Haven s05e05 Episode Script

The Old Switcheroo (1)

Previously on Haven Found your adoption file where you hid it with Cabot's journal.
I hid it so you wouldn't know that I was from the other side, so you wouldn't force me to that cave against my will.
What happened in the cave? Something terrible came through that door.
I'm so sorry, Audrey.
Don't talk to Mara.
Talk to me.
It's the only way that I can fight her.
You need to stop talking to Mara.
You need to treat her like Audrey.
- We're here for you, Audrey.
- I know you can hear me.
- We need you.
- She's been lying.
She can only put them in.
So Audrey was rattling around inside of me.
I'm going to kill that bitch right now.
Still don't like pancakes.
You know what your big problem with your "treat me like Audrey so Audrey returns" strategy is? Well, besides the fact that I killed her, is it requires I get utensils.
You want to have another dance? Not at the moment, Parker.
Good idea.
You know what I will take, though? One of those tacos.
They taste like the bottom of that dock, but I actually prefer that kind of a flavor.
- I have an idea.
- Hmm.
We could force-feed you your pancakes.
Get close to my mouth, and I'll bite you too.
Yeah, that's fine, 'cause we can just feed you through another Duke.
Let's talk outside.
What? We can't let her get to us.
Treating Mara like Audrey is the only thing that's brought Audrey back.
Yeah, that was before Mara knew that Audrey was still in there, but now Mara knows.
Look, Nathan What if Audrey really is gone? What if she's not? Okay, fine.
But I'm telling you, I have gone as far as I can treating that B-i-t-c-h like Audrey.
We can go further.
Come on.
Oh, great.
You're listening to WQDN, 94.
7 FM North Carolina's best country music station.
North Carolina weather this morning will be unseasonably cool.
Surf in the outer banks running two to three feet.
And in other news, the Tar Heels continue their winning streak.
Stay tuned.
Why "croatoan"? Find what you're looking for? Uh, oh, not yet.
How long has the historical society doubled as a diner? Since as long as I can remember.
And why is it called the Old Croatoan Cafe? Do you know the legend? Well, I've, uh, done some research.
Uh oh.
In 1587, some colonists were left at their settlement here on Roanoke Island while their leader went to England for provisions.
But when he returned, the settlement was abandoned No clues, no bodies, every single settler gone, wiped from the earth, except One clue the word "croatoan" carved in a tree.
- Yes.
- People love the story.
I'm the owner, Allison Doohan.
Good morning.
Vince Teagues.
First time in Manteo? That it is.
I'm a reporter from Haven, Maine.
I'm working on a little human-interest story about two brothers.
One of them hails from here, and the other from Haven.
What's the local family's name? No idea.
That's why I'm here.
Hoping to find some answers.
I'm sorry, but I don't recall ever hearing any stories about two brothers.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I better look after some of my other customers.
Let me know if you need anything.
Oh, you know, I think I might have a cup of coffee before I get started.
One sec.
Thanks, Vincent.
Be late, make me pay for the coffee.
And you don't even get us a table.
Buy your own damn coffee when you get here.
Excuse me.
Hey, Bob Free coffee.
'Scuse me.
Oh! For the love of Pete.
What What the Wha No.
No! Vince? What the hell am I doing in Vince's body? "Dave"? Dave? What have you done? You you okay? Do you still want that cup of coffee? "Croatoan.
" Why does it say that? The lost Roanoke colony.
- Remember? - Roanoke colony? Where the hell am I? Manteo, North Carolina.
Oh, excuse me.
What did you do, Dave? If I wasn't in here, I'd wring your neck! Doing your morning affirmation in the mirror there, are we, Dave? Oh, yeah.
I-I mean, no.
So how is the information coming along - from Cincinnati? - Cincinnati? Yeah, I'm still waiting for it.
If you're using that wacky tobacky medically, go easy on that stuff.
Have you noticed anything or anyone acting strange? Besides you? No.
But it's Haven, and the day's young.
Bye, Dave.
Good not talking to you.
Oh, boy.
Here are your pills, Bill.
- And these are for you.
- Give it to me! Barry, what are you doing? - No! - Stop! I'm okay, Jeff.
Just go back to your room.
What are you doing to me? Barry, stop it! - What's happening? - Barry! Stop! What are you doing to me? Can I get some help here! Barry, stop it.
You're killing him.
Barry! - I can't breathe.
- Watch out, step back! - I can't breathe! - What's happening? Help him! - Barry! - Everybody stay calm.
Check his pulse.
We're done treating you like Audrey.
- No more food, no more chat.
- Good.
'Cause you made her fat and boring.
Oh, that's right And she's dead.
Then you're going to help us solve a trouble.
Uh, 'scuse me.
Nathan, can I just see you over here for a second, please? Um, okay, so I'm sorry.
I thought we were gonna play it cool and treat her like Audrey.
Or did We are.
We're taking her on a case.
Her who "her"? - Mara? - Yeah.
Mara knows that we're treating her like Audrey, and she's fighting us.
So we need a way to treat her like Audrey without Mara realizing what we're doing.
Getting her on a troubled case is a way to do that.
'Cause Audrey's at her best when she's helping the troubled.
So we put her in a position to do that again.
If Mara doesn't know what we're up to, maybe Audrey can sneak up on her.
I'd normally cuff her, but we need a way to keep this safe.
I may have an idea.
Then all we need is a case.
Barry was such a pussycat Till he choked the life out of this patient.
I can't understand why he would do this.
- Anybody see anything? - Yeah, all of them.
You'd think a psych ward would do bigger business in Haven.
Well, we better get these guys to the morgue.
Gloria, are you okay? Chief, are you okay? - I need a minute.
- Okay.
Take as much time as you want.
This place It's upsetting.
Sure is.
Uh Huh.
Uh We need to talk.
Ya think? Oh.
Oh, God.
So you're actually Dwight? Yeah.
I'm not happy about this trouble, Nathan.
I'm not exactly jumping for joy either there, kiddo.
But you don't know what happened? How what caused this? No.
We were just working the crime scene together.
I never realized how short I am.
By the way, you are all muscle, big guy.
What do you eat? You know, you could pay a visit to the gym, Gloria.
Oh, yeah.
I'll get right on that.
- Guys.
- Oh Dwight.
- Dwight? - Yes.
I'm bringing Mara on this case.
Arrest him.
What? Fine.
Then just punch him in the head till he falls down.
- I'll arrest him.
- Dwight It's safe.
Duke, for once, had a good idea.
Picked up a stun belt from the courthouse.
I hit this button, 50,000 volts of electricity goes into her kidneys she's down.
You better know what you're doing, man.
Audrey Parker has helped this town more than anyone, helped people with troubles Troubles like you have.
Just, um, wait here.
It's actually not funny, Nathan.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Really? A jacket.
And a badge.
I thought you had given up treating me like Audrey.
I have.
But if you're gonna help solve this trouble, people are gonna ask questions.
So How about I get a gun? How about I start hitting the button on this thing? Okay, so what? We got two dead bodies and Your glutes.
Those two switched? Yeah.
Oh, wow.
- You know how this works? - Well, you plant a seed, but you never know exactly how the vine's gonna grow.
Can you help us? What should we do? Run That is, if you want to stay alive.
When he's alone, he rents premium.
What's this doing here? Oh, jeez.
What the hell is that? What have you done, Dave? Me? Me? What have you done? I didn't do anything.
You did this! Why on earth would I ever do this? And what is this? Some kind of trouble, I'm sure.
But why is happening to us right now, I have no idea.
Here's a guess Because you're in Manteo, North Carolina, with my adoption file researching me, Vincent.
I have a good reason for that.
Our therapist scrawled the word "croatoan" on a pad after hypnotizing you.
That's from Roanoke, a nearby English colony that was wiped out.
We need to find where you're really from.
It could help with The Troubles All the troubles This trouble.
I can't believe you took my adoption file.
Leave the file alone, Dave! Now, I'm coming down there right now.
Don't do anything stupid.
There wasn't any animosity or even a relationship that I know of between Barry and Hopkins.
So why would Barry choke him to death? Hopkins was a monster, but Barry? I can't imagine why he'd attack.
- It makes no sense.
- I don't get it either.
Maybe Barry was just defending himself? Not the way I saw it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I should really go check on the patients.
Hopkins was Barry.
They switched bodies.
You're alive.
- Barely.
- Hey.
Please keep treating me like Audrey.
- Okay.
- Keep treating me like her.
I will.
How? Is there anything I can do? Everything.
Keep doing everything.
Parker, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Don't-don't Don't let her know that I was here.
Please don't tell her that I was That I was here.
What idiots.
It says here that schizophrenia is hereditary.
Uh, hello? Isn't everything hereditary? I'm tired.
And you can tase me if you want to, but I am going to go and take a nap.
"270 Maywood" Well, this is the place.
Can I help you? Huh? Oh! Hard to hold a scalpel with these Catcher's Mitts.
Lucky I got through the autopsy.
Audrey confirmed these two were switched just like us.
- Audrey? - Yeah.
What do you got? Bad news.
Look at this.
Oh, gosh, I feel like I could punch through ceilings - with these things.
- Oh Those glasses Looks like my face was taken hostage by the 1980s.
Why didn't anybody tell me? Gloria, focus.
Well, Barry, the orderly, crushed Hopkins' trachea.
So Hopkins couldn't breathe and died of asphyxiation.
And Barry died of asphyxiation too.
Only, he shouldn't have.
His trachea was fine.
But he asphyxiated.
- Yeah.
- Don't you get it? If one switched person dies, the other dies.
If my body, or should I say, your body, goes kaput Why would it go kaput? Because you have a bullet trouble, and I'm not used to it.
So, if I hear shooting If you're close enough to hear a shot, we're both dead.
Not the best day, am I right? You have no idea.
You were at the cafe.
What are you doing here? This is my house, so I basically live here.
What's your excuse? Everything okay? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm fine, hon.
This is Skip, my husband.
- Mister - Dave.
Oh, Vince Teagues.
I was introduced to your low branch, and your wife was kind enough to help.
Oh, sorry.
I was out back You know, never-ending job.
I have quite a garden back home.
- Oh, yeah? Where's that? - Haven, Maine.
Haven, huh? Never heard of it.
Teagues here is writing a story about two brothers.
Well, yes.
You see, I'm one of the two brothers.
You're one of the brothers? The ugly one.
My brother Dave is from right here Manteo.
Handsome devil.
He was adopted.
I'm from Haven.
We recently came across this address in his adoption file.
Well, I'm sorry.
I don't know why it would be in his file.
You see, this property has been in my family for generations, and I've never heard of any adopted relatives.
Well, then I'd better be letting you get on with your day.
Sorry to have bothered you.
Ohh mmm.
I try to eat healthy, Gloria.
You're like a moose.
A milkshake won't hurt.
Hi, Gloria.
Oh, hi, Vickie.
Package came for you earlier.
I promised I'd get your signature.
What are you waiting for? - Okay.
- Thank you, Vickie.
So, uh, what's in Cincinnati? None of your business.
Where are you going? To the ladies' room.
Hello, Dave.
Vince, you scared the tar out of me! What did you do to my head? Me? I don't know how you maintain consciousness at this altitude.
Well, at least I don't have an infection on my leg.
This needs to end.
We'll have to operate as each other.
Find out what we can down here.
It must all be connected.
Operate as each other.
You mean I get to sneak around behind my brother's back? Please.
You hide from me that you're from another world for 60 years? Now, have you discovered anything useful down here? There was an address in the adoption file.
The property's been in the same family for decades.
The current owner of record also runs the Croatoan Cafe.
She doesn't know anything.
Does she not know anything, or is she not telling you anything, Dave? I'm exhausted The switching - All the traveling.
- Traveling, yeah.
I'm the one who flew down here twice.
Second time on a discount airline.
And why are you on a no-fly list? I was in security for half an hour.
Can you not be a martyr for one minute, Vincent? Fine.
We'll start first thing in the morning.
We'll go back to the Croatoan Cafe, see what we can find.
And by the way, the cut on your leg really hurts.
Well, have you put anything on it? A band-aid.
You owe me $3.
You okay? You really should appreciate the fact that you can't feel anything.
How long till you need to let out a trouble? Well, you know, it's not like I can look it up on WebMD.
So, uh What's going on here? If one of the switched people dies, then so does the other switched person? - Apparently, yeah.
- Uh-huh.
And why Dwight and Gloria? Was it proximity or last person you touched? I don't know.
Sure could use Audrey right now.
- Yeah.
- Are you sure we're doing enough to bring her back? I'm doing everything I can.
Nathan, we're supped to treat her like Audrey, but you got her chained to a bed.
I'm pretty sure that's not how you and Audrey spent your evenings.
And if it is, please forgive me.
I-I'm impressed.
You're getting worse.
You think if we bring Audrey back, she could help you? The thought did cross my mind, yeah.
It's secrets.
You switch with someone you have a big secret with.
Mara thought about that.
Dwight and Gloria have a secret? Parker How are you doing this? I don't know.
I think it's easier when Mara's sleeping.
- Okay, so we need to - Nathan, you can't take me on the case with you tomorrow.
What? Mara's getting suspicious.
I know what she's thinking.
And the harder you try, the more her defenses go up.
It's just It's getting worse.
How am I supposed to treat you like Audrey, then? Leave me here.
Duke Duke, you can do it.
You have to do it, Duke.
You need to do it.
I'm going to the post office.
Back in a bit.
Where's the cop? He's out cleaning up one of your little presents.
And you stayed out of it? Interesting.
Yeah, I've noticed that you seem to find me very interesting, Mara.
Any guesses why? - I have my theories.
- Really? Well, then you should illuminate me.
Well, you have all of Audrey's memories, right? Yes.
So you remember you and Nathan.
You remember You and me.
Remember the first time we met? I pulled you out of The Drink.
Brought you back to the Cape Rouge, dried your clothes, made you breakfast.
And I remember when you walked away, Audrey.
I looked over my shoulder.
Audrey Remember that night in the hotel in Colorado? Yeah.
Audrey? Duke.
Hey Okay.
- Hi.
- Relax, relax, relax, relax.
Well, hi.
Let me just keep talking to you.
Come on, let's just Let's just keep doing this.
What? Uh, I wouldn't do that, Dwight, unless you want heartburn all day.
Okay, this is the security footage from the Freddy.
Notice how Barry goes all wobbly right before the attack.
There, see how he's about to fall over, like he lost his balance? That's exactly how I felt when we switched.
Me too.
I don't know who's causing this trouble, but Audrey said that you switch with a person you're keeping a secret from.
- I'm an open book.
- I got nothing.
- What are you doing to me? - Barry, stop! Time to visit the Freddy again.
All right, I'll come with you.
Me too.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
You're slow.
And you're a danger to the public.
We'll just stay here and run names and backgrounds on patients.
Ah, ah, ah.
Oh, God.
Tell me about chamomile tea, Gloria.
Oh, it's lovely.
But gin's better.
Dave - Ow! Watch my head.
Tell me you found something useful.
Now you're writing on me? It'll come off.
Look at the area code, you dimwit.
Haven? Where'd you get this? On a piece of paper on Allison's desk.
But I waited for you before dialing.
Oh, that was thoughtful.
Thank you.
We're brothers, Dave.
I don't like keeping things from you.
I never intended to hide all this from you, but I was just What, Dave? Scared, okay? Scared of discovering the truth.
- The truth about what? - Me.
Well, let's see who answers.
Maybe it has something to do with your past.
Frederickson's psychiatric facility, nurse's station.
The Freddy in Haven, Maine? Yes.
Can I help you? Uh, no.
What is someone from down here in North Carolina doing calling Haven's mental institution? Dave, I think it's time we called home.
You guys switched and didn't tell anybody? We didn't even know where it started.
Down here Or up there.
Well, we were both at the Freddy when it happened, but neither of you were.
We were actually 850 miles away from each other.
And the phone number on Allison's desk cannot be a coincidence.
Well, we'll just recheck the list of Freddy employees and patients.
Look for a connection between here and Manteo.
Keep your phones on.
You know, I make a pretty good cop.
Ah, the jury's still out.
After I salvaged your rental car, I sold it.
And I kept the reward money.
I can't believe you did that.
I want to get out of bed.
- I want to be Audrey again.
- No, wait, wait, wait.
I don't I don't think that's a good idea.
But I feel good.
I feel like this is This is really working.
- Exactly - Mm.
Which is why we should just keep doing it.
Just Don't leave.
Okay? Please don't.
I won't.
Duke Can I ask you a question? Anything.
In Colorado Why did you stop? What do you mean? We were kissing.
And you stopped.
I was just following your lead.
I pulled away because I knew you wanted to stop.
I sensed it, and I always just I never understood why.
We found one name at the Freddy who comes from Manteo Longtime patient, last name Doohan.
Allison Doohan owns The Old Croatoan Cafe.
Her husband is Skip.
This patient's name is Jeffrey Doohan.
Skip's brother maybe? Allison must have made the call.
Well, Nathan's at the Freddy now.
I'll get him to check this Jeffrey out.
- Tell him to hurry up.
- And be careful.
Why is it I feel I always gotta pee? What's that all about? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, yes, you do.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Nurse, Jeffrey Doohan is this his room? Uh, yes, but I was just talking to Jeffrey.
He's really upset.
He really needs his medication right now.
Okay, well, I'm still gonna need to talk to him.
You really shouldn't go in there.
I'm just gonna ask him a couple questions.
- Jeffrey! - Damn! Jeffrey! Stay there, man! Jeffrey! Come on, Jeffrey! Stop! Duke.
Duke? Duke, what's wrong? Hey.
Audrey? Yeah.
I can't feel.
Oh, this is not good.
You gotta be kidding me.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I just got a little light-headed.
Should we, um Should we keep talking about Colorado? Sure.
What about it? What about it? When we kissed We knew we had something.
We We couldn't deny it.
- No.
- No.
Did you ever tell Nathan? No.
Jeffrey! - Detective? - Jeffrey! Detective.
Detective! He's gone.
Jeffrey's gone.
Aren't you going after him? - Who? - Jeffrey.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on, Nathan, pick up.
Pick up the phone, Nathan.
We switched.
- Yeah.
- Be cool As cool as you can be, and step away from her right now.
Why? Because that is not Audrey, Nathan.
That is Mara pretending to be Audrey.
Nathan, I'm telling you the truth.
It's Nathan.
I'll be right back.
Why should I believe you? Because it's the truth.
And what she just told me about Colorado? What what what did she tell you? That you kissed, that you Okay, yes, the kiss is true, but everything else is a lie.
That's how I knew that it wasn't Audrey.
- What? - Yes.
Audrey and I Kissed in Colorado, but I never told you because I knew it It didn't mean anything.
I could tell when we were kissing that it wasn't going anywhere for us, probably because of you.
We both knew it, but we never talked about it.
But just now, she just said it was something, something that it wasn't.
And that's God, Nat You have to believe me, Nathan.
That is not Audrey.
Your kiss That was our secret.
- That's why we switched.
- I guess.
Kind of hoping we'd switch back now that it's out, but I guess that would be too easy.
We need to find Jeffrey Doohan.
His trouble's causing this.
That makes sense now.
How long has she been pretending? I'm guessing since you took her out of The Gull and on a case.
Why? To get our guard down, to to to get us to keep pushing, keep treating her like Audrey and take the cuffs and the belt off.
She asked me to take them off.
Do not unchain her, Nathan.
Whatever you do, don't unchain her.
I You Feel terrible.
You feel Strange.
Damn it.
That's my, uh That's my trouble.
It's getting worse.
I need to You need let loose a trouble soon.
I told you already.
I checked it out.
That was before we knew about Jeffrey Doohan in the Freddy.
In Haven.
I don't feel so well.
I warned you not to eat that hollandaise sauce.
I don't know what it is.
I'm - Woozy.
- Woozy? My ears are ringing.
- Where are you going? - I don't know.
Oh, no.
This might sound crazy, Vincent, but do you feel like water trickling downhill? Y-yes, like water trickling downhill.
You're walking towards a thinny! What? How you feel now is how I felt that night in the cave.
What? You are walking toward a thinny An open one.
And it wants you back.