Haven s04e08 Episode Script


Previously on Haven I know, Wade.
I saw the bodies.
I saw your dumping ground.
You're not gonna turn me in, are you? - We're brothers.
- No, stay here.
I need you.
I need a taste.
My God.
Wade! Don't make me do it.
I will kill you if I have to.
- Wade! - My God! I had no choice.
He wanted it to end this way.
You saved my life.
Your Trouble, it's gone.
No one can know about any of this.
Is that a mark that only I can see? Maybe that's why her Trouble spread to other people.
That is not how The Troubles work.
Yeah, but what if it's all changing? Wade Osborn Crocker.
You said yourself that agent Howard.
Was a hard man to track down.
He controlled the barn and Audrey.
And my adoption.
- How did you find - I was up all night.
I narrowed the list down to six families.
You, Jennifer, were born to one of them.
These families are all in Haven? Turns out you're a local.
My birth parents are here? Well, what if I've already met them by accident? No, the question is, are you ready to meet them on purpose? A word, brother.
I brought cabot's journal.
I need you to read it.
Not now.
I have to find Nathan.
He's not answering his phone.
Listen, Carrie Benson's dream Trouble.
Became contagious.
That's never happened before.
It's a Trouble, chicken little.
I can't feel the bowl.
I can't feel the whisk, but I can feel that.
Well, can you feel that? Okay, yeah.
Why did we wait so long? Haven.
It's not an easy place.
At least Haven has both of us again.
And if helping The Troubles.
Is what I'm supposed to do karmically That was a little bit of a Lexie word.
Sorry, those creep in every once in a while.
It's okay.
I've grown more fond of her.
Have you? Um Lexie.
It's a little early, isn't it? Where's Nathan? Nathan.
Where have you been? I was just looking for Duke.
You're here for Duke, while she's up there all alone? You agreed to execute a plan.
You're supposed to make her fall in love with you.
Well, it's like the old Phil Collins song.
You can't hurry love.
It's the supremes.
I'm sorry to have to rush you.
Toward your own death, Nathan.
I really am, but The Troubles.
Are destroying this town, and The Guard's patience is growing thin.
Get Lexie to fall in love with you.
You've reached Driscoll scuba and salvage.
- Leave a message.
- Hey, Jack, it's Duke.
Listen, I-I need my bilge pump back today.
Call me back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How'd it go? Fine.
I need you to get your stuff off the Rouge.
I'm I'm leaving town as soon as my buddy.
Returns my bilge pump, so When are you coming back? I'm not coming back.
Well, are you really in the best emotional state to make Look, Jennifer, I'm a businessman.
Now, some of my business is above board, most of it not, but the point is.
It's all designed to benefit me.
And somehow, I've become the schmuck.
Who helps everyone else, and it just needs to stop.
- Yeah, but don't you think - Please.
Just get your stuff.
Come on.
Can't I just leave? Hey! Come on! You okay? There was some kind of accident.
At the intersection of mills and lumley.
At least one person injured.
Make that dead.
I don't have your pump, but you don't have to destroy the place.
Jack, you all right? I'm breathing, which is more.
Than I can say for this guy.
Gotta be a Trouble, someone that caush tcrngs from a distance.
No, it's some kind of pressure.
My ears popped.
Look at this.
His eardrums burst.
Watch face cracked.
It's pressure-proofed to 300 feet.
What It takes a lot more pressure than that.
To shatter car glass.
This was like Like a couple of thousand feet underwater.
Yeah, without the water.
Gotta love Haven.
Say you love Haven, Duke.
Dave? You all right? Get the f-fire ants off my neck.
My elbow's gonna explode.
What the hell is wrong with these two? Wait, confusion, itchy neck, joint pains.
They they're acting funny because of the pressure.
They got the bends.
I'm standing straight as an arrow.
No, you're really sick.
If we don't get you treatment, you're both dead.
Someone subjected the area.
To a crushing force, like being deep underwater.
It's Lexie "Do-it.
" - DeWitt.
- Yeah.
Anyway, from what I can tell, the pressure grew like a bubble, spreading outward.
Now there's less pressure on the edge.
And several thousand psis right around here.
Cars exploded, streetlights No, imploded, the glass flew inward.
Because of the pressure.
Any closed system a ball, or a bottle, or a car with the windows up implodes.
So does that mean that the people, that their lungs imploded too? Well, technically speaking, it's called a lung collapse, which makes the brothers teague very lucky.
What, they survived the pressure? Remarkably, yes.
They're tough old codgers.
But what got them was the decompression after the attack.
It's like when scuba divers come up too fast.
The bends.
How do you treat the bends? A decompression chamber.
All right.
Brought 'em down deep again.
Now we just bring 'em up slowly, and give their bodies time to expel the nitrogen.
Until thn, eey're drunk as skunks.
We ripped it wide open.
The micmac prophesized doom, Vincent.
What the hell are they talking about? I never know what they're talking about.
Shut up, Dave.
You look like a turtle.
Drag me to Haven.
Convince me to stay.
Offer me room on your boat.
How does this thing even float? Hey.
Did you just see that horseshoe crab.
With human-looking eyes? I mean, the barnacles on them No, it had human eyes.
But what do you care? You just want me off your boat.
Because you're bound for timbuktu.
Timbuktu is landlocked, and I'm not bound anywhere until Vince and Dave are okay.
What? There was a Trouble.
We got 'em to safety, but look, I just I wanted to come and say that I'm - I'm sorry about how I handled - You're so full of crap.
Do you know that? Wow, who taught you how to accept an apology? You saved my life, Duke.
You've saved Lexie's life, Nathan's life twice, and now Vince and Dave.
Am I missing anyone? I mean, there was the little girl with the basketball, but You are a hero, Duke.
You're the guy who sacrifices himself for other people.
That is why I have to leave.
Where have any of these sacrifices.
Gotten me or this town? The chances are that little girl.
Is gonna activate her Trouble next week.
And turn ten people into purple slime.
The point is I'm done here.
Let Nathan and Lexie be heroes, and just let me be me.
Is this about Lexie? No.
It isn't.
Then just stay for a few days.
Why? Never mind.
Well, it looks like our Troubled person.
Was near old Jill Nunis here.
The pressure damage on her body.
Is considerably more extensive.
Actually, I'm thinking The Troubled person.
Was in the car with her.
Other cars imploded, like you said.
The glass rained inward.
But this car's glass is all out on the road.
Right, so the pressure started inside.
Fresh mud on the floor.
Our Troubled person was Jill Nunis's passenger.
Any of the witnesses see who that was? No, but apparently, Mrs.
nunis here.
Nearly ran over Vince and Dave.
Moments before the pressure began.
So they probably saw our Troubled person.
Go sit down.
Take it easy.
Watch your step.
I know I'm new to this whole Trouble thing, but this is a deep-sea pressure curse.
Jack is a deep-sea diver.
Why is no one thinking of him.
As The Troubled person? Jack's a Driscoll.
No Driscoll has ever had a Trouble, going all the way back to the founding of Haven.
It's like saying that a man is pregnant.
Don't you have a bilge to get? Yeah.
Jack? And you can't, I don't know, pick up a new Trouble along the way? No one ever has.
Driscolls and Crockers have defended Haven.
For hundreds of years.
Leaving's a big decision.
It's easier than you think.
At least we still have Wade.
To carry on The Crocker family tradition.
My brother has your pump.
I'll see you.
Let him know I'm heading over there now.
I don't think Aiden's up yet.
I took him out celebrating.
You heard his wife's pregnant? Yeah, I heard.
Don't worry, I'll give your spot.
At the christening to Wade.
Hey, Duke.
God, thank you so much for helping - Vince and Dave back there.
- Yeah.
Hey, Duke, hold up.
Hey, you're a scuba diver, right? We could really use your help on this case.
You know, I liked it.
So much better when you hated me.
How the hell did we get here? Get where? I'm supposed to be the selfish one.
Now all I do is put my ass on the line for the two of you.
You're supposed to be the cops who protect this town.
But lately, the only people you seem.
To be protecting are yourselves.
What just happened? Do you think he knows about us? I don't know.
He might.
And what he said He's not entirely wrong.
He is.
Jill Nunis almost ran us over with her car.
We're pretty sure The Troubled person.
Was in her passenger seat.
Not possible.
She was with Jack.
The Driscolls aren't Troubled.
Jack? Jack.
Mud on his boots.
You were at the center of the pressure attack, but you weren't affected.
Guess I got lucky.
Maybe it wasn't luck.
All signs point to this being your Trouble.
What is it, April fools'? I'm afraid not.
We think that you caused this pressure.
No, I No way.
That's impossible.
It's happening again! Jack, you're doing this.
We've got to get out of here.
Make it stop! Nathan! Seal me in.
Nathan! Everyone all right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Look at this.
Ten times deeper than most scuba dives.
No wonder people are dying.
I know we said you were immune to The Troubles.
You usually are, but physical phenomena can still hurt you.
This can't be happening.
I'm not Troubled.
My Uncle was reverend Driscoll.
My family's pride is.
All about not being Troubled.
Listen, we'll figure it out.
I promise.
Okay, Carrie Benson.
Her Trouble changed.
Before, it only affected the women in her family.
Then she was kidnapped, and her Trouble spread all over the county.
This is what I was talking about.
Jack, there was a woman recently.
Whose Trouble changed.
When she was attacked by two men.
Were you attacked? I wish I could say no, but it's possible.
I-I-I passed out last night.
I was drinking with my brother Aiden, and then I woke up in a ditch.
By the side of route 4.
I-I hitched a ride into town with Mrs.
You didn't wonder how you got there? I've woken up in stranger places.
Take off your shirt.
They left a mark on their last victim.
Turn around.
There it is.
It's there.
Someone gave him this Trouble.
Go talk to Carrie Benson.
Make a sketch of her abductors.
Who are these guys that can just change the rules? And Trouble a Driscoll? I'm ready to read that journal now.
nunis nearly ran over Vince and Dave.
It it freaked me out.
Okay, so an emotional pressure.
Caused a physical pressure, but then it stopped.
What what did you do? I used a scuba breathing technique I know.
It helps you stay calm at depth.
All right, try that again.
It's working.
Hey, good, it's working.
Keep going.
So as he calms down, the pressure lessens.
And the worse he feels, the more it grows.
Don't think I'm gonna move too far away from this door.
It's all right, you've figured out.
How to control it now.
It? You mean my Trouble.
You'll be okay.
Never in a million years.
At least they got me and not my brother.
I'm not gonna have any kids, so the curse dies with me.
Aiden's gonna be a father.
Aiden's gonna carry on the family name.
We'd better find him, make sure he's okay.
Get up.
There's no sleeping here.
What am I doing here? My God.
I was abducted last night.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, no.
My brother and I There was these two guys.
Let me guess, their names were Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker.
Get moving now, or I'll have you cited.
- You're not listening to me.
- No.
You're not listening to me.
- Now I'm arresting you.
- Why? No, look, I was abducted.
Come on, why? You all right? What's happening? Aah! Aah! All units, officer down at founders' square.
Something's happening in the park.
Aah! - Aiden? - Jack! Stop! - Back up.
- Why? Just do it! Gotta move back.
Hey, hey, Jack, what's going on? I'll explain, but I need you to stand still, okay? Okay.
Did two guys attack us last night? - You were there! - Listen.
These guys, they They gave us both a Trouble.
What's happening here, you're doing it.
What? - My phone broke.
- Don't move! We'll save you! Jack! We can't leave him like that.
It'll make him feel worse, and the worse he feels, the more the pressure bubble grows.
Yeah, but we can't get near him, either.
Is there some way we could dive down to him? You'd need a very special suit, one that I don't have.
Until we figure something out, he's as alone as he would be.
At the bottom of the ocean.
Laverne, I need all available units down to founders' square.
We've got a full-scale evacuation to execute.
You got it, Nathan.
Come on, Duke.
Pick up.
You've reached Duke.
Leave a message.
Come on.
Blind spot my ass.
Laverne, we need to evacuate the 300 block of elm.
I think this thing's almost at the church.
We're gonna need more manpower.
As this pressure bubble grows, the area.
We need to evacuate expands exponentially.
That's the firehouse.
The generator must have exploded from the pressure.
The hospital, that has a generator, too.
Yeah, a big one.
If that thing goes, we're gonna lose half the town.
There's only one solution.
We need Duke.
- What for? - You know.
Duke has to kill me.
No, you can't start thinking like that.
We already have four dead.
If that hospital goes, we're talking a lot more than that.
But what if Duke killing you.
Doesn't cure Aiden's Trouble? Of course it will.
That's how the Crocker curse works.
Yeah, but you and Aiden got a new Trouble.
From guys who can change the rules.
I'm not just thinking about Haven.
I'm thinking about Aiden's baby.
I'll take the risk.
I'll die to make sure he's not Troubled.
You come to Haven, maybe not happy, but normal at least.
And given the circumstances, I'm moderately pleased to see you.
You're the one living Crocker I can halfway stand to be with But I know.
I have to get you out of Haven so you can live.
I sacrifice, like Jennifer said.
And yet here you are, dead and still in Haven.
You see, that's the thing about this town.
In Haven, you always lose.
So why even bother trying? Damn it.
Nathan, stop calling me.
Duke, it's Jack.
We found Aiden.
Come talk to me.
Look what's happening out there, Duke.
We can stop this.
I said, "No.
" Hey, Duke, I don't love the idea, but we - Who are you to talk? That man is willing to die to end one Trouble, while you You decided that your life.
Is worth more than all of The Troubles.
- So don't.
- Hey.
Your Trouble's gone.
How? We cleared the ambulatory patients, but moving the bed-bound is going to take.
More time than we have.
Well, do whatever it takes.
I don't want anyone near the hospital.
When that generator blows.
Thi-pressure bubble is over I thought it would have some kind of natural ending point, but it just keeps growing.
Bodies are gonna start piling up.
Or you could kill me.
- No.
- Hey, guys.
I've looked everywhere for Duke.
I can't believe he abandoned Haven.
Whatever cruel God gave us The Troubles, they designed the Crocker curse exactly for this situation.
Duke's not an option.
We need another solution.
We need a deep-sea pressure suit, but I don't know where to find one.
I do.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Don't worry, I'll be operating your suit from here.
- Where'd you get these? - I know a guy.
- You sure they'll work? - Hope so.
I've never worn one.
I went snorkeling once.
It's hard to move.
They're made for the bottom of the ocean.
You should be getting in the pressure zone now.
Should we check on that guy? At this pressure, he's already dead.
We're in deep now.
Not funny.
Wuornos, this is topside.
I'm I'm seeing turbulence in your air.
Check your line.
Wuornos, I lost your reading.
My line is leaking.
I can't breathe.
Get him out of there.
I'm pullin' him out.
Come on, Nathan.
I can't breathe.
I can't take your helmet off, either.
So let's get out of here.
Audrey, go on.
- But Nathan - I can help Nathan.
You have to get Aiden to stop this.
Go! We don't have a lot of time.
I can't breathe.
I need air.
Come on, you can make it.
Come on, Nathan, a little bit further.
And we'll be outside the pressure bubble.
I know you're chokin', buddy, but you take that helmet off here and you're dead.
Jack? Aiden, I'm here to help.
How can you help? - I'm doing this.
- It's true.
You have a Trouble, but you know what else you have? You have a brother and a wife, and they need you to stop this Trouble.
My friend is running out of air right now.
So listen to me, and I can help you.
Ten more feet.
Come on.
I heard you and your wife, you got some good news recently.
Come on, Nathan.
We're almost there.
We're gonna have a baby.
But what does that have to do with this? Well, that baby? That baby needs you to learn to control this.
I don't get it.
A Driscoll can't have a Trouble.
Okay, Nathan, we're outside the pressure.
Nathan! Just hold on a few more seconds! Some truths are hard to accept, but we have to accept them, or we hurt the people we love, the ones who need us to do it for them.
I can't breathe.
Nathan, hang in there.
What do I have to do? You have to focus and just breathe slowly.
To calm yourself, the same technique.
You learned as a diver.
You can do it.
It's working.
You did it.
Your Trouble's gone.
Did you kill Wade? I didn't have a choice.
What you said before Do you really think Audrey should kill me? How I feel about Audrey It's complicated.
But no.
I was angry.
I mean, I'm selfish, but I'm not that selfish.
That's funny.
In so many ways, you're the least selfish person I know.
Funny, that's the second time I've heard that today.
Who else said it? Someone a lot cuter than you.
First, you tell me to pack up and move out.
When you get your precious bilge pump.
And then you call me, "Bring your things back.
" God, make up your mind, businessman.
I can't stop thinking about it.
It's like you said to Aiden Some truths are hard to accept, but people need us to do it for them.
Haven needs us to do this.
I can't believe we're actually talking about this.
Jack Driscoll wanted to sacrifice himself.
To end one Trouble.
My death ends 'em all.
How can we walk away from something like that? Especially now that someone's altering the rules, putting Troubles in families that never had them.
You know what that means, right? It means it's getting worse.
Then how lucky are we.
That we can make everything better With one bullet? You're supposed to help people with their Troubles.
You're meant to do it karmically, remember? What better way than to cure them all forever? Mind if I bring your stuff back? Thank you.
I'm an idiot.
What's all this? It belonged to my biological parents.
I went to their old house, but it turns out.
They moved away a long time ago.
The new owner gave me the stuff they left in the attic.
Old family treasures? No.
Just old junk.
Jennifer? - Jennifer.
- My God.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on in, you're not interrupting anything.
Sorry, Duke.
Did you find your parents? Don't start with that, Dave.
Start with, "Sorry we abandoned you.
" You've just had a big day.
Sorry we got sidetracked.
Dave got you to read whatever that is.
This is the handwritten journal of the explorer Sebastian cabot, who spent the winter here in 1497.
With the local Micmac Indians.
Yeahoh, it's a fascinating account.
I'm sure it is.
Get out.
Much of what he writes is accurate.
To The Troubles as we know them today.
Cabot records an ancient micmac legend, a time they considered the blackest.
In their long history.
A time of great evil and suffering.
That started when someone opened an otherworldly door.
That shouldn't have been opened.
The door that Lexie came through.
- You tried to stop us.
- Yeah.
And you thought that when The Driscolls got Troubled, that this evil had come back.
I did, but for once, I can say I'm thrilled to be wrong.
- Well, mark your calendar.
- How do you know you're wrong? According to the legend, the great evil.
Has specific harbingers we haven't seen Horseshoe crabs with human eyes.
Um I've seen them.
What? Think of how many people died today.
Jill Nunis was married to Roger for 20 years.
They loved each other, just like us.
How can I go on living when that's the cost? Nathan's not picking up.
Yeah, I can't reach Lexie either.
Those crabs confirm the soft spot.
Has been ripped open.
The great evil is at hand.
An agony unlike we've ever known.
Is about to arrive here in Haven.
Okay, look, let's just calm down and think.
We need to tell Lexie and Nathan.
Maybe Lexie learned something in the barn.
About this great evil.
Before she stepped through that door.
Could be she knows something she doesn't even know.
She knows, you know? Does that make sense? Believe it or not, yes.
Then there's Duke.
He had to kill Wade, his brother, because Because The Troubles haven't ended, because you haven't killed me.
And his pain, the pain of everyone in this town, it's on us.
Maybe you can see it the way I do? This is the most loving thing we could possibly do.
I love you.
Well, that's all it says.
Great suffering, agony, evil.
Yeah, but what kind? It doesn't specify.
Well, does it specify something we can do about it? A solution to suffering beyond imagining.
Would be, you know, useful.
Well, the micmacs only gave cabot a riddle.
Now hang on, let's Let's see if I can find it.
"What was once your salvation is now your doom.
" That's it? Salvation is our doom? What do we think's our salvation? We think Nathan dying will end The Troubles.
That's our salvation.
But if this riddle is right, then Audrey can't kill him now.
I agree.
She'd better not.
Wait a minute.
Why did you call her Audrey?