Haven s04e12 Episode Script

When the Bough Breaks

Previously onHaven That's not just some cheesy paperback.
It's something more.
"In times of great evil, the child of ruin must find the heart of Haven and summon the door.
" What's a child of ruin? I think it's me.
That's why William wants you dead.
Because I can summon the door.
William he knows everything about her.
He knows where she comes from.
They have this connection.
I don't know if I know how to protect her anymore.
William kept saying that we're connected, that he and I are responsible for The Troubles.
They're here because of us, because of me.
- Have you told Nathan? - No.
- Great game.
- What's that awful sound? - I don't hear it.
Do you hear that? What? Perimeter's all clear, Nathan.
You got to admit, this place is easy to defend.
- We can see anyone coming.
- That's exactly why I use this place I mean, for business.
But mostly as a space of, like, reflection and solitude.
Stan, remember, if you see William, you do not shoot.
Copy, all due respect, boss, for, like, the 16th time.
I'm reminding myself too.
I don't think that William's coming.
I think that maybe because Jennifer has that book, he can't hurt her.
- The book is a book like the barn was a barn.
It's some of otherworldly instruction manual that Jennifer and only Jennifer can use to summon the door between two worlds.
I think that book exists to deal with William.
That's why his rougarou died when he touched it.
That book is showing us how to get rid of him.
So we find the door between the two worlds, and we shove him right through.
And lock the bastard out for good.
Well, that explains why William wants you dead.
I'm gonna have to start cang you Obi-Wan.
You're our only hope.
Duke's right.
You're the only one that we can banish William from this world.
But I think now that he knows that you have that book, he's gonna try to step up his plan.
So step one find the heart of Haven.
Anyone? Yeah, we never heard of it.
- Three dead bodies.
- It's got to be William.
You find that door, we won't have to deal with this much longer.
Are you sure the book's not telling you anything else? I think it only reveals instructions one at a time.
Right now all it says is, "find the heart of Haven," and I turn the page, and it's just the guard symbol that sort of fades in and out.
Fading in and out.
I know somebody with a guard tattoo that does the exact same thing.
Three victims spread around town, all died within a minute of each other, around 10:15.
Older man, a younger man, a younger woman - all unrelated.
- Mm-hmm.
There's got to be some kind of connection.
I'll go chop 'em up and see.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, no problem.
Same as the car-wash girl both victims seemed to hear something right before they died.
Some kind of death-whisper Trouble.
But three bodies at one time, that's a lot.
Yeah, it has to be.
No, I mean, William.
Hi, there.
You son of a bitch.
You feeling better? I healed us as fast as I could.
You did this.
You killed those people.
Well, I don't want to brag, but sort of, and it's just the beginning.
Bodiee gos ara start stacking up like cordwood.
That's a confession.
Put your hands behind your back.
Arrest me, and people will keep on dying.
No? Good.
You need my help to solve this Trouble.
Follow me, alone, and I'll show you how.
Parker, hey.
Nathan, what's he gonna do hurt me? He's killed three people already.
We need to figure out how he's doing this.
The cabot journal was right.
A soft spot between worlds was torn apart by that door.
We have to put William and all the evil that he brought with him back on the other side.
What is the heart of Haven? We don't know.
But in the book, Jennifer is seeing a guard symbol that fades in and out, just like I've seen yours do.
Oh, what? My symbol it's been acting strangely.
Normally, I control it, but it's begun fading in and out on its own.
- You never told me that.
- You didn't tell me you ate the last of the marmalade last night.
That's not the same thing, Vincent! Gentlemen, the tattoo? You're doing it together.
The symbols are glowing in sync with each other.
It's signaling you.
But I have no idea why.
So Audrey Parker thinks I'm evil.
Well, she's just a shell.
And I want to free you from that prison.
Just tell me how to stop this Trouble that you caused.
That I caused? That's charming.
You caused it.
I just tweaked it.
It was always your favorite, 'cause it was just so darn deadly.
- Oh, I don't believe you.
- No? Well, here's the plan for today I'm gonna introduce you to a Troubled person.
You're gonna see that the usual "Audrey Parker tricks" don't work, and then here's the best part you're gonna have to give someone a new Trouble to fix things.
You want me to give someone a Trouble? Yes, it'll be like sleeping in your own bed again, and I'm betting, when you do, you're gonna remember who you are.
How does me giving someone a Trouble fix the one that's already killing people? Well, we used to set up complementary Troubles to see how they'd interact fire and ice, that sort of thing.
Jordan caused pain, and Nathan can't feel her.
And this one is a sound Trouble, so you're gonna have to make a silence one.
She's a natural.
I will never give a Trouble to solve a Trouble.
I'll find another way.
No you won't.
You didn't.
- What a beautiful baby.
- Thanks.
Oh Cry.
- Is she okay? - Oh, my gosh.
You were always such a clever Troublemaker.
Before the incident today, when did your boy last cry? Around 10:15.
He was hungry.
Okay, Ben, listen, I know that this is gonna be hard to hear.
Aaron has it the harker family curse.
It's not supposed to start before puberty, but somehow he he got my Trouble.
I thought William made this Trouble.
No, he just he triggered it in the baby.
"Never let a harker cry, lest near or far people die.
" So harkers don't cry.
Generation after generation, we teach our children not to cry.
I Haven't cried since I was 11.
But Aaron is four months old.
How do I get my boy not to cry? Okay, where is your baby now? With his mother, breast-feeding.
Okay, listen, I need you to tell me everything you can about this Trouble.
We cry, people die, near or far.
What more is there? There's got to be more, all right? I need you to think.
We can't just teach your kid not to cry.
We need to have some other kind of option.
My great Uncle had down syndrome.
They couldn't teach him not to cry before puberty.
All right, so what'd they do? - Come on, Ben.
- They cut his vocal cords.
Is that the kind of solution you're looking for here? - No, it's not.
- I'm sorry.
I need to see my boy.
- Listen - Hey, we need to talk.
Hey, we need to finish questioning Ben.
What is going on? - I - What did William say to you? Whatever it is, we can deal with it together.
Maybe not this time.
Maybe you won't you won't want to.
Talk to me, Parker.
For so long, I've wanted to know who I am me Before Audrey, before Lucy, before Sarah.
And then William comes along, and he has some answers.
And who I am Is a woman who used to love him.
You're not that person anymore.
- You have me now.
- I don't deserve you.
He says that I started The Troubles, Nathan.
All those years ago, I used to love William, and he and I created The Troubles together.
We would give them to people together yours, everyone's.
And now he wants me to do it again.
William told me that the only way to help the baby is by creating some kind of Trouble that'll stop his cries from killing people.
And if I do that He says if I give someone a Trouble, then I will remember who I am.
You are Audrey Parker.
You don't give people Troubles.
You save them.
The first born in my family always had this mark, going all the way back to the founding of Haven, and more.
The Teagues have mi'kmaq blood.
You call it a tattoo, but really it's a birthmark and a birthright.
It designates me to be protector of Troubled people.
That's why you're the leader of the guard.
That's my sacred duty.
Okay, but your symbol blinks in rhythm with this book like you're supposed to show us the heart of Haven, - and you have no idea? - No.
- Unless What if I'm the heart of Haven? - Oh, please.
Does your egotism know no bounds? Hang on.
It's not a bad question.
Jennifer? If he was, I think I'd have a new set of instructions by now, but No luck.
So what kind of birthmark does the second born get? Oh I have no Teagues blood.
Like you, I was adopted.
Well, that explains a lot.
All right, so the woman at the park was about 50 feet from the baby.
But the tennis player was six Miles away.
Other victims spread around, near or far.
The more information we get, the more random it looks.
There has to be a pattern.
We just Haven't seen it yet.
There isn't.
Believe me.
Oh, Benny.
God, Benny, I'm sorry.
Hi, mom.
Oh, you're Ben's mom? Stepmom.
I was married to Ben sr.
For 20 years, God rest his soul.
Gloria raised me, and she's been an amazing grandma to Aaron.
So you know about the harker family curse? You think marriage is tough until you fall for a guy who can't allow himself to cry.
It brings new meaning to "emotionally unavailable.
" How can you be so sure there's no pattern? There's got to be some way to stop this.
Oh, I've been here before.
I tried to figure this out.
I didn't want to have to teach Ben to never cry.
So you researched the harker family Trouble? Yeah, we laid into the history.
We went back as far as we could.
We worked nights, weekends for years to find a way.
It's a dead end.
Every Trouble has rules, some connection.
There there has got to be some sort of logic.
The logic on this one is brutal.
Victims die randomly and in droves.
It hasn't been this ugly since 1901.
Hundreds hundreds of people died in Haven and the surrounding counties.
The old herald had to run a bogus story on Spanish influenza.
Okay, but it stopped.
Somebody stopped it.
I'll give you one guess how.
They killed a Troubled person.
You show me somebody who has the heart to murder a baby, and they're gonna have to go through me first.
So you know what? Just, like, rev up your Trouble-solving machine or whatever she is, and just find a way to save my grandson! William says that you need to give someone a silence Trouble tneuto ize the baby's deadly cries, but, no, Gloria's right.
You are a Trouble solver.
You're immune.
So what happens if I hold the baby the next time he cries? Exactly.
He does that when he's tired.
He usually cries rig befoht he falls asleep.
It's okay, Aaron.
You don't have to cry.
You're gonna be safe.
Ashley? Ashley? - Oh, my.
- Oh, my God, Ashley.
My wife is gone, and I can't cry.
Tell me what to do.
I need something to do.
You stay strong for your son.
Well, it, uh, looks like her heart just stopped Similar to the others.
The baby's cries killed two people his mother and some guy in a warehouse across town.
Listen, Gloria, just let us get somebody to cover for you.
There's no time for that.
I'll do it.
There's too much to take care of.
I'm here to take care of you.
I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
- In the good ear, love.
- Oh.
I'm afraid we're gonna lose him.
I know.
I know, I know, I know.
Lincoln Gloria's worse half.
Nice to meet you.
I think the baby could use some grandpa Lincoln time, okay? Yeah, all right, honey.
- So he knows about the - The Troubles? Hard to live with Gloria doing what she does and not know.
To think I lived in Haven for 60 years before I discovered its secret.
I'll go sit with Ben, hmm? - I love you.
- Mm-hmm.
Ben thinks we have about an hour and a half till the baby wakes up.
All right, listen, I'm gonna go down to theherald.
I'm gonna take a fresh look at the archives and see if there's some kind of pattern that you may have missed, Gloria.
Maybe with the new d.
, we can find some sort of connection.
Well, you got about 90 minutes to prove me wrong, and I hope you guys do, or we're gonna have another plague like 1901 on our hands.
We will figure this out.
I'm gonna check out the d.
At the warehouse.
Hey, Duke.
What do we got? Huh? I've always wanted to say that.
You think killing innocent people is funny? Oh, I'm not the murderer here.
Now, I know he looks cute and all, but if you ask me, I think the baby did it.
I was actually hoping I'd bump into your partner here, but you can take her the message.
This all stops when she makes the right decision.
The right decision? You're out of your mind.
And you're out of your league.
You have no idea about the larger picture.
It it's like trying to explain physics to a goldfish.
Now, you can do whatever you want with Audrey Parker.
Go steady, take her to the prom.
I want the original.
She only is And always will be Audrey Parker.
And yet, when you shot me, she bled.
That's a level of intimacy you can't comprehend.
You don't know the first thing about love.
When I break your connection to Audrey, I'm gonna put you in the ground, and it will hurt.
Hurt like this or like this? Aw, you feel me just like you feel her.
That's all you can do.
You can throw punches, but you can't turn Audrey into something she's not.
Clearly she thinks I can, or she wouldn't be stalling.
A Troubled baby whose cries kill people? That's the worst thing I've ever heard.
- Yeah.
- Hey, go help Audrey.
I'm not leaving you here alone.
Alone? Half of the Haven p.
Is outside, there's a getaway boat on the dock, and I have the, uh, badasses of checkers as well.
Look, I just don't know about this.
Plus, I have this.
I'll be fine.
Go help Audrey.
We will look for the door here however we can.
And then maybe tomorrow we can just have a quiet brunch, - do the crossword.
- Whoa.
If you think that we are gonna be like some flavored-coffee commercial, you clearly don't know me.
I know you, Duke.
- All right.
- Okay.
That's me.
So what's so important that you couldn't tell me about it on the phone? Gloria's right.
It's completely random.
I can't stop the harker curse.
I never could.
I faced it before, and I failed.
Now, in about 25 minutes, that baby wakes up, starts killing people.
All right, so the going theory is that William's giving out Troubles because he thinks the original Audrey liked it.
And he wants you to remember her.
If that's true, does that mean that you and William Did you make The Troubles in the first place? Yes.
And now he wants me to do it again.
He wants me to create a silence Trouble that will stop these deaths and save the baby.
So you called me down here to grant you permission to give someone a Trouble? Audrey, you can never do that, no matter what happens.
He is trying to get you to shove that needle back into your vein.
There's no recovering from that.
You don't trust me to hold on to who I am? I don't trust The Troubles.
They are deep and dark, and they take the people you love away.
No one's taking Audrey away.
Do it.
Trouble whoever you need to to make this stop.
I know you're strong enough.
You're not gonna turn into whoever William wants you to.
I believe in you, Audrey, but if you turn back into some female version of William If that happens, forget The Troubles, forget babies that kill people.
We are screwed on a whole other level.
I knew you'd come find me here.
It's our place.
So you ready to give someone a Trouble? No.
I've decided to kill the baby.
That's not what I was expecting.
Oh You're bluffing.
You want to see what I'll do? Let me be plain.
The harker clan is large.
Baby Aaron has eight cousins under the age of ten.
If you kill that baby I'll activate each and every last one of them.
And you would do it too.
Because you're important and because I love you, I have to corner you into making a Trouble.
All right I'll do it.
You have no idea how happy this makes me.
- This isn't about you.
- Oh, don't ruin the moment.
Just tell me what I need to do.
Giving someone a Trouble requires an alchemy of three things.
First, a strong intention.
What kind of curse do you want? And use your imagination.
Two, the person you choose is key.
I mean, who are they? Are they a good match for your intention? Now, the curse, or intention, is shaped in here.
You're giving them a release.
It's a gift.
I'll never believe that.
Yeah, you will.
Finally There's this.
Think of this as the breath of life.
Put it in your hand, put your hand on a customer, and wait for the party.
Intention, person And Black ball of stuff.
This is gonna be amazing.
I can't wait.
You're not invited.
How about a kiss for luck? Come any closer, I'll punch you in the face.
It'll be worth my own black eye.
Intention, person, evil black goo you know, jacking up somebody's life shouldn't be this simple.
But it's not that simple.
Aaron's gonna wake up and cry at any minute, and I've got to come up with some kind of silence Trouble.
What's that mean, okay? What's my intention? The d.
At the warehouse, right before he died, he said he heard a baby cry.
That's five Miles away.
So the sound travels supernaturally.
It's still just sound.
So You want to give somebody, what, a "bubble of silence" curse, and then stick the baby inside of it so that the the evil sound never leaves its throat? A Troubled version of cutting his vocal cords.
But a lot less cruel.
Okay, I wasn't really suggesting that.
Okay, but who do I Trouble? Help me think.
Troubles are always related to the people that have them.
Right, Jack Driscoll was a deep-sea diver.
He developed a crazy pressure Trouble.
- Oh.
- What? Well, you weren't exactly the most emotionally expressive kid in school.
Now you're numb.
- You're a sponge.
- Wasn't derogatory.
Who can best manifest this bubble of silence? Maybe somebody who's mute? Yeah.
Or someone who can barely hear.
Are you out of your mind? I definitely heard that in both ears, my dear.
Now, how about we let Audrey continue? I don't want to hear another word.
She wants to ruin your life with a Trouble.
I don't want to do any of this.
It's just our only option left.
I think you know that.
So, with my poor hearing, you think I'll have a Trouble that silences things, and can save little Aaron from killing people.
I understand all that, but can you really give me a Trouble, brand-new, with the ribbon still on? I think so.
Oh, I didn't think that was possible.
Neither did I till a couple days ago.
- King me.
- A cheat deserves no crown.
King me.
I got next game.
- Vincent.
- Hmm? Your birthmark.
Oh, my God.
Are you doing that? I think it's the book.
It's moving like a compass, and the figure's the pointer.
It's always pointing in the same direction.
What's it pointing at? The lighthouse.
Maybe the lighthouse is the heart of Haven.
You sure you're ready for this? Yeah, I'm a tough, old goat.
You'll never hurt me.
How do you feel? It feels strange.
It, uh, tingles.
Okay, well, I think it it worked.
- What's that noise? - What? My ears! Oh! It didn't work! Everything's turned to noise! Let's get the baby out of here.
Something went wrong.
There was nothing I could do.
There was just too much noise.
He cried a lot.
What happened in there? It's not your fault, Ben, okay? It's mine.
Here Why don't you just, um, try to give him a bottle? Okay.
Five more bodies.
Stay here.
Please Tell me your name.
Audrey Parker.
I-I-I really Never mind.
We'll get through this.
Um, what happened? I did what you told me to do.
I gave a sweet, old man a Trouble, and it didn't work.
But you gave him a Trouble? Yes.
Instead of eliminating sound, it made everything sound strange.
But it's pretty great.
I mean, your first try, after all these years, you made a sound-related Trouble? Ah.
When you did it, did you feel anything? I felt terrible.
And I didn't help the baby.
Try again, and you will get it right.
Why are there six in here? Troubles are more of an art than a science.
That's why we like them so much.
Look, that baby's almost done his bottle, and I know Audrey Parker wants to help.
You're close, I promise.
Keep going.
And when you're back, you're gonna kick yourself for not having more fun.
Is Lincoln okay? Give me the box.
I have to keep trying.
You know, I'm fine if you want to lie to that scumbag, but you're not gonna lie to me.
Lie about what? You felt her.
You felt your original self And you liked it.
This is the heart of Haven.
There's been some kind of lighthouse here as long as anyone can remember.
No stairs, no ladder how do we get up? Well, looks like we're out of luck, then.
- I think we should go down.
- We're not out of luck, Dave.
You can hoist me up to that ledge there.
You know how hinky my back is.
Guys, seriously, why don't we go down the trap door? What door? You don't see the trap door? No.
Then we definitely have to go down there.
I think going down there is a really bad idea.
Come on, Dave.
Come on! It was terrifying.
It was, like, the worst jolt of just evil when I touched him.
And I think that some deep part of me liked it.
Which is why you can't do this.
The temptation is too much.
He will get you back.
You won't be Audrey Parker anymore, and you won't care.
But I do care.
I care about you.
I'm not gonna let you do this.
How do I justify what I did to Lincoln? I can't just give up.
We'll stick him in a soundproof room.
We'll something.
We will find another way.
All right, but I am not gonna hurt that baby.
No, you're not.
You're gonna hurt me.
I know about the Crocker curse.
Kill me.
It's really dark down here.
- I I think I have some matches.
- I knew it.
You said you quit smoking five years ago.
- Holy jumping - I think we have found the heart of Haven.
Four people.
To summon the door, we need four people one for each spot.
Okay, Ben, listen, that's really noble of you, but - hang on.
Are you sure about that? Am I sure I Want to leave my son without any parents? No.
But I don't know another way.
I'm sure she didn't tell you, but Gloria considered the Crocker family curse a-a great blessing.
Why? It cured her family of the Trouble.
One of your ancestors killed one of hers.
I want to take this Trouble to the grave.
All right.
Take the baby up to the house.
We'll meet you there.
Are you crazy? You just told me that I shouldn't Trouble anyone else, and now you want me to re-Trouble you, give you the Crocker family curse so that you can kill that baby's father? No, we've been down that road before.
Hey, I don't like it either.
But he is volunteering And so am I.
You can't go on troubling person after person until you get it right.
Body count's just keep climbing.
You know me.
You know my curse.
I mean, just One more hand slap, and we're done.
I mean, it's It's that, or you kill the baby.
No, Benny.
No! It's the only way.
No, it can't be.
All The Troubles you've solved in this town This is your plan to strip me of my family one by one? Listen, Gloria, it wasn't my idea.
Well, then think of something, okay? Just think of something, something that won't make my grandson an orphan.
He'll have you.
That's not enough.
He needs you.
You called the Crocker family curse a blessing when it cured your family of their Trouble.
You know, I don't even know what it was.
I don't know either.
How great would it be if Aaron's kids didn't know about this curse? You raised me as best you could, and I love you for it.
I need you to teach Aaron how to live and how to feel and how to cry without fear.
We are so close to getting that door.
We find the right four people, we can put William away, and life becomes manageable.
That's still the plan, okay? I-I have to get back up there and do this.
No, you have to explain this to me.
I understand that people are dying and there's a baby, but why do you have to be the hero this time? Because I'm not a wild card like Gloria's boyfriend, because the Crocker you see is the Crocker you get.
Yeah, exactly.
The Crocker curse do you really want to go through all of that again? I don't want to.
I have to.
I am gonna be fine and just as annoying as when you first met me.
This isn't funny, Duke.
None of this is funny.
This is horrible.
And I'm horrible for feeling this way, but I don't care.
Jennifer, stop.
I know you're scared.
After this, you and me we will still be okay.
No, I was with you when your brother died, after your brother died, everything that you went through.
Look - no.
No we were supposed to have our flavored-coffee commercial tomorrow with all of this stuff behind us William, that stupid door.
We still will.
And we'll make a toast to your family curse.
Are we doing this? Yeah, we're doing this.