it's Nathan's brilliant investigative mind.
It just must be rubbing off on me.
Maybe, uh, it's who's Delivering the paper.
Who's on the route map? Haven P.
D The Gull.
Victim of the bee stings, missing teeth.
They're all on the same route.
Delivered by Carrie Benson.
Where is she now? I'm afraid she's out delivering the afternoon edition to the whole town.
Sure, I know about The Troubles.
I mean, I'm Troubled.
- Since when is that a crime? - It's not.
We just think that you might have some kind of a dream curse.
I'm aware.
Women in my family have had that forever.
Whatever happens to us in our dreams Physically, I mean Happens to us in real life.
Well, it's not just you anymore.
This happened in my dream.
No, that's impossible.
It's been in my family for generations.
It's never gone beyond us before.
Well, it has now.
Something about your trouble must've changed.
Listen, we don't know how or why, but everyone that you've been in contact with is getting injured in their dreams.
How can we stop it? If this trouble of yours is spreading like the flu, then maybe if we cure you We can stop the curse for everyone.
It's worth a try.
We just need to figure out how.
It's part of family lore.
There's a way.
It's just Almost everyone who's tried it has died.
It's called lucid dreaming.
You're asleep, but you're aware.
You can keep yourself safe.
My, um my mother taught me that in my dreams To never go into the dark places.
The dark places? My relatives who died That's where they went.
Stan and Rebecca are blasting downtown Haven with sirens, air horns, keeping everyone awake.
The only place to get to sleep tonight is here.
All right, Carrie, let's do this.
What's next? The legend in my family is that our worst fears are in those dark places.
And if we can confront them and stop being afraid of them, then our Troubles stop.
My great-aunt did it.
But the others All right, so what will yours be? What will you see? Not what Who.
Two days ago, on the far side of my route, I got mugged by a couple of guys.
They took all my cash, knocked me out, left me on the side of the road.
Why didn't you tell the police? They said if I did that they would come back and kill me.
I believed them.
I just wanted to forget about it.
In my dream, it'll It'll be them.
I know it.
Are you sure you want to do this? I'm not gonna let any more people die.
Hey I'll be right here.
I'll be sitting right beside you, all right? Okay.
I'm ready.
Thanks for the ride, man.
I think you should find another ride home.
Get out of here Now! - What the hell was that? - I know, Wade.
I know everything.
- What are you talking about? - I saw your dumping ground.
I saw the bodies Jordan's body.
They were Troubled.
I was helping them Saving them and their families.
That's why we have this gift.
This power.
It isn't a power.
It's a curse.
This is our trouble.
We're not like the others.
This thing turned you into a killer.
If that's not a curse, then I don't know what is! You're not gonna Turn me in, are you? I mean, I know you're friends with the cops and all, but We're brothers.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
You killed all those people, Wade.
That's on me, too, now.
I made Audrey and Nathan a promise.
Audrey and Nathan Yeah.
We both got secrets we don't want getting out.
I mean, I could tell everyone that Lexie is Audrey and that you knew all along.
The guard will come for you.
You want that? The guard will come for both of us.
Yeah, and they'll Make Audrey kill Nathan.
It's okay, Carrie.
You're not alone, all right? I'm right here.
Don't be afraid.
Who's there? Someone's here.
Okay, Carrie, listen to me.
Don't be afraid.
I'm trapped! It's okay, Carrie.
You're not alone, all right? I'm right here.
Stop it.
Okay, Carrie.
Carrie? Duke said something about a bunch of people dying in their sleep.
What's the cover story? We weren't sure we wanted to share this with you, but We found something in your background check.
We thought maybe you could clear it up for us.
The man who arranged your adoption.
Who is he? Someone very important in Haven.
He brought Audrey to us.
He was supposed to take her away, but he was killed.
His name is Agent Howard.
Howard But that was one of the voices I heard in the barn.
Why would he have arranged my adoption? I don't know, but we're gonna find out.
Stop, please.
Carrie? Can you hear me? Carrie? Don't be afraid, and fight back.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
You can.
You can do this.
I'm not afraid of the dark.
I'm not afraid of the dark.
And I'm not afraid of you.
I did it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We'll get that checked out, all right? You did great.
You did great.
Got to stay after class.
That looks like a pretty good dream.
It'd be a shame to wake him up.
Duke? You here? I've been up all night with Vince and Dave.
You wouldn't believe what Duke? Jennifer? I, uh, managed to lock myself in here.
Help me out? Yeah, of course.
Um Hey.
Oh, you don't look so hot.
Why don't I get you a glass of water? Oh, no, stay here.
I need you.
- What are you doing? - Listen to me.
I need a taste.
No, please, don't.
I just need a taste.
Move, and I'll kill you.
I need more.
Wade? No! Wade! - You okay? - Yeah.
You okay? Yeah.
Stay right here.
Out of my way, Duke.
I'm not gonna let you hurt her.
- You have to control this.
- I don't think I can.
Wade, please Don't make me do it.
I will kill you if I have to.
I know.
- Wade! - Oh, my God! The doctor said Dwight was discharged an hour ago.
Yeah, well, he was pretty anxious to get back to work on that stabbing case.
Attention visiting hours end in five minutes.
Visiting hours end in five minutes.
Hey, Carrie.
How you holding up? They're keeping me for observation, - but I'll be fine.
- Oh, good.
I just wanted to say thank you.
I'm just so sorry I caused all this.
No, you did great.
Just, um, get some rest.
What happened? Where did you get that? - The handprint.
- What? What? There's nothing there.
You guys don't see that? There's a There's a handprint there.
Did that happen to you in your nightmare? No.
Oh, uh, when I was mugged, the last thing I remember was, like, a weird sensation back there.
And then I-I passed out.
What what does it mean? We're gonna need you to I.
the men who attacked you.
We need you now - More tests.
- Go ahead.
We'll we'll keep in touch.
What was that? Is that a mark that only I can see? Maybe that's why her trouble mutated or Spread to other people.
That is not how The Troubles work.
Yeah, but What if it's all changing? Hey.
You had no choice.
He wanted it to end this way.
I could tell when he came at me, he was going to kill me.
You saved my life.
I know.
Duke Your trouble It's gone.
No one can know about any of this.
But Audrey and Nathan will help you.
- They'll understand.
- Will they? I told them to trust me and look what happened.
Look what I did.
You're not like your brother, Duke.
Then why did you flinch when I touched you? I won't say anything.
You have my word.
I thought you were just gonna drop me off.
Yeah, well, we need to talk.
Listen That handprint you saw What if you're right? What if this is something new, something dangerous? We have to do something.
No, I'm going to kill you, Nathan, all right? And Lexie is not going anywhere.
So just drop it.
I can't.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
Nathan, what's your problem? Is this really about Lexie? 'Cause you didn't have a problem with Sarah.
Oh, this is about Sarah now? She's a part of me too A part that apparently you're pretty familiar with.
Look, I'm not gonna apologize for what happened.
You have no idea how hard this has been for me.
For you? At least you have the luxury of being one person.
At least you know who you are.
- Well, I - You know what you are.
I want to know what we are! Too much has happened, Nathan.
We can't be Audrey and Nathan, not anymore.
We work together.
That's it.
See you at work.
I don't care who you are or what you are.
I love you.