Haven s05e02 Episode Script

Speak No Evil

Previously on Haven Jennifer! What happened to her in the cave? What's happening to Duke? Last thing I remember, we were in the cave underneath the lighthouse.
Duke? You're causing the Trouble.
How? All the Troubles my family ever wiped out, they're all in me now.
We have to find Mara.
She created the troubles- she's got to know how to and them.
- Chief, people in the guard are scared, and no one's heard a peep from Vince.
We should never have opened that door.
She started turning back into the woman that William's been waiting for.
- My name is Mara.
The Mi'kmaqs speak of special places where the veil between worlds is stretched thin.
She called it a thinny.
Couldn't get through, said it was sealed.
Mara shows up, she's not Audrey anymore.
She's a killer.
- We know what you can do.
- The drawings affect things.
It's Aether.
William hid it.
That's why I need to get him back.
- But I will get Audrey back.
- Audrey's gone.
- Our love is stronger than anything that you and-- - Hey, answer your phone once in a while.
Dwight's got a couple of cops over at my spot looking for Mara.
I got to tell you something.
All the people getting their faces sewn shut? Well, apparently that's me.
- What? - William told me that every Trouble in a person that was killed by a Crocker-- Well, they're all in me now.
It's okay, you know? I-I- I'm just gonna stay Zen, try to keep it in check till I can figure it out, which is gonna be impossible while I'm trying to find Jennifer, but it's fine.
How was your day? - She shot me.
- What happens when they buy the vitamins, but they don't feel better? - 30-day money-back guarantee.
- But nobody actually does that, right? People who think they need vitamins-- They're lazy.
- Okay I'll cross you off the list.
Thank you, ma'am.
Um That's for everybody.
- Oh, don't worry.
I'll return it.
You know, I absolutely love your outfit.
- Yeah, well, you got to go to Boston to get it-- I knew you can't feel, but you were shot in the chest.
You need to get to a hospital.
- Bullet missed my lungs, went through I'll be okay.
- And you know too much about getting shot.
- I gotta go.
- Slow down, tiger.
- Remember that black blob you saw floating out of the police station? Mara called it Aether.
Says there's more of it hidden in Haven.
William knows where.
- How much of it? - I don't think we want to find out.
- Did she say anything about Jennifer? - Yeah said she doesn't care about her.
That Jennifer can't close thinnies.
- Where the hell is she? - Hey.
You gonna be okay? - Yeah.
- You? - Yeah.
Missed my bones.
I can move.
- That's not what I meant.
Audrey She she shot you, Nathan.
- Mara shot me, not Audrey.
- Vickie.
- Hi, Audrey.
- Hi.
So you're eating That.
- Just means an extra yoga class.
- Yoga.
That fetid room full of sweaty bodies? It's like a camel house at the zoo.
Listen I need you to draw something.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- Thought my drawings were too dangerous.
- No.
Only to the clumsy.
You'll be fine.
And I will be right there to help you.
How's Dave? I don't know.
I don't know a great deal about Dave, now.
- Terrible when you find out people you trust are keeping secrets.
- What's wrong, Dwight? - Why didn't you tell me Mara was responsible for bringing the Troubles to Haven? - Audrey told me in confidence.
It wasn't my place.
- It's totally your place.
You're the leader of the guard.
Unless you don't trust me.
- Of course I trust you.
You're like a son to me.
- I just didn't want - What? - I didn't want you to look at Audrey differently.
- Audrey is Mara, and right now Mara is doing everything she can to destroy this place.
- But Audrey and Lucy and Sarah before her never wanted anything but to try and help people.
- You could've-- - It was a judgment call, and I made it.
- Colette Barrow called me.
People having their face sewn up all over town today- it's an old Barrow family Trouble resurrected.
- Colette called you? - Unfortunately, Reverend Driscoll's old buddies figured out that it was a Barrow Trouble, too.
- What did those goons do? - They nailed a dead raccoon to their front door, for now.
Should put some guard protection on their house.
- Okay Why do some people in this town make things worse? - Because they're scared because there's no end in sight to the Troubles.
- Lady stabbed in the eye next to the bulletin board.
- Dwight, wait.
Do you know which Barrow is causing the Trouble? - None of them.
- Duke is.
- Duke? - There's a lot of stuff going on out there, Vince.
Guard needs a leader.
Matthews to cardiology, please.
Matthews to cardiology.
I used to paint.
A lot of people did before TV.
- You're not that old.
- A lady never tells.
What's wrong, Vickie? - This spot I never see it change, but somehow, I think it keeps changing.
- You have a good eye, Vickie.
That's why you like to draw.
Look at what your drawings can do.
They're not just drawings.
They can sculpt your world.
When I return, you shall be spared my wrath.
Bye, Vickie.
Ugh! - Audrey, are you all right? Can I help you? - I'm afraid you can't, Vickie.
You are an early modal.
I need something with real oomph.
I need to make a new one.
- A custom order.
- What? - I really do like you, Vickie.
She hasn't called, so I'm thinking maybe she landed in the water and it fried her phone, now she's stuck on some beach somewhere.
- I look for birds.
- Yes, you-you look for birds.
I get that.
But what I'm asking is, did you sea anything out there? Lighthouse debris? - Birds are over the cod.
I fish cod.
- But what I'm asking is- - I look at the birds.
- I'm not upset at you.
I'm not upset at you.
- Tell the Coasties.
If she's stranded on some beach somewhere, they'll find her.
- Right.
That's not a half bad idea.
Yeah, I need a coastal search.
Duke Crocker.
No, it is not contraband.
It's a person.
- What's wrong with Audrey? - What else did she say, Vickie? - That she needed to make someone with oomph.
Then she told me she really liked me and shot me with a Taser.
- She's sick.
Just go get yourself checked out.
- I'm okay.
I'm going back to work.
My swipe badge that gets me in the morgue- Audrey took it.
- I'll send a unit to pick you up.
- Okay.
Oh, God.
I hate rats.
Why are you doing that? - Gloria? Yeah, put the shotgun away, little Joe, and get me out of here, please.
- Gloria.
Why are you hiding? - Because your gal pal came creeping in with intern's pass, and it didn't seem kosher.
New, where's intern? - Vickie's fine.
Where's M Audrey? - Well, ugh, "Audrey" heard you coming on her radio, and when she saw you pulling up with that cannon, she peaced out.
I bet you she'll be back, though, because I got what she was looking for.
I always wondered about these little buggers.
Ah-- You want to tell me what's going on with Detective Parker? - Hey, what you doing? - Using some of my friends to look for Jennifer.
Just like you're using your department to look for her too, right? - Yes, and more.
Listen, let's get out to the Barrows, try and figure out how this Trouble of theirs, and now yours, works.
- I'm not going there.
- Duke - Look, Troubles happen when people get upset, which is what you are making me right now.
This is my happy place.
I'm staying right here.
- Half an hour ago, an entire Coast Guard cutter crew had their eyes sewn shut.
That was you.
Boat hit a bait dock at 12 knots, so your happy place isn't working.
We gotta solve this.
Anyone finds Jennifer, I'll know.
- I'm back in one hour.
- You can work on your happy attitude on the way.
- Ah.
You're awake.
- Where have you been? - Getting you a few of your favorite things.
Bear jerky from Curtis.
Mmm, mmm.
And the latest issue of "Jugs Ahoy.
" - I'll take a tab.
I'm so thirsty, Vince.
- Sure.
But let's talk about a few things first.
- You can't extort me with soda and pornography, Vincent.
- Yes, I can.
We both know that.
Now you said you've been there, to this void.
I woke up one night on the beach.
First I thought I was sleepwalking.
Then I realize I was being pulled.
Pulled toward an opening full of that awful green mist.
I went through, Vincent.
- Through to where? - I don't know.
I don't remember anything-- Nothing of what happened there.
I just remember waking up back on that beach in terrible pain.
Pain like I have right now.
I had these same injuries the last time I came back from the void.
Something from the void wants to hurt me, and I think it came into the cave.
Tell the State Coastal Commission the lighthouse failed due to saltwater corrosion.
- Must be getting hard explaining what's happening here to the world.
- It's harder explaining it to the people who live here.
- Oh, boy.
- Damn it.
- He's not sewn up.
- No, he's beat up.
- Why? - I'm gonna ask Vince the same question.
I need an ambulance.
That means that that brunette FBI agent who said she was Audrey Parker, she's the real, original Audrey Parker? - Eh Probably.
- And this Mara woman or whatever she is, she's been, what? Like, wearing our Audrey as kind of like a disguise all this time? - Yeah.
- You know, I met a guy on Match.
He said he was a He was a 5'3“ mitten salesman.
Anyway, I'm sorry, Nathan.
- Audrey was so real to me.
- She was real to me, too.
But Mara is realer.
Glock 9.
- She used my gun to kill him.
Oh, incoming.
Thank you - What happened? - Well, it's a weird one, even for Haven.
The cops think she was done in by a pencil.
- Mara did this, too.
- And I got two Coast Guard guys coming in who didn't make it.
And Vince wants to see me.
I tell ya, Haven keeps a coroner busy.
I'm interviewing nannies, so I will be renegotiating my contract.
- All units, if you see Detective Parker, tell her I have what she was looking for at the morgue.
She just needs to find me, and I'll give it to her.
- The Barrow family is all gathering in Henry's room.
We're trying to get an O.
ready, but it's been a busy day.
- Can I talk to the family? - You're the bees.
Catch the bastards who did this.
- We caught a break with the whole family being here.
Someone might know how this Trouble works.
- Yeah.
You know what? Give me a sec.
I-I-I'll catch up to you.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
- I wanted to see if maybe a woman was brought in here.
Black hair, 5'2".
Might have been in an accident.
- Let me check.
- Thank you.
- Might take a minute.
We've been crazed.
But if she came in, Holly will know.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God, Holly.
Help Woman on PA; Nurse Gallup, room 312.
Nurse Gallup, room 312.
I've told you everything I know.
But my father, he was a boy when the sewing was happening.
He might be able to help you.
Papa's old.
- Mr.
Barrow? - Yes? - I'm Dwight Hendrickson.
Chief of police in Haven.
- It's nice to meet you, Mr.
- We're gonna catch the men that did this.
But first, I need to talk to you about your family's Trouble.
The one that sews up people's eyes and mouths.
Your daughter Colette, she told me that you might be able to help me figure out what triggered this.
- Lettie has a wonderful imagination.
When she was six, she used the rose garden on our east knoll to build an entire make-believe city.
Homes, schools, roads, a dance studio.
- Mr.
Barrow the Troubles are activated by an emotional state.
Was anything happening back then? - Her village even included a-- A r-a river.
She used the garden hose to make it.
- Dad.
- Yeah? - Can you help him? It's important.
- When I was 12 years old, I had sailing lessons every Sunday.
I didn't know we had no money.
Then the sailing instructor stopped getting paid.
He came by to tell me we were broke.
But His mouth was sewn shut before he could say anything.
- Sewn shut by what? - We had three stuffed monkeys: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil.
- I saw them on your mantle, with the same stitches as the victims.
- Somehow they-they were active.
Back then, if you didn't have good news for a Barrow best not say anything at all.
- And if someone did? - They were sewn.
- Nurse Holly's resting, but after that, some nurses are talking about leaving the hospital.
- We need them here.
- Are they any good blind or dead? We need help.
- I can get emergency volunteers.
- I'm talking about the Guard.
Our Guard.
Where are they? Where's Vince? We need the Troubles to end.
- I'll talk to him.
- Wait Your friend asked about a dark-haired woman.
We got a D.
An hour ago, found her washed up on Eatons Neck.
- Got a name? - Jane Doe.
No I.
- You knew her? - Her name's Jennifer.
Jennifer Mason.
How long has she been dead? - A while.
Paramedic said no fluid in her lungs.
She was dead before she hit the water.
- These are Dave's? - Yes.
- Jeez.
The bruising is extensive, and the ligament damage is severe.
I mean, it almost looks like he was twisted into pieces.
- Who did this? - I don't know.
- So whoever did this could be walking around town right now? - I don't know.
- Well, I suggest you find out.
I'm not night fishing until you do.
Man! - So what do you think? - It's a start.
- Oh, that's high praise from a Wuornos.
- Yeah? - I got your message.
You have my Aether from the morgue? - Yeah.
- I want you to leave it at- - No.
I'm going to give it to you face-to-face.
- First of all, what makes you think that I'm dumb enough to go where you would pull a gun on me? And second, come on, haven't you suffered enough? Every time you see me, you look like you're going to cry.
Even when I don't shoot you.
- I need to make sure you use it to leave Haven forever.
- Hmm, no.
Not going to do that.
- I am gonna give you one of those little black blobs.
One- use it for anything other than opening a thin spot and leaving, and you will be stuck here with nothing.
I am letting you leave alive.
I'm not gonna do it again.
- Wow Look who grew a spine.
Okay, I can do this if I Trouble someone, and I think it should be you.
- Fine.
- I'm a little surprised.
You're gonna let Audrey go? - You're not Audrey.
You're just a pathetic, evil reminder of what I lost.
What we all lost.
- Meet me in an hour at the same thinny I tried with Vickie.
She knows where it is.
And you may want to wear a helmet.
I know you can't feel, but trust me, this will Unpleasant.
- That's all of it? - Yeah.
What are you looking for? It's just, I could get in trouble for this.
I kind of want to know why I'm doing it.
I hear whispers about Audrey- - You're doing it for the Guard.
That's all you need to know.
Tell Nathan I want to see him.
Vince, we need to talk.
- Actually, I was just leaving.
- No, you're not.
- What are you doing here? - He asked for the dash cam footage from your car when the lighthouse collapsed.
He's the head of the Guard, so I figured I'd give it to him.
But now I'm not so sure I did the right thing.
Sorry, chief.
You can take it back if you want.
- Dave thinks there was someone else in the lighthouse.
Maybe your dashboard camera caught something.
- My office.
Dwight, I'm very busy.
- Colette Barrows son, Henry, he's in the hospital.
- Is he okay? What happened? - You didn't send protection to the Barrows' like we agreed, and he got jumped.
I got distracted.
- Right, by Dave.
- Yes, distracted by Dave.
Do you think what I do is easy? - Ne, Vince.
I think leading the Guard's hard.
I think it needs your full attention.
- It's getting it.
Look, don't you see, Dave, the void, the Troubles, they could be connected.
- Or you could just be protecting your brother.
- You think I'm ignoring my duties to the Guard to protect Dave? - Honestly, I don't know what you're doing.
I-I wish I knew.
I know why you keep Haven's secrets from the rest of the world, but why do you keep them from the Guard? Why do you keep them from me? - I don't keep secrets from you.
- Did you tell me that Audrey brought the Troubles to Haven? She's not Audrey.
She's Mara, the bitch who brought all this misery here.
Did you ever stop to think of that? Or is protecting the memory of Audrey more important to you? - Don't judge me, Dwight.
- No, Vince, you need it.
You, Nathan, even Duke.
You're letting your affection for Audrey hurt everyone else in this town.
We shouldn't protect her.
We should hunt her down, tie her up, and make her undo everything she's done.
- You wanted to see me.
- Yeah.
Jennifer's dead.
She washed up on Eatons Neck.
- Does Duke know? - Good question.
The Barrows Trouble that he revived is triggered by denial.
- The Coast Guard, the nurse-- Duke is sewing up anyone who could tell him that Jennifer's dead.
- He would have got me too if he knew I covered the waterfront.
I got to tell him the truth.
- How do you know he's not gonna sew you up when you try? - I don't know, Nathan, but I'm chief of police.
I got to do something.
- Dwight, I've known Duke since we were kids.
Let me tell him.
- You have to go now.
I'm gonna go find the guys who beat up Henry Barrow.
- Dwight I heard what you said about Mara.
- I meant it.
- I know.
I was gonna send Mara back to whatever Hell she comes from, but maybe you're right.
Maybe she can fix all this.
So when I'm done with Duke, I am gonna get her and bring her to you.
- You know I'm gonna involve the Guard.
- You do what you have to.
Let's just and this.
- You know, this town could use a search-and-rescue plane.
- You find Mara? - Soon.
You're waiting for Jennifer here, aren't you? Because this is your "in case of emergency" meeting spot.
- Yeah, well, you know, it's a good thing to have in a town like Haven, you know, when Godzilla or Mothra attack.
- Yeah.
I've seen you two hang out here.
- You ever play Pooh sticks? - Pooh sticks? - It's from Winnie the Pooh.
- Ah.
It's a game.
Jennifer taught me how to play.
You know, you take two twigs, and you you race them in the water.
She was beating me, like, 155 to 90, but I'm pretty sure she cheats, so, you know - You're a fancy date.
- That's the thing, though.
We can have fun in a box.
It doesn't matter.
When she gets back, I'm pretty sure Jennifer's gonna need some fancy hotel time.
Got our bags packed for Boston already.
- I don't think she's coming back.
What's that supposed to mean? - You know what I mean.
- No - We both saw her in that cave.
- No.
- Duke, we saw her.
Duke, look at me.
Look at me! You're denying the truth.
Jennifer stopped breathing in the cave.
I heard you say it.
Hey, you can sew my ayes and ears shut.
- Nathan, stop.
- You have to listen to me.
I have to get you to understand that Jennifer is gone.
She's gone.
Dwight saw her body-- - Shut up! - Nathan.
Hey, come on.
Who the hell are you? - Jennifer.
Jennifer Mason.
You're the one who keeps saying I'm not crazy.
I'm Troubled.
You're gonna be with me, right? - The whole time.
- You kissed me.
- You kissed me back.
After this you and me, we will still be okay.
She's not breathing.
Come on, Jennifer.
I'm the one who brought Jennifer to Haven.
- No.
Jennifer was always coming.
She was special.
You know that, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I know.
It's hard.
But Jennifer died saving us.
I'm not gonna let that be in vain.
- Yeah? How's that? - I'm gonna give Mara to the guard.
Let 'em see if they can get her to and all this.
Mara started the Troubles.
Maybe she can stop them.
Mara? Mara, I'm here.
Slowly take off your shirt.
- I'm unarmed.
- I know.
I just like the beefcake.
Put your hands on your head.
If you can.
Front right pocket.
- One? - That was our deal.
- You know, I'm surprised you're kicking me out.
You're letting Audrey go.
- Audrey is gone.
- Yeah.
I know.
I wasn't gonna leave Haven anyway.
William and I still have work to do.
- We had a deal.
We did.
But suppose you had a deal with a weed.
You might just break it, right? - Why are you doing this? - I can't leave Haven.
- William and I are not done.
- Done? Done what? - Done perfecting your gifts.
Now stop, or I'll shoot you.
Dead this time.
I'm going to build on your dogmatic devotion and turn you into a battering ram.
You'll morph your body, and you'll burn like phosphorous or freeze like ice-- Anything to break through that thinny.
And I would say that it would hurt, but with you it won't.
I just hope that you make it through before you croak.
- Bitch! Well, you're disappointing.
- Mara, leave her alone.
- This was your plan? At least you're not stupid enough to think that I would actually leave.
- You should stop.
You know how this works.
- You forgot.
It doesn't work on me, because I'm immune to the Troubles.
- Yeah.
But not to our world.
- Take a look at this.
There we are all walking into the lighthouse.
Now look at the timecode.
- And this is where the lighthouse collapses.
- 12:19 p.
- Uh-huh.
Do you remember the noon whistle sounding? You can hear it from all over town.
- No, but we had a lot going on.
- The whistle was upstairs in the lighthouse.
It should have been deafening.
- What are you saying? Well, I only remember being in the cave five minutes, ten at the most.
But according to the tape we were all in there for almost an hour.
- Doctors finished their surgery on my son Henry.
He may never walk again.
- Oh, I'm so sorry, Colette.
- I heard that you were told he needed protection.
Is that true? Is it true? - Yes, it is.
- God damn you.
- Nathan called.
He and Vickie captured Mara.
Vickie's on her way to the hospital.
Nathan's waiting for me out on route 62 with Mara in cuffs.
- Is she all right? - Who cares if she's-- - We do, Larry.
We need to get information out of her.
I told them Mara is responsible for the Troubles.
They need to know what they're up against.
- That was imprudent.
Have Nathan bring her to the Herald.
- I think that's a bad idea.
- I appreciate your input, Dwight.
Bring her to the Herald.
- We like Dwight's plan.
- Really? Is that so? Well, listening to Dwight on this-- - We're not just listening to Dwight on this.
Dwight helps us.
Dwight caught the guys who beat up Henry Barrow.
We're listening to Dwight from now on.
All of us.
- You want this? - Yes.
- I was born with this symbol on my arm.
- And I chose to put it on me.
- Okay.
- Go meet Nathan on route 62.
Get Mara.
Take her to the abandoned cannery.
We need a private place to work.
I like you, Vince.
I've always liked you.
So work on Dave.
And don't get in my way.
- How you holding up? - I'm sad.
- Yeah.
I called around.
Jennifer really doesn't have any next of kin.
- I knew that.
- And the state requires that I bury her in a Potter's field.
- No.
- Course not.
Um Do you want to handle it yourself? Say good-bye? - Thank you.
- Okay.
Come by the morgue and get her.
Just don't get me into trouble, okay? - I won't.
You know, Jennifer used to complain about the Cape Rouge a lot.
But she loved the sea.
It was new to her.
We talked about going to sea a lot.
I'm gonna take her there now.
- That sounds perfect, Duke.
- I really am gonna miss her.
- I know.
I miss my son.
- Good-bye, Parker.
- Audrey.
- Yes.
I'm still here.
But It feels-- It feels like she's crush she's crushing me.
Please, I'm-- I'm still-- I'm still here.
I'm still-- Why are you so close to me, you perv? You are making a huge mistake.
- Maybe.
Hey! You don't know what you're messing with.
Get me out of hare! Let me go! Let me out! Hey! Hey!