Haven s05e23 Episode Script

Blind Spot

Previously on Haven Croatoan, you really will kill everyone in Haven.
You shouldn't go back.
Nathan! Is that Controller.
We're one step closer to building a new Barn, to ending the Troubles.
So we found it, but we don't know what it does or how to use it.
And we will figure it out.
In your fight with Croatoan, visualize your battlefield.
Are you Croatoan? You came here to kill me? You're the one who's in danger.
You'll use me to kill people! I've been absorbed in Troubles.
I'll enter your world on my own.
While you were in there, Croatoan's been making us lose time over and over again.
I can go back into my mind palace and destroy those clocks.
I can destroy Croatoan's ability to cause lost time.
I hate to break it to you, Cro, but I'm not going anywhere.
Wake up, damn it.
He died well.
It's time.
It's Dave's handwriting.
He got a message to us.
Stan, what's our ETA on going live with the security cameras? At least another three hours, maybe more.
- Three hours? - Maybe more.
Croatoan is coming for Audrey.
This is where we're making our stand.
We need to be able to see every inch of the station.
You okay? Yeah.
You know it's okay if you're not.
No, it's not.
I have been trying all night.
I have to get these things to do something.
You will.
If we can't build a new Barn, we can't defeat Croatoan.
Well, then, let's try for only happy thoughts today.
Gentlemen, this building is older than dirt.
Watch your amperage.
You're overloading the circuits.
Laverne's on fire today.
She's not loving working with the Guard.
Now, could someone get their ass to the basement and replace the breakers? We're burning daylight, fellas.
Full sail, please! Can you just get her to calm down, so the Guard guys don't revolt? Laverne, you read? Loud and clear.
You might want to ease up a bit.
It's like none of these knuckle-draggers have ever done electrical work before.
Well, most of them haven't.
And yet they call themselves men.
You got the trouble census? Yeah, it's here.
Laverne, Karl, the guy with the acid touch trouble? Yeah, what do you need? Make sure he uses it to melt the locks, seal the specified entrances around the building.
I'm on it.
Son of a bitch! Nathan, I'm gonna kill those freaking morons.
They just fried my damn console.
She's having a bad day.
Yeah, well, join the club.
I thought I don't know.
I just thought that once we got the Aether core and the controller crystal together, that they would show us what we needed to do next.
You want coffee? Please.
I'll get you one, right after I check the perimeter.
You sure guarding Audrey here is a good idea? I'm sure it's the best of all the bad ideas we got.
Here, Dwight sent this.
How's he doing with the exterior perimeter? Eh, he's locking down the streets now.
He's got his hands full.
Guard doesn't exactly have Army Ranger training.
Grenades? Plan B.
In case Croatoan gets in, I guess.
I told Audrey only happy thoughts today.
It's kind of hard when what we're fighting could be anyone, anything.
Hell, it could still be that green mist.
At least when it was Dave, we knew where it was.
I get it.
Audrey's a target.
We don't have any idea what we're up against.
Why do you think we're installing all these damn cameras? So you're freaked out.
Is it that obvious? No, I'd say you're keeping it together pretty well, considering we're about to fight a mass murderer from another world.
I hope it doesn't get that far.
We just need to hold Croatoan off long enough for Audrey to figure out how to get the new Barn up and running.
How's that going? Been to the Gull since you've been back? What's left of her.
You know, if you had told me a few years ago that my bar was gonna get thrashed by a trouble that creates sea monsters, I Now it just sounds like Tuesday.
Remember when we were kids? Thought the Troubles were just scary stories parents told us to keep us in line.
And then we found out that our fathers knew exactly what we were getting into.
I guess I just wish that we had known this was our fate, because I mean, I would have spent a lot less time in school.
You could not have possibly spent less time in school.
That is true.
And you're wrong.
We forge our own paths.
I'm not the same cop that my father was.
But eventually he respected that.
He was proud of me.
Oh, come on, Ned Flanders.
Your dad was always proud of you.
You're kidding? It took years before he started to take me seriously.
It was right after I collared McGuinness.
That's when he came around.
Nick McGuinness? Yeah.
Big on dreams, lousy on execution.
Heavy on the aftershave.
I didn't realize you knew him so well.
I always thought there was no way that he could smuggle those computer chips in and out of port without inside help.
Was it you? Well, you know, let's just say that, um, we had common interests at one time.
Well, then you started poking around, and it just wasn't worth the heat.
So you dimed him out? Someone sent me those manifests.
That was you? I never did like competition.
No, you would have made way more money if you guys had partnered up.
Hey, I remember, a week before I brought McGuinness in, we were playing pool down at the Wharf Grill.
I told you that I was thinking about quitting.
You gave me McGuinness, so I would look good to the chief.
Well, maybe, maybe not.
Wha We make our own future, Duke.
Back then and now.
I hope you're right, Nathan.
Uh, I got to make a call.
You want to secure these in the armory? Yeah.
Don't you dare look at me like that.
I know what you're saying about me.
Vince, no one's blaming you.
I hear what they're whispering.
"The old fool didn't even know his brother was Croatoan's puppet.
" No one knew.
But they all blame me.
I could see it in their faces.
They think I should have done something.
Well, then they're idiots.
Come on, Vince, don't make this any harder.
Stay back! Back! Croatoan used my brother.
He killed Dave! Drop it, drop it.
It's not my fault.
Let me go! I didn't help him.
I couldn't help him.
He'll be out for a while.
Can you just stay with him? What the hell is this? You all right? Except for almost being flattened, yeah.
See you manned up since the last time we've seen each other.
I thought you hightailed it out of Haven after you gave us these godforsaken Troubles.
Yeah, well, I'm back.
Lucky us.
Alex? It's not me.
You want to get the door? Karl.
He was supposed to be sealing the entrances with his trouble.
The whole building was on lockdown.
How could this have happened? If the cameras were up, we'd know.
Croatoan's here, isn't he? Let's not jump to conclusions.
His victims were killed with no marks on them.
This is not his MO.
Well, we got to get out of here.
And go where? We're sitting ducks no matter where we are.
Everybody just calm the hell down, all right? Return to your posts.
Double up on the entrances and exits, and get those cameras online.
You heard him.
Let's go.
If we don't get that Barn up soon, we could have a mutiny on our hands.
Yeah, if we don't figure out what happened to him, there might not be anyone left to mutiny.
- Nathan? - Parker! It's stuck.
Nathan, the door won't open.
It's stuck.
It's not, it's locked.
Well, unlock it.
I can't.
The chair moved by itself.
It was attacking Audrey.
Move back.
Thought we weren't gonna jump to conclusions.
Nathan? Nathan! How many bones you think you've broken? Okay, you know what? He's right.
Stop, here, get away from the door.
All right, come on.
Aah! Duke, wait! It's bulletproof.
There's no point.
Phase in there and get her.
I can only use a trouble once.
I already used it going in the Void to get you.
Croatoan's trying to kill her.
Nathan, the security cameras I thought you said they weren't online yet.
They're not.
Then why is the red light on? Wait, it just went out.
I think that's because ours just went on.
What? It's looking at us.
That's not creepy.
Mine's back.
Ours just went off.
Oh! Is this a trouble? Could this be one of yours? I Wade.
One of your brother's victims? He killed Roland Holloway's niece.
She was one of the bodies I found in the bay.
So it's not Croatoan.
It's a Holloway trouble.
The haunted house, where a building merges with a person.
It all fits The crashing light, the furniture all moving by itself.
Hiding dead bodies where they're hard to find.
So if you had this trouble when you exploded Who got it? Yeah, and why are they so pissed at us? Are you trying to talk to me? Is that one ring for "yes"? Okay, good.
Who are you? Laverne? It's Laverne! Our Laverne? The radio lady? Her trouble must have activated because of Croatoan and the police station lockdown.
Well, that's good, right? I mean, why would she want to hurt us? Maybe you should ask Karl that.
Did you kill Karl? Was it maybe an accident? It's okay.
I'm sure you didn't Wait, you didn't kill Karl? It wasn't Laverne.
If it wasn't Laverne, then who killed Karl? Uh I hate to agree with our friend Alex, but Croatoan is inside the perimeter.
Parker? Parker.
Tell Laverne to let you out of there right now.
Laverne, did you see who killed Karl? Okay, you didn't.
That's that's fine, but you saw the drops of blood on the floor.
And that's why you overloaded the light and led us to his body.
You did the right thing, okay? I'm sorry that this is happening to you, but we've dealt with your trouble before.
We will be able to get you separated from this building.
You don't want to? Parker.
Stop, listen.
Just, I'm okay, all right? She's trying to tell me something.
I don't like this.
Plan B? Go to the armory.
How are you doing that? Parker, tell Laverne to let me in, or I'm gonna blow this door.
Laverne, I think that maybe you should let him in.
That way, he doesn't hurt you.
What? We have to get out of this station.
Croatoan's inside, and we can't see him coming.
Yes, we can.
Look at what Laverne has been showing me.
Most of these cameras aren't even connected to the mainframe yet.
Maybe she doesn't need to be connected to the mainframe.
All the cameras are connected to the building.
Maybe she just needed to be linked to the power grid.
Laverne just became the missing link in our defense plan.
Maybe we can help her extend her abilities, teach her some of Holloway's tricks.
Right, disappearing doors, missing walls.
That could come in handy.
Well, we'll get there.
Listen, Laverne, we're gonna need you to be our eyes and ears while we try to figure out how to stop Croatoan.
Can you meet us in Dwight's office? She's on it.
Great, you made it.
All right, pull the camera feeds through to this laptop.
Here, get to work.
If Croatoan really is inside the building, we don't have much time.
We got to get that Barn up now.
Maybe it was damaged when the Barn crashed.
Yeah, or when it imploded.
After I shot Howard, it disintegrated in seconds.
Why have you brought me here? Howard, you're alive.
How Did you just come out of the What are you? The controller.
For the Barn? Yes, I am the controller for the correctional facility created to rehabilitate Mara.
The Barn was destroyed.
I am keenly aware of that.
It disintegrated when you shot me.
Howard, can you help us? Can you use this to build a new Barn? One that won't take Audrey.
One that cures the Troubles forever, not just for 27 years.
Yes, that core will supply the power, but I can't build the Barn now.
Why? We can go outside.
I can build a Barn anywhere but not for you.
We don't have time for your games.
Audrey's in danger.
Aren't you supposed to protect her? The previous Barn was designed to protect Mara.
But to build a new one, I need proper authorization.
I am giving you the authorization.
You are Audrey Parker.
You're an overlay personality.
I can't take orders from you.
And you shot me.
You've got to be kidding me.
We can't build a new Barn without Howard.
Or kill Croatoan.
He thinks you're still an overlay.
He doesn't know what Charlotte did.
You have to tell him.
Prove it to him somehow.
Get him back.
What was that? Croatoan.
Laverne, I know you're still there.
Even without power, you have control of the building.
Reach out.
Find a camera.
Talk to me.
We need your eyes.
Did Croatoan just blow out our power grid? It looks that way.
How are we supposed to fight when we're blind? Gotta get everything back online.
Hey, wait.
You guys need me? No, no, we're good.
Someone's got to stay with Audrey, make sure Croatoan can't get to her, at least till we get our power back online.
Bring the power up.
I'll be here.
Come on, Alex.
Maybe some of that hot air can jump-start the generator.
Crocker, when this is over, I swear We'll hug it out.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, we got to make this area defensible.
Bring everyone back to the Bullpen and seal it up.
No one gets in.
Use your Troubles if you have to.
Now you listen to me, Vincent Teagues.
You are gonna stop this ridiculous behavior and start grieving your brother properly.
You sound just like him.
Well, all us old coots start sounding alike after a while.
Yeah, I know you miss him.
You should.
I miss my son every minute of every day.
And don't think I didn't beat myself up that I couldn't protect him.
You know, when Ben died, I locked myself in the morgue with baby Aaron, and I cried until I was hoarse.
Not how the Teagues operate.
Well, then it should be.
Mourning Ben honored the life that he gave up for the people he loved.
You know, Dave deserves the same.
So don't be a stoic old fool, and just let yourself grieve, huh? Nathan's ordered everybody back to the Bullpen.
We got to hurry.
Can you help me with - Ooh.
- Are you okay? Dizzy.
What is taking so long? We should have heard from Duke by now.
Laverne? Were you able to bypass the power grid? Good, do you know how you did it? Listen, the Holloway trouble, it taps into your instinct to protect the people that you care about.
Do you understand that? Duke, what's going on? Why is the generator not up? It's been gutted.
Now what? You got to find another way to get the lights back on.
How am I supposed to do that? Laverne, listen, I know you want to protect us.
That's what you do.
That's what you've always done.
It's why you've got this trouble.
I need you to concentrate on that protective instinct.
Generate that feeling outwards.
Try to power up some of the other laptops.
Do you think you can do that? It's working.
She turned them on.
- Okay, good.
- Nathan.
Stand by.
What else can she do? Laverne, could you feel the laptops coming on? Okay, good.
All right, just keep expanding that feeling.
I want you to feel the building, like it's Like it's your own skin.
Okay, trace that feeling through the electrical lines.
Can you feel the disruption? She's got it.
Can you show us Duke? Okay, we've got the feed from your phone.
Laverne's figured out how to fix the power outage.
She'll guide you to it.
There's a light at the end of the hall.
Duke? Duke.
Laverne, do you know what just happened? She doesn't know.
Hop in, all right? Take us here.
The light's blinking.
- Nathan.
- Hmm? Laverne wants us to go that way.
Laverne? Will you please show us where Duke's phone is? Hey.
The main power disconnect has been tripped.
We were right.
This was deliberate.
That's Duke's phone.
Oh, my God.
Croatoan's got Duke.
Laverne, have the security cameras been recording since you took over the building? Yes? Good.
Can you review footage in the background while you monitor the current feeds? Okay, track through all the footage you have.
Find who or what flipped those breakers.
We need to know what we're dealing with.
There's no cameras in the basement.
Track everyone that went in or out of the basement today.
Laverne, find Duke.
Huh? There was a lot of blood.
No, no.
Howard, would you get your ass out here? You do that on purpose, don't you? I told you I cannot help you.
Why? Because I'm an overlay? Past your expiration date.
At this point, all my programming will let me do is initiate another cycle.
What does that mean? Dispense a new overlay.
I'm Audrey Parker.
I'm staying Audrey Parker.
I cannot alter my programming.
Only Mara's mother can do that.
Charlotte's dead.
She was killed by Croatoan.
Croatoan is here? Yes.
A lot has happened since you were last in Haven.
Croatoan killed my mother, Howard.
Charlotte was not your mother.
Yes, she was.
I'm not just an overlay.
Mara was terminated, and Charlotte made me whole.
How can that be possible? Overlays were designed to be temporary, a means to an end, to help redeem Mara.
She realized that Mara couldn't be redeemed.
And she chose me because because I was the daughter that she always wanted.
In what way? Charlotte saw in Audrey the compassion, the selflessness that Mara was missing, that Mara rejected.
Howard, do you see all those people out there? If you don't build a new Barn and send Croatoan back into the Void, they will all be killed.
Charlotte died to save them, and I am willing to do the same thing.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Just tell me.
Please, what do I have to do to convince you? You already have.
You are Charlotte's daughter.
And you'll do it? You'll build the Barn? I will do everything in my power to safeguard Charlotte's daughter and all those under her protection.
Wait, wait.
If you do this here, will it turn the police station into the new Barn? Will that hurt Laverne? The Barn will take the shape of this building, but it will not be the building.
Your Laverne will survive.
What's happening? I don't know.
Howard? Howard.
Who the hell is that? Long story.
The Aether core has been cracked by corrosive elements.
Its stability is compromised.
Did the core Did it damage you? Yes.
How did Croatoan do this? How do we fix it? Croatoan Did not do this.
Croatoan is not In the station.
Did we just lose the Barn? If Croatoan isn't here, then who did this to Howard? Laverne, is this you? Duke, he's okay.
No, that's from before, right after we were on perimeter check.
He got a text.
He had to go make a call.
Laverne, did you find this in your archives? Why are you showing us Duke? What the hell just happened to him? Laverne, is this a glitch in your playback? He lied about not being able to use his trouble more than once.
Aw, kid, what else have you been lying about? The Aether core was damaged by something corrosive.
Karl's trouble.
This whole time we thought that Croatoan was after me, but it's Duke that's been doing all of this.
Croatoan must be controlling him somehow.
That's why Karl's throat was slit.
Duke needed the blood to absorb his trouble.
To destroy the Aether core.
For Croatoan.
This can't be happening.
He can phase.
He's got acid touch.
If Duke killed Alex, he could have the freezing trouble too.
Parker, get out of here.
Go, go.
Come out Come out Wherever you are.
It is awfully crowded in here.
So little personal space.
And I do love my personal space.
You are in so much trouble.
Laverne, you have to let me out of here.
Look, I know that you think that this is for my own good.
That is not Duke out there.
Croatoan is somehow controlling him.
You need to let me talk to him.
I need to do this face-to-face.
Why are you so stubborn? That's probably a stupid question.
That is just you.
Stubborn and manipulative and frigid.
No wonder you picked him.
Now Mara, on the other hand, was a real beast in the sheets.
I could tell you stories.
Laverne, we can't let him keep killing more people.
You have to let me go and talk to him.
I can't do it from here.
Laverne, all of those people out there, we have to protect them.
We won't be able to live with ourselves if another one dies and we were able to stop it.
Thank you.
So you can use your trouble more than once after all.
But I needed time.
Couldn't let you build the Barn before I fixed the Aether core.
Why are you doing this? I think you know why I'm doing this.
I'm doing what I was born to do, what my family was created to do.
You've fought this ever since you found out about the Crocker family curse.
Things change.
Dreams die.
They don't have to.
You are not this person, Duke.
Remember why you came back, why you came to Haven, to save it.
You can't use your magic on me.
I am a Crocker.
In fact, I'm all Crocker now.
And there's nothing you can do to change that.
What would Jennifer think? What would she think if she saw you like this? Well, she was so easy to manipulate.
I could distract her with a simple game, like pooh sticks.
Or how about eeny meeny miny mo? Did you really think I would let you shoot me? Come and get me.
Or are you afraid that you might hurt your friends? I have what I want.
You can keep the rest of them.
Audrey's gone.
Check the station.
Audrey! Audrey? He took her.
We're gonna get her back.
And when we do, we're gonna get you out of this building, Laverne.
You hear me? Don't give up.
You go find Audrey.
We'll handle this.
Croatoan always seems ten steps ahead of us.
First Dave, now Audrey.
Duke That wasn't Duke.
That was not the kid I know.
We've lost so many.
Who'd have thought we'd be the ones still standing? Last of the old coots.
And you better not go anywhere, because I can't be responsible for honoring you too.
Just like you.
Duke? Whatever happened to you, whatever Croatoan did to you, we can fix it.
What makes you think that I want to be fixed? I am a Crocker, and Crockers were made to kill.
But you can stop.
I don't want to stop.
Don't you see? For the first time, I have chosen my destiny.
And it feels good.
Duke, let me go.
I don't take orders from you anymore.
And I'm finally taking orders from the person I was always meant to.
Call me Dad.