Haven s05e10 Episode Script


Previously on Haven Duke, are you feeling sick? 'Cause a lot of troubled people have been infected and Nathan, he's starting to bring them into the morgue.
Maybe that's the point of this, to infect troubled people and force out the troubles.
Chief Hendrickson, Dr.
Charlotte Cross with the Centers for Disease Control.
Better get this CDC lady out of Haven before she gets a whiff of The Troubles.
She starts digging into my data, questioning me about all of my cover stories for The Troubles.
I hereby place Haven, Maine under quarantine.
The bears are designed to present themselves to you so if we take you out of town, maybe the bears will stop showing up in Haven.
You selfish prick.
- Is it bad? - You have no idea.
Do you still think your friends have your back? No.
We're on our own.
Slow traffic ahead.
Seriously? Seriously.
What's with the new welcome to Haven sign, Rebecca? Quarantine.
Nobody in or out.
Well, it looks like I got Eve and Hank out of town just in time.
I Dwight's orders.
Oh, Dwight didn't need me.
Oh, I forgot there's rules for you and then there's rules for everybody else.
Just stop right there.
That's enough.
Let her through.
The chief said nobody goes You want to explain to Dwight why you barred his best detective during a crisis, be my guest.
I hear he's been looking for a new traffic cop.
I had that.
Yeah, but this way Rebecca has fewer black eyes.
Anyway, ignore her.
Everyone's on edge with the contagion spreading throughout town.
But it only targets troubled people, Rebecca has a free pass.
Well, the disease sets off troubles without needing any emotional prompting.
Every troubled person could go off soon.
So no one in Haven is safe.
Over 15 people already have the first stage of the contagion.
Pete's over at the morgue right now keeping an eye on them.
Soon, all their troubles will be activated and any one of those could claim multiple lives.
So it's a race, stop the contagion and find the troubled person causing it before all the troubles go off.
Just another day in Haven.
Hey, what else are we gonna do? I'll follow you.
Yeah, well, just keep up, okay? How'd you know your blood shows the same genetic marker as every person with the disease? Let's get some fresh air.
I'll explain everything.
Don't move.
- You had a gun.
- Just like you.
I'm not going down as easily as Mr.
Banks did.
Easy easy, okay? I didn't kill anyone.
This gun's for you.
So much for Haven being a peaceful town.
Looks can be deceiving.
So what's the plan? You take me out here and you bury me in a shallow grave? Target practice.
You ever hear of a shooting range? Just humor me.
Okay? Now I know why you're single.
I'm not that bad of a shot.
Just do me a favor.
Only fire off one round, okay? Dwight? No, I the gun malfunctioned.
I'm fine.
I was prepared for it.
I knew this one was coming and I dressed Appropriately for the occasion.
What? It's time I tell you about The Troubles.
Yeah, all right, thanks for the heads up, Harry.
Just get home and be safe.
Well, are you going to say anything? Or you just here for the show? 'Cause it's 20 to watch, 50 to touch.
Just shut up.
Dwight's about to sell us out.
He's gonna tell his lady friend at the CDC all about The Troubles.
And you're wondering whether you should let me out or not.
To help you stop the contagion and get the scientist out of dodge.
It's a risk.
But so is doing nothing and ending up in a Petri dish.
Well, come on.
I got a job for you to do.
Still need more convincing? Watch this.
That'll be all.
Many companies use a form of ethanol to artificially ripen their crops.
The average human body produces three CCs a day, so Maybe she's secreting it.
Troubles are real.
Except they're not.
I mean, magic isn't real.
Witches weren't in Salem and The Troubles aren't here.
So how did your bullet turn and hit me? Maybe it didn't.
Maybe you had a sniper shoot at the same time I pulled the trigger.
Why? For what purpose? To cover up a death.
Banks? Banks had a carbonation trouble.
The sickness triggered it.
Caused his IV bag to bubble.
And one of those bubbles got into his blood stream, causing a stroke.
This isn't possible.
If you're going to help us, you're going to have to believe.
You're a hard man to track down, Mr.
I'm sorry, but I don't discuss work matters outside of meetings.
Contact my staff and book a sit down with myself and the governor.
I'll be but a minute.
We're having a problem with the federal organization overstepping in Haven.
And I'd love to make an exception, except it wouldn't be fair to those who went through the proper channels.
Uh, maybe this will convince you.
We helped you, Mr.
Now you help us.
We might have our guy.
I talked to the manager of the restaurant where the first contagion victims either worked or ate.
And it turns out they've had a delivery driver out sick for days.
Victor Kirby.
You sure he isn't just on a bender? I've picked him up for a bunch of drunken disorderlies.
Oh, I know, that's what I thought.
But it turns out, he's here.
He turned himself in and asked to be placed in solitary confinement.
Like you would if you're responsible for the epidemic.
You know what? Maybe I should handle this.
Hey, I've been around sick people all day, I'm alive.
Oh, what, you're gonna go all macho on me? Yeah.
- Stay back.
- Kirby? It's all right, we just want to talk.
- You open it? - No, it's not safe near me.
Don't worry.
You're not gonna make him sick.
What? I was blowing chunks a couple days ago, but I'm the victim, man.
The victim.
Victim of what? For the last couple days, every time I touch someone, I see them die.
Not right in front of me, like how it's gonna happen some day.
- Just like Vanessa Stanley.
- Right.
He can't be responsible for the contagion.
No, only one trouble per person.
Aunt Vanessa? What's she have to do with this? - Don't touch him.
- No.
No more.
Kirby? Calm down, okay, it's just us.
No, make it stop.
Hey? Get out.
It's all right.
Just Kirby? Put the gun down.
- Why is this happening to me? - You were sick recently, right? Yeah.
That was days ago.
That flu didn't just make you sick.
It brought out your trouble.
And we want to fix it, but we need to figure out how you got sick.
I must have caught it during one of my deliveries.
Okay, so, give us your list of your deliveries.
We might be able to stop this.
You don't get it every time I touch someone, I see how they end.
I can't live like this.
You don't understand, man.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's not the answer.
Kirby, just give him give him the gun, all right? Get back.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm so sorry about this.
You okay? - I'm fine.
- You sure? 'Cause I saw the end for you.
You and your twin sister go the same time.
Hey, hey? Easy on the turns, Thelma.
All right? There's no seat belts back here.
I think you can handle a few bumps.
Or I could ride up there with you.
Think we could use somebody to work the radio.
You know, I just don't think it's a good idea to have Haven's most wanted riding shot gun where everyone can see her.
And like you're a Saint.
Aren't we off to kill the person responsible for this "contagion" so we can send the CDC packing? Think about it.
If that was my plan, why would I even bring you with me? Oh, I don't know, my effervescent personality? Rumor that I put out? Maybe I need you to alter the person with this trouble so that they don't get people sick and just get them to spout nougat or something.
Well, that sounds like a great plan.
Did you come up with that yourself? There's only one issue with that.
And that's that I need aether to be able to modulate a trouble.
So unless you know where a magic aether tree is, you're out of luck.
Where do you think we're heading? Well, you have all the answers, don't you? Get in the hatch and cover up.
What oh, God.
That smells like feet.
No, I'm not hiding under this.
Hold your breath or get shot, your choice.
- Are you threatening me? - Not me, sweetheart.
Stan the man.
How's life? All right.
You're gonna have to turn around.
Quarantine's in effect.
Well, you didn't get the word? Yeah, Dwight, uh, needed me to run an errand, pronto.
Look, I don't I don't want to get you a slap on the wrist so if you need to call him or whatever.
No, no.
That's fine.
You know quick once over your vehicle, you're free to go.
Hey, just out of curiosity, what, uh What are you, uh what are you guys looking for? Apparently this whole mess is 'cause of food poisoning.
I have to make sure you don't bring any contaminated goods with you.
You know, trust me.
We both know this isn't food poisoning, and you really don't want to look inside.
Why? What skeletons am I gonna find? Well, you know, okay.
Between you and me, it's just a little Jamaican contraband that if you saw, you would have to confiscate.
But if you didn't see, well Well, I really should.
I can't let you proceed without checking the trunk.
Don't move.
This this is for being buds.
Buds who don't search other bud's cars.
Yeah, what'd you think it was? Go on.
Head through, Duke.
The gas leaks, motor vehicle accidents, suicides.
Smoke and mirrors, covering The Troubles.
- Starting to make more sense? - Not really.
But last month, an anemone was discovered that could survive in the antarctic and a carnivorous plant was found in the Philippines.
You think I'm a new species? I don't know what to think.
But I'm having a hard time believing in the supernatural.
Science, however, explains why you're not sick.
- It's not the apple a day? - Think about it.
You're around the infected more than anyone.
But you're almost too healthy, with all your muscles.
I guess I just got lucky.
Or, you're always on, right? Bullets are always attracted to you.
But if the contagion's last phase is To trigger a person's trouble.
But your trouble's already active.
Then I can't catch the contagion.
It's like chicken pox.
If I get it once, I can't get it again.
Somebody remembers high school biology.
Wait so couldn't you use that basis, the fact that I can't get sick, as a means to create a vaccine against the contagion? Theoretically.
It wouldn't save anyone, but it might stop the spread.
Then we can immunize the population before someone's trouble goes off and liquefies the town, or worse.
That could happen? I can't just snap my fingers.
Hypothetically, it would work.
But Like any vaccine, I would need a pure sample.
Whatever it is that's causing the disease.
I need something that creates troubles.
I have just the thing.
Did he rob a bank? I thought the bears stopped appearing after you got Eve out of town.
Well, we missed one by the hospital and now the pet store is overflowing with his friends.
So I went through the delivery addresses Kirby gave us and ruled out all but three.
One of them's gotta be the source of this trouble contagion.
Everything okay? Do you ever wonder if I'm real? What are you talking about? What if I'm like the bears? I lost my immunity to The Troubles after I was split from Mara.
We don't even know if that happened.
Maybe Duke didn't separate me from Mara.
Maybe whatever trouble he used on her Created me.
- You're real.
- You don't know that.
Yeah, I do.
'Cause I love you.
You love me.
And no Douen, or golem, or dancing bear can do that.
You're real, Parker.
You have no no reason to think otherwise.
Maybe I do.
Hey, you all right? Audrey said she's feeling okay now and I talked her into staying until the test results come back.
So what are we dealing with? It's not good news, slim.
There's no sign of a pathogen in Audrey's blood work.
- So if it walks like a duck - It's the contagion.
But Audrey doesn't have those symptoms.
Well, diseases can present differently.
I'm sure you've gotten the flu without a cough before, right? But if Audrey has the contagion, then That means she's troubled? But she's never shown any signs.
- Things have changed.
- Then what's her trouble? Well, that's a good question.
But if I were you, I wouldn't wait around to find out.
I would catch the person who's causing the illness before Audrey goes off.
Hey, Audrey's not gonna want to stick around, so keep an eye on her, will you? Two eyes, 'cause you guys are cute together.
Heard about Audrey.
She'll bounce back, always does.
- Have you heard from Duke? - No, why would I? Visited the hold.
No Mara.
What? Mara escaped? - How? - Duke.
Not answering his phone calls and avoiding my men.
Didn't give him much choice after you zapped him.
That's no excuse.
Look, we'll find him.
Right now, the contagion's more important.
Agreed, that's why I need the remaining aether.
Listen, if Charlotte can study it, she might be able to create a vaccine against the contagion.
You told her? I don't regret it.
I'm glad that you're making headway.
But with Mara on the run, giving Charlotte aether is asking for problems.
You know, I thought you'd be all for this.
A vaccine for what's making Audrey sick.
Who knows if Charlotte's successful, it could lead to a cure for The Troubles.
Keep your mad doctor away from Audrey.
Code orange.
Code orange.
I repeat, code orange.
What's the hurry? An incoming mass casualty.
A chemical spill in the morgue.
Right, that's no chemical spill.
Contagion must have activated someone's trouble.
This is exactly why we need the vaccine.
I'm giving Charlotte the rest of the aether.
I gave you the safe's combination for insurance, not so you That's exactly why you gave it to me.
I do what you can't.
Yeah? The boys in blue checked out those addresses.
Two were deliveries to large parties.
Can't be our guy.
Disease would have spread much quicker-what's the third? Single guy, lives alone.
Details coming to your phone.
- One more to go.
- Good.
'Cause I'm getting bored of watching the keystone cops out here, I can't even believe they let us waltz in.
Well, this is Audrey's office.
And you do look like Audrey.
You don't have to remind me.
The place reeks of her.
You didn't seem to mind playing dress up when I took your cuffs off you.
Would you hurry up? Make sure that the aether fragments are even in there.
Nathan would stash his Bronco in here if he could.
Almost there.
Crap, hide.
Now what, genius? Was that the governor? Did he remove the CDC from Haven? I checked up on you.
You're no longer in charge of The Guard.
That shouldn't matter.
Lives are at risk.
- You need to call the governor.
- No, I don't.
Now, I'm leaving and I suggest you do too.
Big city doesn't suit everyone, Mr.
I was in charge of The Guard when you miraculously found that scandalous information that forced out the governor's rival.
I could leak information that would be safe for me and ruin your career.
That big city enough for you? Everyone took off when the pools of acid appeared.
It was a stampede.
One of your patients had their trouble switched on by the contagion.
Melted a hole through his own chest by accident.
Took two people with him, injured six.
I froze.
I did nothing.
No, you were here.
That's something.
We have to end this, Nathan.
Find who's ever behind this outbreak.
I have, Pete.
It's you.
Based on an r-nought of four to seven and my movements You're right.
I'm causing the epidemic.
I didn't even know I was troubled.
My parents passed when I was young.
Charlotte sniffing around your reports probably triggered it.
The Troubles have a tendency of bringing out our worst fears.
In your case, the contagion.
Pete, what are you doing? Calculating the future spread of the contagion.
It's like mumps, airborne.
One person can infect up to seven, who then in turn can do the same.
The amount of people the contagion will force to express their troubles by the end of the day.
By the end of the week, every troubled person in Haven will have their trouble turned on and there's nothing we can do to stop them.
We have to stop this, Nathan, before more people die because of me.
This isn't your fault.
And we will stop it.
And to do that, I need you to relax.
Just focus.
Focus on your emotions.
Come on.
I can't, I can't, I can't! I-I don't I don't deal with emotions, Nathan.
Okay, I deal with numbers and figures, okay? Okay, then focus on that.
An equation or a number problem.
I-I can't stop thinking about the disease.
Help me.
Need a break? Not a good idea.
I stop moving, I might actually have to admit that everything I thought was true, isn't.
Not everything.
I was in the Congo during the height of Ebola.
of which would die.
I was running this autopsy when I tore my containment suit.
Do you know what I did? I kept going because I knew that Even if I was infected, I could find a solution.
But now I don't know.
Mermen and golems, a family who everything they touch turns to cake? Even if I believed any of this, how would you stop it? My trouble first activated in Afghanistan.
- Lit me up like Swiss cheese.
- Dwight, I'm - I'm sorry, I didn't mean - Don't apologize.
I was forced to believe in the supernatural.
You still have a choice.
Eppur si muove.
What? And yet it moves.
That's what Galileo said when he was forced to deny that the earth revolves around the sun.
And yet it moves.
Maybe the supernatural today is just Science we don't yet comprehend.
So you think this will work? I sure as hell hope so.
Kirk? What are you doing here? - If your trouble activates - I'm fine.
Not even a sniffle.
But you must be sick if you're in there playing with Bunsen burners while troubles are getting out of control.
And guardsmen are confined to their homes.
It's for their own protection, and I don't remember asking for your input.
Well, maybe you should, Dwight.
- What's your plan? - Go home before you catch sick.
I'm working on it.
I really wish you hadn't shown up, Kirk.
You're up.
Nathan? Any luck? - Yeah.
- It's me.
I'm responsible for the contagion.
Finally, some good news.
It's not, I'm the worst person to have a trouble.
- He can't stop me.
- We're working on that.
We're gonna see if Audrey can help and we're trying to stay calm.
Yeah, that part's kind of failing.
Maybe we should bring him to Charlotte, she might be able to do something.
She's a scientist, not a miracle worker.
He's out cold.
I feel light headed.
Do you guys feel light headed? He's right.
- I can't breath.
- None of us can.
Somebody's trouble just activated.
All right, let's think.
Who do we know who's trouble can stop you from breathing? Five minutes.
Five minutes of no oxygen and then brain damage.
It's Kirk.
He lied to me about being sick.
His trouble draws the oxygen out of the air around him.
- If he's in the building - Then we're losing oxygen fast.
Get out of here.
I'll find Kirk.
Take him to a safe location.
It's all my fault.
You have to get out of here.
If you pass out or die, this contagion could go on forever.
Pete? Go.
Sir sir, you have to turn around.
What's happening? A spill.
Pathogen, I think.
Lady, I'm from Haven.
Is it a trouble? I don't know.
The air, there's no oxygen.
You can't go down there.
Yes, I can.
Just get everyone out of here.
Give me those! You deserve worse.
Get out.
The oxygen in the building Yeah, lucky for me, I enjoy free diving.
Come on.
Rise and shine, lazy bones.
- Duke? - Did you get it? No.
Giant stopped me.
Then we're screwed.
So, what's the plan? You kill me? Pete? It's me.
I'm responsible for all of this.
The contagion is my trouble and no one can stop me.
Nathan can't, Audrey caught it and she's sick inside.
She what? That's impossible.
Happy day, I'm about to become an only child.
I know about the Crocker curse.
You can stop me.
Pete, you don't know what you're talking about.
I do.
You kill me, my trouble ends.
I've spent my whole life fudging reports to keep The Troubles secret.
I'm not gonna be the one who exposes them.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I can.
What did you do? Are you nuts? If he dies, this disease could last forever.
I did you a favor, all right.
Now at least you're not hemming and hawing.
- There were options.
- Please.
Come on, he doesn't have much time left, all right.
Finish him off.
You're not gonna use me.
- This is wrong.
- No.
It's right.
Your friends are dying.
Be a hero, end the contagion.
Or else, poor Petey there will die in vain.
You're okay? Yeah.
- See, what what happened was - It was a trouble.
I get it.
We're gonna figure out how to cure them.
- You're all right? - Yeah.
We're all right.
There's oxygen again.
I guess Pete must have figured it out.
Things are finally starting to look up.
You're still sick.
How is that possible? I know what you're going through.
That's rich.
I thought killing was a sport for you.
It wasn't always.
It's like most things.
Gets easier the more you do it.
That's why I didn't trick you into killing him.
That's why it had to be your choice.
- You stabbed him.
- I did.
Would you rather that I was passive aggressive about it and showed you pictures of his family members, like Audrey did when she wanted you to kill someone? What the hell are you talking about? You know what I'm talking about.
The troubled man in the forest that was murdering his children for their organs.
Audrey manipulated you.
I was up front.
There's blood on my hands too.
So, what, you want a medal? No, Duke.
I want to fix you.
I can stop you from ever needing to kill someone.
I can stop you from ever needing to vent a trouble.
And I'm supposed to believe you're not planning on gutting me because? Because you know I won't.
It's like you said We're on our own.
What's wrong? I suggested to the governor that he order the CDC out of Haven.
- Did he refuse? - No.
Then I'm struggling to see what the problem is.
The CDC denies having any personnel in Haven.