Haven s05e01 Episode Script

See No Evil

Previously on Haven The Troubles are still here.
- How much more can people take? There's a lot we don't understand.
The only thing that's the same is that you always help the Troubled.
You always look the same, but you have a new person's memory each time you return.
You were Lucy.
Before that, Sarah.
Before that, we're not sure.
You got to get this idea out of your head that you're here to fix the Troubles.
Why do you think you're the one who has to come back to haven over and over? The real you? You made the Troubles.
- My original self, her name was Mara.
You don't know what's happening inside you.
Your family has been absorbing Troubles into it's blood for generations.
Every Trouble, all crammed in there, becomes something more deadly than Mara and I could ever imagine.
William's giving out Troubles.
Cry - Die.
- I have to stop these deaths and save the baby.
Now you want me to re-Trouble you so that you can kill that baby's father? - You felt her, your original self, and you liked it.
Audrey's started turning back into the woman that William's been waiting for.
We have to put William and all the evil that he brought with him back on the other side.
I have to do this, Duke.
I'm the only one who can.
- This, I want to do myself.
- I knew you were in there.
- Jennifer, get that door closed now.
Jennifer! - We never should have opened the door.
William wasn't who we should have been afraid of.
She's not breathing.
Jennifer! - What's happening to Duke? - He's as good as dead.
Now, who's going to help me got William back? Mara.
Did you know that baby's bones stay rubbery for the first two years of their lives? That could come in handy growing up in Haven.
- You really gonna raise him? - Aaron lost both his parents today.
You bet I am.
Hey, little guy? Oh.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, come here, big man.
Okay, I got ya.
I got ya.
It's all right, Vickie.
His family's Trouble is gone now.
Aaron's cries can't hurt anyone anymore.
- This is the longest the Troubles have ever been in Haven.
What if it stays this way forever? - We'll cope.
Haven always does.
- Here, let me try.
- No, I got this.
I got it.
I haven't got this.
Vickie, what am I doing? Which lunch box do the cool kids have? When do I give him his first iPhone? Oh, my god, by the time he's ready for the sex talk, I'm gonna be 80 years old.
- Let's try something.
- Whoa, no.
What are you doing with that? - Gloria, you know I don't use my Trouble, ever.
Desperate times.
- Vickie.
Vickie? - That was not me.
- ls it an earthquake? Oh, God.
Vickie, are you sure? - It's not my Trouble doing this.
I swear.
- Wow, that lighthouse just can't catch a break.
- Oh, my god.
What if there were people in there? Jennifer, where are you? Jennifer! Jennifer, can you hear ma? Duke.
Duke? You all right? - Yeah, I think so.
- What happened? - I don't know.
Where the hell are we? - Last thing I remember, we were in the cave underneath the lighthouse.
- I swear, living in this town is like being a blackout drunk.
Jennifer! - We got to find the others.
- Straight to voicemail.
- Listen, what happened to you back at the cave, man? Why were your eyes bleeding? - I'm not sure.
- We should get you to a doctor.
- Oh, really? And what kind would you suggest? Ear, nose, and throat? - Haven has doctors who know about the Troubles.
- Forget it- Just We'll cover more ground if we split up.
Just call me if you find anyone.
Jennifer! How the hall did we get here? Never mind that.
Just a little further.
We're only a mile or so from town.
- I told you.
We should never have opened that door.
- Oh, stop that.
William is gone, and you're still here.
All your doom and gloom didn't come to pass, as usual.
- How can you say that? - I know you've been shot, and I'd be more sympathetic if you hadn't been shooting at mo.
Audrey! Audrey! - Nathan! - Audrey.
Oh, thank God.
I was afraid I'd lost you.
- The handsome ones just don't have to be very smart, do they? - Mara.
- Ta-da! Hmm.
- Did you bring us here? - To this garden spot? No.
That door must have been made to blast everyone away.
Obnoxious thing.
- But how? - You haven't seen Jennifer, have you? - Why do you want Jennifer? - Why do you think I'm going to answer any of your questions? - What? - On.
You think she's still in there, don't you? Nope, not one iota.
I have all of her memories, though.
Lucy, Sarah.
So much annoying clutter.
Look, the reason I want to find Jennifer is because I have a job for her.
I have to continua my work.
All of these little gifts that we've given you have turned out to be so much better than I could have ever imagined.
And the new ones the new ones are gonna be exactly what I need.
- Why do you need the Troubles? - Why do you carry one of these? Get ready for a lot more of them as soon as I get William back.
- Please - Parker.
- My name is Mara.
And stop staring at me with those wet eyes.
The last 500 years have been torture for me.
And the worst part was being Audrey Parker.
- No.
Audrey is stronger than you.
- No, she's not.
Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer! Duke! Over here! - What the hell happened to you? You're cuffed.
- Just get this thing off.
- Yeah.
Uh - You seen anyone else from the cave? - Vince and Dave landed somewhere a couple miles outside of town.
Dwight just called to say he's on his way to meet them at the hospital.
Nobody's heard from Audrey or Jennifer yet.
- Mara hurt Jennifer.
- Audrey turned back into Mara.
Well, that explains the cuffs.
- She got my phone, my gun too.
- She say where she was going? - Back in the cave she said she wanted William back.
Now she's looking for Jennifer.
- She needs Jennifer to open the door.
What if she already found her? That's probably why Jennifer's not answering her phone.
Damn it.
- What about you? Back in the cave you were bleeding.
- It's nothing.
We just need to get back to the lighthouse before Mara makes Jennifer open that door again.
let's go.
Come on.
It's all gone.
- The door self-destructed after it blasted us out.
- Lighthouse took the brunt of the earthquake.
Minimal damage to the town.
- You seen Jennifer Mason? - I haven't seen her.
- But? - I'll ask around.
- This is impossible.
The first time the lighthouse collapsed, we rebuilt completely to code for earthquakes.
Then when it was hit by the meteor, we double-reinforced the new walls.
- Yeah, well, third times the charm, huh? - They'll never get the town council to approve funding to rebuild again.
The insurance rates alone, and the liability.
If anybody died in there, this whole damn town is going to go bankrupt.
If he only knew.
at the bottom of the ocean, what's her next move? - Get William back.
But that's your problem.
I'm going to find Jennifer.
- Hey, what happened to her, in the cave? After she shut the door, she collapsed.
- I don't know; she got dizzy.
You try operating a supernatural door to another dimension using a vampire novel and a positive attitude.
You know, when I do find her, we are gonna take a very long trip and not send a postcard.
- Let's go, people.
We need to get search and rescue divers down there before we lose all this debris to the current.
- Bill.
- My eyes.
What's happened to my eyes? - Thanks.
- He isn't Troubled.
Someone did this to him.
- Mara said she was gonna give people new Troubles.
This is her way of distracting us.
- Mara can Trouble people? - If she's got William box of black goo.
- How do she and William know so much about the Troubles anyway? - They were in Haven before.
- I got to put an APB out on Mara, I'll talk to Vince about getting the guard involved.
- You go after Mara, she's gonna fight back.
- What, you're afraid about civilians getting hurt? - Or someone gets trigger-happy.
That's still Audrey's body.
Is it? I mean, we're gonna risk all these people's lives, but what if what if Audrey isn't in there anymore? - She is.
I'm gonna get her back.
- Seam pretty sure about that.
- I am.
Just need some time.
- Well, forgot it.
- Look, look I know.
- He's gonna be a mess until we find Jennifer.
- Back in the cave, I thought I heard duke say she wasn't breathing.
- He was in pretty rough shape, too.
Seems fine now.
I don't know Maybe what happens in the cave stays in the cave? - Nobody's seen Jennifer.
One of the firemen, a half hour ago, he said he spoke to Audrey.
- Okay, how is Mara pretending to be Audrey? - She has all of Audrey's memories.
- Ah, perfect.
- Fireman also said she was asking about Jennifer.
I mean, if the doors gone what does Mara need Jennifer for? - Mara called it "that door.
" maybe there's more than one.
Multiple doors to hell? Even more perfect.
- When Mara and William came to Haven in the past, maybe they got here some other way.
- You think Jennifer might know? I mean, she led us to the lighthouse in the first place.
- Look, I'm gonna plot where we all landed and try to figure out where Jennifer might be.
- I'm gonna need some manpower.
- I'll get some people on it.
- We should talk to Vince and Dave.
If Dave really has traveled through these doors, maybe he knows something about it.
After everything we went through, and we lost Audrey after all.
- No, I can tum her back.
I just need to find Mara before Dwight gets the rest of the department involved.
- You haven't told Dwight who Mara really is-what she did? - No, there's too many people who would love to get a hold of the person who started the Troubles.
I don't want to put Dwight in that position.
- Well, perhaps Mara isn't as dangerous now with William gone and the door destroyed.
- That door.
I'm afraid there might be another.
- What? - Did Dave aver tell you how he came from wherever he came from? How he got back and forth? - Apparently Dave doesn't tell me much at all.
What about Cabot's journal? The Mi'kmaq legends in it led us to the cave under the lighthouse.
Maybe it says something about another door.
- I don't remember anything else.
I'd have to go through it again.
- Okay.
Where is it? - Dave said it was stolen, but I'm sure he hid it.
- So we have to wait for him to wake up? - No, no, no, I'll find it.
I'm his brother.
I know all his hiding places.
- Vince you okay? - No.
Can you hear ma? - Chief.
I heard you were out at the lighthouse.
Do you know what kind of Trouble it was? - I'm sorry, I can't talk about it.
- I understand, but people in the guard are scared, and no one's heard a peep from Vince.
- His brother was just shot.
- Just, when you get a chance, talk to him.
- Hey.
- Hey, I talked to Bill Stevens' doctor.
She said the leather sutures around his eyes are surgically impossible to remove.
They can't get a knife through them, any knife.
- Okay, talk to Bill- See if he remembers anything that can help us.
I'm gonna head out and look for Mara.
- Man's not behind this Trouble.
Whoever is, is more dangerous than her right now.
- No one's more dangerous than Mara.
- Nathan.
Is there something you're not telling me? - No.
- Come on, Jennifer, where are you? - Excuse me.
- Hey, Audrey.
You want the usual? - Black, like drinking oil out of a Styrofoam cup? Sounds tempting.
But I'm actually here on police business.
- Oh, really? What's up? - I need to see inside of your stockroom.
- Why? - Do I need to come back with a warrant? - Don't be ridiculous.
It's right back here.
I'll show you.
Here it is.
Not much to see.
Just restaurant stuff.
So, uh, look, this isn't about that little incident last year, is it? 'Cause, I mean, it's legal now in Maine, you know, even without a prescription.
- Move this for me.
Come on, let's see those muscles.
- What are you looking at? I don't see anything.
- You wouldn't know what to look for.
People rarely do.
- Audrey? Ow.
- What's up-You okay? - Shut up! What's wrong with it? - Look, Audrey, I don't know what you're talking about, but, like, what are you trying to do? - Never mind.
Oh, you know what? Give me your car keys.
Come on, let's have them.
- You know what, you're acting really weird.
Audrey, I'm gonna call Nathan.
Stupid pot-head.
Carl, what you got? We've been putting the word out about Jennifer like you asked.
No one's seen her.
But I just got a call from a buddy of mine.
Fishing boat came across a bunch of debris from the lighthouse.
- What kind of debris? - They're still trying to gather it up.
No bodies yet, but-- - Call me when you got something.
- Okay, if we can't say the earthquake brought down the lighthouse, we're gonna have to come up with something.
I don't know.
You're the engineer.
What the hell? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, hey, it's not her.
It's not her.
- On the map I've been working on, it's-- Jennifer could have landed near here.
- Sam was shot in the head.
A tourist trying to pick up a coffee said he saw a woman leaving in his car.
Mara - Luckily it wasn't someone who recognized Audrey.
We'd never be able to keep this quiet.
But why would Mara shoot Sam? - Maybe this means Mara doesn't have Jennifer yet.
- Wuornos.
I'll be right there.
Vince has Cabot's journal.
Let's go.
- He hid it behind king tut.
At least something about Dave is predictable.
Does it tell us anything? - About other doors? - Ah, not a door.
That's why I didn't see it before.
Cabot transcribed some of the oldest Mi'kmaq legends in the original dialect.
Very ancient.
Would be impossible for most people - to translate it into modern English.
- Vince.
- Oh, of course.
Anyway, the Mi'kmaq speak of special places where the veil between worlds is stretched thin.
When one of these thin spots is opened travel between worlds is possible.
- Maybe that's what Mara was doing at Sam's, trying to open one of these thin spots.
But what went wrong? Why didn't she retrieve William? She can't do it by herself.
She needs Jennifer to open up the door, just like she did back in the cave.
- On.
- How many of these thin spots are there in Haven? - Well, the landscape has changed quite a bit in the last 500 years.
But the Mi'kmaq drew a map-- I made copies-- That show where they believe five thin spots to be.
One of them coincides with the black house coffee spot.
Another with the lighthouse.
Leaves three.
If Mara opens one, we're in trouble.
Duke and I will stake out two.
I'll get Dwight on the other.
If we're right, maybe we can get ahead of her.
- Yeah, if I find Mara first, she's gonna regret ever having gone after Jennifer.
It should be right here.
The rock.
Tide's too high.
All right, Mara, I'm ready for you.
- How much do I love your Trouble? Musket balls, bullets.
I think one of your ancestors actually took a cannonball right in the chest.
Ultimate cannon fodder, right? - Damn it.
This one's sealed, too.
Two thinnies sealed is not an accident.
Someone did this.
Who? Which one of you naughty little children figured out how to seal a thinny? Tell me, or you'll wish I Tasered you again.
- You sew me up, I won't be able to tell you anything.
- Sew you up? What are you talking about? - The Trouble you gave.
You've been sewing up people's faces all day.
- Not me.
But I might be able to work with that.
- Why are you doing this? What do you want with us? - Aw.
Poor, Dwight.
Always so loyal, always trying to do the right thing.
And always the last to know.
There's a lesson in that.
I can't wait for you to learn.
- What are you talking about? - You know the skin on your lips is the most sensitive on the entire body? - Okay, you're kind of starting to weird me out.
- Still getting used to this whole feeling thing.
- Yeah.
- Back when you kissed my cheek that was the first time in years that I felt another person's touch.
I hope you didn't feel too weird about it.
- Why would I feel weird? - Exactly.
- Wuornos.
- It's me.
- Dwight? - Yeah.
Backup phone.
Mara ambushed me.
- You okay? - Yeah Took my Taser, and a fair bit of my pride.
- You're lucky she didn't kill you.
- Yeah, I think she was having too much fun electrocuting ma.
- Did she get the thin spot opened? - No, but she called it a thinny, couldn't get through, said it was sealed.
- Thank God.
Was Jennifer with her? - No, I don't think Mara knows where she is.
But she thinks one of us is trying to keep the thin spots sealed to keep her away from William.
What if it is Jennifer? She's tho only one who could open and close the door in the cave.
- She was the only one who could open the door when we had to get Audrey out of the barn.
You might be on to something.
- Okay, head out, coordinate with Duke.
Tell him your theory.
- Can't do it.
not behind the sewing Trouble.
- Mara is important, Dwight.
- So is everybody else in this town.
I got to stop this before somebody dies.
- Dwight, just be careful.
Jennifer's a genius.
She's been one step ahead of Mara this whole time.
- So why hasn't she called in and told us she's been sealing the thin spots? - Mara has access to all the same resources as officer Audrey Parker: police radio, call phone tracking.
Jennifer can't take the chance that Mara would know what she's up to.
- Okay, Mara knows that Dwight's location is sealed.
That means she's on her way to one of us.
Be careful.
She took down Dwight.
- And I will never let him hear the and of it.
If you have ever wondered who needs more sleep, babies or old people, the answer's old people.
- Sorry.
I was going through police archives.
I found four cases in 1929, victims sewn up just like we saw today.
Only happened for a week, and then suddenly stopped.
- Mm-hmm.
Intern? - Shh.
Aaron's finally sleeping.
- Ha-ha, lucky him.
Okay, there you go.
One victim, 1929, suffocated to death.
- I'm surprised the coroner's office keeps files this old.
- Oh, Lucassi saved them all.
I heard he was working on a screenplay.
But if nobody's been sewn up since 1929, why would the Trouble all of a sudden come back today? - Won't know until I find out whoever's doing this.
- None so blind as those who will not see.
I know you felt that.
And I bet I can make you feel this.
- Guess I'm not the only one having a bad day.
- It's about to get a lot better.
- What makes you think that one's gonna be open? Yeah, I know about your thinnies.
They're being sealed.
- Do you know how they're being sealed? - Why do you think I'm gonna answer any of your questions? - Because I'm the one with the gun.
- That's the only thing you can threaten ma with.
You didn't cause that sawing Trouble.
You haven't given anyone a Trouble since you've been here.
- Work now, fun later.
- Sending us off to stop a Trouble would have been a great way of distracting us from coming after you.
I don't think you can do it.
I think William's box of black goo is still in that cave.
- It's not goo.
It's Aether.
What? - Aether? It's the essence of the void.
It holds everything together.
Or pulls it apart.
Depends on how you want to use it, really.
And I have plenty of it.
- Then why haven't you used it? Because William hid it.
That's why I need to get him back.
Unless unless you want to help me find it.
I promise, I'll kill you last.
- Really? - Fine I'll kill you first.
- Audrey won't let you hurt me.
I know she's still in there.
- How many times do I have to tell you? She's not.
- Then when you came up behind me, why didn't you just shoot me in the back and get it over with? - When I get that thinny open, you're going to wish I had.
- The dolls? Ugly as hell.
But can't throw out a family heirloom.
- They're more than just dolls.
The stitching's identical to what's been happening to people all over town today.
You know anything about the Troubles, Henry? - My family doesn't have anything to do with that.
- You recognize these man? - No.
I I don't know either of them.
What did this? - In 1929 four people were sewn up just like these men.
All four of them worked for your family.
- Someone in my family did this? I'm sorry, Henry.
I hoped you'd never have to find out.
Chief Erickson, I'm Colette Barrow, Henry's mother.
- Mom, why didn't you tell ma? - Our Trouble hasn't been active for generations.
- Who was the last person in your family to have the Trouble? - My great-grandmother, Constance.
But when she died, the curse seemed to die with her.
- How'd she die? - Official story was that she tripped and fell down the stairs, broke her neck.
- And the unofficial story? - Far more scandalous.
Apparently Constance had brought a man home.
A tenant farmer.
No one could imagine how the two had met.
Some believed he pushed her down the stairs.
- Why wasn't he prosecuted? - A trial would have meant publicity.
My family swept it all under the rug.
And after that night, the monkeys never sewed again.
So why are they sewing now? Check it out.
The "x" marks every place I've looked for Jennifer, and there's an overlap at the lighthouse, too, where Mara first caused the sewing Trouble.
- Now, if we can figure out-- - Dude, dude, Mara didn't cause the sewing Trouble.
It belongs to the Barrow family.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, hadn't been activated since 1929 when Constance Barrow was murdered.
I checked.
Your grandfather was the prime suspect.
- No, but if he killed her, the the Barrow Trouble should be gone, eradicated from the family line forever.
- So why is it back? The first victim was at the lighthouse.
Over here is where Carl McDonald drove his truck off the road.
- Carl? I just spoke to him.
Oh, my god.
- What-wh-what are you thinking? - The Barrow Trouble.
What if it's me? What if I'm the one causing it? - You're causing the Barrow Trouble? How? - My blood.
All the Troubles my family ever wiped out.
In the cave William said that they're all in ma now.
- So when you killed the grass, you think that was a Trouble? - I don't know which one, but yeah, must have been.
- Yeah, but you're not bleeding now, okay, so why are people still being sewn up? - I was still bleeding when I got thrown out of the cave.
It must be enough.
- How many Troubles do you have inside you? - Crackers have been killing for a long time.
Okay, so what you're telling me is that you have hundreds of Troubles and any one of those could just pop up at any time? - How- I don't know, Dwight.
Look, we just have to find Mara.
She created the Troubles.
She's got to know how to and them.
- Mara created the Troubles? - Yeah, I thought you knew.
I just figured Vince or Nathan would have told you.
- No, they didn't.
- Can I wake him? - Good luck, darling.
He's been all over that morphine button.
- What are you? Don't do this.
- You're trapped here.
I guess Jennifer is more powerful than you thought.
- Jennifer? Oh, please.
She doesn't have the power to do this.
- I don't believe you.
- It's not a lie worth telling.
- Then why were you looking for her? - She's a conduit between worlds.
I can use her to send a message, tell William which thinnies I've opened.
She's a convenience.
I've got another one I need to try.
Let's go, Mr.
- That one's not gonna be open either.
You can't get William back.
But I will get Audrey back.
Jeez Louise.
You just don't get it, do you? What do I have to do to prove to you Audrey's gone? - There's nothing you can do.
She is still in there, and she loves me.
Our love is stronger than anything that you and William could ever-- I'll always love you, Parker.