Haven s04e11 Episode Script

Shot in the Dark

Previously on Haven This is Nathan.
He's the "way to my heart" guy.
When I cut his head open, I found this.
- That was in his brain? - Yep.
You this whole day, the black goo, all the delusions you infected my friends, and you put that mark on those people.
I'm just trying to get through to you.
- You're immune to The Troubles.
- Just like you.
I want you back.
Find the Troubled person, or the hansons die.
I wouldn't help you, not in this world or any other.
Yeah, you will, 'cause if you don't, more people are gonna die and people that Audrey Parker cares about.
William can't get away with this.
I didn't come here to talk.
So I'm gonna tell you everything you want to know about who she is and what we did, 'cause we are so connected.
Got the logo, coming around the van, and action.
Greetings, Seekers.
Welcome to Haven, Maine.
As always, I'm Seth byrne, joined by my steady hand behind the camera, Anderson Harris.
And we are The Darkside Seekers.
Say hello, Anderson.
Hello, Seekers.
It is I, Anderson Harris.
Welcome to hell.
- That's a weird voice, dude.
- Thanks, buddy.
We'll cut it out.
We've come to Haven to investigate a murder.
The victim was found missing his heart.
Think that's strange? Well, we thought so too.
Easy, there, big guy.
Walking's tough, huh? This is a new shirt, so that sucks.
Well, that's gonna smell good.
Okay, let's take it from the top.
No, no, we're fine.
I can cut around it.
- Yeah? - Yeah, man.
- Yeah? Okay.
- The magic of editing.
All right, well, your mustache looks good.
You ready? - Yeah.
- Clean.
Ready? - Yeah.
Hold on.
- Three, two - And Action.
This isn't the first strange thing we've heard about Haven.
If you know where to look, Haven is home to all kinds of paranormal activity, like haunted houses or shape-shifters, maybe even a golem.
But the law enforcement here, with help from the local daily rag, cover it up.
They say, "it was a freak accident," or maybe insect migration.
Or this is my personal favorite a gas leak.
I mean, a gas leak? I mean, what? How many gas leaks does a small fishing village need to have before they get new pipes? Is something a man might wonder.
Recently we've been receiving strange readings from our devices, which have led us to this house, where we hope to find clues to What the hell was that? Is there something in there? Dude, look, look, look.
Come on.
- Is the door open? - Come on, come on, come on.
- Please, come on.
- Seth, do not go inside there.
- Dude, we are going inside.
- I'm not going inside there.
Dude, you are going in.
The door is ripped off.
Don't go in there.
Oh, my God, dude, turn that off, please.
I get it.
- This thing actually works? - Yeah.
Hang on.
It's too dark.
I can't see anything.
Let me adjust the camera.
Oh, for God sakes, just hurry up.
- We want to find this.
- Okay, okay.
Really? Can can we get a shot of this? Look at the look at the space between the talons here, right? I'm guessing this thing is about ten feet.
And based on what we know about its feeding habits oh, God.
What happened here? Look at this.
Is that the lady's blood? Yeah, I know, I know, I know.
Just quiet, okay? Don't go in there.
I'm gonna go in there 'Cause I have to go in there.
- Get out! - What? - Go! Just go! - Aah! So what do you think? Well, it'd be a cute rental if it wasn't totally wrecked claw marks, smashed TV, the whole "bull in the China shop" motif.
- About the victim, Gloria.
- Abby banks schoolteacher, and from the looks of the rug, she just finished eating dinner chicken tikka masala.
Can we focus on what's still in the victim? Yeah, well, funny you should bring that up.
Okay, so we've got claw and bite marks here, there This is what spilled the dinner, but that's not what killed her.
Just like the last one we found, this Vic's heart is gone, like it was eaten right out of her chest.
"Eaten"? Yeah, well, they look like teeth marks to me.
Anyway, whatever this trouble is, it's big and mean, and it's - shh.
Don't be shushing me, silverback.
Hey! Well, what do you know? Another body found with its heart eaten.
Pair that with what we saw last night, and, Seekers, it looks like we found ourselves a rougarou.
Oh, I don't think that's how you say that.
Dude, can I do you mind if I just do this? Ready.
And action.
A rougarou is a supernatural creature out of ancient folklore.
A cousin of the werewolf, rougarous were once men, but are now monsters, driven to feed on the hearts of their victims.
What about the stuff she was saying to officer Bigfoot about Troubles? What are The Troubles? Great question, Anderson.
I don't know.
But it's obvious that they're trying to hide something from the outside world.
And as Seekers, it's our job to find out.
Find out what? You can't be recording.
This is an ongoing police investigation.
You're ruining the shot, dude.
You want to end up on wikileaks, huh? What about the claw marks? Why are you suppressing the truth? - Turn off the camera.
- Do not turn off that camera.
This is a public thoroughfare.
We can record what we want.
Since when is there no freedom of the press in Maine, huh? What are you, some kind of a fascist? What are you, a fascist? I wish there was something more I could do for Audrey.
Actually, there may be something you can do.
If anybody knows about this connection between Audrey and William, it's Vince and Dave.
How would you feel about going back to the herald and Doing the journalist thing, seeing if you can find anything out.
- Okay.
What are you gonna do? - Help Nathan.
He's torn up about Audrey, and I just I think he's gonna need someone backing him up Even if I'm not as cute as his regular partner.
I disagree.
- Be safe.
- Okay.
See you soon.
The bullet missed major organs, but I am not buying that you just dug it out.
- Is it in there? - Better if it were.
Could help staunch blood flow, like it's doing for that guy, who, save for the bullet, has the exact same wound.
I'll start getting an O.
What happened? William kept saying that we were connected.
I guess it's real Physically.
Look, if hurting him is gonna hurt Audrey, that is gonna make him very hard to deal with.
How long can we keep William sedated? I say we dope him up forever.
I'll stick the needles in myself.
Audrey, how are you? She's gonna be fine.
Oh, thank God.
Nathan, we need you.
Another person has been killed heart gone.
It's a trouble.
When isn't it? That's not all.
Some ghost chasers have come to Haven.
So what? Chase them off.
You know how to deal with outsiders.
Too late.
They've hacked into the herald's computers, and they now know about the heart eater.
They're calling it a rougarou.
But if they chase down their monster, - they'll find a Troubled person.
- Okay, okay.
We've all seen real Bigfoot housewives.
Nobody takes these conspiracy guys seriously.
But these Troubles are real.
And if these darkside Seekers find some evidence Then every government agency we know of, and some we don't, will be here, getting in the way of a deadly trouble.
That's right.
Nathan, you can't do the surgery.
So why don't you and Duke go solve this trouble? Make sure it doesn't kill anyone else.
That way, they won't have anything else to chase.
Do it for me.
Come on.
How are you really feeling? Vince You've known me as three people Sarah, Lucy, and this.
You know me better than I know myself.
Please, do you know anything about William? We don't, I swear.
This is uncharted territory for all of us.
William kept saying that we're connected, even more than this gunshot wound.
And when we were up on the hill I felt it.
There is something there.
And it terrifies me.
Audrey, what is it? William said that he and I are responsible for The Troubles.
They're here because of us, because of me.
I can't believe that.
I don't want to believe it either, but there's a part of me that Thinks he might be telling the truth.
- Have you told Nathan? - No.
Her name's jemma Greene renovates commercial properties, best friends with our last victim.
Phone records show she was talking to Abby just before the attack.
We'd been best friends since the day we were born.
I just can't believe someone would do that to her.
Someone or something? Hey, you two, out.
This is an active police investigation.
Hey, you guys, smile for the camera while you're oppressing our rights.
And arresting you? Okay, I will.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Calm down.
Okay? Look, I don't think anybody's gonna have to get arrested because that camera looks broken to me.
Oh, you playing bad cop today, ponytail? Just keep rolling.
He can't arrest us.
Yeah, I know he can't arrest us, which is why I'm gonna keep exercising my first-amendment right of free speech and ask you, Mr.
ponytail, don't you feel like grunge died in the '90s? Really? I'm trying to be nice to you.
I'm just trying to be nice to you.
Okay, I'm gonna kick his ass now.
Give me that camera.
Give me that camera! Give me that camera! Okay, okay, okay.
Don't shoot anymore.
It's not rolling.
Shh, shh, shh.
Everyone just stay calm, try to be quiet.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Let's get out the back.
- I'll take the lead.
Duke, here - Thanks.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's get out the back.
I like this plan.
I'll follow you.
Go, go, go.
Let's go.
Wait, wait.
I think it's gone.
Are you sure? Okay.
Let's get out of here.
Go, go, go, go, go.
- What is that? - Where is it? Where is it? - What is it? - Shh, shh, shh.
Okay, okay.
Get down.
Get down.
Go! Go! - Oh, my God! - Keep going! Come on! Come on! Get down! Get down! Where the hell is it? All right, all right, we got to go.
Come on, let's go.
That way.
It's okay.
Jemma, where are you? Nathan! Nathan! - Shh, shh.
- Where's jemma? - She was with you.
I lost her.
Nathan, I think I found the breaker box.
There she is.
What was that? Call it in.
I'll see what else I can find.
You two all right? Is she dead? You record any of it? Uh, no.
I, uh I was so scared, I'm Lucky I didn't break the camera.
That was crazy.
I mean, that thing just went right for her.
And when we got separated, I just I just panicked.
Hey, Seth.
- Yeah.
- Take a look at this.
You got it? Damn right.
I was up and running.
Look at that thing.
- We got it on camera.
- Yeah.
- So this arugula - Rougarou.
- And we don't know that.
- Oh.
Well, what we do know is what it wants, and that is hearts.
These other wounds like the gashed forearm, the missing fingers they're just defensive.
Why the heart? That's your job, detective.
I just figure out the what.
The why that's up to you and, uh, your honorary deputy over there.
I actually prefer consulting detective.
Oh, a Sherlock fan.
Well, what does your deductive reasoning make of this? Traces found in all the victims.
I'm gonna go with blood, Bob.
Well, you'd be 90% right.
But there's other stuff mixed in there, and I'm trying to separate it out with a centrifuge.
It's thicker than blood, sticky maybe saliva? I don't know, but it's from the Troubled person Which is why I've already put him for a rush on the DNA test.
Thank you, Gloria.
- Got it.
- The people have a right - Those little twerps.
- I hey.
I will handle this.
You'd just make things worse.
Meet me at the station.
I wasn't gonna do anything.
You want to see something cool? So where's the freedom fighter out seeking the truth? Thai food he gets hungry.
What do you want? Look, I saw the thing.
I know the truth.
I know what you're covering up in there.
And hold on a second.
People, man the people have a right to know the truth as well.
The truth is there's a deep, dark pond off route 9.
Nobody goes there.
Your buddy's not here.
Why don't we see if you can swim, huh? Hey, hey, you know you're not getting in there, right? Yeah.
And at this point, I don't care.
You know why? Because we have the footage.
We have real, actual footage of a supernatural monster.
And you know what else? And You are really gonna love this.
We have recordings of conversations among Haven law enforcement discussing a conspiracy to cover it up.
Can you believe that? So what I'm proposing is this we form kind of like a partnership? You let us tag around on the case.
We get enough footage to finish the episode, and then this little illegal conversation of yours it just accidentally gets left on the cutting room floor.
Here's my offer.
We take your equipment, put it on the ground, and you watch, politely, as I smash every piece of it.
From there, we grab your buddy on the way to the edge of town, and we light your van on fire.
And if you don't like that plan, I can always leave you inside the van.
Deal? Go ahead.
Smash my stuff.
And anyways, it doesn't matter because all of our footage is just automatically uploaded onto a secure server on the cloud.
So, sorry, buddy.
Dwight, just calm down.
Okay, I'm good.
What? I'm done pissing him off.
I was just trying to get under his skin so that he'd slip up and let us know where they're uploading their footage.
I can have Jennifer digging through those files by the time we get to the station.
Jennifer can do that? As far as I can tell, everyone younger than me can do that.
How's she doing? Still in surgery.
She's through the rough patch.
How are you doing? Right.
Look, I just I don't know.
Today it's a phantom bullet.
Before that, she was stuck in an alternate reality.
Every day I wake up, I think, "today is gonna be the day that I'm gonna lose her.
" But you Haven't lost her.
Look, Nathan, she is tough as nails.
More importantly, she has us.
She has you to protect her.
That's just it.
I don't know if I know how to protect her anymore.
- What are you talking about? - I William.
Her and William.
How can I protect her against that? How can I compete with that? Hey, let me explain something to you.
In case you've forgotten, she went into that barn.
She sacrificed herself for the one person that she loved most in this world.
That's you, buddy.
William he knows everything about her.
They have this connection.
He doesn't know Audrey.
You know Audrey.
So can we please figure out what the hell is growing claws and howling at the moon here in Haven? Do something to help her.
Victims aren't random.
Abby and jemma knew each other forever.
They talked on the phone every day.
What about this other guy Hank? How does how does he fit in? His birthday.
Jemma said her and Abby were best friends since the day they were born, right? So I looked into it.
They were both born in Haven hospital on the same day same day as Hank too.
What day? June 12, 1981.
June '81.
When The Troubles started up last time.
Call Haven hospital.
See if anyone else was born on that day.
Hopefully we can get to them before our trouble person.
Hey! We just celebrated Jennifer's birthday June 12th.
Where is she? Haven herald.
Let's go.
Jennifer! Jennifer! Duke.
Would you stop saying my name and just help me? Just calm down, okay? We've looked around.
There is no blood here, which means either Either Jennifer wasn't here, or she got away.
I found some more of that weird saliva stuff Gloria collected from the other bodies, but no blood yet.
That thing it hasn't taken any of its other targets.
It killed them right on the spot, so we got to believe that Jennifer's okay.
This is her phone.
We have no way of contacting her now.
We'll find her.
What if this thing is still after her? We don't know anything about it, Nathan.
I think we need to reconsider our deal with The Darkside Seekers.
You made a deal with those little weasels? No, not yet, but they have footage of this thing.
Maybe it'll help us find it.
Or the Troubled person who's causing all of this.
You're only coming if you can keep it together.
If anything happens to her, I'm gonna kill somebody.
I'm just trying to figure out if this is intentional sabotage or just sheer incompetence on your part, but either way, you have ruined the best piece of supernatural footage we have ever shot.
Yeah, I feel like if I didn't have to cobble together all the equipment down in your basement, - then maybe we wouldn't - Oh, oh, really? That's where we're gonna go? - Sweet van, guys.
- Great.
What, you didn't want to spring for the airbrushed unicorn? Which one of you g.
Joes gets to threaten us today? Uh, that would be me.
Actually, we're just here to talk about our deal.
Show us what you got.
If it helps with the investigation, then maybe we can schedule a ride-along.
There's something wrong with our footage.
It's corrupted.
It looks Like, grainy and pixilated.
It looks fake.
You think we're gonna buy that? Look, we all saw the creature.
Don't try to tell us it's not real.
Nobody's saying it's not real, all right? It's real.
It's just the footage that this genius shot we go live with that, we lose what little credibility we've got.
Do I look like I care about your credibility? Look, I'm just saying our monster looks like a million little black pixels, okay? - It's just worthless footage.
- Play it anyways.
Yeah, great.
Show them.
Take a look.
Be my guest.
See, when you zoom in, it just looks like little black pixels, like we just pasted the damn thing on there.
Give us a sec.
- Yeah.
Take all day, guys.
- Nice shot.
Those black orbs, whatever the hell they are that's what William used to turn us against each other.
And Audrey said William controls the orbs, been using them with Troubled people.
So William's behind this.
He created that thing.
So there's no actual Troubled person.
But why is William after Jennifer and all those people born in '81? Let's go to the hospital and ask him.
He's still unconscious.
I guess I'm gonna have to wake him up long enough to beat some answers out of him.
You stick with them and see what else they got.
Let's go.
What? What? William He's gone.
- I'm telling you, I feel fine.
- That's impossible.
No, the doctor he can't explain it either.
He says that all my internal stitches from the surgery are gone.
It's like I was never injured at all.
But if you're healed, does that mean? William is too.
Stan, how you doing? It was time to change his I.
When I unlocked the door, these two guys kicked it open and knocked me out I'm really sorry, guys.
Stan, don't don't worry about it, okay? There isn't anything you could've done.
The guys Stan saw one of them sounds a whole lot like your friend from the barn, the big one.
He just carried William out? One of the cops who got attacked outside he swears that William walked out of here on his own two feet, healed, just like Audrey.
Hello? Jennifer? Is that you? Jennifer, where are you? - Duke? - Jennifer? Duke, I left my cell at the herald.
Vince and I saw a monster.
- You're with Vince? - No, no.
Vince went to the archives to see if he could figure out what this thing was, but, Duke, it was huge, and the teeth it was horrible.
- Jennifer - I was just digging through some files like you asked me, and then all of a sudden, it's like I knew something was coming for me, like that "eerie eyes watching you from behind" feeling.
And then there it was outside like it was sniffing me out.
Jennifer, where are you? At an empty warehouse that Dave and Vince own at the end of canaan street.
Vince said that nobody knows about it and that I'd be safe here, but why is that thing after me? I want you to stay put.
We'll be right there.
Duke, I'm really scared.
I know.
Just sit tight.
Tell her we need a description.
Still Haven't got a good look at this thing.
Look, Jennifer, I want you to write down everything that you saw.
We're on our way.
Hey, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Write it down, like I could ever scrub that image from my mind.
All this, uh, jury-rigged equipment you haul around have you found anything in Haven with it? Yeah, we've had a few beeps, but nothing I can officially confirm why? I have a friend who's in some danger, and we got nothing.
Do you have, uh, anything in here that can help me with this? What is that? It's fluid from the victim's blood, but first we run some tests.
And then we get the scoop? Okay.
All right, fine.
Just give me a few moments to warm up the cells, and you have got yourself a deal.
What's up with this obsession? I mean, right now most people they'd be running for the hills.
Well, to tell you the truth, it's not my first time in Haven.
I used to summer here with my family when I was a kid.
And you saw something? It was summer, 1983.
We were all out at the beach.
I was playing down by the water with some local kid.
All of a sudden, this man just comes up out of the ocean.
He walks right towards us.
He grabs my friend, and then he just pulls him back out into the waves.
I was so scared, I-I couldn't even yell for help.
I sat there for an hour just staring out into the surf.
He never came back up.
Neither did the kid.
I should've done something.
Ever since then, I have spent my life trying to find something, anything that might explain what I saw that summer.
And when I read that story about the heartless corpse, I knew I had to come back out here.
I had to find the truth.
Well, saved by the bell.
All right, equipment's ready.
You? Sure.
Spectral imaging.
That is a no.
Gauge Nada.
Geiger counter Come on.
No, it's still nothing.
All right, let's try something different.
I built this little baby myself.
I call it an electrical polarity guide, an e.
It's a modified cathode.
It monitors inverse charges in the molecular field.
Let's see.
Show daddy what you can do.
I mean I mean, look, it may not look like much, but I know what I'm doing trust me.
Okay, so this thing can tell us when the rougarou is close? Yeah, I guess so, theoretically.
I told you.
Duke? Okay, I'll be right there.
Okay, I need that machine.
Ahah, well, you know, this is a patent-protected device.
Let's just go.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I don't understand.
What does William want with me? June 12, 1981 is that your birthday, right? Yeah.
William's been going after everyone born on that day.
That was the day The Troubles came back during the last cycle.
We know it has something to do with Jennifer's connection to the barn.
- Why'd you bring them? - No choice.
They got some gadget that can help us locate the rougarou.
It measures the polarity of a Something.
Yeah, thank you.
Basically this is a monitoring device that I built that, um Yeah, it's a box, tells you when the monster's close.
Turn it on, the gauge moves in this direction, then that means that It's close.
- No gun.
- Sorry.
I don't think bullets would take this thing down anyway, not if William's behind it.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I I lost the signal.
I don't know.
Maybe it's moved on.
Well, then what are we waiting for? Let's get out of here.
Okay, it's making a different sound why? I don't know.
It's definitely not the rougarou.
Whatever this is, it's giving off the exact opposite reading.
It's coming from you.
What? Whoa, whoa.
Are you serious? First some monster wants to eat my heart out, and now I'm some kind of paranormal phenomenon? Jennifer, where'd you get that book? This was just in a box of old junk that my birth parents left behind.
No, that's not junk.
Seriously, I've read this, and it makes twilight look like faulkner.
No, I-I gave that to agent Howard before I came to Haven.
If you found that at your birth parents' house, that means Wait, he must have wanted her to find it.
That's not just some cheesy paperback.
It's something more.
Now what? I don't want the magic beeping book.
- You should keep it.
- Please, Jennifer.
Agent Howard is somehow linked to this barn and now this book and now you.
Guys, we should go.
So it's me and the book together.
That's just perfect.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Everyone stay together! - Again with the lights? Anderson, give me that camera.
Use the other one.
You up? - Yeah.
- Keep rolling.
- Yeah, I'm rolling.
- Keep rolling.
Heads up, heads up! Get Jennifer out of here! - This way! - Over here.
Oh, God.
Is he okay? Yeah, he's all right.
Anderson, go with them.
I'll distract it.
- Go, go.
- Over here! You sure? He's all right.
He's just out cold.
It doesn't want him.
It wants Jennifer.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Hey! Hey! Hey, you overgrown fur ball, over here! Come on, we got to help Duke get it away from her.
Come on! Come on, come get me! Listen, we're gonna get you out of here, okay? Okay, yeah, you might, but that thing's trying to eat me! No, we're not gonna let it.
See, there seems to be some kind of connection between you and the book.
Okay, maybe those readings maybe they'll help us find a way to stop it.
Can we please talk a little quieter? Come on! I can't run with a camera! Come on! Come on! Aah! Move, move! It's right behind me! - Come on, let's go! - I'm coming! Hey, this way! Come on, you son of a bitch! Come on! Wait, wait, where is he? Seth, let's go.
Move it.
Where where is it? Where is the book? Oh, my God, I dropped it.
It's over there.
We need that book.
- No.
- Okay.
Wait a minute.
You can do this.
You can do this.
Okay, all right.
- Hey, hey.
- Jennifer! Get back here.
Get back here.
Get the damn book! - Aah! - Watch out! Watch out! What just happened? Where'd it go? Jennifer! Jennifer? Are you okay? Yeah.
What? How's Dwight? Is he gonna be okay? Oh, so it's "Dwight" now? Not "Bigfoot"? I'm serious.
How is he? Paramedics said he'll be fine.
It's just a mild concussion.
What the hell happened in there, huh? Maybe the opposing frequencies created a compressed static field, and I don't know poof maybe? I'm sure that's what happened.
Well, that's reassuring.
What you did in there for Jennifer, if you hadn't okay, let's not make a big deal out of this, detective.
I don't think I'm quite ready to start being praised by the men in black.
So where you off to next loch ness, Atlantis? Oh, come on, you don't really believe in that stuff, do you? Don't encourage him, Nathan.
Between the footage they gathered and all the information Dwight so foolishly leaked, it'll take every trick we have in the book okay, don't give yourself a heart attack there, cronkite.
We are not going to be releasing the footage, not ever.
Why not? Well, even though you and your brother are sloppy, you're uncreative, you have utterly laughable passwords, what you do for this town is really important.
What all of you do is.
- These people they didn't ask to be, you know - Troubled.
- Exactly.
They just are, and turning a group of innocent people into a sideshow attraction, it's not exactly why I set out on this search.
I found out the truth.
That's enough.
Anyway Hey, your cameraman, Anderson is he on board too? Well, he's still trying to wrap his head around it, but knowing him, yeah, he'll feel the same way.
Good luck.
Keep that luck for yourself.
You're the one who's gonna need it.
So is this your first time destroying a supernatural monster with a magical book? Yeah.
How do you feel about dating Hermione? Well, you know, we all have our stuff.
I snore when I drink red wine.
Yes, you do, very loudly.
Very loudly.
How are you holding up? All things considered, I'm fine, but, yeah, still confused.
This book you guys seriously can't see the guard symbol? It's orange.
It's glowing.
How can you guys not see this? It's meant just for you.
That's why even I can't see it.
Maybe it's a message from agent Howard.
What does it mean? Why is a guard symbol on the cover of that book? Nathan You still feeling okay? A couple hours ago, you had a hole right through you.
Physically I feel great.
But then again, that probably means William does too.
He killed innocent people and made it look like a trouble all just to get to Jennifer.
Hey, guys, come here.
I found something.
I think it's like a riddle.
I just opened the book, and it started glowing.
"In times of great evil, the child of ruin must find the heart of Haven and summon the door.
" Sounds like a creepy zeppelin lyric.
What's a child of ruin? I think it's me.
That's why William wants you dead, because because I can summon the door.
And send William through it.
To where? To wherever he came from.