Haven s05e07 Episode Script

Nowhere Man

Previously on Haven - Bringing Audrey back, that is how we get rid of Mara.
Audrey is still in there.
We got to get her out.
- So Audrey was rattling around inside of me.
I'm going to kill that bitch right now.
- Do you really think I can let out a reincarnation trouble? - Maybe we'll use that on Mara, get Audrey to pop out.
- Thank you.
I don't know There's nothing in here about splitting personality or making new bodies.
Maybe I did use the right curse, and it just Mutated.
Or something.
- Or maybe you used one you don't know about.
I mean, I can't imagine a family of serial killers kept perfect records, no offense.
- None taken.
- So it's official.
We have no idea what happened.
- Absolutely no idea.
- Thank God it did.
You're here.
How do you feel? - I'm Me.
For the first time, it's just me.
- But now we have, below deck - Mara.
- I don't understand.
If the Guard wants her so bad, why can't we just give her to them? - I agree.
- No, we can't.
Dwight just left town.
- Dwight just left town where? - Ho wouldn't say.
But without him around, there's no telling what the Guard will do to her.
- And that's our problem how? - What if you're connected, like with William? Something happens to Mara, what happens to you? Look, I don't like it, but we can't risk it.
We we have to protect her.
- This chick is public enemy number one.
We're gonna have to keep her a secret from everyone.
- The idea of being connected to her makes my skin crawl.
I'm done with her.
I'm just going to be Audrey Parker, for good.
- All right, than it's decided.
We keep her here until we can turn her back over to Dwight.
That's the plan.
- Listen, I'm-- I'm tired.
I really just want to go home and take a shower.
It's been a long day.
- What do you think? - She doesn't want to go anywhere near Mara.
I don't blame her.
We don't know how this split thing works.
We don't know anything.
- Mara might.
- Well, maybe, but you think she's gonna help us? - No.
- I'm gonna go with Audrey.
See you later.
- When's my phone call? I want to speak to my new twin sis.
- I see the confusion.
You think you have rights.
How do I put this politely? You don't.
You are alive for one reason: your connection to Audrey.
- My what? - Don't play dumb.
- Oh, right.
You mean how I can sense her out there.
How right new she's feeling very hungry, because she's always hungry.
You have no idea if we're connected.
You want me to tell you.
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
Well, this is how this is going to work.
I will tell you what I know, but you must give me something first.
The Crocker family journal.
- Now, why would you want that? - I could use a good read.
- It's just a list of all the Troubles that my family's ended.
You want to know what they are because, for some reason, you're not immune to what's in me.
Well, I don't know how to break it to you, but you're not getting it.
- Well, all right, then.
- I'm done talking.
- That's fine, actually, because there are other ways to find out.
Uh Ah! - Torture? No You don't have it in you.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I'm just gonna take one of your toes.
- What? - Yeah.
Your toe.
You see, if you and Audrey really are connected, well, then she'll lose one of hers too, and then we'll know, right? - What is it with you boys and feet? No.
You're bluffing.
And you are stalling.
I don't know what the big deal is.
I mean, it's just a toe.
You won't even miss it.
- And if we are connected, are you gonna give Audrey the same speech? How you just took a toe and it's really no big deal? Get used to that feeling, Duke.
This isn't going to be easy.
I may be the one stuck down here but you're the ones in over your heads.
- Uh-oh.
Case face.
I miss that face.
- Three dead, all at the same time, all the same way, all weird.
I don't think it's anything serious.
Let's just stay here.
- Nathan.
- Mm-hmm? - This is what we do, all right? We're that couple.
Are you afraid that people are gonna confuse me with Mara? - No.
It's not that.
I already put the word out that you're you now.
The split personality is gone.
- Okay, so, then the beet way for me to prove that I'm Audrey is to solve another Trouble again, right? What's wrong? - I don't think you're immune to the Troubles anymore.
Maybe it was the split.
- Why would you think that? - Because I can't feel you anymore.
- But what about last night and this morning? - Doesn't matter to me.
- Well that much is clear.
I just-- I don't I don't understand why you wouldn't tell me right away.
- Didn't want to scare you.
Didn't know what it meant.
- I guess it means that I'm my own person.
I'm just normal.
I'm not any less immune to the Troubles than you are.
Solving Troubles is what we do, So we should just go out there and and be us.
You gave us all the information you could, and that's all that you can do.
We're gonna find the guy who did this.
- I am so so sorry for your loss.
- You.
People talk about you.
You're a monster.
My husband, you killed him, didn't you? - This is Detective Parker.
She only looks like that woman.
Okay, we-we better get you going.
- Rebecca, I appreciate that.
- Yeah, well, it's Nathan's orders.
- Where's the body, officer? - There isn't one.
That's all that's left.
She said he'd just come home from the farmer's market, and there was this sudden burst of light, then just this.
- Looks like what happens at ground zero of a nuclear blast.
People get incinerated in a flash.
- There were two other victims in town today, an apple farmer and a chef.
And these shadows were all that was left of them, too.
- You said he just came home from the farmer's market? - Mm-hmm.
- The others were probably there, too.
- Thanks.
- Let's go check out the market.
- I think I should go alone.
You saw how that woman reacted, even Rafferty.
People are scared you're still Mara.
It could get serious next time.
- I'll just convince them that I'm me.
- Well, it's gonna take a while, especially since we can't tell them that we're protecting the real Mara.
So I'm just asking you to sit this one out.
Just give it some time.
- Fine.
- Well, I'm detective-- - I know who you are, Wuornos.
You don't deserve to wear this.
- You want to tell me what you're doing hare, Mister - Reggie.
I'm watching out for these people.
Some of us, we take it upon ourselves to protect this town.
- But you still have to answer to Dwight.
- Not when he ain't around.
- You know about the incineration Trouble around town today? - Heard talk.
- That's it.
- All the victims were probably here first.
Were you here? - Boy, you got some nerve, accusing me.
You kept the Troubles here.
You pal around with Crocker, the Troubled killer, and you're screwing that bitch who cursed us all.
- What is your Trouble, Reggie? - Boy, you ain't getting anything out of me.
One day, somebody gonna do what's right: take you down, make her pay for what she did.
Till then we'll be watching.
- So nothing at the farmer's market, huh? - No, but I got something.
I went through missing persons, looking for any signs of these atomic shadows at the scones.
- And this has happened before? - Yeah.
Found a handful so far.
Shadows were lees conspicuous, got overlooked.
So I'm gonna dig into these old files, see if I can find any other-- - Nathan.
Nathan? Hey, hello, Nathan? Nathan? - Hello, Nathan? - Parker.
- Nathan.
- Hello? - All right, I'm coming down there right now.
- I got more missing persons for you.
- Rafferty, I need you to-- Rebecca? Rebecca.
It's Haven.
It could be anything.
- What is this? - Lieutenant! - What is this? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Audrey.
- Why Nathan? - I have no idea.
I don't have any of Man's memories.
I'm not immune anymore, either.
Oh, God.
- Have any of the other people that this has happened to-- - Have they - No.
- Okay, this isn't a funeral.
- This is bad.
- I'm gonna get him back.
We've got a lot of work to do.
I'm gonna pick up right where he left off.
I'm gonna figure out how this Trouble works, and then I'm gonna reverse it before it's too late.
- All right.
Look, you do your cop thing.
I'll see if I can find anything in the Crocker book of death.
- Wait, can I ask you something? I saw Mitchell and some of his guard buddies outside.
He's staking us out.
Dwight's out of town, so could you just get them off my back? - Done.
- Audrey.
- Won't be long now Just keep an eye open.
What do you want, Crocker? - Now, I know y'all are real busy with your guns and your Troubles, but, see, I'm gonna need you and your little peeping toms here to leave Audrey alone.
- Sorry, I can't do that.
For what it's worth, though, I'm really sorry about Wuornos.
Such a waste.
- If you know anything about what happened to Nathan, I suggest that you tell me right now.
- We only know what we heard.
And unlike somebody here, we don't kill Troubled people.
Besides, come on, you know who's behind it.
It's her.
It's Mara.
She's been fooling all you guys since the lighthouse, and it's still costing lives.
- Look, we've handled it.
You will never see Mara again.
Audrey is just Audrey now.
- Really? What proof you got? - You can't tell them about Mara.
- Exactly, nothing.
- Mitchell, I'm asking you, let Audrey solve this.
- Let more people die? - Can't do that, man.
- Do you not understand? She could actually save lives and prove that she is Audrey.
So do we have a deal? - Yeah.
We'll see you around, Crocker.
- Looking forward to it.
- We have a deal, until she slips up, and she will.
And when she does, we take care of her the way we want to.
- Audrey.
- Sorry, I didn't know.
- You can see me? - Yeah, and feel you.
Leave me alone.
I got to go-- - Wait, wait, please.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Ne one else can see you either.
- No.
- Do you know what kind of Trouble this is or how to reverse it? - You don't know what you are? What happened to you? Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
- Wait, please, just tell me what's going on.
I have to and this.
- There is no ending it.
We're ghosts.
You're dead.
- I just need some answers, that's it.
Did some kind of atomic flash make you like this? - No.
It was a car crash.
Didn't see the other guy coming until it was too late.
It doesn't matter what kills you.
You wind up like this just the same.
- No.
If we're dead, then why are we still here? - This is purgatory.
We're all just stuck like this until we figure out how to move on.
- There are others? - You're lucky you found me first.
Some of them are massed up.
Just wandering around.
Watching your loved ones forget all about you, gets in your head.
Trust me.
I got to go.
Enjoy your afterlife.
- Hey, I need to help my partner, talk to her.
Do you know how I can do that? There has to be a way.
- I don't think so.
But I'll tell you where you can find out for sure.
The cemetery.
- Good luck.
- Hi, Haven PD.
I'm looking for someone that may have been here today.
Do you have a record of everyone that entered the raffle? - If you want to start digging, go ahead.
- Why don't you start making a list for me? I need any record I can get of the people that were here.
Hi, excuse me.
Detective Parker, Haven Police Department.
I'm looking for someone that may have been here today, and I was noticing that you were taking pictures.
Do you mind if I look through those? - Of course.
Sorry, I hardly use this thing anymore.
- Oh, stop.
That guy, do you know who that is? - No, but he was here all morning staring at everybody like a creep.
He got real mad at that other guy.
- Can you actually send me everything that you have of the creep? He and I need to have a conversation.
- Excuse me, miss? You okay? Hello? Can you hear me? - Help me! Help me! - It's okay.
You're okay.
Go get some rest.
She is not taking it well.
Oh, our first cop.
I'm Morgan.
I give the talk to the newcomers.
Come on.
I'll make it quick.
We don't eat.
We don't sleep.
We don't get old.
You are dead.
And you're gonna do a lot of walking.
- I just need to find a way to talk to-- - The living? You can't talk to the living.
- What, are you some kind of expert? - No, just been a ghost longer than anyone else around here, almost two years now.
- Haven, of all places, should be full of dead people, so where's everybody else? - They moved on.
We figure we're the ones with work to do.
There's a dozen of us, that we know of.
- I don't believe we're dead.
- Good thing proof is part of the tour.
- So that's you? - Cancer.
You can feel it at the end, you know.
So I went for a swim at the beach by my place.
I loved it out there.
Died out there.
Like you just did.
- If you died out there, then where's your bathing suit.
- Well, the theory is, we're residual self-images from our last happiest moment, usually with someone you love.
Howl looked at my last birthday.
You were at work? With someone you care about? - If I'm really dead, than how can I help Audrey? - I tried for years to reach out to my fiancée.
I tried everything.
There is no way.
Maybe that's our problem.
Maybe for us to move on, we need to finally let them go.
- My dad's ghost happened here.
You all right? - Why don't you get blown into a thousand pieces and tell me how you feel? How are things? How are you doing? - I'm talking to my dead dad in the graveyard.
It happened here-- It was a Trouble that let the dead talk to the living.
Duke killed that guy, so he's got it now.
- Should I be following any of this? - If Duke has a Trouble that can talk to the dead, then I can talk to Audrey.
- Say good-bye? - Say hello.
Your family journal- Good.
Forget what did this to me.
The gravedigger's Trouble that's in there.
Slow down, slow down.
Don't-- - Yeah.
- Right, 'cause that's gonna make you smarter.
- Everybody around me is dying And I just keep on truckin'.
In the end, it's just gonna be you and me, Mr.
You, me and the crazy lady down in the hold.
- Nathan's dead? Well, who's gonna bore the hall out of me now? - Thanks.
- Give yourself some credit.
You invented the Trouble that did it.
Some kind of incineration Trouble, leaves behind a burn imprint.
- Hmm.
- Hard to forget that one.
I don't care how long ago you made it.
- Oh.
Now, you're not as dumb as you look.
Trying to get me to open up by appealing to my vanity.
It's not gonna work.
I told you, we're not doing this.
- You know what Trouble this is.
And you are gonna tell me so I can catch the bastard who did it.
- Now, Duke, don't get too upset.
You don't want to blow a gasket and bleed out all over the floor.
Does this mean I don't get my lunch? I wish you could hear me, you bitch.
- Now, is that any way to speak to the only person who can see you? - You can see me.
- Don't look so surprised.
- You're immune to Troubles.
So that means I'm-- I'm not really a ghost.
I'm alive.
I'm just the victim of someone's Trouble.
- Whose? - Please.
Don't do that.
- Why-why can't I touch you? - So many questions.
You better stop.
You might hurt yourself, detective.
- How does it work? - I don't know.
- No.
You're gonna help me figure this out.
- Me help you? No, that's never going to happen.
- Who the hell are you talking to? - Tell him I'm here, Mara.
- I'm just so lonely.
Can't a girl talk to herself? - Tell him I'm here! - Duke, would you be a doll and hit the lights on the way out? - You really are starting to lose it down here.
- Thank you, appreciate it.
- Fine.
I'm gonna find a way to talk to Audrey.
We're gonna fix this.
I don't need you.
- Mara says she doesn't know anything about the Trouble.
- You shouldn't have bothered.
We'd be better off without her.
I've got eyes on our suspect.
He's tailing me, along with Mitchell.
- You mean the man with the incineration Trouble? That suspect? Audrey, listen to me.
Get out of there, now.
- Can't do that, Duke.
- You used yourself as bait.
Audrey, you're not immune anymore.
Don't do this.
- Damn it.
You go that way I'll call the others.
- On your knees.
Hands on your head now.
- Guys.
Good news.
We're not dead.
We've been trapped this way like ghosts by someone's curse, a Trouble.
- What are you talking about? - The Troubles, they're-- When you think you died, did you see a big flash of light? - Yeah, it was headlights.
- No, it wasn't headlights.
It was whatever did this to us.
You became a ghost after you saw it.
- That's what caused the crash.
- All right, enough.
- They never found your body, right? Should have washed up somewhere.
And you rs, it would have been in that mangled, burned-up car, but they didn't find it, did they? I bet they never found the bodies of the others either Because we didn't die - We just disappeared.
- What's it matter? - We're still stuck this way.
- Not forever.
Not if we can figure this out, solve this Trouble.
I've done it before.
That could send us back to real life, all of us.
- Who do you think you are? There's one thing that keeps you sane around here.
It's not hoping to go back! - If I'm right, I'm gonna need your help.
Don't you think you owe that to the people who love you? - I'm in.
- Okay, track down the others.
Find out how they think they died.
If there's a pattern, it could help us.
We'll meet back here later, see what we've learned.
Morgan? - Even if we do find something, what does it matter? We can't communicate with the living anyway.
- Let me worry about that.
Might have figured out a way.
I have to go see what my partner's learned.
She might have a lead on the Troubled person already.
- You will talk.
Your incineration Trouble Can you undo it? Tell me.
- That ain't my Trouble.
I know who I am.
You know who you are? You used to be one who helped people like me.
But we know the truth now, don't we? - You don't know a thing about me.
- We protect this town, and if you won't fix it, then maybe Haven needs protecting from you.
- What did you do? I knew it.
Hey, hey! Audrey! - Deal's off, Duke.
She killed Reggie.
- Just let me go.
I can make this all go away.
- I'm a cop.
- This little Audrey act fooled your friends, but not me, not this time.
- I am not Mara, all right? Just-- - What do you want, Mitchell? - We want you to fix us.
- Mara couldn't cure the Troubles - and neither can I.
- But you can change them like you did for Jody out at the cabin.
- That wasn't me, all right? I don't know how she- - Do you have any idea what it's like to be Troubled? Bishop here, anything he touches dissolves in a heartbeat He held his wife's hands.
We are killing machines because of you, and we're barely hanging on.
You can't cure us? Fine, but you can fix us.
You can make our Troubles easier to live with.
And you will, even if we have to force you.
Nobody's coming to help you, Mara.
We'll give you some time to think it over.
We'll let you decide.
- I can't get you out of here.
Maybe there's someone who can.
- Oh, the great detective returns.
Still haven't changed my mind.
- I need to talk to Duke.
The guard took Audrey.
They think she's you.
- And I should care why? - You don't know what'll happen to you if they kill her.
So don't help us.
Help yourself.
- All right, so you're saying that if we are connected, I could be killed.
That's a gamble I'm willing to take.
Would you tell her I said bye? Thank you.
- I just heard that the guard has Audrey somewhere.
I am not gonna lose her and Nathan in the same day.
- It's such a shame.
It's too bad we can't do anything about it.
- That's where you're wrong.
You see, I am going to trade Audrey for what they really want, what they don't even know exists you.
- Well, that's a plan.
- Please.
You won't let them kill me.
We could be connected.
You still don't know.
- I guess we're about to find out.
You see, if I do nothing, they kill her.
I turn you over, well, at least there's a chance that Audrey lives.
- How do you like that? He's a gambler, too.
- You won't do it.
You need me to control whatever's going on with you.
We both know that.
I do need you.
But right now I could care less.
- It's over, Mara.
How's it feel? - Would you just shut up? - Uh Who the hell are you talking to? - Oh, you know your boyfriend.
- Nice try.
You almost had me going there for a second.
- Looks like he's gonna need some proof.
- Oh, wow, you really are just Huh? - Tell him he said it would just be him and his scotch Battistone in the and.
- Apparently, it's gonna be just you and your Battistone in the end.
You've started talking to your scotch? - You heard me.
- Oh, come on, Duke.
You know your boat.
You know I couldn't have hoard you.
- And he threw his journal.
- Oh, and then you threw your journal.
- There's no way you could have seen me.
Nathan was there? - Mm.
- And he's alive? - Mm.
- How? Is he here right now? Nathan? Nathan, I'm sorry, we'll have to have a séance later.
You ask him, does he know where Audrey is? - He's her lap dog.
What do you think? - Mara, if you do not help us get Audrey back I swear, I will give you to the Guard.
- Time's up, Mara.
What are you doing? - I know you have to put a hand on us to change our Troubles.
We're just gonna help you do it.
Bishop, you're up first.
Wha-- Now put a hand on him and fix him.
It's a good thing you're immune to Troubles, or this could get ugly, huh? - Please, no, you don't know what you're doing.
Who's that? - Wow.
Now, if I threw a party, I would invite you, and that's what hurts my feelings.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- You want to arrest them or you just want me to shoot them? - Let them go.
- Audrey, they tried to kill you.
- I know.
But I'm gonna prove to them that they're wrong.
I am Audrey Parker.
- How'd you know about this place? How'd you get in here? - I'm a psychic friend now.
It's one of my new Troubles.
- I heard you can't control them.
- Well, Mitchell You come after me and my friends again you're gonna find out.
Get comfortable.
You're staying here.
Dwight or no Dwight, you're not going to the Guard, not until I figure out if you're connected to Audrey.
What are you doing? Proving a point.
- And that is? - Go find Audrey.
She's fine.
We're not connected.
We never were.
- Why are you telling me this? - Because it doesn't matter anymore.
You guys need me for my immunity.
You won't get rid of me.
I'm the only one that can speak with Nathan.
- We will get rid of you.
If you don't help us get Nathan back-- - And we're back.
I'll help you, but only if you give me something first.
I'm all you've got.
- Yeah, we're done.
- Is that the only reason why I'm staying, Duke? What was it that you admitted earlier? Oh, right.
You need me.
- You must have misheard me.
- Ho, I liked what! heard, Duke.
- Good luck with that.
Why do I even try? So you're really not connected than.
- No, Duke, my wrist, it's completely fine.
But, you know, this could moan that Mara is getting more dangerous, so, please, just be careful.
So, Nathan, just gonna hope that you're standing hero.
- This is strange.
Even for us.
- I don't even know where to start.
The police station, I guess.
Everybody there is pretty weirded out by me, so I just figure that they're gonna have to just get used to it.
- Just wait till they find out I'm still alive.
- And I agreed to keep Mara around.
I hate to say it, but we need her.
You know, it's it's funny.
I used to not know who I was.
I knew what I did.
I helped Troubled people, but now I'm just me.
I'm not one of Mara's personalities.
But I don't have her immunity.
What am I supposed to do without it? I don't even know if you're hero right now.
- I'm here.
- At least if I was her, I would be able to see you.
You saved me, Nathan.
I'm just really afraid I'm not gonna be able to save you.
- Don't be afraid, Parker.
I've got friends helping me work the case from my side.
I have to go meet them now.
But I'm safe here.
And I will come back.
I promise.
Morgan? Glen? Guys? I'm here.