Haven s05e12 Episode Script


Previously on "Haven" - There's no way Mara got off Duke's beat without his help.
- Dwight's about to sell us out.
He's gonna tell his lady friend at the CDC all about the Troubles.
I got a job for you to do.
- You're going through rapid waves of deterioration.
Every cell in your body.
- You trusted her with our most ancient secrets? - Charlotte Cross is here to help save this town from the Troubles.
- We need real proof that Charlotte Cross isn't who she says she is.
- That sample of Aether you gave me-- Could you get me some more? - The Aether- where is it? - It's missing.
- I won't abandon you, Duke.
You say you don't need anyone.
This Trouble is proof that you're lying.
- You wouldn't be saying all this if you didn't have some kind of angle.
- I do.
To save you.
- Hey.
- I thought you had gone all "Wham-ham, thank you, ma'am.
" - Not exactly my style.
- Oh.
- I'm headed out after the Aether.
I think I might have an idea of where Dwight and Nathan moved it to.
- Right now? - Yeah, right now.
What did you think we were gonna do? Have brunch? Crosswords in bed? - Something like that.
- Well I'm sorry to disappoint.
- Hey, I get it, and you're right.
You're okay now, but finding Aether is key.
- Why? - To fix you.
I'm on board, Duke.
Find the Aether, and we could do that a thousand times over.
You have an angry energy, and I like that in bed.
- Yeah, okay.
- Hey.
Do you believe me that I want to help you? - Yeah.
I mean, I have to, right? - You don't have to.
You do.
- I think there's still some eggs in the fridge if you're hungry.
- There is.
I bought them.
Oh, but we need toast and butter.
Real butter.
- Already so demanding.
- Did Gloria get the DNA from Charlotte Cross? - The military has a vast database.
It's gonna take a few more hours to see if our alleged CDC doctor has her DNA on file with the government.
- Well, she was a Navy surgeon, so it should be there.
- You sound very sure of Dr.
Cross all of a sudden.
What's different? - I'm not sure.
But she seems very serious about her research into the Troubles.
Audrey is sick.
Charlotte is helping her.
- Sick? With what? - We don't know.
It just started.
Could be the split from Mara.
- Dr.
Cross has been working with Aether from the void.
Who knows what she's really doing with it? What if she's running some kind of experiment? - Well, if she is, it's over, because the last of the Aether was just stolen right from there.
- Stolen? By who? - Why don't you tell me? Someone with a Guard tattoo, probably working with Mara.
So I need to find her.
- Well, you may have lost your focus, But I'm gonna prove that Charlotte Cross isn't what she seems.
- How do you feel? - Comes and goes.
- I'm sorry, Audrey.
The cell degeneration-- It's getting worse.
- Okay, so-- So what do I need to do? - Well, for starters, rest.
Let your cute boyfriend take care of you.
- I haven't told him yet.
He's not good with problems that he can't fix.
- Well, speaking about not telling anyone, I've been wondering if you've been forthright with me.
- About what? - Your condition.
By your own admission, it might be a Trouble, but we're not pursuing it as a Trouble.
- No, I don't think that it is.
I seem to be the only one affected.
- Are you somehow special in a way I don't know about? - No.
No, I'm just normal.
- That, I can assure you, Audrey, you're not.
Your hands are so cold.
With your body temperature, you should be hypothermic.
I'm gonna get you some more B-12, boosters, maybe even some steroids.
I'll be back.
- Vince? - Shh, keep it down.
- What-- What are you doing? - Visiting my sick friend Audrey at the doctor's office.
That's my story if I get caught.
- Caught? What are you talking about? - I don't trust Charlotte Cross.
- You know she just left to go got me B-12 shots? - I don't think she's who she says she is, and I'm gonna find some evidence that'll corroborate that.
Evidence like this.
- Oh, my-- Photos of Lucy and Sarah.
- What how did she have this? I don't know.
But don't say anything yet.
And come and see me.
- Me as Sarah, Lucy And Veronica.
- I knew Charlotte Cross was up to something.
- If she's not with the CDC, then what is she doing here? - Studying you, it would seam.
- But why? - Well, seeing all these images, the one that's clear to me is that you never age.
People would kill for a fountain of youth.
- I don't fool so youthful.
And what people? - I don't know.
But for your sake, we have to find out.
- Yeah.
- Get anywhere with our missing Aether? I did some digging.
It's Kirk Bowers.
- Eh, that's not my favorite Guard member.
- Or mine.
He went after Charlotte the other day.
Ever since his Trouble kicked in and he suffocated those people at the hospital, he's been desperate for a cure.
- So he stole the Aether 'cause he thinks it can turn off his Trouble? - Who knows? He's unstable, Nathan.
- Can't have an unstable Troubled guy running around with Aether.
- No, we can't.
- I'm on it.
- Okay, you're good to go.
Perfect-- My coffee break.
- This is purely a business call.
- Coffee is the official beverage of business.
We could drink standing up.
Make it feel more like work.
- I can't.
- That's disappointing.
- Tell me about it.
When we solve this, trust me, you won't be able to keep me away with a stick.
- I think I could if I wanted to.
- Any luck with the cure? - I don't suppose you found the Aether that was stolen.
- Nathan's following a lead.
- Without that Aether I mean, other diseases-- Smallpox, the plague, even ebola-- There's people who survived the disease who have antibodies in their blood, but if I don't have someone who- - Duke.
- What? - Duke Crocker.
He can cure a person's Trouble, remove it from a whole family.
- What? Why didn't you tell me about him before? - Duke's complicated.
- You can trust me, Dwight.
I'm just trying to help.
- She has information on Lucy, Sarah, even Veronica.
I'm scared, Nathan, she has my blood work, test results, hidden in a personal file.
- So she's not helping you get better.
She's studying you Like a specimen.
- I don't think I can get better.
- What? Wh-- - Dr.
Cress said that my cells were degenerating.
- Uh How do I know she's telling the truth? - Because I feel it happening.
Every so often, it just hits.
- I'm glad you called me.
- We're gonna figure this out, right? - Mm-hmm.
If Duke could just-- Duke.
It's always Duke.
I told him.
I told him that you were sick.
That we needed Mara.
- Yeah, but we don't even know if Mara has anything to do with what's happening to me.
- We don't know she doesn't, so I'm gonna get that Aether.
I'm gonna find out for sure.
Mara wants it so bad, she convinced Duke to steal it.
But Kirk got to it first.
I know where he is.
He's got a room behind the strip club.
- So you're gonna use the Aether to flush Mara out? But Duke might be there.
- Well, then he'd better stay the hell out of the way.
- Duke? - Let me guess.
We're out of milk.
- Someone's here.
- Where? - They're coming in the front door.
- Can you see who it is? - I don't know.
I'm under the bed.
- Okay, listen.
There's a gun hidden under the sink.
- No, let go of me, you son of a bitch! Mara.
- Mara.
Damn it.
Yeah, you fought back, all right.
Got you.
- Well, look who finally got tired of umbrella drinks at the Gull.
- You got a license for that big mouth? - It's been a while.
What you drinking these days? - I'm on duty, McHugh.
Just water.
- Chief of police-- That's right.
And Guard leader and working on a way to actually cure the Troubles.
- Pretty well-informed for someone who walked away from all this.
- It's the best thing I ever did.
And just my opinion-- I think you should've done the same thing.
- Yeah, I tried, but this town needs people like us, McHugh.
- No, like you.
Grady always could recruit 'em.
He had a knack for it.
You didn't come here to reminisce about the good old Guard days, though, did you? - I need some advice.
- Let me guess- woman trouble, and you want to tell the bartender all about it.
- Seriously? Well, it's about time you had some woman problems.
What's she like? - Well, she's smart.
She's caring.
She's real.
- So what's the problem? - Charlotte-- she could do a lot of great things for Haven.
I just don't want to get in the way.
- Bet if you did, she would tell you.
- Maybe.
I think I'm falling for her.
- Gloria, I appreciate the help and all, but is there any way you can make this thing go faster? - Look, I'm not gonna tell anybody that you came here, but I'm worried about you.
I mean, is Mara really worth tanking all your other friendships? - Maybe I'm not the one who did the tanking.
- I know, there are two sides to every story, kitten.
But this isn't a sandbox fight.
People's lives are mixed up in this.
- I'm just doing what I have to.
No one wants to see it.
- You always were a good kid.
A criminal but a good kid.
There's your guy.
- Kirk Bowers.
- Duke, be careful.
- So when you told her about the Troubles, how did she take it? - She freaked out but in the right way.
I mean, she doesn't think I'm an alien.
She didn't try to shoot me, at least on purpose.
- Good, last thing you need is another bucket of grief.
You ever talk to the ax? - Not a word.
But it's not all on her.
I mean, she didn't know what she was signing up for.
- Neither did you.
Neither did any of us.
Look, when you find out that you're Troubled-- That someone you love is Troubled, that's tough to swallow.
But if you care enough, you can get past it.
- Well, that's just the thing, with Charlotte and I, right from the very beginning, everything's been out in the open.
No hiding, no secrets.
I think that's what I need.
- Sorry.
- You cutting me off? - You're done here.
Go talk to your lady.
- Where'd you hide it, Kirk? The docks.
Duke? - What the hell are you doing here? - I could ask you the same thing.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down! - How is Audrey? - Sick.
I needed you.
Thankfully, Dr.
Cross seems to be helping her.
- She's seeing the CDC doc? - We had no choice.
Where the hell you been, Duke? - Someone took Mara.
- Mara? And you're worried about her? The creator of the Troubles? - You know, I don't have to explain myself to you, Nathan.
- I'm a cop, and you just picked a lock.
So yeah, you do.
- So that's where we are now? - Yeah.
If you're willing to sacrifice Audrey and this entire town for that evil bitch, then that's where we are.
- That evil bitch is gonna help me save this town.
- What are you doing here? - Kirk Kirk took Mara.
- Or he's working with her.
- No.
What would she need with him? - Kirk has the Aether.
- What are you talking about? - I got to find him.
- I have to find him.
- No.
- Is that Man's hair and blood? - Could be.
- What does Kirk get by torturing her? - Kirk's Troubled.
Maybe it's payback.
- You don't care if we get her back in one piece? - If I didn't think she could help Audrey, I wouldn't care how many pieces we find her in.
What, you gonna hit me? Really? She means that much to you? I'm sorry.
You're right, I don't know what I was thinking.
- Audrey, you should be home resting.
- Well, couldn't sleep.
I found these.
Can you explain? - You want me to explain why you've been hiding information from your doctor? How about we start with why you two have been going through my stuff? - This is the real reason you came to Haven, isn't it? You're after the secret to Audrey Parker.
- Because she's dying of something I've never seen before, and it's my job to save her life.
Look, I spotted a photograph-- This one-- In the "Haven Herald" when Dwight was explaining the Troubles to me.
I figured Audrey might have some sort of reincarnation Trouble.
So I went online.
And saw the "Herald" archives, and I found all of those.
- Did Jennifer digitize the archive? Were all of these in there? - I'm not sure.
- Again? - She's been-- - No, I am tired of this, Vince.
- Dwight, come on.
Let's go.
- Unbelievable.
- It's okay, Dwight.
- It's not okay.
We're working to save them- all of them.
- They're scared.
- They shouldn't be accusing you.
They should be thanking you.
- I understand.
There's a lot at stake, and I'm an outsider.
I could do better work if they could just trust me.
- You're in on a secret that we've kept for hundreds of years.
I brought you in.
We'll convince them together.
- I like the sound of that.
If we're gonna be working together, let's define professional space.
So I'm thinking that this is personal, and I'm thinking professional is, what, like, four feat? Okay.
You think this is a mistake.
I should go.
- You've reached Nathan.
Leave a message.
- Did you get something? - Do baby bears poop in the woods? The DNA of this Charlotte Cross doesn't match with what the Pentagon has on file.
- You hacked the Pentagon? - Yes.
Well, not exactly.
Gloria has an old flame in the I.
- So it's all a front? The CDC car, the badge, the-- Who is she? - You need power and money to pull this off.
- The CIA? - Or Mossad, Russian black ops, or the private versions like Blackwater who answer to no one.
Just think what they would do with the Troubles.
- Think what they would do to me.
- We have to find out the truth, but Dwight is her guard dog.
And we don't have any real evidence-- just conjecture.
- Fine.
We don't tell Dwight who she isn't.
We tell him who she is.
- How do we do that? - By using the toughest government agency there is to dupe.
The DMV.
- That was amazing.
- Mm, thank you, ma'am.
- Which is pretty much what I expected.
You don't get extra points.
- Wow-- demanding.
You've get the heart of a figure skating judge.
- You watch figure skating? That's actually pretty adorable.
So We're naked.
We should probably get dressed.
- Agreed.
- You go first.
That way, I can watch.
- I've been looking for you, Kirk.
- Go to hell, Crocker.
I'm busy.
- Yeah, I bet you are.
I found your tools.
Start talking.
- About what? - Where's Mara? Where's the Aether? - None of your goddamn business, Duke.
- You're gonna tell me.
You've activated my Trouble.
- I don't care.
If you suck all of the air out of this place, it won't stop me.
Where is she? - I don't know! - I need her, Kirk.
We don't know that Duke killed him.
- Well, the welt on my head tells me he was motivated.
Kirk stole the Aether and kidnapped Mara.
I'm telling you, Man's got in Duke's head.
- Well, maybe Mara really can fix him.
- And when she doesn't? - Look, this isn't about Mara, okay? This is about Duke.
He's got to have a reason for what he's doing.
- Yeah, like he's gone totally psychotic.
- It's Duke, Nathan.
- This is not the Duke I know.
- He is hurting, all right? Whatever's going on with his curse, whatever Mara's doing to him, he needs you.
So just find him, talk to him, and remind him that he still has friends.
- You find out anything more about Dr.
Cross? - As a matter of fact, Vince is working on that right now.
- Oh, Dr.
Cross, this may sound odd, but I think I need your assistance.
There's a sharp pain in my arm, and my fingers are going numb.
- Really? - And shortness of breath.
- And let me guess- a tightness in your chest? - Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, it must be all this stress.
I'm sorry, but can you examine me? - No.
- Why? - Because why would I allow you to continue to investigate me from the inside as a patient? - Well, I might have a-- - A bad acting coach and research skills? You're holding the wrong arm for a heart attack and stroke.
So just, please, go.
- Hey, Bennie.
- What do you want, Crocker? - Listen, I need to know where Kirk might have taken a-- Well, a friend of ours, I know you know.
- No idea.
- Hey, come on, Bennie.
Kirk sneezes, you hand him a Kleenex.
And besides, you owe me.
- Look, I don't know where Kirk is.
- I don't have time for this.
- So get lost.
- What the hell is going on with your eyes, man? - What are you talking about, my eyes? - They're all silver.
Get the hell out of here, man.
- Ne, they weren't even bleeding.
Bennie, listen to me.
Are you Troubled? I need you to be straight with me.
- Hell no.
Did you just do something to me, Crocker? - No! - You did something to me.
- I didn't do anything.
I can't breathe.
- They're suffocating.
How the hell did you do that? - I didn't touch them.
- You touched me.
You gave me Kirk's Trouble.
- That's not possible.
- Leave me alone, Crocker.
- Bennie, open the door.
Bennie! - They're dying! - I remember my time in the FBI, I did some undercover work-- One of the toughest things to fake was vehicular paperwork.
- We'll find that, and we'll know who Charlotte Cross really is.
- Right.
Here it is.
Okay, you ready? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
Car's owned by the CDC out of New York.
- Uh-huh.
- Motor pool has it assigned to out-of-state agent Dr.
Charlotte Cross.
- No.
There must something.
Well, it seems she likes easy listening.
- Damning, but not enough.
Oh, you know what? She said she came from New York.
- Oh.
- Okay, so-- So she started in New York, and then she drove through Albany, stopped off at an outlet store in Vermont.
I mean, makes sense.
- I don't understand.
No, she's just outsmarting us at every turn.
She's just exceptionally good at creating an identity.
- I would like to agree, but we have to prove it.
Vince, oh, my God.
Do you remember this? You remember this, right? - It was Sarah's.
She was a Friend.
It belongs to you now.
That's yours.
She stole it from you? - No, mine is-- Mine is right here.
- That's the exact same ring.
- Nathan's wearing his.
We just figured that Lucy gave it to his father.
- What does that mean? Oh, my dear, you're freezing.
You need to see a doctor.
- The only doctor that has any answers right now is Dr.
Charlotte Cross.
So I need you to hide the vehicle.
I'm gonna call Nathan, have him meet me here.
This whole charade's got to and.
- Easy.
- How's your head? - Ever heard of the Troubles? I can't feel it.
- I searched Kirk's boat after I found his body.
- Kirk's blood touched me.
I couldn't control it.
Oh, and another weird thing happened today.
I gave someone a Trouble.
Yeah When I touched him he started sucking up all the oxygen.
- You gave someone Kirk's Trouble, which you just absorbed by killing Kirk.
- Whatever is happening to me, it's getting worse.
And if Mara's dead-- - Mara's not dead.
Whoever took her wouldn't kill her.
She's got something they need.
- Duke Crocker? - Yeah.
- Sign here.
- It's the canister the Aether was in.
- What is that, a toe? - Yeah.
Mara's toe.
She was wearing this nail polish.
- Okay.
Kirk's dead, so who sent it? They leave a ransom note? That's all they sent, just a Toe.
- Yeah.
I'm just gonna take one of your toes.
Yeah, if you and Audrey really are connected, well, then she'll lose one of hers too, and then we'll know, right? Look, if we're gonna find Mara, I need to take this.
- Duke, let me help you.
- Fine, help me.
Talk to the guard.
Try to figure out where Kirk might have stashed Mara.
- Hey, hey.
- We both need her, Nathan.
We're gonna have to work together.
- I'm gonna meet Audrey at the hospital.
I'll make some calls on the way.
You and Audrey-- We need Mara to fix you both.
- Yeah.
- Have you figured it out yet, Duke? - I'm working on it.
- I'm so sorry that I can't see your face right now.
- I'm assuming the timing of your call isn't a coincidence.
- Well, I had the courier check in after he delivered my little present.
- What the hell kind of game are you playing, Mara? - A very carefully crafted one.
I'm naked, by the way.
You really should've taken one last plunge before we parted.
- You got Kirk to steal the Aether for you.
- Yep, and then you killed him.
Thank you for tying up my loose ends.
We really did make a good team while it lasted.
Oh, and the toe-- That really was a good touch, don't you think? What better way to gut-punch Duke Crocker, the self-reliant outlaw, than with the realization that his worst fears are coming true? - I'm not afraid of toes.
- You're afraid of abandonment.
By women.
By your friends.
- So whose is it? Hmm? Whose toe am I holding? - Oh, please.
Do you think I would outsource something so personal? It's my toe, Duke.
Penance, I guess.
- You're sick, you know that? - I'm sorry.
I did what I had to do, but the truth is I'm sad that it had to be you.
Another time, another place, you and I-- We really would have been great together.
But as it is, I had to use you, just like your mother.
- Shut up.
- And just like Audrey.
- Shut up! - There we go, that's the intensity I wanted to hear.
- What? - Are you crying? Go ahead.
Look in a mirror.
- What the hell did you do to me? I touched someone today, and I gave them a Trouble.
- That was an hour ago.
If your eyes and tears are black, then I've done it.
I've pushed you to the next level.
I had to set you off, Duke.
The Troubles are based on emotion, so you needed some big ones.
- What the hell did you do to me? - You'll see.
I really am sorry, Duke.
But you really are kind of awesome now.
- How you doing? - I lost my keys.
- Can I help you look for them? - They'll turn up.
I'm just such an absentminded professor.
Smart about my subject but dunderheaded when it comes to the real world.
- About that, uh, that's why I came here to talk to you.
- You want to go back to being professional.
- Actually, no, I, uh I haven't had this conversation in a long time.
Okay, uh, I care about you a lot.
And we're both adults, and I think we can still work together well professionally, and I want to keep doing it.
- I'm making this sound great.
- Yeah, you are.
- Are we interrupting something? - Yeah.
- That's too bad.
- What's going on? - Where did you get this? - You broke into my car? - The CDC has no idea that you're here.
- Your DNA doesn't match the real Charlotte Cross'.
- Oh, come on.
- Why are you spying on me? - Because I'm trying to treat you.
- You're not even who you say you are.
- Wow, you're one to talk.
- Dwight.
- You don't find it ironic that you're the one questioning Charlotte's identity? - Shut up, Dwight.
- No, please.
Audrey's condition might be the key to the cure.
- Keep going.
- I'm tired of protecting one person at the expense of this entire town.
The original Audrey- her name's Mara.
This Audrey split off from her, part of a Trouble.
- And Mara? - Out there somewhere, causing havoc.
And I have to admit, I like our Audrey much better.
And I'm sorry it came to this, but why won't you let her help us? - Because she's clever.
Like Mara.
- Charlotte? - I want my ring.
- I'm not giving this to you until you tell us what's going on.
- I'll tell you everything, but first I want my ring back.
Nathan, will you hand it to me? I promise You'll know why in a moment.
This ring-- It's part of a set.
Every member in our family has one.
- Parker.
I can feel her.
- Of course you can.
- Who are you? - I'm your mother.