Haven s05e21 Episode Script

Close to Home

Previously, on Haven.
Everything that I do in this town hurts someone.
I want to know what the hell is wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong with you.
You are who you were always meant to be.
The game was played and lost.
Croatoan won.
You saw a Thinny on the beach? There's another way into the Void.
Dave knew everyone except that woman at the beach.
Well, where are we going to find a mystery woman from almost 30 years ago? We're going back in time.
I'm looking for this woman.
Barbara Colton? Now's not really a good time.
That ring.
I was right, she make Thinnies.
We got to put this ring on a Colton.
Without a Colton, we cannot get into the Void.
Your trip didn't change anything.
It changed everything.
Duke, it's Nathan writing from 1983.
I found a way to save Haven.
I need you to find a member of the Colton family and bring them back to Haven.
I'm Hailie Colton.
And Charlotte didn't tell you what this controller was or how it worked? Well, there wasn't time.
She just said we needed to build a new Barn that would end the Troubles.
And it's in the Void? Somewhere in the wreckage of the old Barn.
Hey, you know that's hot.
No, I don't.
But I do know that it's delicious.
What, you don't like my shirt? Oh, I'm just checking you out.
I like you like this.
What, half dressed? No Here.
With me.
Just feels like every time we come back together again one of us has to go off and save the world.
Mm, yeah, wouldn't it be nice to just stay here? Maybe go for a Sunday drive.
Saving the world is just so exhausting.
I know, right? I am so tired.
- Parker.
- Hm? When Duke comes back, I am gonna have to go into the Void.
We both know that.
And you're so sure that he's coming back? Yeah, he will.
Once he gets what he needs.
I thought you were crazy, Duke, but I remember this place.
You were born here.
Yeah, I just don't remember it being so bleak.
Yeah, it looks like a lot's changed.
Come on.
You know, we're almost out of this stuff.
Maybe I should trade the rest of it for something good.
- Like, more wine.
- No.
You think there's more wine in Haven? Or orange juice? Nathan.
I'll keep it.
We could use the caffeine, right? He is coming back, Parker.
Okay so, why don't I go? Charlotte's note said that humans don't last long in the Void.
I can, 'cause I am not Hey, what you are is Audrey Parker.
And Audrey Parker is not expendable.
Neither are you.
Why don't we go together? You and I.
We make a good team.
Yeah, we do.
But then who would watch over Haven? And let's be fair I'm a much faster runner.
Do you usually get morning visitors? No.
It's about time.
Better late than never.
Miss me? All the 3s have been played.
Question is, do you have a heart? Hm, of course you do.
So, is the guard gonna kill me? What? No.
Of course not.
You have a terrible poker face, brother.
You didn't hurt anyone, Dave.
It was Croatoan.
He possessed you to control.
I don't know what they plan to do with you.
Think we can stage a jail break? I wonder.
Where are you going? To save your life.
So you're saying no one remembers Haven? I pictured tanks lined up around the border, everyone trying to figure out how to get in.
No, out there this place doesn't exist.
Hailie didn't remember any of it till she came through that fog and then it all keeps flooding back.
So this is the first place she wanted to go? - Yeah, - Her family's old home.
Makes one of you.
I know.
Audrey'll get there.
- Just give her some time.
- Yeah.
- Just give.
Look, it wasn't easy convincing Hailie to come back with me.
You gonna tell me why you need her so badly? Charlotte.
She finally figured out a plan to end the Troubles once and for all.
The last piece of the puzzle is in the Void.
Hailie's phasing Trouble can get me in.
You want to go into the Void? Nathan, no.
Tell Charlotte to find another way.
- Can't.
- What do you mean you can't? She's dead? Yeah.
Charlotte sacrificed her life to give us this one shot.
And I honestly believe this is our only shot.
Nathan, when I was outside the shroud, I had a-a a vision.
It was the future and Haven was hell on Earth.
Way worse than this and it was all because you went into the Void and didn't come back.
I came here to prevent the apocalypse, not help you start it.
A vision? Yeah and no peyote, no sweat lodge.
Just some kind of Haven vision.
And everything went to hell because some Croatoan thing won.
You know what I'm talking about.
Well, at least we know I'm not crazy.
No no, you're not, but we don't have any other options.
Are you listening to me? I came back here to stop you from going into the Void.
In your vision, everything went to hell because I didn't come back, right? Yeah.
So, make sure I come back.
'Cause I have to go.
Been looking for you.
Need to talk to you about Dave.
What's all this? Troubles.
I'm updating Charlotte's list.
The Trouble census she started when she came to Haven.
She and Audrey added to it when we were trapped in the school.
I took it over when Charlotte died.
I'm falling a little behind.
With all these Troubles there's got to be something that can help us.
Maybe we can cut the cord.
Free Dave from Croatoan's influence.
How can I help? Start digging.
Okay, so you're saying that I can phase through air, not just objects? If you have this.
I know it sounds crazy.
No crazier than completely forgetting the town that I grew up in, or having a power that lets me walk through walls.
Your Trouble does something else too.
If you hold that ring and phase through the air, you create a temporary doorway.
A thin spot between worlds.
We call it a Thinny.
A Thinny? - Really? - We need something.
It's on the other side of it.
You're the only way we can get it.
I know it's a lot to take in.
No, it sounds pretty cool.
Let's try it.
But not too far.
Just a couple of feet.
Holy! That was awesome! When Barbara did it in 1983, the Thinny stayed open for a minute.
Barbara? You mean my mom? She could do this? Yeah.
She could.
Let me try something, okay? Hailie, how are you keeping that open? When I was a kid, my mom was going out on a job and I begged her not to go.
She said that she would always come home safe as long as she stayed connected.
I didn't realize that she was talking about her Trouble.
As long as I stay connected, I think I can do this.
- For how long? - I don't know.
This is my first Thinny thingy.
She's struggling, she's not going to be able to keep it open indefinitely.
She only needs to keep it open long enough so I can get into the Void.
And come back.
Hailie, do you think you could do it again, let's say every two hours? Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
All right, so you go in, you find the controller and then you wait for a Thinny.
- We will be here waiting for you.
- Okay.
You act like you know what you're gonna do once you're in there.
Trust me.
I'll be winging it.
The Barn imploded at Kick'Em Jenny Neck, 3.
8 miles from here.
I'll start there.
I know I keep saying this, but come back to me, please.
You keep saying it, I'll keep doing it.
I know you hate long goodbyes.
I'll be back, Parker.
How's Hailie? Hailie is she's fine.
She's resting.
Opening that Thinny took a bit out of her.
She shouldn't be doing this.
She's impulsive and doesn't know how to control her Trouble.
She tell you why she came to Haven? She said that she got into Trouble with some bad people in Halifax.
Wanted to lay low.
She also mentioned that you tried to kill her.
I did.
And she came back anyways.
Now, does that strike you as someone who's capable of making sound decisions? I can't believe that you're the one that's getting angry.
If anyone's gonna be angry, it ought to be me.
- Oh, really? - You left, Duke.
You just walked away right when we needed you most.
Yeah, when you needed me, 'cause you and Nathan always need me.
Well, now you got Hailie in your tool belt.
The only reason you care about Hailie is because if anything happens to her, it's on you.
All these people in Haven that you abandoned, they're on you too, Duke.
What do you want, Audrey? I came back, didn't I? So what? You want a medal for doing the right thing? And using Hailie? Is that the right thing? You know, if I had known that this is why you wanted me to bring a member of the Colton family back to Haven, I never would've come back.
Why did you come back, Duke? It's not just because Nathan wrote a letter.
You know, it turns out that I can't escape this place.
I'm tied to it, just like you.
You and I are nothing alike.
I care about people.
Remember me? From the Gull? Lisa, right? Let's just talk.
I don't know about you, but I could use a drink.
My little brother told me he saw you.
I didn't want to believe him.
Ever since you did this to me, I've got to wear these all the time.
Wouldn't want to accidentally blow up someone like I did my boyfriend.
You remember that, right? Lisa, you can't hurt me.
I told you, you can't hurt me with your Trouble.
I'm immune.
What if I blow the whole place up? You immune to that? Lisa, no! Julia Silver.
According to the census, she has an exorcism Trouble.
Maybe we could use it to eradicate Croatoan's influence over Dave.
Drive out the demon.
She's dead.
That's two.
Two people with Troubles that might have been able to end Croatoan's possession of Dave, and they're both dead.
Out of the thousands of records that we've scoured.
We will find something.
Look, Vince.
I'm not blaming Dave for what happened to Charlotte and the others.
I get that Croatoan possessed him when he came through that door in the cave, but Dave and I have always understood one thing.
That we are charged with protecting this town.
Since before you were born, my brother and I have been prepared to lay down our lives in service of that responsibility.
So yes, Dwight, if killing Dave is the only way to defeat Croatoan and save Haven, I will be the one to do it.
But we're not there yet.
Oh, what's this? Boyd Davis? He has a reincarnation Trouble, the same one Duke tried to use when Audrey was trapped inside Mara.
But that's the Trouble that split them into two people, Mara and Audrey.
If Croatoan's possessing Dave, we have no idea what will come out if we try to split them.
Whatever it is, it might not be able to live long outside of Dave's body.
It could be like cutting out a cancer.
It could be anything, Vince.
This is the greatest threat this town has ever faced.
We could be putting Croatoan right out in the open.
Which is right where we want him, Dwight.
Whatever form he takes once he's outside of Dave, we can kill him.
You gotta be kidding me.
- William.
- Ha ha.
The only thing that could be more satisfying is if I'd been able to kick you into that hole myself.
You want to help me out of here? A gun? Oh, you really don't know how it works here, do you? You're in the Void, Nate.
You're between worlds.
This is the place for everything that doesn't belong anywhere else.
Moving parts, machines, they don't work here.
If you want to kill someone, you have to do it with your bare hands.
Is that what you laid this trap for? I don't like visitors.
You don't believe me? Shoot.
Told you so.
So, how'd you get here? Mara sent me.
She banished you? I love it.
That's so where is it? Where's the Thinny she sent you through? Listen to me, William.
Mara sent me to find you.
Croatoan is in Haven.
Mara said we need something from the old Barn.
A controller.
Why would you want to help Mara? I doubt you two hit it off.
- We didn't.
- Oh, that's my girl.
But everyone's lives are at stake.
Mara's life is at stake.
Which means Audrey's is too.
Audrey? Audrey's gone, fella.
I spent 500 years getting Mara out, and even if there is a fraction of Audrey still left in there, there is no way that Mara's letting her come to the surface.
- No way.
- Audrey is still in there.
And I am gonna get her out.
I just need to find where the old Barn crashed, that's why I need you.
Yeah, I get why you need me.
Why do I need you, exactly? You said it yourself.
I know where the Thinny is.
Without me, you're trapped here.
So we need to work together or Croatoan is gonna kill Mara and everyone else in Haven.
So are you gonna help me or not? Lisa, please.
Look, I know what happened to you sucks.
But lots of people have learned to live with their Troubles.
- You can too.
- Live with the Troubles? Look at me.
Do you have any idea what it's been like since that fog went up? We're all trapped here in this hell hole.
These tough guys with tattoos, they tell you where you can go.
They they ration food, supplies, electricity.
There's even someone using a Trouble to power the sewage plant.
Yeah, I don't think I want to know how that works.
You think this is a joke? Look at what you did to me! And what about everyone else you cursed? People are dead.
Thousands of lives are ruined because of you.
And I'm sorry for that, Lisa.
I feel terrible for every single person that I have hurt.
I carry it with me everywhere that I go.
And what, I'm supposed to feel sorry for you? No.
You are supposed to feel everything that you're feeling.
These people that you hurt, I bet you don't even know who they are.
I don't.
I want to tell you.
Don't try anything.
Just listen.
Before you and I both die, someone needs to tell you what you've done.
So, we're not even gonna talk? That'd be my preference, yeah.
So Mara, how is she? Fine.
- She miss me? - Yes.
I bet, with you as a conversationalist.
You want to play a game? What? You never passed the time on a long road trip by playing a game? I got one.
It's a good one.
How about I give you three hints about a Trouble that Mara and I created, and you have to guess which one it is.
- Fun, and educational.
- You want to talk? Tell me about Croatoan.
You tell me.
You said he's in Haven.
He is.
But not in physical form.
He's taken control of someone.
And you're okay, for now? No, we are not okay.
He has killed a lot of people.
Ah, a few people's nothing.
If Mara doesn't stop him, he's gonna lay waste to your entire town and everyone you love.
You see this place? Your whole world can become the next Void.
How are you feeling? - Fine.
- Not for long.
Humans don't do well in the Void.
But you knew that, right? Maybe you should tell me where the Thinny is in case you, you know, croak before we make it back.
How much further? Oh, so now it wants to talk? We're almost there.
What is all this? This is what's left of the Barn, before it died.
When I was in it, it was just a white room.
Got to stop thinking about it like a thing.
Technology is different from yours.
This is all a construct, and the underlying technology isn't wood.
It looks like this because this is the form it was programmed to take.
Mara said the controller would look out of place in a Barn.
So we're not looking for something made of wood.
We're not looking for any element from your world.
I've been here before.
Never figured there was anything of value.
Oh, that's it.
You said Mara's in Haven, right? Yeah.
Then who is that? Boyd? Boyd? Where is he? Anyone home? Why are we here? What are you gonna do to me? Dave, we don't want to hurt you.
Just stay calm.
If this works, you'll be free of Croatoan's influence.
Boyd? Boyd, I'm Dwight Hendrickson.
We spoke earlier? Sorry, Haven's not the same town I grew up in.
I'm a little jumpy these days.
Thanks for agreeing to help us.
Don't know about using Troubles like tools.
I never had one till recently.
But they always looked like something you don't want to mess with.
Generally speaking, you don't, but Troubles can sometimes be useful.
Yours has been used to help someone before.
Saved their life.
Do you know what emotion activates your Trouble? Oh, I don't know.
The only time it ever happened before I was driving my truck and I, uh Dave, Dave! Dave, stop.
What happened? The darkness was the worst part.
Anyone caught out of the light died.
They were flayed to the bone.
There were so many people killed.
Husbands lost wives.
Mothers lost daughters.
And you managed to miss every awful part of it.
Do you know why I missed it all? Because you don't care! No, I do care.
And I did Trouble all of those people.
I can't change that.
But I left because I didn't think that I could help any of them.
That I would only make things worse.
And I was afraid of that.
- Don't be afraid, Duke.
- Lisa.
You're never going to make anything worse ever again.
Lisa? Audrey, get out of here.
If she touches the ground, this whole place is coming down.
- Lisa.
- Don't! Just breathe.
It's gonna be okay.
He Troubled me, he's a monster! He's not a monster.
Just listen to me.
I know that you're mad at Duke.
I know that he hurt you, but he didn't mean to.
He came back to Haven to save you.
What do you mean? He came back to Haven to save all of us.
I can prove it.
Just Come on.
What is she? Template? I don't know.
- Parker - Stand back.
We mean no harm.
What do you want? Something from the Barn.
The controller.
Why? Someone is killing our friends.
Trying to destroy everything we care about.
We need it to defeat them.
To defeat the great evil.
What you seek is an incredible power that can only be given to the right person.
Otherwise, it must be destroyed.
How do I prove to her that one of us is the right person? I don't know.
Why was the Barn created? To punish Mara for creating the Troubles.
That answer is incorrect.
The controller must be destroyed.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five - Four.
- Wait, that's not my answer.
- I have a different answer - Three The Barn wasn't created to punish Mara, - it was created to save her.
- Two.
What are you doing? Mara was lost, misguided.
The Barn wasn't made to punish her.
She needed to see where she went wrong.
To learn from her mistakes.
Mara wasn't born evil.
She was capable of so much more.
Of being better.
Of being like Audrey Parker.
You are the right person.
Why did you keep talking about Mara in the past tense? What? I was just telling her what she needed to hear.
And the way you talk about Audrey Parker.
You got her back, didn't you? What? It won't work.
I got Mara out before.
And I can do it again.
This is Hailie.
Duke brought her here to Haven to help all of us.
Are you ready? It's been two hours.
It's okay.
What is she doing? It's a door to another place.
My partner, Nathan, is there right now.
And when he comes back, we are going to be able to end the Troubles forever.
Think about that, Lisa.
You won't have to be like this anymore.
Everyone will be normal again.
You can hate Duke for what he did to you, but it isn't his fault.
This, coming back to Haven to try and help us fix the Troubles, that was a choice.
Duke and I, we we're alike.
We're both tied to Haven.
He came back because he cares about all of us.
Even if we forget that sometimes.
Audrey! Nathan? Lisa, Nathan's coming.
We're gonna end the Troubles, I promise.
I'm sorry.
Things are gonna get better for you.
I want you to tell your little brother he's got one hell of an arm.
Are you okay? Hailie, you have to keep it open.
I don't.
What do you mean, no? Nathan is right on the other side of that.
You have to hold the Thinny open for him.
Why, so he can come back and cure the Troubles? Yes, isn't that what you want? Are you serious? Have you seen what I can do? Why on Earth would I want to give that up? I know that what you can do seems incredible, but it is a Trouble.
It is not a power.
Says you.
If Nathan comes back and cures everyone, then what am I? Just another girl with no family, no money.
- I am nothing.
- You are not nothing.
You have seen what the Troubles have done to Haven.
You grew up here.
It used to be a nice, quiet little town.
It was a safe place, and now look at it.
You don't want it to be like this forever, do you? I will not give up my power.
- Hailie, you can't do this.
- Actually, I can.
I'm gonna rob banks, and I'm gonna buy myself an island and get me some of those fancy drinks with the little umbrellas on them.
Hailie, stop! Nathan! No! Poor Boyd.
Croatoan knew exactly what we were doing.
It's like he can see the world through Dave.
How are we supposed to stop him? We can never talk to Dave, plan with Dave.
It's like they're sharing one mind now.
Maybe we can use that.
What if Dave could confront Croatoan on equal footing from inside his mind somehow? The Croatoan talked to Dave once while Dave was having a vision.
So obviously, they can interact.
But how do we get him in there to face him? We hypnotize Dave.
Get him to go into his own mind.
Cast out Croatoan and destroy him.
This is a job for the Iron Maiden.
What did you do? Please, think I want to be stuck here with you? That Thinny was my ticket out of here.
Don't pretend you don't love this.
I kind of do.
So what's the plan now? You gonna kill me? We both know that's not you.
No, you're not worth it.
I'm taking this back to Haven.
And I'm leaving you here to die.
Looks like we're settling in.