Haven s05e11 Episode Script


Previously on Haven Charlotte might be able to create a vaccine against the contagion.
If Charlotte's successful, it could lead to a cure for the Troubles.
- CDC denies having any personnel in Haven.
What are you doing here? If your Trouble activates-- Go home before you catch sick.
- I can't breathe.
- None of us can.
- It's Kirk.
His Trouble draws the oxygen out of the air around him.
And we're losing oxygen fast.
Your friends are dying.
Be a hero.
End the contagion.
- Nathan.
- Parker.
You're still sick.
How is that possible? - I want to fix you.
- And I'm supposed to believe you're not planning on gutting me because? - It's like you said.
We're on our own.
- You used to bring me coffee.
- Fresh pot brewing right now.
Pete Palak's body was just found in a dumpster outside the hospital.
- Pete's dead? Stabbed.
Gloria puts T.
At the same time the contagion ended.
- What are you thinking? - Duke.
That would explain why he's gone AWOL.
- Mara has to be behind this.
Do you think that he's with her? - There's no way Mara get off duke's boat without his help.
- Hey.
You shouldn't still be sick.
- I'm fine.
People get the flu, Nathan.
- It's not flu season.
- So you do think it's about the split? That the reason I'm sick is because I shouldn't be here? - No.
- That I'm not real? - No.
I did not-- I didn't say that.
- Okay, good.
Because for once in my life I am my own person, and except for a little cough, I feel great.
- Parker, hey You you are the realest person I know.
- More real than me, most days.
- Well.
- But what if losing your immunity to the Troubles wasn't the only effect that the split had on you? This journal is not helping! - Wow, you're cranky.
Absorbing that contagion Trouble must really be stirring things up in there.
- You said you were gonna fix me.
- Yes, but I also said I need Aether to do it.
- And to open up one of your thinnies, right? Pretty sure I know what your prioritys gonna be.
- Why don't you just vent something? It might put you in a better mood.
I can't.
- What's wrong? - I have been through every page of this journal And it seems that the only Troubles left for me to let out are anything but manageable.
- Mass casualties, huh? Well you can't say I wasn't ambitious back then.
- Yeah.
And cruel.
You didn't care about a single person's life that your Troubles mined.
So why should I believe all of a sudden that you give a damn about helping me? - Because helping you helps me.
- Oh.
I'm not immune to your Trouble, remember? - Mm-hmm.
So you're just in this to save your own skin? - Well - Hey, at least it's honest.
Almost makes me like you.
- Good.
Now stop sulking and go find that damn Aether.
We're gonna talk.
- Call Dwight Hendrickson.
Dwight Hendrickson.
- Morning.
Kirk, right? Charlotte? - Did, uh, Dwight send you here? - I'm here for myself.
They're saying you made a cure.
- I heard about what happened the other day at the hospital.
- Lady, I suffocated three people I wasn't even near.
- That's terrible.
- Yes, it is.
So fix me.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I don't have a cure.
Not now.
I might have found a gene that could be associated with the Troubles.
But if you consent to tests-- - I don't want a test.
I already know what I am.
- Okay, sir, I'm just-I'm trying to-- - Bull! You need to do mere.
- Kirk.
Step back.
- She's jerking us around.
Can't you see that? - Leave now, under your own power or mine.
- I'm glad you called.
- Yeah, me too.
- He's losing it.
Sometimes hope, it makes people, I don't know, a little crazy.
- I don't know about hope.
I feel like I'm inspiring frustration more than anything.
- Not with me.
- That sample of Aether you gave me, I'm almost through with it.
Could you get me some more? I'd like to compare it to the DNA marker, see if there's any commonalities.
- I think I can do that.
Why don't I bring it by when I pick you up for dinner? - Dinner - Gotta eat.
- Gotta eat.
Give me some change for the meter.
There's a spot around the comer.
No, I'm not crying in front of my coworkers.
They're in the back.
Look, I need the extra shifts.
I need the money.
Please, she can afford it.
My rent was due last week.
Look, I can't keep living this way.
I don't know how much longer I can hold it together.
- You're supposed to check in, Vince.
Your contacts have any word on Duke and Mara? - Although I don't approve of his travel companion, maybe Duke Crocker had the right idea.
- Taking off with the woman who created the Troubles? - To get out of Haven before Charlotte Cross brings the wrath of whoever she works for down on our heads.
- We know who she works for.
The CDC, I checked her out.
- You checked? Well, I looked into it myself, and nothing official supports the CDC being dispatched to or conducting business here.
- She's off the record.
Sometimes an operative makes a full assessment before calling in a whole unit.
- You realize you trusted her with our most ancient secrets? - She hasn't told anyone back at the CDC what she's working on here.
I just buried my sister.
How many people have you lost, Vince? We keep beating our head against the supernatural, but what if it's just science? I know in my gut that Charlotte Cross is here to help save this town from the Troubles.
Why are you so sure she's not? - I should be laying out copy for tomorrow's paper.
- It's like she was a life-sized Mrs.
Potato Head with loose parts and fewer sartorial choices.
- Blood? Cut marks? - No.
I smell a Trouble, but I will be shipping a piece over to Dr.
Fancypants per order of the chief.
- Dwight has Charlotte checking up on you? - Oh, she's testing subjects for her DNA marker.
Sounds like a make-work project to me.
- You don't like her? - She can have the left foot.
There's plenty.
But if I was 30 years younger, she'd have to come down here and take it from me.
She's a skinny thing, too, isn't she? Too skinny, it looks weird.
- You think it hurt? To break apart like that? - We're still investigating what exactly happened here.
- Detective, I know all about the Troubles.
Could Marcy have infected me or my daughter? - It doesn't, uh, really work like that.
But you said that Marcy was having some money problems? - She was so desperate, she asked for a pay advance.
- Okay and did you give it to her? - No.
People can't fight their demons with a crutch.
They need a sword.
That's a You have some strong convictions.
- I thought Marcy was a decent woman, but she's one of those people.
me, my daughter, my employees.
- Your daughter? - Samantha.
The tall one.
- And the other girl is Grace, the cashier.
Have you called her parents? She seems like she's having a pretty hard time with this.
- Well, she found a dead body.
I'm just thankful it wasn't Samantha.
- They seem pretty close.
- They're dating.
I'm glad they have each other, even though I don't approve of consorting with the employees.
Do you need to sit down? I'm okay.
Can I get a water? - Yeah.
- Parker, what is it? - The victim, Marcy, she was having some financial problems, so I think her Trouble kicked in when her boss, the bigot, refused to give her the help that she needed.
- That's not what I meant.
- What? It's gonna be an open and shut case.
I mean, how often do we get one of those? - You're sick.
Tell me.
How bad is it? - It comes and goes.
- I think it's time for you to see Dr.
- Good morning.
- I knew I couldn't trust you.
Still so cranky.
You do realize I left you napping when I could have left you dead? - What a surprise.
Why didn't you? - I've been thinking about what you said, about me only looking out for myself.
You let people think that about you, too.
But you sacrifice for the ones that you care about.
I've seen it.
- Finally, someone who understands.
It all started when I was five.
My unicorn got run over by a tractor.
- But the people you sacrifice for are they worth it? Do they really care about you? Or are they the ones that are only out for themselves? - Right.
But you're different because you get me? - Maybe I know what it feels like to sacrifice in vain.
- You know, you are probably 100 miles away already.
Yet you're still pitching me swamp land in Florida.
So why the hard sell? - I'm not selling anything.
Open the door.
- What? - Open the door, Duke.
Would you step aside? My popsicles are melting.
Excuse me, Dr.
Cross? I'm sorry, this is a bad time? - No, um, of course not.
You just startled me.
Please come in.
- Hi, I'm Detective Audrey Parker, Haven PD.
- Detective Parker, what can I do for you? - It's the, uh contagion illness.
- Oh, um, Dwight, he told me it was over.
I haven't seen any patients express any symptoms for the past few days now.
- Don't worry.
I know about the Troubles.
I spend my life fighting them.
- You're sick.
Please sit.
- I thought it was the contagion illness, but now I-- - You think another Trouble might be the problem? - I don't know.
- Let's start with some blood work.
So, what are your symptoms? - Uh, the-the dry cough.
Uh fatigue.
Really, I-I feel fine most of the time, but then all the sudden it just hits like a wave.
- You feel quite cool.
- I am freezing all the time.
- Some of your symptoms sound like exhaustion.
Maybe you need some time off.
- I can't.
My work is-- It's very important to me.
- For now, I'll get you a vitamin B12 shot.
Should help with your energy.
You should get something for your cough over the counter until I get the results of your test back.
- I'm curious, Dr.
Why haven't you told your people about Haven? - In my line of work, reputation is everything.
If I don't have proof, I can't convince my colleagues to believe in a place like this.
- Oh, so you're covering your own ass before you blow us out of the water? - Your ass, too.
If I don't have a complete understanding of what I've found, my superiors will come in and most likely mishandle things.
- And so when you do have a complete understanding, what happens than? - I don't know.
But the people of this town need help.
They've already suffered enough.
- I-I need to get back to my case.
- Oh, yeah, that woman who fell apart.
Verrano sent a foot.
But she doesn't have the same DNA marker I found in all the patients I tested so far.
- So her own trouble didn't kill her.
It had to have been someone else.
Thank you.
- Glad I could help.
Excuse me.
I have a few more questions for Grace.
I think she might know more than she realizes, and right now she's our only witness.
- Grace isn't here.
I fired her.
- Why? - Because I found out she's one of them.
Do you know where your daughter Samantha is? I think she may have a better idea of where Grace may be.
- I sent Samantha home for her own safety.
But there's a boy named Terrance that the girls hang out with.
I tried to call his parents to warn them.
He lives up the road.
- What'd the doctor say? - We're looking for a missing teenager, remember? - I remember you insisted on going to see Dr.
Cross alone.
What did she say? - She took my blood, she gave me a shot of vitamins, and didn't discover my secret identity.
You get that.
I'll see what's going on.
- Duke, what the hell? Where are you? Do you have Mara? - One, I'm doing the right thing.
Two, I'm not telling you that.
And three Sort of.
- I don't have time for this.
Is Mara with you or not? - Yeah.
- Bring her in.
Audrey is sick.
We need to find out if it has something to do with the separation.
- What do you mean, Audrey is sick? Is it serious? - I don't know.
But if we have Mara, than we can-- - No.
- What? - Look, I know what I'm doing.
And for once, Nathan I need your help.
I need you to bring me some of the Aether so that Mara can fix me.
- What? - To keep me from kicking out any more dangerous troubles.
- And you actually believe that she'll help you? - Hey, pot, this is the kettle.
- Look, I know I've done crazy things, but that was for Audrey.
You can't trust Mara.
She's convinced you to get her the one thing she needs to open a thinny.
And if she does that, she will take out the entire town.
- I am the one who could take out Haven.
I don't have any more nice little safe Troubles to let out.
The next one is gonna be bad.
Mara can stop it.
- I'm not bringing you the Aether, Duke.
Everything she's done has been to get Aether.
Bring her in.
We need her.
- Yeah, you're right.
It doesn't add up.
I can't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.
- Bring her in, Duke.
We'll find another way to help you.
- Yeah, I know.
I actually thought he was gonna come through for me for once.
- So now what? - Now I go take the Aether.
And then you fix me.
Right? - Right.
- What happened? - Grace's friend Terrance is a workout fiend.
He got crushed trying to bench-press 280.
- That kid couldn't lift 280 to drop it on himself.
- Well, he could yesterday.
Look, he's way bigger.
- This can't be the same guy.
- It is.
I think this trouble changes people physically.
The victim at the bakery, she was in over her head in debt.
Her life was falling apart.
And then she did, literally.
- So he picked up the weight and then transformed? - Vince, what's going on? - I'll be there as soon as I can.
- What's he want? - He just said it was important.
- Why don't you go and talk to him? I'm gonna head to the hospital.
I want to be there the minute Terrance gets out of surgery.
If Grace was here, she's affected two people and counting.
Grace? Please, I need to talk to you.
- Sam, don't look at her.
Just go, go, go, go.
- Grace.
- How's Terrance? - Is what happened to him- is it connected to what happened at the bakery? - I'll tell you whatever I know, but please take me to the hospital to see Terrance.
- Okay.
You've reached Dr.
Charlotte Cross.
Please leave a message.
Charlotte, it's me.
See you in 15 minutes with the Aether and then dinner.
Change of plans.
Something just came up.
I'll call you later.
Where did you get that? - The store.
I like pretty toes.
No Aether? - It wasn't in the safe.
- Nathan moved it.
He didn't think that you would turn me in.
You told him what you needed and why, and still, he-- - You have to release a Trouble, Duke.
How much time do you think you have left? - Not long enough.
I really wish you were somebody else right now.
- Why? Well, I'm not.
But I'm here, so you're just going to have to make do.
The CDC denies sending Charlotte to Haven.
- Does Dwight know about this? - Unfortunately, he's convinced that Charlotte Cross will be our savior.
- Vince, this woman is taking care of Audrey now.
Can you back this up? - Not enough for Dwight to listen.
We need real proof that Charlotte Cross isn't who she says she is.
- So let's get it.
You here to give me a tissue sample? - Sure.
- Excellent.
I'm trying to widen my baseline for the DNA marker.
- Nathan Wuornos.
- Sorry, not trying to be rude, but just-- Gloves.
- Gloves.
- May I ask you about your Trouble? I'm keeping a catalog.
- Sure, after you tell me what's going on with Audrey Parker.
I'm her partner.
So what can you tell me about her illness? - Doctor-patient confidentiality.
- Even if I'm a cop? - Mm-hmm.
- Even if I'm her boyfriend? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Fill this out and talk to Audrey.
And when you do, get her to call me.
She's been ducking me.
Teagues? All right, Vince.
Yeah, bleach is an antiseptic, but your brother should definitely not use it to clean his wound.
Yeah, even if that's what he did when he was a kid.
Let me see what else I have.
We should keep this quiet.
Who's running the DNA test? - This will be taken care of in-house.
There is another who is sympathetic to our cause.
- Vince.
- Gloria will handle it.
She'll have the results in 24 hours.
- Listen, I know you don't trust Charlotte, but now you've gone too far.
- What are you talking about? - The Aether, where is it? - It's missing? - Yeah.
- What, you think I took it? - Your safe, your combination.
- I didn't take the Aether, Dwight.
- Okay, then who? Who else knew about it? - Duke.
I should have known.
Mara convinced him to help her get the Aether back.
- It was in a safe.
- Which probably took him two minutes to crack.
- Audrey? I need to talk to you.
- I'm gonna meet you inside.
- There's something strange happening to you.
Your test results seem fine, liver function, kidneys, all in range, but I'm seeing protein markers that concern me.
- I don't understand.
- It's like on a cellular level you're going through rapid waves of deterioration.
Every cell in your body is degenerating.
I've never seen anything like it.
- But my cough has stopped, and I'm actually feeling much better.
Much, much better.
- The vitamin B12 shot may be giving you a boost of energy, but it's temporary.
I'll double-check my diagnosis, but I know what I saw.
- Terry, please don't be mad.
- I can't look like this again.
This is how I used to look, and they never stopped.
- You were bullied at school? - They said I was weak 'cause I am.
But as long as I didn't look weak And now I'm back where I started.
- Bullies around here aren't very imaginative.
It's all scrawny guys and fat girls for them.
They do the usual-- Names, farting noises when I walk.
One time, someone left a trail of potato chips from my gym class to my locker.
It was mildly clever.
- So what happened today? - She told me about this morning at the bakery.
She said to not look at her.
How am I not supposed to look at someone? I tried not to, but her eyes, they caught me in a trance, and I felt like she could see right through me.
- You don't have to be afraid.
We can help you.
- It's not my Trouble.
Yeah, I'm bullied, but I don't let that bother me.
Teenagers are idiots.
Two more years, I graduate, and Sam and I are out of this crazy, backwards town.
- You're covering for Samantha.
She was with you at Terrance's house.
She found Marcy's body.
Samantha's the one that's Troubled.
- And if she finds out, her mom is gonna freak.
- Grace and her kind are dangerous.
I don't want you around her.
- Nobody gets Troubled on purpose.
It's just how they are.
- Then why do they lie about it? Hmm? They keep it a secret until it's too late.
Look what happened to Marcy.
Your father knew what he was, and he took advantage of me because I was young and scared.
That's what the Troubled do.
They use their powers to terrorize us.
I'm just glad he's gone.
- Dad's dead and you still hate him.
You want me to hate him, but I'm not like you.
- I'm just thankful you're not like him.
- You're wrong.
- What did you say? Samantha, look at me when I'm talking to you.
- You're wrong.
I am like him.
I can't hold it back anymore.
I'm not strong enough.
- You need to release a trouble right away.
- Help me let out something has-unless.
- Okay.
- Something that won't hurt people.
- Concentrate on what you really want: not to hurt anyone.
Then let your blood hit the floor.
- This isn't gonna be harmless.
- I read about this in the journal.
It's the Egan family curse.
This guy he got stuck in a house fire when he was a kid.
Years later his Trouble activated and Turned a diner into an oven.
My grandfather couldn't kill him in time to save the lunch rush.
- Yeah, I remember, he was an eight-year-old trapped in a house- it was burning down, afraid that no one was coming to get him.
- So why did I release this Trouble? I wanted it to be something harmless.
- You're like that boy.
You think you're isolated, alone, abandoned, and you don't want to lat yourself feel it.
Let's let's get out of here before the pipes under this place blow.
- No.
I'm not gonna roast a bunch of innocent people.
You go.
- No.
You need me.
- You don't have to play this game anymore, Mara.
You don't have to pretend like you care.
I'm dead.
So you might as well save yourself.
- I'm not leaving.
Let's fix this.
- Audrey? - Can you wait here just a sec? Thank you.
- The degeneration, it reversed itself.
That's why you're feeling better.
But I need to know exactly when it started.
- It was at the house, on Terrance's lawn, after Samantha looked at me.
I think her Trouble transforms people.
- So how people feel on the inside becomes real? It sounds like this Trouble is all about self-esteem.
I've seen how you work, Audrey.
You think of yourself as someone who helps people, a healer.
So when you got affected by this Trouble, your cells repaired themselves.
- We have to get to the bakery now.
Samantha needs us.
- Audrey? What happens when you get there? - I'm gonna talk her down, help curb her Trouble, hopefully keep her from hurting more people.
- So if you do that, her Trouble will stop affecting everyone? That's the idea.
- Won't that mean you get sick again? - I do what I need to do.
- I'm coming with you.
You might need your doctor.
- Sam? What's wrong? - You have to help her.
- Is that your sister? - No.
It's my mother.
I gave her the look.
- I won't abandon you, Duke.
You say you don't need anyone? This Trouble is proof that you're lying.
You want people to think that you're a selfish bastard so that when they walk away, they won't know how badly they've hurt you.
But I know it hurts, Duke.
No matter how much armor you put on, it still hurts.
- You wouldn't be saying all this if you didn't have some kind of angle.
- I do.
To save you.
It's over.
- Yeah.
Why? - Because you finally believe I care about you.
That's why.
- I did it on purpose.
I looked right at her.
- Samantha, it's not your fault.
- Audrey Let me take Samantha and Janet back to my lab.
Maybe there's a way to keep Samantha from affecting anyone while still keeping you healthy.
- Please, don't.
You're helping her.
- Samantha, this could end with you.
You're not evil just because you're Troubled.
- Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about.
- You don't have to be so angry.
No one is trying to hurt you.
Troubled people aren't monsters.
They're just as scared as you are.
- Mom? - I'm all right.
- I'm sorry.
- Now get out of my store.
I'm gonna save my child.
She's being punished because she doesn't know right from wrong.
I'm gonna fix that.
- The Troubles are not a punishment.
They're genetic.
- Audrey's right.
We have scientific proof.
- Aren't you listening, Mom? Maybe if you weren't the way you are, this would have never have happened to me.
- No, Sam.
- It's okay, Sam.
- I didn't You're my daughter.
Haven PD, can I help you? - Surveillance footage is still downloading.
- Audrey went to see Dr.
Cross today as a patient.
Something's been up with her since the contagion.
- I didn't know.
This mean you've decided to trust Charlotte? - I'd like to trust her, Dwight, but it's kind of hard when Audrey's involved.
- It's up.
- No, wait.
That look on his face, I've seen it a lot.
He's furious.
I don't think he has the Aether.
Can you back it up? There, that's the vial of Aether in h hand.
Can you tell who it is? - None.
But I can see the tattoo.
Definitely in the Guard.
I'll get a name.
- It's okay, Duke.
- You'll be the first to know when I get the Aether back.
- I'm sorry we had to cancel dinner.
- Ah, maybe it's for the best.
I mean, we have a lot of important things to do, and work can get complicated enough without distractions.
- I completely agree.
- Hey.
What is it? - It's what I saw today.
A woman who fell apart, a mother whose tortured daughter transformed her based on her own ignorance and cruelty.
I just wish I could do more.
- Hey.
Troubles are tough.
You just have to take it one day at a time.
If you're here long enough, it gets a little easier.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You should lock this if you're gonna work this late.
- Will do.
Night, Dwight.
- Night.