Haven s05e06 Episode Script

The Old Switcheroo (2)

Previously on "Haven" - For the love of Pete.
What the hell am I doing in Vince's body? - You guys switched? - We didn't even know where it started, down here- - Or up there.
- You're gonna help us solve a Trouble.
We're taking her on a case.
- Because Audrey's at her best when she's helping the Troubled.
Remember that night in the hotel in Colorado? Audrey.
- Duke.
- We found one name at the Freddy who comes from Mateo, a long-time patient, last name Doohan.
- This patient's name is Jeffrey Doohan.
I'm just gonna ask him a couple questions.
- Oh, damn.
- Jeffrey, stay there, man! - This is not good.
We switched.
- Yeah.
- That is not Audrey, Nathan.
That is Mara pretending to be Audrey.
- I don't feel so well.
- You're walking towards a thinny! - What? - Hey, taxi! Train station, now.
- Let's see the cash first, pal.
- I don't have any cash.
- Probably because you're supposed to be in the hospital.
- I can't go back there.
I don't want to do this, but - Hey! What's going on? Where am I? Who the hell are you? So, after the phone call, she went back to being Mara again.
I guess she always was.
No, not always.
I know she was really Audrey back in the Cabin.
I'm sure of it.
Then Mara realized that Audrey was coming back to the surface.
- And that's when she decided she could start playing us.
- Yeah.
- But new we've got the advantage.
- And how's that? - She doesn't know that we know that she's pretending to be Audrey.
And she doesn't know that we've gone all "Freaky Friday", switched bodies.
It's weird.
- Yeah.
All right, you made your point.
- Your whole body is numb.
- Yeah, and I didn't realize you wont commando.
- Lets things breathe.
Nathan, how long have you known me? - Maybe we can use our switch, come at her from different angles, trip Mara up, get Audrey to come out for real.
- Well, you're gonna have to start talking more like me.
- So Audrey can reminisce more about Colorado? - Hey, Nathan, she is just trying to get us to tum on each other.
- She may not have to.
Duke, I didn't realize it was this bad.
- My body needs to let out a Trouble, or it's gonna explode.
- And I am in your body.
- Doesn't really matter.
If you die, we both die.
- Maybe not, if we get Audrey up first.
What the hell are you two doing out there? Why isn't one of you trying to force-feed me carbs? - Breakfast on the go today, Parker.
We got a Trouble to solve Parker.
Sea, Nathan? I can totally sound like you.
Just stick-up-my-ass serious, sprinkle in a few "Parkers.
" - Well, I'll just try to look annoyed at everyone all the time.
- Ain't easy being me, Nathan.
Let's figure out who's causing this switching Trouble and get Audrey out.
- Come on.
- This is a disaster, Dave.
Mara is looking everywhere for an open thinny.
What if she discovers there's one fight here outside Allison's house? - Not just any thinny, Vince.
This could be where I was when I first came into the world as a baby.
- Well, according to historical society database, the house was occupied by Allison's grandparents back then.
There's no record that anyone in her family ever gave a baby up for adoption.
- Well, then how did Agent Howard get a hold of me? And what does it all have to do with the body-switching? - I have no idea.
We need to solve that first.
The moment we switched, what were you doing? - Nothing unusual.
I was just getting our morning coffees.
Jeffrey Doohan couldn't have been in the shop.
He was still locked up in the Freddy.
- But when I was in The Old Croatoan Cafe, maybe his brother Skip was there.
- And Troubles run in the family.
- Right.
- Both brothers must have it now.
- I suggest we have another chat-- With Skip's wife.
It's so weird you're Dwight.
- Shut up and listen, Nathan.
So it looks like when Jeffrey touched the cabbie, the cabbie switched with his wife, who was having a nooner with her contractor.
The wife rushes home in her husband's body and is immediately assaulted by her cabbie husband, who is in her body.
- So we have to find Jeffrey before he switches more people.
- This body-switching is dangerous, and it has to be stopped.
Now, the cabbie said he's on his way to the train station, which I can check out while you find out what's going on at the Freddy.
Ah, I will be so glad when I have control over my body again.
Gloria's bunions are killing me.
- There's one more thing, Dwight.
I need to make sure that I have the combination to the gun locker.
Also, I seem to have misplaced my key to the evidence room.
- Oh, you got to be kidding me.
- Feels about as weird as you look, Squatch.
- Well, at least you're the same gender.
- Well - When? - We switched this morning.
But Mara doesn't know, and we are not telling her.
- This is a disaster.
I mean, are you getting anywhere with Audrey? Is working the case doing anything at all? - We thought it was, but Mara was gaming us.
We need a new strategy.
- Yeah, we need to solve this Trouble.
I hate to be the one to ask this, but are you sure Audrey's still in there? - If you'd asked me this morning, I would have said definitely, but now-- Just have to keep trying.
Well, threatening her with the Taser works.
- Yeah, new we just got to get Audrey out.
- What would Nathan do right now? - I thought you knew me so well.
- Oh, I do.
Thinking like Nathan the cop, let's just say it doesn't exactly coma naturally to me.
- This is a problem, Duke, it's only a matter of time before Mara figures out we switched.
And back when she was pretending to be Audrey, we didn't tell her.
So she's gonna know that we're onto her.
We need a new plan.
- You're bleeding.
Don't let it hit the ground, or you'll cause another Trouble.
- Don't let it touch anything.
- What does this mean? - It means we don't have any time.
Nathan, I got to get you to let out a Trouble.
- I thought you needed Man's help for that.
- No, no.
See, that's what Mara wants me to think, but I let out that monkey Trouble by myself, killed the grass too.
- You can't control it, Duke.
I'm not gonna let out some Trouble that could kill people.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What if we find something that we can actually use to help us? I remember reading about this.
My great-grandfather killed this guy with a reincarnation Trouble.
Different past lives would come out.
What if you bleed on the ground, release that Trouble? Maybe we use that on Mara, get Audrey to pop out.
- It won't work.
Mara is immune to the Troubles.
- But is she immune to my Trouble? Back in the cabin when I had that gibberish thing, she-- She couldn't understand me.
If she's immune, she should have been able to.
And then Audrey, or who we thought was Audrey, told me I'm something new.
Mara doesn't even know what these Troubles inside me are capable of.
- Mara lied to you.
- Maybe.
But if I'm playing someone, I sprinkle in a bit of the truth now and then.
- You really think I can let out a reincarnation Trouble that will bring Audrey out of Mara? - Yeah.
I'll talk you through it.
We get this right, my body doesn't blow, and we get Audrey back.
- And if we're wrong we're all dead.
Let's go get our happy camper.
- We just want to know why you lied to us about Haven, when your brother-in-law is locked up in its local loony bin.
- And why you called them.
- They actually called me.
- They told you what happened between the orderly and the inmate? Someone at the Freddy tell you about the body switch, how it was Jeffrey's doing? - You know about-- About the-- - Troubles? Oh, my dear, more than we want to.
- Especially right now.
- The two of you switched? - Yeah.
- Well - What can you tell us about your brother-in-law Jeffrey? Why is he institutionalized? - The man up in Haven is actually Skip my husband.
They switched years ago.
- So, if Nathan can leak a Trouble out of my body that turns Mara into Audrey, than we're golden.
Oh, yeah, piece of cake.
Where's Nathan right now? - With Mara, setting the trap.
- Jeffrey came here about 12 years ago.
I had just started.
He was completely delusional-- Crazy fantasies of being someone else.
I always felt sorry for him.
- You cared when no one else did.
- Glad you're feeling better, Detective.
- I haven't been in the field in a while.
Tell us more about Jeffrey.
- Skip and I had been married a couple of years when the switch happened.
I actually mat Jeffrey first.
He was always so quiet and kind.
Skip was the more outgoing and confident one.
Skip and I got married, and things were good for a while until-- until I found out about the lying and the cheating.
And I was too young and too afraid to leave.
Finally, Jeffrey confronted him.
- His brother Jeffrey was in love with you? - And I never knew it until then.
When he confronted Skip, something happened, and that triggered the switch.
And then, suddenly, my life was wonderful.
I was with the man I was always supposed to be with.
- How did your brother-in-law Jeffrey wind up in Haven? - Jeffrey was brought in by his sister-in-law.
She was there on behalf of the family.
They wanted him to be wall taken care of, but his delusions had become too much for his loved ones.
- We convinced Jeffrey that he had lost his mind.
And I took him to Haven to be institutionalized.
- Why Haven? - My mother had always told me that Haven was a safe place for the Troubled.
It's been the burden of our family to watch over the weird occurrences in this part of the world.
- So, after you left Jeffrey at Haven, did you stay in contact? - Yeah, I called once in a while to check in, make sure he was okay, and to make sure no one else had been switched.
- You knew that Skip and Jeffrey could do that to other people.
- We hoped it wouldn't happen again.
But, uh, obviously then when you showed up, talking about those two brothers, the one from Haven and the other hem Manteo-- - Skip must have overheard and panicked, accidentally jacking up the Troubles so it began affecting other people.
- And since the two brothers are connected, Jeffrey's Trouble was activated too.
- Next thing you know, there's a message on my desk.
Someone had called from Haven.
- I only called to let them know Jeffrey was all fight.
- It's okay.
You didn't know what it all meant.
- Skip's been at home in hiding ever since, afraid to touch anyone.
- We have to figure out a way to stop this.
- You can stop these Troubles? - The Troubles are usually triggered by emotions.
It sounds like your husband has a lot of unresolved ones about his brother.
Our best hope is to get the two of them together.
- There's a slight problem.
Jeffrey's on the run, and he's switching people all over Haven.
- You should talk to Skip.
- Maybe we should see if we can find anything in Jeffrey's room.
- That's his room right there.
- Thank you for your help.
- Parker It's really you, isn't it? - Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
- That bitch was really starting to get on my nerves.
I don't know how William put up with her for so long.
- I know.
It's hard on me too.
- And I know that it's risky bringing you back out on a case.
Between you and me, I don't think Nathan wants us spending that much time together.
- Well, I I think we can both understand why.
- Yeah.
We're here now.
What else can we do? How can we help? - Can you take off this stun belt, please? I think that the pain, it strengthens her, but it pushes me down.
- Come on, let's get that thing off you.
- Okay.
- I swiped the keys off of Nathan this morning when he wasn't looking.
- What's happening, Duke? - What's wrong Mara? - You son of a bitch! Stop! Let me out.
Let me out! Let me out! Let me go.
Let me out! Come on! You need to let Ina out! You bastard.
- You-- You can't do it.
You can't do it.
You're not strong enough.
- I can't.
I can't focus.
You have to do it.
- Nathan.
- You switched.
I knew it.
- You, shut your mouth, or I swear to God-- - Or what? Hey, what's going on in there? - What, you're gonna tase me? Go right on ahead.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Oh, thank God.
He's gone crazy.
He tried to cut me, and he was going to let him.
- No, no, she-- she is lying.
- No.
- She's impersonating an officer.
Look, she-- Hey.
- Look, right here, okay? Detective Audrey Parker.
All right? Right here.
I don't know what happened.
They-- they threw me in the room.
They locked it.
They took away my weapon.
- Make her take off her shirt.
- What? - Make her take off her shirt.
- What? - Take off your shirt.
Show them.
Show-- God! You have to believe me.
I am Nathan Wuornos.
I am Haven P.
I am Haven P.
- If he was really Nathan Wuornos, Haven P.
, you'd be able to tell me what the number for the police station is.
What is it? It's easy.
Go ahead.
- It's-- it's 911.
- Okay, right? - Okay, just calm down, sir.
- What-- - Just calm down.
- Clearly, I need to call for some backup from the Bronco, all right? Just secure them so I can find where Jeffrey is.
Oh, it's gonna be a good idea if I take this.
Thank you.
- You guys-- No! - Lock him in.
- Hey, no, no! - Jeffrey Doohan.
Oh, no, you don't, junior.
- Feel anything, Dwight? Does this work? - Nothing, still you.
- So much for that theory.
How did you switch us? Can you switch us back? - I don't know.
Just let me go, man.
I'll take it from here.
- Not gonna happen.
- Well, if you don't want your party crashed, don't broadcast your address over the police scanner.
Your Trouble just keeps getting better and better and better and better.
Gives a whole new meaning for “taking one for the team.
" No! - Ugh! Why didn't you switch? - I'm not a loser.
- Help! Somebody help! - Switch bodies? Really? - It sounds crazy, but it is really me-- Duke.
I swear.
Okay, you leave me no choice.
Normally I am a gentleman, but in this particular situation, I am forced to kiss and tell.
District Attorney Becca.
- Judge Crocker? You're out of order.
We haven't played that game in years.
It is you.
I'll-- I'll get-- Okay.
I was single.
- You're always single.
- Oh, I'm sorry that we can't all find true love like you, Nathan.
Do you ever wonder if maybe it's because Audrey is the only person you can feel? - No.
- Really? Because now that I've been in your body, I sort of-- - You still talk too much.
- I'm sorry I couldn't let out the Trouble.
Maybe we do need Mara.
- No.
It was working.
Mara felt it.
We need to switch back so we can try again.
- Which means we need to find Jeffrey.
- I'm a bit woozy, but I can do this.
- No.
We're gonna wait right here.
I'm not letting my body get any closer to that thinny.
- We're not even completely sure that's what it is.
- Oh, thinnies, Troubles, intolerable weather-- We may as well never have left Haven.
- Don't you all want to come inside? - Uh, we're good here, Skip.
Or should I say Jeffrey? - Look, I'm so terribly sorry about all this.
I told Allison I have no idea why it's happening again.
Maybe if I touch you both at the same time, you'll switch back.
- Yeah.
- It's worth a shot.
Oh, blast it all.
- Looks like we need to go back to Haven to fix this, talk to Jeffrey.
- No.
How can I face my brother after all these years? - No, please.
- No, I can't.
I won't.
- No, please.
- You have to set things straight.
This isn't just about your family anymore.
- Vince, stop.
- I can't stop.
- Vince! - Help! Help me! - What is this? - Don't get any closer.
I got you.
Hold on! - I'm sorry.
- I am too.
But I'm not losing you.
Help! Oh, God! - Keep going.
Keep going.
Get away from here.
- Oh, my God.
That thing's been here the whole time? How come we've never seen this before? - It's me the thinny wants, but it almost took you.
No, Vince, I won't allow it.
We have to get away from this place, far away.
- And we have to switch back.
Being in each others bodies almost got us killed.
- Oh, man.
Okay, I'll go back to Haven with you.
Maybe if my brother and I switch back, everybody else will too.
- All right, good.
- How is she? - Well, the flak jacket did its job, but the impact cracked a rib, but she'll be okay in a few days.
- What about Mara and, uh, Jeffrey? - Well, she took off with him, but why? - We think she's not immune to the Troubles inside of Duke.
She needs to keep Jeffrey alive.
He's Trouble-active.
- Because if we switch back, I might be able to let out a Trouble that could take Mara down.
- So she took Jeffrey to buy time for Duke's body to blow.
So you both die? - Pretty much exactly.
- Well, I have an A.
out on Gloria's car.
- She's in Gloria's car? - Yeah.
- I bought Gloria a G.
for Christmas last year.
- I'm on it.
I don't understand how you didn't switch.
- I don't keep secrets.
I'm more of a "tell it like it is" kind of a gal.
- Secrets, huh? That's how this works? - Whoever you're keeping a secret from, that's who you switch with.
It's the most fun with spouses.
- How do you know this? - Tell me, what secrets were you and your brother keeping? - I wasn't keeping any secrets.
- Then he was.
Let me guess.
He loved your wife.
That's classic.
You must be aching to kill him after locking you away.
- No.
I'm not like you.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
Not anymore.
- I wonder what secrets Wuornos and Crocker have.
- None.
- You're not gonna hurt me.
You love Audrey too much.
- Actually, I'm not in love with Audrey.
- Remember? I'm Duke.
- You've been waiting to do that all day, haven't you? - We should have taken that last turn, Vince.
- I know where I'm going.
- Actually, you know, I think he's right.
- Yeah, Skip knows what he's doing.
- Oh, pipe down, or I'll stop the car and-- - Look out! Oh.
- What happened? Why did he lose control? - I don't know.
Vince! Vince.
Oh, my God.
- Well, t-they're keeping him overnight for observation, but he should be fine.
- Oh, thank God.
- I know you have hard feelings towards your brother, but he is still a part of you.
Gloria? - Try again, Dave.
I'm Dwight.
- Wow.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
I'm sorry it took me so long, but I'm not as quick as my old self.
- Uh, Dwight, this is Skip Doohan.
He, uh Well, she is going to escort you to Haven.
- We found Jeffrey.
He's anxious to see you.
- Really? - How's Vince? - Oh, he'll be okay.
And if he's not and we both end up in the ground, well, that's all right too.
I wouldn't want to go on without him.
- Yeah.
Hang in there, man.
- After you both explode, how long until you think someone comes to look for you? - Just hold on.
Dwight's on his way with the brother, and we're gonna figure out a way to switch back.
And when I'm back in my body, I'm gonna release a Trouble that gets Audrey out.
One way or another, this is all gonna be over soon.
- Vince it's you.
- Yes, Dave.
Thank God.
- Duke, how you feeling? - Terrible.
- You switched back.
Doesn't change a thing.
He's going to blow, and you're both going to die.
- It was terrifying, like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.
I can't believe I wrecked the car.
- Forget the car.
Was it the same vision I had of the cave? - No, I was running through the woods, and there was this terrible screaming, and I was chasing someone.
And then when I caught them-- I'm sorry, Dave.
I have no idea.
- What does it mean? And why did you have a vision this time? - They must be tied to your body somehow, like people's Troubles stayed with their bodies when they switched.
- Are you saying that these visions are some kind of Trouble? - I don't know.
- I drove up as soon as I heard.
Are you both okay? - Remarkably unharmed.
- Speak for yourself.
But at least we're back to our old bodies.
- Hmm.
- I want to apologize.
I should have told you.
- About the thinny outside your house.
You should have.
- Well, I never knew what it was called.
My mother had stories, but I had no idea it was so powerful.
- How long has your family watched over Manteo? - All the way back to the 16th century.
- Oh, that's when the Roanoke colony went missing.
- Schoolchildren all learn the official story, but I heard something a bit different.
- It had something to do with the thinny, didn't it? - Maybe.
The Secs-tan tribe told my family that in the days before the colony disappeared, the woods were filled with an odd greenish mist that infused fear in whoever traveled through it.
- Like the mist we saw in the cave.
- Then a Secotan trading party arrived at the colony to find it deserted.
The colonists had vanished.
- When the Secotans arrived, how long had the colonists been gone? - They were never sure.
Once the trading party went back to their village, they discovered that they had lost an entire afternoon.
Ne one could remember a thing.
- The green mist, missing time like what happened to us, except we haven't been wiped out yet.
And I'm tied into this somehow.
My attraction to the thinny, my adoption.
- I checked my family records again, and there is no mention of a baby.
Are you sure it's my address you were taken from? - I've got his adoption file right here.
What is it? - This man-- I've seen him before.
- His name is Agent Howard.
He arranged my adoption.
- He wanted to buy the house from my mother-- Very persistent.
- When was this? - Ten years ago, before she passed.
But this photo looks like it's from the 1930s, and he looked exactly the same.
- One of the many mysteries we're trying to solve.
- So did you get the final autopsy report on Barry and Hopkins? - You got it.
- I know you're gonna miss those doughnuts and cheeseburgers.
- Trust me, I'm very happy to be back to my old lactose-intolerant self.
- You should get those bunions checked out too.
- Yeah.
Can we just, like, not talk about my body, Chief, okay? - Yeah.
- Actually, I do have something else for you.
- Let me guess, it's about Cincinnati.
- How'd you know? - Our switch.
We had to have a secret for it to happen.
So what is it? What's in Cincinnati? - Your sister.
- I didn't know she was in Cincinnati.
- For the past three years.
- We don't talk, but you already know that, since you were there.
So, uh, yeah.
I didn't know you were still in contact.
- You know, I hadn't heard from her for three weeks, and you know me, I'm a worrier, so I checked it out.
- And? - Her Troubled activated.
- So, uh, she was shot.
Is she, uh- She in the hospital? - I'm sorry, Chief.
- Nathan explained exactly what the Trouble was-- Secrets.
Couldn't have been the adoption file or North Carolina, because I knew about it.
So what was it, Dave? Hmm? Your adoption? Croatoan? Your visions are all tied together.
What else are you hiding from me? - The lost hour.
Ever since we were in that cave and lost that hour, I can't help thinking about the other time it happened to me.
- And I'm still waiting for you to tell me when that was.
- There was another incident of missing time in Haven - Oh, yes.
Of course.
The day the Colorado Kid died.
Why didn't I put that together before? - Vincent, that was the day I was pulled into the void, the day I woke up on the beach.
But what I didn't tell you before was which beach.
Lying beside me was the Colorado Kid.
- What? - Audrey's son, without a mark on him, but dead.
I don't remember anything.
So did I kill him? Did I kill Audrey's son? - No, Dave.
I can't believe that.
No, I won't believe it.
- But what else could have happened? - We'll find out.
- Give up, all right? She's dead and gone, so get over it.
- I can't do this anymore.
She's all yours.
- Go ahead.
Leave me with him.
But you've run out of time.
He's as good as dead.
Say bye-bye, Crocker.
- If Duke dies, you're next.
You might be immune to the Troubles, but you're not to this.
- You don't have the balls.
- If Duke is gone, there's no chance I can get Audrey back.
That leaves no reason for you to exist.
- You're more pathetic than I thought.
You would leave the fate of blondie in the hands of the man who almost stole her from you? - It's time.
- Duke.
Duke, hey.
Did it work? - Something happened, I have no idea what.
Nothing happened.
You're both idiots.
- Who the hell is that? - Thank you.