Haven s05e22 Episode Script

A Matter of Time

Previously on Haven - Without a Colton, we cannot get into the Void.
- Duke, I'm Hailie Colton.
- Hailie.
- I did it! It's about time.
: Dave, Stop! Croatoan knew exactly what we were doing.
It's like he can see the world through Dave.
We hypnotize Dave, get him to go into his own mind, cast out Croatoan, and destroy him.
- The last piece of the puzzle's in the Void.
Hailie's phasing Trouble can get me in.
- When I was outside the Shroud, I had a vision, and Haven was hell on earth, and it was all because you went into the Void and didn't come back.
- So make sure I come back.
- You got to be kidding me.
- William.
Mara sent me.
We need something from the old Barn.
A controller.
Hailie, you have to keep it open.
- I will not give up my power.
- Hailie, stop! Nathan! - No! - Oh.
I saw that.
Not good news, Nate.
Humans don't do well in the Void.
You're lightheaded.
You're getting weaker.
Means you don't have much time left.
You know, if you freed me, then I could help you move that thing.
Think about it, Detective.
You need me.
- No, I don't.
- You really think you can just leave me here? Mara's gonna get control of her body, and when she does, she's gonna slaughter you and everything you love.
- She is not coming back.
- Truce.
Okay? We can settle all this later and then go back to trying to kill each other, but right now, first, we have to get back to Haven.
It's what we want.
It's what Mara and Audrey want, but we have to do it together.
- The answer is still no.
Now, shut up.
- You're such a fool! How Mara didn't kill you on sight, I have no idea, and she's still gonna get out of Audrey's body, because she'll rip the flesh off her bones-- - Enough! You don't get it, do you? It is just Audrey now.
Mara is not coming back.
Mara's dead.
- Hailie! Hailie! - Where did she go? - I don't know.
She can walk through walls.
- She can't make another thinny without my ring, so we know she didn't go hide in the Void.
- And we know she's done helping us.
- Why does she think her Trouble's worth keeping? It's gotta have a downside, right? - There is.
It's dangerous as hell to use.
You heard her.
She thinks it's all she's got.
- Yeah, well, Hailie is all we've got.
She's our only way to get Nathan out of the Void.
- Oh, my God.
- Help me! Hailie.
- Do you really think this can work? - I don't know.
The last time I tried to hypnotize him, our memories were completely wiped.
- There has to be a way for Dave to separate himself from Croatoan.
- Or, more than that, find a way to kill Croatoan once and for all.
- Dave's gonna try to kill him? - Excuse me.
I can hear you.
- If we do this, we need to do it fast before Croatoan finds a way to stop us.
- All right.
We need to create a space in your mind where you can confront him.
- What kind of space? - Well, um, we'll call it, uh, a mind palace.
A familiar place where you can feel safe.
An environment that represents who you are.
- Once I've hypnotized you, if Croatoan is truly a part of your mind now, we should find him there.
- And then what am I supposed to do? - Find out if he has any weaknesses, what his plans are for Haven.
- Oh, is that all? - This is serious, Dave.
It could be our last chance to save you.
- Fine.
But if Croatoan is gonna be waiting for me in my mind palace, then I'm gonna want a machine gun when I get there.
Two of them.
- You have no control of what you bring with you or what you'll find there.
- You find a way to kill him, do it.
- All right, then.
Let's get this over with.
- Opening that portal wore me out.
I rematerialized too soon.
How are you gonna get me out of here, hmm? What? The bars didn't go through my heart or my lungs, right? Or else I'd be dead.
- Hailie these rods that are running through you, they're what's keeping you from bleeding out.
- What? - They're what's keeping you alive.
- No, no, no.
You're wrong.
- I'm sorry, Hailie, but she's not wrong.
If we cut you out If we try to move you even a few inches - No.
You're just saying that.
You're mad at me, you're trying to trick me, and it's not gonna work.
It's not gonna work, okay? - Now we need you to stay calm.
Duke - I want you to stay calm.
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going? - What are we gonna do? - She's going to die.
There's nothing we can do to stop that.
But if she could just keep the thinny open long enough for Nathan to come back Let me talk to her.
- Now, I've hypnotized you before, so this shouldn't take much.
Visualize your mind palace.
A place where you feel powerful and safe.
In your fight with Croatoan, visualize your battlefield.
Where do you want it to be? Where is your strength? - Some mind palace this is.
Hello? Croatoan? - He just went out.
So, did it work, Maddie? - Maddie! What happened? - Her eyes.
She must've been Troubled.
Croatoan did this.
- How? When? We were right here and Dave is still chained up - What the hell? - He didn't have time to free himself and kill her.
She just put him under a minute ago.
- That was 10 minutes ago.
We were here the whole time while he murdered her.
We just don't remember it.
We lost time - You know what? I think you're full of it.
She's not dead.
She can't be.
Audrey can't be alive without Mara.
You don't have another Barn.
T-there's nothing you could do that with.
- Oh, we didn't do it.
Her mother did.
After you brought Mara out, she was on a rampage.
We used a Trouble to split her and Audrey apart.
- Troubles that can affect us? It's what she always wanted.
She finally got it.
- Then Charlotte came back.
She had to make a choice.
Choose Mara or Audrey.
She chose Audrey.
Here goes.
- You're getting weaker.
You're gonna die here.
We both are.
- Why doesn't it hurt more? - Because you're in shock.
Your body is shutting down.
- I finally had one good thing.
I could do anything.
And now I don't want to die, Duke.
- Hailie.
You can still make it count for something.
Use your Trouble one last time.
Help us open up that thinny and save Nathan.
Help me.
- Help you? You're the one who turned my Trouble on, and then you tried to kill me and that was before you you got me into all of this mess! I am dying because of you.
- Hailie, I brought you here because you can save Haven.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is my destiny.
Our destiny.
- I don't care about your destiny.
I am going to die here, and it's because of you, so you can shove your destiny up your ass.
- Hailie - No.
I'm not helping you open a thinny or anything else.
I would rather die.
- No Croatoan there.
Hello, you beauty.
Maybe it's just me in here Yep.
All me.
What in the blazes? Who's there? - Vince, we can't take that chance! I was about to hit you.
- Why? We were arguing.
About what? - Son of a bitch.
We lost time.
- This is a disaster.
- Where the hell did that come from? - I don't know.
Maybe we were defending ourselves? - Defend yourself with that, next you'll be moving my body.
- Croatoan's doing something to us.
But why? - Because Dave found something out.
Something Croatoan doesn't want us to know.
Why else would he be erasing our memories? - But the gun.
Is Croatoan trying to get us to kill Dave? - What do you know that I don't? - Oh, just about everything, really.
- Is that what I think it is? - Aether.
It's the element of the Void in its purest form.
Mara and I used to come to places like this to collect it.
- So, why haven't you summoned it to you? - Oddly, I have to get a little on my hands first.
Then I can do something with it.
- Oh, then I guess you're out of luck.
- Nope, 'cause you're gonna get it for me.
- Why would I ever do that? - 'Cause I know how you and I are gonna move that boulder.
I'm gonna use the aether to give you a new Trouble.
- Forget it.
- Yeah, I figured you'd say that.
But here's the thing It's the only way that you and I are getting out of here.
Either I give you a new Trouble, or we both die.
- So, Hailie is dying and she still won't help us? - I can't say I blame her.
But I will get her there.
I know it.
- Duke, we are running out of time.
Nathan is running out of time.
You're gonna make me say it, aren't you? - Say what? - That there is another way that this ends.
I hate it, too.
But if Hailie's dying anyway If you kill Hailie and use the Crocker curse to take her Trouble, then you could open a thinny.
- We have been down this road before, you and me.
I mean, this kind of nightmare is why I left in the first place.
- Duke If it is your destiny to save Haven, then what if this is how you do it? - No.
I found out the Crocker family curse was created by Croatoan.
You see? Using it is exactly what he would want us to do.
- What if we don't have any other choice? - That girl is gonna die on her own.
Before she does, I will get her to help us.
That is my choice.
- So I slap a little more aether into your body.
What's the problem? - What's the problem? Who knows what you'd do to me with that stuff? - Fine.
Answer me this How far are you willing to go for Audrey? 'Cause I would do anything for Mara.
And and she would do anything for me.
- You're wrong.
Mara wanted to get you back, but only so she could find your stash of aether.
You knew where it was.
She didn't.
That's all you were to her.
Ah, trouble breathing, huh? Yeah? Not feeling so good? You're dying.
Giving you a new Trouble is the only way that either one of us is getting out of this hellhole alive.
- Croatoan? What? I wouldn't do that if I were you, Dave.
What you do here will affect your body in the real world.
- Croatoan - You came here to kill me, Dave.
But you're the one who's in danger.
I know everything you know.
So tell me Why shouldn't I kill you right here, right now? - You owe me.
An explanation, at least.
Why? Why me? - You're a halfling.
The only viable host.
I couldn't leave the Void on my own.
I needed you.
- All this time I thought I was drawn to thinnies, but it was you pulling me there.
- I couldn't hold on the first time, but when you opened the door in that cave, I was ready.
I got a foothold in you when I cut your leg.
- You ruined my life! You used me to kill people! So many people.
- A side effect.
I've been absorbing Troubles.
Growing strong enough.
- Enough? For what? - To leave your body.
I'll pour out of you and enter your world on my own.
It will be very soon now.
- But you are in my body.
This is my mind.
So I can still stop you.
- No.
You can't.
But I appreciate you being my vessel.
I'll spare you, Dave, but only if you leave here.
Now! - Right.
This is the only way.
Go now.
Before I shoot you, too.
- Not again.
- Oh, my God.
Was I about to kill my brother? How could I have possibly What? What is it? - It's me.
I left a message for myself and it just came through.
You have to shoot me, Vince.
It's the safest thing to do.
Vince, wait.
This doesn't seem right.
What if Croatoan wants us to kill Dave? No, wait! - You knew he'd take time from us again.
So you recorded it.
- At least now we know what's going on.
Croatoan's trying to get us to kill Dave.
He erases our memory every time we catch on.
- But what is going on in there? - I don't know.
But eventually, we're gonna kill him or each other.
Here we go.
- Croatoan.
We know it's you.
- What? No.
It's me.
It's Dave.
- How can we be sure? - Two words Oprah Winfrey.
- Yeah.
It's him, all right.
Thank God you're back.
While you were in there, Croatoan's been taking over your body.
He killed Maddie.
And he's been making us lose time over and over again.
- Lose time? - We think he's trying to get us to kill you.
- But he told me I didn't need to die.
- What? You actually talked to Croatoan? - Yeah.
- What else do you tell you? - Terrible things.
He's gonna leave my body any moment and be free.
Here, in Haven.
- Dave.
When he does, will you - No.
He told me I'd live.
I think he likes me.
- Then why would he want us to kill you? What else did he say to you? How did you even get back here? - He demanded I leave.
Told me to "wake up and get out.
" I could've been presumptuous, since it is my mind palace, but That's it.
That's why he wanted you to kill me.
- Wha what are you talking about? - I think Croatoan needed to get me out of my mind palace, by hook or by crook.
I think there's actually something he's afraid that I can do in there.
- Okay.
So, can you hurt him? - Maybe.
There were things there There there was mist, a tree, and a bunch of clocks.
I saw them all reset, twice.
It must've been when you guys were losing time out here.
- So you think those clocks represent his ability to erase our memories? - Yeah, I think so.
And maybe Guys.
I can go back into my mind palace and destroy those clocks.
I can destroy Croatoan's ability to cause lost time! - I know I don't have much time.
- Then use it.
You can still do something good by helping us.
- I thought about what you said.
About your destiny.
- Forget what I said.
You choose your own destiny.
- Do we? - Yeah.
Hailie - You warned me about this.
Didn't you? When you taught me how to use my Trouble, you told me.
I just wasn't listening.
- I told you about your mom.
She died, mid-phase, in a gate just like this.
- Runs in the family, doesn't it? You can't escape your destiny, can you? - No, I guess you can't.
I'm sorry, Hailie.
I got you into this and I have to get you out.
- Duke I'm sorry.
- You were right.
I came back here thinking that I could pick and choose my destiny.
But she was always gonna die on that fence, and I was always gonna have to kill her.
Maybe I am supposed to save Haven.
But it turns out I'm gonna have to embrace what I am to do it.
I'm a Crocker.
And destiny's a bitch.
- Time's up.
You can't fight it.
When you pass out, and you will pass out, you won't wake up.
Get the aether, while you still can.
Let me give you a Trouble.
Do you have another way out of here that I don't know about? You're doing the right thing.
You don't need much.
It's strong stuff.
- If I die or if you kill me with this just please get this crystal back to Audrey.
She needs it to cure the Troubles and fight Croatoan.
- Of course.
- Do it.
- Aah.
- What do you want? Break him or kill him? - I wonder.
What would Mara do? Well, looks like I'll be getting out of here after all.
Snap his neck then clear the thinny.
- Wait! This thing is your servant, right? Does whatever you want? That's what you were to Mara.
- Just because Mara needed the aether doesn't mean she didn't love me.
- Well, she was using you until something better came along.
And soon as it did, she jumped on it.
- What are you talking about? - Duke Crocker.
- You're lying.
- No.
She slept with him.
Then she black-handed him and sent him off like a bomb to Trouble the whole town.
- Well, that does sound like something she'd do.
But Duke Crocker? Really? I should kill you just for putting that image in my head.
- That's why she didn't come back for you.
'Cause she didn't need you.
She had him.
And here you are, still doing her bidding, even though she never cared about you.
- Okay, so take this ring and make a thinny.
However you can.
- But Audrey If Nathan doesn't come back, you have to promise me that you're not gonna go in there after him.
- Duke I can't.
- Audrey, listen to me.
I saw what happened to Haven because Nathan doesn't come back.
Can you imagine what the future's gonna look like if you disappear, too? - He is there, on the other side of that thinny, and when you open it up, he's coming home.
- All right.
- Okay.
Come on.
Come on.
- Stop.
Move that boulder.
If you tell anyone about this Go.
- What? What are you doing? - Saving your life.
Now get out of here, before I change my mind.
- Why? - I don't know.
I guess we're both fools for love.
And you're right.
I always knew that I loved her more.
I just didn't think that it mattered.
- You still could've killed me.
- Don't tempt me.
It's what Mara would've wanted.
Now go.
Get lost.
Where did you get that? - It's one of three rings from your world, right? Lets your kind travel home.
I don't know how happy they'll be to see you, but you don't belong here anymore, either.
- Croatoan He really will kill everyone in Haven.
You shouldn't go back.
- Nathan! You came back.
- I'm getting pretty good at it.
- Took you long enough.
- Better late than never.
Where's Hailie? - Croatoan is gonna leave my body any second.
I've got to do this now, while it's still inside.
- No.
No way.
Going back in there is too dangerous.
He knows we're onto him.
- Hey, Dave.
What do we do? - No! - Dwight Could you give me a moment alone with my brother? Vincent.
I'm doing this.
- You are being even stupider than usual.
This mind palace stuff was my idea and it was a terrible one.
I take it back.
Let's just wait for Croatoan to come out.
You won't get hurt, and we'll all regroup and come up with something else to try.
- We just lost time.
He can do anything.
He can trick us into anything and then erase our memories so we don't even remember.
He almost got you to murder me, for God's sake.
Look I can't kill him.
But if I can take away that ability, it'll give you guys a fighting chance.
- Dave, please.
- No, I got to do this.
Now go get Maddie's thingamajig.
Put me back under.
- As your older brother, I order you to come back.
You hear me? - Copy that, big brother.
Can't let you have all the fun.
Hiya, Croatoan.
Wherever you are.
Bet you hoped I was gone.
I hate an Irish goodbye.
You know what really sticks in my craw? Sure, you killed my friends.
Terrorized my town.
It's that you hitched a ride in me without asking.
Where are the manners? Monsters these days.
- I know what you're doing, Dave.
But you're wrong.
Destroying some clocks can't hurt me.
- So why do you care? - You want to be a hero? Tell your friends I'm coming.
I'm coming for Audrey Parker.
Shouldn't you wake up? Get out of here, warn them? This is your last chance to leave, Dave.
- I hate to break it to you, Cro, but I'm not going anywhere.
- I will destroy this place, Dave, with you in it.
I'll be fine, but you'll be killed.
Your mind ripped apart! - Now you see, Cro When you go and threaten me like that, that's when I can tell that you don't like what I'm doing.
- Stop! Stop! I said stop! I will kill you! - Wake up.
Wake up, damn it.
- Vince.
- Please.
- I'm sorry.
You did what you had to with Hailie.
Don't go thinking any different.
- Yeah, that's the problem.
I had to.
It was always gonna happen.
- You used your curse before and been fine.
You're stronger than you think.
- Yeah, my curse is stronger, too.
And it came from this Croatoan, so I'm just saying, we've been doing this long enough to know there's always a price.
I'm just wondering what it is.
- But it wasn't for nothing.
What is that? The Controller.
I told you I'd bring you back something nice.
We did it.
We're one step closer to building a new Barn, to ending the Troubles.
- And sending Croatoan back to where he belongs.
- Well, I love it already.
What does it do? - Well Parker? - Yep, I got nothing.
- Okay.
So we found it but we don't know what it does or how to use it.
All right.
Good on us.
- We have no idea what we're doing.
But at least you two aren't punching each other, I'm still Audrey, and Haven hasn't blown up.
It's us.
The three of us.
We're back, and we will figure it out.
- Yeah, I can't argue with that.
- I'm so sorry.
How did this happen? He was braver than I thought.
He died well.
- Croatoan.
- You son of a bitch.
You killed my brother! - If it's any consolation, he succeeded.
But it doesn't matter.
I don't need to erase memories anymore.
I don't have to hide.
It's time.
For what? Did he leave? - Where could he have gone? - Look.
On his hand.
- It's Dave's handwriting.
He got a message to us.
Oh "He's coming for Audrey.