Haven s05e14 Episode Script

New World Order

- Previously on Haven - Who are you? - I'm your mother.
- I've turned Duke Crocker into something awesome A concentration of new Troubles that no one has ever seen.
- Do not touch anything else.
- If my mom doesn't open a thinny and let me leave, Duke will blow.
- Do you think your vision was of a massacre that happened here once? - "Croatoan" - That was carved today.
- Julia! - Joe Sena, father who trapped cop Alex Sena and Julia Sena, on that boat.
- Joe, you're troubled, and you are doing this to your kids.
- Daddy! - It's your Trouble that's trapping them.
It's trapping them in the places you fear for them the most.
- There are parts of her that could make you better.
Let me return them to you.
- It's me.
- Parker.
- Duke! - Keep back.
Those are all Troubles.
- Duke, are you okay? - Can you help him? - I don't know.
Duke isn't like other troubled people.
- All those Troubles Where did they go? - Ugh! - Ah! - Ugh! - Richard? - What the hell was that? - Richard? What are you doing? - He's alive.
He's just out cold.
- I'm so sorry.
I didn't know Mara would go this far.
- We didn't know there were so many of them.
- We've got to get back to the station, now.
- Listen, you go, okay? Charlotte and I will take Duke back to the hospital.
- I'll grab my research.
Whatever Mara's done to Duke, we might need it.
- Yeah.
- No, I'm not leaving you.
Nathan We have to split up.
Listen to that.
Haven is tearing itself apart.
- You'll be okay? - Yeah.
- You trust her? - She chose me over her own daughter.
That's got to count for something, doesn't it? Besides, a little family time could be enlightening.
- Just steer clear from anything dangerous.
- Yeah.
I just got you back.
- Ready? - Browne, Farkas.
Head out to Marcoon Hills.
Ward, Lenihan, you're on the flash flood out at sixteen pools.
- All Troubles? - And all at the same time.
This weird fog bank isn't helping.
We need to get in front of this.
- What the hell is going on out there? - Come here.
- Mara's gone? For good? - It's just Audrey now.
But Mara got the last laugh.
She messed with Duke, turned him into some kind of bomb.
All these Troubles came bursting out, infected people.
- So this fog around town it must be someone's Trouble.
No one can get through it.
- That fog has us trapped here? - Yeah.
Along with all these new Troubles that Duke released.
- Anyone in Haven could be troubled.
And people are panicking.
- And since Troubles are activated by intense emotions - This could snowball.
- What? - This might just be the beginning.
- What do you mean? - Well, back when I was dangling in the void, I was injured.
And ever since, I've been having these visions.
- Visions of what? - A long, long time ago People running, screaming, dying.
- And one word carved like a desperate message.
" - The lost colony in North Carolina.
- We think that something came out of the void through a thinny in North Carolina and wiped out all those people, erased them all from the face of the earth.
- And what does this have to do with Haven? - That word, "croatoan", we found it again here, carved in a rock recently.
We're afraid that it might be some kind of warning, but whatever it is it's here.
And we're next.
- Anything else from your visions? Anything about what's going on now? - I'm sorry no.
- Could you have another one? - Maybe.
Painkillers? Morphine at the hospital brought on visions before.
- That was totally unpredictable.
Unless you guys have a bunch of LSD lying around, I - Figure it out.
We need answers.
- Chief, a handful of officers were dispatched to the edge of town to deal with this situation.
- Do any of the officers know about the Troubles? - No! Not many do.
And it's falling apart out there.
- Their fear could just make things worse.
- This is chief Hendrickson.
Give me sit-rep.
Chief, we're gonna have a riot out here.
- Calm down.
Give me the facts.
- All right, I don't really know how to, but Okay, look, we got more than a dozen citizens.
No one can get through this fog.
They're agitated, violent.
Some of them are doing things, hell, I can't even explain.
- Listen to me very carefully.
Do not scare those people No guns, no cuffs.
Keep everyone calm.
That's your priority.
- Sir, Stop.
Stop! - Help me! Help me! - How are you doing that? Chief, we need backup now! - No! No! Ahhhh! - Come on, let's go! - Hey, can we get some help? - What's going on? - We're evacuating everyone.
There's some kind of deadly gas upstairs.
The way it moves I swear it had a face.
- Okay, that sounds like a Trouble.
I need to go.
- No, stay with Duke.
I'll go.
I'll help where I can and grab my research.
- Are you sure? - Audrey, please, just let me do this.
- Okay.
- That was painfully heartwarming.
- Oh, my God, Duke, are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I feel great, actually.
- You had Troubles flying out of you.
Do you feel empty now or normal? - Normal tends to steer clear of me.
What the hell is Oh, my God.
All Of this is because of me.
I wanted to stop it.
I shouldn't have even been here! - What are you saying? - I was gonna skip town, go through a thinny into the void.
- What? Why? - Far away from Dwight and Nathan and you.
- Oh - If I'd blown up in there, none of this would've happened.
- Where are you going? - All of these Troubles, they came from me.
There must be something in my family journal, right? We need to know what we're up against.
- What the hell is this? - It's the last known location of the patrolman that was on the radio when the line went dead.
- There were screams, shouting.
Here it's so quiet.
- What's wrong with these people? - It's another Trouble.
It's like they're frozen in place.
They seem to be uninjured.
- I think I found your patrolmen.
- What the hell happened here? - They were just following procedure.
- That's part of the problem, the guns, the cuffs, the Miranda rights.
They scared these people into activating their Troubles.
We need a new approach or Haven's gonna burn to the ground.
- This This fog People can't get through.
They just get turned around.
It just makes things worse.
People always knew they could leave if things got too bad.
Now there's no escape.
Scared people trying to run realize they're trapped - Freak out and activate their Troubles.
- Which scares more people, then more Troubles.
- This keeps up, there won't be anyone left in Haven.
Where did this wall of fog come from? - There's only one person I know whose Trouble could create a barrier like that.
Parker, we got to find Joe Sena, the guy whose Trouble locked up his kids.
This fog that's trapping people in town, he could be behind it, right? - Yeah, it makes sense.
It sounds like his Trouble.
I'll go find him, I'll talk him down.
- Hang on.
Look out! Stop! Find him.
We gotta bring this barrier down, now.
We sure about this? - Look at what we're up against The fog, magnetic storms, explosions.
On top of all of that, there's reports of more officers frozen, down by the bakery and the wharf.
- It's our only option.
We've worked as hard as anyone to protect Haven's secrets.
But if we don't do this, there's not gonna be anything left to protect.
- All right, everybody, drop what you're doing and listen up.
Let's go, everybody.
Come on.
We need to tell you People are dying out there.
Some of you may know it already, but for those of you who don't, you need to know why the truth.
- Haven it's, uh It isn't like other places.
In this town, there are people who have supernatural abilities.
If you've been out on the streets today, you've seen them.
- People doing things you can't explain, things that seem impossible.
Some call these people cursed.
We call ourselves troubled.
- He's not alone.
I'm troubled too.
People like us, we we've been in Haven for generations.
- For those of you who already know about the Troubles or had some suspicion, you need to know this is the worst it's ever been.
There's dozen of Troubles happening right now.
We won't survive like this.
- What do you want us to do? - Adapt as peace officers.
People who are troubled they don't know what they're doing, even if they did, they probably couldn't control it.
Troubles feed off powerful emotions.
- That's why it's so bad out there, 'cause people are scared.
They're confused, but they are not criminals.
So, as cops, we can't treat them like it.
- Forget what you know.
Arresting them, drawing your sidearms, the protocols you rely on as officers of the law, it's only gonna make things worse.
We need to stay calm, make these people feel safe, maintain control.
- You're looking pretty good for someone who was just on death's door.
- Yeah yoga.
All right, all right, all right.
Enough, enough, enough.
Right now, look, I just I want to focus on cleaning up Mara's mess My mess.
I heard one of your formerly uninformed cops talking about the girl who can make things explode.
I've seen that Trouble up close.
I know the trigger.
- Duke, there's a lot going on.
I don't - Nathan, please! I need this.
I gave her that Trouble.
I saw when it happened.
But this one I can fix.
So unless you've got a cheat sheet to solve some other Trouble - No.
Let's go.
And today, we're bringing backup.
- I know it's a lot, but it's the truth.
I hate to ask, but anyone have any questions? - What?! - You're looking for a narcotic? - Yeah.
- Something to tap into your subconscious? - Honestly, we just need something to activate one of my visions.
- I've got just the thing.
- Tequila? - Yep, it's so strong, it's illegal even in Mexico.
Oh, this'll give you visions, all right.
- And you keep it in there with the bodies? - I don't hear them complaining.
- If Joe's not here, where else would he be? - His Trouble's based on protecting his children, and his daughter's safe.
Maybe he's out looking for his son, Alex Sena.
- The cop.
Well, he should be easy enough to track down, then.
- Except for that he's missing.
Nathan found his partner frozen by a Trouble on Route 19.
Maybe if we get back to town, we can talk to some cops.
- Audrey, even if we find Joe, how do we get him to bring down the barrier? And how do we talk him down from all this? - You're scared.
- We're not immune to these new Troubles that came out of Duke.
Mara designed it that way.
She was desperate for a way to hurt our kind, and we you could die.
- Not just us, everyone.
Kind of makes us like them, huh? So let's fix this.
- Fine.
But I'm driving.
- Not happening- - So inside, we got Lisa Hawkins.
Anything she touches explodes.
It's not her fault.
She's not a perp, she's a scared young woman.
So we're gonna go in in a small group, unarmed.
Baucom, Cline, you're with me.
Leave your weapons, maintain your distance.
Crocker's gonna do the talking.
- Nice to see you all again, you know, without the bars between us.
- Remember, stay calm.
Keep her calm.
The rest of you, watch the street, keep pedestrians clear.
Let's go.
- Hey.
It's Alex, right? You're Joe Sena's son.
- Yes, sir.
- Earlier today, you and your partner responded to a call out on Route 19 by the fog wall? - Yeah.
Why? - Where else have you been today, officer? - I, um I've been running around town all day, trying to help out where I could.
But I couldn't do anything.
- No, I get it.
Just tell me exactly where you've been.
- L-like you said, uh out at the edge of town, the the bakery, uh the the fire at the wharf - Oh, God.
Alex Are you? - It's okay.
- Hang on, hang on.
- Just stay calm.
Alex, everything's okay.
- Get back.
- Everyone, please.
- He's one of them, isn't he?! - No, no, no, no! Oh, my God - What'd you do to them? - Hang on.
I didn't do this.
You did.
You said it yourself you've been seeing people get frozen all over town.
Think about it, Alex, you're the connection.
- My partner and I we responded to a call out on Route 19.
There was there was this fog.
No one no one could get out.
Look, I had my training, but nothing could've prepared me for what I saw today.
- You were scared.
When you're paralyzed by fear, you freeze anyone who's around you.
That's your Trouble.
- My dad he called me.
H-he was in a panic.
He was rambling.
He told me that he put a barrier around the entire town.
I thought the old man had lost it, but that's what that fog is, isn't it? He's got a Trouble too.
- Wait.
Your dad caused the fog Trouble? That's not possible.
You guys couldn't have different Troubles.
Unless you both got new Troubles today.
- How how is this even possible? Why us? - Ah.
Oh, I need a beer.
Tequila makes me thirsty.
- That's it.
I'm done.
- Hey, come on, we've come this far.
Drink up, lightweight.
- Oh.
- Well, then what now? - I don't know.
The visions just happened on their own before.
Maybe we need to talk him into it.
Uh, hello? Dave? Whatever you're connected to, it's here in Haven Now.
Damn it! You have to do this.
You're the key to all this nonsense.
The void, the lost colony, croatoan.
It's chasing someone.
I think I know the place.
- Then we can still save them.
- Not me.
I can't I'm hammered.
- Not for long.
This will have you stone-cold sober in no time.
- What do you have that for? - Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to.
- It's not working.
- This isn't really my thing.
My My guess is that you're still scared.
- Well, yeah.
I'm a freak now, trapped in a town full of them.
You try taking your mind off of it.
Why didn't I freeze you? - Because I did this to you.
Your Trouble Everybody who got a Trouble today It all came from me.
- You did this to me? To my dad? And now we're all stuck here because of you? - I'm sorry.
I didn't mean - Shut up.
You ruined my life All of our lives, and you think you can apologize for that? You know what? I was afraid.
But the way things are now, I can't afford to be, not anymore.
You should get out of here before you get more people killed.
- Just Take it easy.
Come here.
Come on.
- What was that about? - I gave him his Trouble.
- So that's why you didn't get frozen.
You're immune to the Troubles that come out of you.
He'll be all right for a minute.
Got to deal with exploding girl now, but if she recognizes you Maybe you shouldn't be here.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I guess I was I was kind of thinking the same thing.
- You guys ready? - I guess this means that we're walking.
- Good thing I'm still in heels.
- Nathan confirmed that Joe Sena is the one creating the fog so we need to find him.
- It feels like we're further from finding him now than when we first started.
- We just gotta keep trying, right? It's what we got to do.
- What if there's another option? The thinnies here, I sealed them so that Mara couldn't use them.
I'm the only one who can open them now.
There's nothing more we can do here.
What if we leave this place while we still can? - "Leave"? But you risked your life going back for your research, I thought you said you could help us.
- That's not what I went back for.
I needed to get this.
We need these to go home.
They pull us through the void.
Without them, we'd be lost there.
You had Mara's for all this time, but never really knew what it meant.
Let's open a thinny, go through the void.
You can even bring Nathan.
And we'll return home as mother and daughter To your real home.
With your real family.
- Charlotte, uh mom I am home.
I could never abandon Haven.
These people need our help, and we can help them.
You were coming up with a cure for the Troubles, weren't you? - See, that's just the thing.
Mara knew more about this than I do.
I'm still learning.
I don't know how to remove a Trouble from someone without killing them.
- That's not possible.
You built the barn.
It was Mara's prison.
It It was gonna clean up all of her mess, right? The The barn was going to cure everyone's Troubles if I killed Nathan, the person that I love.
That's how this was all supposed to work, right? - No.
If that happened, the barn would've sent out a pulse.
It would've killed all troubled people everywhere.
It wasn't gonna cure the Troubles.
But it was going to end them.
I know it sounds cruel, but - How could you? - Audrey - You're no better than your daughter.
- You are my daughter! - Oh no.
- No, we are family.
- No! I will never be like you.
I'm gonna fix this on my own.
You go through your thinny, alone.
- Audrey, please - Get the hell out of my town.
- It's gonna be okay.
You're not gonna hurt anyone else if you do what we talked about, okay? - Parker.
- Hi! - You okay? - Yeah.
What's going on here? - Uh, that girl's touch makes things explode.
I talked her down.
Another squad's dealing with a guy who causes earthquakes, and on and on.
Dwight's got H.
trying their best, but - Troubles keep popping up everywhere.
- And the fog around town's just making them worse.
- Yeah.
- Any luck finding Joe Sena yet? Alex doesn't know where he is either.
- What are we gonna do? What's the plan now? - I was gonna ask you the same thing.
Where's Charlotte? Isn't there something she can do? - No.
No, there isn't anything she can do for us.
We'll be right there.
We got to go.
Vince has got something.
- Copy that.
Head to Harper's Mills, now, now.
Okay, they're on it.
I'm busy.
- I came to say goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Here - If there's no cure for the Troubles in there, I'm not interested.
- It's my research all of it.
There's no cure, but I just I wanted you to know that I wasn't just wasting your time.
- It wasn't my time you were wasting.
Look around this town.
- We got a problem.
The guys who were sent to Gilead Dam to deal with the zero gravity? They need backup.
- We're running out of cops, Stan.
- Chief, those are my friends out there, I'll go.
- Okay.
You got this.
- All right.
- This isn't working.
- Move it.
You're going in a cell.
- Brandt, what the hell are you doing? - He's one of them, chief.
He makes things shake.
- So you brought him here? - Yeah, we're gonna lock him up.
He was resisting arrest.
- Guys What'd you find? - Dave's vision led us here To him.
He's dead.
- It's Joe Sena.
His trouble was what created this barrier around Haven.
- The barrier's still up.
- Dying doesn't always end the trouble.
And who knows what all these new ones do? - What if the killer from your vision knew that? In Dave's vision, the killer was chasing this man, hunting him.
What if he scared Joe into creating this barrier around the town, then killed him? - So that no one could bring it down.
- We're all trapped in Haven with a killer.
- Richard, you're tearing the building apart! Hey, hey! Look at me! Calm down.
This isn't your fault, okay? We can stop this together.
- Down on the ground! - No! Wait! Stand down.
Put your guns away now.
McHugh How'd you know that would work? - Experience.
Figured it's tough to get worked up if you're out cold.
- This mean you're back? - No offense, chief, it looks like you could use my help.
- Yeah.
Okay, the building's unstable.
Everybody get out now! Now! Go! Go, get him out of here.
And thanks, McHugh.
Yeah? - Dwight, Joe Sena's dead, but his barrier is still up.
- So that's it.
No way out.
- We're screwed until we find another way to get that barrier down Or a cure for the Troubles.
- There isn't one.
It's time we started to accept the way things really are.
- What do you mean? - Telling our officers wasn't enough, but I know how we're gonna deal with the Troubles from here on out How we're gonna survive.
- What's he gonna do? - I don't know.
We gotta find a way to get that barrier down.
- Duke.
- He's immune to Troubles that came from him.
- Maybe if we're lucky, he can figure out a way to get the whole thing down somehow.
- "Lucky"? What's that like? Attention, citizens of Haven.
Please stand by for an important announcement.
Attention, citizens of Haven.
Please stand by for an important announcement.
Attention, citizens of Haven.
Please stand by for an important announcement.
- This is Dwight Hendrickson your chief of police.
By now, you all know Haven as we knew it is gone.
The Troubles are real.
Anyone in Haven could have a Trouble.
It'll be something you wouldn't want or can't control.
If you're scared and want to leave town, don't.
There's a barrier around Haven.
It's like a shroud that blankets the whole town.
It looks like a fog, but you can't get in or out.
Help isn't coming.
We're on our own.
But we have each other.
We can help each other live with what we are.
There's people in town who know how to live with the Troubles.
Have for years.
You may know some of us.
We wear a tattoo.
We call ourselves "The Guard.
" We've dedicated ourselves to helping troubled people wherever and whenever we can, and that's what we're gonna do.
The old ways are gone.
We won't survive like that.
So The Guard's taking charge.
The Guard will protect you.
The Guard will maintain law and order.
Stay safe.
Stay calm.
Your Trouble may never come out.
Remember You're not alone.
We're all in this together.
This is the new Haven.
- Duke, we need you.
Thanks for meeting us here.
- You guys really think I can just walk through this thing, huh? - It came out of a Trouble that shot out of you.
You're immune to them.
- And I'm not.
Nobody else is.
- Even if I can, then what? Huh? Just click my heels, make it disappear? - It's worth a shot.
Might be the first step towards getting things back to normal.
- Come on, Nathan.
We all know there's no going back.
I can't bring this shroud down.
I can't save this town.
I'm not the solution.
I'm the problem.
Haven will never be the same, and I'm the one to blame for it.
On the other hand if I had left.
none of this would be happening.
So I'm gonna do what I should have done a long time ago.
- Duke think of everything that you've done for Haven.
Think of all that you've done for us.
- Oh, yeah, like what? Helping you kill troubled people? Sacrificing Jennifer to open that door? Everything that I do in this town hurts someone.
I'm not a hero.
I'm just a smuggler.
Haven, the Troubles.
None of this was supposed to be my life.
And the sooner I accept that - Hey, don't do this, okay? We need you.
We can't do it without you.
- I'm sorry, Audrey.
You're gonna have to.
- Duke.
- Goodbye.
- Duke! Nice speech.
- You think? I had to cut out the whole piece about immigration reform.
Listen, we got to get back to it, okay? Stamping out fires all over the place.
- And how long do we expect this to last the Guard in charge and all? - I was thinking permanently.
- What about H.
? - What about it? The cops who didn't quit after today already joined us.
There is no more H.
- So that's it, then.
You're all Guard now.
- You should be too.
You already got the ink.
The Troubles are everywhere, and The Guard's better equipped to handle it.
- Is that an order, chief? - That's not me Not anymore.
- Did you finish the autopsy? - Yes and no.
Obviously Joe here is dead, but there is no cause of death, and there is only one other body like that found in Haven.
- The Colorado Kid.
- Yes.
And there's this.
- Oh The killer in my visions his victims he pulled something out through their eyes.
Back in '83, I woke up on that beach beside the Colorado Kid.
I thought I killed him, but if this body is the same as his, then - Then you didn't kill him any more than you killed Joe Sena.
You're just somehow connected to whatever did.
- So you need a new recruit, chief? - Gonna need to see your resume first.
- You're still here.
- Not by choice.
It turns out this shroud has blocked every last way out of Haven even mine.
- Great.
One big, happy family.
- Not really.
- If you're stuck here maybe we can make it count for something.
I know the barn wasn't a cure, but I don't care.
That was before you came here, and now, like it or not, we're in this together.
- So what do you want from me? - Use your research.
Find another way.
Build something that cures everybody once and for all.
- I don't know how.
- But it is possible? - Maybe.
- So when do we start? - Where you going, son? - Doesn't matter.
- Well, I'm headed north, driving all night.
Hop on in if you want.
- You coming from Haven? - Um - Haven, it's the the town right behind us, you couldn't have missed it.
- Buddy, I know Maine like the back of my hand.
I never heard of any Haven.
- Yeah, trust me, you're better off that way.