Haven s05e15 Episode Script


We'll be heading inside shortly.
If you know your trouble, it would be helpful if you could tell the men at the door.
Easy, one at a time.
There's enough for every guest at Hotel Elementary School.
All right, you heard him.
Form up, single file.
We're conserving power, so you each get a flashlight and three batteries.
Use them wisely.
I don't need to tell you you want them to last.
This new trouble kills in complete darkness.
Easy on the batteries.
It's three each.
There's enough for everyone.
Put them back.
So we lost power in the northwest block? Yeah, but I think that we've got everybody out.
Any problems? Well, there's been a couple fights, and after two weeks of nonstop Troubles, I think everybody's starting to lose it.
Hell, I'm barely holding it together.
It's not showing.
These people will be thanking you when night falls.
I guess we need to keep 'em here to keep 'em safe, but I just worry that it's only gonna go from bad to worse.
Right now, I think it's the best way to keep people alive.
Here, let me help you with that.
Okay? I got it.
Okay, do you need water? It's right there.
Give me some good news.
Wish I could.
Talked to the group at the docks.
They have no idea who's causing the darkness trouble.
And the Crocker Journal? A mention, nothing useful.
But that means the trouble came from Duke.
He'd be immune if he was here.
He's not here.
I'm gonna grab Audrey, search another part of town.
Ah, I gotta advise against that, man.
Nightfall's coming.
Power in town's been spotty.
Besides, it's not what hides in the dark we need to worry about.
Yeah, it's the dark itself.
Listen, you and Audrey are pros at solving Troubles.
You'll figure this one out.
I hope so.
Still haven't figured out how to bring down that fog wall yet.
Maybe that's a blessing.
Keep this chaos contained to Haven.
Hey, put those back.
You can't take more than three batteries.
- Hey! - Hey, hey, hey! Put those back! Hey! Come back here with those! Matter of time till somebody tried that.
You take the other guy.
Hey! Hey! I didn't do anything.
Don't move.
There's not enough light in here.
Come on up, man.
Hey, hey! Listen to me, we gotta get you out of here.
You'll die if you Go into the dark.
That was the latest from In-Flight Safety.
Well, it looks like we're going to have more nice weather in Halifax today.
Morning, sir.
Hey, Crocker.
Yeah? Listen, I'm happy to pay you under the table, but what has me a little worried is why I can't find any information on you.
Do you care? Right? I do if you're a terrorist.
Well, I'm not.
Okay, so what are you? I mean, you're not the usual ex-con grease monkey on the lam.
I mean, I like them as employees.
Zero attitude.
But I can't find your rap sheet anywhere.
You have bigger problems, don't you? Why are you working here? You know, I just wanted a job where I could work with my hands.
Turn a wrench, fix things.
That's it.
- Yeah? - I'm gonna You're off fixing now.
Go muck out those three bays, and we'll see if you have a job here tomorrow.
Hey, Monty, it's Duke Crocker here.
Listen, I'm in your neck of the woods, and as it turns out, I may need a new job.
You know, something outdoors, simple, legal.
Thing is, uh, I'm not hustling anymore.
Trying to simplify my life for a while, if you know what I mean.
Anyways, call me.
I just got a trouble, harmless, I hope.
My skin becomes reflective.
Any clue what triggers it? Vanity.
It's under control, but I'd love another pillow for my beauty sleep.
Here you go.
You helping out? Trying.
No shortage of things to do.
Especially when you're stuck here with no ticket home.
How long? I don't know.
Do you realize how hard this is? What are you gonna do, turn me into someone else? No, I would never do that.
I'm trying to fix things.
Try to fix The Troubles.
We've already talked about this.
It's almost impossible to remove a trouble without killing someone.
"Almost" is not absolute.
You have been on this for two weeks.
You must have figured something out.
Sure, I just need tools I don't have, materials that are impossible to get, and knowledge that might not exist.
You wouldn't be this frustrated if you didn't think maybe you could do it.
This Club Med looked way better in the brochure.
Oh, come on, you don't like the view? I like the view.
Good day at work? Yeah.
Ran into the poltergeist trouble.
Got trapped in a souvenir store.
Hey, Nathan, Dwight wants you.
Thanks, Tony.
What did you do now? I think it's about that thief we caught.
Dwight's pissed.
Okay, yeah.
If we lose power We're all done for.
Darkness kills.
We need to repair the power plant, get it back to 100%.
That's no easy trip.
The plant's across town, and the number of Troubles between here and there, it's Who's the hero? Me? You're the best we got.
You've been through trouble alley.
You're the only person who could come back.
- Gonna need a team.
- You got it.
You sure we're going about this the right way? What do you mean? I mean, we get the power plant working, sure we got light, but it's just a Band-Aid.
We need to stop this darkness trouble and then the rest of them I got to keep people alive.
That's job one, and I'll do whatever I have to.
Just hope we can keep everybody under control.
I'm not relying on hope.
Any idea what's going on? Nope.
I know these last two weeks have been rough, and I'm sure no one enjoyed leaving their homes, but every time this town has been tossed a new challenge, we've defeated it, when we work together.
However, there's a bad element.
Let me go! Individuals who have maliciously harmed us Stealing supplies, including life-saving batteries Well, no more.
Either we pull together, or we fall apart.
Go ahead, Judge Judy.
For your repeated crimes against the group, you will be banished at sunrise.
The Guard will no longer assist you.
You will be completely on your own.
This is insane.
They were batteries! This is the only way to keep the rest of us safe.
Come on, man! If they throw him out The darkness trouble will kill him.
I'll be fine.
It's just a scenic walk to the power plant.
Down trouble alley, and cell phones don't work.
And with the magnet trouble active, cars are risky too.
It's a good thing I got a crack team.
An engineer to help repair the power plant.
He volunteered as soon as he found out.
So did Kira Futcher, Tony's fiancée.
- She's plan B.
- Oh, that's smart.
You got your own Energizer bunny.
You can use her trouble to power the plant in case things go sideways.
Dave, I mean, I love him but He wanted to go, says he's got blueprints of the power plant at the Herald from a recent story they did on a retrofit.
What in the Sam Hill are you thinking? Why did you join Nathan's expedition? Well, someone has to get him those blueprints from the Herald.
A monkey can do that.
What's the real reason? The no marks killer's out there.
And we haven't had a lead in two weeks.
Why are you actually going, Dave? Charlotte.
She has answers.
Charlotte why is she going? She's good at science.
And I think, really, she just wanted to prove to you she genuinely wants to help.
Okay, well, whatever the reason, just keep an eye on her for me, okay? 'Cause she and I, we're not immune to these new Troubles.
Yeah, don't worry, I won't let your mom become trouble bait.
Well, it's not just about her being my mom.
I think that she may have figured out how to end all this.
She figured something out? Maybe, but she's not talking about it.
Good to know.
While you're gone, I'll just keep searching the school for the person with the darkness trouble.
People have been coming in all day, so they could be here by now.
Hey, so this is it.
Is it time? Daylight's burning.
Just don't let the nighttime burn you.
I need you back here.
He stole those batteries and endangered us all.
There was no other choice, Dwight.
You did what you had to for these people, and hell, it was better than just killing the thief.
Then why do I feel like I'm the criminal? I'll be right there.
We found him after sunrise.
No marks on him, so we moved him here.
His eyes? Like the others, stained black.
Then that's three in two weeks.
And now the serial killer is in this building.
Dwight needs to know about this but no one else.
What's this guy's name? Rolf Starr.
- Hey.
- Hmm? I don't know what kind of freak has this killer darkness thing, but if you need somewhere safe Rain check? Uh, I think my husband saw who you're looking for.
He watched a man walk out of the dark unharmed.
Somebody immune to the darkness? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, great.
Can I speak with your husband, so I can get a description? I wish.
We got separated on the move to the gym.
Dwight's looking into it.
We'll find him.
All right, well, I will go ahead and talk to Dwight.
Do you happen to have a snapshot of your husband? Oh, um His name's Rolf.
Thank you.
Duke? Who's asking? I'm Hailie Colton.
Monty's daughter.
You left a voice mail.
Yeah, Hailie.
You're all grown up.
Where's your old man? I don't know.
Going legit didn't really work out for him, so he split six months ago.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, me too.
You okay? No, not really.
When good old Monty split, he owed some money to some not-so-nice people, so they're looking for me now.
How much you owe? Yeah, he bet on the Bills.
Come back later.
I'll get you the money.
My dad always said you were a good guy.
I'm trying.
Is that your ring? It was my father's.
We always assumed Lucy One of Mara's personalities Gave it to him.
I know it matches the pair you and Audrey have.
It belonged to my husband.
Mara's father.
What happened to him? He passed a long time ago.
Mara kept it as a memento.
Thank you, but it's yours now.
Keep it safe.
So Audrey says you're working on a way to end The Troubles without killing everyone.
There might be, but if you ask me to explain it, it'll just seem all the more daunting, so please don't.
Now somebody's Banksy-ing up the place.
I'm the artist.
Put that here last week.
It's a warning: Once we cross that line, we have to go silent, or we risk waking up a trouble.
What kind of trouble? One that wakes up very cranky.
So mouths shut.
Walk quietly.
Ready? Let's go.
It's all good.
Run! Where? It's invisible! Come on! Behind the car.
Ah! My foot's stuck! Hurry! It's getting close! Don't worry.
It's coming! Nathan, it's aether.
We need it to cure The Troubles.
If something happens to me, get Audrey as much as you can.
It's coming! Go! Oh, jeez! Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore.
What do you mean you can't find it? You're a bank.
You can't just misplace money.
We don't, sir, but we also don't even have a branch in Haven, Maine, where you claim to have made the deposits.
Listen to me.
I have got 400 grand in that account.
Moreover, I can't even find a "Haven, Maine," on a map.
You're telling me you can't find a town with 25,000 people? Look, as far as we're concerned, Haven, Maine, like your money, doesn't exist.
I'm sorry, we can't help you.
This wasn't caused by Troubles.
Looters and vandals.
Troubles aren't the only problem in Haven now.
Grab the blueprints, then we'll push on to the plant.
Yeah, be back in two shakes.
Aether caused The Troubles.
It can end them too? It's like uranium powerful, and if manipulated correctly, it could be our salvation.
Then why didn't we use aether to end The Troubles from the start? Because to do so, we'd need a lot of aether, more than I've ever seen.
You can't bring more in? Not with the thinnies sealed.
Then we need to find the stash William left here.
William left a stash here? Mara was looking for it.
She never found it.
Then how are we going to? Maybe this could help.
Seth's rougarou detector.
How do you have that? Well, Gloria brought over a box of stuff that Duke left at the Gull.
My guess is he got a five-finger discount.
It detects aether if it's close enough.
It could lead us to William's stash.
Nathan, don't get your hopes too high.
I can't believe that William had the amount I need, and aether's just step one.
We need to get to the power plant.
- What am I looking at? - Rolf Starr.
A missing person you're supposed to be tracking down.
He may know who has the darkness trouble.
I'll check with McHugh and The Guard.
You told his wife that you would find him.
I'm working on it.
Try and find another lead.
Okay, what's going on, Dwight? First the thief and now this? It's easy making choices from the sidelines, but sometimes, things aren't what they seem.
I got a town to protect.
Plant's been abandoned, so it hasn't been maintained.
There's our problem, two out of the four generator turbines are offline.
No wonder the plant's working at 50%.
Then we could still have a brownout tonight.
Thousands could die.
You know how to fix it? Haven't got a clue.
There's a reason I brought that engineer.
If we could get a big enough charge, we could jump-start the turbine's motors.
And how do we do that? Guys, I'll try, but remember, I've never done anything like this before.
You can do it.
Trust me.
How? There, grab hold.
Do your thing.
Come on.
You can do it.
Get mad.
Fat-free yogurt.
The shroud.
The Troubles.
Was that a good whoosh or a bad whoosh? Good! The turbines are kicking in.
What's it looking like over there, Dave? It's working! The generator's now operating at 80%.
Almost 100%! We're red-lining! Kira, pull the plug.
- We're overloading! - Cut it, Kira! Not like I have a switch! Kira, stop! Let go! What happened? We overloaded the grid.
All of Haven's without power.
So you don't remember Haven either? No, no, I remember you and Dad in Derry and that one time that we went go-kart racing in Cleaves Mills but no, not not Haven.
Look, I I'm not gonna be able to get you the money.
I'm sorry, I thought I could, but I don't know, something's wrong with my bank.
Well, you can still help me if you wanted to.
How's that? When I was 12, I heard you and my dad talking about using my mom on a job, using her special powers to get stuff.
So you remember The Troubles? "Troubles"? No, I-I don't remember calling them that, but I remember my mom coming home with other people's jewelry.
My dad said the ability ran in the family.
What if it's in me? Just pray that it's not.
I want to use it, Duke.
I need to.
I just - I need to know how.
- No.
I can't even pay for the oil change that they made me get to park here and talk to you.
Don't worry about the oil change; I got it.
You can't pay for it either, Duke! You have no money! Hailie, go home.
You don't want anything to do with that ability.
Trust me.
We got lucky.
Kira's trouble triggered the generator's circuit breaker, didn't cause any physical damage.
We're making power, we just got to get it out.
So what's the prognosis? I don't know.
It's all so primitive.
An hour? Well, that's just before sundown.
I'll help in any way I can.
Then I'll get out of your way.
You have dinner reservations or something? I've been getting a blip.
It's weak, but it's there.
If all goes well, I'll be back with some aether by sunset.
It's a fool's errand, Nathan.
Aether's not important now.
It's better than sitting on my hands.
What's aether do? It could end The Troubles.
- You need help? - No, they need you here.
No, they don't.
The turbines are back up and running, and besides, it's the least that I can do after Get your pack.
What the hell is going on, Vince? Oh, Audrey.
That's Peggy's husband, Rolf.
- This isn't what it looks like.
- Really? Because it looks like you and Dwight are covering up a murder.
There's enough panic and fear as is.
We didn't want to activate more Troubles.
What did him in? We don't know.
There are no marks on him except for but he's not alone.
Three other deaths in the last two weeks, and that's not including Joe Sena and The Colorado Kid.
My son? The same person murdered my son 27 years ago? We're calling his murderer "the no marks killer.
" A serial killer? That's what you're hiding from me? What else are you keeping from me, Vince? Dwight is doing his best to keep order to enforce the rules, but he doesn't have it in him to kill.
Yes, he does.
In this Haven, banishment equals execution.
Not exactly.
What the Thanks to our friend there, we're keeping them in a prison of sorts.
Two weeks ago, I was hit by a black tendril.
Now the people I touch enter a slumber.
They do not need to eat or drink, and they cannot hurt anyone.
It's humane.
Are you sure? What kind of sleep are they experiencing? Dreamless sleep.
They're fine.
Are you? Did they force you to do this? Because I can get you out.
I offered to help.
Listen, if you change your mind, just come and find me.
Thank you.
People need to know about this, Vince, all of it.
And then what happens? Without the fear of banishments, we'll have anarchy.
Not to hurry you, but Sun's about to set, and thousands will die.
Got it.
Is there anything I can do to help? Back rubs? Water? Shutting up? You're good.
Charlotte, if I'm from where you are, does that make me like you and Audrey? Not really.
You're a halfling.
Half human and Half like me.
It happens once in a blue moon.
Well, ever since I was a child, I-I've been drawn to thinnies and the Void.
Am I just trying to go home? I'm not sure.
Very little is known about your kind.
What about visions? They common? The solenoids are charging.
All four channels! Yet we're still in the red light district.
This can't be right.
It says the generator's only operating at 40%.
Damn it, the generator must have dumped its energy reserves when it overloaded.
Well, that explains why the power's coming on in town one block at a time.
How long between blocks? Well, at this rate, five minutes or so.
How long before power gets to the school? Hours.
When the sun goes down, they all die.
So I'm kind of running out of these, and they're the only thing that are keeping the darkness from killing us.
Trust me, I'm not looking to become trouble food.
There, I reconfigured the generator settings to get power to the town faster, but that's the best I can do.
What about Kira? Could she help us now? She might be able to speed up recharging the system, if she and Nathan get back soon.
They better get back soon.
Give me that flashlight! It's a powder keg.
We got to do something.
Hey! All right.
Everyone take a deep breath! Tonight may be our greatest test, but we will face it as friends, as neighbors, as a town.
The darkness will not take another life.
So help each other.
Crowd around the lamps.
Share supplies.
Stay in the light.
Now we just gotta pull it off if we want to survive till sunlight.
Stay by this light.
Come on.
Maybe not.
You ready for that rain check? Yeah, of course.
Your blouse is so beautiful, and your hair You do go on.
No, it's so soft, and it's silky, and Glow.
It says we should be right on top of the aether.
Come on.
Not now.
We're running out of lights.
Get mad, get mad, get mad.
I don't know how long I can keep doing this.
We have to head back to the plant.
This was supposed to work.
It hasn't all been bad.
The cots at the school are comfy.
Besides, if it weren't for the shroud, I'd be miserable in Venice right now.
What's in Venice? Long story.
I'll put it this way, I'm happier here.
Let's get back? Hey.
Where's that breeze coming from? Now what? There's aether down there.
We follow.
Okay, let's try this again.
Hi, Tony.
They're not back.
Well, they must be okay.
They got the power back on.
And it's daytime.
They can make it back.
All right, shift change.
I'm worried you're gonna wear out that spot.
And I'd like to take you up on it, but knowing Dave's timing, he'd arrive then, and I'd never hear the end of it.
Kira's the exact opposite.
She'd blow a gasket knowing that all I did for the last two days was worry.
Sometimes, that's all we can d They're back.
Oh, good work, old man.
You pulled through.
The power's back on stronger than ever.
I played Watson.
Charlotte was the hero.
Where's my fiancée? Where's Kira? And Nathan? They're not here? No.
They left us yesterday afternoon.
And didn't come back.
What? What do you mean, they left you? Where did they go? Hello? Over here.
I, uh, got your call.
What's wrong with my car now? It's a piece of junk.
But work with me you'll be able to buy a nice new whip.
Yeah, I don't think so, creep hat.
Think again.
I heard you got skills that let you steal stuff.
I don't.
I should, but I don't.
Too bad.
You know, I looked you up, Hailie Colton.
Seems you owe money to some mutual friends of ours.
Get in the damn car now.
Ah! They're not gonna pay you.
I'm broke! They know.
You're an example now.
I get paid for you, dead or alive.
And I'm thinking dead is gonna be easier.
Get in the truck! What How the The car went through me! Well, actually, technically, you went through it.
Is that my thing? You did it! I did it to save your life.
Let's just hope it doesn't end it.
Now, come on, get in! Yeah, okay.
Can we talk? I already heard about Nathan.
I'm going after him.
Move or I will make you.
Audrey Let go of me.
Let go! Come here.
It's okay.
It can't be true.
Hey, Nathan's back! Nathan? Nathan! Where's Kira? In a minute.
I need to report to Dwight.
No, not until we get some answers.
Why did you leave the power plant? That wasn't the mission.
What did you do to Kira? We got stuck in the dark.
What? Kira's dead.
You bastard! You son of a bitch! This is your fault! All of it! It's your fault! You killed her!